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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  November 2, 2013 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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your plan. the president is right about one thing, it's not the website that matters but the failed obamacare policy and t ♪ ♪ ♪ neil: forget about what did he know and when did he know. what the president, it's more like what doesn't he know and how much else doesn't he know. because if there is one thing that has come through loud and clear, welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto he says he did not know about them and he did not see them. just like you did not see the ire as targeting them in his own
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state department watching and causey. food for thought. because if this cheat is a polybius to all the shenanigans, just who is running this reservation? and if the head of the government looks like a renegade and reckless shadow government, is not a lot worse than being in on the crime? being oblivious to the crime. jamie weinstein says this might be the most disturbing development of the week. he is wondering about no clue obama. and it's a little disconcerting to put it mildly. because this guy can be on top of everything. but he's clearly not on top of lots of things and some of them are top security matters.
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>> we have known for a while according to books like bob woodward and a new book coming out about the authors of being change and disengaging from the nitty-gritty of politics and getting down and dirty dirty and it seems like he is disengaged from the policy as well and i can understand him not knowing anything that goes on in the government how does he not know that the nsa is capping world leaders. how does he not know that the world leaders are being spied upon. that seems to be something that the commander in chief should know, whether he agrees with that or not. but i don't see how he does not know that. neil: that is what worries me the most. because if you take that at face value, it means that there's a government going on with freewheeling spies doing their thing, oblivious to or in
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contempt of, you know, the president of the united states and that is a little unsettling. >> harry truman needs to have the famous plaque on his track that the buck stops here. certainly not with the president who seems never to know about anything. but looking at kathleen sebelius,she still has a job after this big bungle. the bosses away and the cats are going to play. >> the president might be perfectly innocent in his own right, but the staff is running roughshod on him and not only on him by the constitution.
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>> there's a question as to how engaged the a's. an article about how he likes to invite columnists over to the white house to discuss their columns and viewpoints and sometimes this goes on for 2.5 hours and not sound like a lot of fun. i think i would like to do that and that is not governing. that's not the president of the united states shou probably be doing. having 2.5 hour debate sessions. is the president of the united states and his governing responsibility here and you're getting the sense that he doesn't like the governing aspect of his job. he would rather engage in discourse with david brooks or someone else and not actually run the country. and that is disturbing. neil: on the signature piece of legislation, it's a remarkable achievement and then to drop this volatile follow-through. and in disengaged with the follow-through. that is what worries me
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it's stunning that you would fail that's when you got it through congress and the implementation is just collapsing and, you know, you couldn't imagine that the president would be so disengaged on this important aspect of his legacy. neil: jamie weinstein, thank you so much, my friend. >> thank you. neil: to my small business pals. this explains a lot. they had long been wondering. >> in confidence level is ridiculous and we complied even though we didn't have to comply. >> of it does work, it doesn't give you any information.
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i mean, take care of your people. this became such a big problem and the government has shut down over this. focus on this and forget about what is inconsequential. do your job and it is crazy. neil: the president might never have heard or known that you were upset and a lot of your buddies were upset he was disengaging out to lunch and didn't know and didn't have a clue. >> when you are a community organizer, you get what you sent to the office and you have someone who had zero business skills or management skills and i don't know, to me it is so savage cry but it's so pathetic that you might need to laugh a laugh out of it. we look at this thing in the whole system is a mess. but i have seen and it's got a
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5000-dollar deductible. neil: we have some bumps, and nothing more. >> there's a bunch of excuses and when you're out of excuses, you're out of business. you go online and i tell my employees that i have hundreds of them and they can't even figure out what they're supposed
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to do. >> you have to procs stuff, right? >> we can't even figure out what we are paying or how much he is paying. is it bronze or gold or silver. is that the olympics are -- what? neil: the president was unaware of some of the issues coming up in that he might have firmly believed that premiums would not go up and that there would be some bumps but not to the degree that we spend. so getting back to what he doesn't know or doesn't appreciate, it doesn't give me much confidence. what about you? >> i have zero confidence and kathleen sebelius was before congress the other day and said
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95% of the american public are covered under their employers help you. they have taken a system that was broke and they drove off the bridge. they were taking numbers beforehand and skewing them to all of these people who didn't have insurance and now they are in a disarray and the person in charge of is saying that 95% of people have insurance and, come on. who is lying too. it is pathetic. neil: you just want someone who's paying attention. neil: coming up next, what bill plans to do about the big banks.
