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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  December 20, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm EST

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connell: thank you. we have a lot coming day. we start with this billionaire ed venture capitalist in california, wants to split up the state, breakup california and put it in six different states. we will talk about kathleen sebelius, head of health and human services with rules for obamacare, delay of the individual mandate. the pope is calling on wall street firms to clean up the financial mess and of holiday shopping scramble. and retailers praying for a big weekend for a lackluster shopping season. we have the latest on that as well and dagen mcdowell this hour of markets now. >> did give you a christmas card. that is uncomfortable on the air. don't want to get too close.
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and then -- dagen: not so much. dagen: i adore you, your wife. connell: vis. of the holidays. dagen: stocks getting a big hug from investors. the dow on its way to another all-time high maybe. nicole petallides at stock exchange. what is going on? >> we're looking at new highs, 16,254, we are up 60 points 3/4% and the s&p looking good. we have had a great run and we continue to watch what is going on on wall street. a lot of earnings, made it through fed capering, there is a look at the dow, a winning week. we have this streak of wins and we to weeks of selling and this has been a stellar 1 on wall street, 300 point gain on wednesday and yesterday tacked on to the gains, didn't give us
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back. it is rebalancing so we will see rebalancing from indices and it will be very busy. red-hot highs, earnings growth, strong demand. europe 19%. back to you. dagen: kim draper out with this idea. break up the golden state in to six pieces, six new states drawn up within the current boundaries of california. pushing his initiative to california's attorney general. connell: senior fellow at the man and institute. should it happen? sounds strange but maybe it is not. >> there have been 220 proposals in the history of california to break the straight up. and if you look at the reasons you wants to do it, his first reason is he thinks california as the big stage and have more
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senators. let's do civics 101. why did the founders create a senate and house of representatives? so the big states would not dominate the small states but here's this silicon valley guy. he wants more senators for california. what chance do you think that congress would give six californias, 12 senators? >> they all have the same name. >> there is a science-fiction novel about secession from california. and by and mentally save california. accountant topic. dagen: what is the second idea behind his proposal? >> what he also wants the states to do is basically split this up. all the states would essentials restart over and some states could be high regulation and some -- they do what they want.
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that goes to a larger issue we see all over america and that is some states -- and emergence of two younger economies. and in san francisco and l.a. and they are being left behind and objecting to that end they do need policies to help that part of california. connell: we have in nee york. but everybody thinks -- on the upstate area which is much different than the city or the suburbs. breaking up a state like this or california. and in the hypothetical -- >> one thing he said is more competition is good if you have six californias is more
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competition but we have 50 states, they are more competitive than the european, rather-problemss. you can get a bigger business in california and texas and what is happening, people making the choice. dagen: he wants more power in the hands of tech entrepreneurs. dagen: they can move. >> lichtenstein of technology. dagen: you see this, go across the border to nevada, no income tax. that is an option if they want more power and control. >> like google and ebay setting up things like server farms and stuff like that, going to washington state and oregon and texas. there is a lot of competition. i have never seen fiercer
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competition. connell: people going to other states, the tax situation. >> they are all business friendly. connell: didn't want to sign the team in florida or texas. >> derek jeter won't spend time in new york when he is not playing baseball. connell: good to see you as always. dagen: stay away. connell: saturday of course, tomorrow the second biggest shopping day of the year. retailers close to $18 billion in sales the saturday before christmas but may take a truly supersaturday to rescue retailers, lackluster holiday shopping season in many ways. dagen: jeff flock is cruising chicago, michigan avenue. connell: you said it. >> magnificent mile already supersaturday. it will be a huge supersaturday because pretend mortar is
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behind. the picture outside the vehicle here, you see what michigan avenue looks like at water tower place. take a look at the numbers from shopper track. for brick and mortar, retail traffic has been down. i will jump out of the car as we do that. come conover. a company called retail. i love your company because i am old and i remember those newspaper circulars end you do that on line. and would you think it will hold? >> it will be pretty big. of the weather holds up it is the season for the procrastinators. if you have to get it done in the day tomorrow is the day. >> this is why lot of people shop online. the won't walkout in nasty weather but tell me about retail. >> we serve circulars our users. download it now matter where you are standing.
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i have my apps right now and may see circular, a look at it and go in and shop. >> you get used to those circulars in the paper but if you don't get the paper anymore, you can online, retail, we will be watching all day long on michigan avenue today. look at water tower, isn't it beautiful? they need people. do it the old-fashioned way, don't do it with your fingers, go out and get snowed on and rain on and get your gifts that way. connell: thank you. dagen: great shopping by the way. for more outlets on this industry and stocks, ceo and chief equity strategist, these stocks have not done well since black friday. >> that is a reflection of what is happening in the marketplace even towards the rising clearance levels. all these retailers try to get
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people shopping and intrude in thanksgiving and blew up in their face, walmart great example, stock has underperformed 5% and order too much inventory. mark it down expecting 2014 ratings, j.c. penney, big-time and fears. connell: retailers up today but your overall point is well taken. not only seer's but staples have been horrible for their own competitives. >> holiday season 2013, they redesigned this, you see more things from them, that creches radio shack and staples and go to best buy for the lowest price on tablets, tvs, staples doesn't exist and holiday cards going to macy's or target and wal-mart. dagen: the universe is wide open. which retailers did good job in
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inventory management? having decent traffic and sales compared to lackluster sales. >> one would be footlocker. playing off of nike air earnings, nike had massive product innovation, their sales were up and winning but the biggest concern is j.c. penney, stock is down 23% resources telling the inventory has risen unexpectedly in the last two weeks, the clearance levels in j.c. penney are north of 65%. big-time concern. connell: you would avoid that like the plague. >> we saw the sill rating on walmart. connell: talking about the retailer's but overall, we move on to the rest of your body, it is what is school year after year, the gap and abercrombie. has that shifted this year at all? >> the work out here is hot. go to dick's sporting goods.
