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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  November 28, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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dry fruit and that is what it is. they drive the great south first. tracy: so wonderful. >> thank you. melissa: i am melissa frances and here is money tonight. i am so excited. this is going to be the best show ever. it is must see tv. now i understand you may not have time to watch all day every day like we do so as a special holiday treat i am bringing you the best job dropping stories from fox business, even some that are not for many like neil cavuto's unbelievable interview with john mcafee who founded the anti virus software company of the same name. he became a murder suspect. it is like a car crash, you can't look away. priceless takes, charlie gasparino. you got to give him credit. he always goes for it, makes
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memorable tv moments that you won't be disappointed with this. a few favorites from our show, no matter how much we prepare behind-the-scenes sometimes things don't go the way we planned. a few interviews that turned out even better than expected. maybe not for the right reasons. stay tuned for an hour of fun because even when they say it is not it is always about money. ♪ melissa: first for your holiday viewing pleasure the astonishing interview neil cavuto did with the all land and unpredictable john mcafee, the very wealthy founder of mcafee anti virus software. you may remember got caught up in a bizarre murder story last year. he is known for his eccentric behavior and neil cavuto started the hour with an outrageous
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video that mcafee himself made the. some call him the man genius. you judge for yourself. bernard: 1 made you do that? >> the press said they planned number of labels on me and seem to be sticking. i surrounded myself with guns, surrounded myself with women. are was paranoid. apparel and rand you to three or four seconds on was an example, i did basalts. on the desk i had two boxes labeled with bath salts and was supporting them with my full face toward the end. i enjoy making fun of myself as much as anything. neil: you are not just anybody. before we get stuff that happened in the last year or so let's start about what you started, mcafee the anti virus
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power house, something you found it and created and now you have put out a video that instructs people how to remove the program. why did you do that? >> one of the things that became very apparent during the news blitz in december, january and february was all internet stories that had comments allowed, over half of the comments said i wish they would hang this man for making such terrible software. i have not had anything to do with the company in 15 years, had nothing to do with the quality of the software so i thought okay, let me tell you guys, nothing to do with it and if you don't like it here is how to and install it. neil: do you not like mcafee software today? >> i do not use any anti virus software, no one's. i practice safe computing.
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neil: a lot of people have called you the iron man character on which that elaborate business tie in playboy if you will, is that true? >> they certainly called me that. they called me the tony stor of the cyberworld. whether that is true or not i am who i am. i live my sale of -- i do what i want to do. neil: when it comes to the money issue at the risk of pushing this to extremes, tony loses a fortune, gets it back, presumably the talk was you lost a fortune, got a lot of it back coming back, movies that could be featuring you making you the subject. seems like a guy who is very much back in the game. >> i don't think i left the
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game. my game has changed. it is no secret as a young man i was making money from selling drugs in mexico. thank god i am not doing that anymore. i made a fortune, lost a fortune more times than i can care of. money is easy to make. it is the simplest thing in the world. there's a lot of money floating around. keeping get is the problem. melissa: that is not even half of it. neel spoke to him about ed snowden on what advice mcafee could offer. listen to this. neil: sounds like what he did was something good, whether his intentions were noble is still to be decided. is that about right? >> here is what i feel. any disclosure of any information is good. why should we be kept in the dark on anything? we are all adults here. i want to know what is happening in my world otherwise i am in the dark and bumping into things and so are you and so are we all. to that extent i am behind the
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guy. let's find out what the world is all about, what is our government doing? don't you want to know? i do. to that extent i back him fully. i back is balls if i can say that on fox. i am behind his courage. he has the courage to actually do something, knowing its risks and now he is on the run. having been on the run many times in my life, when i was in mexico, certainly the last time in police, i know how difficult and frightening that can be. if he were here i could give him some very good advice. neil: what would you tell him? >> i would tell him to stay in hong kong. the back alleys of hong kong are notorious for being susceptible. you can disappear into the back alleys of hong kong, become one of the masses. the chinese government has no interest in tracking him down. neither will they cooperate with
