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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  May 15, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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gerri: we're flat-out of time. neil cavuto is next. ♪ oh say can you see, by the dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hailed, at the twilight's last gleaming ♪. >> the 9/11 memorial is open. and to the public, within hours. but the fact of the matter is, 13 years now, after the horror of 9/11, think about it. terror alive and well. al qaeda rocking and rolling. bad guys the world over dominating the headlines the world over. have we forgotten what happened
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that day? and are they merely museum reminders this day? tonight, with all of the crosscurrents of market activity, i thought it might be a food time to stop, reflect, remember. there are a lot more important things than your money. 13 years ago, a lot more priceless things. welcome everybody, i'm very glad to have you with us. i'm neil cavuto. to a man one of those speakers today and was there then on what we might be forgetting now, the former governor of the fine state of new york, george pataki. governor, good to have you. very movin comments today. >> thank you, neil. neil: as i was hearing from prominent democrats, republicans, victims, families, rescuesers that day, those that survived that day, it seems like a lot of us have forgotten the evil that caused that day? >> you know, part of the purpose of the museum is to tell people
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what happened that day, including the evil, and to do it in a way that people who were not only not there but weren't even born on september 11th and understand the magnitude and horror of that attack. i think it serves that purpose. one thing for the people to remember. it is another thing for our leadership to react and act appropriately. and i fear in this case the american people understand, we are at risk again. al qaeda is way too active. other terrorists groups are way too active. we need an american government to understand this is serious threat. neil: what do you say to those, we did go go after al qaeda. it is not going after a single country. they're all over the place. we stepped up our vigilant anti-terror efforts. we spend a whole bunch of money on the military. we're still pricing it in for defense if we're at top of our spending in afghanistan and iraq. we have to dial back. you say what? >> neil, it is not just about military action.
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it is about diplomatic initiatives. egypt is something an ally of ours ended up in jail, muslim brotherhood came into power. without our assistance, with our opposition the egyptians took control and put back regime in place, isoted and prosecuting members of the islamic brotherhood. neil: doesn't that remind you maybe we should not take sides in these battles overseas because you never know whose side you're on or whom is whom? >> the problem we have not been loyal and supportive to our friends. countries that supported us in the war against terror and the broader global structures feel isolated, left out because we haven't supported them. saudi arabia is now talking regularly with china. they used to be a very dependable partner for the united states. what we need is diplomatic initiative, letting countries that are friendly know we will stand with them. knowing that countries don't stand with us, know they will face significant, not just
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economic sanctions, but isolation from the civilized part of the world and look what is happening in iraq. they're getting closer and closer to nuclear weapons. the embargo that was working so well and creating enormous stresses in the iranian economy and for the iranian government, now has massive holes -- neil: they're cloning our drones. >> they're cloning our drones because of the wrong type of diplomatic initiative. neil: let's step back from this governor, i will bring my panelists, john layfield and tracy byrnes. in the 13 years since then we are epicenter of the world's attention, quite rightly so but the world had commanding respect, our enemies a real fear of us too. under republican and democratic presidents alike, we piled on debt, we've seen our top credit rating sli. so we're not feared as much anymore. i'm wondering whether that is playing into this idea that the world doesn't see us the same
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way they did 13 years ago? >> then i think you don't see the event as severe as it was. if, the people above do not make it out to be the awful, awful event than it was, why were kids growing up who weren't alive believe that? it is how you sell it to them. we have to remind them over and over and over again. much like we study wars in schools we have to study it. the kids need to understand it and we need a back of the administration, this was a serious issue. don't blow this out. don't move on to minimum wage and forethere are people out there that hate is. that is the message they're sending to our kids. >> mattie, we, young people are losing their faith in the markets, and institutions but a lot of it actually goes back to that day as well and just sort of losing their faith in the world. >> to say the that the world doesn't see us the same way isn't the same we don't see ourselves the same way and i think a lot has changed,
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especially for people younger or kids in elementary school when this happened, they don't necessarily remember what the significance of the event was but they're dealing with repercussions of that, and dealing with a different world. the questions they're trying to answer, what does that world look like? is the same future for me or am i learning lessons that the world will be a different place all together and i need to learn to deal with that. neil: you made a good point. john layfield, one point i want to extend that the governor raised, this notion here we're not as focused on evil and terror. it just is not top of mind concern. it was certainly top of mind concern on september 2001. i guess what i'm saying do we need an incident, do we need horrendous disaster to jar us back? i do remember at the time no one really cared that the markets were free-falling when they finally opened six days later. everyone was really more concerned about, will they find bodies? will they recover victims?