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connell: a good sign for the country. dagen: is actually not that reason. people are wearing drawstring pants. they are wearing sweatsuits and everyday clothes. connell: i am the more optimistic of the two of us. connell: track $.110. >> that is a big-time purchase that you want to wear it. dagen: abercrombie and fitch not doing well. and over 21 -- dagen: >> they want to save money with their parents can feel they are contributing household. dagen: agent them much more fashionable. and remaking them. connell: thank you, good to see you. dagen: you need to look to shop at 8 and am and make of the
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clothes do. connell: thank you. dagen: she always -- connell: we know. dagen: develops what she says on her clothing. dagen: nothing but and admire..o connell: the pope turning to wall street to string out the vatican accounting problems. markets now, keep it where it is. dagen: a big change made, you cannot highlight this is enough, to obamacare. there is a delay in part of the individual mandate that you have to buy insurance. does this open the door to a bigger changes? connell: wayne rogers as a matter of fact and the new technology infinity is bringing to market. they changed the way you drive your car, that is coming up as well.
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connell: oracle boosting its marketing business. nicole petallides back from the
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stock exchange. nicole: in response, these responses, and didn't even mean it. up 39%. oracle up 1/3% and responses hitting a new high, a software deal, the business softwaremaker, the cloud based marketing firm responses, a deal valued at $1.5 billion. look at the shareholders' jumping for joy today and they use these tools, some responses for marketing campaigns across e-mail, mobil and the like. $1.5 billion deal, look at that, a nice little edition of holiday cards. back to you. dagen: pope francis turning to this country to help clean up the house so to speak. the vatican teaming up with two global service companies to help
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the church basically get its back office in order. the pope picked mackenzie and international network to study the vatican's economic and administrative structure. the consulting firm is part of the new effort to push for more transparency. compliant term financial group is revamping the vatican bank 19,000 accounts. pope francis's predecessor benedict xvi was tight-lipped about the church's in working as trying criticism for its murky financial practice. connell: tomorrow business today, robots taking our jobs and now maybe replacing our what a story today. zoos. the experimental architecture for minimum for the creating a petting zoo exhibit that replaces rabbits and goats and the like with slinky like robots that hang from the ceiling. the company's pet 3 acumen
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tangentially range of the motion that are playful and angry or bored or confused, depends how the visitor treats them and partner the technology behind the zoo are a series of microsoft connect cameras observing would be patter's's movements. a crazy thing. the zoo's founders say any living animal, the longer the pet is a lot of the more it learns. dagen: i have no idea. don't have to worry about a llama splitting in your face. connell: very concerned about that. dagen: that would happen. partial delay in the individual mandate, talking about a change to obamacare. does it open the door for more changes? some people don't have to have insurance next year. what about everybody? connell: we will talk about that and the new driving technology in the latest from in keenedy. that is ahead at markets now. stocks are up with more numbers, currency, the euro up against the dollar. [ male announcer ] e new new york is open.
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>> 22 minutes past the hour your fox news minute. an update on the massive did reach a u.s. target stores, a report suggesting credit and debit card accounts:have been flooding the underground black market in recent weeks according to security. 40 million accounts may have been compromised affecting nearly all of its 797 u.s. stores. the united nations sending rescue helicopters to south sudan in an effort to save personnel from the base under legal attack. violence continued to rage across the nation amid a worsening political crisis. president obama warning south sudan stands at the prestigious. a partial collapse at a local theater injuring dozens of people. it happened as hundreds packed the apollo theater. officials now investigating the cause of the roof collapsed.
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90 people were hurt in the tragedy, seven cme as we. those are your headlines on the business network. y are you going to new orleans for the holiday? >> my mom arrived yesterday, we bought matching the ugly christmas suits. dagen: that will do some good. are you going to texas? >> virginia. merry christmas. dagen: we are never going to see each other. speaking of food, that is what i have been told, we're watching now. charles: 2013 was about 3d printing, amazing technology. i am trying to shift the little bit for 2014. i like the idea of a global economy and the idea of global prosperity. they may call kinds of
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convection ovens, industrial products. they just bought viking. they have viking in their lineup as well. they have got it all, the sales are up 40%, margins were great, operating margins down from the acquisition. you see the stock, and these are extraordinarily cheap and have tremendous upside potential. if you are looking for something that can weather a long overdue pullback direction, still has amazing potential over the next year or longer this is a stock that is good for your 401(k). dagen: food processing, food equipment company. connell: ask about the global economy. you have been high on other countries for a long time. as you shift to 2014 now we included in that? we look better ourselves. charles: we're looking better ourselves but the greatest
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threat was the u.s. economy. that is beginning to fade a little bit but over the last week, boeing, mastercard raising dividendss significantly. that was based on the global economy but ben bernanke hinted this week we have turned the corner. no one is talking double dip anymore though the 4.1% gdp is an anomaly because of inventories. dagen: they did by viking. viking is a residential equipment company. it is not commercial. people think about viking they look like commercial. they are not. it was originally created for the home markets and that is interesting. connell: that is the u.s. side of the story, viking is a huge thing. don't you be surprised, the margins are not as great as less-expensive things they sold. connell: add this to the to do list. a delay in the individual
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mandate. we talk about repercussions of that coming up with wayne rogers. dagen: they delayed the employer mandate, here you go. a partial delay of the individual mandate. get it together. big headlines for china. central-bank propping up the economy and the president names his choice for a new u.s. ambassador to china. we will discuss that coming up. here are winners on the s&p. hi honey, did you get e toaster cozy?