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an american agency. neil: you don't think the chinese would have interest in what he knows? >> they would, but unlike the russians i don't think the chinese would be very harsh on him. maybe they would detain him for a while but the chinese are what is the word? they make good hosts. if you are a guest in their country you can live fairly well and i am not to sing america. i'm not trying to give them an illegal advice. had it been the i would have stayed in hong kong. neil: he is not trying to give ed snowden legal advice but here's a tutorial how to alleviate the authorities next time. good stuff. neil cavuto wouldn't let him go without addressing the future murder scandal he was caught up in in billy's. that is up next. coming up a few fantastic ideas with charlie gasparino. more money right after this. ♪
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or an of mcafee madness. the big headline last fall were
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centered around a murder scandals that he was seemingly being implicated in. his neighbor in billy's was found dead and the authorities never actually arrested him mcafee was being made to look like he was involved, possibly even the murder were so neil cavuto asked him about what happened. >> i had a running battle with the government since the day he stormed my property six weeks earlier with 32 on shoulders and handcuffed me and kept me in the sun for 14 hours and released with no charges. neil: why did they do that? a 52-year-old american expatriate. >> i made a mistake moving in a district in belize where it was a chorus district, it was $5 or $6 a day, i had conspicuous wealth, brand new automobiles, large houses, clearly a lot of
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money. paul begalla a lot letter similar type. >> the difference is they were living in san pedro. i was approached by a local politician suggesting a 5 donated $2 million i would get all kinds of benefits from the government like land, tax benefits, and i didn't need to homeland and i said no. my property was stormed and that happened. i came back and said that you reconsidered your decision? i said no. i called the british press and everybody who would listen and told my story. that began running war with the belize government which ended in the death of my neighbor and bear convenient to the the the to collect me, put me in jail. they can hold you for questioning for 60 days without charges. if they are not satisfied they can renew that another 60 days and go on forever. i would have been in jail
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forever. neil: you new run the 52-year-old american expatriate. there had been some arguments in the past that you had serious differences, you discovered in the days before your dogs had been poisoned and complaining about your dog so they are saying there was a pattern of bill will between you two. >> i had spoken less than 50 words to that man in the five years i lived there. all my neighbors were upset about my dogs. and 11 dogs and a bart to. paul begalla who poisoned them? >> to this day i don't know. i thought the government was and my dogs. they shot one in front of my eyes at the river. i thought it was more harassment from the government. that was the first thing that came to my mind. not to be little the death of my neighbor, it is a tragedy but people are killed in believe all the time. it is the murder capital of the world. neil: you were fingered but you were never accused and to this
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day they never accused you but you were a person of interest. >> i am a person of interest. neil: you wanted to get out of there? >> after 6 months of fighting the government and constant harassment, weekly harassment i realize i cannot live here anymore and if in fact they collect me for questioning i will never get out of prison. i refused to be collected. i wore disguises, live in swamps, slipped in the jungle, moved place to place for a month and a half before i escaped into guatemala. neil: you are a hard guy to miss and yet you were able to evade their attention. what kind of disguises they use? what did you do? >> my favorite disguise was enhanced the wrinkles on my face, with eyeliner. i dyed my hair white. i used the old actor patrick of corn starch on my hair and my beard, and over, got a cane and
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walked with the shuffle. no one paid any any attention. it is easy to disguise yourself if you just distract attention from you to something else, the way you walk, the things you are carrying, the way you stand. i was able, because i had to eat, i had to buy food and i did have to go out in public and in a month and half i was not one time detected. neil: you are such a recognizable face but you are back in the united states, back to that money thing, left a lot of money on the table and a lot your assets in bogeys. what are you doing now in the united states? >> i am working on a documentary, a feature-length documentary, feature-length film, biography being written by george u.n. who is in prison and has been for 19 years, he is the one the movie blow was based on.
