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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  November 17, 2013 2:30am-3:01am EST

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>> great stuff. that is it for "forbes on fox." have a great weekend. thank you for watching. keep it here. the number one business block continues with eric bolling and "cashin' in." >> off the rails. the white house hitting a panic butt to get the president signature ledge on track. now some saying that this train wreck is so bad it is derailing the government agenda. >> they are busted telling americans to commit fraud and sign up for obamacare. time to pull the plug? using sex and alcohol to sell obamacare to young americans. is this the message we should send the youth? cashing in, searching for truth starts now.
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>> i'm eric bolling. our crew this week -- welcome. obamacare hits keep on coming from the low enrollment numbers to a stick that many say won't stick. the mess is leading to this. >> obamacare unraveling, not the obama administration unralling or the democratic majority of the senate, but we could look at the collapse of the liberal. i. >> that is a big statement. liberal. i, like a cancer, it doesn't go away. it goes in remission. what do you say? >> a lot of people think he would be the savior. >> but the main key component of the liberal philosophy they believe that the government is better equipped than the private industry. this roll-out undermines the
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notion. if you look at everything it's produced look at detroit. it's a mess. 46 million people on food stamps. people realize they don't want this. they don't want one creating a website worse than the post office. >> k.g., president obama said he didn't know the website wasn't working when they unrolled it. the plausible deniable i'm sick of it. >> he would have been shown the door if this was a private company. this is a disaster. look at his approval numbers. the american people don't trust him or the healthcare phoneny scam he tried to popzy scheme in sucking up to this to believe it will work. this shows that the liberalism are a prescription for 666 for the country. >> juan you put your hand to
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the forehead. what is working? >> this is too much celebration on the right. the right thinks game over we won. at the shutdown you were totally in the tanks. the president fumbled, he made a mistake. this is on him. >> that is the first thing he has been right about. >> let me finish the point. >> what we had right now, you heard say government does nothing wrong. i don't hear anybody say that about social security, medicare, the u.s. military. >> i think we have one guy that may say that. john, go ahead. >> government is force and that makes it wrong. obamacare is forced. that is wrong. same about the social security and medicare and medicaid as well. forced against the doctors and
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the patients. forced against every american. that is why it's up raveling before our eyes. >> is it forced when they control the airplanes and they don't crash? forced if they tell you to use a seat belt and have a windshield force or common sense? >> that is forced. a long stretch between mandating the control on the road -- >> getting off topic. >> with are getting off topic. >> the budget is getting higher and higher. pull the poll up, do you trust him. do you trust him? here this is. look at it. 44%. sense october 1, he lost 10% of the american people thinking they can trust him. his approval rating.
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his approval rating from 2009, was 65%. now 40%. some have him breaking that level. is this working? is big government liberal. i working? >> no. >> we have 69 million americans dependent on the government for some form of the subsidy. $17 trillion of debt. >> obama didn't know it's a mess. the government is too big. you compared this to a football team or any sports team. if the guy at the top is in trouble, the coach takes are responsibility. >> he is fired. >> president obama doesn't. he fires the water boy. >> if the president delivered what he delivered this week on
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thursday, saying i didn't know, oops, my bad. what would the board members do? >> grade that up on a curve and still be an "f." they would fire him. it begs the question is it the worst president ever? he's the most destructive president we have had in terms of tearing apart the country and the freedom we fought for. he hasn't made government programs work. >> hold on. >> it's true. >> the worst president? >> i do believe that. >> tell us why he is not. >> what is the name of the show? this is called "cashing in," eric bolling. you know it's wall street this week? wall street is doing bonkers. have you noticed the economic indicators? the country? the price of gasoline? who saved the country in economic recession? >> have you noticed the labor participation rate. >> yes. >> do you know what is it? the lowest now since who?
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who? >> jimmy carter. the other worst president. >> we have an aging society. you don't take it in account. >> go ahead, john. >> the reason unfortunate of the g.o.p. in my opinion is losing on the issue of government involved and healthcare is they are not proposing a real alternative. >> good point. i agree with jonathan. >>hank you, juan. bush came up with the prescription drug plan. republicans say we need to extent medicare and medicaid. republicans should want freedom of healthcare. >> go, jonathan go. >> are you for that, juan? are you for free market healthcare? >> i am a free market guy. i know there are simes simes tht wall street fails and when workers are exploited. we need government as a helping hand. safety net needs to be in
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place. >> this is not a helping hand. >> we don't have a safety net. it's so big. we should promote the policies that lift people out of poverty. instead what are we doing? promoting to make -- >> mike people feel better living in poverty. >> c'mon! >> that is what they do. >> you want children starving? kick children to the curve? >> no, no, no. >> hold on. >> get out of here. >> stop, stop. can we be clear. no one wants starving children. >> this seems like every american has cement boots sinking down fast. >> leave it there. up next, deception, lies and it's over the undercover video s.
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the administration navigator program is supposed to help people sign up for obamacare. now the shocking undercover video has senator john cornyn calling for an immediate end to the program. >> here is one telling undercover enrollee to lie about his taxes and his income. >> don't get yourself in trouble declaring it now. >> three workers reportedly have been suspended and one
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fired as a result of video. jonathan you say scrap the whole program? >> eric, you need a government appointed navigator to help you choose what cell phone to buy? what computer to buy or house to buy or restaurant to go to? no. in a free country we make decisions on our own. obama like juan doesn't believe that peoe can make their own decisions. they are political thugs. >> help old ladies across the street, the sons will mug the old lady. >> hold on. >> go ahead and lie about your income. >> saying get in trouble now.
