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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  November 22, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm EST

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pushing back next year's enrollment until after the midterm election. won't get to see the full effect of obamacare until after you vote. the politics which we will get into with rich edson. the debate in the skies over allowing passengers to use cellphones while they are flying, this gets people fired up and we will have it for you and how to get this right. 80% use smart phones when watching tv broadcasters are having a hard time making that interactive said dennis kneale will tell us about that. markets now. dennis: good to have you with us on november 22nd, 2015, 50 years after the assassination of kennedy. we will have a report from dallas in a while. we will talk about that weather story and the huge story going into next week. let's live in the present. the big market story is down
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16,000 and we are still above it. nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange. nicole: del 16,000, we saw the dow closing with its 40th record close of the year. 2013, certainly a monumental year for stocks, dow jones industrial average 12.5 points sitting at 16,023, points away, six points away from the all-time record -- record intraday high, we will be setting new highs, the nasdaq index in the with a up arrows, ticketing nasdaq up 1/3% and leaders on the dow like bowling, johnson and johnson, travelers and caterpillar as we watch the trend to the upside, this is our seventh straight week of gains assuming everything ends where it is. connell: we are always ahead of the game on markets now. thanks nato may be the big word for next weekend if not we made it into that because beginning this weekend the elements are expected to come to get it to
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deliver a storm that will start with snow in dallas on tuesday which is already a big deal and disrupt all the important thanksgiving commuters. forty-three million people are expected to participate, thanksgiving, so that turns this into a big economic story. we turn to joe bastardi. how big deal could this be? >> what may be some rough weather through december. ford of gauge of who. last january -- i was on imus the other morning, winter is coming. it will slap your face and that is exactly what is coming up. a much earlier start to winter than last year, thanksgiving and christmas, may be rough so this may be the first of multiple threats down the road moving on into a december. the details of the storm going to develop in the gulf of mexico
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sunday night, monday, moving northeast word and writing the eastern seaboard tuesday night:wednesday and thursday and with that, much of west and central texas, and then the snow will pickup again as it gets to the northeast and runs into colder air. in the big city rain changing over to snow. in new york city proper, people are focused on new york. sunday is going to be one of the coldest november days you experience the round peer in quite a while. connell: wind chill in the teens and 20s. >> single digits orrlower. the storm is basically wednesday in the northeast earlier, farther south and west. what they had after this could affect the parade on thanksgiving day with winds howling out of the northwest so those people who are holding below will get that worked out,
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to try to hold themselves down but since the start of what may be up arrayed similar to what we saw couple windigo, i am telling my clients as far as 80 degree days if you take a blend of december of 2009-2010, a look at that, that is probably what we will encounter here. connell: the economic impact of that is what i was getting at in the beginning because everyone has their farmers almanac predicting snow for the superbowl early next year. is that because this is just going to be a brutal winter? >> we had a cold winter, there is the theory involved why this is going to be cold. one of them is look at the way winter ended last year. above times it starts the way the following year, depending on the overall pattern of the pacific ocean. very difficult this year from last year, it favors a big upper ridge over alaska of this year,
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when you get those high-pressures, se to the united states and favors the southern storm track. at least for the start of winter if you go to the holiday spirit you get that, retail business impacted. i talked to several companies. ran and energy is really impacted. you are already seeing that with the rise of natural gas the last couple weeks, they are trying to catch up with what may be coming. connell: we try to get out ahead of it. good to talk to you. we will watch it next week. obamacare is what we will talk about right now. we work out all the issues associated with rollout, the obama administration announced a delay for open enrollment come next year and there are some politics involved in all of this. rich edson follows that from d.c. and joins us with the details. >> the messy obamacare enrollment season began
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october 1st won't repeated self next year at least not before the midterm elections. the administration is moving the time americans can enroll in obamacare to november 15th from oct. fifteenth, three weeks before the 2013 midterms until we can 1/2 after. an official with health and human services says this change is good news for consumers who will have more time to learn about plans before enrolling and an open enrollment peer co that is a week longer. officials say the change will allow insurance companies more time to learn from their experiences to better priced plans next year and give customers more time to shop for a plan. republicans say there's only one motivation for the change. spokesman for john boehner rights fox business that it is a transparent attempt to lessen the impending political fallout from the terrible loss. for now the administration appears concerned with the progress fixing it is working for the vast majority of americans by next saturday and encouraging states
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to allow insurance companies to reissue those plans that were faded out because of the health-care law. a dozen agreed to do so. connell: thanks. rich edson live from d.c.. the fox news contributor tells us if this works, delaying until after the election. >> it is too little too late. if we push this back to march of 2015 it will work but if you put it back in november of 2015 the insurance companies will file their applications for higher rates for state commissioners. that will get out so even if people are not filling out their insurance applications they will know what the new radar as they go to the polls and they will be much higher. this whole mess if it hasn't collapsed already will be moving very much dramatically over the political who voted for obamacare will pay a serious price. connell: what does that mean? if you look at the composition of congress you are against the law and hope they do pay the price but what is serious to
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you? >> i think if the election were held today republicans who month ago the republican party is done, ted cruz destroyed the gop, the generic ballot last i checked at the gop up 3% over the democrats. i think they will keep the house and may when the senate and this whole thing is imploding badly and i think once the employer mandate kicks in next year the american enterprise institute says 50 to 1 hundred million people will see their plans canceled, we have that many people getting cancellation letters and people will be in open revolt. connell: things could change quickly to be fair about it. in sports they say winning cures everything. in this case the winning would be the website starts working and the story line changes early next year. it was not mess when they were talking about it before thanksgiving but not bad right now. >> maybe they get the web site fixed. there are questions about the security, it may function but won't be secure, could be a problem but in order for this to
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work you need young people to sign up in droves and young people think okay, number one, i am healthy, don't need insurance. obama made a mistake letting people stay on their parents plans. team needs 18-26-year-olds decide upon their own. they had some okay numbers in california. connell: use a can't do that? >> the vast majority of people signing up are older and sicker rather of an younker and healthier and people are saying i don't want to put up money, and expensive plan with stuff i don't need like pediatrics, dental, hearing aids, maternity care. if you are up 22 or 23-year-old chances are you are not having kid that early and don't need pediatric and you're hearing aids and every plan has to have that. they are all required to have things people don't need. stuart: is there a political move you expect or are prepared for from the president? seems yesterday democrats were trying to change the subject and a battle in washington over changing senate rules. what is next from the white
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house in terms of how to combat that? >> week ago obama said this is on me, took a lot of blame and he brought in al sharpton and ed schultz and other people and said let's blame the republicans and insurance companies. what i want to see the insurance company stand up and defend themselves. obama is blaming them, they are obeying federal law. they must cancel these old policies, issue policies that stick with the new regulation obama demanded and signed. it is not their fault i wish they would defend themselves and say we didn't decide to do this. this is obama's idea and put the blame where it belongs which is obama. stuart: when he will play blame game rather than change the subject? >> does. he points fingers. he is the thing pointer in chief and he will do again and american people see through his cloud of lies and revisionism. connell: even with the timing of this. great to see you. have a great weekend.
