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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 8, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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david: i hear something. did you hear something, liz? [closing bell ringing] yes it is bells ringing on wall street. a great day. we have more than beat out yesterday's losses. this market, knows no bounds. it is up, dow jones industrials up 167 points. s&p up even more than that percentage wise. up about one 1/3%. nasdaq even better than that but the real winner we haven't mentioned yet, russell 2000. small and mid-size caps. we always look there for what is happening in the economy. we got much better than expected jobs numbers indicating small and mid-size caps stocks may be doing quite well. liz: yeah. our stock-picker last picked two fund. the economy as david mentioned created more jobs than expected last month. payrolls increase by 204,000 as companies hired more workers. the unemployment rate ticked up slightly to 7.3%. david: u.s. consumer sentiment
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unexpectedly fell this month to a near two-year low. thomson reuters university of michigan index reflected americans concerns about their financial outlooks. liz: spending grew by only .2 of a percent in september. according to the commerce department that is slightly lower than previous month's gain. david: cablevision's stock took a hit after it lost more forecasters than it -- lost more customers than it forecasted. liz: iag, profit more than doubled in third quarter. third quarter plan for its troubled spanish unit iberia appears to be paying off. david: the owner of madame tussaud's made the stock market debut in london. merlin entertainment shares jumped giving the wax works and amusement park operator a valuation of 5.$6 billion. liz: weird. david: "after the bell" starts right now.
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liz: angelina may be but the brad pitt didn't look like it. break down this week's market action. paul deet strict, fairfax global market ceo and chief investment officer focused on two undervalued investments. mark sebastion in the pits of cme. let's take it to you. you see a moon schott for the markets. what is follow through nor monday. >> monday is bank holiday. bond market closed. volume will be light. i would be shocked if we don't have a little carry-through on monday. real interesting day. today throws out the belief that good news is bad news for the market. what i think it proves, good news is good news if it is strong enough that we can deal with higher interest rates. 3% interest rates on 10-year is perfectly fine. if the economy grows. only a problem if we have
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really, aanemic job growth. 204,000 is not spectacular, far better than we with expecting. if you consider a shutdown, relatively positive news. david: mark that is a very interesting point that interest rates are only to be feared if you have a stagnant economy. if the economy is growing you can stand a little higher interest rates. but, paul last time this began, creep up last spring after bernanke said they will taper eventually, but didn't give a specific date but saw the market freak out as a result of interest rates. do you expect them to go higher or will they plateau just before the 3% on the 10-year? >> i think we'll see this plateauing. i'm really, i'm one, i don't believe we'll see tapering anytime soon. if you took out the inventory rise in the gross national product, we're at a 2% rate which is mediocre. i don't think that will excite
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the federal reserve especially janet yellen for tapering. i don't expect and we'll go through the debt crisis again at beginning of next year i don't expect tapering until at least mid-year of next year. liz: at least mid-year of next year. so where do investors put their money, paul? when you have clients on the phone saying i'm nervous, i'm nervous, take profits, what do you say to them? >> well you know, we're a value investor at fairfax global markets and i'm finding it extremely difficult to find a value stock. liz: figures. >> in this market. basically, i think it's a bit overpriced. so people are asking me, where are the undervalued plays in this particular market. and, what we're seeing is really, i think, in china, and in asia, in general, and maybe even commodities. you know every 10 years the chinese government goes through a leadership change and there's always a slowdown. but now that leadership change
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is in place. they have got their new five and seriously.nomic plans which we're seeing, they're breathtaking plans. i mean they're talking about moving 250 million people from rural areas cities that haven't been built yet but will be built over next 12 years. think of the copper use. think of steel and all the commodity that is are going into that. that steel, copper -- david: that does depend on credii holding up. and so far it has held up there. some people think it might be ready to crack. if we put up, paul, two of your picks, two of your pharmaceutical picks, abbott labs and tara pharmaceuticals, i think it is interesting you're going to pharmaceuticals. it is really an obamacare play if you will as doctors get stretched with obamacare and clearly with all the extra people to insure there will be fewer doctors, they will be prescribing more pills. take two pills call me in the morning so pharmaceuticals might
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do well, right? >> you don't have to be a brain surgeon to understand we'll add another 20 million people to medicaid. there will be 32 million formerly uninsured people put on the system. the irony of this, is that, those people, the formally uninsured, tend to be buyers of brand name pharmaceuticals and they don't buy generics. and so i think the pharmaceutical companies are particularly going to benefit from obamacare and especially those with, with non-generic brand names. david: fascinating. >> yeah it truly is. that becomes the largest question here. as we look at all the things that are moving here, mark, i wonder, and warren buffett has said this to fox business, that when tapering does happen everybody who owns stocks probably will have their finger on the button to trade. we don't know in what direction. okay. what direction do you guess?