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i am working on a comic novel. i am keeping a busy. peter: melissa: the only disappointing thing is that with no time to replay the whole thing for you. fear not because next on money, we are bringing back the back financial fight scene courtesy of fox business's charlie gasparino and to top that off, our own version of money crazy, interviews that will lead to laugh out loud. as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one,
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make it you watch and you love him, charlie gasparino is the
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kind of intrepid reporters that does whatever it takes to get a good story and you have to give him credit because he doesn't ever back down. makes for some great reporting and lucky for us it also makes for some terrific tv. here it is a quick taste, a battle he had with commissioner mark children over charges against hedge fund giant and new jersey governor jon corzine. brace yourself. >> i read most of this 46 pages. one word i haven't seen that you guys put out is the word fraud. i you charging jon corzine with civil fraud? >> note. what we are charging him with his violation of the law with regard to segregated funds. segregated funds our customer money and that money is supposed to be sacrosanct, violation of that. >> a lot of people would say this is pretty weak. you can charge as ceo of a
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company, you have to -- it is -- >> i am not going to argue with you about the law. >> i know what i'd talking about. >> why is it you are not charging him with fraud? if what he did was so bad, i don't see a fraud charge. seems outrageous. not just me saying it. i have been inundated with e-mails from customers of mfglobal who never got their money back. some got 75% and you guys hit him with the charge that is an fraud but frankly two years later we rode on he did not have the proper controls in place two years ago ended polk two years to come up with this. >> maybe send out the fox business police. >> deputize me any day and i will bring the charges within a week. >> let me tell you what the law
5:22 pm
is and how -- >> charged him with fraud. >> let me tell you what we are saying in our court document. melissa: that was fun. sit tight, we have more classic charlie. we reported for months on monday about died hedge fund fcc capital plagued with investigations and the wrath of its top traders. we know how it ended up playing out. there was a deal with the fed and the firm pled guilty to fraud and insider trading. for a long time the fed couldn't pin code in down. it didn't sit at all well with charlie. did they the fund was hit with criminal charges charlie spoke with with bo dietl. leave it to charlie and watch how this went down. >> he takes the you just now. >> say what you want to say.
5:23 pm
just watching this interview with the united states attorney here we go again. all eyes of was circumstantial stuff. one of my detectives went to interview someone and assaulted him and they want to indict me course of? >> of one of your detectives went out and said i might assault someone, just telling you this. >> is that what he did? >> i don't know what he knew but the indictment said people came up to him and told him about high conviction levels and gave him intos that they may be trading on insider trading. if you getting hints from your security guard that he may be knocking someone else, what would you do? >> if i trusted that he wouldn't do it. >> tell him not to do it? >> my point ed, did he learn that or is that -- are you assuming that? i saw circumstantial, if he had something on stephen.
5:24 pm
i worry about these other guys who were convicted and what deals. i know you. >> if a security guard, one of your guys, i hate that is so be. whatever his name is don't do that. answer the question what did steven no. you have a thousand people working for you and got a couple people doing something. >> he might not have known it was inside information but should have gone the extra step. >> it is not criminal. maybe some will stuff is working, maybe that will work as well. >> if you knew someone was ripping someone off. >> my friend steve and knew these guys were getting inside information i believe --
5:25 pm
>> you grew up in queens. are you telling me as you sit here that all these instances where he should have known -- you are a cop. >> i am telling you something right now. wherever he goes in the world he trades his own stock, sitting from 9:00 to 4:00, i can't talk to him, sitting in front of computers -- >> when you were a cop. >> he had these analysts and all that. >> you were a cop. when you were a cop and you saw place, you saw a possible illegal activity was going on, a lot of people getting busted you wouldn't, your sixth fence wouldn't say may be -- >> charlie -- >> it is a nice guy. >> all i see is a guy who is a
5:26 pm
smart businessman who looks at the evaluation of corporations, earnings and losses and all that. he sits in front of the computer -- >> i'm not saying he is a mobster but you busted mobsters. when you went after those guys, you saw criminal activity. >> how much criminal activity happens on 47st street with a guy not paying taxes? this is the person working in the business industry betting on corporations about successful earnings and all that. >> you would have gone for this case. >> i would not. is a circumstantial case. he is a big guy. >> you wouldn't have investigated this? >> investigated but i need a smoking gun for criminal activity, you need more circumstantial land if they bring anything against steven -- melissa: it didn't end there but those were some of the
5:27 pm
highlights. up next on money some more outrageous moments that are well worth watching like a woman i spoke to about a special kind of product placement. the whole thing went to pot. what reporter thinks money laundering is and to interview the romance. if you don't know what i'm talking about don't move because you don't want to miss this one. piles of money coming up. you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪ wow...look at you.
