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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 29, 2013 9:20am-11:01am EST

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government is not good with technology, are you buying that one? >> correct, the government is not known for being inefficient, why are we giving the health care policy and deciding the temperature is too high or not? it makes us wonder going forward, what else are they going to do to screw this up. there are questions on the website whether or not our personal information is going to be released and we don't know anything, necessarily and hence, why you're seeing the democrats repeal this-- >> and the democrats are pushing for repeal of the entire law? >> you're starting to hear that them, we've got to do something, because you realize we're going into a reelection year for a lot of them. the last thing they want. and the numbers this past week that say, literally democrats are in trouble and president obama's numbers are in trouble and the demographics, women and
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hispanics. charles: and the version-- hispanic version. >> and why are we putting that up in they can have the engli english-- >> and the obviously ego from the white house, that supersedes everything. and said that october first, it doesn't have to be ready, but the president wanted it ready and circumvented the best ways to get there so we don't get cgi from canada. and isn't it crazy the self-imposed deadlines. the americans people aren't saying give us time, give us the date. and i wonder what genius is saying december 1st it's going to be ready and what's interesting the administration saying maybe, you don't want to
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get on december 1st. to be honest with you, with all the of the fun things that the president does with facebook and amazon, you think you would have called and said help me with the website. charles: that goes back to ego and ideology. i think all the obamacare website while it's embarrassing it masks a bigger issue, the law itself and some of the things we're learning from it are outright frightening. >> you look at it. and what exactly in the bill? and nancy pelosi said, we need to pass it to know what's in it. you can't read it unless you have a lot of time. >> you're losing-- and making limited choices. here is what else we're talking
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about today. one, it could be the next pandemic, more and more superbugs becoming resistant to antibiotics. are doctors to blame for this? we'll ask one. dr. segal is next. bill gates says if you donate to the arts, you're avoiding real charity, saying it's immoral to give money to museums instead of medical causes. and one football coach said never punt, always go to are two and on-side kicks and always works. we've got this guy and we'll have that for you at 10:35. right now though, markets are going to open today. it's a short trading session, but the sessions have been phenomenal in the past and the market keeps going up. it's been big, big, big. we've got it coming for you. opening bell is next. ♪
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>> all right. well, we're just one minute away from the opening bell and let's bring in scott shellady from chicago. you know, we've got a short day, block friday and typically huge for the markets. what are you hearing? >> well, you know what? this is an extra special day, it's a short day, it's a black friday and the month. so things are going to stay supportive, there's a one trader who told me, never sell a quiet market and they're going to slowly, but surely grind higher and that's pretty much on the cards for this morning.
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charles: you know, scott, listen, every day that the market goes higher more and more skeptics come out of the woodwork and some of them are nonsense, but there are legitimate reasons to be worried and one thing that we're seeing is that margin interest is exploding to the upside and more me it's interesting. i don't see the volume there, but obviously, if there's a lot of borrowing and that's sort of worrisome, isn't it? >> that can be worrisome and those types of signals do tend to tell us that there's going to be a short-term top to the market. list listen, we've got a global central bank race, we are going to get help from europe and china, more in 2014 than this year and we see that it stalls and global will give us the next leg higher. at some point it's going it end, but not yet. >> so with people watching the show, they're torn and a lot of people are torn, they have missed the rally and how much is left, hearing the doom and gloom. if your opinion we sort of ride
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this wave? trying to predict the top is silly. >> if you would have bought every top since 1929, you would have-- >> not bottom, every top? >> every top since 1929 you'd be very wealthy, the tops are very, very low from where we are right now. keep in mind you want to stay invested, but slowly by surely over time don't want to put all your capital in at once and it's been proven if you think you're going to try to time the market probably you're going to lose. have a plan that's diversified, but on a monthly basis you, want to stay invested. >> on the floor, you guys are considered as a conduit, if you will. you know what's happening before anybody else, what does have you worried? you sound pretty sanguine right now. >> what we're worried about, we think the feds have themselves in a corner and how are they going to get out of it. they're continuing to print. what if the numbers get worse before they get better? is there going to be more
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printing? is that 10-year yield going to force the fed to do something earlier than later and something they don't want to do? >> and scott, you've helped us out a lot this morning and happy thanksgiving, right now, you hear it, that's the opening bell and let's check the big board, all indications are we should open higher. there it is, up 7 points at 7.83, we probably will trend higher for most of the session. a short session, but it could be an exciting session. speaking of exciting, black friday, we know that shoppers have been lining up at stores. how are the big retailers doing this morning? we'll find out. let's start with target. >> target is looking higher 64.79. reported strong thanksgiving day sales and on-line sales, the highest they've seen in a single day and booked twice as many as last year.