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>> i think -- liz: let me let mark answer first and then paul you can jump in. >> you know, i think it will be less of a big deal than people realize. the thing about tapering is, the market will see it coming. it will not be the if he comes out and we're tapering and you will see a big selloff. you will see the market make its decision on what the fed is doing probably couple months ahead of time. it will be kind of, if we sell off, more a death by a thousand paper cuts than some big, huge event. long term the reason why they taper is because they think the economy is doing better that should be bullish for the stock market. so you will probably see some sort after short-term selloff which will be maybe, real buy the dip opportunity. those that are afraid, i think with the vix at below, 13, why are you outbuying puts against a long portfolio? portfolio insurance is so cheap right now that, you know, if you're afraid of missing the
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upside but afraid of the downside buy s&p futures and buy options on, put options on the s&p future, protect yourself. david: well at the same time, i got to ask, paul, i know you're generally optimistic about the market and even though we're growing at a slow pace, the market is okay but you said before through value criteria you have this kind of value criteria for judging stocks. you don't see many stocks at all that fit into that criteria right now, do you? >> that's correct and that's why we're looking at you know valued and oversold plays like in asia and commodities. liz: asia and commodities. and do you hear any of that chatter, mark, on the floor about that? >> yeah, i mean i think people are looking at oil think there could be a little rye bound. liz: it has gone low. if we were able to show, i don't know, six-month chart, anything, one month. >> right. liz: we have seen a relatively
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precipitous fall but partly on fundamentals there is so much supply. >> take a look, quietly exxonmobil has started moving again after their earnings. that's one that is creeping up. in terms of asia, only thing i know about asia is the song, he of the moment. i'm not an expert on china. i think there is value in energy. gold's probably a little overdone. really financials, if we do start seeing rates rally the financials are probably undervalued. david: they took off today though. it has to be noted. paul dietrich, good to see you, mark sebastion we'll check in with you couple minutes when s&p futures close. liz: have a good weekend. obamacare rollout as you know has been a disaster but what happens number ever enrollees jumps from hundreds to tens of thousands? could the glitches we've seen so far just be the tip of the iceberg or will the system be fixed when that happens? we'll speak with a tech consultant who helped several
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states set up their exchanges. david: america's job machine appears to be mumming -- humming judging by today's employment report but is the optimism a bit premature and when will the fed begin its taper? liz: that brings us to today's facebook question. do you think today's jobs report shows the economy is on the right track? was it a one-shot deal? surprised big-time to the upside. log on to what is your experience out there on the job market? you tell us. ♪ [ male announcer ] what if a small company
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liz: several coal companies, been a while since we talked about coal, geting a boost following an upgrade from goldman sachs. let's go back to nicole petallides on floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole. >> let's start, doesn't hurt to get a nice upgrade from goldman sachs. started with peabody energy, btu, name focused on by goldman sachs, lifting coal shares across the board. btu up 4%. don't forget this group has been beaten down this year. for example, peabody energy is down 21%. walter is down 28%, and alpha natural down 17% this year. overall they talked about their positive views. talked about coal price,
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improving cash flow for the group. looking attractive. absolute valuation so with this note out of goldman sachs it really lift ad group that has been beaten down in the year 2013. everybody hot on coal, looked good today, didn't it? back to you. liz: okay, nicole. it did. thank you. david: all the markets look good. s&p futures are closing right now. head back to mark sebastian on the floor of the cme. in last couple seconds are they buying into this rally. >> no we're about even relative to the close. so no major action. off a little bit but i really wouldn't look too deeply into it. this is a lot of people are cutting out because of a long weekend. certainly banks are. david: well, you have have a good one, mark. thank you. good to see you. >> you too. liz: we're not cutting out. fox business live on monday will at news. some modified markets but we're here for you live. u.s. economy added more jobs than expected last month. added about 204,000. the expected number was way lower. the unemplooment rate though did
