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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 31, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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so let's keep experimenting, that is our show, see you next week. that define its all better than anyone, lou dobbs. lou: good evening, house speaker boehner and republican leaders suffering a stunning embarrass am on capitol hill. they were forced to abandon their own legislation addressing crisis on the border, speaker boehner and his new team confronted with a rebellion more which of member -- of conservate member complaint, the bill left up touched, president's 2012 action, for illegal immigrant minors, regarded as a primary motivate or for tens of thousands of so-called
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unaccompanied children. rather than see the legislation defeated, speaker boehner pulled and told house members to forget about starting their 5-week summer recess, bain are' boehnes edict created chaos. >> i am hopeful by late this afternoon we'll be able to notify the time of it. >> the house will be in order. >> madame speaker, i yield back. lou: new leadership team having a very tough inaugural. passage of the legislation was never certain, but tea party
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senior ted cruz reportedly played a large role in helping to derail the bill, he was the -- house republicans to vote against it. >> this all began in the summer of 2012, when the president unilaterally ra'analy ran amneso 800,000 people who came here at children, w we will not solve ts humanitarian crisis unless and until we end president obama's amnesty. lou: house republicans will try again tomorrow, partly because g.o.p. leaders are concerned about the political fallout of was not doing anything, that is president obama's favorite attack line, one he repeated again, today. >> look, any time congress wants to do -- work with me. it help working families, i am right there. door is always open.
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more than that, i will go to them, i will you know. wash their car. walk their dog. i am ready to work with them any time. lou: we'll take up the economic and political impact of president's policies, and talk with real estate ma magnate mort zuckerman. >> and fox news national security analyst ktmcfarland will join to us discuss what will happen with the israeli and hamas truce. whether it will be sustained. >> stocks ending the month with a more than 300-point sell-off today, steve forbes with us to discuss the market meltdown. now we begin with a border crisis, number of minors
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crossing the border continues to rise, there is a huge increase in families entering illegally, number of families, apprehended rising 6 fold to more than 55,000 in 9 month through june, 9400 a year ago. joining us now are in on this more on this border crisis, and big businesses support for so-called comprehensive immigration legislation. and many of the issues that affect our country right now, billionaire publisher, boston property chairman, mort zuckerman. >> always good to be here. in the houseart with this -- today, speaker boehner again, incapable of counting votes. >> he may have counted the votes but he did not have enough, this is say tough issue whe senator z
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got there he arouseed a hole sector of the group, to go against the bill, it is a controversial bill, they have to finding a way to deal with a difficult problem, which is illegal entry into this country that gets recognized. and problem they have is that there is a constituent see see called the hispanic community they did not want to alienate, they are caught between a rock and a hard place. lou: is this really, insisting this people follow the law will alienate a demographic group from the republican party, is the nation then lost? is that why we are? there is no such thing as the national interest. >> i know you are shocked to find out that congress people will act ons basis where they see their political interest, i have not seen that since today.
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you know that is a big part of public life, we do not have the control over a party's even by as leadership, unlike the british system where leaders control the vote, we do not have that system here. lou: and we can braise go praisr not having it. >> oh, i am not arguing against the system. lou: i think this political system working well when people surprise folks who are, it seems to me, speaker boehner, seems to be listening to tom donohue at chamber of commerce. than he is to either his constituents in ohio, worrying more about the their feelings, than his constituents or the national interest.