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charles: nothing on the brick and mortar side? >> i didn't read so much on that part, i told you that, on-line sales and traffic, oh, yeah, you're right. i didn't see about the inside of the stores and focused on wal-mart and can't wait to get to it. charles: let's talk about wal-mart. >> yeah, let's talk about wal-mart. so, wal-mart is higher and when i'm looking at wal-mart, wal-mart launched, obviously, all the deals and such. do you know they had more than 10 million registered transactions in the stores between 6 and 10 and then how many on-line? 400 million page views on the website. so, so far, looking good. >> wow. that's actually equivalent to a gazillion years on the obamacare website, couldn't help it. >> wal-mart is at a new high. charles: people aren't just headed to stores today. it's all about on-line retail and amazon not letting the
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brick and mortar steal the shows here, pushing out big sales all day long and we've got to check out the stock, up another $1.61. 290 looking phenomenal and let's check the market and trading for about a minute or so and check the big board and this is where the dow is right now. look at that, 16,116. we're tell over 16,000 and the momentum continues. now, this story from the wall street journal. something about the rally though doesn't seem right to a lot of people for a lot of reasons. one, the latest investor intelligence poll. they've put out the percentage at baird, the lowest of 1987. and the margin is the percentage of gdp is nearing a historic high. a frothy market. john, you've been at this a long time and it's the cold thing when everyone gets giddy,
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it's almost time to get out. are they yellow or fred fla red flags. >> they're yellow and money goes where it's rewarded and right now the market is where it's rewarded. you have the oil prices coming down and real estate is sluggish, there are no yields out there except for a few stocks that have a decent dividend. so the only place to make money is in the market so you have a liquidity push in the market plus with what the fed is doing. it looks likes they're going to continue this until almost 2017. i think you'll see a fed-fueled rally in the market for the forseeable future. charles: all right, you ride the wave as long as you can ride it and conscious of the fact, maybe it's frothy and old joke, the shoe shine boy theory is there, the little guy is there and so if you're going to ride the wave, help out with a couple of stock picks. >> tech had an incredible run,
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since marisa mayer took over yahoo!. and microsoft is up 40%, what they do with mullaly is a very big deal and facebook doubled from its lows and i like certain acquisition targets and vodafone will probably be acquired, if not, the mere rumor of that acquisition will probably push these stocks higher. charles: it's so interesting because wednesday a lot of rumors starting to pick up. if there's one area that's a rally that hasn't been big yet which is interesting. i tell you what's big, john, bitcoin. they've needled me, 1200. at one point bitcoin was worth more than gold. and what's your abouten? >> it's probably the future, you never know exactly what's going to happen. what's the difference between this fiat currency and the u.s. dollar. we say the u.s. dollar is worth a dollar, what is bitcoin?
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it's a 500 billion dollar market and you'll have western union could get hurt on this. it's going to take a long time for this to happen. this needs to be regulated as any other currency and people are talking about the hidden web, the deep web, up to 30% of the web, the bitcoin, this is just another currency out there and i think it probably survives. i don't know where the valuation goes, it's a total guess eyou would say that the acceptance of bitcoin, the rapid acceptance at the same team is an indictment against not just the fiat currency in general, but the u.s. dollar in particular? people are saying we think that the u.s. dollar is flawed, and at some point it's worthless. >> i think that people want to be involved in something that has no government ties and i think that has a lot to do with it. there's no doubt about it, people are going to bitcoin probably as a safe haven and you say it deserves-- not you, but a lot of people do, i don't know what a premium
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is, i don't think anybody knows exactly what the stock is worth. people are able to trade this stock, this coin, this currency, pretty much the anonymously, which lends itself to this coin going up in value. i don't know where the true value is, i don't think anybody does. i think you need widespread adoption on this thing, which is what it looks like we're getting worldwide before you start seeing the fluctuation subside. >> i've got to tell you something, it's an amazing story and to me, it's an amazing cautionary tale for what's going on around the world. to your point, whether you believe it or not, it's an indictment against fiat currency and more and more people rather do it this way than they have green backs and other currency. >> i'm jealous when i see the back drop, a while since i've been that way. what did you do for thanksgiving? >> we had a thanksgiving meal and fortunately my cowboys somehow found a way to win so potentially, actually a pretty good day. charles: and i thought you had
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turkey and cod fish or something like that? >> it's a british island so there's a lot of strange food if you're an american. charles: take it easy, buddy, have a great weekend. >> you, too, charles. charles: the question for you, is there such a thing as bad giving? bill gates thinks so, he questions why anyone would donate to museums when the diseases. and he says we're going to donate to museums and blind them. >> i think it's a bad comment for him to make. we need billion in anything, billions of dollars or just hundreds of dollars, you need balance and without educating people what is mainly what the arts and museums do, all you're doing is basically healing them, but not telling them what to do and how to make a better life for themselves. charles: i guess what he's saying though, it's a van gogh,
9:38 am
it's a van gogh, so what? you could have taken that money and saved people, he's not saying it's bad giving, he's saying so bad, you're an indirectly responsible for the deaths of people, people you never met, but in other parts of the world that you could have saved. >> i love it and now it's compassionate charity, compassionate capitalism is what we're looking at because people feel guilty for giving regardless where they're giving to. the cliche, give a man a fish and feed him for a day. teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime. >> where does the van gogh come into this. >> it's an inspiration and changing a mindset and there's something outside of their bubble they need to achieve and work for. i'm all for giving to health issues and those types of charities, but i think we need a healthy balance and if we sit there one hand and say we're going to raise taxes for
9:39 am
division, as he's promoted, saying government should pay for education, why should a private business work as well? >> the idea is there's bad giving and good giving. kind of nuts. i want to give back to nicole, priceline a juggernaut. >> amazing as you continue to watch priceline which has been soaring, right now it's up another 1% approaching that $1200 mark. this year it's up over 90%. you may remember a couple of things that were monumental for priceline, you had the change of the ceo and goldman sachs adding it to the conviction buy list and raised their price target from 1260 up. and why they do that, european recovery, number one. mobile traffic growth is something else that they expected and also gaining market share in the u.s. so, those are three reasons they continue to love priceline, a new high here. >> looking phenomenal, but not as good as you. nicole: inks that, charles.
