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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  November 20, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm EST

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care fix, george w. bush on the late night circuit. samsung developing the skills which wipes your phone clean if it were to be stolen. they don't want. coming up tomorrow's business today, nothing says that more than robots. ♪ dagen: where have you been? stuart: hitting me with too many questions. the dow below 15,000. dagen: i have to say 50. connell: we are up by 13 points and lauren simonetti, good
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morning. >> we have the nasdaq and the s&p working 2 days of losses and about struggling to stay in the green, 16,000, retail sales pretty solid. boosting consumers' stock, discretionary beating the market higher, looking at what we saw from existing homes sales 3.2% in october and consumer prices falling since 2009. that is how the overall market is reacting. let's look at yahoo! shares of 2 present today and up 78% this year. they are aggressively into their buyback program adding $5 billion, the most recent just announced. connell: president obama meeting with state insurance commissioners pushing his fix for americans dealing with canceled plans. dagen: rich edson has a read, how many are on board with the idea. >> a handful have been down
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since they will do so and allow the president to go forward. the president announced his accommodation last week he would allow state insurance commissioners to carry that through. insurance companies could be issue the plan that has been canceled because of obamacare and the insurance companies would have to say a okay and the insurance commissioner would have to sign off. a handful said yes and handfuls said no, association of insurance commissioners have said what has taken a year to phase out these plans would take long to reissue those plans, not a quick fix but could lead to higher insurance rates this year. as the president has the insurance commissioners at the white house and at a time when poll numbers had a staggering drop for obamacare up this morning showing the 81% approve the president's health care law, a 12 point drop in the last
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month, 61% disapprove of the law and do so strongly. there is a tough optic problem for the white house and that is why insurance commissioners and every time there's a crisis or problem the president to ends to call in relevant members of communities to show they are being proactive on the problem and he needs to convince them to allow more people to go and reissued the old insurance plans especially if they lost their insurance that they wanted to keep and if they go to the marketplace they can't get on to it because there's a website problem more they find prices are too much. dagen: with more we are joined by lanny davis, counsel to president clinton joining us from washington d.c.. so good to see you. this is turning out to be a case study what not to do in a crisis. still not getting so many parts
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of this right. >> the crisis management if i could -- in crisis tails, get all the ducks out. and if you mess up. and, will pour hillary clinton introducer health-insurance plan. and the fairness everyone had access to health care. and if i have as a liberal democrat every other democrat in crisis management terms to hit the reset button and start to look for a bipartisan solution to fixing these problems. dagen: bipartisan solution, you pointed this out, private companies and insurance companies have been in the business of operating private exchanges and they should, the white house should have invited
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these changes in trying to fix this problem, that would be a concession, democrats like private business can do it that the federal government, that is something they might not want to admit. >> hard to understand why they don't want to admit it because the department of health and human services, secretary sibelius' it a tough regulation regulating these private websites such as which is my client, severely regulated requiring to display all the insurance plans even though they didn't have commission agreements so regulation is in place, detailed agreement in august, if president obama has and the won, ever mention the private sector solution until he talked about insurance companies which are only going to sell their own policies and these websites all like, they display all the insurance plans, websites and the private sector,
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helping solve this problem, it is about a year of competition in the private sector by government bureaucrats who want to preserve their own territory rather than the goal of the legislation to sign people up. dagen: do you think the white house, the people in the administration completely understand the fear that some individuals are experiencing? policy will talk about the vast majority of americans are insured under their employers and look at this in terms of your numbers, not that many americans as a percentage but dino people who are losing their insurance at the end of the year and they are flipped out. these are people with health problems that they won't be covered come january 1st because they are not able to sign up. >> everything i say especially on this program that i support president obama, voted for the mensa for the affordable care act but there's nothing worse than a message that suggests
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five%, only five million people are threatened or 10 or 15. how about one that is promised something that isn't given what the promise was, you are not going to lose your policy. our democrats, this is our mess and we have to hit the reset button, find republicans to work with on the private sector solution as partner with government, not replacing government and if president obama is watching this program, i have reason to doubt that, at least hear my voice. as a liberal pro obama affordable care active democrat i am saying use private sector exchanges to directly connect to the federal government and sign people up to a direct connection the way states are allowed to and not to use insurance companies which are going to sell their own policies rather than private sector exchanges that have been successful for many years. dagen: great to see you. making a lot of sense in a
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situation that is hard to make sense of these days. the book is crisis tails. gave you a little taste of it. be well. connell: federal reserve chairman ben bernanke is still very insuring investors' interest rates will mean lower after the unemployment rate drops below 6.5%, the benchmark to begin sailing back on the stimulus program. dagen: the chief economist at our dq economics, shocker. >> some people would think a pox on the fed meets in december, lower the threshold from 6.5% to 5.5%, keeping interest rates at zero until the economy essentials we hit full employment. by reiterating 6% number, ben bernanke defused expectations and also addressed the issue of scaling back on bond purchases a
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couple times, december open for a decision by the fed to modestly cut back on its rate of purchases of government bond. connell: nothing new year. will there be anything new ones janet yellen take over the federal reserve and what would it look like? >> there was a hook at the end of his speech, continuity sentence in the last paragraph that he agreed with what janet yellen said in her confirmation hearings last week, looks like she is going to ease through the confirmation process going forward. there's a lot of continuity here. whether it is the right policy is debatable. the fed could afford to scale back sooner. we are 3.5 years into the economic recovery bubble. connell: are you concerned about that? more people live. >> i am concerned. that wasn't addressed directly by ben bernanke but there was a hint that the feds watching what it called the cost and advocacy
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of the program because they don't have experience with these tools, essentials the the size of the fed's balance sheet $800 billion before the financial crisis to $4 trillion where it is going to be fairly soon so the fed doesn't have experience. i do see the fed concerned about financial stability, wants to get out of this over the coming months but no hint that there is -- the fed is about to start raising rates and we could have a debate but the fed is pretty clear between ben bernanke and janet yellen. and the next year-and-a-half. dagen: in terms of bubble areas or troublesome areas where do you see the most trouble brewing in terms of the fed policy. >> we don't have the same systemic risk brewing because banks through the financial regulation side hold more
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capital going into last financial crisis, could take an awful long time for problems to emerge that the fed have interest rates of 1% in 2004 and did not enter the financial crisis, could take awhile, any place you can see the relatively elevated price of gold to fall sharply once the fed begins to normalize. in the art market with some -- dagen: $3 million. >> was set last week in new york taxi the total prices. dagen: it hurts speculators and rich folks who wanted. >> there is less systemic risk and some of the impacts. that the fed created, flowed currencies and brazil and other
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places. connell: it will fall. get a good guy on it when the bubble bursts. crazy. dagen: the royal family brought it. thank you so much. connell: away to what you're smart phone clean if stolen. samsung plan of what it but the carrier's do not want it. dagen: the l a auto show, this is now for detroit, this is where the clock goes to roll out the next generation of cars and you are going to see some of the coming up. connell: speaking of the next generation tomorrow's business, robots is what we are talking about, a number of ways to invest in robots. you will find out about it coming up, markets now. first look at the wheel market and we will be right back. [ male announcer ] what if a small company
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connell: all right. we'll talk about rob ford in a moment. let that be your warning. devon energy is what we'll talk about right now not with nicole petallides at all. lauren simonetti joins us from the stock exchange talking about the big deal.