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i just think that we're one disaster away from experiencing it all over again but because we haven't, certainly o that magnitude we forget. >> yeah. i don't doubt that at all. i certainly hope that event doesn't happen. we were part of one of the first, if not the first entertainers, non-civilians, wwe to go down to ground zero while bodies were being pulled out of this rubble and see the firefighters and heroes, that looked soulless. they had worked for days without any sleep. the country was one at that point. and i've been to iraq since then, eight different times and i've seen the support start to drop. i don't think that's right. we have such mixed up politics in washington, d.c. right now, that people become disenfranchised. but we become disenfranchised over wrong things. we still have a huge terror threat as the governor just alluded to and something we have
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to deal with. neil: we're not dealing with it, governor, to your point. >> we're not dealing with. not to mean to sound republican, benghazi, which was a horrible terrorist attack. when this administration said instead of investigating it and blamed it on a video. you're absolutely right. the memorial serves a critical purpose, people, kids go through that will sense the magnitude of the loss and the fact it was a terrorist attack but when you have an administration that downplays, terrible regimes. now we're negotiating with syria. neil: this collectivism, we are not leader of the world. we're just a citizen, a coplayer in the world, and kind of engrained in our culture. >> it is engrained in the political culture monk certain people in washington but i still think the american people believe this is exceptional country. we believe in american exceptionalism. neil: governor, thank you. panel, thank you very much. i did not mean, folks, to start the show off on a down note but
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with the museum's opening it jarred you back to things so important, for love of money i don't remember anyone back then worrying about their investment, not a one. maybe that was just me. coming up, millenials are fed up with stocks. you probably have been hearing about that. they're fed up with the president. you've probably been hearing about that they're fed up with institutionings of all sorts. get a load of this. no matter how much the market goes up they sill want out. talk about once burned, twice burned, just (mother vo) when i was pregnant... i got more advice than i knew what to do with. what i needed was information i could trust on how to take care of me and my baby.
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♪ our time is short ♪ this is our fate ♪ i'm yours neil: all right. when it comes to young people they are certainly restless and want nothing, nothing to do with this stock market, in numbers we have never seen for any generation back to the dudes. they're not really in to stocks -- druids. there was a very big druid stock market then. the whole empire could be going. what is intesting, the number of millenials 2008, about a third of them did. it is now down to barely a quarter. those who trust president obama,
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i don't know if there's a connection here but 39% were of that ilk just a year ago. 32%, just today. we're not here to cast political aspersions one day or another, adam sampson, senior editor, even with the run-up, i got to get in, something must be going on, the market doubled since '09. they're still out night is incredible. neil: why? >> i think it is financial crisis and i think that's what most experts say. the headlines of markets collapsing over and over. neil: remember their experiences too. >> dot-com bubble. that is exactly it. neil: a lot of them, when i hear, these new valuations for some hot new internet companies, the modern day bubble as we call it ironically young people are into this. >> a report today from ubs, young people are conservative as those who lived in the great depression. they're getting not into this new game at all. neil: tracy are they running
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republicans? the same people polled are equally cynical of both parties? >> i think as you say, pox on both houses all the time. i don't think they want anything to do with anybody. unfortunately the way everyone is portrayed these day, wall street evil, d.c. is evil, i will keep my money under my futon i guess what they sleep on and leave it there. neil: now we're showing our age. >> i am millenial defender, i know my generation comes under a lot of ridicule for good reason sometimes, but with this i think it's a rational response as you were saying tracy what we've been told last several years. we've been told wall stet is evil, so you can't invest in stocks. >> and it is rigged. >> it is rigged. neil: the rigged part is, they just don't trust it. >> it is interesting conversation we've had especially recently but i think another interesting point is the way that millenials are looking at u.s. debt. for the first time the entire country has been faced with the idea that the united states debt is no longer sure bet it used to be with all the crises we've
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been dealing with in washington, talking about the debt limit for first time in years, people start to get a little bit antsy buying those bond anymore. i think millenials are responding to that. neil: layfield, i don't know if this is temporary phenomenon but to adam's reporting and others it is clear it has some lasting power because normally in the past when the market the run up, the average joe, joanne says hey, i want part of this too and they're not doing that. does that worry you, when it comes to the future, the market, i will add to even future capitalism? >> i agree with that. i think they're upset with the entire system. look, they had a lot of faith in hope and change an candidate obama was quite a bit different from president obama. realize once he got in there he was politician like the rest of them. you have a lot of sentiment against wall street. so politicians have terrible approval rating. they spent years bashing wall street as reason that the financial markets collapsed. you have michael lewis come out and write a book on high
