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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 19, 2013 9:20am-11:01am EST

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stewart: the more you know it, the less you like it. those obamacare ads? flat-out terrible. morning, everyone. if the president thought obamacare would grow on us, he's wrong. even uninsured don't like it and they were supposed to be the winners. several new polls show the new law losing even more ground. a massive security breach at target, but it tonally affects point of sale transactions, not online sales. maybe another reason to log on and stay home. if you're an obamacare critic, what is the best way to get a one-way ticket to china? you could say this.
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stuart truly startling new polls on obamacare. from the "new york times", 53% of uninsured people disapprove of the law.
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stuart: their sales pitch seems out of touch. here what the first lady said yesterday. >> we urge people to reach out. if they signed up their child and sign up their friends. if you have grand kids, make it a christtas treat around the table. talk about a little health care. ring in the new year with a, new coverage. stuart: ah, talk about health care? christmas dinner. isn't there a rule not talking about politics at christmas dinner f the first lady's pitch doesn't work the administration is hoping this new ad will. it says, quote, how do you plan to spend the cold days of december, wear pajamas, drink coffee and talk about health insurance? those ads are being ridiculed. it is amateur hour. near 300 point gain on the dow yesterday. my prediction, almost right. i said earlier ben would pull back a little on money printing. that is what he is going to do. the news today, a small pullback
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after yesterday's big rally, but not much. the market action today, though. it is in gold. look at that. earlier it dropped below 1200 bucks for the first time since june. we will be back in just a couple minutes.
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♪ stuart: want to take you higher. i'm afraid to say when the market opens it will be just a little lower. of course that follows a near, you're looking at it, nearly 300 point gain yesterday. down 30, 40 points when we get going today. that will be in about two minutes. scott shellady in chicago. clearly we are above 16,000. i want you to tell me what is standing in the way of 17,000. go. >> i don't think anything in standing in the way, stuart. it will be like invading france. we have folks on the sidelines did not participate in the rally in the first place. people took some money off the table. there was a lot of dry powder there. they thought when there was a taper they would scoop stocks cheaper. guess what, it didn't happen. bernanke gave us dovish rhetoric. that took off. everybody went to the exits at once. maybe we digest a little bit. 1700 is in our eyesights or -- stuart: you said 17,000 is on the way. then you said.
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>> 1900 in the s&ps, yeah. stuart: really? okay. >> 1900, stuart, only 5% a way. that sounds like a lot. 1900 in the s&ps is only 5%. [opening bell rings ♪ stuart: i'm sure we'll see you before then. we're off and running. opening trend is slightly to the downside. we'll see how the market progresses in the next few minutes. i have to turn to facebook. it will sell additional 70 million shares. more half of that comes from mark zuckerberg. he is unloading a little bit. nicole, i presume the stock is down. >> the stock is down, absolutely right. you put more shares out there, stock moves lower. hit a high yesterday of 5589. that is worth noting, down 2 1/2% at 54.09. stuart: mark zuckerberg and other sellers they will dilute ordinary share holder's little bit. that is why it is down i think.
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54 on facebook. we have that are get. listen to this. information from about 40 million credit and debit card accounts might have been stolen between the day before thanks bying until december the 15th. 40 million. it appears only in-store transactions were affected. not online purchases. that's important in this year of the online triumph. target's up 7% this year. thieves got ahold of information on strip on back of these cards. they could potentially mint their own fake credit cards. that is an important breach. the stock is down. the market gained nearly 300 points yesterday but apple finished lower. look at it no now. down another almost three bucks. hereeis "market watcher", michael robinson, known as mr. apple, $1,000 per share. hey, what happened? >> you know, i don't worry about
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the day-to-day on apple. i'm looking at the long term. again as we talked about, $1,000 a share. the company is great, high growth. the new mac coming out is awesome. so i'm not worried about these blips. stuart: are you sticking to it, a thousand bucks a share? are you giving us anytime frame, michael? >> originally i said 30 months. i'm sticking with it. i'm buying a little extra time. it could be soon as 6 months from now. stuart: you have to repeat that. it could be what level six months from now, tell me again? >> 26 months from now i think it could be $1,000. but i gave myself a little bit of breathing room. you never know. that's why i rounded up to 30. stuart: listen, young man, we'll be around two years time and you will answer for that prediction one way or the other. >> stuart, i know you will hold me to it. i'm confident, i am.
