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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  May 1, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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local. melissa francis is here. she has the next hour for you. melissa? melissa: we already started in the studio. we're having a great time here. job dissatisfaction troubling news and has investors on edge ahead of tomorrow's monthly report. election year showdown, the president and democrats refused to throw in the towel over raising minimum wage. never mind the 500,000 jobs will be lost because of that. why focus on that? the new phase of facebook's mark zuckerberg ditching the hoodie but he is not only one trying for a grown-up new look. taking to the streets, the latest west coast road rage targeting tesla drivers and chasing uber. even when they say it's not, it is always about money. number of people filing first time unemployment this week is jumping to the highest level in two months. this news comes one day before the labor department releases
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its april jobs report. let's bring in our very own charlie gasparino and veronica dagher of "the wall street journal" we'll whip through a bunch of topics. start with the jobless numbers. when do you expect for tomorrow? market is nervous, down 47 points. what do you want? >> we'll see where the job numbers end up. if they are better than expected, people will be looking at the fed, saying what does this mean down the road for your interest rate policy? are we going to see tightening sooner? >> i also think that the gdp number was terrible yesterday. anybody who is trying to make a good case for the government, april is better. april is better. the jobs number has to be better in order for that to be true. >> i don't predict things based on any sort of prior numbers. it is very hard to game the unemployment numbers. >> right. >> people have been wrong about this a lot. i think what is pretty clear ask that this is very slow moving economic recovery. this may be the slowest ever. not only, that the fed will not really going to taper. we put the two together, you buy
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the, buy the market. hard to say that. melissa: a match made in tv heaven. "wall street journal" is reporting that at&t has approached directv about a possible acquisition. this piling on some reporting that you did? >> we've been talking -- listen, once you allow comcast to basically merge with time warner, which you know, brian roberts, who i kind of like, given so much money to the obama administration i can't imagine they will say no to this thing. once you establish that as bottom line, then it is open season. what we've been reporting on fox business is game over here. there will be a lot of merger activity. melissa: out of nowhere jonas max ferris appeared on the set. that was like magic! where did you come from? >> poof. melissa: poof! do you need to catch your breath for a second or try to comment on at&t and directv? >> i don't understand why they're buying a company that will not help deliver higher and
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higher speed internet and directv has no way to deliver that they're great for tv. the minute i can get 50, 100 megabit per second tv that will be end of it. melissa: take another deep breath. >> these companies can not just thrive envoys or video. you need to do both. you need a way to combine both. interesting to see what dish can do. they will look someone to partner up. >> talked about it. mobile. melissa: next topic, this one is my favorite. why i was racing to get here, the west coast running into a little car trouble. san francisco tesla owners finding bizarre warning flyers on their cars. in seattle, uber-drivers targeted and detained by protesters. let me start with the tesla thing. these are flyers all over these cars. they say things, by driving tesla you're involved in organized crime. you are supporting war, if you drive a tesla. i wasn't able to piece that one together. tesla drivers have higher than average inclination toward
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drugs. i think that is supposed to be insult. i'm not sure. >> obviously don't know any of the people i grew up with. melissa: this is all about, san francisco i tell you, this is the epicenter of the war between the 99% and 1%. this is. >> my friend tony who i brought in the offices doesn't even know how to spell tesla. melissa: i don't know how that is related but i still enjoyed it. go ahead, jonas. you look like you caught your breath. >> this is troubling development. you can claim right-wing conspiracy. i see this act at this technology, that unabomber guy. part about the weird sex tesla owners are having. melissa: i did not see that part of the note. where did that -- >> they -- >> they say they have weird sex? >> that threat letter says tesla owners -- >> do a certain essential act. melissa: was it more specific? would you care to be more specific. >> i'm sort of in the dark over here. >> i don't understand the anti-tesla thing because it is the most american car cap there
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is. they're going to make batteries, only thing from japan. they will try to do that here. other auto companies got bailouts. we lost 10, 11 billion on gm. this company paid back with interest. this is american success story. >> environmentalists. i think you're right about the unabomber -- melissa: i don't think so. tesla is symbol like the google bus, of the rich techies who are full of themselves and taking over san francisco and the bay area in general and i think there is a flashpoint going on between the 99% and 1%. i think they see tesla owners. >> why? because it is so expensive. >> yeah. it is 100 something thousand dollar car. anyone who is anyone out there wants to show off with tesla. only george clooney got rid of his because it didn't run. everyone else has that. it is middle of menlo park. it is a huge showroom. it is symbol of the tech car out there and folks are mad.
