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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 1, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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right now, i'm handing it off to lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everyone come house republican leaders determined to press on with what appears to be a frustrating exercise in futility congress expected to vote on what would address the border crisis. the vote that you see has passed and that the vote on the rule for the resolution that would move forward and replace the legislation that wasn't voted on yesterday. it's been quite a day in washington.
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and there is, as the president acknowledged, absolutely no chance that he will sign legislation into law. so the was lessons of the cause of the crisis. the 2012 executive action to put deportations on hold for two years and it is known as the deferred action for childhood arrivals. so leaders have reworked the bill i think additional funding so boosting the cost of $700 million. they also tend to vote on legislation to prevent future executive orders that would give amnesty in any form to illegal immigrants of any age. republican reaction to the news
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is still mixed. >> i don't see myself supporting this unless it was voted on first. that is the most important part of this. is stopping which created the tsunami of humans >> we are funding the state so they will have the ability to be able to actually secure their borders and we will be sending kids back in real-time to their country when they come in illegally. >> democrats united in pointing out today that the bill is not likely to go anywhere again and it may cost republicans politically. >> what we do today will be useless. they form without substance we need to reach out to the latino
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community and its as though they have amnesia and have forgotten and have abandoned that rule. charles: we will be taking all this up tonight with marsha blackburn who introduced the measure that would prevent the president from renewing this and also raging violence in gosar. this was supposed to be the first day of a humanitarian cease-fire. we will be talking about the prospects for truth and the necessity of destroying hamas targets in gaza. and a full report on the bubble outbreak in west africa. the virus now come into america as officials plan to bring back the two american aid workers infected for treatment in atlanta. president obama trying to take advantage of the struggles of
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speaker boehner in the house, a hastily arranged news conference today for this specific purpose of blasting house republicans and the president for the most part stuck to his complaint, that republicans won't do what they are told to do by mr. obama and the president then claiming republicans are to blame for his inability to reach a compromise on immigration or any other issue for that matter. wendell goler has our report. >> with a house vote on the child migrant border crisis almost irrelevant since the senate has gone home, obama said that he will have to issue another of the executive orders that are examples of the overreach. >> we don't have enough resources and we been very clear. >> republicans blame mr. obama's past decisions to go around congress and the house decision to sue him. but the president says the government has to provide the ability to properly house the
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children to get them back to their home country more quickly. some republicans say the president shoulder the blame for the crisis. >> the truth of the matter is that he created this with his memorandum in june of 2012 which went into effect in august of 2012 are dead so he was there about 110% if that was possible. >> the deferred action doesn't apply to current migrants, but mr. obama's critics say gave the mistaken impression that he would be here. the struggle that house republicans are going through let's the president turned the tables. >> that's not disagreeing between me and the house republicans but between me and the house republicans. reporter: as republicans had out for their august vacations and mr. obama heads for his a week later, congressman weber says that maybe he should call the senate back in everyone should keep working.
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>> i hope that he and senator reid and all of them call the senate back on this about. >> and the broader question of immigration reform, obama says lawmakers should pass a bill that would tighten security and draw current illegals out of the shadows and encourage talented people from other countries to stay rich republicans point to executive orders delaying obamacare mandates and say that they couldn't trust him to enforce immigration laws. the presidents of the problem is not his relationship with congress but the internal republican divisions. >> there's no doubt that i can do better on everything, including making additional calls to speaker boehner and having more conversations with the house republicans leadership . but in the end the challenge that i have right now is that they are not able to act even on what they say their priorities
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are. reporter: mr. obama downplayed differences with house republicans, saying that they agree on 80% of the issues dealing with child migrants but republicans want to give them only 20% of the money that they ask for and repeal the 2012 executive order. >> wendell goler from the white house. our next guest has written buildings voted on that the wood and the president obama's deferred action program as of july 30. she says the measure strengthens the original legislation along with senator ted cruz which incorporates language that would tie the president hands on future executive actions that he might take to expand amnesty for illegal immigrants of any age or position. marsha blackburn is the vice chair of the house energy commerce committee and a member of the budget committee and it's good to have you with us. i know that you are in the midst of this and a lot of goings on there in the house. it's we appreciate you taking the time.