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bause using energy responsibly has never been more important. energy lives here ♪ melissa: things don't go away we expect this item best efforts of the defense planning. this was supposed to be a product placement for pot which in and of itself seems fairly ridiculous but once we started didn't take long before the interview went completely off the rails and. i want to start by bragging about your credit.
5:31 pm
i am told that you are the ones that went out and picked what tom cruise war in risky business. we know what happened in that case, 360,000 pairs of those rate and sold in a few more months. you picked made ryan's glasses that she wore in when harry met sally and seven million of those flew off the shelves so in those cases who is paying you to pick those glasses? how did you benefit from that? >> thank you for having me and i love your book. it depends upon which studio it is. sometimes it will be the studio or prop master or production company and in some cases like risky business those were handled by unique product placements so they brought me into their anti reflective lenses and one of the great things about the law in
5:32 pm
california in those days is you have to be a license of attrition with the state medical board to make any prescription or anti -- melissa: they were not paying you to peddle their product? they just lucked out by virtue of placement? that is amazing. >> they got lucky and the rest is history. melissa: let's move on before we run out of time. what is it you are trying to achieve. those pot have a bad image? don't lots of people wanted? >> the modern-day consumers are women and single moms like me and the number one thing i wanted to accomplish when i cannot of the closet about my cancer is i wanted my children to be a proud of me and not ashamed so i started developing products, developing vaporizers and other products. usually when you see cannabis in the movie is through a bond or something. melissa: you are saying the
5:33 pm
majority of users are single moms? what are you saying? >> i am a spokesperson for moms for marijuana and there are eighty million women across the country and across the world which literally looking to enhance their lives. in the 60s, valium, back in the day. today women like me instead of using a glass of wine at the end of the they were using alcohol can this is much safer and there are no calories and it's less harmful than alcohol or tobacco so what makes me a better mom when i come home from a long day and live the coming home from a long day is they use cannabis through a vaporizer like this the we make and manufacture and relax. melissa: there may be people yelling at the television and disagreeing with what you had to say but that is not the point of the segments of we won't tackle that. what we are talking about is how you are moving to get this in movies.
5:34 pm
have you had pushed back from people who don't agree with your point of view? they want moms to be high when taking care of their kids and we don't want this image on tv and in movies and you are actively being paid and working hard to get this image into movies? you must get a lot of angry mail or i don't know. >> believe it or not actually cannabis approval ratings are at all-time high. check cnn or even fox business you will see when people see cannabis, here is medicated chocolate or products with cannabis it is not the old school dirty bonds and joints with homeless people in the alleyway. today's modern canada's consumer are women like me who work in the corporate world and our highly educated and what happens is people coming out of the closet and a lifestyle choice so when they do television i get thousands of e-mails from within and men that's a thank you so
5:35 pm
much for allowing me to have the empowerment to come out of the closet about my canada's use. melissa: we will get a lot of e-mails about this one. we appreciate your time. we did get quite a reaction from that interview. you have to admit you couldn't stop watching it, could you? if you really want to watch crazy the next segment is an absolute must see. at shapiro, tackling a hard-hitting interview about hot waste lollipops. we landed the founder of the business and from the first question we knew this would be something special. >> you were calling me the romance and spreading of around the country. >> t h c is the chemical in marijuana that gets you high. it says the h c. >> 100%. >> 0.3 of the content of t h c.
5:36 pm
maryland has 2% to 20%. i don't think this would get you high. >> at 30%, you have phil: which is the government issued strand, the tse content is 28%. you have strands, girl scout cookie, 30%. >> t h c is a controlled substance. hard to believe the nypd is interesting you because that would be illegal. >> exactly. in states where marijuana is illegal use 100% camp. >> because it does not have the same t h c content but where it is legal how is that? >> business is super. illegal states and legal states whether it is hemmed or anything else business is wonderful. >> what reaction do you get when people see the weed world truck?