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stuart: michael, talk to you later. russ as michael pointed out there the mac pro goes on sale. i know this is top of the line desktop. if you fully load this thing it is 10 grand. but this is not a mass market, product, isn't it? >> no it is not. this is a business product. if you're doing video editing, an artist, you want top of the line you could spend $10,000. i don't think even those people need to spend that move on money. even at 3,000dollars the base model. it is capable machine. stuart: is it rolls-royce of desktops? >> if you have this on your desk, this is impressive piece. people will walk in and wow. stuart: occurs to me if you get that kind of ultraprofessional results out of a machine you can pick up between 5 and $10,000, that is troop. >> sure this is something you use are to the next three, four, maybe five years. that is technology. it is getting easier and cheaper
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to make these really high-end products. stuart: i will get more on this later. would you say apple is king of the hill for hardware technology? >> i think in terms of the design, without a doubt. no one is doing design better than apple is doing right now. stuart: what does that mean? just design? >> physical creation of these objection. in terms of look, the feel, usability. stuart: what about capacity and, you know how good the thing is? >> storage? i personally prefer using apple device just for work and everyday but, you know, that is preference. people love pcs. linux is on the rise. stuart: to the one more explainer for you. listen to this. netflix is announcing it will be streaming the original hit series, "house of cards", in the ultrahigh def, 4-k format. i don't know what that means. is it a big deal? >> it's a big deal for the future. 4k is essentially, you have hd. this is three to four times more resolution than hd. stuart: on a tv set?
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>> on a tv set. stuart: nobody has the tv sets? >> the tvs are sold right now, samsung and sony have these tvs, you can go out and buy them. very few companies are broadcasting in them. you can get blu-rays. there are very few ways to see 4k programing. that is what netflix is doing, jumping in early. stuart: i remember when hd first came out, you're not going to need that. now who watches a tv voluntarily that is not hd? >> the one interesting thing about this bandwidth requirements are, a lot of these cable companies are not going to let that amount of streaming go through their pipes. netflix might support it. you probably won't get it. stuart: got it. strong sales for oracle's cloud software up 35%. michael robinson, your thoughts an an explainer please on oracle and the cloud. >> well the cloud basically is a term for the web-based applications. so what you do, you pay a vendor
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to host data and applications so you don't have to run your own computer network. that frees up the i.t. udget and increases productivity of workers. you need it increasingly stuart, because you have got all the mobile orkers all over the place. they need to get the to applications and so forth. it facesser, better, cheaper to do it in the cloud. the thing about oracle is, larry ellison is never going to live down he derided, he upbraided, made complete fun of the whole move to the cloud in a video that went viral. they have a big increase now but from an extremely small business. amazon and google are just killing oracle right now today in the cloudmarkket. stuart: fascinating. thanks, michael. we have got a theme on this program. it is all about tech. you know this market really is. three examples for you. netflix, i'm going to call it the king ever streaming. amazon, the king of online shopping. apple, the king ever tech hardware. all of these three companies
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literally dominate the area which they operate and they're all american. michael, can i legitimately say, that american tech still rules? >> i couldn't agree with you more. as i said several times on here the road, the road to wealth is paved with tech. america continues, despite all the problems that we have out there, the need to be solved, america continues to be the technical leader on global scale. biotech. mobile, the cloud, super, high performance computing. america sets the standard just about everywhere. that is your theme too, isn't it? invest in what is best in technology. that is your theme. >> i couldn't agree more. yes, a major theme. stuart: mmchael robinson, thank you very much, indeed, sir. appreciate it. nicole, a lot of stocks hit new highs yesterday in that rally. the market pulled back 11 points this morning. have any of yesterday's new highs moved up some more? >> another new high.
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yes, visa did exactly that. another new high yesterday. another new high today. up 3/4 of 1% and change. visa and mastercard hit new highs but they're pulling back. disney, how about disney? that's a great one. new high there. stuart: up again? >> up again, new high. disney and visa are up over 40% this year. stuart: when you talk about stocks hitting new highs, they're often smaller companies. we don't know what they do. we never heard of them. occurs to me many so of the biggest names in american business made new highs yesterday in that big rally. so it is not the unknowns that are doing well. it is the biggest of the big. right, nicole? >> means everybody at home. sometimes people don't, they own the s&p 500. they o.w.n. the dow jones industrials average. mutual funds, raised great money. stuart: great day, isn't it? thank you very much indeed. we're only down seven points now. we're looking for a small dip when the market opened after the
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big rally yesterday. we've got it. we're only down eight. 16,000. even people who obamacare was meant for, that is the uninsured, they don't like it. up next world-renowned neurosurgeon ben carson weighs in on that. ♪ (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly derstand my chartsand spend andmore time trading.way. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade.
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stuart: thursday morning a very modest pullback from the whopping rally yesterday. we're down 18. all right, the real action this morning is in it is right there at $1200 an ounce. it is down 34 bucks as of now. listen to this. hunts ketchup. "peter pan", peanut butter.
