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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  December 27, 2013 1:00pm-3:01pm EST

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adam: what you are freezing in the northeast we go live to florida which is seeing a record for holiday tourism this week. cheryl: new york los angeles $40. honoring the fair purchase during a website glitch that happened yesterday. that and more on this final friday in 2013 edition of markets now but first stocks are fighting for gains, we have been going back and forth over is that line for the last hour. let's bring in lauren simonetti from the stock exchange trying to make sense of the 51st closing high of the dow. nicole: we did it in new high earlier in the session not only for the dow but the snb but as you can see across the board the dow down 10 points, the s&p down by a point, the dollar selling
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off, commodities surging today, copper and coffee and oil. if you look at the material sector that is leaving the market today but for the month of december. another stock down 8% is twitter. the social messaging site getting cut to underperform from mutual, but maintaining the price target at 46, the second downgrade for twitter since last week, sun trust cut its rating to neutral last week. that is what we are hearing but it is of meteoric rise for the stock until today. cheryl: thank you, cu in 15 minutes. adam: our next guest underestimated the power of the markets, as big expectations for stocks in 2014, chief market strategist, welcome and thank you for joining us on markets now. why i use all optimistic going into 2014. get ready for corrections.
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>> i am optimistic for the first half of the year and for the second half we will get a correction as the market begins to sniff out the first interest-rate hike by the federal reserve but they said they are going to leave the overnight rate unchanged well past 6% on the unemployment rate. i think maybe we get there are around the june/july time frame and the markets get a little anxious about what that means but until then we are okay. cheryl: you say the big story for 2014 is the economy and i am curious what you are seeing in head winds because we had strong gdp for the third quarter. unemployment coming down comics didn't react in a negative way. what is your concern about the economy next year? >> once market rates start to move up look at the ten year note yield that is that 3%. if that hoppes of towards 3.5% which i think it will, a round
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the third quarter or so, that is going to present a head wind for stocks and if you look at the 17 members of the fomc several think the first rate hike will occur very early in 2015 and that is likely. people underestimated how quickly we can get to a 6% unemployment rate. the backdrop is going to improve and that is positive but once there is an actual shift in fed policy, markets going to take that as an opportunity to take some profits. total return this for the equity market next year are going to be somewhere in the low to mid single-digit. better -- nothing like this year. >> where's the money going to go? i can imagine it going to fixed
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income? >> on the yield side pretty good. the bond side, corporate and high yields, and may be fractionally positive but i would stay with stocks. next year will represent the year that represents a pause in what is likely to be maybe a secular bull market. i would stick with u.s. equities particularly large caps and continue to look at europe, europe is performing very well and going to be a big beneficiary of economic strength in the u.s.. and also going to get a capital spending cycle kick in now's the we have some certainty on the fiscal front and that suggests technology will do very well. cheryl: let's talk about specific sectors. and technology.
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you also looking at other sectors and industrials, in funds based on sectors where would you put your dollars now? >> the big decision, is the economy going to be strong enough to propel cyclical parts of the market higher or are we going to have more uncertainties that means the defense should do well? it is the former and as a result industrials, technology, fi a nice run up here overall but valuations particularly in the cyclical parts of the markets are attractive and especially on a % relative basis. those are the sectors i would be focused on. if you want some income you can get it from those defensive categories but from a total return perspective this might be the year when a global economy or at least the u.s. economy regains some fraction and we have a sustainable 3% or better
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gdp print for the year. adam: breaking out of this 2% growth pattern we seem to be in, the s&p 500 at the end of next year round 2,000? >> i think we could get there in the middle of the year and i think it pulls back not much higher than where we are now quite frankly so we have to be a little mindful, the trading at. and the second and we end a around 3% to 5% better than we end the year. not good for a round-trip perspective but looks pretty good. cheryl: oil hitting $100 a barrel, that is a two month high. and the trading pits of the cme. talk about a complete split,
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estimate and reality. and the draw down more than doubled the estimates. >> it is more to the story than the numbers you are reading. where the oil supplies actually fell, once again it was down on the gulf coast where the bulk of the drawdown of the supply was. if you look at the gulf coast, lot of issues with fog. it wouldn't have been quite as big. and the calendar year, right now displayed this big drawdown, and week after week after week the last month or so oil inventories are still going to end at the highest level ever for the end of the year. cheryl: that -- why are we sitting above $100 a barrel?
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the points you are making are fair but we are sitting at $100 a barrel for the first time in two months. >> they expect a lot of exports. we are seeing the spread come in, that has come in dramatically today. this run above $100 a barrel is temporary. come the first of the year we will see inventories start to build, demand will be very strong, hundred is too high but we have momentum at the end of the year. cheryl: phil flynn, thank you. neil: 3 of federal judge ruled the agency's collection of telephone data is legal rejecting a challenge to the program by the aclu. rich edson joins us from the beltway with the latest on these stories. phil: a federal judge says the national security program that collects phone call data is
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legal. in his decision the district court judge says, quote, technology allowed al qaeda to operate decentralized and taught international terrorist attacks remotely. balky telephone data collection program represents the government's counterpunch connecting fragmented and fleeting communications to reconstruct and eliminate al qaeda's terror network. new york republican congressman peter king is the first lawmaker to weigh in on this saying, quote, today's decision is a victory for the patriotic men and women of the nsa and it preserves a vital weapon for the united states in our war against international terrorism though he and the judge are at odds with another federal judge less than two weeks ago district court judge richard leon found quote makes surely such a program infringes on that degree of privacy that the founders enshrined in the fourth amendment. different federal opinions on issues of significance means the supreme court will decide the issue. there is no timetable as to when the court may decide to hear
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arguments. back to you. cheryl: the stock alert for you we are watching shares of general motors. the stock is stumbling today. the automaker recalling 1.5 million buick and chevy cars in china because of defective fuel brackets and fatalities or injuries have been reported it is expected to be an easy fix but it is one of the biggest recalls ever in that country. this is a huge market for general motors. the number 2 brand in china this year fell behind volkswagen. adam: and other automaker doing better in china tesla opening more show rooms to target wealthy buyers. hundreds of buyers have pre ordered tesla model x in the last two months. the automaker opened its first showroom in beijing in november. cheryl: a beautiful car. lucky flyers mistakenly big
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deals are going to get to keep their tickets thanks to a computer glitch yesterday morning prices on delta flights were supercheap, round-trip flights like oklahoma city to st. louis going for $12, flight from boston to honolulu only $68. spokesman for the airline said the problem is fixed, delta will honor any shares purchased at the incorrect phrase. stock today, you have a market that is a hot market delta down $0.79. adam: against says one of the best times to save money is coming up. no guarantees of a deal like delta. cheryl: what will come where? your winter weather, thousands in the dark without power lines, without power, power lines are still down. we will be live in the fox business weather center. adam: the party video phenomenon sweeping college campuses and making a lot of money. ♪
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cheryl: the turkish lira hitting a record low against the dollar after a corruption scandal in