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frequency trading being allegedly rigged. neil: reinforces that notion, right? adam, they're very cynical. which could explain layfield. you know where he is? in bermuda es sconessed from this nonsense. what do you make of that? what is the up shot? >> not only they're cynical they're scared. they're holding half of their money in cash. that is unheard of other generations. hold about a quarter of their money cash. neil: do they hold it because they have so little of it? do they hold it because they don't see appeal? >> i think that is part of it, broadly speaking they don't see appeal of stocks. which is shame. they won't be able to build wealth. feel come .ing. if you reinvest investments, you make so much money can be used to buy real estate. neil: that is another thing they're sour on. we can't unload our homes. keep it under your futon. >> they're not becoming finance majors either. the wheel thing is coming apart
11:17 pm
at seams. neil: i warned you about it in college. you didn't listen to me. couldn't you see tracy doing that, if we did go to college? got to go now. coming up, there have been all the charges about the irs targeting conservatives this was sort of some errant whackos in the cincinnati office doing it. now we've got some indications that it was a little higher than that. you might want to move a little further east than that apparently the barking order were coming out of washington d.c. go figure. that's next.
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when it cops to the irs they were indeed tracking conservatives. that is not really the fox news alert here. here's what is. that more were just sort of calling the shots for the irs to do just that, including emails now pointing to democratic senator carl levin, pressuring irs to target these type of groups. ostensibly he saw many of these applications out there and they really warranted another look but do our all-stars think this could be a smoking gun? to john lay feed and mattie dupler and tracy byrnes. mattie, what do you think? >> i think there are a lost moving parts here. the from is twofold. member congress directing irs to target a group and do what he is saying which is great breach what we think of separation of powers. neil: tracy, look, i'm seeing a lot of these groups lying to get tax-exempt status. they all seem to be conservative. they all seem to be tea party,
11:22 pm
is that in of itself wrong or more unusual? >> no, i think it is wrong all around. this is perfect example why millenials don't trust anything because you have all this back door stuff going on all the time. the irs unfortunately is the victim and i'm only one on planet that defends the irs but they're just told what to do. and they get demonized all the time for it and they sit there like slugs and say sure. neil: no, when they shouldn't be doing that. >> that is important point to make. this is -- neil: i make many. >> neil, you're so good, i will go with what you're saying this is not an irs job to make the distinction, to make the definitions. fec tells the irs. the irs is supposed to be investigating an making sure rules are being upheld. this seems to go beyond that. >> irs is like perfect child. it listens to what you're told. neil: that would be like telling your child, want you to go kill some people. >> oh, my. neil: layfield, weighing in on twitter. i want to get layfield's
11:23 pm
reaction to the paul, democrats wouldn't try so hard to kill the investigation if they themselves weren't involved. jeff asks, how is it any worse than the watergate break-in? what do you think of that, layfield? >> i don't know about the severity of this comparing this to watergate. i think this has been done for decade by politicians in power. i think these conservative groups were targeted. the reason that the democrats have been allowed to tone wall this, these politicians turn it into three-ring circus. get into the hearings to yell at each other. forget about the fact to get lois lerner under oath. neil: they will never do that there is not enough outrage out there because who the targeted parties are, believe me, tracy, if they were liberals or groups that are friendly to the mainstream media it would be a very different story. this will go nowhere. >> spin makes it sound very complicated and blows over people's head? you know what i'm? worried about getting food on table and they keep going and continue to get away with it.
11:24 pm
neil: mattie, what is scary, this is about a big ol' agency, on behalf of powerful democratic senators in one case here, using the full weight and resources of the united states government to go after groups you don't like. >> to tracy's point, families are concerned about putting food on table. concerned about running their businesses. they're not concerned about what is going on in washington until it threatens their financial stability. threatens the ability to keep businesses open. to keep their families safe. all of sudden they're target of government other than -- neil: because i have very little faith. >> i have little faith as well but i hope that it does. neil: by the way all nasty questions concerning irs came from tracy byrnes. not me. coming up this was news to me. cursing can actually be healthy. >> the "f" word i would say [bleep] a lot. [bleep] >> is that your favorite one? >> yeah. >> when i -- i say [bleep] i feel better. >> you think you're a pastor?