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>> a market check here, you can see the dow up 50 points and it's rocking. it's not unusual for a black friday session to be on the upside and we have big time momentum and now let's take a
9:45 am
look at the morning gold report. obviously it's a different story which is interesting, if the fed is pumping the market, how come it hasn't pumped gold. it's up today 1251. and crowd oil maybe found the bottom north of 90, 92.94. the mobs the pepper spray, the arrests, but with more people shopping on-line, does black friday matter anymore. and joining the company now, the black friday hype, listen, it's fun and exciting and you know, the on-line stories seems to be the ones capturing the headlines this morning. i think that on-line is going to be superb this year. i don't know if we can call it black friday anymore it starts on thursday. kmart around 6:00. i went to gamestop to try to get a playstation 4 on wednesday and told me they're not there until friday and i said, that means they're there right now. charles: did you grease any
9:46 am
palms? >> i tried. charles: here is what i don't understand. you've got the new george clooney looking, what's up? >> it's national beard month and even matt lauer. >> and i'm not going down that route. the dynamics of retail are changing, rights? >> they are, and we hear about the door buster, and the thing that gets you in the store, but corporations aren't stupid. they're making money out of this and maybe that's a lost lead are for them, but people are spending money and sometimes it's difficult to get the door busters and you know what? if you're in the store you're going to buy something. >> they lure you in. >> yeah, and they do it in advance and sometimes weeks ahead they're raising prices and the discounts are looking-- >> i want another topic. a much bigger story. tensions are raising over disputed islands in the west china sea. and china claiming them because
9:47 am
there's so much oil there. and they sent planes and us and japan sent planes of their own. >> and this is how the policies happen. it's called an air defense identification, and unfortunately, chinese's and japan's overlap each other and everyone is flying military aircraft and wants a foot hold because there are lots of oil. >> u.s. estimates 28 billion, chinese estimates over 200 billion, bottom line, sounds like something worth fighting for. scotty, i'll bring you in. the administration, do you think that the administration has gotten so bold because we have an administration who has no taste for real confrontation? >> 100% and we have to realize, japan, if we were to cut off the raw materials out of japan, their sort of oil, it's going to collapse the economy, they're reliant on it, and the last time we did that they attacked pearl harbor in history and this is important to them.
9:48 am
>> it is important to them and what concerns me, you've got a lot of military aircraft close together and this is where mistakes happen. and a lot of this could end up falling on the back of some lone pilot out there who unfortunately might be forced to make a mistake. charles: i think a lot of people don't realize after world war ii, whjapan and germany-- and abby was elected to bring back the samurai spirit and get rid of i think article 9 the passivist part and rebuilding the military and we could look at an arms race in asia that would make the one in middle east look like nothing. >> that could happen and japan is maintaining the assets. and the president in japan is trying for economic reform and instill a sense of national pride and this has been done to placate the hard liners, i think. >> how do we connect the dots
9:49 am
back to where we are right now? i think the idea of bringing up pearl harbor is interesting because eventually this ends up on our doorstep. we did fly as a show of strength. >> we've been flying there for some time and we'll do it again and what the chinese are asking is that u.s. military file flight plans with china. that ain't going to happen, filing the flight plan to go through that air defense zone. i think in the end, what this is going to come down to is everybody is positioning themselves for negotiations and there's going to be a negotiation about this area of the world and everybody wants a seat at the table. >> and i've got to tell you and it's not by the way just china and japan, a lot of islands and countries, and one of the top officials in the philippines would like to see japan rearm, and imagine that, all the atrocities that japan committed against the philippines, for them to want to have weapons, i hope that the negotiations-- >> all right, my man, looking
9:50 am
good. >> thank you. charles: talk to you soon. iron mike, you know big iron mike, he was a huge supporter of obamacare and now he's changing his tune and you're not going to believe what he's going to say about the president's signature health care law next. you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪
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>> another celebrity supporter of obamacare is having second thoughts how the president's signature health care law is working. mike tyson says it needs to come to the reality that it didn't work. this begs the question, scotty, does it come time admit to make a mistake. >> it's sad that a man punched in the head over and over and over again is making more sense than obama and the democrats in congress. he says scrap it all and start from the beginning. when he did the original interview in 2012 he says this is giving people hope and inspiration. we can give people hope and inspiration without bankrupting country. this man who knows health care pretty well is getting scared.