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turkey drove the prime minister to reshuffle ten of 20 cabinet members. the news rattling markets in turkey as stocks hit their weakest level in 17 months. this involves a corruption investigation targeting allies of the prime minister. prosecutors charging 24 suspects for bribery, money laundering and gold smuggling. adam: lauren simonetti on the floor of the stock exchange, what is flying on a deal? >> textron shares up 1%. and beechcraft, a corporate jet market where there jets were just about $1.5 billion. interesting because they exited bankruptcy not even a full year ago. and not dealing with the company either, their top line missed wall street expectations for five consecutive quarters and recently reported traffic in the third quarter just wrapped up,
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also pretty muted. adam: thank you. cheryl: like the coming back on but thousands are still without power from michigan to main and freezing temperatures and more snow on the way. accu-weather meteorologist has the details. just a rough week for the northeast. >> absolutely. power outages continue from michigan into maine and part of the problem is it has been so cold. many areas have barely gotten above the freezing market that all the last several days so that has allowed the ice to sit there. we have good news to report. we will be looking at slightly milder temperatures as we head into saturday so some areas will finally come above the freezing mark but it is going to be brief. this is the system that will be the main weathermaker. scattered showers across texas with heavy downpours in offshore. the general trend will be to the
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northeast bringing a lot of moisture with its although the storm system will be mostly a rainmaker for many areas we are talking quite a bit of rain. the heaviest will be standard across southern alabama into the florida panhandle saturday and that will lift to the northeast toward atlanta saturday night. the northeast trend will continue so it is looking to be a saudi sunday in parts of the i-95 from the carolinas toward new york city, philadelphia and boston so could be looking at travel delays, said a looking like a better day of the weekend. northwest of boston, rain will mix with snow and the heaviest snow will be across new england and in particular southern maine where we continue to deal with power outages so that is something we will watch closely and behind this system more cold air on the way so it will be a cold start to the upcoming weekend we can see the cold winter into tuesday and wednesday so is shaping up to be a very cold new year's eve from the high plains to the great lakes and northeastern u.s..
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cheryl: thank you. adam: sunny and warm in florida, the most successful holiday week ever. we will go live to the sunshine state next. cheryl: we will help get you to florida on the cheap, anywhere else you would like to go? tom parsons coming up with travel, the state of the airline especially with these big mergers this year. ♪ [ male announcer ] if we could see energy... what would we see? ♪ the billions of gallons of fuel that get us to work. ♪
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adam: the busiest holiday travel week average what florida's tourism leaders are predicting for this year's holiday season
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as record numbers of people flocked to florida's sandy beaches. one is filled keating in fort lauderdale, in the heart of the tourist boom. that was college central. >> absolutely. 81 degrees, we did just lose the sunshine but that is not stopping this family from boston for making an effort to get all the way down to shine at. there are icicles up north and the rest of the country, people come and the money flows through florida. absolutely packed here today. in chicago, boston, new york, baltimore, quebec, the place is riddled with tourists. officials of miami dade expect this to be the best tourism week ever for south florida. they expect a 3% increase over last year, tourists making for lauderdale and miami's beach is
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the most crowded that anybody has ever seen. the marketing secret no secret at all when the national weather map looks like this, people not in florida either heat on sunshine state. hotels and restaurants bank on this week and a bank on it as well, going from high prices, from fort lauderdale to key west most hotels are sold out or near capacity. >> we are seeing the best numbers since 2007. it was kicked off by the cold weather in the northeast and canada. they got a lot of snow and pushed demand. we are looking at sold-out numbers and the best rates in five years. >> not just south florida but the panhandle around pensacola where tourism leaders report three straight years of increased tourism, after 2010's bp oil spill. for local floridians the only drawback is they really need to
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compete for the beach space. >> we live in hoboken, new jersey and we came to florida because it is cold in new jersey. >> at $90 billion a year poured into florida thanks to tourism, we have spoken with people in town from venezuela, this time of year florida makes a lot of money in their jobs and economy thanks to everybody else up north, trying to get a break with the cold and where else can you be in shorts or working on your suntan a couple days before new year's eve? adam: thank you very much. cheryl: a new merger, three changes in the industry helping navigate air travel as we head into 2014 and talk about the merger as well, tom parsons has got insight into this was a big year for the landscape of airlines and the merger with american and u.s. airways.
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we talked after a low merger went through and became official, i use seeing any immediate impact from the on merger of american and u.s. air? >> i don't think we will see any air fare differences. it will take months and months to kick this off. what we have seen is frequent flier programs, their relationship, american express, the platinum card, i have that card and one reason i love it is to get free admission to delta, american and u.s. airways clubs for free. now that u.s. airways and american are emerging as of the beginning of march america and u.s. airways both said we won't allow you to get into their clubs for free and the other thing we have seen is we haven't seen american or u.s. fairway saying when we can fly each other's airlines with frequent-flier miles but we have seen united come back and say as of march 31st -- march 31st, you
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will no longer use the money american airlines flights. cheryl: the competitiveness. >> u.s. airways better get moving. cheryl: competitors are not coming out between the two air lines. something fascinating, these airlines are bringing in, now it is more about technology. we know we will pay for a bad check or two but the next money-making opportunity for airlines, what are you seeing? >> we saw the government come back and say we may allow you to use your telephone or cellphone on the airplane. we have seen southwest, jetblue, southwest, jetblue and delta all come down and say no, we haven't heard anything from american or united, our they look at this, but i do know we are going to see from date to date we will be
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able to text for $2, that is fine with me. we are still trying to see how they are going home but we see airlines giving us some stuff like the wi-fi or in the case of jetblue and southwest we getting free movies, free tvs, as long as you have a tablet with you you can't get up on your plane. there is friendly stuff going on but ugly stuff when it comes to those fees. cheryl: texting gate to gate, with the faa easing restrictions there's a lot of chatter whether we should be talking on our cellphones, delta already coming out saying we won't allow a phone call on the plane. at the same time if you look over the landscape of the industry it seems we are becoming a wired flyer, u.s.-based carriers are starting to embrace that finally. >> if you look at american airlines, they really went out when they put the new 777 in place between dallas and rio, not only is that a difficult
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thing to do, to have wi-fi the whole distance but they are using three different wi-fi providers as they fly that 5 or 6 or 7,000 miles. they are trying to make the technology work for us. we want wi-fi and be able to text and get e-mails and do all that. the only problem is do we -- cheryl: a lot of good deals. a lot of good deals. i want a good deal. you got your shirt on today. thank you for wearing one of my favorite shirt. you are ready for a vacation. everybody is. best deal on their for somewhere warm. >> i tell you what. i can't promise this, there are certain cities on the front page of the web, out of dallas, houston, san antonio and other cities around the country, cancun, the 450 range, or the
1:29 pm
600 range, today we are finding those air fares at $239 in from month of february. is that a mistake? i don't know. when i get an air fare up to $400 cheaper i don't care what you call it a mistake or a sales fair but it is done. it is good. cheryl: mexico it is. tom parsons, thank you very much, good to see you. adam: the chinese icebreaker on its way to help stranded russian ship in antarctica has been stalled by some bad weather conditions. the icebreaker was six nautical miles from the stranded ship when it stalled and was unable to break through the eyes. the russian ship has been stranded since christmas with 74 passengers aboard. the rescue ship will ave to wait until tomorrow to advance. the ship is well-stocked with
1:30 pm
food and scientists continue to perform their experiments. some adult beverage is too. cheryl: crazy store. in the next half-hour of markets now, as long as they are out of the way guest says the economy is will gain momentum in 2014. you can profit from that coming the. adam: there is an error when for that. how much would be paid to detours martin information private? we will tell you about that coming got. cheryl: a party video taking college campuses by storm. this is a company that is making a profit, big investors in them. it will be coming up. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one.