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neil: this is good to know cursing can be healthy, we went on the street to ask you think about that. >> i think curse words are great. >> i'm italian. >> i would rather that the cus at all, just stay positive. >> you got to use them, you got to use them. >> a girl from the south my mother taught me on be a lady. >> pro fo profession alarcon par noal context not thebest. >> it is lazy a bad happen. >> i would be what the [ bleep ]
11:29 pm
are you guys doing, something like that. neil: the stud goes on to say once you get worked up about something, sometimes you express your colorful language you feel better about yourself, people from the other side know where you are coming from, there is clarity too that, they had a study to get this. we have comedian extraordinary joe pi piscopo. >> you have to keep it clean, it iis so easy, they drop the f bob as a punch line, so unnecessary. neil: you never did that. >> no. neil: jerry seinfeld does not. >> perfect example.
11:30 pm
cokosco-- cosby set the standard i watched a great kos cosby. neil: they make a statement? >> i think prior -- rich after pryor useed in from the street, from the heart. i remember, talking to a young eddie murphy as we were saturday night live it was universal am theater, after the show eddie killed. you know you are one of those brilliant cats, i remember telling this kid, you don't need to be dirty, i said why do you do it? they laugh, he has a 30 room mansion in beverly hills, i am still in a farmous in jersey. >> we as human beings feel better and remember more when we do. whatever happens to get us so excited we're cursing, we remember not only what we said but why the heck we said it.
11:31 pm
a soul cleansing. >> there is a time it punctuation mark you want to add. when i am like -- unfortunately it comes out, i think that kids grow up swearing so much more than we did, i was not allowed. >> we should up the antite, and swear right back. neil: i guess so. the bar of soap came right you on when i was a kid. >> kind of same thing, punchuation takes place of language, i think kids these day it might have its affect. >> well, i'm just thinking any -- when they resort to that language in the ring, "the wrestler"s, does that loosen
11:32 pm
their automati oomph. >> i think it is good, a lot mas been eliminateed i agree with joe. neil: you say a pg product you are beating crap out of -- >> we are. but -- it is a shortcut. .i think it is a short cup peope take, people get lazy, try to make a emphasis with something with a word that shows lazeness, you have to be create testify, pg and be able to be funny. neil: i want to make leaps with this, i saw the lbj show on broadway, there was a president who was had salty language, but he used it as much for effect as much for repetition, it scared people, he would long look you in the face, and curse you.
11:33 pm
>> if he did it all the time he would be -- people would be so used to it. neil: to american people, was not what you saw behind closed-doors. >> according to your charge, i know tracy is a great mom, in front of your kids, you train yourself, no bad word that is funny from generation i came from. neil: young people today, what do you do? >> almost impossible, on-line, on everything on social media, the f-bomb is just so tpwhraeug thrown around. >> maybe i'm not such a great mom. i am cursing left and right. >> i do not believe that. neil: in their pajamas at 2:00, what the -- >> we have an 8 a.m. rule in my house, i try not to swear before 8:00,. neil: they know you love them. >> cursinger not, i love them. neil: you agree though, as far
11:34 pm
as making impact it does have an impact when you curse? >> if you don't use it, if you don't use profanity, then when you drop that f bomber you say something it is believe me you get the attention. neil: you. >> no, i am italian catholic. i go to church every sunday, i don't swear. >> are so running for governor. >> when cameras do off we'll talk. >> the more you use it the more you slip at a wrong time. >> like on tv. >> you will be in class, you drop a book, you say something, you are expeld. >> if i could plug radio station, a, , am970, on serious xmyou go on with big boys, you know have you to keep -- i -- >> you are a littleeoasis of
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dessensy. >> the high road. we should take it 92 that is where i. neil: that is where i live, pal. >> i wish we had more tpraoebg frickin' time but we don't. neil: there is a group of executives, not small, guys, these guys in the middle who might, might, might save the day. i'll edg explain afternoon this. [ female announcer ] who are we? we are thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nhts. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments where we can s, "i did it!" ♪ we are entrepreneurs who started it all... with a signature. legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses,
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siemens. answers.