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tick slightly highhr by .1 of a percent. what does it all mean for the economic recovery, for interest rates? you the investor? joining us rbc capital markets chief u.s. economist. tom, we had labor secretary thomas perez in the last hour speaking to us live and he saw the number as very significant when it came to sort of baseline job creation. he wants to see better labor participation because we haven't seen numbers so low since the late '60s. i need your opinion on this what did you think of today's number and what does it portend for the economy. >> i think this number is no different than the series of employment reports we were receiving up to the september focm -- fomc meeting. that is to say this data is not different than what we've seen last everal months. think about these numbers for a second. last months you had 150,000
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jobs. last month prior to that, 207,000 jobs. a the month prior to that, we are over 212,000 jobs, the numbers are not very different. this was a better than feared report. so i think you're getting a little more euphoria associated with it, but generally speaking this number remains very consistent with a 2% growth backdrop. that has been our call pretty much throughout the course of this recovery. liz: job creation numbers look good. we do need to see a more sustained string of better numbers i think but what's missing in the equation? mr. perez how they're talking about training in new skills where the demand is better in health care, for example. what dowhat dowhat do you thinke private sector standpoint? is it less regulation or better opportunities for businesses to grow? what is it? >> i think you can actually use the small business sector to draw this point out. one of the things that small business owners are saying they're having a really
4:17 pm
difficult time finding qualified applicants. that is shocking to people where 18 million people are sitting on sidelines which is materially more than in the downturn. liz: people have to get in the businesses, businesses have to get into training for people they want? >> i think that exactly the path i was going down. i think what you have to understand if people are sitting on sideline their skillsets are diminishing. you need some sort of a training program as you highlight to sort of reengage these folks in the labor backdrop. but again, you know, the burden of that, where that should fall think really sort of the bigger question here. and i know intention of weighing in on this at this stage. all i'm simply saying. if you have a vast pool of available supply and you have a four million job openings, that equation seems very off balance to us. therein lies part of the problem. liz: part of a major problem. when the equity guys at rbc come
4:18 pm
running up to you and say i need some guidance here, in the end what looks good right now? are there pockets, or sectors thaw say and you feel will be poised to really strengthen? >> you know from a broad-based economic perspective hard to make a case you will see any additional momentum fathered at this stage. you were looking at earlier in the recovery, cap-ex was performing pretty well. was punching way above its weight. same is true from exports related perspective. those slowed down, consistent with sort of the global slowing that we witnessed over the last year or so. the one sector really sort of has not been participating n material way is the consumer. the consumer as everyone appreciates is the biggest economic sector but you're not getting lot of juice out of the con consumer right now. that is from lack of availability and credit usage. that is missing piece to the puzzle. liz: we got revolving credit
4:19 pm
data from credit cards that shocked markets maybe a teeny bit. i will use the example of qualcomm. we had paul jacobs, ceo of qualcomm exclusively, he talked about they're spending five billion in cap-ex and capital expenditures for research and development. that is a big company. hard to take that cash and put it to work when there is too much uncertain. will companies get more certainty. >> picking on small business sector, they are very much the heartbeat of the economic activity in the u.s. -- liz: indeed. >> if you see what they're saying about their biggest concerns, their biggest fierce, the biggest right now for them is the government sector and new regulations coming out as an example. so i think maybe with a little bit more clarity there you could start to see a more positive reaction. not just sort of the broad based, sort of capital expenditure profile but to hiring profile that these companies are putting forth. liz: tom, have a good weekend, thank you so much.
