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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  November 10, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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that is aorld where more people prosper. that is our show. see you next week. gerri: two nights of "the willis report." the solution to obamacare we take an "in-depth" look at what you can do for your health care in the agef obamacare and baing and shaving web sites. growing in popularity but are they the goal? we help you have the best thanksgiving dinner ever. coming up tonight. "the willis report." gerri: tonight we looked as
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solutions to obamacare and the problem is the law has created. espeal user's gui to skyrocket a -- rocky premiums implants they've told they could keep you have heard the litany of problems but tonight our panel of experts breaks down real strategy is in real solutions and answers. douglas told secant is here chris jacobs center for policy health studies at george pataki. i was on the web site. >> you actually got through? >> of of pages still says you can keep your insurance policy if you want to. >> rita l. that's not true of the president just apologize about that and the fact is 8 millionmericans is this year will be notified their policies are canceled.
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that is sent to right but they're all are treated as a and exemptions that congress pass when they wou ram this through so there is help. gerri: for americanso have insurance coverage you can keep it. duesne not to. down, one of the fate this i have been talking about is the kaiser family foundation is known as an expert and they have a callator there website you could calculate the subsids you are eligible for. they use this on the federal government web site you cannot get on there. [laughter] >> they are experts it is a good-faith effort to give help but the bottom line is we will have winners and losers the letters will go to kaiser family foundation a juicy it can break it down to something reasonable also
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it is not a solution for what h to present a at. the next question is to reduce the for your doctor? gerri: the problems go on and off but people tonight know that mo or dad or somebody in the family that was just canceled a and what can they get on the federal government web site? if you are 62 year-old woman making a $32,000 per year. here is what you get from the obamacare web site at a premium of $7,200 a subsidy of 4400 so you py 3,000 out of pocket. that is $6,300 that is a fair amount of moneys be back for a lot of people premiums have gone up maybe there'll be ying $2,000 with $4,000 deductible now
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they pay 3,000 with $6,300 deductible because obamacare is forcing insurance companies to cover other services they have to pay more. >> than a 62 year-old woman is getting maternity services. >> but she still has to pay for it if she doesn't. gerri: private exchanges. private insurance exchanges, is a possible this i a dancer? >> it already is. self insurance were you are not under the heavy hand of obacare if you are signed up with self insurance a lot of times workers don't even know. you have no rules or penalties of our taxes of obamacare but for small businesses to join 60% of large business and 80 percent of the unions get it through a self insurance
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for only 50 percent of small business so they should look at this it is more e efficient and less expensive and allows you to tailor the coverage. gerri: what are your criticisms? >> if you are a self -- a small firm's health insurer you take on allhe risk if one gets very ill you still have a problem. it is not a panacea but a tuation they have been cahow forced into trying to find any shelter. >> governor? >> there is an option if you are a small business you don't want to assume the risk of somebody gets a serious illness you have to pay 200,000 is a you can get insurance anything above 5,000 or 10,000 you a covered with a private insurer that the employer pays for.
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you could limit their risk estimate that's a good point but the important to peace is it is tailored it is what obamacare does not let you tailor it to your circumstances the biggest difference betweenrivate republican aroach. gerri: people want to see private sector solutions they don't want to be with the government program. what else is emerging? >> private exchanges are out there and health insurance is an option of. pieces like clinics that have ready access to care. but to put the lipstick on the bigoard make lemonade out of beloved choose the analogy. >> on how they may not be available in would be difficult to get doctors and
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was searching for a solution because i hear from people from medicare to say i am really worried will lose my doctor over time that they will work with people who are really wealthy. i think these people should see what their plans are to major's. >> if they can get a doctor to enter the phone. middle-class it is hard to do. just as an exampl 82% a and kentucky signed up for medicaid there might not be enough doctors. gerri: what can we do about that problem of? >> if you have private markets we offer by a having a higher wages and attracng people died here is the low reimbursement rates to medicaid to save with the obamacare exchange. they are the medicaid of the future that is not a solution gerri: out it is on view.