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and will the leadership get it? and we have worked out so many issues in the past 24 hours and you had several who had opposition that were against the other and they worked out those issues and put them on the table and they were clear and concise and different approaches that could and should be taken and we arrived arrive at a consensus that's what the bill should look like to go to the floor with the
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southern border being over run giving false claims and these countries want their children back we are getting this and the president of the united states talking about this. >> and yes, he's inviting these folks in central america and it's done nothing in five years to bolster the economy and the government of those three countries and even now joining him in washington dc but without purpose and plan on policy as to
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how to rid those countries with the drug smugglers. >> jazz, and the traffickers and that is exactly right. jon corzine, those that have been in the working group, coming together with the policy of what steps should be in addressing these problems because they have done it in such a conservative and compassionate and thoughtful way and senator ted cruz and i worked on legislation to address this bill, which is the driver. and this is what so many of the coyotes are using. so we have all brought these issues to the table and said, how do we best address this and put an end to it? to prohibit the coyotes in and that's where they are saying if you get to america and american soil, then you are going to have amnesty. so the process, one on the
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border bill and then both bills will go over to the senate, and we will be hopeful that kerry reid will take this up. >> what you think of those who say that splitting the legislation is a bad idea? that there will be an à la cart and they will take the former and not the latter and move on as business as usual? >> one of the things that we have said since the beginning as immigration was discussed is that there would be no comprehensive or big old to come out of the house or your the we are going to do things one at a time and the first thing that needed to be done is secure the border. and that is exactly what we are doing here. you will get single shot bills coming out of the house, and that's pretty much what we have said all along. so for someone to now think that we're going to do something comprehensively, that really doesn't tie into.
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lou: thank you and good luck. president obama claiming that he wants to adopt the illegal immigration crisis at our southern border. because critics say that's not the message sent in south texas. federal officials this week showing off a newly remodeled detention center and one that is in the views of many inviting, featuring playrooms and internet and free dental and medical care. the cost of taxpayers $74,000 each and everyday. and illegal immigrants are being cared for and well cared for, there are new concerns of federal workers dealing with the crisis frequently exposed to contagious diseases. according to a new report by the department of homeland security
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inspector general, federal agents are often at risk of catching mice and stevie's and chickenpox and coming up next, another threat facing the united states and this one is the deadly ebola virus sweeping across west africa. it will soon touchdown on american soil and we will have the latest on the outbreak and what we can expect in the next several days. and israel's humanitarian cease-fire didn't last long. a hamas suicide bomber struck two israeli soldiers and they died. the israeli ambassador to the united nations wrong turner is our guest coming up next. your 16-year-old daughter
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lou: the fighting between israel and hamas escalating tonight is hamas broke the most recent attempt of the 72 hour humanitarian cease-fire. resuming firing rocket about an hour and a half after the truce went into effect. forces moving deeper now into southern gaza and they are also searching for a soldier captured by hamas. joining us tonight is the israeli ambassador to the united states. sure, it's good to have you with us. this effort by the israeli government, will there be further accommodation? or is it clear that the israeli government wants to achieve its strategic objectives here? >> i think it's pretty clear that they blew up the cease-fire which was supported by the international community by the u.n. secretary-general by the secretary of state john kerry. and they were given assurances
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that all palestinian factions were on board and there would be a 72 hour cease-fire and the parties would send a delegation to cairo. israel abided by the terms but unfortunately an hour and 15 minutes into it our forces came under a brutal attack with a suicide bombing that killed a couple of our soldiers and then the other soldiers came under very heavy fire as well in another unit came in and kidnapped one of our soldiers. so this was a blatant violation of cease-fire and a heinous act by hamas and one of the terror organizations. lou: president obama saying that he has condemned hamas for the kidnapping of the soldiers and called for the unconditional release of that soldier. so is this one of the support that you would have expected at the outset of the conflict? >> we appreciate the support he has given and i think that the president has been defending
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itself as has the secretary and i'm pleased with the support that they have given to the iron dome. i heard earlier today that you had a congressman talking about a bill that may not go through today. one of the things that will apparently go through is the funding that the senate passed this morning i think the house will take up in about an hour. so we are deeply appreciative of that support and there is also the support to try to achieve a cease-fire. lou: on the iron dome, were you shocked to hear a human rights official declare that perhaps the palestinians should have been providing this as well as the israelis? >> i was not shocked by anything that the u.n. and human rights officials say. this is a body. about a week or 10 days ago it