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cheryl: bottom of the hour. time for stocks as we do every 15 minutes. let's head to the new york stock exchange. lauren simonetti standing by. what are you watching, lauren? >> hey, cheryl, we're trying to get back in the plus column. market is fractionally lower. nasdaq down the most. lots of new stocks breaking out to new highs today. ups and fedex hitting new highs which is really interesting.
1:34 pm
showing a mixed performance right now. despite delivery and shipping concerns the stocks hit new highs. they had both price targets raised by baird. i want to show you dow components at hugh r new highs, exxonmobil, up half of 1%. a lot of follow on. once the stock broke through $100 you see momentum continuing to the upside. so kind of a lackluster day overall for the markets but certainly seven dow components hitting new highs. disney, american express. back to you. cheryl: lauren, thank you. adam: the latest data shows the u.s. economy is gaining momentum but will it keep gaining momentum next year? our next guest says we could see breakout growth. steve blitz, chief economist at itg investment research. joins us live on "markets now. thanks for joining us. what makes you optimistic we can see greater growth above the 2% trend in 2014?
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>> well i think if you take a look at some of the fourth quarter data, specifically in terms of what non-financial corporations are doing you see a little bit of an increase in cap-ex, interest rates are very low in terms of hurdle rates on returns. so i think it is a year with the potential is that we finally see some corporations spend some of that cash and begin to build and expand capacity to basically produce items and goods and services and all sorts of things for domestic consumption. adam: were you encouraged by the durable goods numbers we saw just a few days ago? >> oh, absolutely. i was very encouraged by it and i think that when you look at those orders numbers, on the heels of the very big increase in inventories we had in the third quarter, it argues for that third quarter inventory increase not being unwanted inventory increases but wanted,
1:36 pm
it does, see same level of inventory increase in the fourth quarter, we probably won't but tells you there is something underlying going on in the u.s. economy and the industrial sector in particular, in that we're beginning to see, as you sort of delve into the data a little bit more detail, signs that there is increased domestic production for domestic demand. adam: when you talk about that, and we've got ingredients for growth plus lower energy costs expected going forward into 2014, why would companies start spending money they have been significant on and putting people to work? because they have been afraid to do that for the past several years. >> well, i think a lot of the headwinds begin to abate in 2014. i think obamacare is here. while there is still a lot of questions about it, i think it is starting to, people are beginning to understand a little more about the costs involved. you don't have the fiscal follies. that is out of the way.
1:37 pm
you don't have the reduction in the government spending. that's out of the way or increase in taxes. you pretty much know where interest rates are and where they're probably going to trend a little bit higher during the course of the year but they're going to trend higher in relationship to the growth rate that we have. so it's really a healthy in increase in interest rates if you can understand that. so, it's, you're really set upef time, of businesses building cash balances, true but there's some obsolescence here and terms of trade are very much in favor of american firms manufacturing here for domestic, domestic consumption and there's a long way to go in terms of building and rebuilding plant and capacity. adam: let me ask you two questions as we start to wrap up, i want to talk about housing, household creation as we perhaps put more people to work but first i want to talk about the wildcard here which is china.
1:38 pm
we're already seeing credit stress in china. could that be a black swan event that could tank our economy or whatever happens over there be irrelevant to us here? >> it wouldn't be irrelevant at all and i wouldn't characterize it as black swan events looking at it. we all, you know, are keeping our eyes on it and that is probably the major negative for u.s. and global growth in the coming year. the problem is, nobody really, truly understands what's going on there. you know the numbers aren't quite clear in terms of whether or not we're seeing truth when the numbers are reported. and so, you just have to take it on faith it will just, that they're going to grow at some rate, at some rate. and allow rest of the global economy to expand as well. adam: steve, back here in the united states, we've seen a lot of college graduates, grad school students, living at home. eventually they have to create their own households. will that keep the housing market moving forward even as
1:39 pm
interest rates go higher or will something else be doing that? >> well, i think first of all, big difference, i think investors should understand that, the way the market is trading in the last half of the year this year, indicates that the big difference going forward is that it is going to be the business sector, high-tech, low-tech, energy, that is going to ddive the economy forward and in its wake employment goes up, income goes up. and yes there is more household formation but the time when somebody who is 27 years old, two years with a job, go out to buy a house or buy a condo is probably not a realistic forecast. instead, if we have seen big increases in multifamily construction that is really what's been underproduced over the last 20 years and in the last year as much as housing starts have gone up on a percentage basis, multifamily
1:40 pm
has gone up more. i would expect that trend to continue in the coming year. adam: steve blitz, thank you very much and a happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you too. cheryl: well the the price of privacy. most of the popular iphone apps are free but you do end up paying by giving up your information. but a new study shows people are willing to pay to keep that information private. university of colorado study finding that users would pay just over 2 bucks for an app that would not read their browser history, $4.05 for an app that doesn't your contacts and 3.58 to prevent an app from access to your contents of your text messages. adam: would you pay for the privacy? >> i think i would. adam: follow you in so many ways from the credit cards to the other devices. it is already out there. why pay for it? cheryl: two bucks, three bucks, why not. adam: target now says stolen debit card pin numbers were
1:41 pm
highly encrypted and its customers have little to fear that crooks will be able to crack the code. cheryl: and holiday shopping turns out while store traffic might have been down this season, business may not have suffered after all. jeff flock explains from a car on the streets of chicago. >> rolling down michigan avenue magnificent mile in chicago. you know what they say? they say we're all shopping like men this year. what does that mean? and it is not me being politically correct just so you know. back in a moment to explain it all on michigan avenue. look at all the shoppers.