9:55 am
and it begs the question why the administration is sticking to it. charles: although with mike tyson and some suggest he went on there and there was nothing for tattoo removal. >> i'm sure a loophole. >> you can't get can treatment, but your tattoo removed. charles: but in this case probably can't get either one. they are he a telling people the site is going to be ready and we don't want you to go to it. >> please slow down and don't go to there on monday, but go to amazon and check out the black friday deals. the obamacare website is broken and the president says it will be fibsed tomorrow. the clock is running. if it's not up and running will it spell doom for the whole thing and the president's health care law? we've got another hour of "varney & company" next. ♪
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>> welcome to the second hour of "varney & company" i'm charles payne in for stuart. and the obamacare train wreck keeps rolling on. the president's approval hits a historic low in a key swing state. and black friday, and we posed the question, does black friday mean anything anymore and bill gates says that donating to the arts is immoral, and that giving money to museums means that people will staffer. and hanukkah, we have 100,000 men moras, relics that last
10:00 am
generations. you want to see that. here we go, another hour of "varney & company" coming at you. all right. looking at the big board, the dow is chugging along up another 54 points and looking fantastic. speaking of fantastic. david asman is here and is going to be with us for the entire hour and the markets keep going up, david. according to the wall street journal though, there's a report that there's something about the rally that doesn't feel right. they talked in part about the high margin interest. people borrowing money, usually not a good sign and some of the other signs out there? >> and you and i have talked about this a lot. you don't want to be so critical of the market rally and miss out on good bets and we get individual stocks that are doing well. and the big question, maybe you have an answer, the market. charles: 283. >> all right, 283. and you anticipated my
10:01 am
question. charles: if you're asking how many licks to the center of a lollipop? >> if the market is not in a particular bubble, why was it so undervalued for so long? we knew that ben bernanke would be printing out money for a while and why didn't the rally begin before november of last year? >> it did. and-- >> not the rally where it was going up an average of 20, 30% a year. >> the rally, there's an old saying in the stock market that new highs beget new highs and new lows beget new lows. >> there's a momentum. and you can't go ahead of the momentum. it's a question, i don't know whether it's ahead of itself and it feels like it is, what do you say? you're right. it feels that way, but that's why you've got to do the work. i mean, listen, with tesla overvalued at $200. >> yes. >> it doesn't-- >> was it undervalued at 100? >> when the ceo of a company buys a million dollars of its stock at any price, i like to
10:02 am
jumpen 0 the band wagon. >> and elon musk-- >> in case case may be it's the contacts to the government. charles: here is the thing though, you've been critical of the rally and at some point, do you think that just looking back, not just over the last year, when we started the rally, would it have been better for people to get in the market and when the top comes it comes? >> i would give the folks the same requirements as i have. as a media guy who is not allowed to sell stocks within a six month period. if i buy a stock i have to hold onto it for six months. i put it out for you folks, do you believe this rally will be as high or higher six months from now as it is now. it's my requirement and i think it's a good requirement. charles: the better one, will it be higher ten years from now or lower. no, no. >> well, just at six months. charles: that's how people don't make money and millions-- >> charles, when you're as old as i am, you're going to be
10:03 am
dead in ten. charles: we'll get to nicole and the stock. >> we'll talk about it and hopefully i'm long-term. we'll take a look at amazon, and a new high. 392.46. last week, you may remember they launched their black friday every ten minutes sales. last friday night. and this sunday night they're trying to get a jump on cyber monday. the stock is soaring and every ten minutes, a new kind of big deal at amazon. >> it's amazing. we talk about amazon and the googles, there was a time when ebay used to trade in tandem with them. >> that's definitely the case today. at 50.60 a share. a gain. and it's doing great today. it's actually a leader in the s&p 500, it's number two out of
10:04 am
the 500 so that's a great run today. charles: the last week of november the same-store sales were up over 30%, maybe they're turning the corner. we'll see. there's a new pole showing barack obama's ratings, hitting an all-time low. and the president's approval rating is the lowest poll in the history, nationally or for any for that party. start with this. the roosters have come home to roose? >> well, not only as low as it's been, but i think you've got to look for it to go lower. what the president is going to do, he's realized he's lost the momentum on health what he's going to focus on are the green programs, and we've seen how well they've worked out-- >> he's said he is and that's-- >> that was supposed to be next, immigration. >> i think that immigration is such a pretzel and they're trying to unravel it without breaking it is going to be impossible. he with a nts --
10:05 am
he wants to focus on what he has control of. with the epa and the administrative offices he can control 100%, he's going to focus on greener-- >> how does that help his poll? >> i don't think it does. >> how does it help the democrats? >> i don't think it does, but they're living inside a bubble in their own mind and we were talking about that before, when you go to washington and see how insular it is. the real estate has never done bad there, and the restaurants are full and everyone is driving around in fancy cars and they don't believe what's going on outside the capital, it's like the hunger games. >> and in illinois, his popularity from 50 to 46%, a state two years ago he won by 17%. they are definitely in trouble there. if he's in trouble in illinois, then that just shows, arguing for the rest of the contenders around the country.
10:06 am
charles: let's bring it-- this is a wonderful set you know why? we've got the spectrum of the right, the libertarian, david, put you in that category, a little bit. >> little bit. . charles: the tea party a lot of bit and traditional-- >> careful. charles: and here is the question, right, the 2013 elections, 14 elections coming up and obamacare, obviously, is the gift that is just the most amazing gift in the world, but how do you take advantage of it with three distinct voices chiming in at the same time? >> obamacare failed and it's a disaster for the president and he's done so well politically. with the policies and seeing what's going on, he can't hide from it, people are hurting from obamacare, they hate it and don't like it. charles: we've got that much. how do republicans take advantage? do we go traditional and follow the tea party or the libertarians? >> we jump on obamacare and tell what a failure it is and
10:07 am
ohio and beating hillary clinton already. a lot of times the tea party folks don't like christie because they think he's not far enough to the right, howeverings, he's very strong and differences from what romney was. in ohio the romney campaign was not good in ohio and christie, his folks are doing well there. charles: speaking of obamacare, nobody stood up to it like ted cruz did. >> it's one thing putting christie into states that might never win again-- >> do you think at that christie will win text extext? >> yes, the problem is you can't, moderate moderate-- >> you don't know that and you're comparing him to romney, plainly a different candidate. chris christie is a force to be reckoned with. if you have democrats pushing chris christie as our main
10:08 am
contender-- >> we don't know where you're putting this. charles: can i say one thing here, the reason i'm not a republican, is because of the fact that too many, there are too many special interests that have their claws in both parties right now. it's the people that go against the special interests that are going to win in 2014. charles: don't go anywhere, we're going to be back on this. we brought you this story in the last hour and i want to talk about this. bill gates is saying giving money to museums, donating to the arts, when you're doing this, you're letting people staffer. the idea that there's a good giving versus a bad giving? >> first of all, it's a pie if i get more of it, you get less. if that's the case, his having the fancy houses and fancy cars that he has are making people staffer. he's entitled to buy whatever he wants to buy and he does a lot of buying. i'd live to see how much his american express well is every year, probably in the millions. charles: no doubt that-- >> he's responsible for starving people by that philosophy.
