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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 30, 2013 4:00am-5:01am EST

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afflicted with serious problems and had not been properly tested. that did not stop him from admitting recently he do nothing about all those problems. >> i was not informed directly the web site would not be working away it was supposed to but i was
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informed there would not say it is great. gerri: jay carney confirmed today to end at henry the president was briefed march this year it contradicts the president and mr. obama statement last week is only the latest example of the administration's seeming propensity to mislead and consistently deceive the public. in fact, he met with insurance industry executives and hhs secretary sebelius april 12th this year just days after burroughs became aware of the mackenzie findings. incident, and there are many more. president obama told americans that they could keep their doctors and insurance if they like them. at least 37 times during the presidential campaign. we now know those statements are untrue and raise questions as to
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whether obamacare could have passed without those presidential intrudes and whether he would have been reelected. the president invoked executive privilege to keep documents that may explain attorney general eric holder's role in operation fast and furious. president obama said he did not know of an irs starting of conservative and tea party groups. in essays by on world leaders, or the department of justice snooping on reporters. the obama administration lied to the american people when they claimed repeatedly that a juvenile video sparked an uprising that led to the death of four americans and benghazi. the president himself implied on troops to the entire united nations general assembly 14 days after a claimed he knew benghazi was a terrorist attack. >> there is that justifies mindless violence. [applause]
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there are no words that excuse the killing of innocents. there is n video that justifies attack on an embassy. lou: on capitol hill, stunning and affirmation about the obamacare website at a hearing of the house energy and commerce committee and today's revelations not good news for the obama administration. the website still not completely built. thirty to 40 percent remain to be built including a critical crucial system for making payments to insurance companies, and it is now not expected to be builds until the beginning of the year. so says cms deputy chief reformation officer henry chow. the administration claims that it did not know or has simply refused to reveal a significant number of details about the disasters rollout that are now only now being discovere by
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congressional inquiry. elements of the national liberal media have begun to awaken to their responsibilities as what starts over a powerful central government. fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel with our report. >> the white house and health and human services officials said a six month morning was in trouble and still could not fix it. >> the administration was on track, on track for disaster, but stubbornly they stayed the course reporting the crimes that all was well and on track right up until the launch on october 1. >> last spring administration officials were warned by outside consulting firm mckinsey and company there were serious concerns about the development of the website, such as there being a single decisionmaker with power and involving requirements from the government during requirement. health and human services secretary, medicare administrator, and white house chief technology officer were some of the senior administration officials briefed
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on the consulting firm red flags >> two weeks before testifying before this committee secretary sibelius was president -- present at an april 14th meeting were experts identified significant threats and risks watching this side on october october 1st. >> upton says sibelius' testimony to the committee on april 18th did not match what was happening behind-the-scenes. >> at this point our energy and resources are focused on getting it up and running, and we're on track to land contracts have been led cmdr monitoring it every step of the way. >> in miami she says she got aboard. >> we are hopeful that the testing we did, and we did some end to end testing would be sufficient. it clearly was not. and on balance we made a decision to move ahead. if i had known then what i know now we approach it woull have made a different call.
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>> either way this report says the white house absolutely knew what was going on and did not tell the president the out to be firing these people today. >> at the white house the president said jay carney never knew the magnitude. >> certainly we never expected. >> reporter: one of the obama administration top information technology officials said he w out of the loop. >> participated in the interviews. >> i was not given a final report. >> zero an e-mail to colleagues in july expressing doubt about the website. i need to feel more confident their wlet crashed a plane and take off regardless of price. he was asked about those concerns today. >> you metacomet, but you did not want this to be a plane crash. >> you are referring to the marriage change. >> survey it did not say everything is going fine, congratulations. must have had a lens that some problems existed.