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except for all the people forced out san francisco because you have to earn $672,000 a year to afford a one bedroom literally. >> i asked financial advisors? what is the new status symbol? what dot wealthy show off? all of them say tesla. >> because you need another car to really drive anywhere. my third car is 80 grand. melissa: how about uber? they're tracking down uber-drivers and trying to detain them -- >> who is they? >> taxi drivers. melissa: no, it's a group. >> dirty old taxi cars they smoke cigarettes and treat you like garbage, those are bad for business. melissa: this is really happening. this is really scary. this is america. groups are supposedly stopping car owners, people using uber-in the middle. street and harassing them. like, this is an infringement on people's freedom. this is real issue. melissa: all right. moving on to the next one. feel free to give me time cue. president obama throwing down gauntlet to lawmakers blocking
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minimum wage increase urging voters to remove them from office come november. what do you think? >> i think his approval rating will go down even more. melissa: yeah? >> listen, most, i don't see the country being gal vannized by minimum wage right now. i don't see it. i don't see politics here. >> populist issue. what people want to hear is job creation. how will they get jobs? so many people still out of work. so many people still underemployed. this is what we need to be talking about. >> disagree. all the millions of people buying at that capital book, i liked it first time karl marx book. those people don't care about job creation. they think, right or wrong -- >> by wired d.o.e. >> french economist. very popular -- >> popular with liberal rich elites. i don't see the man on the street walking around with thomas -- what every his name is. construction worker on the launch break. melissa: dreamworks ceo jeffrey
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katzenberg, determined by size of screen. 15 bucks if go into theater. eight bucks if you watch it on the big screen at home, to 1.99 looking on your phone. do you think this is where we're going? do you care? do you watch movies? do you watch anything on this thing? >> i watch myself. >> that is free. [laughter] melissa: don't want to go anywhere near that. >> this will not get past theater owners. melissa: no? >> i don't think so. they put too many obstacles in way of studio. not to mention, i don't know how the consumer would react to this, no matter what theater, no matter what time you pay $15? that is lot of money. melissa: $15, because i live in manhattan i feel like this is way already is. only difference i buy it once on itunes and watch it everywhere on our i pads, little phones in the house. i will have to be mad if i pay separately every time i watch it. i don't know we're going do that. jonas, you get points off not being here at the top.
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melissa: women made up 3% of ceos and a bold book says it is lack of swagger that holds them back. we have the anchor of the bbc world news america. of also with us, my personal feminist hero, charlie was. -- charlie gasparino. the princeton mom. no, it is actually charlie. susan patton. thanks for joining us. explain the principle behind this. you think women lack confidence? that is what is holding them back? >> it is interesting, when we were writing our last book about
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value of women in the workforce, we interviewed senior women, kept coming across expressions, i'm lucky to be where i am. i'm in the right place at right time or i don't really deserve the promotion i've been given. we never hear expressions from men. is there a gap in confidence between men and women and numbers back it up. hewlett-packard has run them. women will apply for a promotion when they have 100% the skills required for the job. men, are happy with 60% of the skills required. they figure they will learn the rest when they get there. columbia university, men overestimate their abilities by some 30%. so there are numbers behind what i think a lot of women feel when they go to the office. >> susan, what do you think? >> i don't really see that i wonder whether there is distinction between made between modesty. melissa: i was thinking grace of the in those comments. but makes a point numbers in terms when feel women feel comfortable asking for -- how large a sample are we talking about?