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>> this a huge deal. devon energy, which is an oklahoma-based company, it is close to a $6 billion all-cash deal to buy geosouthern energy that has a lot of assets in the houston area. this acquisition if it goes through is the largest oil and gas transaction of the whole year. it is moving stocks in the entire sector. bp is at a new high today. so are some of others in the group. conocophillips, chevron all with up arrows. energy sector taking off with the exception of exxonmobil over there on this potential deal. "the wall street journal" is reporting, connell, that this could happen, could come as early as today. back to you. connell: thanks, lauren. >> thank you, lauren. killing the kill switch. samsung's proposed mobile feature is being met with opposition from wireless carriers. the software would al allow users to remotely disable the smart phones if they're lost or stolen, rendering them inoperable. at&t, verizon wireless and
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sprint and others are rebuffing samsung's concept over fears the hackers could find back doorway of enabling a kill switch and disabling someone's phone. law enforcement officials don't see it that way. san francisco district attorney says carriers are rejecting the idea, so they can quote, continue to shake down customers for billions of dollars in theft insurance premiums. connell: only one, only one episode for the toronto mayor rob ford, they canceled his tv show up in canada. it is funny you would think, must have been bad ratings. no, it actually had huge ratings for sun news network there. the problem is, time is money. the show took them five hours to tape the show. then it was like another eight hours, what they're saying to edit the show. too expensive. they can't keep doing this every week. "ford nation." dagen: five hours? call live to tape. you just air it unedited. that is why people would watch it in the first place if they thought it was just raw.
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connell: exactly right. that is one of his news conferences but this guy, maybe his 15 minutes, whatever it is. they figured one week and it's out. >> he reminds me of chris farley though. connell: yeah. dagen: president bush on late-night television talking about his health and asked about the health care law. connell: there you go. so that means we'll talk about that with juan williams. cutting-edge autos out for show in los angeles. we'll be taking you there live in a few minutes. so stay tuned for that. pretty cool stuff. markets on "markets now." here is a look at currencies. we went out and asked people a simple question:
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>> at 22 minutes past the hour i'm arthel neville with your fox news minute. two people are confirmed dead and the coast guard is looking for two other people following the crash after medical transport plane off the coast of florida. the learjet was carrying two pilots a doctor and a nurse and was returning to cozumel, mexico, after dropping off a patient in fort lauderdale.
11:23 am
the national transportation safety board is investigate. a wristwatch that is believed to have been used to declare the time of president john f. kennedy's death is going off on the auction block. the timepiece was worn by a texas neurosurgeon. it is estimated to bring up to $150,000 at christie's on december 17th. people magazine named adam levine the sexiest man alive. coach on "the voice", credits yoga and spinning helping to keep up his stamina and physique. those are the headlines on the fox business network. get you back to dagen and connell. connell: thanks. breaking news out of washington as we take you to the white house at this hour and president obama bestowing the nation's highest civilian honor. the presidential medal of freedom on a number of well-known individuals. as a matter of fact, to the bottom left of your screen, you can see former president bill clinton among those being honored today. oprah winfrey is also on the list. on and on.