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cheryl: time for this hour's fox business brief. target confirms customers encrypted pin numbers were stolen during the recent data breach. the identification code is use sod make secure transactions on a credit or debit card. the company says the pin numbers are believed to be safe because the information was strongly encrypted. many restaurants expected to remove automatic grat taughts from the large parties. irs will classify grat taughts as taxable starting january 1st. currently they're considered tips and up to the wait staff to report them as income. audi plans to invest $30 billion in new models and
1:44 pm
plants next five years. in effort to catch competitor bmw. audi plans to build more cars outside of german than home for the first time next year. that is the latest from fox physician physician. we'll be right back.
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cheryl: as we do every 15 minutes let's check the markets. mark newton of gray wolf execution partners on the floor of the new york stock exchange. okay, mark, we're trying, potentially, to have 51 days straight for the dow of a record close but markets are kind of backing off the momentum today. what is going on in your opinion? >> you're right. happy holidays to everyone. the market is up 3.5% last three trading days. we've rallied since the taper announcement was made. if people down here this is the case, we'll see taper announcements more often. market is up to the highest level since 1996, 1997, nasdaq
1:46 pm
highest since 2000. we had extremely high gains. couple things interesting to point out and different that have changed in last few days. one advance-decline is back at new high territory. everybody knows that typically peaks out before the market has a major pullback. you see the sml, mid-cap index and s&p with the advance-decline back at new highs, that sets some people at ease, that this market, extremely overbought, highest overbought since 2007, would likely have a decent spring of 2014 before a major pullback. cheryl: i must be getting greedy. the dow, a little almost 4% last six days. so i'm getting greedy. mark newton, thank you. >> sure. adam: we came, we saw we shopped. turns out we're more surgical and more manlier shoppers. jeff flock on chicago's magnificent mile. you're not getting no man any petty, are you?
1:47 pm
>> whatever that means. typical male doesn't browse around. he goes to get what he wants. latest data from shoppertrak. they keep track of how much activity is in the stores, brick-and-mortar stores. they found in the week leading up to christmas, that week in december, traffic in the stores was down about 20% but sales were only down about 3%. their conclusion is that more people are shopping surgeally. like men do. no browsing around. up close and personal with one of the retailers, banana republic. this is part of the gap group. look at this, 40% off your purchase today. they found also that a lot of these sales have migrated to online, and bricks and mortar stores doing online business have had a pretty good year. online sales, $19.2 billion since thanksgiving. that is up 21% on line. so, there you bo. take a look at michigan avenue. this is what they call the magnificent mile in chicago. i don't think rousing has gone
1:48 pm
out of style. that is kind of the way i shop. i like to go into a store, see what is out there. apparently fewer and fewer people though do that. they research online, go in there and grab just what they want. a shame. cheryl: jeff flock, yeah. i'm with you, jeff. nice to browse except when it is five degrees in chicago. how cold is it out there right now. >> hey, it is 33 right now. adam: heat wave. >> it is wonderful. adam: jeff, you're not far from the sony store. can't you, that is place would be fun to browse. they have the gadgets, they have got the games. >> exactly. right across the street over here. just down the block a little bit, exactly. online is great. you can browse online but can't pick it up and touch it. so that is the thing that think is never going to go out of style. then again i'm a little old-fashioned. adam: you can't run into starbucks two blocks away to get a frappuccino latte mint.
1:49 pm
>> to warm up. cheryl: stay warm, jeff. this statement coming up new version of campus tour. adam: we'll talk to founder after growing company visiting colleges showing what students are really up to. cheryl: really? ♪ ♪
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cheryl: there's a new way to tour a college campus without even leaving your home.
1:53 pm
i'm schmacked is a company that document as nationwide tour of college campuses. the company not only attracting potential students, universities but getting interest from venture capital. we have the ceo and co-founder of i'm schmacked joins us now to discuss the growing success. first of all, where did you get the idea for this. >> i was in publishing in high school. i wrote a book at 17 years old. i got an agent. after shopping for five or six months, you don't have a platform and market is uphill battle. i don't know what platform meant. my friend and i started building sha macked and a could pitch applications to the college market and here we are now. adam: i went to the website and looking at some videos you posted. one really caught my attention because the critics of website say what they want to say, but the fact, it was nyu video, around halloween. >> yeah. adam: there were advertisements for nyu.
1:54 pm
google might have been placing them there. this is terrific. forget the critics, someone is advertising, paying to be a part of your video of do you get a cut of that advertising? >> no. we don't take revenue from videos, it is small ad cents and liability if we make revenue off videos and sign waivers. we let them have that. i don't know who is taking ad cents. good question. adam: summer school for nyu. cheryl: here's the question, do you worry about legal problems? you know what you're showing on these college campuses is not sitting around eating ice cream and reading the bible. we're talking like some party something happening. >> of course. cheryl: this is real college life. are you concerned about lawsuits? >> no. we're college journalists. we film what is there. we don't provide anything or advocate for it. we're there filming. no one is iting? dorm room playing monopoly anymore. kids are drinking. they're doing things commercially viable and grade for videos. cheryl: are there laws against this stuff? college is not trying to block
1:55 pm
you from access? >> never, maybe a private school or two here and there but nothing really serious. i think there is direct correlation between us visiting a school and enrollment raising immediately afterwards. we saw that with dv-vu. ranked high on "playboy" party list. helps enrollment and this climate college is building tuition. raising capacity. i'm schmacked is a great, help them do that. adam: honestly you may not be old enough to remember, mtv used to have spring break live stuff. from what i watched there is nothing you're doing you didn't mtv years ago. i keep coming back to the money situation. this is way to promote. you're selling t-shirts. you're staging events and helping try people to them, is it not? >> oh of course. we sell a lot of, we had a pop-up impromptu show at delaware that did, 1,000 plus tickets in three hours. it was a riot afterwards.
1:56 pm
on national news for a few days afterwards. there was no venue. we sold out an entire fall 2013 tour. we had 18 or so dates at many schools. events are pretty much at every school. 50 plus universities, maryland, michigan, penn state, usc. adam: syracuse. >> syracuse, of course. all of them. went to syracuse. adam: all the best. we have to wrap it up. i feel inferior the moment you said you wrote a book in high school. all the best. cheryl: raise the roof, buddy. >> thank you. adam: nsa phone surveillance, government notching a victory but coming up, a guest who says he will continue the fight against spying. as employment markets improves are you confident enough to be looking for a better job in 2014. your tweets, our experts on where the jobs are just ahead. tracy byrnes takes you through the next hour on fox business. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "juggle a bunch of rotating categories" card.
1:57 pm
it's not the "gn up for rewards each quarter" card. it's the no-games, no-messing-'round, no-earning-limit-having, do-i-look-like-i'm-joking, turbo-boosting, heavyweight-champion- of-the-world cash back card. thiss the quksilver cash back card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere, every single day. now tell me, what's in your wallet?