5:37 pm
these things stand out. >> people get excited. we make a lot of people -- some people tend to say we are selling marijuana and can't you do something about it? >> are you franchising? how much are you making? you have a hummer so i assume you are doing well. >> we have several others and a couple dozen vehicles across the country. we are starring a franchise two weeks ago. >> how much to buy into your franchise? >> 100 k. >> all the best to you. we appreciate it but real quick you have all these vehicles. how much are you grossing nationwide? >> i will let my lawyer get in touch with you. melissa: i love how you stand there in front of the cops talking the not hot lollipops' that on the money question he says he will let his lawyer answered that. got to love the irony.
5:38 pm
next on money who recall the financial shots in your home? we dug in to get the real truth and found out married couples are not just divided on their answer, they might as well be in parallel universes. is one of the liveliest panels we ever had on the show. as soon as we heard dogs have their own tv channel we had to do it k-9 focus group on the set. we went barking up the wrong tree. stick around. it is all about money. hi honey, did you get e toaster cozy?
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melissa: as you know we have conversations on monday to get realistic engage on what we read here in the news and the new study was released about who actually make the financial decisions between married couples. we jumped right into the fray with our favorite guests,
5:42 pm
charles payne, kenny, watch and learn. what i love about this is for example when men were asked are you the primary financial decisionsmaker 69% of them said yes but only 13% of them, thousands agreed with them. there's a little bit of a disconnect there. we see time and again in this study they asked you in charge of making the decisions, person said yes and their spouse said i don't think so. what do you think of that? >> my wife and i make every decision 50/50. >> come john! >> my name is not tony, it is ward cleaver. we are the perfect american family. these statistics that have come out of this polk not shock me at all. there's the natural oppositional relationship between spouses. when the husband thinks something the white think the opposite and when the white thing something doesn't think the opposite. why should it be any different
5:43 pm
but we know the makes the big decisions in the house and it is definitely the women. melissa: who makes his decision? >> my husband was like it is a cool topic. you may call the financial decisions. on what planet? i don't make any of the decisions. no i don't. melissa: no one is in charge. absolutely no one is driving the ship. i am worried for your finances. i you in charge? charles: i think a good wife will somehow figure out a way to have a husband think he is in charge when she is really in charge which is why you have the difference in that. i don't know how they'd do it but the white and kids are typically in charge but you could switch to a little bit and say who makes the financial decisions and to make the spending decisions. when it comes to spending money my wife is in charge. melissa: she does the purchases and you are planning for the future? is that what you are saying?
5:44 pm
charles: i feel like i am planning for the future. i feel like i am planning for the future but she -- she has a direct relationship with ups and fedex. everytime i come home i trip over a box. occasionally -- melissa: i hear the credit card going right now. >> it looks a little bit like ups delivery. charles: what percentage is your husband's? >> i acquire every one. if it wasn't for me everyone in my house would be walking around naked. i am of the one constantly, who has a swimsuit for this? if i wasn't out purchasing people would have nothing, we wouldn't have any food. >> that is what my wife says, she makes the decisions because she is thinking of everybody equally.
5:45 pm
i am thinking about myself and. men have one major thing they should worry about and that is what i worry about. feed the beast, bring home the money. but your wife -- >> wait a second. >> it is lifestyle. >> bring home the bacon. charles: lucky he is not in the studio. >> i think so. what do you think about that? >> my mom was the primary breadwinner. i am one of the primary breadwinners in my family. webinar 54% of the work force. >> i am not saying you are not. in those households it is fantastic. my wife went back to work and that is gray. i'm not saying women should work. i am saying the men who worry about their financial role i would focus more on delivering the goods. >> let's take it one step
5:46 pm
further. what does it mean? you are always giving investment advice and trying to help people grow their nest egg larger. if people like tony view the women as the spenders and the men which is kind of what you said too that is not necessarily good for growing your nest egg into the future. maybe we need to be on the same page. charles: we should be on the same page. i have a friend, an older guy, when he got married he said at the wedding they collected money from every one. like a new york kind of thing. the guy in the look and said hand it over, stupid. he realized he didn't get married, he got a supervisor. my point is someone has to be in charge no matter who it is and i do think the role has shifted the lot over the last couple decades. melissa: what about a family meeting to make sure you are on
5:47 pm
the same page? charles: can't get the white and kids together. when they get something together they are unstoppable. >> i don't know if we fix the problem but thank you to all three of you. you are in trouble. melissa: tony went home with flowers that night. coming up on monday, when you have dogs on the set things are about to go haywire. wait until you see what happens when we try to do a focus group on dog tv. twitter dared me to explore stuart varney's that and i answered. want to know what stuart varney looks like when he has no idea what is happening around him? keep watching. you can never have too much money. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "fumbling around with rotating categories" card. it's not the etting blindsided by limits" card.