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>> i don't disagrow with that, but -- i don't disagree with that, but there something you are trying to assess, politics of this are clear, the whole constituent see in favor of this bilge, and one against it. those against it people who are concerned if you get another large influke inproducts mostly- influx mostly people of the hispanic origin they will support the republican party. if we can't control our borders, we have real problems. >> that is what business wants to happen, that i want to quote quote, unquote, harmonize our borders with canada and mexico. there is a very clear agenda on
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the part of business, it is a unspoken agenda. the american people are not getting a square deal, there is a campaign of misinformation on both parties. >> i agree, de we do not have a functioning little bital system, our system works when you have real leadership from the president, that is when it works, if i could suzanne example -- suzann use an examp. you see how reagan or johnson were able to pick a leader. obama has very few friends, someone described him as major
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journalist, said he is the first community organize are i met who does not like people, he has little in way of relations with congress he can call upon but that is critical to the way that process works. lou: johnson with no executive experience but aly ofrp lion ofe senate. remarkable man, and ronald reagan with tremendous executive experience. >> he kpwo knew how to establish relationships of trust on the other side of the aisle, that is what you need to have congress work. lou: even in those times, they had a capacity to reach consensus on capitol hill, and at 1600 pennsylvania, moving the country forward. turning to foreign policy, which is not an improvement for this
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president. let's look to israel, and hamas, 72 hour ceasefire. prime minister netanyahu has i think shown a spine of steel as he has precedeed to pursue national interest for israel, and eliminate the terrorist threats, and the tunnels. where do you think israel is in terms of world opinion? will netanyahu have the capacity to further lead with a national strategy to preserve israel? >> let's deal with latter first, netanyahu knows he is tough enough to stick to his guns. ly knows that those underground tunnels are a strategic throat israel, there are 60 or 7 of them they reach right into the land of israel, they came up. lou: sophisticated. >> yes. and hundreds of millions of dollars given to hamas to build
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schools and hospitals and homes, they use that for the tunnels, okay, these tunnels, put israel were a condition whereby, they can spring up any time, threaten people close to the area, and destabilize whole southern border of israel, that will not continue, but this is a complicated, how do they deal with that. >> united states pressing for some kind of a time out, i don't think that will work, because i don't think that palestinians will stop what they have been doing forever. lou: at-this-point not in interest of israel to extend a ceasefire that allows hamas to rebuild their arsenal to reconstruction foundation for further attacks against israel. without -- and israel needs to destroy their enemy. >> this is right, this is say phase of warfare, on the part of the hamas people, radical muslim
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brotherhood form of the palestinian organization. whether is known by saudi arabia, and known a egypt who have been trying to constkreupb them, an strainconstrainthem an. lou: obama administration comes to arrives in tel aviv to talk ceasefire, and cairo, but at the same time, expects world to forget this is same administration who insisted that general see sebring in muslim brotherhood to his new government, and was rejected. >> listen, i don't understand where this administration is coming in terms of their policies in terms of willing to find some way to bring in the muslim brotherhood, because hamas is another version of the muslim brotherhood. and the egyptians know it, saudis know it uae knows it,
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these were our principle allies in the region, we're going a different way, american administration feels that publicty shows they do not know how toing had foreign policy -- to manage fore an policy, there may be some truth to that. lou: on wall street, stocksfeld off, and dow eraceing its games -- gains for the year, s&p lost 39, and nasdaq fell 93, volume on the big board more than 4 billion shares. wilshire 5,000, today's losses at nearly a half trillion dollars. >> all 10 s&p sectors lower on the day, volatility index, surgeed smartly up 30%. for the month, do you and s&p
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posts lossed of 1.5%, and most of the nasdaq loss on final day of trading for july. crude oil down $2, settles above $98 a barrel, goal down $14. yield on 10 year, unchangeed. po . paoeubgs%, up next, more on the day's sell-off, steve forbes will jane us, and these phreuz en to my financial reports three times a day, coast to coast, on salem network, we'll coming right back. >> israel targeting hamas tunnels. fox tphaoug nationa news nationy
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lou: joining us now with her an analysis on israeli-hamas conflict, kt mcfarland, 72 hour ceasefire it appeared that prime minister netanyahu was in no mood to put up with such a proposal? >> in this ceasefire, the devil will know in the details, it israel still alloweed toy it try the tunnels. they are forex tenseive than they thought they realize they have to destroy the tunnels, if they don't they leave a gaping wound, and hamas comes right back through the tunnel the minute that war is over.
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lou: a disapproval rating for this president. his handles of the conflict, this president who is right now, understood to be, failing in his leadership. what is the influence on the outcome, in the middle east? in ukraine. >> problem is that other country in world, our allies don't respect us, and our adversarys don't fear us, that is we're not leading we're being left behind, that is what we've seen, right now in ukraine. who is doing the real negotiating? not barack obama. anglea merkel of germany, and similarly in middle east and gaza, it is not secretary kerry, it is one o what are the egyptis
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proposeing. lou: you refer to merkel and putin, what have reportedly reached an outline. quid pro quo, gas and a mature relationship between germany, and russia, and no room for obama foreign policy. your thoughts. >> i think whatever the deal that merkel and putin did or did not have, there are outline its looked like a practical deal. all that changed once that airliner got shot down in particular now as russians handled it badly. who happens next? it will be up to putin, is he going to back down or double down? i think high doubles down -- he doubles down, moves more troops on border and more equipment over so fighting rather an a ceasefire in ukraine i think it intensifies. lou: among those areas of your
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expertise is russia. this president, of russia, does not appear in the least phaseed, daunted, by rhetoric or sanctions. and i can't think of a instance, in which sanctions have worked against a major power, ever! >> sanctions might work but evenly, the problem is geting to the eventlualy. >> these sanctions are tougher but they have -- they are not going to make that much of a give ring. and putin is so invested in this, in getting ukraine back,
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if he is perceiveed as backing down, then i think he has trouble at home. lou: interesting, you don't hear a lot of discussion about respective ratings for obama, and putin. in europe. which is critical. two outcomes. mr. obama is not doing well, his approval rateing in every country surveyed, they have fallen, and every single country. polled, since his inaugural as president of united states. >> well, they were high when he got inaugurateed, if you look around the world, china, not helpinrespects who our presiden, we have an open border with mexico, europeans don't trust us in a lot of circumstances and russians do not take any sense of a red line, none of that and looking at middle east, iran getting nuclear weapons, syria see iraq, where alpower.