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>> suggesting that it will not be fully functional by the next deadline, november 30th to more anytime soon. lou: the congressman says -- would sell many of this state which to use the most surprising >> well, i think that the revelation that in fact white
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house officials and secretary sibelius' were informed and were in meetings in april of this year where they were notified that this whole website debacle was going to happen. it was going to crash. all of these problems with it. in fact, there were tested by around that same time in our committee at everything was fine. we saw that the white house knew and secretary sibila is new that this was a ruling on all at the same time that there telling us and the president is telling the american people that it will be like buying a television on amazon. clearly there was a credible misrepresentation and misleading. lou: said to you into the committee, he was aware of the mackenzie report. yet he had never seen the report. >> you know, the "washington post" today this morning and
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said he still had not seen it. so, you know, you just wonder what these people doing. they spend hundreds ofillions, over 500 million in taxpayer money to develop a set that does not work. millions of people getting cancellation notices. the president on the campaign trail time and time again saying if you like you have you can keep it when there are no reports going back to 2010 wn the president clearly knew that people would not be able to keep their health care that they like to read it is really sad when the american people can no longer trust their president. lou: the bureaucracy, whether at fault or the political appointees of this president's, the mackenzie points out, there was not enough internal competency to take on a pject of this massive which should frighten american taxpayers as well, should it not? >> it absolutely should. in fact, in the kinsey report it basically describes chaos within the obama administration,
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literally nobody is in charge, multiple people getting conflicting orders to the contract, selling one person to do one thing as you mentioned, i program computers, road test plans. the programs i wrote actually worked because we tested them. but look at what is going on. the president out there today actually trying to by republicans. you know, those republicans, because they did not like the bill, they don't like my law, that is one of the reasons that this is all failing. the president on this thing. reminds me of that tom petty's song free falling. trying to blame anybody else, but it is of falling on them, and the american people have focused and realize that president is the one he misled them multiple times and for years knew that this would fail and knew that people would lose their health care and yet still went out and told people and look him in the eye and said that it would keep their plan which is why he has no credibility.
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to quote his, i guess, will model, reverend right, the president's chickens are coming home to roost, lou. lou: thank you very much, congressman. obamacare not exactlynspiring confidence in our government. a former top health policy official tells us why we should be focused on the good that will come of a lawn care. thomas scully is a republican, and he is next. ♪ ♪every day is so wonderful ♪then suddenly ♪it's hard to breathe ♪now and then i get insecure ♪from all the pain ♪i'm so ashamed
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would it be ok if i sat here? ♪i am beautiful no matter what they say♪ is she serious? ♪i am beautiful no matter what they say♪ what ver! ♪words can't bring me down♪ new irl! ♪words can't bring me down♪ ♪i am beautiful in every single way♪ ♪yes, words can't bring me down.♪ ♪so don't you bring me down today♪
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♪ lou: our first guest tonight says obamacare is in many ways beck said george h. w. bush, but the problem, as usual, democrats who went overboard on the size and scope of obamacare.
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joining us is tom sculley, former administrator for the centers of medicare and medicaid services during the last wish of restoration. president and ceo of american hospitals representing the nation's 1700 privately owned and managed hospitals and health systems and the general partner. a private equity health care firm. good to have you with us. but let's start with these problems. you are in it hellos to years to figure out what is going on. you have a plan. at this administration seems to be at loggerheads with one another. they cannot quite decide how to respond to what is a failed website and a model that is an economic model that is being challenged to rigorously..3 are they correct to be that concerned? >> it is hard to take a bigger beating of their taking right now. look, then mail a lot of
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mistakes. the current administrator is an old friend ofine. you know, they obviously the screwed up pretty badly. the problem in this bill, i always thought it was n the structure. it is similar. exchange, refundable tax credits . the heritage foundation, the gingrich plan. >> wel how much money you spend. it 15 exchanges. qualify for subsidies. they took a reasonable structure, overregulated it. lou: i appreciate the quickness of your analysis. but slowed down for just a moment. you said 15 percent are eligible
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under obamacare. >> 62 percent of americans. that is my fundamental. any entitlement program. lou: they could enroll in of young people. eighteen to 35. the elder li told release citizens. a complete disaster and will simply capsulize the entire program. >> the back of the old bush plan, the old bob dole plan. sixty-four. so what obama did is three to one. what happens immediately. some 164, magically the young
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people's rates go up and basically overdid it too fast they would have that impact. the overreached on many fronts, and it has come back to bite them. lou: biting them and millions of americans. as many as 50 to 100 million. we know of over 5 million already. in prospect 16 million people will lose their policy. this is now rifle on crisis. looking at the pharmaceutical industry which may lose 30 percent. as much as 30% of its revenue as a result of this botched model and law. your thoughts? >> well, we are in the biggest private equity fund in the whole entire united states. a billion dollars a year of new money. for an investor it is a bonanza.
