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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  May 7, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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have a great night. ♪ neil: it is not just witter.rket what about whole market? welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. twitter is not the only onely that is back to its offering price and down. less than half the and what it was. that is a pattern and a consistent problem. with more than the 50 ipo b that has been planned or rumored eight out of 10 are
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at a bear market. charlie gasparino war do. next we have david asman and scott martin. we talk about this all the time. not that these issues do not come back. now there are some problems. >> i want to see the market implode a little bit to see the prices come down. twitter was public at 29. the inside price. the stock barely making any money. is losing users. neil: but you can tweet your concerns. [laughter] >> some of this is good.
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neil: is at 112? 140. whenever. >> by the way we have more supply with alibaba the biggest ever ipo. i would just tell investors. that it could go further down. you don't hear one wall street firm to say be careful. with this alibaba ipo. neil: with all of the offerings. neil: but they are squeezing out the retailer's. >> are you really conspiratorial about that? neil: o no. but they say it is a conspiracy to grab their retail investor then they get out. >> but the differences in matt is just figuring this out now been have been reporting this since 1999.
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[laughter] you just wonder why people keep falling for it. neil: that happens before the market takes a dip. >> this is not 2000. this is not going out of business it is a legitimate revenue model. neil: but there were plenty of survivors who are the survivors year? >> i think twitter will absolutely is arrived. but groupon could survive, . >> but people forget it.
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>> not me. i lived through it. >> i did to. you can buy my book on but a lot of those firms merge together. like netscape? neil: scott would you think? please just pipe down in the futures. >> i am trying to figure a how to buy charlies book here is one of the issues they have figured out how to generate revenues but they have not figured out how to make money. that is the problem. when companies come out and you pay 50 times the little earnings it is ridiculous and it will penalize. >> maybe we have done that before. >> bid is all happening
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within the weakest economies i have never seen. every time we come out of a recession. >> what this means lose fewer consumers. let me finish my point to dig into their pockets. >> the explanation why they sold off because the economy is growing so slow. >> stable? they are dead in no water. >> let me finish my point. now moving into other companies with slower growth >> with a zero percentage. >> what was facebook?
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>> that was the good company actually. >> like being taken to the woodshed. neil: we're saving time talking over one another but if you continue i will cut your microphone. i don't know how to do that. [laughter] but with facebook the pressure is aren't twitter. but is that a legitimate fear with twitter? and are you tempted to start selling? >> but here is the problem. people by twitter and put shed up. and then coming back down to
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earth. we will see consolidation. we will see gogol possibly by twittered. neil: there will be a survivor. >> there will be consolidation and for all these companies have revenue >> they will survive. >> a lot of them were not worth the evaluation. >> ahab paid good technology >> there is a large component. >> i am just saying they are losing users. neil: you can still get charlie's book on we can also use the of code-named cavuto.
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charlie gasparino favorite person george soros is saying something that i think even he would agree with. after this.
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neil: george soros and charlie gasparino are going out to dinner tonight. [laughter] not quite as something he is saying that it -- the panelists agree the war on drugs is a failure and it is time to change things around. the heritage foundation in chief economist and author his book is also on amazon .com. >> you did not mention its. [laughter] neil: what do you make of what he says? bernanke has been saying this for many years one of the few issues i would agree. we have seen this happen in colorado.
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and now selling it in drug stores and it will happen all over the country. >> that it is all a waste of money. >> but talking about the soft drones i would be tougher on heroin those of our super addictive but when it comes to pot he will see a wave of states. >> i will say that george soros is late to the party. >> and milton friedman to talk about legalizing drugs that we put kids in jail for selling crack. >> 20 years ago 3 percent of those incarcerated individuals. >> i know somebody that has spent a few years in jail.
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[laughter] >> working for the former editor of the wall street journal whose directly against legalization as you well though some had a lot of trouble because of that. and we had milton friedman in and i debated with him those countries that have legalized drugs i am not saying i am against it but when you have it you have all kinds of problems. neil: but the argument for it is they get it under control but with the case study like columbia it just pushes the of money to mexico. so the whole world can i get on the same page. then what? >> at least we are beginning
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a grand experiment. it is of very small part. butted states rights want to legalize i don't have a problem with that. but in this country people or addicted to painkillers in this country and they kill more people than heroin or drugs. >> but it's pain pills are the same thing. >> farrell when it is much worse. >> much worse than what it? to make anything that was still popping. >> here is the debate is headed. moving towards it to
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decriminalize the drugs it makes no sense to put the 19 year-old kid in and put him in prison. this is led by republican states. >> but on the other hand, the survey has been tried in switzerland and iran to the netherlands and the bulls say we have a lot of problems we did not anticipate. neil: we cannot talk over one another or i will punish you. when we come back against the british station switches -- wishes axon mobil has an idea you can sanction russia all you want but we will not leave them with the drilling contacts -- contracts. are they right? after this.