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>> hewlett-packard did the survey of their whole company. columbia university was holding an academic study on women holding themselves back. another study by psychology professor at milan university. he put men and women down in front of a spacial test. the women did worst than the men. when he looked at numbers because they weren't answering all the questions. when they answered the questions they did just as well as the men. that is what kind of worried us about this gap in self-assurance is that women are holding themselves back. there are at love things women can't change. this is something they can. melissa: are you -- >> i think i will be fired after this segment. melissa: no. >> i agree with a lot of what she says from -- i've not done the -- melissa: you're not a woman but. >> i'm not a woman. i'm married to one. i know a lot of women in the work place. some of this, let's be honest some of this is matter of testosterone. let's be honest here. men are naturally, men are naturally aggressive.
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melissa: testosterone makes you confident? >> it does. it makings moring a gross system i'm the most modest person in this room right now i'm sure. but -- melissa: most modest -- [laughter] >> but i'm extremely aggressive. i tell you, women, now some of that is good though. being, be a bull in china shop is sometimes is not the way to go. that is the draw back then have in the work place. that is a draw back a lot of women don't have. melissa: i feel like i never have problem being aggressive on the show. >> you don't think testosterone doesn't have impact? do you think it? >> testosterone is equated with risk-taking. >> yeah. >> we know that right? risk-take something one of the building blocks of confidence of the if you're not prepared to take risks, and fail and try things that are a little bit hard and go outside the comfort zone it is very hard to build confidence. men have in-built advantage. >> i have funny anecdote. same sex sexual harrassment suit
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at sac capital, steve cohen's firm. one of the traders said his senior trader made him take female hormones to make him a better trader. more sensitive -- we should point out this case was thrown out of court. but, that was the premise. melissa: susan, you want to try to follow on that in any way? [laughter] just going to dump right in your lap. say anything. >> i think i'm more after feminist than charlie. i will start with that. beyond that, i don't see that women are lacking confidence, women that i'm dealing with, certainly not, certainly not at this platform today. the women that i work with professionally, the women i went to school with, women i know, my gosh they're as confident, sort of nice way of saying is else. melissa: i agree i look at women look marisa mayer, mary barra, kelly other women at this network. that is your own sample size they happen to be around you.
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they happen to be aggressive or push their way to this profession or my class at harvard. >> you left out my classmate, meg whitman. >> this place wants that in a way. melissa: it is self-selecting. >> fox promotes that type of atmosphere. i don't know that corporate america us does. melissa: congratulations on your book. you sparked quite a few conversations. >> we want you to take our confidence quiz. we have one up on the website. 40,000 people taken it in 2 1/2 weeks. want to get results. melissa: i will do it right afterwards. from u.s. to every corner of the globe, money is sliding around the world today, starting in tunisia where the force is going strong. the country hopes to pull in tour riffs by promoting connection to "star wars" movies. the government there has teamed up with the country's "star wars" fan club and together they have been staging events, screening and trips out into the desert where lots of the movie was filmed. over to the u.k. where elvis presley fans are getting all shook up with the latest
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tour. this time it is his tooth making across the country. one of his dental crowns was bought by obsessed collector of all things dentistry for $11,000. can you imagine, $11,000. elvis look-alikes are escorting it to various towns to raise money for charity obviously. landing in egypt where king tut's too many tomb replicated with help of 3d printing. it was in such bad disrepair they demand ad copy to for thousands. it will be recreated with printer. apparently the tomb is so accurate, some egyptologists burst into tears upon entering. it is that emotional! world health organization is telling everyone to listen up. many of the globe's once deadly diseases could be on verge of a come back, the reason your antibiotics, i need some, they are less and less effective
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while viruses get stronger. buy this guy a dinner. how a star quarterback got suspended from baseball for scandal increasingly known as crab-gate. do you ever have too much money?