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♪ dagen: paying attention. bottom of the hour, here is what
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is coming up on "markets now." wayne rogers standing by to tell us what he thinks about the president's move to delay part of the individual mandate. tried to five china makes another attempt to head off a cash crunch. the new round of emergency money being pumped into that country's financial system. and in finish the al with a new innovation in the way that you steer your car. there you go. connell: that kind of story can be big for the global markets which it will talk to gordon sang about after we talked to nicole, this time about navistar. >> reporter: right. when you talk about slipping with the earnings and revenue number, a weaker than expected. watching that said the downside to the tune of four and a half percent, currently sitting at 3767. that is a drop of a dollar 79. the report is another loss today. and then make engines and the like. it will again some of the names that they compete against. they have been working to get it right. they have been working to do
11:32 am
that, but a weaker revenue number dropping. and lower demand overall for trucks, especially from the u.s. military. the government has been cutting spending. so come in higher. down four and a half%. and i have to tell you, last year it was a loser by more than 40%. the prior year, 2011, was out of a 30%. a little bit frustrated. connell: our federal reserve in many people's minds, the big story of the week as we start to taper, but china's central bank seems to be heating up. the people's bank of china injecting nearly 50 billion u.s. dollars into their economy. gloria chang does join us. a lot of people a worried about that, you know, the run-up in rates. words like cash crunch being mentioned about china. how big a deal is what is going on over there in your mind? >> well, this is a big deal. it is not going to be as bad as
11:33 am
gin rummy at the bank defaults, but clearly there is going to be a problem because china's state investment, growth model is just about exhausted. that is why at the end of every quarter we see these spikes in interest rates. interest rates doubled in the last five days. this is going to be worse as we get closer to december 31 and banks have got to meet their reserve requirement ratios and their deposits and loan ratios. so this is going to get ugly if not this quarter than the next quarter. connell: i have given you hard time about the coming collapse in china because you had the data in the book which has since passed. the theory behind it that the chinese economy was kind of house of cards, i assume you're sticking to what is happening over there, according to a quarter leading up to something and if so, what? >> i think it is a debt crisis. but 35 years china has said one of the best and biggest booms in history, but it is also going to head into the credit prices
11:34 am
which is not a coincidence because especially since the end of 2008 their growth has been really generated not so much by internal demand because conception is a percentage of the chinese economy is declining, but it has been fueled by credit which is going to be a problem. connell: final thing because the other big story involving china in the news is president obama about to nominate senator max baucus retiring from the senate to be the u.s. ambassador to china. any level of importance our opinion that you would like to add to that? >> you know, he is not going to be the story. china is the story. china right now because of internal problems is not able to deal with the international community on good faith. so really does not matter to our ambassador is. we will have a hard time 57 does not matter who goes in there. as always. could talk to you. >> thank you. connell: in finish the new q50 was called the closest you can get to a flying car, next guest. however, concerns of the cars
11:35 am
steer by wire system calls a small recall this week. joining us now, lou editor of fox, report. this tester of the car. have to explain this. >> the car does not fly. a steer by wire system like a lot of plans to today. almost for the video game. it is basically instead of steering columns have the wheel, some voters attach to the steering rack. and there's really no mechanical connection between the steering wheel on the front wheels. dagen: that sounds safe. tell us about the recall because there was a problem with this software. >> a lot of redundancy. london back up systems on the electronics side and have included to keep us safe because it is so strange and different, and mechanical steering rack it will begin if the computers go down. they had a small recall, to cars because they found that the software could fail in freezing temperatures, none on the road had. one of the things they found in
11:36 am
their ongoing testing, but they keep an eye on it. dagen: do you need we'll? could you not like it like a jet? >> technical you could probably put control and they're just like a jet. the idea is you want to simplify the parts of the car, take more parts of it out and get the car more control itself because now if you just directly put that on to the rack and take the driver out of the equation the car can do a little bit more in itself. does not turn the steering column and gives it more control. this car in drive itself down the road. a mysterious of there. you want to take your hands of the wheel, but you could. dagen: do you think this is a selling point for the car? will this help the sales decision or the buying decision? >> definitely one of those high-tech things, and there's a certain type of buyer that wants it. is optional. today about 30 to 35 percent of people going for this feature. i have not driven a car without it. have driven with it. it feels very natural. considering it as a first-time in the united states
11:37 am
particularly it is amazing. it feels real. it sends the back through the wheel. side mostly feels natural. a little bit of a disconnect, but not so much that you notice it. dagen: but wasn't the technology used in a braking system for mercedes at some point? @% we already have the flyby wire, a lot of battles. absolutely. this sort of technology is happening. all remember when i first came on board. well, what if the computer is down. it's one thing to have a car slowed down and another one. that's why this is something that people looking at to see if it does work. dagen: i wanted to talk about this no more when still wipers, speaking of the advanced technology. an ultrasonic system for your windshield. >> of the windshield wiper had not been chased him 110 years for the most part. basically invented in the same concept.
11:38 am
dagen: the same microblades. >> anyway, mclaren, the designer there, why don't fighter planes have these? especially when they're pulling in for a landing when it is turning out. talk to the industry. some ultrasonic sound waves that they put to the windshield. he is looking at that to put it into their new carpets. it could happen in a couple of years. now, i can see him working in high speeds because you have the wind getting blown away. sitting in traffic strange things that happened. i think the wind still wiper is the thing that has changed the least of cars. dagen: very well put. great to see you. happy new year's. merry christmas. so, the new partial l.a. in the individual mandate turning insurance companies on their years.