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>> thanks, you guys too. liz: tom puricelli at rbc. david: the dow settled at second record high this week. this is the 34th record high of the year. again the market knows no limits right now. there is no doubt the rollout of obamacare is a huge mess. up next we talk to a technology consultant named dan skyler. he has very strong views whether or not the federal health exchange can be fixed. liz: coca-cola has just announced an ambitious expansion plans costing billions of dollars to expand one of the world's fastest growing markets. investors will want to hear about coke's bold new move at. at some point or another everybody has owned this stock. it's next. ♪ so ally bank has a raise your rate cd
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david: time for a quick speed read. five stories one minute. lionsgate revenue fell 25%. the company barely squeezed out a profit. the numbers are expected to turn around with the release of "the hunger games" see equal, catching fire later this month. coca-cola will invest 4 billion bucks in china. to build new factories and add products in order to meet more consumer demand. mcdonald's reporting lower comparable sales in october while the fast-food chainsaw better sales in europe.
4:25 pm
they saul sales fall in asia and middle east. jpmorgan will completes plan to eliminate 4,000 jobs from its consumer business by the end of this year. the job cuts will be a full year ahead of schedule. >> facebook planning to open an office in boston, massachusetts. that is the state where zuckerberg founded the social network 10 years ago. facebook boston will have the fifth firm engineering team. that is today's "speed read." [buzzer] liz: dave, they have got smart engineers over there. david: they an afford the best. liz: they make their own servers. they're that good. president obama apologized to americans in an effort to calm the uproar over the rocky obamacare rollout. despite many of the president's promises many americans are in danger losing their health care plans. david: many already have. rich edson with the latest from inside the beltway. >> david and liz, providing the latest update on the site, the administration says it is a long way from war it needs to be. the officials promised the website will work for the vast majority of users
4:26 pm
by the end of this month of the meanwhile president obama touring a port in new orleans this afternoon promised his administration will fix >> we've had this problem with the website. i'm not happy about that. but we're working overtime to make sure that it gets fixed because right now we put in place a system arranges marketplace where people can get affordable health care plans. you know, i promise you, nobody has been more frustrated. i wanted to go in and fix it myself but i do not write code. >> well the white house is also promising to consider some administrative fixes for those losing their insurance plans because of the health care law. the white house has yet to offer specifics on that one. republicans say that promise falls short. a spokesperson for house speaker john boehner writes, quote, we are highly skeptical there is anything the president can do administratively to keep his pledge that would be both legal and effective. that is why he should work with
4:27 pm
congress and support bipartisan legislation that fulfills his promise and allows insurance companies to continue offering the plans that so many americans like and can afford. the house votes on a bill next week that would allow insurance companies to sell cheaper plans despite the minimum standards the health care law requires. back to you. david: rich, there is no guaranty they fix the glitches. if they don't fix the glitches are they going to delay the rollout a little bit more? because you can't expect people to sign into a program that technically they can't sign on to? >> what the administration has said it alluded to if you can't actually sign up for it, that part of the law might be delayed, the one that requires you to have health insurance. if you don't you have to pay a penalty. but there are folks in congress pushing to delay that mandate one year. a democrat came out with a republican, senator joe manchin of west virginia. they want to delay the mandate one year. david: we'll see if it happens. rich edson, thank you very much. >> as rich was talking obamacare
4:28 pm
technicians are struggling to deal with enrollments just in the hundreds. what happens when that grows to tens of thousands every day? we have dan schuyler, who has been working with states trying to deal with all this. liz: fans of jay-z are caller to the rap legend to end his deal with upscale clothing store barney's fall -- following a racial profiling scandal. coming up we like take a look at jay-z inc. ♪ when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals:
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invested in the world. bny llon. liz: time for a look at today's market drivers. stocks surging higher today following the better than expected jobs report and weaker than expected consumer sentiment. the dow and s&p 500 both ended the week in the green seven out of 10 s&p 500 sectors ended higher for the week. materials the top-performing sector. did you see gold? goldenedded up dropping 2.2% this entire week to settle at a three-week low. the precious metal was down on expectation that is the federal reserve could begin tapering as early as next month. goldening the week at $1284.60 a troy ounce. the october jobs numbers came out this morning and they were a upside surprise. the u.s. economy adding 200,000 non-farm jobs last month. far above the economists
4:32 pm
expectations of, and two previous months upwardly revised. david? david: that was good news. not such good news. the rollout of obamacare has been awful and that is with just a few hundred enrollments. what happens when they come in tens of thousand a day? that is cakewalk compared to what is coming. technology director at levitt partners which has consulted with states settings up health exchanges. the joining us danielle sc the huyler. thanks for coming in. march 1st is the deadline they have to be registering 39,000 enrollees a day. if they're making a mess with a couple of hundred, what happens when they crank up the volume to 39,000 a day? >> david, that's a good question. to your point they're only dealing with a couple of thousand enrollees a day. consumers are window shopping and they're going to switch from window shopping to actual
4:33 pm
purchasing and so to your point, will the platform be able to handle tens of thousands of enrollees by the end of november and i think the administration has taken some really pragmatic steps to resolve the issues. secretary sebelius this week says there are 100 outstanding issues they're trying to resolve. it's a monumental undertaking but i think, i think the administration is really working diligently to get the platform up and running. david: they're trying, and here's the question and you're a perfect person to ask because you're kind of a middleman between the government and private insurance companies. dot insurance companies themselves have the ability, have the resources to deal with an up tick in the tens of thousands? this is a huge jump in volume. >> so they do. they do if the application that is are being sent to the carriers are coming in clean without any errors. david: but they're not. that is the point. they're coming in very messy. >> right.