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have to get your own coverage, find a doctor with the hospital they allow you to use, people say how can i look out for myself? i have spent jockeyed of wh still some weeks that does dna testing to look to see what shouli be werke to prott myself? >> weill see more personalized madison because of the harnessing of the humagenome to be tailored you see that with the problem is obamacare tries to put the one size fits all solution. >> no question. one of the sad alternatives is to be a small business with fewer than 30 workers why we're not seeing him plugging grow part-time
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workers held at 29 you e out from obamacare. there has to be a better way >> hope we can find that. gerri: you are sticking around as theolutions continue and we will talk about the polics suounding the law and what washington can do now. in the meantime go to gerri individual solutions so ally bank has a raise yo rate cd cause i'm really nervous thaabout getting trapped. rate. why's that? uh, mark? go get help!
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t several comeback to an hour to find real solutions to the problems created under law problems that the president today made a light touch did his p.j. louisiana >> we had this problem with the website. i amot happy about that i want to fix it myself but i don't write code. there will only be so much support we get on that on a bipartisan basis and tell it is working real well then they will stop calling and obamacare. gerri: our panel is back.
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and from the center of health policy studies thank governor pataki is that in good taste? ltd. is pathetic he is laughing at a problem that millions ofamericans have bid0 million more will have. it doesn't just have colbert problems it is flawed. it willot work they can try to tax parts of it but ultimately they have to take a loo amir to say we screweup we finally read it we have to go back to the drawing board. gerri: hapologized last night. >> i am sorry that they are fiing themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from the. >> that is as close to an apology will ever get from this president. he is not noted for his modesty and i really think
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this will come back to haunt him. it a forceful way he did promise people he keep their plan or keep their doctor. it is not true but the governor is right that is not the only problem the more you dig the more problems you will find that is the taliban problem. gerri: now at the back and read the website tries to communicate with providers. >> it is interesting obamacare doesn't let you keep your alth coverage it does cover kirch feelings? said he is sorry if you're hurt the league's but not for ming the promises. >> have a website still promises you could keep your coverage but they cannot fix the whole pagef the web site?
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how to the fix the web site? >> they can't they cannot fix the law. , the tides to buy securities they this was bad bill? they do ey we're doing back. gerri: here is what the president said. >>. >> i have been burned already with the web site or more apart the the of people have the verge. >> he still has his health care but what about the 65 year-old will get? i don't feel sorry for the president. >> i just want to echo. the american people have a problem they paid for a website that doesn't ork about may very well not be
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secure and once it is working they still have a bad lot it inonetheless the matter. gerri: why don't they delayed the mandate for one year? check the ople need relief even if they get the web site working a constituent from north carolina came to us last week and wh personal information and from another person applying for coverage that disosed tim a north carolina man received a south carolina cabana t elibility. gerri: in washington is the same state. [laughter] your information is not safe such you really want to use it? >> flying down to the president. >> she knows that he is that travel in the louisiana and she is running next year.
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then every major social issue advanced in a bipartisan way except obamacare this was the signate of the democratic majority with the catastrophe they have too old at what them to see that runaway. gerri: date sapir said the chief technology officer for the what will they learn? iraq fifth security teing. there have been concerns about the security of the web site. there is so indication as they do there was a problem of at the lunch wertheir security concerns?
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why did you go ahead? the web site may be fixed t that is a lasting judgmentall. gerri: as a you say not only did they know a bunch of pele would lose their coverage but they also do there was security problems? >> the administration and said they'd never did end to end testing and last wek it seemed fine in this would never have the baby because the people ascii for her resiation as she does not work for them so she doesn't care but the people the to go this website is secure before they pert -- but if the social security numbers to back the chinese will go more of themericans they have the nsa. i guarantee there is a little phial of everybody.
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>> it is absurd. it is funny except it is tragic. >> the irs the social security administration it is not just my number but a weak point in theecurity of u.s. recordsriminals pay more for health care recos more is there a social security number and there it ito be had. will be back after the break looking at more solutions to the rise a cost of obamacare. don't go away. [ male announcer ] it is more than just a new car... more than a new interior liting system. ♪ it is more than a hot stone massage. and more than your favorite scent infused into the cabin. it is a completely new era of innovation. and the highest expression of mercedes-benz.