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tracy: happy friday, wall street partying like it is 1996, the dow on track for the best year since 1996, stocks looking for direction this hour, the dow was down 3 points. the party is going to end and how you can keep portfolio and 401(k) in 2014. and the jobs market, forecast,
2:00 pm
are you competent enough to look for a better job in 2014? your tweets, answers go up at the bottom of the screen and where the dogs are ahead. the government notching the victory but we have a guest who says he will continue to fight against spying. new york to los angeles, a whopping $40. in the tech minute, delta honoring that fair. purchased during up website glitch. at and more on this friday edition of markets now. we have to head down to the floor of the stock exchange, the dow is still on track for the best yearly gain since 1996. i remember what i was doing in 1996. we are joined by an all-star panel, lauren simonetti on the floor of the stock exchange, sandra smith and the trading pits of the cme and brian
2:01 pm
jacobson, chief portfolio strategist. we got to start with warren. >> the biggest story is the ten year treasury above 3% so rising rates will be the story in 2014. two more trading days left. and it is not happening at this moment, the dow is down a point. the s&p down not even a point, the nasdaq selling of the most, the dollar is down and commodities looking like they are ready to break out and we should look at metals out there call all of these things up today, oil and gold. tracy: commodities ready to burst at the seams? >> obviously wall street, commodities with major trading floors, getting shot down, commodity traders getting laid off, there are dire forecasts
2:02 pm
when it comes to gold and oil and copper and a lot of this is based on a record run up we saw and prices of those raw materials of the past 10 or 12 years old gold and base for its first drop in 12 years, that is remarkable about what is happening is record after record in the stock market and investors are looking to chase those gains. they sell out of other holdings like gold and silver, and buy more stocks and that is what we started to see with the inflow of money into the stock market mutual fund, we had $5.6 billion in the latest week so investors might be tiptoeing back in but are chasing after those gains in the stock market as we wrap up the year. tracy: they are still tiptoeing. where are they going? if you can't go to the bond market, interest rates going to the moon which 3% won't kill anybody at the end of the day but you can't go to the bond
2:03 pm
market, you should be in the equity market and sell many people missed this run up. >> where people have beee going is more with international stocks. if you look at the fund flow data provided at an industry level you will notice year to date so far equities have begun to attract some attention but most u.s. investor attention is overseas. not necessarily in the united states. many coming out of cash and cash equivalent and municipal bonds and bonds in general and is moving more globally, not necessarily domestically but i don't thing people missed out on all of the party. you used the analogy whether the party is going to end. i think what happened is we returned to normal. this is a rally that has built on some foundations. tracy: do you think the party is going to end? a lot of people are worried about capering in 2014. janet yellen comes in. what is she going to do?
2:04 pm
what if the economic data is not up to par? will she stopped it? >> it is possible. of the economic data comes in and is showing that the job market isn't healing as quickly as the fed likes or shows inflation is running too low according to the fed's taste they might decide to pull back on the caper ring that is continuing to add more liquidity to the financial system above and beyond what we see. at the end of january we have to pay close attention to the inflation data and jobs numbers to see what the fed might do with the tapering program. if they do taker in a more aggressive way than people are anticipating, that is the thing that will upset the market. if they decide to hold off on neighboring or continue this trend of shifting back purchases by $10 billion here or there the market rally is going to continue into 2014. tracy: un charles payne always get into the caper talk about why the market is up.
2:05 pm
what are the guys saying about the capering? >> traders often look back at history for an indication of what we will see in the future and this time might be different because of the fed record involvement in the market, we can look at some numbers as to what might happen in 2014. since 1950, at 17 times did we see the s&p 500 gained 20%. we are on pace to finish this year. looking at the next year in those years as that happened, there was 82% of the time a gain in the following year meaning typically when we see it gains this much in the s&p 500 we will have another positive year and on average 7% gain in the next year so investors might be right on tiptoeing back into the market even though we have been hitting record after record high history shows we might get another rally in the new year.
2:06 pm
tracy: teddy wise bird was on with us and cautiously optimistic. he is worried about getting too frosty. what you earing? >> it does seem it is getting too frothy when you look at stock prices going up every day since the paper was announced by the fed. bullish sentiment right now is that a two year high. a lot of people are skittish, they lost a lot of money during the crisis but five years later at 100% since the market lows, they are tiptoeing back into the stock market, not many places to park your money but if you look at the money market funds there are trillions of dollars in these funds, state funds, 26.6, 2.6 trillion in these funds, that is eventually hopefully going to go into equities. tracy: everyone is missing out. thank you so much for jumping in
2:07 pm
today. the latest developments in the nsa spying case. the aclu gets dealt a blow today as the federal judge says the nsa's data collection basically when they gather all your phone records, they're saying it is illegal. larry brought his own case against the program and a different federal judge ruled in his favor. thanks for jumping on board so quickly with this ruling today. you get a good ruling basically and today we get a bad one. where are we with this? >> i want to say in the fox studios in front of independence hall in philadelphia where i was born this judge, a democrat judge who is attempting to protect the obama administration trampled on the declaration of independence and the constitution. is an outrageous decision. our case goes forward presumably the government is going to appeal, they have been hanging back because they won the nsa to violate the law but it will go to the supreme court because there's a division of authority
2:08 pm
among the courts and constitutional issues involved, the decision today is an outrage. tracy: if i could ask you to put your attorney hat on, not your founder of "freedom watch" at, as an attorney what was the judge's case for this ruling, saying gathering all these phone records is totally lawful and not breaking the constitution at all? >> page 52 of the decision i hope people read it, it says civil liberties are to be sacrificed, and paraphrasing, to the war on terrorism. we never said that in our brief, we said there is a legitimate basis for the nsa to conduct surveillance on american citizens during contact with terrorists or terrorist groups. that is not an issue. what is happening here is the government led by the obama administration is getting all of the secret private information on every american citizen and
2:09 pm
the purpose of that is to keep the american people down and not allow them to express themselves and challenge government. tracy: play this out for us, not sure you can hear as, you look like you are having issues. >> someone can help me. tracy: put it by your year end you can hear me. play this out for us if you could. what happens next? you keep going forward. do we have to wait until all these district rulings get to the supreme court for an answer? i think we lost him. i think we lost larry. hopefully we can get him back to enter that question because that is the answer we are waiting for. we will try to get him back. moving on, are you confident enough to be looking for a better job in 2014? i am not going anywhere but if you are tweet as your responses and we will put the mud bottom of the screen and up next we have a guest on where the big
2:10 pm
swede jobs are right now. and my most favorite segments of the show, friday wine with me segment, he is here. look at where gasoline prices are heading in the new year. you won't believe that as we do every time this time of day, look how oil is trading. the dow is down 3 points and oil over that $100 a barrel pivotal mark. we will be right back.