4:34 pm
and if that continues to happen that will be an untenable situation for the carriers. so to your point, these applications have to be absolutely clean when they're coming in the tens of thousands. there is no room for error at that point. >> but as we've seen, there is plenty of errors. if there is no room for error, what does that mean? >> well the, the carriers are working diligently with hhs to resolve those errors on a daily basis and, hhs is making the appropriate changes to the platform to insure that every day that those errors are corrected. so hopefully, by the end of november, the carriers will be receiving those error-free applications. but to your point if they're not, it is going to be an untenable situation. david: talk about another problem that maybe hasn't been considered enough which is security. we heard a lot of problems about the fact that, a lot of these are unsecure or not unsecure but the security is not up to
4:35 pm
standard. people can break in. has that been resolved? >> so hhs completed a security assessment of the individual components of but they didn't have the time to complete an end to end security assessment. so really the question is, how secure is the platform? they have a mitigation plan in place to analyze and to monitor the system to insure that there are no security breaches but it would have been, it would have been better if hhs had completed an end to end security assessment of the entire platform. so i guess the answer to your question we're not really sure how secure the platform is. david: does that concern you? >> anytime there is uncertainty it is concerning. david: talk about again, pulling back here the administration is admitting things went wrong but kind of assigning blame. the president has not done it directly as a lot of aids have, assigning blame to the insurance companies saying it is their
4:36 pm
fault. what do you think of that? >> no, i completely disagree. i think the insurance companies complete ad monumental task of getting the plans ready for purchasing on october 1st. in fact the president alluded to that in his press speech two weeks ago. he has mentioned that several times that the carriers, the plans are ready but the tool, health care, is not functioning, so the consumers can't get to the plans to purchase them. i think carriers have done an amazing job. david: this is a fundamental problem and this has to be the last question. when you're looking back how all of this is unfolding. you're trying to force people to buy something they don't necessarily want to buy when you're talking about young people buying insurance that they hadn't been before. isn't that, fundamentally, aren't you going against the grain of the market here? >> so you make a good point. when you're trying to sell a product to a consumer who doesn't think they need the product you really need to make
4:37 pm
that purchasing experience a seamless and as intuitive as possible. david: that hasn't happened, has it. >> agreed, agreed. but i think, i think most of the young immortals that you referred to have made their decision prior to october 1st whether they're going to purchase a plan or pay the penalty. however, if, if we're not making this as intuitive and as easy to enroll as possible, you could have, you could have a subset of this those young immortals thinking about purchasing end up not purchasing. but i think a majority made the decision. they will probably wait until the last minute. they will wait until february or march to purchase. hopefully the system will be intuitive and seamless. david: the young immortals. i remember when i was one of them. thank you very much, dan. i appreciate you coming in. thanks a lot. >> thank you. liz: he's got 99 problems but barney's is not one of them. why rap mogul jay-z will not be abandoning his partnership with the luxury retailer despite a
4:38 pm
recent pr fiasco for barn any of's flagship store. david: the thor sequel comes stateside but will it hammer the way to same kind of success, yes, that's a pun as it has done overseas? dennis kneale is breaking it down for us later in the hour. ♪ you really love, what wld you do?"