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melissa: investors giving a top rating to yelp's stock. shares soaring after earnings report. nicole petallides at new york stock exchange. with more on that one. got to love the chart. >> it's a beautiful one today, if you're a shareholder you're happy to see a jump you're seeing for yelp today, up about 10% as we speak at 64.14. they came out with revenue pop of 66%. part of that at least was due to local advertising. they also saw unique visitors growing more than 50%. so that was huge for them to
2:23 pm
about 61 million in the latest quarter. and they are expanding what they do from now to restaurant bookings, events management and payments. also, moving on and buying a san francisco-based online reservation. that will compete with open table. -- seat me. yelp is not just review website anymore. seems they're expanding platform and analysts love it too. melissa: nicole petallides, thank you so much. there was a big problem in medicine antibiotics happening right now. in the world health organization has made statements that antibiotics we are using are becoming less effective. joining to us give us insight, very own fox news senor managing editor for health news, dr. manny. everyone is talking and it is really scary. antibiotics are not working any longer. we used and abused them. we overused them. >> we're done. melissa: are we being overly dramatic? >> no. five years ago we were saying we're losing war on super bugs.
2:24 pm
we lost it basically. melissa: so are we all going to die? >> it is not about that. look, 90,000 people died of resistant bugs in america today, probably more around the world. just no reporting to it. melissa: 90,000 when, in the last year? >> yeah, a year. 90,000 people die of acquired hospital infections not treatable by antibiotics. for instance in england, form gonorrhea. there is no antibiotic forgone rea. one of those diseases you thought we had killed with penicillin. bugs are becoming very smart. front page of "new york times," on tuesday, nine cases of flesh-eating fungi found in children's hospital in new orleans. the question is -- melissa: these are coming from hospitals? >> hospitals where you're harboring a lot of bacteria that is resistant to a lost antibiotics of the types of bacteria that we're talking about, not bacterias you need to find dictionary to know what they are. these are bacteria common for
2:25 pm
urinary tract infections and pneumonia and things of that sort. big-ticket items already transformed themselves not to be killed by antibiotics. now there is new wave of antibiotics must come on to line. these are researchers -- melissa: along those lines. >> yeah. melissa: we have other killer diseases that are resurfacing. merz. ebola is back. ebola never went away. >> the question about ebola, we report it in the news, you die 100% of the time but get ebola but you but it is contained to the continent of africa. there have been 77 cases. issue with ebola you can only get it if you eat bat meat or -- melissa: no danger of that. >> or certain animals in the forest. or if you are becoming into contact with bodily fluids from somebody who is infected. so that is, this is a type of disease -- melissa: how how about merz?
2:26 pm
>> this is similar to sars. it is pneumonia type infection. 300 cases still contained to the gulf states. it is reported in turkey. right now it is pretty well-monitored. if it doesn't mutate it will be okay f it does mutate it would be like sars. melissa: what do i do? stay in my house? stay under cover? hide in my shower? >> no, listen. i was with the head of the cdc on tuesday and we had this doom and gloom conference but at end of the day new technology is amazing picking up new diseases. more transparency around the world including the chinese i asked questions about that. cdc has pop up offices around the hot pockets in the planet to monitor indeed it outbreak. melissa: that is monitoring and quarantining these people. you're not talking about actual fixing a problem. >> we're back to 1818. good luck. wash your hands. stay in your house. melissa: wow, dr. manny. >> good news. melissa: facebook ceo ditching the hoodie for a march mature
2:27 pm
look and attitude to match but isn't changed man? wet me and tell me what you think. putin one-two punch but has nothing to do with ukraine. legendary sports promoter don king on why i fled russia. we'll talk about donald sterling's lifetime ban from the nba. "piles of money" coming up. ♪ stick with innovation.
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yields over the last day. we have seen 2.6 and they start to pull back a bit. they move in opposite directions but all of a sudden stocks and bonds moved in unison. and this is not nearly what we wanted. it is a little bit of the concern. liz: they agree with that? larry, come back to you. >> for me i am disconcerted, 260, for us to rally a continuation of this rally we see a ten year yield, 275, 285, the biggest thing i am worried about is the ten year yield especially seeing that yield curve steepened. behind me what people are worried about, trapped his win 1840 and 1880 in the s and p. relieve that battle lurking
2:32 pm
beneath the surface between value stocks and momentum stocks. melissa: it is did they face book grew up, mark zuckerberg leaving it behind and taking the stage with a new, loving attitude. back now charlie gasparino with the wall street journal. you have to look closely but from appearance you're looking at a guy who used to come out with sneakers and the woody and the whole thing and had attitude. yesterday he is wearing the tight t-shirt, much tighter. >> finally getting rid of cheryl sandberg and bringing him out a little more. melissa: maybe she is not working out with him. she did aerobics in college. she talked aerobics at harvard. she did.