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but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. neil: i know what you are going to say and what your thinking. said neil cavuto is doing back to back stories because it concerns women. vated is insulting. true. [laughter] the first concerns of a cheerleader she is suing she was paid $45 of week for hair straightening required by the team then they we're doing nothing to help her. then they said you got a lot of publicity with us what are you waiting about?
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we have the attorney here that says she has no case. ashley what is your position ? >> i go with the team. it is free will employment she doesn't have to be and she chose to she accepted that. neil: argall cheerleaders volunteers? what are you saying? it comes with the turf? >> definitely. they know what they're getting into as long as it does not violate any laws it is what they bargained for. neil: may have misstated your position. >> first lenovo are real reason why you're covering these two topics today. you were not fooling the. [laughter] i think this isot the
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first time we have cover does a cheerleader lawsuits in it will not be the last time. [laughter] that is my point exactly. but i will repeat the same argument making less than $4 an hour if you subtract the incident cost to do their hair. neil: dayside up to know that. >> that is not a compelling argument. you cannot enter into a contract that is against public policy. the courts would not honor that contract. neil: and now i am doing this for the love of the job but i found out other anchors are paid. >> there is minimum wage law
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neil: i want to switch to another story. this model is suing her at university to user pitcher in school advertisements that she claims she never gave them the go-ahead in the modeling agency says we will not deal with you. but we have the model shot. she looks really nice. what is she waiting about? >> exactly. nothing. she says the is my image without consent. the achievements she gave consent the professor advised all students. neil: and look at the pitcher per card number you cannot see but she looks better in the college clarify.
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i would say i am signing up with you. >> she wants to be paid for in the aegean a modeling agency wants to control it they want her in a controlled environment. neil: but to say that? >> heard damages are nothing she has free publicity for the attention and grabbing $10 million, punitive damages. but if anything you should pay them. >> i am fine what is happening with these duties and we will keep on top of its. by the way we did not have charlie gasparino for this segment. [laughter]
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neil: all right, the thing about the. neil: here is the thing about sanctions if you impose them they could hurt you. now taken mcdowell has warned about that. you name it. the concern is exxon comes back the president says you can sanction all you want but we're going through with the contracts we paid a lot of money and we can make a lot of money. >> did you take on a vladimir putin and russia they will feel pain and american people will feel some pain if oil prices go up. maybe we get a higher price shock but i don't worry because we produce more than
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we import that started happening for the first time last year in a few decades a we're in a better position to take us -- to take on vladimir putin. >> but your point is if you want to hurt putin bad take 2,000 points off the dow i think it will come to that. neil: what do you think? is that the way it should be? >> today oil companies have been doing okay but i am in the screw exxon camp as well. but with the prospect of making hundreds of billions. executives met with him years ago you had to know
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who you were drinking with. that goes for their own fall and by the way the russian economy is suffering bad enough. i am sure some of his buddies are not too happy. >> to make that as onerous as he wanted to be. >> but they have their talent steep isn't to mention that he sounds anti- obama obama is so big corporation he hurts the little guys. >> i told think anything. >> it will not affect russia at all a and he would get away with everything. neil: then that will limit how far they go. he is not an idiot. >> they are reliant on the
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natural gas but we could be tougher maybe 10 or 20 years ago by the way part of its list to rework in the country's. >> we control the financial system. neil: what are you saying? >> we have a guy in russia right now who wants to reestablish the soviet union >> if you take the ukraine no doubt will. >> this is a crony capitalist country that has bought off so many. >> did you say the
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corporations are stopping them i can see that but that is what i say. if you want to stop to did you have to have pain take 2,000 points of the dow. >> he needs as to a vladimir putin needs the technology and exxon. now is the time. t.j. how to what? >> mark that down. >> with negative birthrates. >> this is interesting. i am telling you she is
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neil: we call st more than once or twice on this show, the trillion dollar ticking time bomb, those student loans out there, the kids saying we cannot pay, to their rescue comes multiplssmassachusets senator wo say i have a plan to help you refinance or heave that debt. here is how i'm paying for it by taxing the rich. more than they are taxed already. to republican strategist kurt barn else, a lot of people are dismissing this. it has the support of administration, some you know,
8:36 pm
student loan rework program. i don't think it is so crazy, i think that elizabeth warren is running for president what do you think? >> no question this is another step in her pursuit to run for foopresidency, she is using cole kids who are sympathetic group of people, their debt as a shield to really put forward a plan to raise taxes on working americans on job creationors, the best way to help kids who have student debt is get them a job. that is the problem many college graduates face. they cannot get a job, they live at home with their parents, those who have degrees and jobs, they are working in a place that has nothing to do with their degree. so this is nothing more than a scheme to once again raise taxes, because that is the answer for everything, every problem we have raise taxes on so-called rich. neil: i think these, you always
8:37 pm
sound heartless and callous saying this, prolong the agony, i wonder what the message is, a lot of taxpayers, at any education level could say, why am i helping this bozo out, i e is going to do better than i am, so no thank you. >> it violates principle idea of pairness, that is the idea. we should give our people to others. neil: that has been going. >> redistribution. >> i don't love the fact that credit to go to college i is so cheap and easy, that is a central reason why college costs have skyrocketed. i see it size like housing market. because credit was so, 0% down,.