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ernie banks the great baseball player. dagen: there is loretta. connell: loretta on the list. there are a number of others also, some posthumus, sally ride and others. president obama is in the midst of that ceremony. dagen: exactly. a great list. dean smith, coach of the tarheels basketball team. connell: saw that, the great dean smith. dagen: it is a nice moment for sure. and it is always nice to have charles payne here. he will make some money. looking at world's fastest growing network security company. hey, charles. >> hey. fire eye, i did this with you guys recently but with the market at these levels it is hard not to find a stock already at a 52-week high. here's the thing. this company is doing so well, it is a little frustrating -- last time they reported billings up 100%, revenues up 95%. the subscription partner business really grown, deferred revenues up 119%. they are all in the areas of
11:25 am
networking platforms yet the stock struggled. i'm not sure why but i think it presents a great opportunity. on one hand request yellowish red flag it is not up. but on the other hand it tells me it has huge up side potential. connell: you're already in it. if you have some you would buy more? >> i would not add extra cash but have a position into it. connell: are you in robotics? our mutual friend joe besecker looking at tomorrow's business today. >> 3-d stuff. i like the robotic surgery stuff and intuitive surgical which had its own public relations nightmare of late. "i-robot" is another company that i think is really nice. >> yeah. >> management in that company segued out of the defense business which was huge and with the wars winding down and found it away to make it up in other areas. including the robotic boss with a big article in the "time"
11:26 am
magazine. supervisor is away and robot comes up to you. that is kind of scary. we're really getting invasive there but i think it's a great area to look at. i don't know if it is great over all for us and productivity miracle. imagine 3-d printing 20 years from now, 10 years from now. robotics, software, what are we going to do? connell: print out a good stock picker. nobody will need to work. dagen: somebody has to stand there and wait for the object to be printed. maybe. >> yeah. that might be the robot. dagen: quality control. that is where we come in. connell: we'll keep track of all that. thanks. once just reserved for the world of science fiction, these robots we started to talk about with charles are indeed finding a place in everyday life. you see it more and more. here's thelk about this with jo. investors are taking notice. we'll try to make you more money later this hour. dagen: connell quickly wanted to prevent me talking about adam levine as sexiest man alive.
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he is hot. i second that. here is the winners, some of today's winnerses on the s&p. connell: yeah. [ bagpipes and drums playing over ] [ music transitions to rock ] make it happen with the all-new fidelity active trader pro. it's one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. get 200 free trades when you open an account.
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>> half hour, here's what's coming on "markets now." former president bush asked about a health care and that has us wondering about health care. and cars rolled out and hello l.a., los angeles. tomorrow's business, investors looking to new technology to make a bet with their money.
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connell: lauren is in for nicole call with a couple of retail stocks for us. lauren: we are looking at retail today, retail sales number four october, that was the month of the government shutdown. retail sales rising better-than-expected .4%. you're not seeing any names with huge up arrows. many of them up less than 1% so the retail sector that is taking off may be looking a bit better than many people feared. numbers will be more key as to the holiday shopping if people are definitely going into the stores but w we're looking at te retail sectors with earnings coming out. back to you. connell: a robot could never replace you. i said you were in for nicole. eventually we will all be replaced by robots. we are going talk about coming
11:32 am
up. lauren: what do we do? sit at home and watch tv all day? connell: lauren simonetti at the stock exchange. former president george w. bush and his wife laura made an appearance on jay leno. the host asked about a heart scare last month. watch this. >> when the president had that heart scare, how scary was that? >> it was very scary. >> i wasn't that scared. >> did you have obamacare? connell: what is no laughing matter a recent poll numbers that have just come out, as a matter of fact rich edson mentioned it, cbs revealing 31% of adults approve of obamacare, 61% disapprove. juan williams joins us now from d.c.
11:33 am
how do you turn those numbers around, or do you if you are president obama at this point hashtag >> fix the website, make obamacare a success. that is what we are seeing, his numbers are down at the lowest numbers now and it all happened i think a nine-point drop in the last month and similarly when you look at public opinion on obamacare, it has gone down the tubes as well. a situation where it is all directly related to the failure of the rollout of obamacare. maybe the most damaging number by the way is the decline and the trust. that is the one that is going to have a hard time turning around. connell: it is not just the website, the website doesn't work, we know that, eventually will it be fixed? you hope so. but if you say one thing and do another, that happened, that is much more difficult to fix.
11:34 am
is there something i should have happened and be more so than the news conference last week? that is much more difficult to fix that. >> i would say success is like winning does everything in pro sports. winning here would be making a success over the obamacare program. connell: the democratic side said this could be in trouble. but it could still win with it. >> for sure. we are a month or so into this thing, and long-term rollout in terms of all the consequences, repercussions of obamacare. there are things that may yet be unexploded, if you will. but if you look at the poll numbers, it is not among republicans, it is among independents and really among
11:35 am
big surprise, democrats who see this rollout and say he screwed up, and they are down on the president at this moment, that is why you see the big declines in approval ratings and support for obamacare. connell: they're worried about the next election and whether or not they get blamed for this. maybe it is too late, but why not two or three weeks ago sometime in october even we knew this was a mess, why not just have a reset, shut it down for little while and we messed it up, terrible rollout, misinterpreted, we will stop for a while and we will restart it. do you agree with the strategy? >> if you and i had a disagreement or something, i'm sorry i said that, let's start over. but in this situation there is
11:36 am
something the president said yesterday talking at the financial form would on by the "wall street journal." he said in this lyrical environment they're going to have to restart and rebrand obamacare. what that meant to me was you know what, he is always reacting keeping in mind uniform republican opposition both in terms of capitol hill and the republican public to this idea. they are always cautious, reluctant to admit mistakes, restart for fear the critics will simply overwhelm them and condemn them. their own actions and failures are what are condemning them at the moment. connell: from a political standpoint giving leverage to negotiate, ability to get what he wants. >> that whole process right now is somewhat stalled. it is not stalled over obamaca obamacare. lotta people say it is better these days out of it.
11:37 am
this stalled whether or not you have added revenue and spending cuts. connell: the same old issues. you will know what is going on. good to see you as always. dagen: i love him. connell: he is great. dagen: this is now the hottest auto show. hotter than detroit, new york, this is the one where the new cars gets debuted. connell: let's talk about robots we had more and more of them all around just about every sector in the economy. it makes it more efficient and all that. we are going to about investment opportunities. dagen: is best buy a start two smart stock?
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month. from september to these when adjusted annually, gail taste them and pace. the slowest pace since june. retail sales on a brighter note rose by four-tenths of a percent. the biggest gain in four months. sales were up 2 tenths also top in the estimate. business is increased their stockpiles in september by six-tenths of a percent, the largest increase since january. august up four-tenths. the stockpile increase led by retailers but manufactured and home sellers also rebuilt their inventories. that is the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. it's as simple as this. at bny mellon, our business is investments. managing them, moving them, making them work. we oversee 20% of the world's financial assets.