2:11 pm
2:12 pm
2:13 pm
tracy: a federal judge ruling this morning that the nsa's data collection program is legal, brought his own case against the program and the judge came out with a different ruling saying this is illegal and against the constitution. we left off with where are we now? take us forward. all these district rulings, they're all going to be different it seems and then what? do we all wait for them to go to the supreme court for the grand
2:14 pm
finale? >> there are only two rulings issued now. there were prior cases but not dealing with the revelations of ed snowden and not dealing with what is going on the we now know is occurring in the collection of data for 300 million americans. what will happen now is the government when it seeks to do so, it is hanging back because it wants the program to stay in effect as long as possible. could have filed a notice of appeal within half an hour of the judge making his ruling but didn't. once that appellate ruling, the appellate court comes into play, when a notice of appeal is filed we will then filed a petition to accelerate the review of the matter to get it straight to the supreme court on the basis of of matter of great national importance and urgency because the american people continued to be spied upon. everyone of our contacts with the with our doctors, lawyers, accountants, are subject to government surveillance and that
2:15 pm
is a police state and as the judge said, we now live in an orwellian world where the government in effect can coerce you and keep you down and that is what this is about. we don't worship the god of government, we worship the judeo-christian god. we won't be subjected to this kind of tyranny by our government and if i have anything to do with this matter will be upheld in terms of judge leon and the decision of judge paul lee will be dismissed. cheryl: you think it was politically motivated? he is in the obama hand and if we continue to get judges to hear this case you are doomed? >> i have been a lawyer for many years and fight these kinds of political oriented -- it is true, a judge like paul lee who is a democrat has a natural inclination to favor a democrat president and the reality is this. when judges makeup, quote, good decisions for someone in their party they tend to get appointed
2:16 pm
to a higher position. without making any kind of attack on the judge, what happens is he is seeking to curry favor with the obama administration. if you read the decision it is so outrageous because he says because the information came out in an authorized disclosure through ed snowden and because of the statutory scheme that gave an opportunity to rule in secret, get stuck in the never-ending citizen there is no right of the american people to a challenge this. and independence hall of few blocks from here, that is the decision that is political for a judge from the left to make that decision against the aclu tells you there's something ron in denmark. cheryl: you'll be on top of this and something -- thank you for jumping on camera to talk about it. dubya come back and keep us
2:17 pm
posted. freedomwatch, keep fighting the fight. it is a quarter past the hour, check these markets again, lauren simonetti on the floor of the exchange. the dow has fallen a little bit and you are watching gm. >> general motors is down substantially, 1% but the market is flat. 1% seems bigger on a day like today. the business partner in china announcing a recall in the world's biggest market, the issue affecting 1.5 million chevrolet and buicks, in 2011 model year, an issue about holding compartment in the fuel pump, it could crack over time, possibly lead to a few linkages, china is ramping up regulations, checking things like this the we have seen more recalls in recent years and this is a big one for gm. tracy: a pretty chart i got to
2:18 pm
tell you. see you in a bit. several new developments in the target date of breach story we have been all over. target saying today they strongly in corrupted pin data removed from their system, pin numbers are safe and secure which should be comforting to many people. robert menendez is looking for a little more accountability after 40 million customers accounts, their information was stolen. he is coming down on target. he says that he may hold hearings in the target breach, companies don't ensure data can't be stolen, whether the government should be involved as fodder for another day. dow down nine points, time to get in on the twitter question. i you competent enough to look at a better job in 2014? send your tweet or put them up the bottom of the screen and our expert guest on where the jobs are, coming up next.
2:19 pm
some quick cash? we have a guest who is taking the pawnshop to the 1% of the twenty-first century. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you:
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treaty make new year in new job? you confident enough to look for a better job in 2014? tweet us and let us know. if you are brave enough to seek out, have no fear, executive recruiting firm korn ferry says there are plenty of cool corner offices to be had and different from what you might think. the vice chair of global
2:23 pm
financial markets, really interesting a lot of this has to do with what is going on in d.c.. >> there is a lot going on. has to do with what is going on in d.c. driving the regulatory job opportunities and what is going on on the web. tracy: the number one job basically right now is? >> if you can say there's a number one job, the chief state officer. tracy: this is a new position being created because of what is happening? the chief data officer will prevent what happened at target? >> cheese data officer like any new jobs there is no clear definitions achieve data officer depends on what the company is looking for. somebody who is making sure the data is used effectively for risk-management but more importantly it is used for predictive analytics.
2:24 pm
tracy: in consumer retail, talking about the chief experience officer, chief customer officer, they are using the data to help too. >> that data create raw material. if i have a chief custom officer or chief customer experienced officer i can use the data to measure how my customers interact with the company and give their customer experience a better outcome. tracy: the net or data? tomato or tomato? >> days in the end date is plural. -- tracy: here we are again, dodd-frank, risk-management, still hot. >> it is really hot because what happened is for the first couple years people were anticipating what was required and now from legislation to regulation where the definition comes in, legislation lays on a concept,
2:25 pm
regulation creates the rules. tracy: we had some years of regulation, we had data all along, has not been used properly? the regulations have not been enforced? why now? >> good question. i think the statistic is 90% of the data that exists today was produced in the last 24 months. imagine the explosive nature. we always had data but never at this level of proliferation. we will see a news ecosystem around data. company 3 defining what they do and being in the business of data in ways that will then connect to what other companies need in terms of their own supply chain. tracy: if kids will start majoring in statistics because there are jobs to be had. >> statistics with the hottest job on wall street going back 5 or 6 years, high-frequency trading. tracy: we of come full circle and health care, so many jobs
2:26 pm
these days. >> creating a lot of jobs and those jobs are pretty interesting because they are really around how to run more efficient health-care operations. now we are talking health care systems that have to be efficient, have to be more profitable than they had to be in the past so this notion of physicians that have to start to become quasi business presidents and that skill set is not one they had a chance to develop. tracy: we started, not we are talking -- there is a lot of small businesses that cannot afford a separate position for risk manager, compliance, a data officer. now we have an underground world of consultants too. >> and out forster's, they basically create the equivalent of compliance department and small brokerage firm can outsource to that company and that company is their compliance department. tracy: it makes for a banner 2014. everyone should take statistics
2:27 pm
again. >> great idea. tracy: thank you so much, happy new year. when you pablo cork on new year's eve will gas prices pop as well? some good news for you and your pain at the pump and add management, candy, netflix, google maps which i use all the time coming up in tech minute and a website to help you save money on your data plans and basically helps you figure out how much memory those apps snuck away but first as we do every day take a listen to the winners and losers on the s&p 500 as we head to break. good natural resource up 6%, that is the charles payne favorite. we will be right back. [ male aouncer ] need help keeping your digestive balance in sync?