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qaeda, is on the -- is now in a bigger and better position than it was before. >> and hedge me for iran. looks like it is probable no longer possible. >> tk . >> thank you. lou: looking at our on-line poll results do you believe grants amnesty to potentially millions of illegal immigrants amounts on an impeachment offense, 94% of you said it does. votto our pole is it time for house republicans to elect a new speaker who represents for their friends? cast your vote. >> up next, a new warning from federal health officials as the greatests outbreak of the deadly ebola sreur ruse i viewer us is.
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>> and speaker boehner does not have votes, many say he does not have the leader slip ability, my commentary on what is goin wronh the house republican leadership, next. i bought a car, over and tells you, and you're like. a good deal or not.
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lou: coming up, major sell-off on wall street to tell you about, steve forbes on the market today, a market dominate by fear. and will the house press ahead with the constitutional challenge on our unchecked president. leading attorney lis wiehl and mercedes pollan on the law, and more obama, but first a few thoughts on speaker boehner, and his latest embarrassment? house g.o.p. leaders today were forced to cancel a vote on 659 million border supplement at bill. because speaker boehner and his lieutenants condition count vote --n 'n 't condition countn 't c, conservatives and moderates from a number of states defied the
10:28 pm
speaker reminding mr. boehner, their constituents are not aziz to please the democratic president as he is, and votes of those congressmen and women council as they prove today. after coming up short on votes, house republicans delayed the beginning of their recess, that was to have gun late this afternoon, they scrambleed to rebook their flights, g.o.p. conference to meet first thing tomorrow, in an effort to pass border legislation, above the many problems that boehner now faces, there will be no hearings, no public process. the speaker trying to please the chamber. round table, the white house, the democrat right wing of g.o.p., they are being about as transparent and open as mr. obama in that process, another problem for the speaker that is not first time, he failed to win the support of his
10:29 pm
party. in december, tpwoe 2012, boehner abandoned a vote on his proposal to avoid a fiscal clip, to raise taxes on millionaires. at the present time boehner was forced to pull a bill that would have fun the government and defund the obamacare, tea party called it a gimmick that allow democrats to strip out obamacare provision, and bainer to cancel the vote, and led to the government's shut down. just a month later speaker boehner, forced to cancel a vote to raise the debt ceiling and reopen the government, speaker gainer has divvyed up his sense of duty, and representing his fellow republicans, and 434 other members of the house as he
10:30 pm
should. but none with such a great emphasis in searching the interest of big business, business round table, chamber of commerce. it is worth considering, possible that's mr. boehner may have learned something from all of his embarrassment in particular today's, and perhaps, he will become that tkpw*p leader who gives first emsession to our national interest to our middle class our entrepreneurs and small be owners and working men and women here. another possibility, is that it is time for house republicans to search out a new leader, new speaker attuneed to the needs of the people, requirements of the national interest rather than demands of big business and elites of the establishment, we'll know more after tomorrow morning. >> we're coming right back. >> 300-point sell-off taking do
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no property tax. no business tax. and no sales tax. which means more growth for your business, and more jobs. it's not just business as usual. see how new york can help your business grow, at lou: stocks selling off, here now with his outlook for the markets, and the economy and the rest of us, chairman and editor in chief of forbes media, steve forks, whaforbes. the markets today, what happened? >> realization of what coming next. probably back to wh to 2.5% in gdp. europe is in trouble, japan looks like it may go into
10:35 pm
recession. lou: not even the fact that president obama is in charge and has all of the issues in hand? >> it takes more than a golf game to turn this around. lou: there is concern that our country is headed in the wrong direct, the president has lost confidence of the people, app today -- ap today a 54% approval rating. these are not happy days for this president. >> well, the problem is, he is not seen as doing much about it a snarling, you know having a cynical smile, then playing more golf, i think also, democrats in congress, behind the scenes have finally gotten the perception, that this president does not care about congress, he thinks
10:36 pm
it should all revolve around h him. lou: that is not going to change for this president, he started talking about washing cars and walking the dogs for congress, as if he really has an interest in talking with the people for whom he expressed and shown he has so much disdain. >> well, it takes two to kwraerb negotiate this this case it is his way or the highway, and he does not really reveal what the highway is. lou: how can this continue? we're watching this president talk about executive orders to revamp the immigration system. he is right now ruling by fiat. there is no question about that a lot of national media will not acknowledge it. he is not governing, not acting
10:37 pm
as a president, he is ruling. there seems to be no check, certainly no balance. and even the suit brought by house speaker, he would be out of office before that suit were resolved. >> it will be entertained, this is unprecedented. but to have this overall disdain. is remarkable. and i think that is one reason why when the republicans gain control of senate you see a lot of confrontation on spending bills, congress has power of the purse, and this lawsuit, don't underestimate it, this is justice roberts had not gotten cold feet, we would have been rid of obamacare.