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hang up for flyers. this story gets people talking, that is for sure. the government talking about letting you use your cellphone while it is in the air but some people don't want to end once other people do. they are unhappy with the proposal. new surveys show americans scaling back on holiday spending this year even when it comes to their family members. we will have that and twitter ads. new advertising tools to get a better read on what users are watching on tv, how twitter works with your television when you are watching tv. dennis kneale has the story on markets now. keep it here. [ male announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance in sync?
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connell: talk about using your cellphone on a plane, gets everybody worked a. back to nicole petallides, analyst upgrades this morning, the competition heating up. nicole: every business there is competition so let's start with pandora. pandora is clearly an unbelievable performer, it is up 220% for 2013.
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right now it is up 2% today after they came out with their numbers and showed there are more listeners listening for a longer periods of time. that being said we have seen it lower. they do have the -- what you were noting. just to name a few, as their numbers, earnings in line with estimates. in the meantime, spotify is up rival to pandora. they are raising them to 50 miles -- $250 million in funding of $4 billion for the company so they offer a services worldwide, 32 countries and the question is how much will they rival pandora. our producer at the stock exchange likes spotify for one reason, you can take the songs you listen to. i don't do either. connell: thanks, good perspective on this.
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thank you very much. as we move on, doubt still above 16,000. we go back to nicole petallides and you have barely any legroom or personal space on airplanes these days but the fcc might give you more freedom. is this the type of freedom you want or you want other people to have? the consideration is lifting the long term ban on making calls when you are on the plane. the fcc will review its outdated and restrictive rules as they are being described. as of an industry is in support of this but also received a ton of backlash from travelers who don't want to deal with flight attendants claiming it could lead to arguments and undermine safety. first time today we missed dagen mcdowell because she would have inserted one of her airline airplane rands about someone sitting next to her on a flight from wherever. picture that you are listening. does it pay off? the technology is there to do
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it. santa's/not as full as it was in years past because the survey by harris interactive found 46% of americans are cutting back on holiday spending and of those planning on spending less, 63% said they would cut back on purchases for family members, 54% said they would spend less on non family members, teachers and the like. this is not stop retailers from opening their doors as early as thanksgiving day if the weather is as bad as joe bastardi tells us. they will get the people in anytime they can. the state of nuclear negotiations between united states and iran and what it means for the energy markets. remembering president john f. kennedy on the 50th anniversary
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of his assassination. we look live at the eternal flame burning in arlington national cemetery. you really love, what would you do?" ♪ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architec what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪
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connell: 50 years ago to the president kennedy was assassinated in dallas.
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kc end is standing by with a look at what is happening today. >> this was the newspaper from the dallas morning news on december 23rd -- november 23rd, 1963, the day after he was assassinated, kennedy sleigh non dallas street. a lot of hate is directed toward the city of dallas and the state of texas, a dark cloud has long hung over the city after the president was assassinated 50 years ago today. other newspaper headlines around the country read texas killed kennedy. the purpose of today's memorial is not only to honor jfk's legacy but also for the city and state to continue the healing process. in the short time john fitzgerald kennedy was innoffice he helped found the peace corps, expanded the space program to stay ahead of the russians, likely prevented a nuclear war
11:23 am
with the cuban missile crisis, gave americans hope. the 35th president of the united states had failure is too, the bay of pigs disaster in 1961, an unsuccessful military invasion of cuba, he got the nation further involved in the vietnam war. no matter which side of the political aisle you stand on, this service which gets under way in 40 minutes time is about paying tribute, regeneration young and old, city leaders will be speaking, historians and the moment of silence at 12:30 central time,:3 eastern the exact moment the shots were fired. the press is on, in the grassy knoll and in the background behind me the orange building, texas school book depository building where oswald fired the fatal shot, 50 years ago.
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connell: more remembrance of president kennedy throughout the day but we move on to charles payne on markets now, stopping by to make a little money and it is a network equipment company we talked about before. charles: in fact a couple times it was july 23rd, it is up big today, it pulled back and what do you have? and iphone. when i learned how to use it they had a stylist who hadn't broken out. some people had the blackberry. we are in a world where people have these devices and corporate america dealt with it. we created this thing, bring your own device. so bring your own device, this company said the peer network system so we bring our own
11:25 am
device to work, the speed, it will be phenomenal. they just reported record numbers, beat the street by $0.02, revenues were up. data cloud featured to it. it is one of these names, one of the stocks that felt like it was early bet it is beginning to get the traction. connell: a leader in this particular area. they are a leader in this area. that is one of the things when these devices that coming out and one of the reasons blackberry had so much security in companies. that started to change. charles: it has to change. charles: blackberry had their vision, rested on their laurels but products doing very well, service business doing very well ended is all about the network. what i like with the report today and anyone in the technology company or biotech always look line,
11:26 am
research and development and make sure companies are putting money into that. the company will scam on that to make a number. often people will see earnings, as they beat by $0.03, there's always detail and if they beat the number, these guys spend more money -- connell: optimistic. charles: aruba networks living up to it. connell: are you in favor of the deal we talked about a minute ago? charles: any flight to or from new york. and some scuffles over this one. those head phone that drowned out everything, there's a stock picks you looking for. connell: negotiating a deal with
11:27 am
iran, the next topic. and our angle today, what does it mean for the our oil markets. take another shot at making your smart phone interactive with tv shows did have it right? dennis kneale will tell us on market snell on friday. take a look at the winners we are seeing on the s&p 500. hi honey, did you get e toaster cozy?