10:09 am
>> he should give every nickel he has. the point is, you're not poor because i'm rich. that's not the way the economics works. that's the way it works in a closed system like a soviet system, but not an open free market. charles: and where do you come down on the notion there's a good giving and bad giving, by the way, not bad giving, but if you don't give to the right cause, you're creating for other people. >> and he has no right to tell americans where to spend, whether it's clothes and gambling or-- ments you should be able to give whatever you want to. buying a van gogh and giving to a museum is helping the global society than finding for malaria-- >> being american and giving to arts, i personally like arts and it's good that we have museums and only the wealthy people are going to be able to give to the arts. the arts suffer and some
10:10 am
think-- >> listen, we have a fox business news alert here. we've got the tea party and traditional republicans, i think, finally on the same page on something. >> we can agree with that and we have to look forward-- look at haiti, for generations people have been doing mission chicksens and food and yet, continue to have a deplorable society, the reason being there's a corrupt government and not teaching people how to actually work for themselves and improve their own economy. you're keeping them reliant on giving. >> by the way, look how well the haitians do here. one of the richest immigrant groups in the country because when they get a free market, they operate well. >> absolutely. it's ironic we're having a conversation in detroit, the one percenters who created the museum, donated the art maybe a billion dollars for that art and help bring that city out. and let's go to nicole with everyone's favorite stock, apple, used to be and is it today? >> let's take a look at apple, an exciting stock to watch.
10:11 am
so many people own it straight out in funds and the like and hovering around the 550 moark, it's a big deal. this is a $700 stock and we saw it below 400. and the judge in california dismissed a consumer lawsuit over data privacy and that's one piece of good news for them today and certainly one. and it's moved into the green finally this month. finally pushed into the green for the year, right? it's so underperforming, the major market averages, i mean, just a couple of percent higher for 2013. charles: i've got to tell you, it's so cheap in every way you can measure a stock in traditional metrics. >> yeah, it's kids day today. every kid here probably wants some apple product for the holidays. >> and their parents. all right. >> and parents, too. >> see you. hey, this is the busiest shopping day, at least one by the year and mobs of black friday shoppers.
10:12 am
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>> all right. so long lines and chaos on
10:15 am
black friday, that's not new. but does black friday matter, with stores opening on thanksgiving and customer trend watching, a lot of people saying black friday doesn't matter anymore. i don't necessarily believe that. >> who is saying it doesn't matter? it completely matters. >> the guy who wrote the teleprompter. >> 20% of retailers get annual revenues come from black friday and not necessarily that day, but for the entire weekend. >> this is for the year. 20% of what they make for the year. >> annual revenues come from the in exfour days, so, that's a lot. when you think about that, the 20% of the revenues from the four shopping days. charles: the on-line aspect of it, now, this year for me, watching the market, it's been the brick and mortar, and best buy threw the roof. gamestop through the roof. have these guys found a way to make them co-exist, it didn't have to be on-line versus brick and mortar, but together? >> if you listened to the last
10:16 am
couple earnings call of best buy as well as gamestop they were spending cap x developing the on-line business and what they need to do. they need to go up against the juggernaut of amazon and try and take away that market share. and while people may fight and say they're not going to be able to do it. they'll give it a run for their money. >> one equalizer is the taxes. if amazon has to pay more and more taxes, that takes away a big amount of leverage, doesn't it? >> yes and no, taxes are definitely an issue, but what is happening with amazon is that they have such customer loyalty, we have a brand loyalty and what they're trying to develop is that they want to be the location that everyone gets everything at. >> by the way, they also have a deal, i've got to mention quickly. you can join amazon prime and get two-day delivery for a trial period for nothing for a month. in you do it now, you get all of your christmas shopping done and don't have to buy it at the end of the christmas season. and they want to cement that
10:17 am
customer. even if they at some point, the customers have to pay i remember there. >> people purchase and some people say no, you must be in store to do it. i see feedback on twitter and they say that's a lie, i have to be in line at 4 a.m. do you think there will be a pushback on the manipulative advertising? >> some retailers are putting it out there and trying to get the excitement there and some retailers are clear about the policies. >> as a consumer, you've got to read that and the retailers are being very clear. i can definitely see that pushback, depends on the retailers though, if you're seeing the pushback and seeing the unclear information from the smaller retailers, yes, but the larger retailers. >> they used to call that bait and switch or something like that. >> and it's not fair that they do that.