10:38 pm
lou: the supreme court, this president has lost, an unprecedented number of unanimous decisions, but at the same time he remains in power. he is ruling by fiat. a republican complains, some do loudly, others do as speaker does, one moment hesitateingly saying he will accept a partnership on amnesty, then the next trying to sound like an opposition leader. >> problem with house, you have different members hard to speak to thought of the president, but when the presidents gain control of senate, and you delve into what he has been doing on regulatory agents, you will see move to largely defund the irs, with e-mails and scandals they continue to grow.
10:39 pm
from that, includeing this lawsuit, the public will start to be educated. most of the public does not realize what this president has done in trampleing the constitution. lou: public does recognize that the republican party right now is serving the interest of chamber of commerce multinationals. 144 members, ready to act set to amnesty just so they done vote on it, that is shameful. shameful. both partys have played a prominent role in trying to destroy our borders, our sovereignty and our laws with immigration. >> but you are not getting the house republicans to solve the the problem, president has done more to bridge about a real move -- which will start in january,
10:40 pm
of real border control, people now see, my god what is happening there, it has taken a long time. lou: this president 8 still be iwill stillbe in charge in janu. tonight question, if the -- to my question, if republican party continues to represent big business, multinationals, chamber of commerce and round table rather than national interest, then what hope is there? >> i think you will see it. after the elections whether presidential candidates come along, we have to do. lou: i am asking as clearly as i can, can the republican party step away and absolutely represent the national interest, and the interest of the middle class, rather than u.s.
10:41 pm
multinationals, chamber of commerce and be round table, can they and will they. >> they will, you stau i you sae 1970s, but it took ronald reagan to bring it together. you will need a new presidential candidate to bridge it together. there is going to be a different environment. the president has abused hid authority, you will see american amazing system like it did 30 years ago reemerge. lou: i am amazeed that republican party is still frying trying to figure out an answer to a one man revolution in white house, until republicans do that i don't think we have long -- we have much 52 long to wait, even by your optimistic standards, steve great to have you here. steve forbes thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: federal health officials
10:42 pm
sounding the alarm over the deadly ebola outbreaks sweeps across west africa, john roberts with the unsettleing new report on developments and nearness of the threat to america. straight ahead. wondering what that is? that, my friends, is everything. and with the quicksilver card from capital one, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase. not just "everything at the hardware store." not "everything, until you hit your cash back limit." quicksilver can earn you unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you could possibly imagine. say it with me -- everything. one more time, everything! and with that in mind...