11:39 am
connell: a big story today, and we would get to that. -- the rest of the family could be out. taxes remain divided over the decision to spend the patriarch. so reporting on it. keep it here as we take a look at treasurys and will be right back. ♪
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♪ >> reporter: i'm lori rothman with your fox business brief. that conference department says address domestic product came in at a peso over 4 percent, better than expected, the highest reading since the fourth quarter of 200011. allied financial will pay a settlement with u.s. regulators over other lending discrimination. this is the higher rates allied charge would not be based on credit but on national origin. allied did not admit or deny these allegations. and merck announcing any business focused on providing a obesity related health services. the pharmaceutical giant has lost a jim our weight management services to help provided diet, coaching and monitoring. that is the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. ♪
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wells fargo advisors. together we'll go far. ♪ dagen: another surprise for obamacare. connell: announcing an 11th hour rule changes that could impact health care for millions of americans. rich edson joins us from the white house to tell us the whole story. >> reporter: five to 6 million who have lost their health insurance plan. you don't have to get health insurance and pay the penalty. reeking of the catastrophic plan. visa that bare bones plans the insurance is a season not like. they're just trying to accommodate. this is a common-sense clarification of a lawful the limited number of consumers is plans to been cancelled and are seeking coverage. this is one more option. the insurance companies need the younger, healthier people to be paying more for insurance to offset the cost of insuring people who are sicker and older. this is a statement from the
11:44 am
insurance industry saying this latest rule change can cost significant instability in the marketplace and lead to further confusion and destruction for consumers. one health care analyst says this could be more changing. >> the suspect through the month of january we will have lots and lots of administrative problems with not just health care, but linking to the insurance companies to determine what the premium cost will be and who is eligible to get a subsidy and so on. >> reporter: we expect president obama to address this himself. connell: that's right. 2:00 p.m. eastern. more with l.a. the latest chairman of when rodgers and company and a fox business contributor. he give us both sides of this a common-sense clarification, these changes, or any
11:45 am
instability to the marketplace. which is? >> well, i think it is chaos is what it is. this is -- everyone calls this a lot. this is not a lot. this is an active, administrative confusion. in other words, they pass something that they thought, but it never spelled out what the law is. this is the subjugation of a loss for the administrative process. no one knows what the law is, so they keep making it up as they go along. more and more changing. yes. more and more changes constantly trying to accommodate the errors that they have made, but the underlying fundamental problem with this is this is going on not just in health care law but all over our laws. in other words, these are not was any more. these are men making of decisions to be do have no idea where you are at any given time. it is a ttrrible, outrageous thing. daggn: these are attractive fixed-income anything, but in this case the health care law.
11:46 am
when you try to fix anything with patchwork or band-aids are anything, you may be opening above one somewhere else or these people that did not -- yyu know, they lost their insurance now, they can get by for a little while. the unintended that's occurrences of that, someone else pays higher premiums. what will this whole thing look like? >> it looks terrible, just like it does now. they have to cancel it and start all over. they're not interested. there is no other way to do this. this is just stupidity. this is best stupidity by the federal government to is always stupid. we know that. but the idea of trying to fix this thing by patch is and pass that, do this and do that and do it as they go, this is insanity. stemming up.
11:47 am
very wish you washy. c'mon. >> it's a possibility, right. at some point, how should i put this, time heals wounds. the president gets by the terrible wants on this and people forget how horrible it was or maybe remember how horrible it was and when it gets a little bit better the compared to that. it seems like obamacare is not that bad. it can happen at some point next year. >> they voted for these things. the people who never read the law. yes, of course there will, but that does not make it right. this is a terrible law, proving to be a terrible law all you have to do is read it, really it's going on.
11:48 am
this does not require any intelligence to understand this law does not make any sense. connell: one last thing, and political analysis of next year, midterm elections, and if you're ready should be just brew for democrats. and the republicans should sweep into control. if things are as bad as they stood -- he said they are and everyone perceives it that way. >> the key is what you said, does everyone perceive it. as i said, the public was willing to accept this trial thing, whatever this thing is, no one can figure out. they may be willing to accept all of these patchwork, you know, i have no idea. but it is idiotic and makes no sense as a form of the way to run a government or the way to run the country. it is just crazy. connell: that said, merry christmas. thank you for coming on.
11:49 am
>> reporter: the stick like a sporting goods. the stock is to the downside. nike, 7674. that's a lot. they came out and said quarterly profit on the rise. i am margins of the products that they have been selling with sales, global sales. wells fargo says revenue growth is strong. price target was raised. nike was positive for footlocker. all higher.
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connell: well, the last couple of days, it's all about this tech dynasty drama that continues. the pitcher of the family.
11:54 am
dagen: stein between backlash and a boycott. connell: the fallout continues from the anti-gay comments. even if they suspended felt publicly, that's really great, but last night they run six and a half hours in a row, three are many marathon, phil plenty. they came out saying that while some the unfiltered comments were course, his beliefs are grounded in the teachings of the bible. also said we are disappointed that he has been placed on hiatus for expressing his fate which is is constitutionally protected right and as a family we cannot imagine the show going -or without our picture did that
11:55 am
on. and you know, the bounty hunter, dog, you can do repents in rehab. >> you're allowed to believe things and and there's certain things you say in a certain way. dagen: something different just to keep the show wednesday on the show. >> but we don't know what call they're going to make and it is their call. dagen: biding their time, as you pointed out. the new season is already in the can. they can tap dance and hope that it blows over. >> we will move on to some other couple. families using his
11:56 am
constitutionally protected, which is not sure of all, not protected by the constitution. they can -- you can say -- as we talked of this morning earlier, he is a right to say it, but they have a right to not have been more -- have been on the show. dagen: a business decision. exactly. you're back in a few minutes. coming up with cheryl for the next hour of "markets now". dagen: exactly. going head-to-head with allan collins. connell: dennis kneele coming up. and a good time for starbucks, teatime, branching out into the. a group president. [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china, impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain,
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were absolute quacks on this one. the marketing department rolled out their new slogan from the marketing department and it is the original. that translates with a andy's marketing department as stupid, to get rid of the most popular patriarch on television today, there are other networks that would nab these guys up in a heartbeat. a indy screwed up on that one. sarah palin is one of the throngs of voices protestiig actions by a andy and its donors disney and hearst. cheryl casone with dennis kneale to take you through markets now. the public outcry growing over the suspension of "duck dynasty"'s stock. more on that coming up. days away from lucky deadline 11th-hour change for health-care and insurance companies scrambling and consumers carry confused. tee time for stocks.
12:01 pm
the ubiquitous coffee chain with it steve ballmer shop after $616 million acquisition. we will stick with starbucks president who is overseeing this expansion of other global project. all this and more in the next hour of markets now. it is like a genie coming in. how did 4% -- dennis: 46% higher growth estimate than the government's first estimate meaning our measuring really sucks but also good news like that, stronger growth always sent stocks down. emotional changes going on, stocks roaring on record highs. let's go to nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange. i am liking this rally.