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ford is actually can to extend its reach in the suv market grown by 35% in the last five years. dagen: jeff flock is at the los angeles auto show with more on the big reveal. jeff: breaking news from ford around the mustang. take a look at the old mustang because he will not see that forever. the new one is coming out. you just announced you're going to do the new mustang. >> we did. we said november 5. the first time we're going to go global with the mustang. jeff: this is under wraps. we talked about the small suv market. that may be under wraps but we we're going to get a look at it over here. take a look over here, this is the ford edge concept. >> we will unveil this today,
11:43 am
this gives an indication of where we can go in the future. with the ford edge, very important vehicle in our lineup. jeff: it is huge in the u.s. but this is the fastest growing luxury set. >> in a lincoln portfolio we showed last week we will see that is the fastest-growing segment in the luxury industry. but utilities are up around the world. places like china, we sell it here as well. jeff: follow us really quick. we have to run, sorry about that. you have huge unveilings coming this year. >> last week we showed it. we talked about the mustang on december 5. last week in brazil showed the concept. a lot of stuff coming. jeff: this is the luxury small suv, and you are priced right on it. >> is is the fastest-growing
11:44 am
segment in the luxury industry. it looks great, lots of technology and unique powertrain. but also just look at the vehicle and different portions in the escape. the next story is transformation. jeff: they have lacked a little bit, but they think this will be a big boost to ford and lincoln sales going forward. we will be here all day. wish you were here. lauren: i wish i were there as well. hoping the new lincoln really sells well because they needed to work to really keep brand in business. jeff, thank you at the l.a. auto show. doesn't want to say don't even after earnings missed expectations so where is that stock now and where is it headed? talk to me.
11:45 am
>> you're absolutely right.the . the stock is going back to basics. it really is. the sales gain this month, this make a big difference to repeat of the ceo. a day is going to a nice little run o on the upside, a lot of competition for the holiday season, but retail sales a lot better today than they were in previous years so things are looking better for the retailers. jcpenney could see a little bump. dagen: do you like retail overall? >> i think retai retailers goino have a tough time right now. even walmart, they said it is going to be a challenging season this year, but overall there is a lot of pent-up demand. i'm still leery of retail. dagen: walmart still 16% gain. not too shabby.
11:46 am
connell: up next, tomorrow's business focusing on that. today it is a world of robotics that we are specifically focusing on. some ideas on how you can make some money on it. connell: winners on the nasdaq for you. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities.
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connell: today we are looking at robotics. environmental cloud-based instruction coming together and that does enable the next
11:50 am
generation of robotics. more than $2 billion under management. not to depress everybody saying robots will take her job and all that kind of thing. lot of articles written about that. tell you how to make money off of this trend. give me a specific example, start with specific sense talk about the big picture issues. what are the stock stock to buy because of this? >> right now the use of robots is big, like a couple of companies using to increase productivity in pennsylvania. we think the productivity will really help the bottom line. we see tremendous growth there. take a look, this is another company that does metals.
11:51 am
in the old days you could have avocado, but now you can have any color you want because these robotic arms don't have to change the paint every time like they used to be, so it is really helping manufacturers and distributors as they get more choices which will help sales. in the spaces of basic manufacturing but look at agriculture, health care, some of these companies. they have the cyber knife which we have seen. not like and trickl google surg, just a little bit different. it is veterans day time. more and more of our soldiers, i want to thank them for their service, coming back with no limbs. this is a weight is impacting things in a positive way.
11:52 am
connell: the first two that you own, maybe you own all four. speak others also an etf i don't own. connell: when you look at those whether it is etf or specific company, what are you looking for? what separates the companies capitalizing on the trend? do they need to be profitable? what are the metrics? >> when we spoke last time i said the thing is there are not that many plays. it is small, would do your research, 18 bellwether. it is new, it is not very liquid. that is kind of a peer play. what we are seeing, we're starting to see more and more robots. i'm talking you to from a
11:53 am
camera. we are seeing more and more of that across the board whether it is manufacturing, health care, lodging. there is a hospital in lancaster pennsylvania that uses a robot going from room to room with a tv ad does an interview with the doctor. they plug in the vitals and they can start to do, it is increasing productivity across the board. when we see it, we need a company making money in the right space and doing well. we like the fact that increasing their productivity. by the way, i see this business life robotics business being a booming business that will help create jobs, not take away the jobs. if you take a look at some of the jobs they are taking away, these are not the type. it will be replaced by better jobs. connell: that is the big debate. i say we start with the specifics. that is the biggest issue of all is that net long-term, does it
11:54 am
destroy the middle class? there have been articles like that written people make the case middle class jobs in are in trouble because of the productivity gains because of what you and i are talking about. >> i am sympathetic and empathetic to that situation, but we are in a in a competitive world. you could have said the same thing, trains and cars coming at us, this is what we do. connell: it is going to happen anyway. >> exactly. there are jobs, doesn't take a lot to be trained. i can show you a list of people if you look at the boners in the chicken industry. they are looking at people to run these machines. it takes three to six months to get that type of training but
11:55 am
these are high-paying jobs. when they do that they are much more efficient, 10 times faster, less disease. it does not have as much disease especially in health care and the food industry. there is a great business here, a great opportunity. connell: always bring something we don't expect. the thing to be seriously light is he goes out and visits these companies before he invest in them. thank you for coming on, as always. >> thank you very much. connell: there you go. dagen: do you know why i am smiling? i want you to think i'm going to say something totally inappropriate. you know what i am thinking. connell looked really good this morning. it made us very uncomfortable.