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and with that in mind... i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me zero heartburn... annc: prilosec otc the number one doctor recommend frequent heartburn medicine for nine straight years. one pill each morning 24 hours zero heartburn. lou: federal health officials have issued a travel warning for three west african countries, and worst outbreak in history of the deadly ebola virus, two americans infected with the virus are preparing to fly back to united states for treatment much, john roberts has the latest. >> reporter: with fataly rate as high as 7%, centers for disease control upped the anti in battle sending more specialists, warning americans to stay away from west africa. >> ebola in west africa is
10:46 pm
worsens, we're responding by surging the cdc response to help country find patient, isolate them, stop spread and prevent future cases but it is not going to be quick or easy. >> reporter: they warned it could take 3 to 6 months to get the epedemic under control, at same time, u.s. charity, is working with the cdc and state department to bridge hom bring . kent brantly, and nurse. according to the director. >> it is possible, the logistics of carrying this ho out, in pros today, of carrying it out, so, hopefully within you know next few days, we will be able to get them back.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: medical center in atlanta will receive at least one of the ebola patients. >> we will support them in that, we're confident that can it be condition doubt risk to people -- can be done without risk for those transports them or caring for them here. >> reporter: and they played down concerns about leaders traveling to washington for a white house summit next week, white house spokesman confirms that some leaders from hot zone will not be attending. >> they were tending to this important public health priority in their country. >> reporter: aid organizations take no chances, scrambleing to get their personnel out of the region, peace corps wants to evacuate 340 volunteers. assures americans that will follow strin jen protocol for returns. >> people are afraid, but these are machine citizens they -- american citizens that i want to come home, safely.
10:48 pm
>> reporter: there are storiesy y of heroism, dr. bradley, yesterday, received a single vial of an experimental serum to street ebola but only enough for one person, he has a wife and two children he told his colleagues to give that serum to nancy the nurse. and lou, we learned today, that a medevac aircraft is its way from the united states toly byia tliberia to pick up one of those patients. onboard it has a containment system. probably earliest one of those patients could be bac would be saturday. lou: comeing on heels of so many mistakes at cdc at laboratories, dealing with deadly pathogees
10:49 pm
in, they need to be reassureing to american public? >> absolutely. and doctor friedman, who was so upset about the safety lapses at the bioterror rapid response lab was there today reassureing people, we know how to deal with ebola, we are sending more people over to the hot zone, when these patients come back. they will go directly to special isolation unit, east of here, the cdc will not be involved in the patient care, emory is confident they can take care of the patients with utmost caution, concern and care. lou: john thank you, john roberts appreciate it. >> we're coming right back stay with us. lou: republicans suing the
10:50 pm
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lou: joining us now, li lis wie, and mercedes. we begin with president to be sued by the speaker. >> this will go nowhere. the congress doesn't have standings, you have to show that an individual. lou: steve forbes said it will. >> i spoke with him. >> it will go somewhere. >> i said we can respectfully disagree, they don't have standing, i think it is theater, look at hobby lobby, the cases last couple months, let it go
10:54 pm
through the court system like that. lou: we're talking about a country right now with a president who is not inforcing laws, would not the supreme court hearing this is an urgent manner? >> they should because it is about the balance of power. watch dog in this is the judiciary, they will step in say, stop, you have to enforce the law. >> supreme court will stop it before it gets there on a familiar wil -- fundamental issf you don't have standing. standing. >> if congress does not have standing who in the hell does? in in country, you are saying there is no check on the executive power of the president. >> you asked a practical question, the supreme court take it, i say no, easiest way to get
10:55 pm
around it they don't have standing. >> if you don't allow language language legislative to come forward, saying that executive branch is not abideing by the laws that we've e enacted there is no hope for this country. lou: the american people are about to have a fit, 70% of folks are upset that this president is not enforcing immigration laws, and not secures the border, a basic fundamental requirement of his ocean oath of office, how can that be challengeed if not by the speaker of the house of u.s. congress? >> congress is a body, that is -- you know if you want to talk about constitutional law, this is a body that can have standing to briingto bring these types
10:56 pm
lawsuits. >> i mean, a big, big win for governor scott walker. this could be a huge problem, for public employee unions, your thoughts? >> it will be, it can be a big issue for them, now, collect of bargain ag agreement is esepbgs essence of unioninization of employees. >> it is a huge issue. >> and voting rightsins act, in ohio. what is going on. why is he challenging? he lost -- >> this attorney general has, you can't say no power he is still the attorney general but revealed by both -- reviled by both sides of the aisle . >> he lost same lawsuit in texas and indiana.
10:57 pm
you are great, thank you so much. >> thank you, lou. lou: that is it for us, thank you for being with us, you are great, good night from new york. dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. that's why i recommend polident. [ male announcer ] cleaner, fresher, brighter every day.
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. neil: never mind, they shouldn't be here, right? and now giving them licenses so they can drive around while they are here. the same week the illegals are protesting outside the white house, states across the country trying to keep up with the illegals demanding licenses. they think they shouldn't get. or should get? i think they shouldn't get. it's weird, right? upside down world. welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto, and beginning to agree with california congresswoman ashamed to be an american looking at the treatment w


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