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gerri: "users guide to obamacare" continues tonight with the i depth look at the massive cost of this law that small businesses even the system itself could the cost craig the whole system down? us bring back our guest. it introduced the floor from the "wall street journal." about me with this. the price tag on eight we were originally told in 2013 over ted years is 1.8 trillion how does that have happened? why is there such a big boost? >> douglas is the one who bridges the numbers i think it is voodoo. we have talked for weeks
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about the fact the promise is broken and if you want your health care you could keep it but here is the bigger lie the idea this will pay for itself and will not blow a hole in the deficitand reel the opposite. people are not citing up to subsidize but youan see a massive cost. >> one of the biggest cost of the detrimental impact is what of the reasons you see the price tag go up. a lot of people who are unemployed logger than anyone projected and obamacare raises the price tag. if we get past the starter problems there is no chance
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it will add up but the premiums are too high and dead in tt end we don't get much of a program. the store famine. nothing in between. gerri: and i think the real fear is the program goes top-seeded billions of people inside that said we have a huge tap have the president said yesterday that he wants to put even more subsidy money on the table. >> exactly. in addition to promise a you can keep your plan but did in 2008 president or a candidate obama said it would cost 50 or 60 million per year when fully implemented the commercial budg office says 2023 it will cost $250 billion for
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the subsidies. that is four or five times what he prosed not county if you kids get a waiver or if they have to subsidized or four employers decide to drop coverage it is a lowball estimate. gerri: and so a big announcement from kathleen sebelius earlier today talking about adding mental-health. [laughter] so she says there should be parity beten carriagof mental-health issues and physical ailments. if i break my arm on sixth avenue i will see a doctor who wwll fix ann it is over. therapy is once a week over years. how do you make them the? the cost is different.
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>> you talk to all major new crosstree already know that obamacare is basic plan is much more important one dash expensive than people thought. they will continue to add benefits. if it ever getoff the ground. every american and once their own health plan. like kiwi be a society to pick and choose? why do we do one-size-fits-all? i do not the maternity care. [laughter] gerri: tell me something intelligent aboutthe mental health benefit i understand but psyiatrists do not work to work for this ki of money that medicare and medicaid services do. >> that is between the metal
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kolff services with a lack of access. said it there are some elements like diabetes better chronicler better similar to a mental health so they try to establish parity but the k point is why do we add more benefits to the one size fits all package? th is what is wrong with this from the insurance point of view. gerri: last word what is the biggest problem? >> the benefits a of that there are incentives to put more people in the exchange's so he put them with a government benefit kirk combinewith the problems of medicare/medicaid social security is a recipe for disaster. gerri: you weren capitol
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hill did you see it? >> don't say we didn't try to warn you but the regulations in three years ago said you cannot keep your plan but now people our just waking in up to the reality. gerri: stake you so much. we appreciate your time. coming up we will switch gears for current legal panel weighs in on a new tren of public they began shaving. added next one of the most important stories from the week a look at a genetic teing can change your life after the break. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do.
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gerri: welcome back.
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finding answers to coping with obamacare is not easy on a personal level a can be intimidating. or scary for the 5 million people who have had their health insurance canceled but the risks our bigger than back getting affordable care you can have confidence in it is more difficult for ever but a. will your doctor be around next year? the year after that? what about your hospital? will your insurer paid for you to go there or had chosen at cheaper facility? the burden of responsibility is shifting to you. you have to make sure you get the care they you need and deserve. under obamacares shifty to protect itself that leaves you on your own. we have been talking about solutions than one shtcut or one solution that i thought that may interest
10:34 pm
you is a web site that is a dna test a web site. gerri: i was blown away. surprise. ancestry affirmation. >> we have a schoolteacher lled the ancestry composition we can take your dna to break down into percentages of your ancestors who are mostly european said tuesday a b chunk from great britain or ireland. we do this for europe and africa and asia all over the world. gerri: 40-point 5% british irish got a surprise. i had no idea a big reveal for be by an asterisk for celiac? >> you are at a very significant ineased risk
10:35 pm
that is a profound included allergies of misinformation you can share with your doctor some people don't know they have a and genetics plays a big role. gerri: i am already taking steps that it hhs made a $95 but you could getay deprivation that could really help you. the other thing that i have to put in my medical records about a drug response. >> you are hypersensitive to a blood -- a blood tinner yowould require a much lower dose so this is important innovation to share with your doctor because you could have the adverse side effect. gerri: is a you made i could lead out in a situation. that is critically important lots of questions today when you are a did a bad bet if