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>> are you shocked by this? they haven't denied they allow people with felony construction. there is a crime of moral turpitude. that is the person that is telling you it gets better. then there are people work with them that is tied to acorn. is this a joke? it's a scam. >> the american people don't accept this either. 86% of the people this is unacceptable. >> the house oversight committee has been warning about this. there is no pcedure to vet the navigators. convicted fe lops could become
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navigators. the other problem is obamacare is so complex no one understands that. so they are creating websites that look just like the obamacare website. they are pretending to be navigators and the federal government. >> there is no evidence of widespread fraud. this is evidence that the whole program should be scuddled. that is where you get in trouble. >> did you see the videos? >> said one small thing after the first video was released. another one now and it's a month in the program. happening across the entire program.
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>> jonathan, i want to stay with you for a second. pull up the next full screen. >> look at this. the american people, 42% say they feel not at all confident that your privacy will be protected. kimberly points out some of them are frauds. >> should we trust people with the important information? >> i wouldn't. the website, we have security breaches there. this is not because the website needs to be strengthened or the navigators should be better trained. this is the nature of the got control. individuals don't have the choices to make the open decisions. they don't have a choice to have $100 million of the taxpayer money going to what i think are the political thugs, obamacare navigators. >> the people who are involved in thisna gator program are
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the same people part of acorn. -- navigator program are the same people part of acorn aren't you okay with people from acorn with your personal information? >> so anybody who has been involved in acorn is now a suspect? >> anybody on wall street, jeez, you know what -- >> that is your default, go to. >> battleground texas is one of a dozen groups like this. you think it's a benine purpose. this is much more nefarious than that. they are trying to register votersnd get the data mining, pulling information, register, african-american, latino. this is gear fun for next big battle. >> recommending to do something different on your taxes is recommending you commit fraud. we leave it there. >> it's a crime. >> it's a crime. coming up, we know some are scrambling to get young people to sign up for obamaca this.
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more on this and rest of the top stories at the top of the hour. stay with us. >> check out the got inurious ads. private group is running them in colorado to get young people to sign up for obamacare using sex and alcohol. clever marketing. or sign of desperation? kimberly. >> very desperate. i don't think they are nice at all. it just shows they know rome is burning and fire department is not showing up. private groups, god knows where the money is coming from, to put ads out there in a desperate attempt. they know it's not going well. i don't find them to fecktive
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and some o them are offensive. >> are you offended by some of these? women holding birth control pills saying here is a hot guy. thankfully i have obamacare, i can get free birth control. >> i think it's completely offensive. i shows what the democrat think about the young american women. if you want young american women like myself to sign up for obamacare, how about stop treating us like promiscuous=xáñ idiots and offer us a plan that doesn't force people like myself to subsidize the cost and foot the bill for the awful law. that is what they should be doing. >> why are liberals treating american women like promiscuous idiots. >> usually i hear why are the democrats waging a war on women. the fact is -- >> there is no war on women. it's the democrats. >> this is an outreach to young people. this was planned long before kimberly, this is -- >> you think we just want birth control? that's it? >> you are piling on. >> obamacare is awesome. >> look, i'm going to tell you
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something, right now it's a program that should work. get the website fixed and all of this, you know, exuberance over somehow bad month is going to -- >> go ahead. >> right now, right now nothing is working. i don't see it changing. the ads are insulting at every level. as michelle and kimberly alluded to. it show what is the left thinks of young people but people in general. they are idiots. the reckless fools who can't think long-term. thank god we have government helping hand to make all the decisions for us. this is telling the wrong message. selling depep densy on government and the government control of the industry is okay. it's not that the government lets you evade reality of promiscuity which is not good either. >> it's more insidous than that. they are trying to create more julias, more dependents. go out and get a guy. we'll pay for it.
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>> you love insurance industry. it's done fine. >> we are talking about the ad right now. talk about the ad right now. >> hold on. at least admit that some of the ads are offensive. they are offensive to young women and young men. the keg crawl, holding on to a keg drinking out of a beer geg. >> is you watched tv? do you watch american ads? lot of them are at the edge. the idea is to grab your attention. >> i'm sure competing for the business. >> it's corporate ads that are in good taste? >> no. but it's different.
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>> this is a big difference. leave it there. thank you to michelle field. kimberly and juan williams joining thus week. coming up, call it the cashing in invite. we invited the lawmakers and obamacare
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small caps lead a long time. in japan, they were leading again. look at a fund, dxjx. small cap japanese stock but hedged on a currency front. look at this one. not directly correlated. >> you've be hot. stay hot. great week again. >> that is it for thecross of freedom block. i want to focus in on the obamacare. the left wants to get over it. this violates the constitution america was founded on. we want answers. we contacted every key democrat we can think of with a finger in the law, from kathleen sebelius, harry reid, and nancy pelosi and debbie wasserman schultz. and the writer of law. some ignored us and some said
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they were too busy. i send this, on-air invite to the people to make myself available to you. i want five minutes to ask you question and get the truth. what do you say? >> we are a nation at risk. and the threat may not be what you expect. thanks for joining us. i'm connell mcshane. reporting from new york. the head of national intelligence said earlier this year that cyber attacks are the leading threat to national security. >> it is importance and reach as a global threat can not be overstated. >> few understand the sheer capability hackers have in disrupting our nation impact a major attack would have on as we go in our daily lives. in the next hour we'll look at some of those threats and we'll look forward to come up with solutions. here to help us do that is mike baker, fme


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