8:38 pm
neil: the price of the home goes up, price of college education goes up. >> it is great to encourage people to go to college but cheaper and easier the khed it krez credit. >> one of main reasons that tuition is so high right now, people like elizabeth warner paid $300,000 a year for one course at harvard, she is mart of the problem -- she was parts of the problem, teaching one course, 300,000. this money has been flowing in from government. neil: what was that course? >> they are spending money on themselves, surprise. neil: we get to a situation that is not really good right now. how do we correct it? you say no? or let the students who are dying on the vine, die on the vine, what do you do? >> answer to this is it is giving these students economic opportunity. at end of the day this bill will never see the light of day, this
8:39 pm
nothing more than a political talking points, this is not going to pass senate. neil: i don't know, there is enough of an appetite to do something, even -- a cost to them. >> i agree there is an appetite to do something about student loans and debt but not pass another tax increase, this president since taking office has put forward 442 tax increases. >> kurt is right, she is putting this up to make the republicans look bad, and she knows it. neil: detroit homes, for a thousand bucks. in the worst area at the worst time these are real fixer upper, but a thousand bucks. would you do it? after this. unlimited cash back. let that phrase sit with you for a second.
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what's your policy?
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neil: this puts true meaning to term fixer upper, detroit is auctions off a lot of homes for a thousand bucks, that is right, bank represent said you can use any money from anyone willing to pay, to all-stars, scott, would you pay? >> i would, i like detroit, it has hit bottom, one thing that is detroit has going, you get right people back in, problem is with any city and state, they decimated their tax base, there is one of two things that is going to happen, services are getting cut or, taxes are going up. i do think that detroit hit bottom, remember that if not the same old detroit, new business environment may not be as good as is once was. neil: i am looking at a thousand bucks, a lot of people say they
8:44 pm
need work, it is a thousand bucks. >> and you are forced if you buy, you cannot be a big time developer, you have to personaly spend $20,000, to fix it up. be there for people. neil: revitalizing neighborhood. >> whether you believe you could live in detroit, i have to be honest, city manager has done a terrific job but he is pulling out, i have not seen signs they have unions under control. neil: there has to be something. >> they have to to something. this is a incredible retirement strategy if you can handle cold weather, if you can move on a very low-cost area, i would worry about property taxes going on because of financial straights, but if you can find a low cost environment to live in, a house, you will be fine in your retirement. detroit is cold, but, this is way you need to be thinking in this day and age.
8:45 pm
neil: how different, is it, if you think about it with new orleans. after katrina, and whole blocks of homes, they were all like marked and you know, going for pennies on the dollar. the same argument? you could buy at bottom, in this case. a thousand bucks, you might be out so be it. >> i think to some degree that worked in new orleans, but i heard stories it has not come back as much, good thing that detroit has it was an industry leader, but people still do have that in their minds listen, maybe we'll give th the city another shot. >> a precedents, pittsburgh their river caught on fire, it was a mess, no city was big a mess, pittsburgh has come back because they realizeed they had to invigorate the business community they brought in companies. >> a football team, have you a
8:46 pm
hockey team, come on, man. >> $20,000 house will be a money pit. >> home of motown. neil: there is a lot there, now, to fedex, it is going to start changing the way charges you. not by package but package size, bigger the package -- what am i thinking about? oh, you know what i'm saying, scott, size matters. >> it does. listen, this is about time, we were getting away with murder here. with fedex and upgs no ups not s us like this, something good that is going to happen, by the way that is not going to help out usps, they get dominated by these guys going forward. neil: a trend though, tpraoebg tpraoebg frequent flier programs. >> this is relateed to packages of like toilet papeer that people buy. neil: fro
8:47 pm
>> and diaper. >> from amazon. >> and having it sliped to them like,. neil: a lot of people do, welcome to america. >> toilet paper? >> i go to the store. neil: leave that aside. just think that maybe there is something to this. >> i think you are being a pig if you are not paying for size of this giant package and fool of like the foam peanuts that is air, every get a package from amazon like a set of headphones like this in a box like that. this is great for company. >> all right. >> well on this news. but it and i think well what is disturbing it shows that inflation is here, not only inflation -- >> you think others get on board? >> they have to, there has to be
8:48 pm
some sense of rationalty put in the way that things are packageed. neil: scott, if i understand in case of some packages it could up the cost by 40 -- >> 50%, yeah. neil: people might find clever ways around this. they nigh might have a differeny to package that, crush the thing, anything to avoid that, but, i think that "the other guys" are right, it is the way of the world. >> it is, maybe you get one bottle a day. david, makes a points, they will pay for it customers will pay for it, it is great for the stocks. >> inflation is here. >> amazon prime price went up. neil: i forget. >> but it is worth it for the movie downloads, you know what?