10:36 pm
you create designer babies? >> we filed the patent to help people undersnd when two people think about ving a child what the chances are it would have certain trades like eye color could the child have blue? it is a tool to understand how netics are passed down to the next generation. gerri: title lot of you are larry but think of it ts way you could learn something about yourself to allow you to prevent a problem down the road salt a health problem before it happens. i did and it is worth thinking about. to the twitter follower who suggested that i am getting paid to promote their service. don't i wish? go. i am not being paid i just think it is a good service. bows story sure click jake on the unexpectedly strong
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and a blder rert gives the stock a lift to does have investors wondering what is a need for the stimulus program? adding04,000 last month for august and september than previously been reported perpetrators stock after social networks had a smooth public debut add 26 long dash tired of the 26 ipo price. yesterday the guest predicted a sell-off but today the dawdles sales edged up the biggt company is credited for a limited time offers like the mighty wings and puckett coffee. city and state officials have pursued bankruptcy but the city says it is the last resort the city filed in july. those are some of fostoria's
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right now. when we come back celebrity chef is yearr and ben and women getting their revenge she is a home record dhaka. is a legal? stay with us. weekdays are for rising to the challenge. they're the days to take care of business. when possibilities become reality. with centurynk as your trusted partner, our visionary cloud infrastructure and global broadband network free you to focus on what matters. with custom communications solutions and responsive, dedicated support, we constantly evolve to meet your needs. every day of the wk. centurylink® your link to wh's next. [ you're almost twice as likely to lose your supporting teeth? try poligrip for partis. poligrip helps minimize stress which may damage supporting teeth
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by stabilizing your partial. care for your partial. help protect your natural teeth.
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gerri: we had serious pics now switching gears the jilted is causing revenge websites to surge of popularity one of them she is a home gives women the average 32 anonymously day more shave their boyfriends but is a legal? we have a partner from duncan and hunter law firm from new orleans.
10:42 pm
and/or fox news legal analyst. >> it is legal for the sir they are covered by the committee id decency act of the servers can put on atever they want but where it gets tricky is not for the service itself but the people who are posting there posting das that are not true or they'd make it public about private tax they babies sued for defamation. gerri: is this lal? back at a rare opportunity but i agree. it is a shock. the truth is that theoretically it is legal but people could say phase and tuesday's letter so a rages that there rigby an attempt to reach through that to go out after the person individually who is
10:43 pm
doing the reporting or saying that they this -- bad status. gerri: is appalling. this is not some place you want to spend aot ofime. so there is liable, defamation, a ander? >> it applies with the divorce cou because in all comes out. you post this then the of bloody the wife who does this to th husband fair disclosureow oocyte called he is a home >> but it does remind people but to have it splattered all over the internet is a problem andawyers to break these types of cases will not be attracted to gofter
10:44 pm
the individual as opposed t the network or individual service provider who have the deep pocket. it is a real problem and ba to be addressed. >> also the ultimate defense is is it true? but if they live said you talk about defamation and slander you have to prove it. >> some states do have the invasion of privacy laws just the fact it is on there even if it is true could have a cause of action but if they keep the proliferators anonymousnd then how do you know, who to go after that could lead to lawsuits against the provider in the web site to force them to disclose who these people are. gerri: ed you agree to much. forget the legal credentials.
10:45 pm
what t the state of this public baby and shaving? >> it is wrong and horrible and discussed thank anybody that stoops to that lel is not kosher in my book. >> is definitely not koshe we agree again but i cannot help that but any fair minded person does not want to see their dirty laundry for the whole country. that doesn't need the person who did the cheatings right but use this forum it is a statement had although our society could be to let this stuff go on. should be of awful but how does that happen? >> good lot. >> that will not happen and that divorce court any judges sees that you try shave your husband or wife i
10:46 pm
know the key will be very sympathetic. >> the only other side it worth is that if people know they could be shamed into teacher their behavior? >> this has been going on since before the internet. >> but they had to find some think. [laughter] gerri: have flooded new orleans. >> i am here for work. gerri: we heard that. either would you a agree you are still flood has always. is it okay to publicly blame and shame? log on and vote on the right-hand side of the screen a still to co my $0.2 just 20 days away from the best family d of the year and we have tips from
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one of the best shops out there, td english. next.