9:44 am
there is lot more. i have a partial list here. how about chef boy are de. ready whip, fiddle fadel, they faddle, brand of conagra. that is big gain for a huge company like that. darden is looking to sell or spin off red lobster. down it goes, 5%. now this, even the uninsured do not like obamacare. 52% of the people without insurance don't like it. and that is according to a poll in the "new york times." then we have a "fox news poll" that shows 67% want to delay obamacare for a year, until more details are ironed out. delay it two third. world-renowned neurosurgeon dr. ben carson with us this morning. he is offer of "america the beautiful." dr. welcome back. your frequent guest and great to have you with us, sir. i was truly shocked when i saw the poll this morning in "new york times." 52, 53% of the
9:45 am
uninsured who obamacare is supposed to help, they don't like it. what do you make of this? >> almost anyone can see this is extremely complex thing that keeps changing and there is nothing that you can really count on. that is a problem for anybody, regardless what your socioeconomic status is. and you also must remember that, you know, most of us grew up in a country where, you know, there was a thought about freedom, where the leaders sort of responded to what the people thought and i think all of us can see that when you reach a situation where the majority of people feel one way, but the authorities say, we don't really care what you think because we know better, i think that kind of hits everybody in the gut, even though they may not be willing to admit it. stuart: yeah, there is feeling you're being pushed around by the government. you're being commanded to do
9:46 am
something. i do get that feeling. that's backed up in a "gallup poll" that's out today, shows 72% of the people think that big government, big government, is the main threat to america today. i think they have picked up on your theme there, doctor. >> not only do they realize it, but if they were to go back and read at love papers and documents that exist around this establishment of this country, you will see, that that was exactly what the founders feared. that our government would continue to grow and as it did so, it would encroach upon rights of the people. it would require more of the people. all the things they feared are things that are happening right now. the good thing is we have the ability, if we're willing, to open our eyes and see to change the direction and take a country that really will be for and of and by the people. i think the people and the in the government, perhaps mean well, and they actually believe -@that, yes, we can do it better
9:47 am
than you can and that is not what this country is about and led us to the pinnacle of the world in a record time. stuart: what you're talking about is a political shift. do you think it is coming? >> i do believe so. i'm extremely encouraged by the people i see all over the country. just walking down the streets of baltimore, yesterday, you know so many people came up, oh, doctor, please run. we'll vote for you, no matter what the news media says. the fact of the matter is, i think people are starting to wake up and it's a wonderful thing. stuart: you're supposed to be retired. i don't think retirement suits you, does it? >> well, you know, i have to admit that i am a bit of a workaholic but i do enjoy a little bit of relaxation here and then. stuart: are you prepared, i ask you this every time, every time, i ask you, that you prepared to take a leadership position in this political shift? >> i would put it this way. if a time comes where i feel
9:48 am
that, you know, the majority of the people want me to do that, i certainly would but that would probably be the openly circumstance under which i would really, truly, take on something like that. i would not want to be one of those people who insinuates myself into a situation. stuart: sir, you're not being, you're not insinuating yourself into the situation. the people are demanding that you get in there. you just, you should see what our viewers think about you. sir, it is wildly positive. they want to you run. will you respond to our viewers right now, dr. ben carson? go, here's your opportunity. they're pulling you in. they're demanding that you get involved. go! >> i will keep my ears and eyes open and i will remain a patriot of this country. stuart: and you will continue to appear on "varney & company" we trust? >> absolutely. stuart: you're a ggod man. dr. ben carson, thank you so much. that's a terrific book by the
9:49 am
way, we do recommend hater tilly. thank you for joining us sir, appreciate it. okay a young man in his jammies. sipping hot chocolate. selling obamacare. look at that. do you think you can appeal to young people to sign up for obamacare with an ad like that, a kid looking like that? it is amateur hour. my take on it next. ♪ [ male announcer ] if you're taking multiplmedications,
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stuart: two of the stocks that charles payne said we should buy he likes them. two of them down. start with rite aid. didn't make as much money, profit as they thought they were going to make or as the street thought they were going to make. down it goes seven, that is a huge hit, 7%. same story as winnebago. take a look at amazon. we've been calling it the king of online shopping. we're on the watch to see if it hits $400 a share. it is down a buck now. but it is at 394, king of online
9:54 am
prince charles, defender of christianity, yes, that prince charles. find out exactly what he said. it will be new at 10:00. governor mike huckabee joins us. he will talk about that same thing, prince charles. also how obamacare is already shaping the 2014 elections. have you seen the ad? a young man in his jammies sits, hot chocolate and urges his fellow 20 somethings to sign up for obamacare. here is my take. amateur hour. does the obama team really that red blooded american men will respond postively? you think they will take the guy in pajamas seriously, sipping hot chocolate? they will respond all right but i don't think the response will be particularly positive. then there is a video clip of the first lady suggesting we all
9:55 am
sit around and discuss obamacare right after christmas dinner. surely you jess. what happened to the brilliant marketers that sold us twice on the obama presidency? of course they didn't tell us exactly what they planned to do and deceived us with promises to keep your doctor and keep your plan but they did a very good selling job and we bought it. how did that turn into amateur hour? answer? the obama team is very good at politics, useless at running the country and absolutely destructive when it comes to running our health care system. looks to me like we're in the desperation stage. how else do you explain jam my, hot chocolate, a little family chat about obamacare after christmas dinner. there is however one area where it is anything but amateur hour. the appointment of john podesta as the president's senior counselor. the obama team is revealing its true colors here. mr. poe desis it compared
9:56 am
republicans to the jones town cult. remember that one? 900 people died. he compares that to republicans. podesta's outrageous comment is a foretaste what to come, political thuggery. nothing amateurish about that with fidelity's guaranteed one-second trade execution, we route your order to uto 75 market centers to look for the best possible price -- maybe even better than you expected. it's all part of our goal to execute your trade in one second. i'm derrick chan of fidelity investments. our one-second trade execution is one more innovative reason now get 200 free trades when you open an account.