10:18 am
>> and i want to hit you with another topic and you talked about earnings recently, high end stores, tiffany did well and williams and sonoma and at least from the earnings we've seen recently not doing so well. what is that telling us? that's more about the american sales or what? >> i think what we're seeing there is a bar bell effect. we always knew that the consumers, the shoppers that are doing better in the economy, they weren't that worried about their jobs and while a lot of people were 2008 and 2010, when we got to 2011 and forward, show the higher net worth, consumers didn't worry that much and that's why we're seeing them do very well. the lower end, we're also seeing these lower end retailers, if you look at the dollar stores, you're seeing a little bit more, the earnings do a little better on that. woo we're talking about wal-mart and target and seeing the sales slip and you're dealing with
10:19 am
the middle range consumer there. that means again, that customer attrition is going to stores like amazon. >> can i add, is j.c. penney coming back? they're trying. >> they're trying. >> they're trying desperately with a new ad campaign, will they make it or it's a lost cause? >> they are, i think i've always been a strong supporter of j.c. penney, it's a stallwart retailer and i think once they understand who their customer is who they deviated from for a while. and ron johnson tried his best and tried to get a new customer in there and failed and now that they know who their customer is it and focus in on that customer, meaning that customer wants the discounts and build that into the business model, which they have been. we probably are going to start to see-- >> well, i've got to tell you, my clients own a stock from 850 and i hope it's coming back and-- what has you most concerned from what you're seeing overall with the retail picture?
10:20 am
>> i think we're talking about the wal-marts and the targets of the recalled would. for the brick and mortar, the juggernauts, these are the stores that are having the issues when it comes to same-store sales. we looked at wal-mart's earnings and they reported earnings i guess a couple of weeks ago. now, last week, the week before, they reported sinking same-store sales and this is the go time and they need to get the sales up and gives you a picture how that customer is it feeling and that particular wal-mart customer. they're still uneasy about the economy and are freaking out about obamacare. and they don't feel as good about the economy. >> what's amazing is that the profit hasn't gone up in amazon. amazon still has people buying into the stock and they can't squeak a profit. charles: amazon could, they say, if they wanted to, but keep reinvesting in the business and wal-mart-- which is a great idea. charles: i will say, i've had this debate. we're getting a wrap signal.
10:21 am
i've got a beef with target when i get in the store and the shopping cart squeaks and one wheel doesn't work. >> go to costco-- >> pet peeves of charles. forget about the zombie apocalypse that you're worried about. how about drug resistent superbugs, they're killing tens of thousands every year in america alone, but are doctors at fault for creating the public health threat? we've got one of the best, dr. segal, he weighs in next. in today's markets, a lot can happ in a second. with fidelity's guaranteed one-second trade execution, we route your order to up to 75 market centers to look for the best possible price -- maybe even better than you expected. it's all part of our goal to execute your trade in one second.
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>> time now for a check of the market. look at the big board, guys. up 70 points now. hey, maybe 16,200 not far away. you know what else may not be far away. the apocalypse. we're talking drug resistent super bugs that are killing thousands of americans each year. and dr. segal is here. >> charles, i tell you what the problem is, there are many problems and first is that making antibiotics is not profitable from a business point of view because you don't use them every day the way you would use other medications and only need them if you get sick. and doctors are overprescribing antibiotics because people come
10:26 am
in and pressure us, somebody like david asman comes in, i've got a cold, i've got a cold. give me a z-pack, give me a z-pack and doctors capitulate and most of us know that 95% of upper respiratory infections are viral. third problem, the 80% of the antibiotics are given to animals that we're raising, you know, for meat and giving them low doses of antibiotics which breeds resistent bacteria. if a bacteria sees an antibiotic, it tries to survive. well, millions of colonies eventually, the collies survive that are resistent to the antibiotics. fleming said that, who actually discovered penicillin said that back in 1945, alexander fleming when they gave him the nobel prize, he says the future is going to be a problem when we overuse the antibiotics and the apocalypse is now. charles: and what's the solution? thousands of americans are
10:27 am
dying and things can only get worse as it becomes more available for more people? >> well, the centers for disease control came out with a first of its kind report this year that 23,000 people died over the past year from overuse of antibiotics. number one is a bacteria that propagates, when you use too many. stop giving antibiotics to form animals. stop giving antibiotics to david asman. straighten out the record, doc. you know that dr. segal is my doctor. i haven't taken antibiotics in ten years primarily because of the fact that my wife agrees 100% with everything that you were saying. if it was up to me, i probably would, but i don't. we spent a month in the hospital in london because my wife was sick. over there they have nationallized health insurance and they dole out the antibiotics because they don't have enough doctors and that's the danger of what might happen here, right, doctor? >> david, you're totally right.
10:28 am
of course i'm joking and i know you well. >> my wife would have a problem. >> the hospitals are not antiseptic enough and disinfected enough. if you give them unnecessarily in the hospital, they breed like wild. something like the rbug, mrsa, spread from the hospital to the gym. charles: hospitals can be unhealthy. >> do you think the problem lies in the fact that most antibiotics don't have a shelf life. in fact, they can go on and on for months and years and be used and especially with obamacare coming in and people can't go see doctors because they're losing their insurance, don't you think this problem is going to increase as more people are using the stuff from five years ago? >> i actually agree with your point totally about obamacare making this worse and the point about stockpiling. we call it stockpiling. i am so against that and a lot
10:29 am
of my patients say to me, doc, i'm going overseas, give me an antibiotic just in case. i have a problem with the just in case antibiotics because they resurface a year or two later and somebody is auto treating and taking it themselves for what's probably a virus. we've got to cut back on the amount of antibiotics we use, there's no question. we have to incentivize drug companies to come up with new ones. the technology is there. you can get an antibiotic out of an insect, and the companies are not incentives. . charles: we love it when we take doctors to task. have fun where you are, i think you're in detroit. see you next week. >> good to see you, charles. charles: a high school football coach is finding a whole new way to play the game and win the game. the question is can his strategies help you make money?
10:30 am
the story after this. (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price.