12:02 pm
nicole: record upon record, that is what the weekend was provided for us. we were a throughout the power to new records again. the dow at the highest point, 60,073, the nasdaq 4 one 01 and the s&p, the nasdaq back to the 2,000 era but the others are at the all time high, the dow up 86 points, 11.5, sector to sector, all ten finished the week-for the first time in five weeks. that is agreed sign whether you are hot on tech or energy or retailer industrials. great week on wall street. cheryl: another obamacare surprise, four days before the enrollment deadline the administration announcing an 11th-hour rule change that the impact health care for millions of americans. rich edson standing by at the
12:03 pm
white house with more on this. >> specifically targeted those who lost their health insurance because they were phased out because of the health-care law, the administration is saying you don't have to get health care next year and paid the penalty if you don't get health care and they are letting you get catastrophic plans if you lost your insurance, these at cheaper plans, not the intent of with the new system was supposed to look like. the administration says this is the common sense clarification of the law for the limited number of consumers whose plans have been cancelled and are seeking coverage, this is one more option. the insurers say this will create more confusion, more problems than they need younger healthier people to buy full insurance plans that cost more money and offset the cost of insuring those who are sicker and not as young and to all that one analyst says the administration with these changes simply putting these
12:04 pm
problems on insurance companies. >> what the government has done is we want the insurance companies to take some risks in this. set of administrative issues on top of this big issue that surfaced a few weeks back of cancelling these 4.2 million individual policies. >> they tried to allow changes to state insurance commissioners and insurance companies to we should cancel plans if they want to. not all states have signed up and this is just a change to try to get people insured and there's not a deficit of those on insurance because of the health-care law instead of surplus expected millions of people to get insurance but with all these cancellations and the website not working with a face a tough problem getting more people insured rather than fewer. the president will address this at his news conference right here. cheryl: we will have it right here.
12:05 pm
thank you very much. dennis: more on the latest obamacare at a, adviser to mitt romney, do you like this delay or do you not like the delay? >> this is the most consequential change or delay in this administration to the obamacare exchange. will read chaos on individual markets, they shop for health insurance coverage on the road. dennis: what is so fundamental about this delay versus previous ones because we had plenty on this. >> the obama administration potentially exempting millions of americans from the individual mandate. the requirement they sign up on these exchanges. healthy people are not going to sign up. the administration explicitly, the plans are not affordable under the obamacare exchange so give people a hard exemption. dennis: was there a move made
12:06 pm
regarding the obamacare and law forbid you from signing up for catastrophic care. they passed a new exemption letting older people than originally expected to do this. is that a good or bad thing? >> these obamacare catastrophic plans are not the kind of catastrophic plans people were used in the pre obamacare market. i wrote about this in my column at ford's. the average catastrophic plan is only 10, $20 cheaper than the regular comprehensive plan. that will be on -- unaffordable for a lot of people. people will opt out, not sign up for any insurance at all but the thing that is weird is why is it fair to exempt from the individual mandate people who previously had insurance but the people who are uninsured today are still subject to the individual mandate and won't be able to take advantage. dennis: you mean in other words the government can penalize them. the penalty is so much stronger than the cost of even minimal health care coverage so now that
12:07 pm
preexisting condition you can't block it out anymore, why not just wait to get hit by a bus and sign up for insurance tomorrow? >> that is the fear a lot of people will do that. the individual mandate does increase in terms of the level of a fine, the increase of time so it gets worse and stiffer but the first year you will see people do that. dennis: every time they try to fix it government says we will do it this way without realizing actually private companies and insurers have to execute the things -- and said that 2014 plans with other assumptions pronoun the window. >> the way the plans were priced six months ago was on the assumption, healthier people would sign up. the average cost will be a lot higher, the insurance companies will lose a lot of money. and rightly so.
12:08 pm
dennis: i wish them well. cheryl: gdp growing at a rate of 4.1%. this is the fastest rate since 2011's fourth quarter. and also pointing to growing economic recoveries. the chief investment strategist, charles payne, good to see you both. we have been bullish on the economy overall. we still had unemployment and under emergency measures. >> it is a forward looking mechanism. the problems we still have that the market is looking at a continued improvement here. and it is not unreasonable to see 2,000 on the s&p 500.
12:09 pm
cheryl: i know you are bullish about labour participation rate, it is much lower than means to be. we are over 200 job charles: one thing i have been saying the last couple years, people get frustrated when they look out the window and say no way the market correlates to my life. and earnings were legitimate. you saw mastercard, boeing, significantly raise their dividends. mastercard was 83%, boeing was 50%, those are significant obligations in the future. you have to be so confident what is going to happen, most confidence is from the rest of the world. what we're seeing with gdp is inventories made the difference. maybe american businesses are feeling better under 2% but with the inventory build what they are saying is they see a change
12:10 pm
and if they see it change what is the most vulnerable part of the rally becomes something that helps the rally out. cheryl: you are talking about the dividend and those are spectacular dividend increases, a huge string of stock buybacks, boeing and more, money is cheap but that is going way. they start pulling back. >> one reason the buybacks have been so big is the tax laws. dividend increases, there is a saying that you have said before, the companies complied on earnings but not dividendss. they have to follow through. >> that is a real commitment. cheryl: you talked-about the global story. it is hard to ignore the returns of the emerging markets, we are focused on the u.s. economy. you are saying to me we don't need to focus of much.