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stuart: good morning, everyone. moments from now we bring you the home sale numbers. a lot riding on this including the value of your home.
10:00 am
and governor huckabee will be here. how many democrats will cave under pressure from the disastrous obamacare? and an e-cigarette guy responds to the new restrictive rules. on the affluenza excuse that is rapidly backfiring. and the man who wrote the book i'm margaret thatcher tells them to get a backbone, just like her. we are not forgetting prince charles. finally the man gets something right. ♪ all right, here are the existing home sales numbers. selling existing homes and annual rate of 4.9 million. that is down 4.3%. that is a disappointing number in my book. let's bring in real estate broker. i am: that's disappointing.
10:01 am
if the selling rate is below 5 million per year, that is disappointing, wouldn't you say? >> i agree with you. actually this is just a continuation of the year-long theme of low interest rate causing higher home prices. this is more than just a seasonal slump, stuart. the inventory rates right now national bases are about five months worth of inventory, but it does not paint a realistic picture of what is going on on a regional basis. here in d.c. we have two months worth of inventory. five buyers for every house. stuart: i get the point, it is disappointing. my opinion is this could get worse because next month it will be more difficult to get a loan for first-time homebuyers for sure because of new rules on the dodd-frank coming into existence. unless we change the rules,
10:02 am
re-instigate making it easier people to sell their homes, we have not done so far, it gets more difficult to sell a home and via home next year. you agree with that? >> i personally agree with that, stuart. the issue is we don't have enough inventory. so if there are fewer buyers who are aber to qualify for a home, that still doesn't solve the issue at hand. there's just not enough homes. i do agree with you on the point that if it is more difficult, underwriting guidelines make it more difficult to purchase a home, you will see longer days on the market. that is not really going to solve the issue either. the big question is where is new inventory going to come from? stuart: it is not a very robust rate. it seems to me the recovery in
10:03 am
the housing market has stalled, plateaued if you like. do you agree with that? >> i think we're still struggling to find solid ground. however, on an annual basis in 2013, the number of home sales is actually up in every region except for the left, home cell values are up year-over-year. it is not all terrible, but we would like to see an easing of inventory. stuart: it is not all terrible, just think we have plateaued. thank you so much for joining us, we will see you again next month where we will has pass ths all out again. check the big board, down 26 points. seven points on the dow jones industrial average. i thought maybe the weakness in the housing numbers would encourage the view they would be
10:04 am
printing well into next year to keep interest rates down, to keep mortgage rates down because housing needs some help. we're still down 26 points. liz macdonald is here. look, we're constantly above 16,000, is a thing standing in way of 17,000? liz: o only rising interest rat, which is a kryptonite to the stock market rallying higher, to those levels you have just mentioned. i would say this about the housing sales, what is key is the stress of sales, that is key for whether or not we are in a housing recovery and still those distressed sales, foreclosed upon homes are coming in low, inventory is being sold off, that is a positive sign for the housing recovery. stuart: 4.9 million homes per year is not that great. if you are a realtor watching this now, you are not real happy because what you want is
10:05 am
6 million sales per year. to nicole, getting back to the huge data breach at target stores. the details on 40 million credit and debit cards stolen in the breach point-of-sale operations and the stock down about $1? nicole: 1.7%. there may have been more of a knee-jerk reaction. over 40 million cards. point-of-sale. this was in the store where this occurred. whatever you want to call it, went across the country at basically every store, and may have begun even before the black friday day. some other reports pertaining to another 5 million prior to that. what they did was they gained the information on the point-of-sale and can take that
10:06 am
magnetic strip, they can make duplicates, it is huge. stuart: if you are looking at the reaction of the stock, have a look at whether or not target itself has any liability for losses that may be incurred from that reach of security. i don't know who is liable here. i don't know who will be liable in the future but that is the overhanging question for the price of the stock. nicole: who is going to pay, that is the question. stuart: thank you very much, indeed. he has announced he is going to retire, the announcement comes after he told reporters under obamacare, his family's health care premiums would double. his retirement opened the door for the republican mayor of utah, rising g.o.p. star. she may take the seat long held by democrats. how many other democrats seats
10:07 am
are in danger because of obamacare? governor mike huckabee on the fox news channel joins us now be had good to see you. >> thank you, stuart, merry christmas. many will spend christmas sitting around the family table saying do we really want to go out there and defend obama to next year? for many of them the answer is no, and we can't. stuart: do you think the end result will be to force democrats to try to force the hand of president obama and delay the individual mandate for at least a year? >> i think they're going to bid the president already wants to push off some of the sticker shock after the elections of 2014. i am proud of alexander, and others on the senate for pushing to serve what you cook, put itt on the plate on schedule, a new and lunchtime, and put norfork
10:08 am
in it, eat your own cooking. it is high time they are held accountable for the disastrous consequences of obamacare. stuart: i know we are long ways away from the elections, but are you prepared at this stage right now to forecast a wave election with a big republican sweep? >> i am ready to do that. the only thing that will stop them is if they self-destruct by having these outside independent fundraising groups spend millions to destroy other republicans rather than to target the liberal democrats who put obamacare in place to begin with. if the republicans don't kill each other off, republicans will take the senate, they will add to their gains in the house, they will be in a good position for 2016 and we have a real shot at getting the country back on track for fiscal sanityy
10:09 am
stuart: he will not tell me if you're running in 2016, are you, sir? >> of course not. you are a smart man. stuart: in which case, governor, i will mov move on to something completely different. listen to what i have got for everybody. prince charles worried about christians in the middle east. listen to what he had to say about it. >> it seems we're kind of ignored that, they are increasingly being deliberately targeted by islamist militants. christianity was literally born in the middleeeast and we must not our middle eastern brothers and sisters. stuart: i was astonished to hear him say that, number one it is slightly political. he is not supposed to be involved in politics.