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how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ charles: it is black friday. everyone is rushing to the store to cash in on deals done online retailer with a rocking today. amazon up $5, also ebay, november sales started to come
10:34 am
on strong, ebay has a nice session up 3%, $50 per share. we have a high school coach out of little rock, arkansas with radical strategy. never punting. always outside kickstand going for the two point traverse. every time his team seeks to score. they won the state championship three times so obviously it is paying off. kevin kelly, the head coach, academy, joins us now. when this story broke, i don't know why they didn't do this in a pros. was when you had your epiphany. >> in 2003 i took over as head coach and i have been looking at ways to gain advantage within the rules and i look at numbers and statistical reasons to do things rather than dutch or emotion. 2003 i started experimenting with it and in 2007 it kind of
10:35 am
became the dominant way we played the game. charles: what was it you saw in those numbers? every team every time they went to a point conversion, greater percentage of feelings making it, teens were successful with onside kicks, what leaped out at you and you said that was my moment? >> i saw a documentary from a harvard professor. i can't find it now. he studied three years of college games at every level. all the way up to division 1, thousands of games, studied the amount of time they make it on fourth down, calm many yards the ball travels and moves from one end to the other, amount of points per yard line and he came up with the formula and it shows people should power and allow less and almost none. i am a guy who likes to ask why are we doing things so i started asking about things in the program and came to the
10:36 am
conclusion we shouldn't and. not nearly as much. charles: we have someone from tennessee. they have a lot of success in football. nine my time is going to the semifinals. charles: this state championship. >> your program, you are always going forward and showing the hand of a percentage. a you getting pushed back from other coaches whose a wire you going to these? why keep pushing it when everyone else kicks it off? >> the funny thing is when i started doing this i was worried about the media not liking it and making fun of me and the opposite, the media likes it and businesses like it, i speak to businesses across the country but the coaches don't like it. people are traditional in the game of football, they don't like it when you do something but here is the deal.
10:37 am
i honestly feel when we play the game based on my decisions, not returning hunts, gives us a 10% advantage before the game ever starts. if all things are being equal and i have a 10% advantage before we start i will do that and it will help us win. like if you have two planes going to hawaii and one has a 60% chance to make it the other has a 40% chance i will take a 60% chance. >> what of other planes do the same thing? >> i am reluctant to do the things i am doing now because no one is doing it and i have and advantage and i hope they don't start doing it. charles: you turned conventional wisdom on its ear and people like you change the world. i am serious. appreciate your time and continued success. >> i am not trying to change the world, just win some games. charles: happy hanukkah, we have hundreds of thousands of dollars of antique reflects live on set
10:38 am
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charles: department of health and human services signed a contract with hewlett-packard to place verizon, web hosting provider for, critics states, has been a rollout disaster and still happening all over the place. next to the search of a new ceo
10:40 am
of microsoft, attention stuart varney, two candidates are separating themselves from the crowd. alan mulally and microsoft executives also. alan mulally says he will remain a force but also a lot of people think he may shift. looks like the ipad christmas. apple unveiling its black friday deals, 50 to $150, not technically a discount applies to a lot of gifts. shares of apple are up. 5 seconds, 5 minutes. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capil one.
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charles: tonight marks the third night of hanukkah and in honor of holiday week invited jonathan green been to show what is expensive relics. welcome back. you always bring these remarkable pieces with you, we have got away from the set here and we are showing them now. talk us through this. >> we are looking at a peace made in the ukraine, it has two street lamp postings on it and that is the hanukkah lamps. the value is somewhere between one 60 to $240,000. charles: are these going up for auction? >> yes except the hydro lamp which is a little bit to the right. it is shaped like a eight headed
10:43 am
monster. charles: let's talk about the ukrainian peace. it is interesting when you get these articles from places that are not known for large u.s. populations for whatever reason. does that at any distinction or anything to the value? >> good question. once upon a time there were a lot of jews in the ukraine in the 1860-70s and for the most part extremely for. is achieved great success in this country but in the ukraine we were peasants. when you see a giant artistically designed menorah you know it was don't buy an extremely wealthy jew. the reddick leaders has been called the hydra menorah. it was owned by big first hedge
10:44 am
fund guide who decided not to sell a judaic stuff anymore. collectors are not -- charles: just moved on to something else. russian modernism or whenever. >> he put it up for auction. theoretically it is a eight headed hydra from greek mythology. when you think about the holiday of hanukkah is our victory over the greek assyrians 2200 years ago. i am not sure the artist that made this in germany in 1840 had that in mind. >> do you know the history of these? jews in various areas of the world of gone through the programs and stuff, these items have incredible personal history, how they survived. >> very good question that you ask. my instinct is most of the
10:45 am
judaica that came to this country before the wave of the great immigration survived. anything in nazi germany or any part of europe during the eighteenth and nineteenth century pretty much was destroyed for hitler's war monster. he took every piece of silver and judaica and set it down and sold it. charles: the most expensive piece would be the ukrainian piece? >> the lamp with the eight headed monster with the wings would probably sell between 50 to $75,000. charles: our world has gone crazy. just off the chain. we see records every time there is an auction. same for this. >> look at the returns, absolutely. people talk about investing in real estate. when you invest in art not only do you have the return which is incredible but also have something tangible to look at
10:46 am
and use. charles: we have run out of time but next time you come we want you to weigh in on what bill gates said about giving to the museum. high end kitchensmakers have been known for selling premium items, superpremium prices but how about a $5,000 coffeemaker? is anyone buying that stuff? it is next. five tech stocks with more than a 10%... change in after-market trading. ♪ all the tech stocks with a market cap... of at least 50 billion... are up on the day. 12 low-volume stocks... breaking into 52-week highs. earnings plays... 12 low-volume stocks... that recently gapped up. [ male announcer ] now the world is your trading floor. get real-time market scanning wherever you are with the mobile trader app. from td ameritrade.