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is you haven't heard one company is hauling in 2014 he said. dog tv is a new channel designed for man's best friend. the channel isn't free so can the company fetch the fees it needs from pet owners? we brought some special guests to help us take a look. we have a special focus group testing it out as we speak. aren't they cute? joining me now is dog tv founder and chief content officer ron levy. your chief content officer. how do you decide what dogs want to watch? >> that is, high. melissa: really fired up. >> that is our audience next to you. it is all based on studies. so many different studies about how dogs see, how dogs here, what dogs need and what we did is put everything together and created the right content for dogs according to what we know.
5:52 pm
they see different colors that we do, hear differently than we do so we put it together and create the right programming for dogs. melissa: researchers say dogs when we are at work are at home sleeping so why would most people hate? pricing is $9.99 for a month, $29.99 for a year, $69.99, if the dog would be sleeping if not watching tv why would people pay for that? >> the price is for online and directv only $4.99 a month, it is much cheaper. dogs sleep a lot, most of the day and because of their hearing every ambulance passing by is very noisy for them, every door bell is noisy. we give them the right environment to relax and feel good and comfortable when they are home all day but also try to stimulate them so they feel playful during the day. the content is relaxation, stimulation, and an exposure contents which is good for their
5:53 pm
education. melissa: dogs, taking the shot of them, they have not bothered to look at dog tv the entire time they are here but they're more fascinated with what is going on in the studio. what is the difference for dogs between watching on tv and if you just left the regular tv on? >> so many people leave the tv on without dog tv on because it is a recommendation by the humane society. leave your tv on, it is better for them but a lot of animal channels or different channels, even this great channel wasn't designed for dogs. there are scary animals, commercial breaks, loud talking, not for a dog. what we did is create everything, every frame on it and every sound is for dogs and the way they see the world is different than us. melissa: there are not adds. the entire way you will support this is not through advertising but subscription? do you think you can get enough people and how is it going so
5:54 pm
far? >> we are in a preview so you can get it for free. it will be $4.99, only subscription, the platooning and we hope for the best. we will have to wait and see. melissa: you design the content. how often can you rerun stuff? do you have to keep it fresh or can you have the same hour play on a loop? how do they know it is a rerun? >> great question based on science. there is research about the memory of a dog and if the dog saw something more than two or three times you start to recognize he already saw that so we try to be fresh and new, new programming leach segment has three times a month. melissa: that is a lot of content. thank you so much. that is a lot of content. may sound crazy to some of you watching. i would buy for my dogs to watch
5:55 pm
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>> ascii into shall receive not many things surprise stuart varney but eight twitter ambush? stuart varney had you been watching twitter? i am here to restore your set.yo you don't know what i am i talking about? role of the tape. >> the all-star game at city feel they would rush the field taking palpi security guards he did it because he
5:59 pm
treated if he had 1,000 tweet said he would stormed the fieldil if i get 1,000 retweets i will run on two stuart varney is set in the middle of his show.>> f what? >> i am here. thank you for the retweets. cheers. i am taking over. i am here forever. i am just kidding. [laughter] still we're did not thinkve that was funny your fans have spoken to. >> this is a complete surprise. >> you look shocked. >> i thought you may have been warda but you have been busy working on the up a grassy. >> you can store and this set any dates that you would like. >> he is a good sport not even pressing charges. now have to figure out my next target.
6:00 pm
have to agree on the day. though willis report is next. gerri: hello. i am gerri lewis -- gerri bolus to a special edition over the next hour we bring the user's guide to holiday shopping to downloading the best holiday apps all hour-long to the consumer the christmas shopping season is to kick off on black friday but many retailers started to open the doors today. we'll have more coming up the revenge of brick and mortar online retailers


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