11:56 am
$13 billion record settlement with the government. the attorney who says this opens the door for a new era of more regulations. connell: we're going back to los angeles and the auto show. jeff flock will speak. should be pretty good. coming up on "markets now." you've known? we gave people aticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement a. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪
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12:00 pm
the headaches keep coming for the president himself. i am cheryl casone with dennis kneale t take you through the nt hour of "markets now." insurance commissioners had the white house to meet with president obama as he pushes his health care fix. make it or break it time for best buy as a battle increased competition from amazon and walmart this holiday season. jpmorgan $13 billion record settlement. what happens next? one attorney who says get ready for a new era of banking regulations this hour of "markets now" and it starts right now. how much banking regulation are we talking about here, dennis? that is what we will talk about. dennis: i want to see it opens the way for a ton of new investor lawsuits. that and other stuff coming up. stocks every 15 minutes, let's
12:01 pm
go to lauren simonetti at the floor of the new york stock exchange. i want to 16. lauren: up a third of a percent. the nasdaq and the s&p turning around two days of losses, so finally in the green. a lot of reports out, data retail sales very good, inflation ultimately. you could say some investors sitting on the sidelines. that index is down 1.5%. back to you. dennis: thank you very much. cheryl: president obama pushing his fix for the obamacare. fobut the public may not be on s side. the latest on probably a tense
12:02 pm
meeting for the president himself having some critics in that room. >> he's going to need some help, a staggering drop in support for obamacare over the last month. 31% of americans disapprove of a law, 12% drop in just one month while 61% disapprove. part of the reason is people cannot keep their insurance plans. they have been phased out under obamacare. the president announced a fix allowing them to reissue those plans however they have to sign off from the state insurance commissioners in their state. they lost another state, indiana saying it will not allow insurance companies in their state to do so. releasing a statement saying such action would seriously destabilize indiana insurance market and create logistical chaos fueling even more uncertainty, cindy and adjoining states like georgia,
12:03 pm
massachusetts, rhode island, rhode island. there are number of democrats on capitol hill calling for changes on the law. >> there should be a transitional year. it takes time for this. the transitional year be this year, shop, get the product right, get the market right and get the rollout right. >> the website will be working for the majority of the people by the end of this month. cheryl: rich, thank you. dennis: sticking with health care, key health care official admitting in test my to congress 30 to 40% of still needs to be built. given how well they did the past three years to build the first 70%, it is going over swimmingly well. chairman and ceo of th ehealth.
12:04 pm
you wrote a letter to its go to offer to help out. tell us what you offered and what you heard. >> we have done this for years and years. the of health insurance. we wrote a letter to the president offering to help, we will take is over while others are trying to fix the federal government exchange to get people enrolled because at the end of the day this is all about enrollment, not about building a glitzy exchange. dennis: i mention they responded pretty quickly. >> i am still waiting for a direct response. a little bit of interaction, but nothing specific. at this point it is obvious they are not going to use us to do that. fixing what they have and that is all fine and dandy. i hope it works well, in the meantime a lot of people whether you like the law or not, it is the law of the land. dennis: rb at a point this is far more dangerous than technical glitches that they are in jeopardy financially?
12:05 pm
>> i don't know that, but it is tainted. the survey results indicate that. getting to the point it is in a turnaround situation, that is how we looked at it. dennis: ehealth in 10 years or so enrolled 3 million people in insurance exchanges, they go on your to shop for this stuff and 40% were never insured before. he may have been an ideal fixer and you helped set up the information site to begin with a couple of years ago. >> in the first year of 2010 became the law of the land, we put up a website called which is an information website for the government. we had it up and running in 60 some days. we offered it to turn into a transaction site. they went through the government procurement process and decided to go a different way. dennis: and internal contractor
12:06 pm
they had used before. a group that got booted out of canada. >> that was then, this is now. today we have to get people enrolled. one thing i would like to hear the president talk about his use of private sector to help in all of this. he talks about the insurance companies being vilified and demonized in the past. dennis: he has been vilifying and demonizing them. is this why they cannot turn to you? >> if they would just turn to us right now and give us the capabilities to enroll people, we could help a lot. you have to get people enrolled. it is not based on government websites, it stands or fails based on enrollment. especially getting young people enrolled. based in the early things we have seen, that is not happening very effectively. dennis: the sign-ups were pen and paper.