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tracy: look at the dow off 30, half and half, green and red on the screen, a little more green. the dow is struggling, it is up into the green. lauren simonetti on the floor of the stock exchange. >> this is such a fun stock to talk about. the stock is down 7.2%, 68 and change.
2:31 pm
an analyst downgraded the company and underperformed, quote, nothing has changed over alaskan 15 days to justify this rise in valuation near tripling the stock price since the november idea, looking at the volume, 40 one million shares. that is 2% of total volume from twitter. it was substantially more than that, 83 million shares changing hands at the end of the day. a bigger proportion of the volume but amazing a stock like this is having such a reaction. we are not sure why. a lot of traders and investors are completely confused but there was some talk that twitter would be added to one of the indexes, more widely ended is a momentum play at this point but a big loser today. tracy: what a run that stock has had. see you in a bit. oil topping the one hundred dollars a barrel after a report showed demand for crude was stronger than expected last
2:32 pm
week. most recent data signalling a stronger economy in oil rd. what is in store for next year? oil prices, gas prices for commuters like me. managing director of clear view energy partners, you had three big energy transfer next year but we got to cut to the chase, bottom line gas prices up or down next year? >> more likely down than up and the reason is a tighter market than you are going to see as the year moves on. as we get a deal with iran on the nuclear program, a risk of price which will flow through to the pump. a well supplied market and demand declining at home which usually says we have lots of down prices. tracy: for someone like myself that is good news. oil traders are not happy to hear that. let's talk crude-oil exports, this is one of the big trends
2:33 pm
for 2014. there's a law that prohibits significant crude-oil from being exported. >> don't think it will change, we watched thinking it would become a real debate until 2015. unmusical shares shuffle of senate committee leaders is coming and will put two oil state senators in charge of the energy committee so starting in january we think you will hear about crude-oil exports. it is the upstream producers who are interested in getting the exports opened up but it is a question of long-term energy security. if u.s. crude can't access global markets and global market prices there is less incentive to produce it here at home and the growth we have seen will start to slow. tracy: we are talking a lot the dates back to 1975 probably with investigating. let's talk about all these new greenhouse gas emissions regulations. they could either help us or cripple us. >> the epa regulations will be hotly contested and will be in
2:34 pm
court until the end of the obama administration if not beyond but president obama is unlikely to abandon them in any case. the cornerstone of his environmental policies regulating power plants for greenhouse gas emissions. something they are doing under the clean air act. as a result of a new congressional la. in june of 2014 they are due to propose a role for existing plants on top of a rule for new plants. existing plants are where the emissions are and there will be a fight from coal producers and utility companies and environmentalists looking to keep things going. tracy: can you play that out? how will that end by the end of the year? >> the year will end without a finished rule. you can sue and epa regulation until it is finalized. when you have is a lot of protesting and lobbying. lawsuit probably start in 2015. tracy: renewables as well. we will have the same debate going on as well. >> a lot of our old ideas are very out of date with our
2:35 pm
current realities of the idea of putting food into our tanks as a way to fill out our gasoline supply may have made sense in 2007 but doesn't make sense now refiners are producing record output and exporting most of it. what you have is a requirement to blend more ethanol into the gasoline supply and it can hold. this is something that but epa has handled as a first run but we expect to see congress digging into the issue by the end of the year because epa solution doesn't satisfy everybody least of all corn growers. tracy: they were talking about putting koren on and ethanol back in 1970s. this is old stuff. we got to move on. you brought up iran earlier. how do we end the year with iran? >> iran is the biggest story in terms of what will matter for your pump price and your oil stocks because if iran goes well million barrels of crude oil the world forgot comes back to world markets by year end. if negotiations go badly new
2:36 pm
sanctions take an additional million barrels of an already tight market. you are talking 12 to $15 a barrel before all is said and done. tracy: you are a rock star. you got to come back. we will follow these trends because they could make or break us at the end of the day. happy new year. >> happy new year to you. tracy: it is time for your tech minute. hewlett-packard getting that tablet business, what is a tablet? devices that are part smart phone, part tablet. hewlett-packard looking at ways to boost its profit considering a new line of large screen smart phones. you can't put them in your back pocket. let me make that clear for those listening in on serious x m 113. china and indonesia the devices, cost between 200, and $250 off
2:37 pm
contract. these shipments have increased 620% year over year in the asia-pacific region. maybe they don't wear jeans. i don't know. ever wonder how much data or data however i am saying that the candy crash game is using up on your phone plan? there is a web site to help you with that. the wireless association created a web site to help the measure an apps's data usage before downloading. this is quite genius. for example one day usage of google maps which i use every day, looking at the maps, ignore navigation on your iphone 4s, use 7% of its monthly 4 gig data plan. that is a lot. it looks to help developers create more efficient apps as well as educating consumers. i use that air when every day, blowing through my data plan. some customers celebrating holidays after a website.
2:38 pm
offered crazy low fares, cross-country flights for $40, boston to honolulu for $68 and some for less than $5. the biggest online hookups started at 10:00 yesterday, delta quickly taking its website offline while it fix the problem. in the afternoon things were up and running with the proper pricing. good news. if you score one of the superlow-fare tickets delta will kindly honor them. bad news for investors, the stock is down today about $0.88. trading around $27. how come i am never online when that happens? tips not included. starting the first of the year large parties won't see that 18% gratuity. parties of 6 or more on their check. really? we will explain why next. we continue our food block and
2:39 pm
wine, restaurant her joins me in today's wine with me segment, good food, good wine. makes me happy. you don't want to miss it as we do every day this time of year take a look at your 10 and 30 year treasuries and talk about the tenure hitting 3%. it was slightly higher earlier today. it is 3% on the mark. we will be right back. ♪ hmm. mm-hmm. [ engineev] ♪ [ male announc ] oh what fun it is to ride. gethe mercedes-benz on your wish list at the winter event going on now -- but hurry, the offers end december 31s [ santa ] ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease the 2014 ml350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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tracy: time for the fox business brief. many restaurants expected to remove automatic gratuities for larger parties, the irs will classified those as service charges that are becoming taxable. currently they are considered tips and to the wait staff to report and as income. cac quarante is claiming beachkraft for $1.4 billion in cash. was looking to sell its business. the ceo says the deal will require restructuring and optimization of costs. their opening more foreign in china to target wealthy buyers. hundreds of people reorders tesla vehicles in the last few months, the carmaker opened its first showroom in beijing in november. that is the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper.