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>> analysts are warning this holiday season could be the worst since 2009. who is going to buy a $40 spatulate? we are talking a $40 spatula, $650 blender, $5,000 coffee machine. we hear a lot about the 1% but is it that many people who can afford this stuff? >> we carry price points from the one dollar to $5,500. charles: what do you have for $1? >> wooden spoon. charles: multiple stratas. >> really high quality. the high copy machine is emblematic of desperation machine for person who wants to
10:51 am
do something better at home. charles: do you selig as a one up sort of this isl it as a one up sort of this is what rich people have? >> all of the above. you realize this pays for itself in a couple of years. charles: i have one of those espresso machines. it costs $100, $200, and love it. >> it delivers a good quality espresso shop. that is the key. people want to do things better at home. charles: how is business? >> people are cooking and that is a trend that won't stop. think about current events, food, we look at it differently than 10 or 20 years ago. we used to think about natural,
10:52 am
not really grown into being a organic, sustainable. these are things that matter. charles: i agree. things like the food channel help? feels like everyone wants to make something they saw on the food channel, this is gluten free, my mother watches the food channel, my wife what is the food channel and i am eating weird things all the time. >> it is part of that aspiration. i can always internalized, they skip generations and my grandmother was always the cook in the family and was an amazing coat and my mom took a backseat to my grandmother and this generation of my generation is very much wanting be back in the kitchen and deriving vow you from doing that and that is the importance of it. people want to do it recreation
10:53 am
elite. charles: wonderful looking stuff. it is inspirational for me and i hope i can afford it. appreciate it, congratulations. after the break, your take on charity and bill gates next. hi honey, did you get e toaster cozy? yep. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] with n fedex one rate, i could ll a box and ship it r one flat rate. so i kn untilt was full. you'd be crazy not to. is tt nana?
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charles: all morning we have been discussing bill gates's comment on being morally reprehensible to donate to the arts. we ask if you think there's such a thing as bad giving and here is what you say. bad giving is when your money is used for administrative purposes especially bloated salaries and not for the benefits you intended it to be used for. scott as bad giving is when the government froze our money down the drain on useless projects like solyndra or more than $600 million website that
10:56 am
doesn't work. wayne tweets bad giving occurs only when the give her nose the charity is bad. power for reactions. >> the point of government spending if bill gates wants to criticize misplaced giving why doesn't the focus on the $800 billion of the stimulus program? how much of that actually went to helping people and how much was wasted? >> why didn't he say i will give you what i need but i will help set up the web site. charles: wednesday we had the news, everyone getting ready for thanksgiving. i don't know what they will do tomorrow or november 30th. >> they pushed back the deadline, moved the goal post quite a bit. they said it would be tomorrow. the thing that is interesting is
10:57 am
the insurance companies are getting squeezed. maybe that was the intention of obama from the beginning because he wants to go single payer but the payment schedule has been put off for a year, pay on the front end to the consumer but on the back end paying to insurance companies being delayed, they will get squeezed like we haven't seen before. some may go out of business and they are getting some backbone and attacked blue cross blue shield says the good thing about the government exchange isn't the only place to buy health insurance so you have insurance companies -- charles: they were saying let people come to our site and do all the things you are trying to achieve. >> the turkey we are seeing on television, commercials promoting, a marketing campaign again for a failed website that will happen on cybermonday. charles: we don't want you to
10:58 am
come to the site because this is what the new deal is. a lot of people run smoothly, 25,000 and the goal is over the weekend 50,000 so they are promoting it to your point but don't want a lot of people to come because this bad boy will fall apart like a house of cards. >> the issue they have is they can't get premium costs because they don't trust the information on the web site so you have a whole circle of not trust going wrong, can't get a product and they won't get paid for the product. liz: to meet the deadline they have to get by january 1st they have to be enrolling, not just having hits but enrolling 30,000 people would day. they didn't have 30,000 in the entire month of october. it is over. charles: do you think it will really be over? you think fable foldup as a mistake? charles: something will happen politically. >> they know there is an
10:59 am
election coming even though they delayed part of it until after the american elections, the american people's memory is not that short. american voters will vote on the basis of obamacare the administration and democrats have to realize they have to fundamentally change -- charles: from a tea party perspective this rolls back to ted cruz. he can go from public relations go to this amazing -- >> this is why people like chris christie did not stand up to go around, they -- the american people respect the fact that of man for office -- >> there is time for chris christie to take that on and save for all the abuse ted cruz got from john mccain and others he was standing for principal, he was setting the stage. >> the poor will hit chris christie over the head. they call a bluff on it.
11:00 am
charles: you guys were absolutely phenomenal but we will shift to someone else who is phenomenal. i wore the new glasses. dagen: watch neil cavuto on business because i scream at charlie and charlie screens at me. thank you so much, happy thanksgiving. today is your excuse to spend. retail's biggest day of the year, the deals, the rip-off and the brawls on black friday. prices at the pump are the lowest they have been in three years. whether this holiday glee will continue. recognized this cit? the highs will prodigy voted senior celebrity and class caller said to become one of the most influential drivers of the u.s. economy. her driver from someone who knew her back when. how much would you spend it for but facebook's headquarters?


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