12:07 pm
>> look, my kids are in their 20s and they will not use paper. they want to do this at 2:00 in the morning. that is how young people transact and that is how to do it in our business. for the president to really get this to work i have got to find a way to bring the private sector together to deliver on this so they can get people enrolled otherwise we will have different conversations about obamacare. dennis: if they do the sort of committee meeting seven different private exchange offers, it will be even more, located, isn't it? >> i only know one. we have been at this for a long time, let us help, mr. president. we bear all the cost to make money doing this, a us-based company, born and bred, we hire people, we can get a lot of people enrolled right now. we are paid a by the insurance
12:08 pm
companies. it cost the consumer nothing. dennis: thank you. cheryl: retail to restaurants to text, someone's manaus companies find themselves and make it or break it mode fighting for survival. today we're going to one of retail's biggest names, that is best buy. rebounding a bit after tanking on the company morning that dress to be reduced holiday prices could hurt the margins. adding to weakness seen in the past month after an impressive year-to-date run-up where the stock literally quadrupled in price. here to make it or break it today, gentlemen, welcome to both of you. you saved best buy is not an investors best bets, this is a breaking moment for the company. why? >> you are seeing operating margins will continue to
12:09 pm
deteriorate even after the hit the cost. this is a really good management team making the best of a really bad situation. they are doing everything right to keep the customers who come to their stores. i don't think there's anything they can do to attract customers to their stores who do not shop there now. i think you're going to see continued deteriorating costs, continued margin of declines competing and the cost cuts are going to run out in a year or so. my valuation is just. cheryl: you are saying the price matching isn't going to work. do you agree with that? >> i don't agree with that whatsoever. up 1.7% in the u.s. in the third quarter, the best performance since 2010. talking with operating margins up year-over-year for the last two quarters so i am not sure
12:10 pm
what he is doing. may want to press f9 and recalculate. cheryl: respond to that. >> anthony's gross margins are down 11 quarters in a row. operating margin up, that is fine. did a lot of really smart things. our margins are up on cost cuts. that makes sense. if gross margins continue to decline. the comp being up, best performance since 2010, down nine of the last 11 quarters. up twice, down nine, down more than up and it will continue that way. cheryl: you disagree with the price margins. but this is why you say the company is going to make it. you say there is better execution, so you like what they're doing in stores. >> absolutely. it does invent devices, distance
12:11 pm
and devices. pull out the smart phone, see amazon has it for $100 less and buy it from amazon. the other thing is shop in shop. samsung and windows, a much better assortment, much better customer service, a much better experience for the consumer. cheryl: you have the sustainability of the turnaround plan. from the hotel industry actually said flat out, look, i don't care if i have to cut prices, i am in it to win it. >> anthony is right, people who come into the store i think best buy is executing flawlessly. we will keep those customers, they will keep the guy from coming in and buying it online. they're going to stem the bleeding. they cannot win a new customer.
12:12 pm
if you are an amazon customer are not going to quit going to amazon because best buy will match prices. i bought a multi-juice pack on amazon. i could have printed out and gone into best buy and got a price match, but why would i bother? i am done, i am happy. cheryl: respond to that question. >> it is not clearly only place you can buy consumer electronics is amazon or best buy. they are very strong competitor but a lot of other places trying to take market share. whether it is from mom and pop. there is a lot to go around. cheryl: gentlemen, thank you to both of you, appreciate it. >> thank you. dennis: key on plymouth numbers skewed to help the president.
12:13 pm
liz macdonald is doing some digging for us. cheryl: we will be live the l.a. auto show. talking to the genius some say behind these commercials. >> on my right is the new dodge durango. on my left is one horse. with 1 horsepower. it makes you feel pretty dumb, doesn't it? [ female announcer ] tide pods three-in-one detergent.
12:14 pm
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12:16 pm
dennis: here is your dow 30 right now. we were focusing on the make it or break it segment jcpenney. sales margins were weaker. he kind of call that, wanted to give him a shout out. but boeing is driving the dow
12:17 pm
down. you look at the leader, it is big tech. this is the sector 2014 will be fascinating. that is a little bit of a game to the upside. up 22 points. time for stocks every 15 minutes. you are looking at food companies, another favorite. lauren: it is especially right about now. this is the number one loser on the s&p 500 down about 6%. here is the deal with smokers. they had folgers coffee and dunkin' donuts package coffee. coffee beans came down in price, so smucker lowered on average by 6% their coffee prices, hurting sales in the end. as for campbell soup's, they are all cut in their price target on that stock today. back to you.
12:18 pm
cheryl: thank you very much. dennis: ebay expanding its connected glass technology installing the touchscreen displays at the shopping malls in san francisco. long shoppers to browse products and complete transactions while monitoring the amount of traffic and interested shoppers passing by. benefiting from your products and ebay takes a cut of the sales price. planning to roll out those displays across the country, meanwhile shares of ebay down a bit. cheryl: the latest on the story gaining traction. the possibility of fudged economic data. elizabeth macdonald has been doing her own digging today. joining us coming up. dennis: the best of shows, the worst of shows, the only show. the details on the death of ford
12:19 pm
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12:23 pm
>> 22 minutes past the hour, this is your fox news minutes. u.s. troops may be staying longer in afghanistan. the two countries have reportedly agreed on keeping troops in the country until 2024. the u.s. insists final details still need to be clarified. u.s. troops were supposed to pull out by the end of next year. florida congressmen pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of possession of cocaine and was sentenced to one year probation. he was charged with allegedly buying cocaine last month in the presence of an undercover agent in washington, d.c. and a wristwatch believes to have been used to declare at the time of president john f. kennedy death is going on the auction block. and 18 karat piece worn by a texas neurosurgeon.