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gerri:rom spending time with loved ones to the macy's parade there are plenty of reasons to love thanksgiving but the food is the mania event here to his secrets is celebrity chef todd english author of cooking in everyday english.
10:51 pm
you did dodd/frank m one? [laughter] >> it is on its way. as a chef is there a better holiday it is a the wonderful things the net in the air and you feel like eating and going for it. i am not from here. i am from north carolina and pele here got out to dinner on thanksgiving? the tradition is at home. >> i am happywith three restaurants in the city but i agree. i love to cook. get the faaily and friends around then bring dishes over then you feel obligated to make everything t dishes in the cranberry but
10:52 pm
then there is the cleanup that iss the fun part. gerri: that is what the husband is for. >> for their kids but thanksgiving food taste better the day after so start cooking a couple of days ahead of time. gerri: nothing worse than have a room full of people and you are not ready. what is your ideal thanksgiving meal? what would be the best deal ever? >> every year to meet it is about the sides i love turkey. but the fund vegas to play with are the cranberry relish, a turn ups. gerri: they are boring
10:53 pm
speech you can roast them more at cheddar cheese or maple syrup or not they can and spices to make them different but as far as what else goes on and with the turkey and i love bil so i will put white truffles that is extensive. gerri: i will delay of this year. >> wouldvery like. we have done a vegetarian and turkeys, squash, ham, bacon staff aide for your lamb. something find and different they doubt the fed achieves. gerri: if you could get there about 2:00 that would be great.
10:54 pm
>> we will deliver it to your house. >>reat to information and. >> and not even without pie it does not have to be homemade. according to the npr survey one quarter by there is at the store. which tops of by are the most popular? >> blueberry. wide out of ted service and it is popular in made. number for gerri. number three punt again. 60 percent say it as the place of the table. number two's strawberry or even strawberry rhubarb. number one is apple the all-american and desert the favorite of 20 percent of
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families and historians found apple pie going back to the 14th century. my mother-in-law makes cherry and apple if you choose the apple she says what is wrong with the erry? we'll be right back with the question of the day is it okay to publiclyaby ana sham like digest did? friday night, buddy. you are gonna need a wingman. and with my cash back, you are money. forget him. my airline miles will take your game worldwide. what i'm really oking for is -- i got two words for you -- reards. ♪ there's got to be better cards than this. [ le announcer ] there's a better way with compare hundreds of cards from all the major banksks find the one that's right for you. it's simple. search, mpare, and apply at first round's on me. ♪ nothing, that's what? that's why i take priloc otc each morning
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gerri: earli this hour, debate on homewrecker websites and if it is legal. is that okay? we asked the question on 53% said yes and 47% said no. be sure to log on to onto for our online question every weekday. and finally tonight, we have done our best to come up with solutions tonight for obamacare.
10:59 pm
other ways to get health care insurance, i'm going tt review a couple of them right now. the kair family foundation have the calculator on their website that can help you figure out whether you are eligible for subsidy them what you can expect to pay. do not forget the limit on out-of-pocket costs. check out this website. and talk about exending your current coverage. it's possible that you are in sure will allow you to extend your policy for another 12 months. and it couldn't hurt to get procedures and test on now instead of later. some good news tonight, private exchanges are beginning to emerge and may be a solution. kee wahing "the willis report." we'll tell you about the changes coming up. that is my "two cents more." we will bring yoa uers guide to shopping. next week. the best deals to the holiday season. again, the users guide on shopping starts monday and goes
11:00 pm
all week long. that's it for "the willis report." dvr our show if you can't catch a fly. some panic, a little frustrationetting in for senate democrats who fate re-election next year and the failed rollout of obama care to blame. all but one of thoseemocrats running for re-election at the white house today to make certain president obama gets the message. i'm lou dobbs. good evening, everybody. obama care is a failure to this point. the white house has repeatedly lied about how it would affect the american public. and the president's own party is now in something of a panic, 15


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