12:11 pm
charles: not necessarily stop focusing but you have to be evil to understand i think places where a lot of average americans might envision their roads are actually now building buildings that will dwarf the new freedom tower. it is an amazing story but also a cautionary tale for us. we need more pro-business policies and we need to get our act together and take advantage of a few things we have left, cheap energy. we want to manufacture renaissance, we should take advantage of that, lower taxes, create incentives sell america stays on top. cheryl: in the new york numbers, and manufacturing data, maybe the fed is that there is a little concern that that activity is not where it needs to be. >> i would agree with that. i am a little skeptical as well but i do think in the long run with this cheap energy we are
12:12 pm
now developing, this is going to lead to long run manufacturing renaissance in the u.s.. we will be a low-cost provider in that area. charles: i will say one thing, we will get to a point, great news comes out and stocks go down, it will feel weird. this is a forward looking mechanism but hopefully working away traditionally -- and a forward looking mechanism. a month before the great recession began. connell: a lot of reviewers river that. cheryl: money and markets are emotional. they are concerned about the portfolios in 2008. people are nervous. >> the big crash and the great depression, the dow, 65, now
12:13 pm
16,000. we will have crashedes. if you are in the market you got to be in it. in the last week to months, they want to know why they make a lot of money. it is long-term endeavor. >> on those lines the retail investor has not gotten back in the market. that is like that. that will be a huge inflow of money. cheryl: thank you. we will give you a quick programming note. new york attorney general office under fire for allegedly tampering with a witness high-profile lawyer david boyd is making the acquisition. he is going to be talking with liz claman and charlie gasparino at 3:00 p.m. eastern time on "countdown to the closing bell" on fox business. dennis: the new breakout, dividing california into six separate states. one big name tech and investor proposes that, campaign being
12:14 pm
ground. more in the west coast minute. cheryl: details on a new petting zoo that is filled with robots. the official robot video. we will be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] if we could see energy... what would we see? ♪ the billions of gallons of fuel that get us to work. ♪ we'd see all the electricity flowing through the devices that connect us and teach us.
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12:17 pm
cheryl: dow up 87. was not supposed to be like this until the reading above 4% below want to show you nike, they came out with their numbers, stock is down, the impact down 9 points, high-margin products selling, global orders of 13%, revenue 8%, western europe doing well against adidas for future orders. and for the winter olympics that was a big concern. a lot of their budget has been blown on the olympics and that was one of the concerns for nike
12:18 pm
and competitive marketplace. stocks every 15 minutes to the floor of the stock exchange, nicole petallides, blackberry, what a stock to watch today. nicole: that is because of a huge loss. two things to talk about with a blackberry today. the first part, they were trying to sell themselves, have given up that, they reported a huge loss of $4 billion quarterly loss, they had a lot of smart phones shells, have been out of favor. the huge inventory write-down. in the meantime stock up 12%, because of a strategic deal which makes apple iphones because they are working with fox to make phones in growing markets like indonesia and mexico. it is a five year strategic partnership and that is a nice boost with you today is down 41%
12:19 pm
by 2013. dennis: robots are taking our jobs and may replace animals that petting zoos. experimental architecture and design for minimum forms created a petting zoo exhibits that replaces rabbits and goats with slinky like obots that hang from the ceiling. had 3 active human touch and feel a range of emotions from playfulness to anger to boredom and confusion. could the designers of left out a anger? series of microsoft connect motion picture cameras involve would be cares. the log of a pet is alive the more it learns. cheryl: starbucks global coffee chain now working on expansion plans for its newest adventure. we will speak with starbucks president overseeing the project. dennis: from campaign to new technology, crowd funding, the sec just approved new rules that could enhance those chances.
12:20 pm
the ceo of the largest crowd funding platform will be joining us. (vo) you are a business pro.
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>> 23 minutes past the hour your
12:24 pm
fox news minute. senate majority leader harry reid in the hospital according to spokesman, the nevada democrat keller learned this morning and went to the hospital as a precaution. the 74-year-old undergoes some tests. doctors are keeping him under observation. an update on the massive data breach u.s. targets was. report suggests credit and debit card accounts:in the past have been flooding the underground black market in recent weeks. that is according to crabs on security. target has confirmed 40 million accounts may have been compromised affecting nearly all of its 1790 u.s. stores. police investigating the ceiling collapsed at london's apollo theater saying it does not appear to be criminal. 90 people were hurt, seven seriously. /night a piece of the theater's roof fell on a packed audience. those are your headlines.
12:25 pm
back to dennis and cheryl. dennis: crowd funding provides another way to raise fees money and for some it has been a great success. new regulation increasing how much many it can raise on the sites, could make it even easier. we are joined by the founder and ceo of the world's largest crowd funding platform. we were a betting you guys raise $5 million on crowd funding platforms but let that go to $50 million. what impact will that have. >> part of the regulations that came out in 1933 was an exemption for $5 million to have a simplified offering but in 2012 the job act they are calling it rendell plus where they take the exemption which has not been working the last couple decades and gone from 5 million to 50 million max and threw in a few protections. dennis: adjusting for inflation, time to do that so do the new rules go far enough?
12:26 pm
>> i don't think it goes far enough. they created a bermuda triangle of investing. there will be equity crowd funding rules that will coverage and $5 million, they will have the reggae plus which is up to $50 million. between one and 5 is a gap with state regulations that have to be covered which is why it was created. they have to figure out what to do between one and 5. dennis: will entrepreneurs specialize raising money between one and 5 in that case? >> it is painful. the reason the reggae applications of gone down last couple decades is because of state-by-state regulations and issues so what this does is create a pretty exemption across -- equity will go up to $5 million and reckless rules. dennis: all of these sites, kicked starter, you pay your money but you are not allowed
12:27 pm
because of the fcc rules to own a piece, a share of stock in the company, you can get a baseball cap, a copy of the script of the movie being filmed. when do we get to the part where a poor person can put up $100 in the next parrot normal film and reap a return because they own a piece of the profit? >> it is in the comment period, voted five years of the month ago so we're looking at some 2014 will be implemented. dennis: once rank-and-file people are the only qualified investors with net worths of $1 million investing changes and it can go to smaller and smarter players, people don't learn a lot of money. >> anybody with you are sophisticated or not will invest in any idea, your local shop or technology. dennis: they don't trust people to be smart. you have the 150,000 fund-raising campaigns and no one ever has bo you have the 150,000 fund-raising campaigns and no one ever has been allowed to own any share of stock or a piece of
12:28 pm
the profits at all for all they contributed. how much does that bill up to? >> we are distributing millions of dollars a week around the world. talking the couple hundred million. dennis: will you get into the participation of the? >> working with the fcc and other regulators, and the u.s. agenda, and 1,000% on the transaction volume since then. dennis: entrepreneurs don't want to give up any equity? >> the donation model. dennis: a piece of hide and many coming in. it will be good for investors, not as gohid for the entrepreneurs. we appreciate it. the founder and ceo. as government broken? a result of a new fox news poll,
12:29 pm
head to head with alan colmes on who is to blame. you can guess what he will reg. cheryl: beyonce's new albs. at targets. get it at starbucks, the coffee chain announcing the latest from queen be, more from starbucks president cliff rose coming up. take a look at the winners on the s&p, 46 record he whs for te side.