2:33 pm
>> like being at championship boxer. >> not wearing a hooded but still wearing a tee shirt. everyone at the table would say they were more mature they were 30 compared to when they were 20. that is true for mark zuckerberg too. when he was first ceo of facebook had a business card that says thought i am ceo b- t b-i-t-c -- you know what. liz: what he is saying has changed, the tone has changed, he said we want to build a culture, loving people we serve, loving the people we serve. very different from what he originally said which is they trust me, dumb whatever. his message is nothing else he is conscious of the fact that he has to sounds different. you are laughing. >> corporate address one hacker
2:34 pm
way, the company wasn't billed as one of the highest market caps around but the hacker collection, and a thug, what you have seen with the expressions and outfits and stuff, realistically he is up 30 and when you hit 30 and maintain the business the only threat to the business is the perception they are being sloppy and illegal with your private information. that mentality is not how he runs this corporation. not all about hacking and using your data. melissa: having two identities is an example of lack of integrity, not the says we need to do everything we can to put people first and give them the tools, and -- >> they make a lot of money, and trust them. and he is the ceo of the company, and at some point --
2:35 pm
>> maybe -- >> that could be it because he has got to step up. melissa: i met him, you met him many times. >> i met him in 2008 in south by southwest, one of his big keynote speeches and he was a different person. he was very nervous on stage, it didn't go well. we went to a bar to hang out and we were drinking beer and what was he doing? he was in the corner typing on his blackberry being released socially awkward. team made great strides since then. you got to give him credit for having willingness to learn. you are not a big cheryl sandberg fan. melissa: is important before we head to break, something so hot on the internet we couldn't stop ourselves from showing this. this video has become a viral sensation. the furry critters sitting down at the table with his human companion delivering him many burritos with chopped many ingredients.
2:36 pm
the video has already wrapped up 2 million views in two days. it is hypnotic. tell me it is not hypnotic. these spend a lot of time at your desk watching this? no one is saying anything. >> never show any thing. melissa: it is so funny. >> two things come to mind. one is i don't understand why we find rats and mice creepy and hamsters are somehow -- >> that is a high production value youtube video. that is more the future of tv, the most reality shows, it this proves intern at has a balance so that stuff -- melissa: it is delicious. our next guest needs no
2:37 pm
introduction. don king is back on money, he has a lot to say on this scandal. plus why he had to flee aggressors in russia. you can't miss this story. you ever have too much don king? i ys say be thman with the plan but with less ergy, moodiness, i had to do something. i saw mdoctor. a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age. we talked about axiron the onlynderarm low t treaent that can restore t vels to normal in about two weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especlly those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoidt where axirons applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or incased acne in women may occur.
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report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctorbout all medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include increased sk of prostate cancer, worsening prostate symptoms, decreased sperm count, ankle, feet or body swelling, enlarged or painful breasts, problems breathing while sleeping and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, common side effects include skin redness headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about axiron. melissa: i am melissa frances with your fox business brief. elon musk has won a court
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injunction. that stopped lockheed martin and going from buying russian-made rocket. spacex has criticized the company saying they should work with homegrown companies instead. yum brands says taco bell chief greg creed will take over as ceo next year. david novak will become executive chairman in stead. greed has led taco bell since 2011. also forge ceo alan mulally will be retiring on july 1st in time for summer. his replacement been longtime executive nc 0 mark field. field says he has no plans to make any executive changes and is firmly in the top job. that is the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper.