12:24 pm
estimated to bring up to $150,000 on december 17. those are your news headlines on the fox news ha network. cheryl: the house g.o.p. as the census bureau for answers at "the new york post" claimed they gathered and reported a fake. here is darrell issa last night. >> the integrity of the census bureau has to be restored. right now i his allegation putst in serious doubt and the ripple effect from senses to department of labor also to be fed and whether or not they will add stimulus, all of that has a real effect and quite frankly the jobs numbers certainly lead to wall street making a difference in the forecast. cheryl: for more, let's turn to elizabeth macdonald. what do you make of all of this? >> it is a deep dive, wait until
12:25 pm
you see what they're looking for. they want documents, communications, e-mails between workers. e-mails given to the inspector general looking into this as well and documents between the senses office within this behavior occurred and from that and d.c. there are two sources it appears in "the new york post" story. one was disciplined and he has been out of the session since 2011. they are saying essentially what we are hearing is there is no political motivation behind the worker let's go. they say this to reason to believe there was systematic interpellation. we reinterview the people polled and we turned it over to the inspector general. cheryl: at the time he was criticized, this does not look
12:26 pm
right. to see that big of a difference, it was an eyebrow raising moment. >> that is right. it went from 8.1% down to 7.8% the jobless rate and picked up 7.9%. in an election year. can one worker swing it three percentage points? cheryl: the data can easily be misjudged. we are always getting revisions of the jobs report. but i can see when the drop was so precipitous. the post reporter probably thought there is something there. >> we're also hearing what action might be warranted to pursue the probe into the senses. they are really rigorous and do
12:27 pm
try in a hard way to clean the data. dennis: thank you very much. dennis: coming up, we have proof that everybody is cut out to do my job. rob ford, the toronto mayor, is a tv host no longer. cheryl: i have it on my stock radar, details coming up. i look at the winners and losers on the s&p. and the winner, jcp. clients are always learning more
12:28 pm
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>> report wraparound down from last year bet against says now was a time to get to an. we are live at the el a on a show with a minute behind the famous dr. franco commercials ever want to beat up a co-worker? "esquire" the new network hopes you want to watch other people do which stocks every 50 minutes ago to the floor of the new york stock exchange with lauren simoneti. >> i will show you winners and losers. starting with price line up almost hitting of a new high goldman sachs adding that conviction by. cutting twittered today saying facebook has the use surveys they are monetizing on that and you can see the stock reacting accordingly you have harley-davidson and a the owner of the year
12:32 pm
stock exchange as it completes a deal one week ago. a lot of exchanges despite low volume have new highs today. >> it is time for the stock business radar asset management cl looking at freeport matt murray and you say this is a by? >> for a lot of reasons it is a play on copper and gold but in june they completed the acquisition of two oil and gas companies so it is a full package of natural resources. insiders have been buying all lots of freeport-mcmoran about 5 million shares including the ceo and president and some hedge
12:33 pm
funds and omega fund also bought 2.8 billion shares last quarter and also some management. >> there are other competitors in the space but compared to others there is a split newmont is not a winner compared to a freeport-mcmoran part of that is commodities because certainly this is stated dependent on what we find with gold and copper a commodity that has a lot of pressure over the last year but over the last decade we have been in a deflationary environment push gold prices have done well. the global central bakes are watering currency down baby the goal is a hedge for people in case we do see some inflation in the future cherylt: look at copper like
12:34 pm
a long-term chart it has spent one of the more polished tile medals but that is what you are getting copper is the big story it is not cold at all but copper and oil and gas. if you believe of the news out of china is real with a soft landing 7% they are huge consumers of copper and in the united states we see a renaissance of manufacturing and building so sometimes it tends to move ahead of economic expansion and we see that now. >> those minutes are coming out at 2:00 p.m. eastern but people say march analyst thinks they will see a tapir does that impact what you tell your clients?
12:35 pm
>> i don't think so the story has not changed listen to ben bernanke is comments it is the same thing we will say easy for ever or maybe the rest of my life but at some point in time if the fed tries to lift inflation and expectations they are frustrated because they cannot get them to go up but when they do that should be good for tangible assets. cheryl: look at the dow over the last year we had a great ryan and the s&p the same thing. many retail investors questioned if the market can have the same run up in 2014 is there another double digit year? with the jury seems to be out. >> that is music to my ears when retail comes in and oftentimes that is the last chapter not the first. that conditions our ripe for equity markets to do very well rethink valuations are
12:36 pm
not stretched out all but the fact that we talk about a bullhorn three years before the top to the market cheryl: it would be nice to see the return that we saw this year to round out 2013. thank you. dennis: will farrell acre man character giving during go a big boost to a series of commercials helping sales to use by 50 percent and we're at otter show with a creative mind behind those ads. >> we will show you those in a moment but creative minds minds, you were looking after a man on his back in the fiat 500 with the sistine chapel that is the of creative mind you have gone all the way from gorbachev to ron burgundy.
12:37 pm
>> it is important to to us the painter is the modern michelangelo and why do we do that? >> because it shows there is room to paint the sistine chapel inside the tiny fiat 500? >> you are amazing. that is exactly. we put in new brands in a big market like the united states and this is what you have been doing in two years successfully. >> but i have to talk about the of burgundy had to look at that bible so our viewers because you say he shot 70? >> he did. and he created them one by one. >> not writing a script? >> no. it was high with the modern
12:38 pm
technology and me interpreted by a guy coming from the '70s? >> we will just listen to one of these. >> the new dodge during go you can have touchscreen navigation system what would you like? >> would you like a call. >> there is a woman stuck in their. i will for you. [laughter] crazy. >> so that modern technology seen through the eyes of an authority of the '70s. >> you are a little flat lately with sales do you have more to go? >>, no. with a saturated. i am kidding. lesser resold 56,000 cars in north america and it is huge
12:39 pm
for a new brand. just as a comparison it took between five or seven years for kia to reach this level and we did it in two years. we are very happy. and we think you cannot grow when henderson to buy every year. we are preparing ourselves for gross and speaking about a wonderful brand and store brand equity. now we introduce the last the 500. >> dodge touring go, the chrysler corporation, you will not tell me the super bowl ad? >> this morning i woke up with the idea i would tell you but we will get back to you. >> how do you top oprah
12:40 pm
oprah, clint eastwood, i don't know? dennis: good question. will ferrell descent -- deserves the upside of the increase of 50%. cheryl: a french sense of humor. we will speak to one attorney who says we have a dawn of a new era of regulation. dennis: apple given the okay for the state of the art campus but it will cost them. the west coast and an end. next.
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
>> i am anxiously webster. few were american in spots existing homes the national association of realtors said they fell 3.2% from september from the seasonally adjusted pace of 5.2 million the slowest since june. mixed results for the third quarter lows home-improvement shows a profit of $0.47 per share but 1 penny below estimates of revenue declined more than 7% at 13 billions which did beat the forecast. into southern energy for the $6 billion deal that acres are in a the power of south
12:43 pm
texas was those locations that would be a the largest gas transaction of the year. this is the latest from fox business, giving you the power to prosper.