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connell: from barkley's on the nuclear talks for iran and what it means for the energy markets and getting the shopping list ready for the holidays and jeff flock with a report for the kids. and a story we have earlier in the hour in the never-ending battle to make money on television to social media. they keep trying that, twitter taking another shot at it and figured it out. nicole petallides back from the stock exchange with the luxury retailer. and making the exchange. >> taking a look, as high as 30-48. well over 30% games for vince in particular. this is obviously a worldwide 43 country, and well-known for her modern women's clothes, men's close, and so on. luxury retailers. up 39%.
11:32 am
there is a look also at the luxury retailers. looking good today. coach, bottle, antiphony are pulling back, but none of these names are moving more than 1%. not too far off of the line for these retailers today. connell: thank you. and now to talk about oil and iran, these talks between the major western powers in the nuclear program facing a new deadline because senate majority leader harry reid is calling for legislation to step up sanctions despite calls from the white house to call off. the bill could get approval as early as next month. it could derail any hope of compromise. for those at the negotiating table at this point the clock is obviously taking. so what is going to happen? a lot of people have been assuming there would be a deal done. dagen: the oil market is in it.
11:33 am
all these optimistic headlines. many market participants of we would get a deal and get a million barrels of iranian exports of the market. but we think, we look at what congress has been saying, the regional powers, israelis, saudis. we could think -- we think there could be potential spoilers there. connell: where does iranian break? we talked about it earlier this hour. we have the fact that more import/export relationship was a big headline last week. and then you have of -- these other stories. word is a rank? >> you want to look at the biggest short outside of north america. where could you give a huge supply glut. since you have the sanctions lifted and have a situation where you got a million extra barrels on the oil market, that would potentially depress prices. that is why i think a lot of people looking at these talks
11:34 am
saying is this going to be something that essentially sends prices really tumbling over the next year. connell: what do you tell your clients? discussion have been focused too much so on taqueria in the administration officials having negotiations. >> we really want our clients about irrational exuberance. you have to curb their enthusiasm. they've been getting ahead of themselves. they hope -- this saw the headlines. allow them to retain so much nuclear capabilities. around 19,000 centrifuges. congress and harry reid is essentially saying you have to stop enriching uranium. and they're saying we absolutely have the right to. so we think there are number of issues that could really forestall a big settlement. dagen: has 6047 the 30 against the deal? >> potentially get some from
11:35 am
mark agreement, but the big deal would be six months out. a final deal that removes the release with the sanctions, it will be really challenging. we don't see them ever surrendering their right. connell: there is pressure politically. get a deal done. in here talking to us. >> and that think that was a concern that congress had. you look at the sanctions it is important to remember the most difficult and tough sanctions were imposed by the u.s. congress. getting congress to play ball is essential to any deal. connell: and? >> i don't think there will play ball if you allow them to retain some much capabilities. connell: oil prices what is your price of looking back. >> we have 01 1/7 for this year. a 110 for next year. we remain, look at the markets and still think there are significant challenges.
11:36 am
we think other countries will struggle. libya will continue to struggle. and again, we are not optimistic about a big settlement. connell: what does that translate to? >> we basically see on wti this year for 98. connell: $98 oil. not a hundred. it seemed like a long time ago. moderating these treats about television. the broadcast network tries to make money off of this. tweet and watch your show at the same time, the advertisers give were dan. the model so far has not really worked. dennis kneale will come in and see if there has been any progress on that. flood insurance premiums have been skyrocketing. phil keating is coming up. he will tell us what lawmakers of trying to do about that. right now we're looking at more
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markets and treasury yield at two and three-quarters percent or thereabouts. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] what if a small company became big business overght? ♪ like, really big... thenan ♪ or their new product tanked? ♪ or not? what if they embrace new technology instead? ♪ imagine a company's future with the future of trading. company profile. a research tool on thinkorswim. from td ameritrade.
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♪ >> reporter: em jo ling kent with your fox business brief. time warner cable has reset the comcast to discuss a deal. the two are not in active talks. the paper reported earlier that
11:39 am
charter communications is nearing a deal with banks to borrow money to make a bid for time warner cable. novartis will buyback $5 billion of its stock over the next two years. the company said it will allocate capitol fire dividends and possible acquisitions. the best run state in the united states, what a second straight year, north dakota. and it 247 wall street survey ranks of 50 on financial data services and standards of living. wyoming came in second and i will third. the three were states, illinois, new mexico, and for the third consecutive year california ranks last. that's the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper.
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♪ connell: we talked to you earlier of people who don't want to spend as much on their families around the holiday season, but here is one for the people who do. the country's busiest carmakers are in chicago showing off their
11:41 am
latest creations as we get ready to kick start the holiday shopping season. really next week stores will be open up thanksgiving and everything else. at the navy pier into carter joins us with more. >> reporter: hello to you we will be back to see what dollars to in just a moment. first i have david of goliath toys. >> this was invented by a guy named tim for. uses friction to explode. you want to see happen? >> i do bill this essentially like gender. what happens? >> it takes about 30 minutes to build. i want you to just pull away. you'll watch it explode. here we go. that certainly did something. it is still billing.
11:42 am
potentially have you built this expose the whole thing. and those of popsicle sticks. okay. one down, one to go. studio. this is something called dougie do. >> you have a dog. you want to feed it, taken for a walk. toddies to lead the aggies to. >> a couple squeezes. we provide pooper-scoopers. we want to be environmentally friendly. we are teaching kids to pick up after they're dogs. >> a want to talk about this compared to digital games. take a look of some of the digital gamers. obviously some people think these board games, these old games are dead. you don't think so. >> i don't think so well. families want family time. they want to be gathered, have fun to read everything would provide that. these games are awesome. >> this is something called billy lee. introduced this year.
11:43 am
whether by jury? >> pick a winner. and what you try pulling this big one. the see what happens. you get a wire right there. you get it. abu the brains of this one be you can imagine this is a nose. this is something green. you can add to what that might be. at don't think we should discuss this any further. >> poll that and see what happens. connell: we're going to save this. as usual. seeing what dogs do, which i think we already knew. we move to the economy. he talked about what you're going to buy from a holidays. retail sales last month are stronger than expected with consumers spending more in the previous month. how will that translate? what does it mean for the economy? here to tell us how it plays in is kevin flanagan, chief income strategist.