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melissa: russia amanda knox spare change, lots of money being lost as the legendary boxing promoter don king is fleeing the country and his big boxing match gets canceled. sparks are flying. here to discuss this is the man himself, don king. to get this story straight, if you are in line for a boxing match, canceled last night and flee the country. >> god bless our troops and
2:42 pm
general david petraeus, our great commander. what happened is the promoter is a new promoter but a very nice person whose name is andre ry i ryabinsky and he made decisions based on lies he has been ingested with so therefore he canceled the flight 15 minutes before being picked for the fight. and so i think -- what was -- melissa: did he have to flee the country? >> i fled the country because of the 16 people that were with me. you must understand especially the fans, european fans, i have seen fans by decisions, incendiary decisions that would be mistakes that cause wars and the death. i want to get my people out of
2:43 pm
there and that is what we did. melissa: react to the clippers story. donald sterling, what do you think should happen? do you think he should sell the team? who would it be good to sell it to? what is your reaction in general? >> what donald sterling is doing is spotlighting an issue you could never confront under normal conditions without people saying you are playing the race car or putting it down to whatever you want to say. you have got to be able to change a system that establishes wrong as right and that is what we have done and we have to undo it the way we methodically did it so that is what i am working for. you have an equal rights for women and for people of color, and using manipulation of language deceitfully, you do all types of different things and this is brit in society so donald sterling brings it out, what we all need a chance at to
2:44 pm
try to be able to deal with at least discuss it in a manner where there's reconciliation. melissa: in some way it is something of a blessing in that it illustrated for something you knew was going on but now is out there and there's plenty of evidence of people are able to address it. who would you like to see to buy the team? there are names being thrown around. >> what you just said is exactly what i feel -- he is a perverted hero. in other words he is out of the closet and brings it in so we can bring in the closet out to be able to do it and i want to talk about another thing we have a great heavyweight fight in los angeles at the u.s. c. this is going to bring the cattle back to america and that makes me feel good and being with you is fantastic, a delight. i want to invite jonathan stewart, be able to get all the guys to put him out there in the
2:45 pm
fight. liz: we have got to go. we are all going to be there. we love you, come back and see us. >> box 8 is the place to be. melissa: there we go. twitter having as much fun, james winston citation for shoplifting, $32.72 worth of seafood. the outcry of free seafood university, fsu, grab a crab and gravel punishment were heard across the net behind the trophy winner releasing a statement saying, quote, in a moment of youthful ignorance i walked out of the store without paying for one of my items. youthful ignorance? i am sure you wrote that. what do you think? this is quite a story. it just shows -- he is young and
2:46 pm
naive, what he needs to do. i don't know if you can write him out that easily. >> i enjoy watching him play both sports likes to play but at the same time he has done a lot of trouble besides the big patch of trouble that was very serious with the accusations of sexual assault that he was cleared of. he has also gotten in trouble, police came, windows were shot out with bb guns, another incident tell local burger king where they said he was dealing soda. >> they keep people in college like they should this would stop it. but i think -- there's plenty of money. he thinks he can break the rules. melissa: we got to go. cheryl casone filling in for liz claman. what can we expect from the next hour? cheryl: won't be boring. we have the ceo of t mobile
2:47 pm
coming up in the next hour. john ledger has his leather jacket ready to go, he is always animated. here is what he said about the potential of sprint buying t mobile. we welcome any and all bids and if he were to merge with one of his bigger rivals he would get louder and more obnoxious than he already is. those are direct quotes, that won't be boring at all. also we will be speaking with the head of sony's electronics business in the u.s. about big things changing, this is the company, you know their products, they make the bluray dvd player, he is coming up and there is a lot of pressure to get out of the pc business, they have been losing money. he is telling me he is going to give us more details coming. melissa: thanks so much. it takes a lot of money to look this nerdy or does it? google charges you $1,500 but
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take it all apart and you won't believe how much it really costs. you can never have too much money.
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melissa: whether on wall street on main street here is who is making money today, anyone with us bare. it is well above wall street expectations. the company announcing the bear is making a grant pushed into its new market, there's a store opening in turkey next month. the stock surging by 20%. the founder maxine clark obviously very pleased, she got 2 million shares and she has made $4 million so far today.