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the banks are not saying a word. they are plenty afraid of bill de blasio. the guess who is saying something about it? the guys running against him in washington. we will have that
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neil: banks think that they have it tough now. wait until bill de blasio is new york city's next mayor. my next guest is working hard to make sure that doesn't happen. you might want to pay attention. joe is convinced with the federal government has been doing with abandon. and joe lhota says it will be felt far and wide. welcome back. neil: the banks havenot paid their fair share, you say. but a lot of the biggest employers have not done enough.
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it's implied that you want hem to fork over more, right? >> there is no doubt, my opponent wants anyone who makes money to fork over more money. i said this during the debate and he doesn't refute it. he says i'm only going to tax the rich and he defined them as anyone who makes $500,000 or more. last time i heard that, barack obama said it in the payroll tax went up in the middle class always gets hit the worst. neil: you mentioned something as well. and no response back. to this issue, the biggest employer in the city, the reverberations could be that they start charging more for loans and this is something that will impact the country when h .
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>> they expect that the banks don't have to be in new york and it can go anywhere and any other one of the 49 states. we have seen this happen over and over again when i was growing up in the city and you drive up on the way to new england, the only thing in that area was the marriott hotel. neil: yes,. >> every single one of those used to be in new york city. neil: i get annoyed with the arrogance of those tried-and-true new yorkers would say what also they going to go, this is the place to be, which is your point with them and others, the goal and leave the entire country to switzerland or hong kong. >> jcpenney is to be headquartered right down the street here and i don't know
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where they are located now, but i know they are not in new york. they left the city and it'sbefo. there are companies all over the place on employers taxes are too high and we need to leave the city. companies and people who can and will walk. neil: you're very smart guy. >> i was born in the bronx. neil: okay, and you are done 30 or 40 points. but what isgoing on here? >> what is going on if you look at the polls and the majority of new yorkers are in sync ad what is going on here, i actually believe is a referendum and the democrats just went through a huge primary process and a ran against mike bloomberg.
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my opponent the other day was asked a question and he started bashing mike bloomberg and i had to say that talk about my vision for the future. neil: but even though, bloomberg has done a lot to turn the city around. so there is this fixation period. >> we have 20 years of mayors in new york. and that includes every other special interest group and even the private sector is saying that it's time that we have this back in new york and that's really unfortunate. neil: do you think this has national implications and democratic groups are putting all your marbles in this and
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democrats have a resounding victory in >> yes, having to follow up on what happened and what you say as is there is a schism in this country between the east coast and everyone else and last bastion of the left in the northeast, they are reviving themselves up and doing everything they can to win here spew and even to shut down everything else for you to map. >> i think that it has, even though i have been rallying against what they are doing in washington. >> particularly in the city? >> yes, people are looking at what is going on with the implementation of the affordable care act and the obama administration to do this program correctly. but what i don't hear from anyone is that now we know the president obama is a lame duck. and the fact of the matter is.