11:44 am
we come to you with kind of an economic story, economic growth story and maybe will be more interesting of we talked about what toys are buying this holiday season. with other things improving? >> that is one of the more interesting segues i've never end. >> we're going to have to get past a little bit of the saucepot from the fourth quarter. but i think what we found out, the economy was far more resilient double we thought. you mentioned that retail sales number. it was interesting. economists have noted toward the back in october there were seeing some visible pickup in activity, especially in multi categories. connell: we were talking earlier this hour, some people were surveyed said they would spend less. and then jeff was talking about the hot toys. as you say, the consumer spending figures were pretty good. the way to work that back into the markets and has been the big
11:45 am
story, if the economy improves what does the federal reserve led by noon fed chair look like? >> em. that is a great question. everyone assumed it would be a continuation of the bernanke policy. i don't dispute that, but there would be less of a reliance on quantitative easing. if you're right the numbers continue to come in. at think the fed wants to taper no later than march of next year. they have this new policy that they want to focus more on these targets with thresholds for fed funds and unemployment getting down to 6%, waiting until then to actually pull the trigger. connell: time chief of some people think that yellen -- all kinds of things being thrown out there. bernanke on steroids. basically it sounds like what you're saying is that is actually true. she will look at these numbers, and if there a case he is not afraid to get back. >> no, not at all. part of the problem this year with the will taper talk was a
11:46 am
markets assumed that meant the shot clock began to take. that is not the case anymore. we have seen some dealing kids. thing she would probably feel more comfortable capering in focusing on the fed fun aspect. connell: the concern up until now has been the economic part of it in quite frankly the stock market. a lot of people say we're up and down. thank you very much for being allowed to prop up the stock market. when you look at bonds and we have a 276% yield on the ten year, still well below 4%, the concern is keeping a low too long and you really are creating something dangerous. so where are you on that? >> i don't think we are in a bubble. bubble by definition means there is excess speculation. we got a lot of the froth is for a lack of a better way. we are starting now, as you say, to 75, not 163 which is where we were in may. rates continued to go higher.
11:47 am
three in a court jobs for the ten year in 2014 or maybe even three and a half. that will be where we start out. connell: you don't put any percentage chance on a blowout? level you want to call it. >> no. i don't think so at this stage. the top of the channel is probably 4%. that would be our worst case scenario. >> kevin flanagan with this. 80 percent using smart phone. forty with these broadcasters. the question is how you do it? this is markets now. there are some of the winners today. we will be right back. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 trading inspires your life.
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♪ connell: okay. twitter is stepping up its advertising with the new service that will allow for even more accurate targeting. good news for tv. we bring dennis kneale into talk about that. >> reporter: maybe it's good news for twitter. $42 where rose to the very first day of trading. now but upper shut up. this new tv conversation targeting service. stepping on line to a twitter user. running commercials on the tvs of pbgc someone talking about it. it is perfect synergy. also if you are a sponsor in advertising on the show you can
11:52 am
intrude on the fan base. survey shows 60, 8 60 90 percent of us watch tv with some second screen and. >> shows you how lapd many of us are. 53 percent of us to do sit there with the second screen and never bothered to use interactive features an all. the question is what you'll do about that. trying to tighten the noose and make it happen. >> is been a conversation for what seems like a long time. this seems like they have been saying, all right. this is how we're going to use twitter, how twitter will become profitable. they're not quite got it right yet. some of these shows, some do a good job and some are just out there. >> this are devoting a lot of money in bushes over. they have to see metrics, measures. nielsen just started and the twitter rating service. they're trying to attrafec purchases. it did to study setting up for this. thirty pac okged goods.
11:53 am
they found that there is a 16% increase in the engagement with the brandcsew pair that twitter and with the tv ad. on the how they're measuring engagement. connell: is it making people want shoey live. my kids are watching the voice last weekend. there were having people tcte on twitter. there were watching on dvr. that is something that will make you want to live. >> and for advertisers it's harder to zap a l-n that. really studies show 60 percent of ads on tv are replayed don't gett'sapped. we just too lazy. connell: today is obviously the anniversary of president kennestu's assassination. what if that happened today. that's a we find out about these events. people tweeting about it in real time. >> the media, their way out in front and people of and use to that because there's nothing
11:54 am
like eyewitness. twitter is the ultimate two onion 20 million eyewitnesses. connell: boston bombing, coming on twitter. thank you. here's a little more remember this with the great walter cronkite. >> from dallas texas, apparening official president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time. some 38 minutes ago. connell: one of the more famous shots. president kennestu continues 50 years after the assassination, 35th president of the uasuted states. making iout way through dealey plaza in dallas. in disbelief as iout commandern ch-nf was pronounced dead. >> this is a sad time for all people.
11:55 am
we have suffered a l ros that cannot be waived. for me it is a deep, personal tragedy. i is kow that the world shares e sorrow that mrs. kennedy and her family bear. >> november 22nd of 2013, we bring you back. we have some live pictures today, thousands gathered at the site where president kennedy was shot. people around the country a special ceremony there this afternoon. the jfk presidential library in boston will also hold a special ceremony. just outside of our nation's capital we have a lufe look at the eternal flame on president kennedy's grave site. and wednesday president obama and former president bill clinton visited the site paying there respefecs. so that said. november 22nd looking back in 196350 years later. washington meantime coming
11:56 am
together after the tragedy of president kennedy's death. could not be more polarized now. another change to the affordable care act in the new spirit of mentlay of the enre deadline tell after the midterm tics comingthe pe up. and parent company red lobster, olive garden facing a maker break moment. investors pushing to split up some of these famous brands. markets now continues in ome asa moment. % % we went out and asked people a simple question: hoold is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ to enjoy all of these years.
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>> want to medy e as much as thy can after the next election. they're doing everything they can because the wheels are falling off. this is not working. cheryl: republican senator ted crews ome ast responding to yet another obamacare rule change. i'm cheryl casone here with k-9 to take you to the next hour. at the white house they're pushing back the moment one month until aes er midterm elections next year the real
12:00 pm
live in washington with details on that. be aware of the bubble. we will speak with a guest to is seeing market bheebles in many places. how you can protect your how you can protect your investment. that may make easier to hunt for your next dgarartment. all this and more in the next hour. ♪ cheryl: a trivia qetastion. average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in new york city. guess where it is right now. dennis: in n850. cheryl: 2900 for a one-bedroom apartment is the average. you're watching us in oklahom3 ti congratulations. cheryl: the dow up nicely on top of the in n6,ied0 record. we have stocks every 15 minutes. let's go to nicole petallides of the floor of the new york stock exchange. up today seven straight weeks of up.