2:52 pm
not bad. on its way to making $1 billion, harvard business school quietly campaigning for funds and already brought in $600 million which is a lot more than the $500 million columbia business school raised to buy itself a new campus. what is not clear, it wants the money for a better delorme and globalization. the dorms are really nice. at risk of losing a couple of billion, the likes of jasey, beyonce and rihanna are among a group of celebrities being sued by california prisoner who claims he coached song lyrics he had been riding in jail. the inmates as a total of 3,000 songs were stolen over the years. he is demanding $2.4 billion in compensation. bad news for glass everywhere, looks like you're getting ripped off. a new report from tech insights finds the $1,500 a google glass
2:53 pm
is worth $80. and it is 5% of the $1,500 price tag with things like the processor, costs about 39 six. the camera, $5.56. kind of a rip-off? >> $1,500 is definitely a rip-off. google realizes this. wanted to be consumer mainstream product the price needs to come down significantly and they said it will come down significantly and they will release the consumer version later this year. liz: little like the tesla? they are going for the geek cash and it has to be expensive in order to be supercool some part of it is the status like the tesla, everybody knows he paid $1,500, must be loaded.
2:54 pm
and keeping scarce, $1,500 at first. it is a one day sale. this is also a little bit misleading. they spent treaty is developing this thing, the cost of manufacturing. melissa: does that get from $80 to $1,800? >> it is $1,500 in retail 650. melissa: how will this moving in the country, the train derailment that could get the keystone pipeline back on track, you can never have too much money. we're moving our company to new york state.
2:55 pm
the numbers are impressive. over 400,000 new private sector jobs... making new york state number two in the nation in new private sector job creation... with 10 regional development strategies to fit your business needs. and now it's even better because they've introduced startup new york... with the state creating dozens of tax-free zones where businesses pay no taxes for ten years. become the next business to discover the new new york. [ male announcer ] see if your business qualifies.
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melissa: an oil train derailment could pave the way for a new keystone pipeline push. hundreds of lynchburg, virginia, residents forced to evacuate
2:58 pm
after more than a dozen csx train cars flew off the tracks and burst into flames. will this change pipeline opponents' tune? veronica and jonas back with us. rich edson has details on the story. >> reporter: federal regulators and state officials are raising concerns about transporting so much oil via rail. companies moved fewer than 50,000 carloads of oil. by last year it had hit 400,000. sixteen rail accidents since 2006 involving crude oil or ethanol, 48 deaths, 281 derailed tank cars releasing nearly five million gallons of crude oil and ethanol into the environment. and one democratic governor, andrew cuomo, is asking president obama to push for stronger regulations. he writes, quote:
2:59 pm
>> r eporter: the national transportation safety board says before yesterday's wreck in lynchburg, there were eight significant rail accidents involving crude oil from march of last year through february, so proponents of the keystone pipeline say its continued delay means companies are transporting more of the oil via oil. melissa: veronica, what do you think? >> first of all, i'm really happy no one got hurt in this, but i think this will give proponents all the more reason to get that thing going, not to mention our safety and security, but also the jobs created. melissa: jonas? >> you know, this kind of infrastructure problem moving crude oil around on the rails, because a train is too slow for people to take. we've got to rejuggle this whole thing. the fuel should be in the pipeline, the people should be on the trains going faster. it's ridiculous. melissa: no, that's true.
3:00 pm
all right, thanks to both of you guys. hope you are making money today. countdown starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> who you going to call? or more importantly, which wireless carrier are you going to use? sprint may be preparing to make formal officer for t-mobile, u.s. rival at&t is reportedly in talks to buy directv. we'll ask ask the always colorful john ledger. sony's struggle, the technology and entertainment giant warns again as it fights to turn around its consumer electronics situation. sony electronics president and chief operating officer mike that siewl low is our exclusive guest. and move over. lou: lemon, the new fashion source. it all began with a few midwestern athletes who wanted comfortable jeans. a $15,000 ck


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