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past a withering resolution and it did mention hamas but it didn't mention the use of human shields. but the rocket attacks on israel, the council has been an absolute joke so i'm not surprised by what comes out of there. lou: the president today using the strongest language to date, condemning hamas. is there, at this point, anything more that israel would ask of this administration, the u.s. government, that would be helpful and has this administration briefed you to explain their positions on everything from iran and the nuclear talks to the posture that they have taken in the conflict in gaza? >> you know, we had constant medication with the white house, i was on the phone with them a couple of times a day and we have worked together on so many
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different issues and we have agreed on the vast majority. occasionally there's disagreements, but we work them through as allies should work them through and we appreciate the strong or it that we got today from the president and hopefully he can rally other world leaders to back israel. people forget who hamas says, they are no different than al qaeda. committed to israel's disruption, they are an organization whose members were dancing when thousands of americans were dead and they condemned the united states for killing osama bin laden and that is who we are dealing with and we hope that the entire world will support israel in its confrontation with hamas. lou: it seems to be there should be no question about it whatsoever. so there seems to be some question about an alliance against radical islamists who, in the form of hamas, have
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assaulted an ally and that seems to me to be peculiar and i'm not sure that i entirely understand the reasoning amongst those in the u.s. government who would hesitate to support an ally against a common enemy. >> i think you heard the president's words today and they speak very powerfully and clearly about where he stands. lou: one last question. israel's right to defend out. it seems that it's more an absolute necessity. you've been attacked. it's not a question aims to me semantically that one is right, but the responsibility of the government to defend the nation. so how is it that the word has insinuated itself into the dialogue are not. >> the jewish people don't take their rights were granted. there were many centuries they didn't have the right or the capability to defend themselves on the birth of israel gave them
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for the first time in 2000 years the ability to defend themselves. it didn't end hatred for the jewish people. it you see that in europe in the last couple of weeks where people are rioting against the jews. you see that with hamas and organizations that are committed to destruction and the worst regime on the planet, wanting to destroy the state of israel. so the hatred hasn't ended that there has been a change and for the first time the jewish people have the right and the capability to defend themselves. and so we will use our right and our capability. lou: ambassador, as always, great to have you with us. up next, the world health organization with the dramatic update of the deadly ebola virus. john roberts has the full report as well as president obama trying to play cute today in a last-minute news conference but to mixed reviews in tonight's
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commentary. tonight the president and the prospect for november. they are related and we are coming right back.
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lou: coming up tonight, the "a-team" reacting to the president's attack from the bully pulpit against the republican party. james toronto and jason o'reilly joins us. pushing for more visas for high-tech workers. university professor joins us to tell us why there is no shortage and technology. but coming up first, a few comments on an amazing show headed your way. to your congressional district, to your stay. on their way to you to win your heart and your mind. for just 94 days until the midterm election, be on the lookout for a this congressman seeking your support. and don't forget to watch the senators seeking the same. explaining why the democrats have stood with the president resolutely and solidarity.
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including why the president has failed and how no one should stand with him. this will largely be about mr. obama and his confidence or lack of it. his leadership or lack of it. meanwhile in washington today, the president is floundering at foundering at the moment that you should be creating momentum for his party's candidates in the midterms. and those democratic candidates in the house and senate have bound themselves almost without exception to the president on issues that the american public opposed the president. whether it is the border crisis of the president's own making, and at least until today his support for hamas, his efforts to rein in vladimir putin, the irs scandal and obamacare and the va, been caught in the justice department's spying on, this president and his party are in big trouble.
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all the while his approval ratings continuing to fall and the president is still trying to play to it. the white house press corps earlier didn't seem to want to play because they have obviously come under a partial impression that the affairs of state are perhaps increasingly serious business. >> i thought you guys were going to ask me how i was going to spend my birthday. so what happened to the happy birthday thing? and i will address two points and so please hold on, guys. come on. i've been giving you questions lately. lou: senate democrats don't even want to be associated with president obama, hiding from him on the campaign trail and
7:30 pm
neither do a lot of voters. the gallup daily tracking poll has the president's disapproval at 53% and the abc "washington post" showing only 39% of approval of the handling of the israeli conflict. associated press showing 60% disapproval of the president's handling of the border crisis and the most recent fox poll showing 56% are not satisfied with the way things are going in this country. all that adding up to a resounding success for republicans on november 4. senatorial committee chairman is confident that republicans could pick up as many as 14 senate seats this fall and republicans need only six to gain control. we are coming right back. president obama to the bully pulpit, slamming house republicans again because they won't compromise with him and do
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what he would like. the "a-team" coming up next.