10:10 am
number two, his reputation being there i say on the left because he is an over greedy kind of guy, but i think he said something that really should be said more forcefully not by the aristocracy, but our political leaders. what say you? >> i say amen. this is great prince charles is speaking out, but regardless of his political leanings, but as a humanitarian. nobody can look at what is happening with egypt, syria, libya, the imprisonment of a christian pastor in iran, all of these people being tortured, many cases massacred because of the christian faith and what has our government done, it is pretty silent. pretty sad we had to take a cue from prince charles.
10:11 am
stuart: what a pleasure having you back on, thank you, sir. liz macdonald, you're with us. your comment on prince charles. liz: what he is saying is basically not reporting on the routine slaughter. the mideast and africa have the lowest concentration of christians in the world. that is a startling fact. stuart: you're the author of a successful book, it is about to come out. it is called the life and times of marjorie kempt. you wrote it. it is a success already, isn't it? liz: in the top 100 christian saint biography. stuart: it is a religious book.
10:12 am
liz: the true story of a woman who lived just before joan of arc and catholic england. it is a story of what was going on leading up to the execution of joan of arc. this woman was chased by the very same men that caused the destruction and burning of joan of arc. a woman who stood u up to the te of censorship, time when england passed a death penalty for differences of religious opinion. she talked about the bible and she got arrested routinely for that. i read her memoirs backwards because oftentime often times ie back end of "the new york times" stories, and so that is what i did, found startling information and the medieval commonsense logic, the voices that come out are truly colorful. it is an exciting book. stuart: now finally we have prince charles holding to a
10:13 am
religious theme, supporting christians. i never thought i would sue the day when he would say yes. we are running it on this program even though we are a financial program. i just hope our viewers understand what he said was that the voice of his. the weird glasses. thank you. senator rand paul, the obamacare rollout, they are good, bad and the ugly for 2013. he will join us in just a moment. hi honey, did u get e toaster cozy?
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stuart: a 25-year-old man from pennsylvania one a rattle for a picasso painting. he paid $130 for the ticket. the winner says as of now he has no plans for putting it up for sale. i want to know if any tax is due because he ended the contest and won a prize of a certain value. when is the tax due? they will get it sometime.
10:17 am
and a charles payne pick, disappointing numbers down 6%, however strong sales for the cloud software. market likes anything to do with the cloud these days and oracle is up. 2013 almost over. john stossel looking back at the good, the bad and the ugly of the past year on the show tonight. i want to start with the good we had 2013, go. >> rand paul force the government to say okay, we cannot kill anybody we want with a drone. stuart: i'm not so sure all of our viewers would think killing terrorist overseas with drones is a bad thing. they won't think that is a good thing we had >> this is my good, bad, ugly.
10:18 am
it is good to know that is not in the cards. stuart: so we disagree. you are libertarian, i am not. >> i also think it is good but did not go into syria to fight a war. it is better than fighting a new war in syria. stuart: is it good to let this guy stan power? you don't think we could have knocked out his air force and given a product to the rebels to overturn again? >> no, and they could have been just as bad. stuart: we have moved from the good, are we at the bad yet? >> 90% of americans trust the government to do what is right most of the time. more education choice that have happened. stuart: you and i are a bit like this. the good, the bad.
10:19 am
>> the nsa spying and lying about it. the extent of it. when did centralizing anything bring a better result? the epa manuals. stuart: common core is the curriculum would you had to teach children in the schools, common core. mandated for the federal government. is that accurate? >> not exactly. some say it is not fully mandated. but you lose the money if you don't do it. it centralizes some education. stuart: i am with you on this one. the ugly, go. >> obamacare.