12:30 pm
12:31 pm
12:32 pm
♪ cheryl: coming up in the next half-hour of "markets now," is the government broken and how bad is it?
12:33 pm
here to weigh in. is smaller better? planning to break up california in the six separate states. and starbucks expanding into the lowdown from starbucks president cliff rose coming as well. stocks every 15 minutes. that said to the floor of the new york stock exchange, nicole petallides. a really nice market, pushing session highs. >> reporter: watching individual names that are hitting new highs as markets are as well be read the down 96 points, looking here at names the you know, including the will, amazon, fedex, ups, shipping a lot of the packing. in a new high of 109,945, fedex a new high of 14248. so great to see the markets and the size. but then there is go go. providing internet on the airplane where you would for people who are traveling and the like. it is a great performer. ipo this year. it is down 16 percent this week.
12:34 pm
a couple of issues, the board member stepping down as they continue to grow, and there are available on both regular jets and business jets, except business jets, 41 percent year-over-year growth. cheryl: interesting. thank you. dennis: we are getting tarring results. 71 percent of voters says it is broken. cinnamon rising for republicans and democrats. joining me now with his take on this, first of all, the 71%, do you think the are right? >> it is one poll. another thing anyone paul has the exact number. deasy a trend over time, but people have discussed with both parties. people with the president right now get healthcare implementation, people upset with congress for shutting down the government. congress, don't forget, having the lowest ratings of the presidency, congress is and an 8% rating.
12:35 pm
dennis: it is stunning to see a number like that. fox news took the pole december 14-16. and thinking that might have been after all ryan and the democratic patty murray announced there record. you would think maybe some others would think, maybe they're starting to work it out. >> we continue to see them get better. believe that people in spite of what the far left and far-right might be saying like the fact that the parties with ryan and mary, two very disparate individuals were together. thing that makes people feel a sense of maybe we can do this. dennis: the problem is like and what brought them together. let's take away $63 billion in sequester cuts that have already been laid in place. let's wipe that out and let congress spend the money instead of spending it. >> was also cut the fence. sequester was only supposed to be a temporary situation. dennis: yet how is it hurt. he had at third quarter gdp growth, doesn't that mean a sequester cuts have not devastated the economy the way that a lot of people read what?
12:36 pm
>> very good job growth, the economy going gangbusters. dennis: we're supposed to not have any of that. at the node is only about the sequester? the numbers and not simply sequester related. dennis: monday you figure republicans are more to blame for this that state of government and democrats. is it not take two to tango? >> you and i were talking. the president has not always shown that the wars well with others. something that i think he just replaces congressional liaisons and the white house. by the same token shutting down the government and we have seen time and time again republicans blame for that. that has really hurt their approval ratings, and people don't want you to shut down the government. they want people to work it out. dennis: can you think of a single instance in which the government shut down for two weeks heard at all? i really -- >> maybe it does not hurt us, but the workers that did not get to work, get paid and the people he did not get the grocery money.
12:37 pm
you have to sit and look from afar and say, a signal we are still here, the economy is doing great, but if you're one of those people did not get paid. dennis: if anyone went hungry -- >> i did not saying go hungry, but, you know, you are hurting workers. a lack of sensitivity. people live paycheck to paycheck. dennis: the sequester cuts, but as it occurred to you that the only way the government can't get anything is there an automatic sequester. both parties in favor of restoring extended unemployment benefits to 99 weeks even though a new study says it makes an employment worse. >> other studies show that circulated back into the economy very fast. >> others show those people are living on the margins. right back to the economy which is very good for the economy. dennis: an agency that deans the recession begins and ends. comes up with a study saying that we think the reason for
12:38 pm
longer unemployment is because we keep paying and paying and paying. >> and moody's says for every dollar in food stamps -- dennis: automatically disqualified. one week of government shut down would shave a quarter point of the gdp. two weeks. half a point. >> if that were the only factor. and not factoring in job growth, consumer confidence, housing, all bunch of other things that factor into the numbers. dennis: thank you very much. happy to be your pick. cheryl: making waves by unveiling his plan to split california into six separate states. once silicon valley. west california. los angeles and santa barbara
12:39 pm
turns out washington state has been playing the field. even as state officials that tried desperately to keep manufacturing activities, they have been making a big pitch to airbus. reportedly now signing a 5-year of its reality agreement since you -- so that they can continue their flirtation. boeing shares are right now, of more than $2. and the first family. in just a few hours for their annual trip so why. return to washington on january 5th. before he leaves the president of a wide news conference with the brady briefing room. fox business is going to take those comments. dennis: over a million people on this book rallying support. cheryl: starbucks looking at a happy holiday season adding some big celebrity power to its music roster. it will be with us next. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capil one.
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the engy in one gallon of gas is also enough to keep your smartphone running for how long? 30 days? 300 days? 3,000 days? the answer is... 3,000 days. beuse of gasoline's high energy density, your car doesn't have to carry as much fuel cpared to other energy sources. take the energy quiz. energy lives here. ♪ >> reporter: i'm tracy burns with your fox business brief. oracle is acquiring cloud based marketing software company responsive for about one-half billion dollars. oracle will pay $27 per share, 30% premium to the company's thursday closing price. the acquisition is expected to close the first half of next
12:42 pm
year. standard and poor has downgraded the european union credit rating from aaa to aa. now, this comes as the budget battle and debt problems continue. rating with fitch and moody's remains xxx. and a quick programming note, new york attorney general's office coming under fire for allegedly tampering with a witness. high-profile lawyer david boyce is making the accusation. and he's talking with liz claman and charlie gasparino at the p.m. eastern right here on fox business. you don't want to miss that. as the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power process -- prosper. ♪ my customers can shop around--
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stores in 63 countries around the globe. we have done it, and we have evolves to be locally relevant, and after more than ten years in the u.k. we believe that the right opporunity for growth, the right opportunity to serve our customers and be where they want is to be is the franchise model in that country. cheryl: are you worried abut any push back from the british government? have been a lot of headlines that you weren't of not paying taxes because you are an american company. now the franchisees' will pay taxes. >> we continue to work with the u.k. government.