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>> breaking news the 694 million-dollar supplemental spending bill for the border and we will keep you updated during this hour. joining us now is james toronto on the wall street editorial board member. thank you and we are delighted to have you both here. the republicans moving a bill that the senate says it won't take up and the president says he won't sign even if they do. what is the point? >> obama doesn't want a solution to, he wants to help drive turnout in november and i think that's his short-term strategy. i think his rationale is that
7:35 pm
this hurts the opposition more than it hurts the democrats. >> at the poll numbers show the inverse? >> in the short term i would agree with you. but i don't think it helps obama in november is a sense of crisis on the border style. people look to the president and the administration to all the crisis and i don't think that he escapes that responsibility just by saying this do-nothing congress is passing legislation that i don't like. >> i would say that the gop is likely to do well but what lesson to take away from that? well, we did very well in november, we don't need to address this immigration reform stuff going into the next year, or do they say that, okay, let's deal with that. >> it appears at this particular moment that it's likely area but i've got a pretty clear signal from the leadership and i'm not
7:36 pm
talking about the speaker but those associated with him in the leadership that they are without question going to do this in an incremental measure and the reality is that that is what the public wants, they want this comprehensive nonsense which is a way to avoid the regular rules and a way to bamboozle just about everyone to fall into this ever so comfortably emanating from the business roundtable and perhaps a wall street journal editorial board on competence of immigration reform. >> i'm hearing this from the members of the house and senate that the votes are there and do something with this. do something with the farmworkers and amnesty and you won't get every vote that you will get enough and it is they are. frankly they are quite optimistic that this gets done.
7:37 pm
>> getting in through the senate shouldn't be a problem as they have the conference of land with 60 votes a while back and i think they're still question of whether the republicans would be able to agree on what to do. >> they have made it clear that border security comes first and then they move to the issues that matter to both sides and to all americans, and that is to do the responsible and humane thing and also acknowledge that we are a nation of laws and there will not be any movement ahead. it seems appropriate and reasonable, right? >> that is what the sentiment is in the senate and there are the votes for that approach and i think we should have learned this in the bush years. it was too much for people to swallow. >> we are talking about the left
7:38 pm
and the right, the business establishment and the activist organization, lost in all of this has been the welfare of those in some of the organization say they are most interested in their care and it is odd that it's only now coming to the fact and the point that people might have to reasonably compromise and do the right thing in the national interest. >> doing it incrementally is also a lesson of obamacare were they push back the comprehensive reform ofll sorts of problems and political distrust. lou: demagoguery has had its day for decades and perhaps we can start the regular order in the american public actually participating in building a national consensus. so we have israel and hamas. >> i think the u.s. is trying to push a cease-fire that would
7:39 pm
award their aggression and i don't understand the rationale doing that. so they need to defeat them and finish the job here or hamas will rebuild the military and be right back three years from now. hamas under the cease-fire because they're trying to gain international sympathy and they think that more civilian casualties will do that. if you listen to celebrities on twitter, it's working. if you look at the other powers of the region, the saudi arabians, others, it's not working. at times they seem more against it than the obama administration, which tells us something. >> indeed it does. >> it's not irrational but a delusion. the idea that you can negotiate this to achieve genocidal ends. lou: the strange thing is that we are hearing officials themselves saying that they have the right to defend themselves
7:40 pm
and to me, i understand this. but the fact is they have a responsibility to defend themselves and they have an absolute demand upon them, ahistorical demand and an extent demand to preserve the state of israel and the people. and this is not a court of law. this is about survival. james, it's good for seo. >> thank you. >> a lot of power on that editorial board,. >> and president obama wants everyone to know it's his birthday on monday. then monday is also another important day for another reason. the second evidentiary hearing will be held in mexico than he has been locked away in a mexican jail for 124 days now. the president of the united states has not made a single public mention of him or his
7:41 pm
name or his faith. we are coming right back. lou: is the deadly ebola virus on its way to america to affect citizens reign john roberts has the latest coming up next. you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase. not just "everything at the hardware store." not "everything, until you hit your cash back limit." quicksilver can earn you unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you could possibly imagine. say it with me -- everything. one more time, everything! and with that in mind... what's in your wallet?
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lou: fears tonight about the spread of ebola as it is warned that the consequences could be catastrophic and not for west africa only. two americans are being brought back to the united states for treatment and that has raised concerns among some about the federal government's ability to keep patients isolated while they're being treated and the rest of the public safe. correspondent john roberts is in atlanta with our report. >> it is impossible to overstate the significance of this event.