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once a resource to work, and it will come may will be great for people investing in health care. good econocs. the idea that it will be bad for the health care sector is totally wrong. lou: i understand that money to private equity firms, investors, but speaking as a citizen and looking at what is posing as public policy, you have got to have their on the back of your neck standing straight up and be just as concerned as any other american right now. this piece of nonsense moved into a discussion and abstraction into law. >> i agree. i polled. i was one of the designers and largely in charge of getting party passed.
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a lot of democrats signed off and it was not as controversial. lou: what i hate is without question the lack of judgment, the deception, the misrepresentation, the failure to analyze and understand the public policy that affects one sixth of the economy creating opporunity but it is devastating to those that this aaministration purportedly wanted to help. >> i am a fan of helping loincome pour people get subsidies for the federal government to tax and collect revenues you know, the concept behind this has gotten out of control. that is the fundamental problem. lou: i will leave you with the last word. i hope you'll come back.
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>> thank you so much. lou: thank you for being here. up next, new pictures, eyewitness testimony proving what really happened. joining us here next.
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lou: secretary of state and african president reaching an agreement on a pact to keep u.s. troops in afghanistan beyond 2014. the agreement comes hours before a council of afghan elders is set to consider that deal. adding that he did not as the united states for an apology over civilian casualties as has been reported. here discuss the implications of that deal, fox news middle eastern terrorism analyst. good to have you with this. first, we have benjamin netanyahu meeting with black american saying this deal, the iranian nuclear deal is unacceptable with the spectacle of the united states secretary of state saying the deal is going to be effectively done within hours.
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your reaction to what seems to be an obvious canyon and divide between israel and the united states. >> is a big divide. that would be understandable. concerned about their national security. but a divide between the united states and key other allies. they're nervous. france out of all of the countries that causes trouble, they're very critical of the situation. let's think about the united states. do we have a consensus? when the president wanted to ask congress about if we should bomb syria are not maira not asking congress about engaging are not engaging with a coury with the regime that has been not mad terrorist list for 30 years. so there is no consensus,
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neither here nor overseas. the problem is the administration in my view is deciding to get to an agreement, wherever be and then it would build on its teacher. the problem is that they want to give us an agreement and use it against our allies. confidence, that is the agreement. lou: in a difficult place, but frankly if he is the front man for an agreement and strategy in which you use an agreement coming effectively a treaty as a bludgeon against our allies and as a starting point for a true change of facts and events on the ground, you have committed an enormous act of foreign policy stupidity, have you not? >> this is going to be one of the bigger strategic mistakes after what was done in egypt and libya and what we have not done
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in syria. the iranian regime has not changed direction but narratives out a window? saying that we are letting go. it. lou: very quick, i want to touch on benghazi and the information that we are getting that the word calls from the consulate to the cia and banks. what do you make of it? >> it is in line of the much bigger question. what was our assessment of the militia? the bigger question, what is the relation between the u.s. government retaliating. lou: we can't even find of the relationship between what was
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going on in that consulate in the united states government and the white house. >> probably because of that. we won't know the bigger information. that would be the reasonable assessment. lou: good to have you with us. up next, he exposed obamacare navigators teaching enrollees' out to live for subsidies and was not done. tonight right year revealing his latest bombshell. don't miss it. stay with us. we're 2050.