12:01 pm
in a ca rot three years. >> reporter: against 3,000. was 100 off. you're right. lo out at the dow rstiht now, 16ve.ged. today goes down in history again. this is becter thse the dow jons industrials spent another record high today. 16,302. moments ago. right now we're up about 20 points. this week we have seen the 40ina record hstih close for the dow this year. that being said, nasdaq candescent be not setting recoup ts. we have certainly seen a lot of the names on the dow. news week the dow has risen nesring the week before thanksgiving. about 20 years. that gufes you a hint as to what we're seeing intel has been
12:02 pm
we're seeing intel has been weighing on the dow. dennis: of life. thank you. and the dow still climbing aes r closing above 16,000 for the first time in a sedate. the financial adviser my chadwick's as racine bubbles year, there, everywhere, and people need to take heed. thank you for being with us. reminds me of the old show. the next thing you could be right, but warily. what is your biggest one? >> thank you for having me. i have a lot of concern speed is easy money policy has people behaving in at 2ery emotional westiht. i see bubbles all across the globe. equities, bonds. we see bill was in real estate. hedge funds coming in paying cash for real estate taking consumers out of the makes. in the metric you want to use, things are expensive today. the global economy is
12:03 pm
questionable at best because the fed is doing everything that they can to keep alive. cheryl: did you think the stocks for eundensive when the dow doheeled from 6800 to 12 or 13,000? >> you know, i think there were pretty reasoennble. besied in march of 09i was havig a party. i was like a kid in a canstu store. in new was buying things that were incredible values. today am ele thindg are eundensive and really extended. everyone is having a par00?. for me and thet aleta g bde. but prices are higher in but prices are higher in cautious pretty impressed zillow this is not sustainable. dennisasido you fstiure we are t the top now and go down to percent in a correction to 145 before we go to in n8? >> i don't thiing o so. we are at a high. i don't know exactly when it stops. i have been expe kning it to for some time, but so you what, it
12:04 pm
has been super resstined. at thiing o a lot of people makg a big mistake. everyone is kind of thiing oinga the. but i thiing o that is flawed logic. the last two times the market got in troheele inglied0 in 2007 the fed was easing. there were not tightening. this time around everyone is waiting for the doubt to tighten. i think it may be the opp roite. the fed may l roe -- loosen policy more and lose control of the market. maybe there will put in n50 biln a month. whenever they do, it's not working. people need to keeindthe br heas up. dennis: african stocks that have peaked, the last peak in of seven, that was on the briing of this big a lapse that happen everywhere. are we better obee now? want that bring the collapse, better heads, smarter, ben stein by what happened five years ago. >> i would like to think that.
12:05 pm
human beings are emotional creatures. blows my mind that we have had a couple of balls a last-minute 12 years and peoplse s memories are so short. i tell you what commandos seven it was the corporate seetor and the consumer being irrespoeqible which of course costa bubble and aont about the world ce slows everything over. this time the consumer is trying to get there house in oup ter. there's still lots of death there, but this time we have goveing wments beating badly. you know, we are in your territory. we never had this kind of global lile dennis: how can use their memory is short red tureq out indivinesally investors large ad missed out on this entire rebound, so aoosaid oosom last month on the we did not even get in on this. >> i don't know if that is buried in march of led was havig a party. the last juror so i have been cautious becter thse this is advancing in the face of all these issues. i think folks have to have a more realistic long-term perspective.
12:06 pm
these prices are high and not sustaiennble. dennis: last aeqwer, fufe seconds, what one does when you put new money to hedge? >> hedging is tstiht. i donwitt think i would use one place. dennis: thank you for be bng wih us. cherogi: back to the negotiating table. the five permanent members of the un security countiil meeting with iranian leaders in geneva over the natioble. prnk ram. the powers trying to ink a deal now the sanctions have had de enstating ebeeecut for more let's bring in former adviser to the british ministry of defense and macro econo-wst. in the economy itself is a kind of a crossroads here. baing oruptcy's with the gas coreallany. it is getting worse. >> if we just take a look in te. >> is of iut
12:07 pm
infletantie, it's the number two economy in the middle east and north aoosica, second of ster ti arut nia in terms of gdp. second to egypt in terms of population. the nquber two ranked in the world for natural gas reserves and number three ferraro reserves. in ter@ i of its ability to influence not just the region, with the world econo-wcally ire3 is a bsti player.@ if you then overlay on top of that the fact it is an econo-wc tiantitions placed on a sense 27 for the last seven years. cherogi: becter thse of uralapqu enrichment. dennis: exactly. so basically it is still a major player, even with the san knioeq that have been placed. i think the opportunity for the potentw ml for a resurgent teionalene economy has also a serious potential to destabilize the rsh ion from the security or cheryl: the israelis agree with you and the ster thdis as well. >> and there were the two main players be to have israel, for
12:08 pm
example. but we shos. diplomacy negotiations because of these nerves. i thiing o what america needs to is kind of address the nurse, which i think our fair invalid. israel has hezbollah on the northeing w frontier. that's a very easy to five iranian baing o which is fairly do-wennnt and powerfuearin the region. if the iranian economy gets more superior then i thiing o it is a fasl assumption that has the law. cheryl: but the other side of the story is if the iralapan economy continues to deteriorate you will have unrest, potentw mlly more terrorist groups that can infiltrate to run. he talked about hcherbollrae. then what they what, technology. not defending them, but technolof w. the, canwitt keep tankers. that is why there at the negotiating tut nle. there want to eundort oil and
12:09 pm
that gas. do you think thao bs a good thing? should we look is anxious? >> absolutely. i think that we shos. oosom some are lessoeq. the last time that the u.s. engaged in discussions a few years ago the ufil. did not lufe up to its obligations on easing sanctions. a little bit of a credibili00? issue. think we have to not take this opportunity from the westeing w perspe knufe and use the sanctions as a lever in order to play out the negotiations. what wse re talking about is stopping the iranians from producing hard water reactor which is used for psertolapqu. we want to get the iranians to produce the stockpiles of uranium. cherogihof course becter thse ty want to make nuclear energy which the frentih have been which the frentih have been successfs. of the six that is be bng incredibly resistant to anything. they do not want the sanctions lifted. more so than the ulapted states.