2:42 pm
2:43 pm
tracy: my favorite friday segment wine with me, the man behind new york city's most iconic restaurants including tribeca grill, robert deniro joining us now. nieporent, what an honor to have you here. you look at grill going on 23 years and strong. >> a huge accomplishment. it is a terrific place, sean penn, bill murray, christopher walken, a few there also. tracy: also going on 20 years. >> it is not 25 around the world, and extraordinary grand. tracy: you see all these things. i read you don't call yourself a
2:44 pm
food and wine expert, you are a historian. >> i do believe in understanding where you came from and how the world has changed. in new york, generational the, danny myers, we had a lot to do with that. tracy: we are talking about wine and crushed wine and spirits but what has changed when someone sits down and says i want to buy a bottle? >> what has changed is the intimidation factor is. people were very uncertain about their knowledge of wine, the prices of wine were very high. the way we compete now is by trying to to infer a great value in the purchase of wine whether it is in a store or restaurant because wines tend to be expensive for us to purchase and the markups used to be two or three times so people that are
2:45 pm
savvy, on the internet, you can just click on and see what you paid in comparison with where you could get it elsewhere for a less. tracy: people don't realize in the city, let's just presume i am somewhat savvy and figure out the battle down the street for $60. >> when you build a big wine list, you have wine that other people can't get. a lot of these are on allotment so companies hold back their precious wines making you by other wines in stock but you have a handful of prestigious wines. tracy: you get the small allotments, you really cater to the collector? you cater to the collector. >> also the knowledge of the people working at crash that they have the trust of those
2:46 pm
collectors, we can call them and say this is on the market at this price and they will buy that in a very large order so that they can lay it down. those people are collecting these prestigious wine, knowledgeable guys. tracy: you see that increase the last couple years as we get out of this recession? more and more people saying i want the bottle no one else can get? >> the options are very prolific and people are buying them at auction but right now the greatest value is frankly in a store where you have relationship with the sales people. tracy: and -- >> we will work hard to find a price the works for them. tracy: what should we expect in 2014? >> a lot more consumption. i brought a representative, one has a screw top, more cork and that has been accepted. people thought that was sacrilegious, wine without a court and this is a typical california wine, good value, $15
2:47 pm
to $20 in a store. i think people are drinking more now than ever and that trend will continue. tracy: will bode well for your fabulous restaurant, honor to have you here. >> see you downtown on 57st street. tracy: say the word. those restaurants, myriad group on web site, go to something, go have a glass of wine. cordial, time for stocks as we do every 15 minutes, back to the floor of the stock exchange, mark newman joins us, the dallas struggling to find direction but can you just say a year is over i am taking my jeans and going home? >> the market has been up the last six days, the dow has been up every single day. little bit of a selling out, you see a genes in energy materials. that is a key change for the year. you see these groups led the entire year but for december energy and materials materials being the top gainer for december on the heels of the big move we have seen in
2:48 pm
commodities, not only wti crude but coffee and cotton and natural gas in particular so that is interesting and treasury yields stock 3%, you will see the highest we close not only for the ten year but 30 years since 2011 silly and so we saw the yield curve flat bed decent and important move for treasury yields. tracy: psychological one for sure. thank you so much. how about this? this gentleman is doing what the banks can't, getting fast cash, backing it by fine art and soaring popularity of asset based lending, next, a great guest to talk about it but first look at some of the winners and losers on nasdaq as we head to break. the chinese google of 4%, the dow was up 3 points. don't go anywhere. [ male announcer ] once, there was a man who found a magic seaell.
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tracy: tomorrow's business today, you heard cash is king. when you rainy pinch collateral may bb the best bets thing, banks have more high-quality borrowers turning to asset based lenders. one of the most popular, joining us flex borrow co-founder, and gary bernstein did people call you upon shot but you are more than that. explain to people quickly. i am in a bind, i am well, i got a bentley. i know you were one of the largest bentley dealers at one point in the country. and beit need some cash. what happens? >> it is an exciting business,
2:53 pm
people do need money. i have seen the fall of the mortgage markets. tracy: i am broke, got to pay for college. $50,000 at the end of the day? >> $100,000, the luxury end of the car business as well as all kinds of asset lending that we do, high asset lending, it is worth 100,000, lots of value. tracy: good to know so then i get the money. >> you coming with your title, your vehicle, and/or out of state, the vehicle to a local spot of our choice and we will appraise the vehicle and this way we know and the title will be sent to us and we will secure the title and make the loan. tracy: what industry do iou back on? >> 1.9 to 3.9 a month. tracy: i get that but we owe
2:54 pm
clients often pay back pretty quickly. >> lone that four month loans, some as long as six months so people who do need money in a pinch of buying for many different reasons, they will pass back at the end of the term of the loan and most people do, there is a default, very little, 67%. tracy: how much i you learning >> millions at this point but the demand is tremendous so we are bringing in new lenders and probably going to open up under other states as well, economy is going off and the need is tremendous, primarily cars, also cars that we do, motorcycles, i jewelery, watches, any hard assets. tracy: you get the market value and say i will give 60% back and charge them to present to 4 presentiments. >> according to the vehicle and/or asset we lend on, 50%
2:55 pm
wealth and value according to the value, the wholesale value of the jewelery on cars come as high as 60% but all kinds of cars but we do the high end, average loan is $25,000. tracy: these are people who need short-term cash to pay for college, pay for something like that and coming back paying there is no need to project because you sell and make more money. >> there's no credit check. tracy: doesn't matter. could be a criminal. you don't ask. >> we don't ask what the money is for. it is simply based on the value of the asset and the advance that we give you. tracy: interesting and i am sure a lot of people out there googleing flex borrow. gary bernstein, thank you for being here. >> appreciate being here. tracy: wish i had a bentley i could cash in on. and a decision upon the closing bell the international
2:56 pm
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2:59 pm
cheryl casone think in for liz claman. stocks are looking kind of like a marathon runner. you're slowing down a bit, maybe it's that wall at the 18-mile mark, but still, you're running an incredible race towards the finish line, and those are your markets. as we get near the close of the last full trading week of the year, investors taking a break after the dow yesterday hit its 50th record high of the year. gotta tell you, we've still got an hour to go here. stocks still on track for a winning week. take a look at your dow, 474 but, again, 50 straight session highs and also six straight cays of -- days of highs. s&p a little down today, but overall still hitting record after record. yesterday was no exception. we shall see how the last hour of trading moves for all of you. one negative for the market today is general motors, its joint venture in china recalling 1.5 million cars because of potential safety issues.
3:00 pm
and also the technology-heavy nasdaq appears to be this a bit of a holding pattern on this light day of trading, but there are a couple of widely-held stocks worth mentioning, you know the names. take a look at apple, one of those stocks, again, that has had a strong year compared to the major averages not as strong, but still we're down 0559 -- 559, and there's your intraday chart as well. also down a bit many this retail shopping environment u amazon. take a look, rough week, down more than $5. remember, amazon and many of these big companies were winners over the holiday shopping season. maybe some investors are saying let's take a few profits here. and also you're going to want to watch as it relates to shipping issues with ups and fedex, the story we covered for you yesterday on count "countdown to the closing bell." let's get to our floor show and get the experts to weigh in. joining us on the new yorst


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