10:20 am
it is the affordable care act somehow covering all of these things but it will cost less. stuart: regardless of mandated. i have had too much to drink, i need help. the taxpayer pays. this is your show tonight. i think it is a winner, actually. some of the good and some of the bad. >> you want to go to war with everybody. stuart: don't put words in my mouth, wants to defend our freedom vigorously. you don't use your muscle in atrophy. we are a beacon of freedom. stuart: lets be a beacon without invading other countries.
10:21 am
that would be "stossel." 9:00 p.m. eastern here on the fox business network. did i once call you fossil? >> yes. stuart: that would be the ugly. will you be back next week on this show? >> no, i am on vacation. stuart: margaret thatcher, the iron lady. my favorite quote from her. the problem is socialism. sooner or later you run out of other people's money. here at home republicans should take note, they should have a backbone like she has. that is what our next guest will say after this. ♪
10:22 am
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10:25 am
stuart: first this, it looks like about half of america is stripping religion from
10:26 am
christmas. it shows only 54% of people actually attend a religious ceremony to celebrate christmas. look, i don't think that means we are less spiritual, it simply means that all of us are attending church. you can be spiritual without attending church. you can leave a christmas without attending church. >> that is true. americans of all walks of life celebrate christmas and they want to celebrate, it is good to celebrate all holidays regardless of the religion. more than one third state is more of a cultural holiday. for christians it is a religious holiday. stuart: if they said half the people regarded it as the winter solstice, i would agree, we are bunch of pagans. but they didn't say that. next, we're less than a year from the midterm elections. our next guest says if conservatives want to win, they have to adopt margaret thatcher's backbone.
10:27 am
he worked directly with the late prime ministe minister and he ie author of margaret thatcher on leadership, lessons for american conservatives today. what do you mean by backbones? spell it out for us. >> margaret thatcher was a conviction politician. she won three general elections in a row, firm conservative principles. she wasn't interested in shifting to the left, she wasn't interested in consensus politics. she believed firmly in limited government, cutting taxes, freeing the economy from a red tape, reducing the size of the huge bureaucracy in place, so this was a real leader who stood for conservative values and devastated conservative
10:28 am
politicians can win by standing on conservative principles. stuart: you're talking but american conservatives should stick with conservative free-market politics. i got that, but what about the other aspect backbone which is essentially character. it is not ending in a character sense, in a personal sense. margaret thatcher was ready for a fight. one of the very few politicians that i ever interviewed who would directly answer a question and go right at you. so that is a question here. is it policy backbone or character backbone? >> it is really both as you mentioned. margaret thatcher was an extremely courageous leader. she wasn't afraid of picking a fight with her political opponent, she would stand up to them and most of the time victorious. she was someone who clearly
10:29 am
believed in a set of beliefs which surround economic freedom and she stood by those principles. she did not believe at all in appeasement, in compromising her political opponent. she had little time for those within the party who she viewed as a bunch of people who were hopeful conservatives which really were a bunch of liberals claiming to be conservative. endless battles within the conservative party against those who she felt it didn't actually believe in conservative principle. she once referred to the government as the worst socialist government in british history. stuart: i don't want to drag into american politics, but you know it sounds a lot to me like you are describing ted cruz and you think ted cruz has a policy
10:30 am
and character backbone that you want to see, am i right? speak i think senator cruz is someone who stands firmly for conservative principles. and number of senators and congressmen at the moment who embody the beliefs of margaret thatcher. ted cruz is one of those figur figures. a very important time for the united states. a superpower on the precipice. a nation really that many americans see as being in steep decline just as a steep decline in the 1970s. margaret thatcher said she simply would not accept decline but she lamented a conservative resolution that saved written from what would have been total decline. america needs another
10:31 am
conservative revolution of the style margaret thatcher and ronald reagan. stuart: we have been having a contest as to what is the favorite quote from margaret thatcher. here is ours. if you stand in the middle of the road, you get run over by the traffic going both ways. i don't want to put you on the spott but you have one? >> i do think my personal favorite is her quote about the problem with socialist government and a quote you viewed many times yourself, stuart. the problem with socialism is eventually socialist governments run out of other people's money. and that's what happened all over europe, you're now seeing a very left-wing government that is frankly running out of other people's money. stuart: you got that one right, i will give you that. you punch it very hard. i had to leave you. thank you very much. we saw this coming a mile off,
10:32 am
e-cigarette regulation looks like it is just around the corner. possibly new york city. after the break, the ceo lets us know how he is going to prepare for this. ♪ [ bell ringing, applause ] five tech stocks with more than a 10%... change in after-market trading. ♪ all the tech stocks with a market cap... of at least 50 billion... are up on e day. 12 low-volume stocks...