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lou: releasing new video o obamacare navigator's counselinn applicants allow applicationslip began. cti following criticism that thered were isolated incidents.he
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what did dollars more theame. >> you get a lower premium. >> to go with the silver plan the lowest one that i see on th right now for you and your sun is born in $67. my republican friends hate this said that they would go into myy bank accounts and find out about that. people usually pay me cash.o. >> if you don't report that theg know. lou: founder and president, james o'keefe, congratulations on an extraordinary expos a.
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this latest video, it was apeli peculiar defense, at best. as many charged to this, focusing on an isolatedsola incident. did not take you long to prove that it was not isolated at allg what do you think is going on here?>> >> i think it is two things. all of these navigators are not qualified to be in the insurance brokerage business to begin wit. . they are in over their heads. hs they have no formal training in anything medical. as you can see, all of them arei either incompetent or don't knos the rules, but it is deception.. in this case, change happens, ag local community organization.ei they receive somewhere around $700,000 of your federal taxpayer dollars and are advising our reporter where nide camera to not report income to the irs so that we get more obamacare subsidies. if you're at the federal poverty line you get one under present
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subsidy.ifou you get less money.gome so it is just a systemic thing.. if you're familiar with my work, i release videos when it's timen lou: and other video coming out next o next tell us about that. >> well, in the first whittier we focus on the relationshipelat between bell around texas whichh is a political action committeei and rural americaca which is a d cd group and how they workero together to achieve a political agenda, which is not really what i thought health care was healtc supposed to bear about. so what we are going to do is peve deeper into al people's private medical information and medical data is shared withct political action committees or just shared to achieve political purposes which is what fundamentally this is all about it will be explosive when it is released. lou: do you establish a
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connection coming a directon, at connection or can you tell us oy do you want to tell us at this p point between the democratic party and its various ancillary organizations and what you havei discovered amongst the navigator's? >> so far we released two different video pieces.their the first video establish that whe battleground taxes which is an organization trying to turnu the state into a loose state was on tape with in roll america across pollinating data. it is illegal for a 501 in this case to give anything to a t political action in fact, there is letter sent to the attorney general of texas,he in the media today, actually thinking of taking away this non-profit tax-exempt status foh their relationship. goi what we're going to do is go a t step further than that andwe a g exposed on video some of theseee
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people willing to give out o private medical data which is even further than sharing ar information.. now there will potentially give pot explicitly for political reasons. that is totally illegal and immoral, and i am sure will be big story when it comes out.d cr lou: it is already a big story. irresolutions on your work. is this is -- i hear people tryingt to describe you as an activistav or provocateur or, as if labels matter, but i want ask you, what do you refer to yourself as?els? how do you describe your role in all this? >> well, i am a journalist.k the median along here does this type of work. some of it is liability.av s a lot of people have simply become ponds or aggregate years. at we knock on doors, go out intoid the field and do shoe leatherndt
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journalism and it is risky worky this investigation took us three or four months to do. we gathered $100 of footage of we will release a little bit att a time, but i am a journalist. sixty minutes used to do this, abc news.s. they no longer do it, and nowy they consider me an emissary,des and i do not understand why. a j i am trying to expose fraud andd abuse and waste which ist something that journalists ought to be doing. lou: you are following a very long line in american journalism you are as close as i can imagine anyone right now being in the country to being a muckrakers.s and that is a, for me, a prettyh high standard that you are your setting for yourself, and i thiy think you ought to be proud ofab that level. we salute you.ere. keep up the great work. >> i appreciate that, and if you want to know more about what people don't do what i do what people are deterred from what ia
4:39 am
do, read my book because it tal talks about what the media and the government put me through to get to where i am today. lou: we will do it. thank you very much. up next, the president's favorite answer in the face of scandal remains, i did not know. leading psychotherapist dr. rob ludwig will join me to tell us how this man can mislead and deceive the american people in an ongoing manner. at is he thinking. ♪ ♪ grew up in a small town and when the rain would fall down ♪ ♪ i'd just stare out my window ♪ ♪ dreaming of what could be and if i'd end up happy ♪ ♪ i would pray i could breakaway ♪