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[ male announcer ] 1.21 gawatts. today, that's easy. ge is revolutioning power. supercharging turbines with advanced hardware and innovative software. using data predictively to help power entire cities. so the turbines of today... will power us all... into the future. ♪ liz: the upscale retailer barney's in new york, is grappling what many would-be leave is a pr nightmare. it has been accused of not one, two accusationings of discrimination. a student was falsely accused of shoplifting a $359 belt. and second a college student experienced racial profiling after buying a 2,000 doll a bag
4:42 pm
at the same store. david: jay-z has been receiving pressure to pull the plug on the upcoming holiday partnership with the clothing retailer. we have lee hawkins, "wall street journal" business reporter who has done great reporting on this. congrats, lee. who has more to lose in this case, barney's as a retailer or jay-z? >> i think in this case because i don't think jay-z's core audience is just black people or people of color and i do not believe the millenials follow him are that socially conscious of this issues. barney's has a big lawn of november 20th. they are contributing money to his foundation but they're having a whole product line, a luxury fashion collection that is going to launch and if people don't buy, thhn they're pretty much left holding the bag. and so -- liz: we haven't gotten any real solid statement from the police, correct, on what happened. we do know at least from their word, two people, african-americans, were chased
4:43 pm
after the store, asked for their receipts. but really buy that luxury item. >> yeah. liz: they had, they had their receipts. >> they all checked out. liz: what position does this put jay-z in? or is it a tempest in a teapot? he may be able to affect eight more change from being on inside of barn necessary? >> what it shows jay-z is a corporate entity, just like a lot of the companies out there. he is partnering with duracell. he is partnering with microsoft, with binge, all of these -- bing,,all these companies with crisis situation like paula dean thing wait for a week or even more to see what the investigation shows. he is inextricably tied to these brands. samsung bought a million copies of his record and gave it to samsung customers 72 hours before the release. okay. so that was an immediate platinum record. he is not the free guy that everybody thinks he is. although his mythology that he is this brash and outspoken rapper that stand up for the common man and that he is
4:44 pm
populist but that isn't the case. he is a businessman. even says it. i'm not -- liz: not hiding anything. >> he is not hiding anything. he is saying i'm not a businessman, i'm a businessman. this really pretty much is a symbol for all of that so. david: you say something, that i think is very profound in your analysis of what he is and how he differs from other people who are in his kind of business. you say he is thinking, he thinks more like a wealthy person than like a rich person. tell us what you mean by that. >> i think in some ways he does. in other ways he doesn't. david: what do you mean like thinking you're wealthy rather than rich? >> he is talking about his wealth grows like an annuity because he gets money from royalties. he doesn't have to be there for that passive income. he has all of these partnerships with these companies. he was warren buffett. i know you're close with warren buffett. as a mentor. and he is learning the lessons of business people. he is out there basically
4:45 pm
shoveling, at ground breakings with a hard-hat on with -- david: you're rich you're spending. when you're wealthy you're investing in the future. >> he spend to the point it his part of his marketing plan for him to show his fans through very aspirational in scope he is out there living the life but reality this guy wants to be a billionaire one day. liz: you know what? we always talk about the power to prosper here at fox business. i look at this to say he is smart enough guy. look what he did, attaching himself to the barclays center. in the blink of an eye, one of the most, successful arenas in america. he is very much a part of that he knows exactly what he is doing. you know what? so be it, if he can get barney's to change some of that behavior if it is indeed true he becomes more power you'll if to hayes fans. >> i think the barclays center benefited from him because he delivered brooklyn for them. that is what corporations want
4:46 pm
to do. they want access to little men y'alls who follow him loyally, black people, hispanic people, luxury consumers. he has taken stands on other issues regarding race and racism. i don't want to be too hard on him because he is wanting to see what happens. yes, i believe there will be change that comes from this. barney's may not make the money think thought they would make but i think there is lot more to go out on this, the fact that sharpton is not putting pressure on jay-z. liz: reverend al. >> not so fortunate for barney's. now they're meeting with him. he is basically requiring them to hire a civil rights expert to investigaae this and lay out everything that happened. but also, to make recommendations for how to change. and i think that what this will do, this will be a model for all of the retailers across the countty on racial profiling. liz: lee hawkins, "wall street journal." david: great reporting, lee. thank you very much.