12:10 pm
>> i think france, if you look across the spectrum, on the one side you have frantise s -- frae and israel wanted to keep the sanctions. on the other side have the ufil. want to engage in diplomacy. i'm on the right hand side with the nfs. in ter@ i of this is a real opportunity. the u.s. is actually engaged. this is not anything ns,. the san knioeq have only been in place since 2006. the americans ps. so io bs a real good tsane to engage in diplomacy and see if we can stabilize through soes baller rsh ion becter thsef what we see going on in syria. cheryl: take the lead oosom the nfs. rtitian senators that came out and said that they want tougher san knioeq on rqugt it is good to see if they can come to the table. we will see. you will have to have you back. dennis: news alert after reglets
12:11 pm
fill the role of obamacare. the obama adminisfasation plaeq to move back the enrollment date for next year by month. >> health iequrers have enough time to prepare. that's with the administration tiays barry r ontoplican said te on the calendar the administration cares about is the ele knion calendar. the minisfasation is moving the time that americans can enroll in obamacare to nt ancomber 15th oosom o knobernt t5th, some thre weeks before until a week and a half aes er. an obeeicw mearwith hea@ eh and human services says the change would give iilizetars the beneft of more tsane to ree enserate tr experiences during the 2014 plan year and allow them to take into acco3 at those who may enroll late including young adults before setting3 o015 rates. republicans tiay the reason is solely political. house energy and commerce credit chai. >> ian rstihts sadly millions of americans have been left with cancellation notices, broken
12:12 pm
websitcy pre-wqu rate shours. the administration has offered little more than some of those statcomenut democrats in congress story about how this law mstiern ireat our careers. how can the administration defend the lane next year's opener from and aes er months of refusing to admit that the law was not ready for prime tsane this year. before that the awheinistration still has to fix. the white house says it will be x rking for most customers by the end of this month. only eight days away. baurs to you. dehas tois: thaing o you very m. cheryl: taking a gamble on david beursham. details co-wng uget the adm dehas tois: the wonders of flyig commer absal. doing strange things are next to you. you. may get a lot worse. first testiculate enereey.qu qu adm
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12:16 pm
♪ cheryl: it is the day after the dow closed abovent t6,000. right now boeing, johnson and johnson, intel dragging the dow 30 dow how another stours that is mt ag right now, one of my favorite names, but smart. the, cpole out with earlapngs s morning. fiscal third quarter earnings risingnt t2%. people take there dogs in to get them groom, things like that. but the current qsucrter for pet smart, the outlook is very weak from the company. the stock is under preilizure today craeetanga stourss on the, york stock exchange. something else. sporut
12:17 pm
>> this is cool stubee. this is near and dear to my heart. leo bs take a look at some of te bi familiar with including footlourser, nikcy finish line. you see lots of up arrows. footlocker up nearly 5%. worighdwideserine world wide. so let's break it down. overall athletic equipment, sneakers in particular doing so well. third quarter profit. san toward -- same-store tiales are on the rise. that's one of the reasons the numbers did not come in as welk3 as maybe some had hoped to be in the meantime new highs for for logger. we are also watching finish line and we erine wory fa wide g
12:18 pm
new highs. the group is contiiking to soar. day list. the he cheryl: that's true. appreciate it. dehas toishone of the fs, places lees where you can escape the ring of your cellphone and everyone eraeese s. the federal com, blapcations commission may be have to change that, considering lmacting a longtime ban on so-called on board. review its outdated and restri knogge rs. supporting thiing o but the ses already getting bitter backlash from travelers invited tenanut al, ine. it could lead to arguments and undermine safety. i canar wait to hear what the first on. cheryl: people are all over twitter talk about this. real-estate brokers. i'm going to be sticking with the seal of a company. it's an a kn that made makes the need for brokers on the hunt for
12:19 pm
your next department. dehas tois: food fstiern, dardea maker break moment. details ahead. meanwhile, was look at how the x righd's currentie
12:20 pm
12:21 pm
12:22 pm
12:23 pm
r'r' cheryl: at 23 minutes past the hour, nine arthel neville with your fox ns,s minute. there will be a ceremony in dallas morning the 50th anlapversary of president kehas toedy's ailizassination. this ceremony will take place in deale, plaza with an o-wnous silentie sinkere at 130 eastern time. in washington president obpola has oup tered the flag be lowerd at government buildings. other ceremonies are plahas toed around the country as well as overseas. the death toll from the ines is now above 520 notis expe kned to rise. philippine officials say things are starting to stabilize, but rode on two islands to clear debris.
12:24 pm
some banks and stores have returned to business. go to sports now. the new orleans saints and to the lead the falcoeq a fmacth strastiern de,eaest quarterback drew breeze that the stains with a pair of touchdown well as ireallroved to nine and two. atlanta fell to two and nine. those are your ns,s headlines and the fox business network. arthel neville. dehas tois: tsane to make a low with charles. joining us for a look at major players in the indus newial gas bussineiliz which is pretty sexy stuff. >> reporter: liquid natural gaing o the evosertion of this tab breking miracle, of this natural gas, the liquefying part of it is the next real bsti s gi liquefying it. listen, natural-gas this about $4. a.j. is like 13 which makes it. we can ship it over there. this com process, liquidation,
12:25 pm
distribustion, storage, and then the feeling stations. they are doing extraordinarily well. the stours rininen -wilizing the street to of the last three quarters. recently there was a s newons, put on iest last time they reported to have record b bre eqntl, winlapng aw, doing ecome raorditatrily well. the execution are is choppy, but the story iut the adm the adm the adm the adm the adm and other parts i likcy they in chitat.s foothe china is looking at our natural gas miracle, and it won a pe of the a knion. cherob: i noticed that you always look good management. you really study that ceos. >> i a ays go to the founder. to the philosophy of the founder i try to see if mance comenas 3 there are a lot of companies. this is a stours that we were i the, keep missing. this same story. amazing potential. matatgement canar execute. you get rid of these guys.