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♪ i'll spread my wings and i'll learn how to fly ♪ i'll do what it takes till i touch the sky ♪ ♪ i gotta take a risk, take a chance, make a change, and break away ♪ ♪ wanna feel the warm breeze, sleep under a palm tree ♪ ♪ feel the rush of the ocean ♪ ♪ get on board a fast train, travel on a jet plane far away ♪ ♪ and break away ♪ out of the darkness and into the sun ♪ ♪ but i won't forget the place i come from ♪ ♪ i gotta take a risk, take chance, make a change, and break away ♪
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16. lou: joining us now to assess the obama psyche, psychotherapist dr. rob ludwig. great to have you here. >> great to be year. lou: how could anyone including this president's stand for the american people time after time after time. we documented misrepresentation.
4:43 am
if you can keep your insurance, continue to deceive and mislead the american people. >> my sense is obama feels he knows better than the american people. and it is a grandiosity of sorts. and that think he has turned people -- telling people what they want to here. i don't think he really has a respect for the american people knowing that we really want to know the truth. we also want somebody who is confident who we can trust and rely upon. this is just one big mess. this is what happens when you believe in your own self importance and nighter you are not choosing the right adviser or you are not listening to the right people. lou: this means that his advisers closest to him and enablers, horrible character defect that is a lack of integrity and have given him, empowered and really to lie.
4:44 am
that should be an affront to his pride, as personal sense of integrity. >> i don't think he sees it the way you do. i don't think he goes to bed at night and says the miami liar. at think he says, may be a stretch the truth. i told t american people something prematurely. i had their best interest at heart. they don't always know what is in the best interest. i think it's justified and rationalized. lou: you talk about grandiosity, self deception, you are talking, i don't know if these are psychological words, but you are talking about a delusional personalityy are you not? >> it is not uncommon for people and maybe even more so for somebody who is very powerful to perceive themselves differently than other people.
4:45 am
are we not? specifically you and others, rationalizing as behavior. in some point, is that not extraordinarily dangerous for gasol? >> i think he has had the support of the press. he has had a lot of people backing him. and so it certainly has contributed to his tendency to say anything. what has he done? >> he has been so completely unable to. across the board. he has pushed his life within the bubble as president of the united states and by the national media. even social critics, you are a historic figure, do what you will. >> to get to a point where it was so bad. will we are seeing is in exaggeration of what this president has done all along. this is nothing new. get to a point where it was a crisis for everyone said, what is going on?
4:46 am
the point where he had to apologize and say, made a mistake. lou: extraordinary. thank you for being here. up next, he took on the unions, forced into will recall election he won both times. he won a great deal more. governor scott walker of wisconsin joins us to talk about his new book. and intimidated. and he certainly is. we're coming right back. ♪
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♪ lou: my next guest took on public-sector unions in 2011. he won. he faced a recall of election. he won. he now says in his new book, real in government is coming from the state, not the federal
4:50 am
government. joining us now is the governor of wisconsin, scott walker. his new book is unintimidated. a governor story and the nation's challenge and we recommend the book to you maile. >> your story in wisconsin is certainly unique. certainly commendable. where the stand now? you have overcome odds, massive political power against you. where do we stand now? >>ell, we want our second election in the same term by a bigger margin than the first time last year. most importantly put the people of wisconsin reforms are working. this december property taxes go down on a median value home. of $6 billion budget deficit which has now become a surplus. along with cutting taxes we have
4:51 am
improved the economy, may strategic investments and made our state a much better place to live in because we made a tough but prudent decisions to one-half years ago. lou: tough decisions. you argued principles are critically important. polls less so. you are a living example of what you are trying to communicate to the republan party. what is the reaction from the party establishment to your book, you're thinking, and to your council ahead to a party that desperately, if i can put it this way, desperately need some guidance. >> well, i start up the boo by talking about not only wisconsin but across america there are 30 stat that now have republican leaders as governors in nearly as many that have republican legislative majorities. tea party patriots or establishment republicans are anything in between. real reform we're optimistic.