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neil: it worries me. >> it worries me as well about mr. bill de blasio and first of all, i would run oganizations before he went. there's a huge article from "the new york times" today, thing that i'm going to delegate and this is not what you need in the city of new york. when i worked and lived here, these were hands-on type of guys they were not micromanagers by any stretch of imagination and the imagination and they hire the best people that they could then have multiple ideas that were going on, making sure not just on crime, but making government run more efficiently and how to deal with the $2 billion budget gap by david dinkins. all of those things were going on at the same time and my opponent has absolutely no experience, nor does the
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president. neil: that's just like the media. >> my opponent did everything he could to win and i understand that's the nature of the game. but in the process of doing that, he ripped me up one wall and down another. unlike most of the people i run against, i'm very optimistic and there's a groundswell change going on in the city of new york and this includes the first ruling that came down yesterday. >> it was reversed, they want to go ahead and stop you. it's about keeping people safe
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it will make the city dangerous >> more people to come out, the better off than i am. neil: meanwhile, google. should they have called the google guys a few years ago? we
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neil: we are now discovering that they are asking for help
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again. >> they should have consulted them. and i think that these companies would've been happy to help at any stage. neil: amazon would've made him a prime customer. i would've said bring them in three years ago. >> so what you are seeing is essentially no lead contractor and it is beause they sent an
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sos right now. neil: just your personal view. they said this thing could be up and running and i don't think that's possible. >> i don't know how ad the underlying technology as. neil: we've been told that only a fraction of people can get on it. >> yes, and they have an automobile that actually runs, but it doesn't run very well. so can the mechanicsville deal with this. >> i can tell you they couldn't have built something like this
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in three weeks. one reason an area that i agree with is that the silicon valley type should've been brought in earlier and i'm not someone who advocates of everything should go to contractors and i think the government should do certain things. totally locked up, that is when they sent out the sos. >> i say to the administration that you have been about transparency and tell us at every stage what is going on.
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the. neil: in the meantime, the white house does like to compare itself to apple. there is a big difference. so who are the real airheads? we will have that next
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neil: making this health care mass, they are the ones canceling the policy for no reason.
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so, explain, the health care situation keeps getting worse. >> i am concerned about all of the people for whom he had to send out letters saying that their policies would end because they didn't meet the standards in the regulation of the law but let me be clear that that was not a voluntary decision and ose policies did not meet the policies he wants or does that mean that they would swap plans are that the government added new requirements? and that is what made them okay for the time. but they became substandard with the new government requirements. >> it is the latter.
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it is the fact that more benefits were added into the requirement. neil: does that mean you don't get anything for free. >> is inaccurate, it's not correct and the policies that these hundreds of thousands of people have had or substandard. >> many of them, probably most of them would be happy to continue.
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>> some of those people, many of them not having any coverage. neil: this shouldn't be news here. and it is a result of hundreds of thousands of americans being reduced to part-time jobs in this includes mpanies that can no longer afford these plans. they seem to explain all of this nonsense. >> it's not accurate or true, we're a great company and we've been in business for 75 years and we care about the people we
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are facing a situation where many people don't have coverage. neil: bill, thank you so much. when we come back, what if a hot new tesla burst into flames.
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neil: think fast. what is the difference of a toyota that could suddenly accelerate and a tesla that could just suddenly blow up. so wat the heck is going on here? >> the fist car caught fire in seattle, washington. and it was a tesla. he ran over a piece of metal and this was during the government shutdown. and it didn't require them to send people out because we were shutdown and when they reopen,
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they never investigated this particular case. i assume the guy has a new car, tesla offered him a new deal on another one. in the meantime, this is a serious issue with toyota, gm, any manufacturer, they would call them on the carpet and basically draw and quarter them in front of the press, congressional hearings and went tesla, they let it go. so 10 days later there's another car that catches fire. in this case it's something that happened and they hit a wall. but your car is not likely to blow up. this car burned to the ground and there's no safety recall or checking to se what is going on, this is any other manufacturer that you can have a recall for.
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>> usually what they complain about is a technical service bulletin and then tat national traffic highway safety administration says this is a safety issue that we need to investigate and have a recall or the manufacturer has been so proactive and there has been minor little things and you will see for gm and chrysler, saying that we have this and we are going to put this recall and effect and we really want consumers to have confidence in the quality control. but when it comes to tesla, you are buying it as a guinea pig order is still in the blank and a guinea pig and these cards are catching fire and minimal issues and door handles that are coming
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out, if this was any other manufacturer, we both know that the govnor would be there yelling at them and screaming at them and forcing them to have some sort of recall. and consumers get on the internet and search. there's a lot of people that post complaints and many owners are happy because they are environmentalists and they want to be cool. but quality control is key. when they go to have a whole, your safety is critical. neil: you don't did you hear the administration's anything about ben godsey. john mccain in a couple of other senators, you hold off on the confirmation hearings
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the. neil: david asman is here to talk to us to ask what a lot of you have been tweeting. first up, billionaires raising big bucks. one of our watchers say no come you have to be kidding.