8:49 pm
what. neil: where are you going with you? >> i don't know,. neil: you just take us wherever the hell you want, i like that. they will try to extract more out of practical businesses airlines have done it. >> what happened. neil: these -- amazon gets little profit, profit margin is tiny. neil: to hear amazon. >> from now on all about cutting costs, it has been about building market share, they are focusing more to cost, amazon has to folks to profit. neil: what if you are walmart, do you a lot of on-line stuff. >> but can we not forget that google and amazon are starting to move into try to do same day delivery? some cities. neil: how d do you do same day deliver we diapers. i know you are worried about them. >> you order them, they get too your house the same day.
8:50 pm
neil: your whole points goes away -- >> i am saying that amazon is doing it and around fedex. >> you said and arun in diapers. >> she does not whine. >> sometimes. >> really? >> amazon is trying to get into direct shipping for khuft hers oscustomers onth. neil: i have no idea what you are saying but i am outraged. >> you are? how did we do this i am antichild now? neil: honey have to leave now. >> one viewer asks why people are so focused on my hair, not the hailoy above it? (mother vo) when i was pregnant... i got more advice than i knew what to do with. what i needed was information i could trust on how to take care of me and my baby. luckily, unitedhealthcare has a simple program that helps moms stay on track with their doctors
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neil: what is the deal with senator elizabeth warren pushing another student loan bailout. well, i mention on the show that
8:54 pm
come college graduates, 804,000 more is what they should make with this degree. the nba is worth 800 quay, which is not a bad investment for $80,000. and so it allows 20 k a lifetime. it doesn't cover through a long giving a lifetime to pay off. so why are you arguing that we pick up that tab.
8:55 pm
and then getting bothered over climate change. a lot of folks the paying for it. they'll start believing in climate change and the president starts fund-raising by teleconference. do not hold your breath on that one. in the debate is not about climate change but whether or not denying climate change is real. it's a very good point. it's a meteorological fact. and then using man's money to fix the kind of misses the point. and pushing the environmental causes, but who gets the bad
8:56 pm
press? and climate change is code for democratic party financing. and obama proves that he can be bought, apparently 100 million is the magic number. and do you think being rich can make you happy? money cannot buy you happiness. and have enough money to pay for the little things, it certainly does help. one follower says i have been married three times in and it kind of comes with the territory. and what is the deal with any person questioning moneymaking, when i have no money i had no
8:57 pm
hot women chasing me, but now lots of hot women are chasing me now that i'm worth millions. just confirming what i had been saying. you sound like the most transparent person on the planet. meanwhile geraldo wright says. and it depends on what you define it as. and people with money, do they think having it makes them happier? look at your shallow lives. you're too depressing to watch, and that goes for you, too. and bill, is this you again? and robert says money never bopping fatness and another viewer says i have been happy and broke and with money and
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it's all about how you look at life. and i make enough money that i could afford to watch fox news and fox business and that makes me very happy. priceless. and i don't care what they say, you are the best, you never disappoint. and why do you read so many nasty e-mails from people? fair and balanced. and in alberta, california, and seldon heard anyone as sharp and concise as you. and i haven't either and i am still wting and i guess i'm going to keep waiting. and while you mention your hair but never the halo? you are the best program on tv, the only show that i watch. and you clearly have your priorities in order.
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and you are a righteous dude, i don't care what any of the o'reilly individuals say, great commentary and you have great taste. and they wonder why i get so much grief over my looks. blytheville ladies keep attacking your figure. you said it, i did not. used to be one of the best shows on fox and no more come you repeatedly talk over your desk who are on the show because they had something helpful and valuable to day. so do your homework and ask a smart question and then shut up. so where do you people come from? thank you. keep writing. fair and balanced. we will show them. it's like 99.9% this about me.
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and i have the gutsy show you the .001%. i want you to ask yourself how many anchors would do that. okay, a kennedy: oh, it is not hard to grow tentacle. so many political and cultural stories. take ukraine. authoritarian russia will use its military might to squash the upcoming election so the country can be displayed. and in nigeria, the corrupt government. they can't find the 300 girls whose families are desperate for their return. and corruption, greed, and inefficiency, the irs pays workers bonuses and the eta rewarded workers who wasted hours of government time and


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