4:52 am
most important, that's is that true. a number of people who work on your behalf, specifically a recall election are now being subpoenaed by a special prosecutor. tell us about that. the forces at work. your thoughts. >> well, certainly in our state nothing is ever dull. in this case anytime we get near an election is seems to be quite a bit, they get even more exciting. it is one of those rare what they said in a "wall street journal" this past weekend was about as much as i know right now and is something we will be following closely the will not distract from our efforts to push forward with bigger reforms, there is tax reform and education reform, all the things that we talk about in detail in the book and hopefully give some inspiration to other states and people here in the nation's capital as well.
4:53 am
lou: i don't hear that word, inspiration, very often. i am delighted they use it because the american people right now are not being spent -- inspired by their political leaders. referring to both democrats and republicans. how do you go about that? inspired downhaul as this administration has seemingly advocated in irresponsibility or interest in creating jobs, growing economy, carrying out its basic responsibilities of governments. >> part of what we talk about in the book, a big contrast, one that was missed out on fortunately this past presidential election. we're finding is the president and his allies measure success in large part based upon how many people on dependent upon the government, food stamps, medicare, unemployment compensation. we instead as conservives, center-right voters across america define success in government by just the opposite, how many people are no longer dependent upon the government because we empower them with
4:54 am
skills that we need to get the jobs that they need and deserve with the dignity it comes from working the private sector. that is true freedom and prosperity. we should be the ones pushing that. we should put our power in the hands of the people. lou: you reference a number of times chris christie and talk about what he did in the state, taking on the teacher's union in reforming public pensions. do you think that he is a strong and viable candidate for the party? >> i think any of the republicans, chris, bobby general, rick perry, susanna martinez, one of the great things in america today that as conservatives we should be addressed about is all across this great country, particularly in battleground states, states that the president carried the last president's election, there are reform-minded republicans leading our state governments. i think in the future those of the people he should be helping to lead our country.
4:55 am
many to step up and take a larger presence. those are some of the takeaways that we mention airbus greater detail. lou: the book is entitled and intimited. and i love that title, by the way. are you going to run for prident in 2016? >> i am up for governor neet year. we will focus on that. many of the key battleground states in america, 2010 were ultimately states for democrats control everything. its chief executive and legislative branch. flipped all those things. wisconsin and nine neighboring states. that was the key to our success. the reason i say we should focus on 141st is a beacon of the house republicans, elect particularly with the failures of obamacare, electroform-mded people and then after we do that we can put a new chief executive in nationally will help us lead the cause, but we have to do it focusing on 141st.
4:56 am
lou: do you believe the party is ready for 2014? is there this time a ground operation? is there this time may national strategy, one that is specific with tactics seeking a real assessment of what would be the desired outcome, that is, as you said, told the house, to take the senate, and prepare for 2016. >> i think that there is. i hope that the party across the country and particularly in key states will model we get in wisconsin. we talk about the book. between january of last year and june 5th when we and our recall election with the help of the national party, our state party, and my campaign, we may more than four and half million voter contacts in comparison to about 800,000 that the democrats made during the same time frame connecting with real voters across the spectrum which is why we went with a bigger percentage we can do it across america.
4:57 am
lou: the book is an intimidated. we thank you. governor scott walker. good luck with the book. >> thank you. good to be with you teeseven that is it for us tonight. thank you for being with us.
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