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10:36 am
ending this year's superbowl at mid likes the new jersey may be moved to a different day in the event of a major snow storm. we already had three big storms in the northeast, not even officially winter yet. sandra smith joins us. superbowl not on a sunday. say it ain't so. number 2, should they ever have decided to play the super bowl in a cold weather, not a domed stadium. >> everyone is getting a little
10:37 am
soft about professional sports. everybody had a blast the couple begins ago watching these games, cold temperatures. it is just showing the sport is getting weaker, changing the rules, let's play in the snow, on a love it. stuart: i agree with you 100%, we had a shot of a recent blizzard in which they did play the game. i think that is part of the game. you cope with the weather, same for both sides and you and i agree on this finally. adam: easy to say when we are standing on the sidelines but for the fans, certainly part of the fun. stuart: we are in agreement, thank you very much, the dow is down 20 points, not much of a move lower after yesterday, 300 point rally. it is on a minor league dropped down there, 16-147.
10:38 am
be cigarettes are coming on strong and as their popularity grows so do calls by a local government to regulate them. cities like new york, chicago planning on treating them like tobacco products, regulating their sale, banning them in public places. all this potential regulation have the industry r scared? the ceo is here with us in new york city. welcome to the program. you see this regulation coming down the pike at you. how will you adapt? >> we understand the regulation with regular tobacco. the bans on tobacco have been in place a number of years. these cigarette sales haven't gone down much. the industry is booming. bans don't work. the only thing the scenes to be working are electronic cigarettes. stuart: they are talking about
10:39 am
banning the use of e cigarettes in public places. that is a big deal. >> it is a mistake. stuart: not much you can do about it. >> won't hurt the sale of tobacco cigarettes which hasn't hurt them at all and probably won't hurt -- other benefits of smoking all products, personal benefits. stuart: you sell these cigarettes as a way of getting off of tobacco -- >> by virtue of using one of our products. stuart: you have to do it. >> when i'm using my product. stuart: in justin nicotine and going to get a buzz. >> a slight buzz. stuart: no one appears on this program with a buzz on. what will you do if they raise taxes? you are only paying sales taxes. they want to impose tobacco silo
10:40 am
taxes which will jack up your costs enormously. >> some are 5% which would not hurt much. cost savings is so great on electronic cigarettes that a slight tax will put us at a lower price in cigarettes. stuart: this past year, 2013, roughly $2 billion industry in the united states. does that square with your figures? you don't think if there is this kind of regulation, and banning them from public spaces and taxing them heavily you don't think that will interrupt the growth of your industry? >> it hasn't hurt the sales of regular cigarettes so far. the only thing that stopppd the sales are electronic cigarettes. stuart: you are fighting this all the way. >> it is the disappointing news by the city council, it is premature. stuart: are you paying politicians? >> no. don: why not? everybody else does? >> we have the science on our side and once the learning curve
10:41 am
has passed people will realize like smokers using the product is the net benefit them. stuart: i used to buzz? >> no. stuart: thank you for joining us. the 16-year-old drunk driver who killed 4 people may have escaped jail but that doesn't mean his dad won't have to pay up. we are talking millions of dollars. it could be backfiring. we know what the judge thinks about this. people say i am poor, that is why i soul food, you can't put me in prison. judge napolitano: it is nonsense because there is no scientific evidence for the proposition that wealth or the absence affect the person's ability to know right from wrong.
10:42 am
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stuart: let's start with facebook, they're going to sell 70 million additional shares. more than half of that comes from mark zuckerberg. last our shares were down $0.93, look at target, information from 40 million credit and debit card announce may have been sold before september 15th. appears only in store transactions were not online purchases. target stock up 7% this year. it is down 2 presented day. to charles payne pick for the
10:44 am
down day, rite-aid disappoints, down 8% lower on rite-aid, same story, winnebago, the stock is down, moving further south. we are waiting for amazon to hit $400, on line 394 right now. back in a moment. let [ male announcer ] how c power consumption in china,
10:45 am
impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat tir0-year lipper average t. rowe price. invest with confidence. with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. stuart: messages family received a letter in the mail from an anonymous scrooge blasting them
10:46 am
for their christmas decorations. check out part of the letter. not everybody in the neighborhood is christian and many people did not wish to see such a flagrant display of your beliefs. with this matter is a sign your decorations are beyond tasteless, they are cheap, tacky and a terrible eyes will. the family says they have been putting them for 37 years and this anonymous scrooge will not take away their holiday cheer. liz: decorations include a nativity scene and the neighborr said go away, grinch. they supported this family by singing christmas carols in front of their house. stuart: i like that a lot. i want to move on to the affluenza case, that 16-year-old ethan couch killed four people in the drunk driving accidents and got off, no jail time because his lawyers claimed he was too rich and privileged to know right from wrong, the affluenza defense. he may have escape jail this time but his father may have to pay up. former federal prosecutor doug
10:47 am
burns is with us. a very interesting story. seems the defense was lousy parental supervision so now they go after the parent. >> we often have parallel civil and criminal cases. somebody is under indictment there's a civil case, usually in a band of criminal cases of. your point, great point, the whole affluenza defense which it behooves me to repeat, it is not legally viable in my opinion, it is not accepted in the psychiatric community. it is a one trick pony, but as you point out he got probation. in terms of the civil case, the presentation announce to essentially negligent supervision by the parrot. the point is he wasn't properly supervised. had a sense of entitlement. lawyers for the defense are
10:48 am
ripping mad. stuart: in the united states something bad happens somebody is always held to be responsible but the point -- >> normally the 16-year-old kid on a lark of his own but parents are the ones who ostensibly might have financial resources. in new york it is 20 years. the reality is they are looking to get that judgment from parents. stuart: do you think the responsibility should be placed firmly on the boy? >> it is a mixed bag. the driving ages, the kid is 16. reality is the father and trust him with the truck and if there's any evidence the father knew he was drinking during this period i don't think you can put it on the boy. stuart: the father gave him a mansion to live in alone.