12:45 pm
obviously a much bigger story they're going on in the country. and our important thing is to focus on serving our customers, contributing to communities across the country, employing many people, including our apprenticeships scheme focused on young people helping to get them into work and help to build a thriving communities is our focus. cheryl: you will work on that. also you are now expanding for the first time, the biggest acquisitions that starbucks said ever made. you did this last year. arum -- i imagine that chairman and ceo, i want to listen to what he told me whe about expanding in the tea. >> at think it has an opportunity. so many types of tea. i mean, i went into another tea place the other day. 160 different types of. cheryl: basically said that they will be looking at expanding. abbey respond to that? >> wwll, since our earliest days
12:46 pm
here in seattle in 1971 the company was coffee, tea, and spices, part of a lineup. we have great success. and different parts. fifteen years of heritage with incredible ts. bring that together. starbucks innovation around beverages. we are going to be able to create an amazing experience for our customers, but those who shop with us today and new customers. i was just going to say, we just launched to nuke concept stores which have been to ivana, find tnc barbie's. wonderful stores that bring together to vomit, great environment, one in new york, when seattle. we are seeing a great initial reaction. we up over the coming years to do so. that ritual. cheryl: you are expanding. one of the things, as we have seen in ruled out and to
12:47 pm
starbucks and there will be nationwide, we understand, by the end of the year, but he doesn't 14. it is a little bit of a change in the concept because most of the food has to be served warm. there won't serve it to you without. that is a bit of a break in the starbucks which is usually in and out. i go in and get my coffee, montae, stone, about the door. are you concerned about operational issues with the acquisition? >> it has always been that we never compromise on a beverage. we handcraft then for our customers. we want to serve not only the best beverages but the best food. the croissant. cheryl: but the timing in the stores that many are concerned about. some customers already beginning to complain about. what do you say to them? can you explain to them at the starbucks experience will still be? >> we will stay focused on delivering fantastic products, really friendly stores and speed
12:48 pm
is important. so we will continue to focus on that. cheryl: i want to ask you, you did have a split between you and kraft foods. he maintained the relationship with pepsico. will that help the stores? >> we have this incredible opportunity to control our brand and to work to build our products with the customers. whether it is this time of year in our stores. we have a real heritage, 29 years of christmas, it will take those products with the same passion down the aisle and control it. you get a warm experience for our customers. they are excited about the future, not only in grocery, but at this time of year, starbucks stores serving more customers. it's part of it. cheryl: i know the gift cards. today you're predicting to be the biggest favor sales. we shall see. >> the biggest day ever. thank you for being on fox business. we will see you soon hopefully.
12:49 pm
>> thanks you very much. happy holiday. the. dennis: crew is on the move this morning. numbers, first gasoline is hitting its highest level since september. the trading pits of the cme and phil flynn. >> reporter: dollars a head of the holiday gas prices go up. well, keep the tradition going. the highest in september. a lot of this seems to be shortcovering in the expectations for strong demand. this weekend we're supposed to see record holiday travel for the christmas season. that is helping us out. but if you add in the fact that we are seeing a few refineries alleges, that does not help, and we are seeing their risk of first-rate golan, a lot of buying in the brent crude verses the wti. that is because we're going into a holiday weekend, and people want to protect themselves. they're not doing it with options. option volatility is at the lowest level in history. even though traders are covering for the weekend, they don't expect any major moves over the holiday. the other one that, of course
12:50 pm
the moving big today is the heating oil market. heating oil was up not so much because temperatures are called, because of near record export demand. it appears that not only are we using a lot of diesel here in the states, but the expectations that demand is going to rise because of exports and a strong u.s. economy. %-yesterday, of course our recod natural gas law. a lot of people thought that after we saw that drop it would start to ease off a bit, but they are not right now. natural gas up again. another high for the move. back to you. dennis: thank you very much. and your friday media minute. so long katie talk-show. katie couric daytime talk show ends in june after only two years. abc agreeing to a killing even that it rent in the top ten. she will make to as yahoo.
12:51 pm
global news anchor, whenever that is. a place that has no newscasts. and duck dynasty debacle. the fallout continues with the family's rentable the plugging cable second most popular series after a and the networks suspended debt patriarch phil roberts and permit the anti-gay comments. last night they brought out a statement supports saying, we are disappointed that he has been placed on hiatus for expressing his faith among which is is constitutionally protected right. we cannot imagine a share going forward without our patriarch at the helm. but how real is the suspension? last night they went ahead with plans to run and six above the mini marathon of back dynasty were phil was present aplenty. in january season five begins and is already shot where phil welt also appear. cheryl: that story will not die. everyone keeps talking about back dynasty. the best thing that could happen. the holidays may be all about your family, but we will tell you why it should not be a family affair.
12:52 pm
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or not? what if they embrace new technology instead? ♪ imagine a company's future with the future of trading. company profile. a research tool on thinkorswim. from td ameritrade. ♪ >> welcome the good news is good news again. i'm adam shapiro. lori: and i'm lori rothman. the gdp report helping chair rocket to new records. in minutes, why he thinks of the economic reports like this on the new normal, and it meann stocks are still the only game in town. >> president obama will take
1:00 pm
questions in one hour in his final news conference of the year before he heads out on a 2-week vacation in hawaii. lori: how nice to be speaking of headed west, al about this, break up california. it is just too large to be one state. the famed venture capitalist joins us with this plan to carve california up into six separate states, breaking of silicon valley into its very own. ashley: before you head out on your holiday vacation, think twice before you pay to park at the airport. the ivy league dropout behind a business that is getting hurt and enterprise a run for their money. lori: let's get things started. another nice rally for stocks. let's check in with nicole. the dow and the s&p bill contractor record highs. >> reporter: indeed be read record closes. that is exactly what we're seeing right now. record all time highs. and a record for the year 2000.


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