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neil: you better hope this guy is right, deloitte is out with anic traoeging read -- an intrigueing read, about our boss, enough to feel they have retrenched enough they are more
11:39 pm
inclined to spend, getting more optimistic, normally, not all of the time, when they feel this way, they follow', what do you expect. >> this represents companies that have revenues 2050 million to -- between mis between 50 mia billion. most every geegraphy, a vibrant mid market business community, they are feeling more optimistic about the economy. there is a cloud of uncertainty that exists, they are more accustomed to dealing with that. >> because they have already down sizeed, they can't do much more. >> practice makes perfect, the course of last 5 years, we have dealt with a lot of country as a business environment, they have been able to deal with that. changes environment. and emerge stronger with healthy
11:40 pm
balance sheet, right now they are ready to invest in things like technology, talent, like cloud computing. data analystal cools when is -- tools which is a promising development they think that growth can be differentiateed. neil: defineing it by not traditional purpose chasses? >> more if you long at where they are investing more in technology but also in talent. people on staff, there is a majority of folks expect to hire more people than this year, i think it pro tends a an on optic view. neil: people can get kind of fooled by this, the survey. you could say, things are great, when you just not getting pounded any more, had they
11:41 pm
expressed enough confidence no matter what obamacare throws their way, or rules and regulations, are they usee to that? moving pasted that? >> there is a -- moving passed that? >> there is a little of that. they are still concerned about the affordable care act. >> concerned? >> they don't know. and concern about, the impact upon u.s. economicic growth. you ask about those same factors, and individual company they of less concerned i think that makes sense they can control the individual company. how they will focus their time and effort, they have proven they can navigate through some difficult environments. neil: i find a lot of them are buying up -- it is like they are
11:42 pm
buying the ingredients for something down the road they think is going to be big. they are making strategic investments or bets, i think typical of this is that it? >> that is a much bigger example. these of mission market companies -- mid market companies they are seeing growth, i think that it -- it is a very broad swath of the economy, no matter which industries you look at survey results and my conversations with business leadering iing lea growing level of optimism. neil: all right tom mcgee, very good having you, all right when we come back ecigarettes are supposed to make you stop smoking regular cigarettes, in the eyes of life insurers, they are the same, is that fair?
11:43 pm
is that right? the number of decisions have gone down, that treat e-cigarette users as just as bad as the america's newest real estate brand is all ready the brand of the year. berkshire hathaway home services. good to know. when folks think about wthey think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs.
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when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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neil: i guess, if you can smoke it, they will see the threat of it life insurers see that e-cigarettes are no better than regular cigarettes, if you are smoking them, you are just as risky in their eyes as being covered. to our biz blitz group, on what they see. >> i think it is unfair to test
11:47 pm
for nicotine, italians like us eat loads of tomatos, what happens if we eatons of tomatos. neil: what? >> this not the ligh right way,e a chest ea. neil: i thought we have another guest that swears by these things, they don't. >> government wants to tell you that everyone on the market -- everybody on the market is harmful for you this is innovation that could save lives, fda unwilling to admit that is a problem. insurers are trying to get ahead of whatever government is coming down, they are coming down wrong side. neil: what do you think? >> i'm not sure that new jersey governor should make a health decision for anybody.
11:48 pm
neil: oh, wow. >> 89% of americans think that people wkene:n t driving on they turnpike. u.s. military has to prepare for all sorts of condingenceys it struck me as funny, but, get ready for zombies. part of this what would they do if there was a amazon beinzombie invasion, if every viewer flooded out of their home. >> are we ready? >> i guess i could sleep better at night knowing there is a back
11:49 pm
up plan, there is what this administration does, dodges the important stuff focus on zombies. neil: they don't believe in zombies, you are jumping to your right wing croo conclusion, thee saying we handle this? >> i sai conservatives have a hard time with prioritizeing defense spending this is a good example, everyone can hold hands left and right. right. >> you don't believe in zombies. >> no, not at-this-point. neil: have you looked at washington? what came of this, they could very quickly, rapid fire form, come up with a game plan to deal with almost anything, maybe it was money well spent? >> they study different kind of zombies, chemical carrying, weaponized zombies they put time and thought into this not sure
11:50 pm
it is money well spent but it was thorough. neil: by the way, some zoom bees in this -- zombies they also fashion zombies, mixing you know stripes and plaid, that counted. you say a waste of time? >> only people that benefited were hollywood, it is hollywood, i think they have a now movie out of this research that our tax dollars spent on. >> we could maybe -- >> dying, coming back, going after washington not what? >> i would think that zombies are smarter than average bear wouldn't go to washington, what do they care about the politicians there. neil: it makes you question the wisdom of pouring good money after bad. >> what made that decision, okay
11:51 pm
we're going to prepare for the zombes? neil: have you been on one of those skills building. >> those if i fall back, will you catch me. neil: i everyone in di never di? >> i think you do that in grade school, whether you work for our government, we shoul should be d this. neil: okay then, cavuto household is is only one ready for swr-p zombes (mother vo) when i was pregnant... i got more advice than i knew what to do with. what i needed was information i could trust on how to take care of me and my baby. luckily, unitedhealthcare has a simple program
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it's a masterpiece. thanks. clearly you are type e. you made it phil. welcome home. now what's our strategy with the fondue? diversifying your portfolio? e*trade gives you the tools and resources to get it right. are you type e*? neil: what's the deal neil?