12:26 pm
football fans know, a kansas quidut all you needed was a new coach. >> look at where it is now. where does this falearto if it s going to hurt the stock? $4 what happeeq with the industry, it is either they're just rine lapng that gas bininae the, want to get in at 3evi. they're running in off. so just burning ona . instead of doing all that lets liquefy it, use it and ship it. you will see more of these lirovid natural gas stations. government and large corporation dehas tois: those zero things fr @%e barbeques. thank you very mucy r cheryl: the bay area transit system known as far down this mod.ins, commuters scrambling. we will get talk about thaest dehas toishmake or break iest
12:27 pm
coming up, to watchers pick apart darden. red lleaster, olive gardes t lo3 one steaking o tsane to split p this baby. ddtails next. qu adm what's better than zero heartburn?
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12:31 pm
famous brands and david beck and scoring big with las vegas sands. details coming the. stocks every 15 minutes, let's go to nicole petallides, some big movers you are watching right now. nicole: let's look at the movers on wall street. dow jones industrials sitting at all-time record intraday highs. over one point. it did hit that earlier today. some of these are leading the s&p looking at buyers. you are thinking buyers and they cannot with multiple sclerosis drugs getting approval in europe and as a result that is a great performer today. we are looking at other names including yum grants to have positive comments from the analyst at deutsche bank and particular talking about growth in china for the new year but they were beaten down because of
12:32 pm
a lot of issues so yum brands is a winner up 2.8%, pandora came out with their numbers, they have had quite the run up this year. and pulling back a little now. here's a look at games stop with yesterday's they warned the holiday season may not be as great as people hoped but don't forget playstation 2, they did give that cautionary tone yesterday and it pulled back but 2.3% for game stop which was operated two boshs and old and a price target of 6 ebonics this 60 bucks. >> time for make it or break it. we finish our week-long look at companies facing key moments, pressure mounting on the casual dining leader for a breakup of the company and its many brands. denis hughes steven anderson and
12:33 pm
dennis lombardi. let's start with you because your name is dennis. is breaking up the company a good idea? >> i don't think so. it is basically given the payout to stockholders of record now at the expense of all the stockholders in the future and it makes you jim management of the chain more difficult. dennis: steven anderson, what synergy does the restaurant operator have when it is running red lobster, seafood and utterly unrelated things? why should be together as a company at all? >> olive garden and red lobster are gone legacy brands that still generate a significant amount of cash flow. this cash flow helps to finance the growth of a brand like yard house and capitol girl and longhorn which will be another mass market concept which is doing well. dennis: rather than split up, barrington capital, should they
12:34 pm
be loading up and buying more? >> they need to make sure they are maximizing stock value and there are opportunities to do that, gm they costa announced some reduction and probably another notch they can take above that. the real issue is getting more still going through their legacy brands to increase traffic and increase revenue through those boards. dennis: is gotten hurt by the fact that it is stuck in the middle? restaurants need to upscale or downscale mcdonald's for wendy's and they are in the lower middle area. what is the difference between the stellar performer chipotle and these guys? >> they were very late to the value game, let the other mid scale chains like appleby essentially 2 for 20, have cut prices. base started the game the latter half of last year as deals, we
12:35 pm
think they should start easier and they have more discretionary income and gas prices, one in four customers below $3 per gallon. great psychological victory. >> more money to spend on shellfish. would you buy on the stock? >> with target of $50. >> what about you, dennis? >> if i could i would. dennis: tell us what they need to do to unlock more value on this chain? >> we have to charge a big fee, renouncing $50 million reduction in gm day but comparable to the other big brands it is still high. they need to start looking more transitioning the appeal of the brand for millennials and they are doing that with olive garden and groupon, lunch sales.
12:36 pm
they need to rethink advertising and how much is mass media. most importantly a bunch of very good value ltd. offers that are created to be attractive to the consumer but maintain margin for the operator. dennis: that is good vice. we won't for charge you a fee to promote your services. what do you think of the best thing they can do to unlock value in this change? >> with regard to s.g. and a they announced 59 and could go as high as $100 million in cuts and back to where it was in the early 2,000s, not that difficult. dennis: in terms of these millennial kamel i don't know why that is so important because i didn't think they had any money but when you look at the ads for the rest from jean jones by these guys excludes fatty sauces and creams, millennials were kind of lean. >> is important to market to
12:37 pm
millennials, 89 people in this country. xbox and 25, 45. >> are millennial the key for the fatty food? >> i don't think it is the key. it is the strategy to start transitioning the brand, and too far behind the curve the boomers are still a big factor in the business. we don't want to alienate the boomers to attract the millennial. they're switching from one to the other. dennis: it is already do the -- too late. have a good day, guys. cheryl: time for your west coast minute. a rough warning for bay area commuters, the bay area transit system was shut down after midnight.
12:38 pm
computer problem forced them to suspend all service. many commuters waited in long lines to take the ferry instead. it wasn't restored until 7:00 a.m. san francisco time, 10:00 on the east coast. california health exchange has voted not to enact president obama's health plan fix. do not want insurance to extend policy for another year it canceled. lack of consumer benefit and overall confusion. las vegas sin corp. plans to find a major agreement with david back them. the former manchester united star is going to help form a business in asia. they were 60% from this company, if you look at the stock think
12:39 pm
china, >> no broker, no problem. we have the ceo of rat pack, mixing the need for brokers in your next hunt for an apartment. >> an impending winter storm could cause a headache for your thanksgiving travel plans. coming. as we go to break what at the ten year treasury. ♪ ♪ [ bell ringing, applause ] five tech stocks with more than a 10%... change in after-market trading. ♪ all the tech stocks with a market cap... of at least 50 billion... are up on the day. 12 low-volume stos... breaking into 52-week highs. six upcoming earnings plays... that recently gapped up. [ male announcer ] now the world is your ading floor. get real-time market scanning wherever you are
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ashley: i am ashley webster. unemployment rate, 28 states in october, new data from the bureau of labor statistics, payrolls increased in 34 states, florida lead with the most new jobs followed by california and north carolina and nevada had highest jobless rate in october. sony announced it will make more motion pictures and shift more profitable television production and operating tv networks. sony will trim its movie releases from 23 year to 18. the studio identifying $250 million in cost cuts. no vargas -- novartis will allocate capital for higher
12:42 pm
dividends and topical acquisitions. they announced 2.3% of the stock. that is the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper.