4:47 pm
good stuff. disney may rule the box office this weekend as its "thor" sequel hits the theaters. we'll break down this blockbuster after the break. liz: from chocolate to vodka but a personal care product, david? we'll tell you about this, after the break. ♪ [ female announcer ] who are we? we are the thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nighters. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments whe we can say"i did it!" ♪ we are entrepreneurs who started it all... with a signature. legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses, turning dreamers into biness owners.
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liz: disney putting the hammer down in movie theaters this weekend. the sequel to "thor" opens in the u.s. and is likely to dominate the weekend box office. >> dennis kneels joins with us more on this dennis? >> hello, david. disney she as bright future for "thor: the dark world. it could rake in $90 million in the u.s. this weekend after already grossing more than $130 million in the week since it opened in 36 mark etc. overseas. that boffo box office underscores the huge success of the marvel acquisition disney made in 2009. in fact, six disney marvel films together have grossed almost $5 billion worldwide. more than the $4.6 billions price tag that disney paid to acquire marvel in 09.
4:52 pm
the vaning vaning, three iron mack flicks -- vaning vaning. captain america all feed one another in a superhero strategy. iron man 2 racking up over 600 million bucks in 2010. a year later, "thor" and captain america took in 308 million. that set up "the after venners a massive box office. and the avengers and im-3 two of the five highest grossing films of all time. that would be after "thor" out this weekend we get a captain america sequel next year and sets up a sequel to the "the avengers", in 2016. reaping fan base of thor, captain america and incredible hulk. "the avengers" took in a massive
4:53 pm
$1.5 billion, third highest grossing film of all time after avatar and titanic. that is one of three great acquisitions disney made under ceo robert eiger. he bought pixar and "star wars" franchise of lucas films. so far getting pretty well, liz? liz: i want to see "thor." >> that is because he is good-looking blond a donis. liz: i like "the hulk." what does that tell you. david: november 24th is the day i see "the hunger games" sequel. i am counting the hours. liz: he is obsessed. david: yes, it will take off. liz: she cut her hair, dennis. >> that is okay by me. liz: dennis kneale, have a great weekend. >> thank you. david: one woman prepped for surgery in unusual way, making moves with beyonce in the operating room. we have video you can't afford to miss. liz: u.s. economy adding 204,000 jobs in october. we asked you on facebook and
4:54 pm
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4:58 pm
deodorant with vestron meet says -- meat-scented mosque. seattle-based jmb foods is promising 24-hour bacon. the order is on sale from the company's website. using our bacon will attract people. like you are the most powerful magnet honors. liz: yeah, right. david: we will let you decide if that is a good thing. liz: that is in no. also, debra cohen went into her operation with courage. we are showing you on the screen-seeded some serious dance moves. deborah and the medical team at mount zion hospital went through a pre of dance party earlier this week. a group danced to beyonce is get me body. the six minute clip when the viral reaching more than 3 million views. commentators praised palin for her courage and desperation. that is the cutest thing. i love that.
4:59 pm
david: not only praise, but look to my good dancing. making this transition. we ask you on twitter and facebook if you think today's jobs report shows the economy is on the right track. i think more people, and just throwing in the telecom decided to sign up for local, state and federal aid. liz: the top three things to watch next week. the october small-business index. three guests in 40 minutes. david: the russell 2000 is way up. the number two thing to watch will be speeches by the federal reserve members. dallas federal reserve president richard fisher, atlanta federal reserve president dennis lockhart will discuss monetary policy on tuesday and in bernanke will speak on tuesday. also, philadelphia fed president will talk nbc on thursday. liz: the number one thing to
5:00 pm
watch next week, weekly jobless claims 8:30 a.m. eastern. economists are expecting twins drop by six dozen to a seasonally adjusted 330,000 the history week of decline go. >> another record on the dow. >> putting out fires left and right this week. naturally another model lesson flames. before the zero company burns to the ground. that is our starting lineup tonight. even when they say it's not the man is always about "money". ♪ melissa: tesla could be headed for crash and burn naturally. for the third time in just six months the company's selector car caught fire doors in the landscape


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