7:45 pm
the first cases on u.s. soil of the deadly virus. the patients will be isolated and treated here and he says it's ready. >> one of four institutions capable of handling patients of this nature. this nurse and patient are in liberia gravely ill while treating patients. one of them will be transported in as early as tonight in a special chamber built by the cdc and then be moved to a special clinical isolation unit. >> the reason we are bringing these patients back to our facility is because we feel that they deserve to have the highest level of care offered for treatment. >> the expertise aside, many americans here in the idea of a
7:46 pm
patient infected coming to the united states. even donald kohn said that the patients should be stopped from coming and kept out. the cdc director acknowledges that some people find the idea terrifying. >> i do understand peoples concerned. the virus is new and different and exotic in some ways and it's truly frightening because it's a terrible disease. but it's a virus that we know how to stop. reporter: the medical missionaries will be tightly isolated unmonitored and the bigger fear could be someone who gets on a plane and then get sick once they land in the united states. if that happens, health officials believe the damage could be quickly contained. >> we have the kind of health care system and the ability to isolate and use the kind of containment that we do that is extremely unlikely and very unlikely that we would even have the condition for there to be an outbreak tour the president played down any potential risks posed in his africa summit next
7:47 pm
week with hundreds of thousands of people traveling to washington. >> folks coming from these countries would even a marginal risk or an infinitesimal risk, having been exposed in some fashion, we are making sure that we are doing screen on that end as they leave the country and they will do an additional screening when we are here and we are confident that these procedures are appropriate or not many may receive treatment and the lot will offer supportive care. is this doctor put it, his goal is to keep the patient alive long enough for the body to fight off the infection. lou: thank you so much. john roberts is reporting from atlanta. on wall street today, the dow jones down from the point, the s&p down six, volume on the big board is 3.8 billion shares and consumers showing they all lost
7:48 pm
more than 2%. the s&p posting its worst week since 2012. crude oil settling below $90 per barrel and gold is up $12 just below $1295 an ounce and the yield on the 10 year bond, 2.5% adding 209,000 jobs and the unemployment rate at 6.2%. this is my financial report three times a day on the salem radio network and we will return in one minute, so please stay with us. >> some oligarchs are calling for more high-tech workers from overseas. despite the fact that we have plenty of american citizens who need the high-tech work. the technology labor shortage myth coming up next.
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lou: our next guest shattering the myth that we have too few highly qualified and highly skilled high-technology workers in this country in the fields of science and technology and engineering and math. and because some business organizations have more foreign workers that are being brought into the country, we need to assess that. joining us now the author of the book outsourcing america and what is behind our national crisis and how we can reclaim american jobs. first of all, congratulations and it's great to see you. and also here we go again. it is remarkable because microsoft had 18,000 jobs as the company participate in the call for more foreign workers to be brought to this country and
7:53 pm
american jobs, of course, being outsourced by big business in general. >> yes, it's remarkable that they can get away with it with any objective measure whether it's the unemployment rate or unemployment levels, there's no shortage of these workers and industries continuing to talk about this. and there have been no wage gains in the sector and the reason is the flooding of the market due to these workers. >> part of the reason for those stagnant wages is that amongst those they are being brought in and the lower-level of technology workers they are receiving 20% less or more than
7:54 pm
workers. >> companies can actually pay below market wages and surprise surprise, they do pay below market wages. savings are 25% per worker and then the employer gets control that and the workers become indentured. so it has a huge drag on wages and job opportunities for americans, these are good middle-class jobs and steppingstones for pathways for the working class to get to the middle class and that's being shut off by these worker visas. these are folks that the workers are coming in, the best and brightest and most of the folks have ordinary skill no more than a bachelors degree which is truly the case of microsoft as
7:55 pm
well steal and discuss the claims that foreign graduates are being forced to leave our country because we are not hospitable to them. can you give us your take? >> people have gone as far as this and it absolutely not true. graduate students, those who do graduate work have lots of ways of staying in there is a whole of work visas to stay here temporarily and also permanently and this is a term to use out graduate students are doing, they remain very high. so there's a lot that being done here and by the way, the industry has not lobbied for more of those visas for the graduate students but they've gone after the bachelor level. lou: most people will be shocked
7:56 pm
by that. >> this. >> i believe the number is 92%. and so fewer phd students graduating in the technology field, you can pretty much stay and many of them are. lou: meanwhile, american stem workers with terrific academic credentials, many of them are not finding work in their field. >> they are not, they are moving into other fields are being forced out of to lower wages. and there's an open secret. lou: we are pleased and we appreciate you being with us to
7:57 pm
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. neil: so congress is all for summer vacation, five week summer vacation, and everyone here is mad because they have hardly anything done. i'm neil cavuto. and to hear the "new york times" tell us it is hard to tell when congress isn't on vacation. others calling this the most unproductive congress in history. they got next to nothing done, hardly any new laws, any new regulations no, big new programs. not much at any new programs. and i'm thinking to myself, self, and that's a problem why? all of the


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