12:43 pm
cheryl: becoming the brokers of tomorrow at our next guest says changing the way you find places to rent in your area, apartment seekers, an easy way to find affordable units from the ease of their smart phone. there is an apps for that. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me in. cheryl: in a great neighborhood in manhattan or los angeles, log onto the air when and say -- what is that easy? >> you download the apps in the apps store, you know exactly where you are and pull the rest around you and based on what you
12:44 pm
are looking for, what the requirements are, really easy way to browse. gerri: you can text the elder. text the person to see if they are right there? >> we want to make it easy. we designed it, renters and millennials, why not make communication like a text message? it close up the text, send in your message and -- cheryl: a barrier to the business is the brokers themselves who don't like technology especially like this one, and i don't know about a do cities but many won't rent to you unless you have a broker with you. will that be a problem for business? >> in new york, an interesting market. the most unique rental market in the country and we don't have brokers up here.
12:45 pm
it drives deficiencies in the marketplace up close. they don't need someone to show them around especially if you download brad peck and see everything you see, cheryl: most of us go to the new york times or l i you getting a listings together in one place? >> absolutely. a lot of action coming into our service. we developed a mobile apps that will allow you to quickly go in, and 90 seconds, take great photos and partner with another internet listening service to form lots of great listings. cheryl: major cities you are in, we're showing our viewers what you are in and this is a sticker shock. and in chicago, $1,300 in new
12:46 pm
york, 1-bedroom, $2,900, atlanta over a thousand dollars. grants going crazy across the country. is this going to continue? >> rent increases the next few years. homeownership at a 20 year low, a lot of people in the rent market that were previously unknown in homes, couple that with the generation of millennials, they are renting a longer. people in the rental market are competing with a lot less inventory. it increases in price. cheryl: you have the same guys backing you but that went public. >> we are having fun doing what we're doing and helping people find a great place to live and we will see what happens and we are having fun helping people find awesome places. cheryl: come back soon. thank you. >> thanks for having me. dennis: just in time for
12:47 pm
thanksgiving a potential storm could cause serious travel headaches this holiday. we are following update in the fox weather center. >> we will have some trouble. it is already starting. cold air is in place. around the freezing mark through much of texas and there is a big storm and it is a slow mover across the southwest. bringing a mix of sleet and freezing rain across oklahoma and texas. expect to see that all the way through sunday and heavy rain in arizona. this is the storm that over the next few days slowly cools off towards the east. when i say east chinese the authorities now in california and arizona. snow over taxes and eventually by tuesday it is across parts of the golf. moisture associated with it, one of the models, two models indicate we will see some sort of storm. where it lines up, this is wednesday, talking about a potentially a bit above
12:48 pm
nor'easter. wendy, rainy, potentially a big snow event across interior sections of the northeast, the mid-atlantic as well. you will notice by a thursday morning wind comes in paula if we have snow on the road that will cause problems for folks and the cold air will be in place. if you can, a better travel day. if your flight is on wednesday anywhere across the western two thirds of the country you are looking fine but this eastern seaboard wednesday is not looking like a good day for travel at all. dennis: that sounds awful. i hope you are not traveling this thanksgiving. >> i am walking about three blocks. cheryl: nothing says thanksgiving like that nor'easter. >> i have said that so many
12:49 pm
times. dennis: thanks. cheryl: natural gas and heating oil extended middle winning streak to a third day. our very own phil flynn, where are we today? phil: you see those storms, they are not thermometer's but prices and we see heating fuel exploding today, natural gas extending on yesterday's run up 3d. we haven't seen that in over a year. heating oil also leading the way a $0.03 and a lot of it is what wreck is talking about, the weather. the storm he was talking about in texas is adding to the price of fuel right now. the houston shipping channel where we move lot of the product is being shut down because of that storm. when the ships can't move they can't get supplies and we see that right now and it is moving the prices.
12:50 pm
cheryl: thank you. dennis: your media minute time warner cable is in place, the stock popping up 8% on a reported is seeking a bid from the no. one cable guy, comcast to keep time warner out of the clutches of a smaller cable guy, charter communications. comcast stock was up 2% on the report that the stock of charter has been up a bit as well. the idea of comcast acquiring number 2 may not fly with the old -- the obama administration but big changes lie ahead. keep an eye out. twitter unveils a new service letting advertisers zapped online ads to twitter users as the tweet about the shows they are watching. this new tv conversation targeting could lead sponsors of a show dispatch several offers to fans who are watching at that moment or the other brands that are not advertising the show target ads of the fan base anyway and surveys show 8% of us have a smart phone or tablet or
12:51 pm
watch on the hdtv screen at home but more and half of golf viewers haven't bothered to use any interactive features. cheryl: 50 years ago today the country mourned the loss of our 35th a president. we look back on the jfk assassination and what it means for america half a century later. (horn, ding, ding)
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kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time. 2:00 eastern standard time. some 38 minutes ago. connell: 50 years ago today the 35th president of the united states, john f. kennedy was assassinated at his motorcade made its way through dallas. a short time later the nation stood in disbelief as the commander-in-chief was pronounced dead. >> this is a sad time for all people. we have suffered a loss that cannot be raised. for me, it is said deep personal tragedy. i know that the world shares pissarro that mrs. kennedy and her family do. cheryl: live pictures we are getting in from dallas, texas, an overhead shot, thousands are gathering at the site where
12:56 pm
president kennedy was shot. the book depository is to the right of your screen where we are the oswald was purged in that corner. the country is marking this somber anniversary. later this afternoon the jfk presidential library in boston is going to hold a special ceremony as well and things are under way in dallas and you are looking at the nation's capital. they e eternal flame, president kennedy's grave site. president obama and former president bill clinton visited the site to pay their respects to the fallen leader. as someone who is from dallas, if you are 5 or 50 doesn't matter. it is fascinating, you will feel like you are in that moment in history. dennis: as the impact 50 years later. elsewhere extreme weather, nor'easter could ruin your thanksgiving and it is not just the east coast that will get snow.
12:57 pm
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so you can take charge of your tradg. ♪ >> good afternoon, everybody. turkeys may be flying this thanksgiving, the planes may not be read a major thanksgiving storm is brewing. since we need to name everything we're calling it thinks nail. it could wipe out travel for the holiday. lori: at least chardonnay know was clever. something else to be in the forecast. a market correction. rolling onto its gains after closing above 16,000 for the first time ever yesterday. it may not last long. the morning in minutes. ashley: ditching the deal. up in the auto sales. our guests are helping t


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