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>> the billionaire republicans generally give to causes that make them richer. billionaire liberals generally give to causes that make them poorer. it doesn't make sense if you think about it. one reason is guilt. guilt has done more to screw up people's lives personally and in public policy. >> and you know, it's not strong enough to. neil: i won't do that. [laughter]
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there is a lot going on about this. senator mccain and lindsey graham, using confirmation to get more on te affordable care act. they need to let the benghazi can go and get through the business of the nation. attaching it to this, i don't know. >> i don't know either. john mccain is making ronald reagan will over in his grave and he said that you don't attack a fellow republican and the fact is that he has been skewing ted cruz and other republicans who went against obamacare so strong that they said that it was necessary perhaps ev have the government shutdown. they probably were right in focusing all that attention and putting them on the right side of obamacare as far as most of the public is concerned considering the mistakes that were made. but john mccain was talking
3:49 am
about calling them idiots. >> ted cruz always held back his personal attacks. it wasn't until john mccain had begun then. >> the bottom line is you shouldn't hold an appointment hostage you should judge a person on whether they are good or not. including doing what he wants of our economy and it is his prerogative to lease nominate people who are put in power and advise and consent. they don't hold these people hoste. neil: so you think that john mccain is doing some of us to make up for the fact that he looked like he was very unpopular and this is a way to assuage those who said he was to
3:50 am
ryan ellis? >> yes, he would fit this segment perfectly. he likes to get angry, he really does. >> they do have a serious problem and a lot of people are blaming each other. charlie gasparino has talked about this and i think that mccain is making this as well. there is time enough for them to get their act together and i don't think it stands. >> coming up, we have an in
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neil: if you are a free loving parent and you are loving the market, you might thi twice about taking your kids to the next lego movie that is due out next year. we found something very disturbing and i want you to take a listen and see if you can catch it. >> there is one hope. neil: lord business? a plan to ruin the world? listen to that again. [inaudible] >> lord business plans to end the world as we know it. neil: business, once again, in a children's children's movie. the idea is that from an early age you have to think about whether business is good or bad.
3:55 am
>> it's very indicative of the sentiment, but increasingly being sewn into society. and in reality it is the private sector that falters. >> they will be giving multiple characters responsible and they will be pointing fingers at wall street. saying that big business is the one. the. neil: what you make of that? >> it's easy to villainize business and we have the worst financial crisis.
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>> and as a parent, don't let hollywood do the teaching for you. neil: even the guys that have these little lego penguins than anything else. so chocolate chips, taken to a whole new level. potato chips dipped in milk chocolate.
3:57 am
what do you make of that? >> what is interesting about this, new products like this, it raises awareness and is a way to revisit the brand, but it has to be good. what is interesting is that americans are snacking more they want more options and what i like about this is that it's a low-risk proposition. neil: you can always give chocolate covered chips to someone. [laughter]
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>> they are going to say it's not celery, this is going to cut and this will be a source of the new attacks. >> there is demand, if there is demand, they will fill that gap in demand. and, you know, there is a juxtaposition here because we do have a freedom of choice and americans have the luxury of being able to drink as much pop and eat as many chips as they want and drink and smoke are that the problem is -- neil: are nightcaps rudely interrupting your brilliant conversation here. sorry about that. lindsay, i'm sorry we rudely interrupted you, but when he
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watching for on election night? >> as most economists have downaded their forecast for the second half of the year, we will be watching it closely and we have elections coming up on tuesday. new york mayoral race. as we see this ideological divide between those that like to have meaningful reform and we have a very important interview cong up with you looking at apple. neil: absolutely. >> what's interesting is that for the first time in about 40 years, many of these are already decided. and so we are waking up to the factory orders report on monday morning in what is a matter to
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our viewers? it is the gauge of health and manufacturing section and think about planes and trains and automobiles.hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhr tonight's "willis report." have a great weekend and we will be back on monday. lou: the obama white house has refused to divulge the number of people who have enrolled in obamacare since the law went into effect. and now we know why. the numbers are so embarrassingly low that the obama administration is scrambling to wish her that this signature legislative achievements survive the obamacare disaster. i am lou dobbs. ♪ ♪ lou: evening, everyone. the obamacare website is a


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