11:55 pm
>> what is the deal with kids these days, not getting married. a lots of you fed up with a panel of kids mean argue should grow up, what is deal with those clouds it does not cost $30,000 to get married they know it, i got married 20 years ago the license caught 60 dollars not a penny more, who said a wedding has to cost $30 thousand, make that down payment on the house. carl, there are so many advantages to being married, they live longer, have higher net worth their children seem more secure, i like the idea that my wife is commited to me, we got married in early 20s, our son married a wonderful girl when she is just 20, now dad of a beautiful son, there is something lost when it comes to married a lack of understanding commitment. the segment about marriage is
11:56 pm
awful, you are a damn fool, you should have definded marriage, not getting married is not fun funny. george, it appeared to me you were speechless with your colleagues casual dismissal of importance of marriage, i was surpriseeed no one mentioned children, we did. let's say for a lot of young people, they love children, they would have children but marriage license itself, did not seem to matter. it came up, sofia, i laughed out loud whether you dispinned 10 hail marys to the panel. >> you know first hand of benefit of man and woman married, and spending their lif together raising kids, growing old, it is called family, commitment it is putting someone else ahead of yourself, very well put. >> and it says everything, how
11:57 pm
sad all those young people using credit cards instead of cash, how soon we fort, seems like about 6 years ago we all panicked over amount of debt we could not payback. i'm an old man who used envelopes to divide my monthly money when it is empty that is it that would be my wife in half a day. that brings you to another involving wrong, college loans getting overwhelming. teen asaid, don't think of bailing them out, quit whineing about student loans, i am 6 of hearing it going to college is -- i am sick of hearing it, going to college is a privilege not a right. >> it clear the kids who went do college learned nothing, i tigiving them nothing. >> forget about higher gas taxs to pay for more infrastructure
11:58 pm
spending. talking about his bill to lower gas tax, danny said gas tax we have now does not do much for roads our government spends it on other things besides royds, ralph tweets -- i say yes, to lowering gas tax. and nelson writes, everyone complaints about big oil companies, joe, they all want to spend money they collect from any tax, i say vote them all out of office, government is only as good as people we election did we get screwed, joyce, my question is what happens to the money that government collects and losss in settlements where does this go? not to fixing our royds and brings, and janet, saw the show, love you neil, i lowell love to pinch these chubby cheeks of urs. i am assumeing you are talking these cheeks, i must stress, camera makes them look this way, if you were to bump into me in
11:59 pm
street you would say he is like gaunt, everyone i love neil so funny, his hair is tonight, keep up the good reports. bob in canyon country, california, you are head and shoulders superior to that of your counterparts your knowledge, combineed with your dry wit separates you. why would you have your staff dress as homeless people? it does make he look good. fewer people are focuse focus oy wardrobe when you pay attention to theirs, now that you are on twice as many hours, as o'reilly,tion you get twice his pay in the name of pay equity. if this is not happening, attorney general holder investigating this. or is this a case of ain't italian bias? >> you raise a fascinating and very good points. i am going to take it up with my
12:00 am
bosses right after this show, so don't be surpriseed if charles payne is back tomorrow doing the show. the other anchors are paid? imagine that? ♪. john: it's wedding season! this year three million americans will promise to stay together. >> forever! forever! forever! >> or not. >> married only four months our divorce lasted 6 1/2 years. >> this is how i put gas in the rolls-royce. >> okay, here she comes. john: they keep getting married. >> you may kiss the bride. john: and spend lots! >> my god. >> so pretty in pink. john: before the wedding, we're told to spend money on diamond engagement rings, how else would two months' salary last forever. marriage is the union between a man and woman. john: that's


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