12:44 pm
dennis: and jpmorgan settlement is of biggest in history but the next guest believes it is a huge victory for investigators it could spark a new era of regulations for the we have our guests you make your living assuming wall street on behalf of investors? now we have a settlement. does this ended or open a new target to go after? >> there is at least a year-and-a-half left on these claims and how they were solicited to them. the new era relates to the fact they have to rid
12:45 pm
knowledge certain facts and it is the fact statement that people like myself truly enjoy these documents because it shows what happened as it is hard to walk away from that. >> we have a statement from eric colder to say we've found the seeds of the entire bill down then a separate attorney said the airbus atp mortgage rates caused it so doesn't that argue we are punishing you to caused a meltdown? vp said they did not cause it by themselves and their mother's baby the way for regulation and actions against other banks as well but it j.p. morgan was the first to go. dennis: we spend $600 billion we are so afraid but now all the lawyers are sucking them dry
12:46 pm
is there not logic contradiction in the? >> absolutely not. they knew it was coming to. dennis: so what? >> they took said gains from what they did now the have to pay back. dennis: did they lose those ill-gotten gains and everything melted down and the banks lost money. >> they did not back in 20,008th it was said deal of the century. dennis: be made at the request of the government then sued them for the stuff that has gone wrong by those acquisitions? another question. $30 billion settlement $4 billion for consumer really standing up to $1.7 billion reducing principal on my home under water so how did that bad stuff jpmorgan did in that settlement caused my home to be under water? why do they have to pay that? >> it was predatory lending practices during that period
12:47 pm
so people who should not have spent in the lowe's bid if they did not bring that up they've misrepresented the quality of bonds. and he did not force $1 million of somebody and they took it? brickbat goes back to overstated in combat false appraisals. dennis: and what about the person seeking fair income? it was not the bank. >> it was a two-way street they reusing extensively mortgage brokers and i think some of those practices are under investigation as well. dennis: predatory lending -- lending, a pate to million-dollar is, how is my home underwater j.p. morgan's paul? was a that my fault? >> it was inflated because of the practices of jpmorgan and other banks. dennis: to be those that were inflated by the government policies that said we want everybody in the world to buy a home if they can afford it or not?
12:48 pm
those practices? >> i don't think that is what the government said in those time periods but that other banks are creating these mortgage based securities that were ill investments. dennis: but the government guarantees everything out there. >> a blood pumps the loans into the vehicles knowing that they would not have to worry about collecting. dennis: when we heard a great worry about moral hazard to bail out the financial risk taker they take more risk. doesn't create moral hazard for homeowners with the bail them out for those that are under water even though we did not do anything wrong? garett we need the gatekeepers to be true gatekeeper. us so we have to make sure it is income verification that the appraisals are accurate and the loan to value is adequate.
12:49 pm
dennis: thank you for telling the banks how to do their job bridal think to answer the question but thank you for being here. cheryl: time for your "the west coast minute" apple got the go-ahead for the new campus but they have to pay higher taxes. they see a reduction of sales tax rebates the write-off will go from 50 percent down at 35%. we'll get shares it will not hurt earnings but that was the last trade. department of interior said it paid the state of alaska's $19 million more of royalties for gas development on federal land a gives them a slice of royalties killed the energy companies is also getting more from its own control land. just out of hawaii, as state lawmakers said he was so disgusted by the increased
12:50 pm
amount of homelessness in the state he took matters into his own hands. tom brown refused a sledgehammer to smash at least 30 shopping carts dashing and the front wheels critics say he is victimizing when he should be helping. that is your "the west coast minute". dennis: back to back with a cable maker overturning the fashion channel in to a men's network to a month ago the style to know was scrapped made into "esquire" it has gone from 20 percent down to 6% and then it under age 50 have doubled. last night was a new high point of to workweeks -- workmates to be to others' brains out in the up boxing ring. >> adjusted deal with pbs
12:51 pm
other dramas starring on terror irish alumni jerry and the dividend also is a rights to all past and future episodes of the series downton abbey. i don't get it. and now a new tv show canceled after just one episode. a huge audience but sun canada said it was too costly to produce record is very expensive to uncover the life and unfolding train wreck. the international space station and properly funded could be the answer. cheryl: take a look at the winners on the nasdaq. you know and love them. maybe not but there you go. ♪ ♪
12:52 pm
sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances.
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12:55 pm
cheryl: asset trying to hail a cab to the international space station to end 2017 to fly four crewmembers every six months then to catch a ride with russia with each trip costing $60 million per person they will award the contract next summer. dennis: pushing the boundaries to create machines that learn and reason and interact the one on jeopardy was just the beginning next creating the
12:56 pm
next big thing after the internet. cheryl: higher mortgage rates taking its toll on wholesales but try telling that. owners share, just as some send, coming up in the next hour. ya know, with new fedex one rate you can fill that box and pay one flat rate. i didn't know the coal thing was real. it's very real... david rivera. rivera, david. [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex.
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>> it is almost 1:00. i am adam shapiro. lori: i am lori rothman. tapering may be on the table in december. why one money manager says we have to wait for another recession before the fed even things about cutting back bond buying. adam: a supercomputer with its head in the cloud during developers will have a new tool at their disposal. taking a big step toward public
1:00 pm
use. lori: our guest is our know a thing or two about expensive homes. on the health of the luxury housing market. let's get things started with a market check. the floor of the new york stock exchange and lauren simonetti. all three major markets are moving higher this afternoon. lauren: very tight trading. we are an hour away from the meeting minutes at the federal reserve. in the meantime, up arrows across the board. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 are reversing two straight days of losses. this is an interesting stock, the number one loser this year on the s&p 500 down more than 50% but it is the number one winner today despite a wider than expected loss. it seems investors are thinking november is a good month


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