10:49 am
a total abdication of responsibility. >> textbook example in a lawsuit class of negligence and provision. stuart: will this go further? other instances where people are hurt in a drunk driving accident and the driver says there are extenuating circumstances because of parental supervision or something else? a third party? >> great question and the reason it is a good question is what comes out of this affluenza case is will this set a precedent? my answer is no, i don'ttthink it will because it is not -- think about it. almost like a sick, bazaar commentary on something we already have which is my client grew up in the ghetto, you said that earlier. that doesn't work. so not only should be in wealthy not work, people with advantages should commit crimes less is the point.
10:50 am
stuart: the judge should be kicked off the bench? >> only if the record at sentencing showed he relied on the affluenza thing. stuart: no prosecutor ever wants a call for the dismissal of a judge. thank you very much, we appreciate it. is being called an epic rent. off on his team. more on this after the break. listen to this. >> two for 11! how can you go two for 11! my wife, my wife could score more than two buckets on 11 shots! i know my wife would at least do it one time. ♪
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10:54 am
stuart: southern illinois basketball coach making headlines after his grand about sports. take a listen. >> any time my coach somebody they put their head down. we are soft, we have been enabled for whatever reason. a bunch of mama's boys. to me when you have a young team is like house training a puppy dog. when a dog does something wrong, bad dog. i will not hit him or swat him,
10:55 am
get on the treadmill. stuart: since thin the coach has apologized but he does not apologize for anything he just said. as a lady, i want you to address sports in america. liz: it is a bad trend, viewers will turn off the channel and on any court on the playing field. stuart: when you accept that sports like football for example, tough, violent sport, you can't soften that. the word wussification. liz: i acknowledge that is derogatory, the term of weakening to do on the playing field. this is something that has been going on over a hundred years.
10:56 am
stuart: it is driving sport out of the schools because there is danger in the schools, is driving it out. liz: not talking about clothes lining people or slamming them purposely on the ground, talking about what sport really means, men being strong on the playing field. liz: we knew we like you. look at the price of gold. it is down big, we are off $39. next, your take on christmas and religion. that is next. keep working, but for himself. so as his financial advisor, at everything he has. the 401(k). insurance pies. even money he's invested elsewhere. we're building a retirement plan to help him launch a second career. dave's flight school. go dave. when people talk, great things can happen. so start a conversati with an advisor who's fully invested in you.
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and this park is the inside of your body. see the ecial psylliumiber in metamucil actually gels to trap some carb to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. metucil. 3 amazingenefits in 1 super fiber. stuart: earlier we told you about a neww poll that shows only 54% of people actually attend religious services to celebrate christmas. we asked you what you thought of that number and if you were part of the 54%. here's what you had to say. melissa says: you can still praise the birth of jesus and honor him right from your own home in your own way.
10:59 am
i don't actually like to go out on christmas, but that doesn't mean we don't celebrate the birth of jesus. i think that's very well said. paul adds: my family celebrates jesus every day. we celebrate family on holidays. and tom adds: we do not attend services, but we observe it as a christian religious holiday, not a secular, fun one. you cannot take christ out of christmas. and you, liz, have maybe 15 seconds for a last word. >> the pew poll did find nine out of ten americans do celebrate christmas, it's a season of hope and light. we hope we bring that to the viewers. stuart: i hope they read your book. liz, thank you very much. >> thank you. stuart: all right, dagen, it's yours. dagen: stuart, when does it come out? stuart: may. dagen: well done. thank you, stuart. tens of millions of target shoppers in the christmas spirit
11:00 am
now the victims of a data breach that took place over the thanksgiving weekend. the secret service now a part of that investigation, and we have the latest for you. hillary clinton, the most fascinating person of the year according to barbara walters, so is she running for president or not? the federal reserve finally starts pulling back on the bond buying, why investors aren't more shaken by the move. and this one cocktail is the talk of the metals markets all because of the cup that it's served in. connell and i are both very, very sober on this hour of "markets now." ♪ ♪ connell: that's what it's come to, you have to identify us as sober. dagen: crazy, yes. stone cold sober. connell: target's story is kind of interesting timing, right? dale dale holy, i mean, it is just ea


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