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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  August 7, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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i will be joining us u"making money" is next wit with hiz lizr charles payne. >> on "making money," the attack on amazon. others keep trying to end amazon's quest to dominate the world, latest effort in form of a partnership between google and barnes & noble. people are up in arms over gender ineqaulity in a lot of industrys, here is one you don't often hear about, legal marijuana. forget breaking the glass ceiling, we're talking about breaking the green ceiling. our panel is fireed up on this. surprising new stats say that 1%, may be richer than you think.
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but fear not, we have some tips for you to help you build your own wealth, let's go make some mone.liz: i am liz liz claman ir charles payne. welcome to making money, i am going to help you with my friends my cast of characters making money by investing in stock market, here to help our investment pros, hingea -- hitha and matt and tracy and kate. the message of word not count down to the crash or fast trading, it is about investing successfully, to do, that you have to build your portfolio overtime, that is what we're here to help do you, we do that
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with real, real deal, we go, behind the headlines showing you how to use them to make more money. so let's dig i in to our first real, real deal, major averages did end the day lower as tensioned in russia and worries about whether u.s. would have to get more involved in iraq, send investors to things like gold and treasurys. matt, let's talk about today's decline, was it the geo political concerns? is that the time that people should be out there picking winners. >> the market was acting well this morning, then geo political political concerns were building little by little, more out of russia and iraq news at end of the day, weak holders, they are holding a stock, but they hess trait, but i -- hesitate, they see the headlines and they start
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selling, me, i am buying tomorrow, dow jones tra central average pulled back. we closed on it today, anything -- this is when you buy when everyone else is running. >> this is not panic selling. this is a reason to sell, and get back in it. liz: does it amaze you, new york stock exchange is only place, when they put up a for sale sign that things you wanted everyone runs to the exit. >> we have the pew political news as well, jobs news too. when we see something good for main street, it seems wall street acts in a negative way, fed fears is what is
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translateing. >> i agree, coming in less than expected for the initial jobless claims, i think that people are expecting fed the move sooner. >> i think we're not getting solid information on this. it is a schizophrenic market, going up one day, going down. it is is like being home with my teenager. teenager. liz: you look year-over-year, the solar leasing business is up 110%, funny, you i'm hopeing to buy a new house, i will call solar city. with their green truck to put solar. it is such a good, model. >> a great business model. ern here tells me i am the residence greeny, but i problem
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capital expenditure onending their expenses, i don't think we are there yet in solar, there are people leak and you me, we still depend on cold. >> you have to spend before you get there, they are looking ahead, but stock is about 7% after hours, revenue up 62%. liz: and tracy, do you count out elon musk. we were first on fox business to put this company on air in 2008, they have grown and grown. >> you can't count them out, anyone that is betting against them right now is makes a mistake, elon does not want earnings counted quarter over quarter. >> and market competition? >> they are biggest player in u.s. residential instilling a, and elon musk behind it i would not bet against it.
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liz: google, teaming up with barnes & noble to take on amazon. same day books, to your house, or your business, this market amazon dominated for years, st-rstart with hitha. barnes & noble, they closed two closest ones on my house i was so annoyed. can they do this. >> i would say if they did this three years ago it would have gone a great partnership. the problem, it is a little too late,. too little, they are not on same scale azam john, they don't -- amazon, they don't shop google enough. >> this is a game changeer, i went on there today, you sign up for this maybe, free shipping, i can order a book 8 a.m. and by7
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p.m. it is there. >> who reads books any more. >> i want a drone dropping a book off thank you. >> barnes & noble closed is a stores this year, nook sales are down 22%. 22%. >> who still reads books? >> i still read books,. liz: amazon moving lower because maybe people are waking up to the p/e ratio is cookie. but i love amazon. >> google teams with barnes & noble, for same day delivery but they have higher prices an amazon. >> when is last time you went into a barnes and number stkpwhrel they all shubarnes & . >> when did you last buy a physical book. >> kids still need them, i had the panic of mom, i need that book, i would have loved same
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day delivery. >> it would be a positive for them. liz: i am with trace tracy on td book. >> and a bottle of wine, a home run. >> i get a book, and throw in protein powder and a tooth brush at same time, and my amazon prime gets it to me in two days. >> i don't think they want to create that price. >> they have not come out with a price win yet. it is free for first 6 months. >> liz: tracking about leadership of solar city, and google, and amazon, jeff bezos, and eric page, it is interesting to see that when it comes to google, they are the idea guys, you fights against amazon the other idea guys. >> you bet on horse and jockeys
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in horse races, i am betting on the jockey those are three strong jockeys. >> are you surprised to hear new legal pot industry, is monopolizeed by men. a new push to mentor women in the marijuana business, it's all about making money, don't go away. (trader vo) i search. i research. i dig. and dig some more. because, for me, the challenge of the search... is almost as exciting as the thrill of the find.
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liz: we're back with another real, real deal for you, marijuana industry, is looking to get my diversified and recruit more women into the, a new study shows nearly all business transactions when it comes to weed are made by men. the women find themselves religateed to baking the brownies and tending this the plants and trimming the weed. with a third of all women
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admitting they have at least tried pot? >> i would love to see that, we have to remember that there is a lot of money to be made here, in first 4 months when pot was legal in colorado $200 million in sales, i would love to see women getting more pieces of that green pie. >> it is the weirdest conversation ever we are promoteing women selling drugs. >> we have talked how many times about women getting more jobs, 10,000 jobs in legal marijuana industry in colorado it is a $1.5 billion business, once washington gets on line, a 10 billion, there are opportunities for men and women. liz: 20 states now have had legalized. whether you are against it is rather moot at-this-point, what is important is who takes leadership roles at company. >> the women are more risk
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averse, it is still illegal in most places but back in 'rate 0 -- '80s, everyone remembers this just say no campaign. that is almost en grained in our heads right now, we're not thinking about, opportunity. >> you don't want your ceo high, do you, i think most men admitted in a poll smoke a lot more marijuana than women, let the guys do labor and hard work and be high. let the women run it. >> you said one-third of women? >> it is interesting that conversation has very quickly turned to who gets to run these companies, maybe the whole issue is so funny my dad back in the day, legalize marijuana, take profit out of it and pay their taxes, they are companies, some will go public. and women should perhaps be a part of it. >> have you companies that are
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run by women that sell alcohol, that does not mean that the ceo is wasted the whole time, these are legitimate companies, and if they pay their taxes, probably they will go public, does not mean, just because at this points, half of the country it illegal, does not mean in 5 year its will be legal they will be legitimate companies. >> this is a sign of this going mainstream, discussing that full page ad in "new york times" an image of a stoneer hippie is one smoking pot or selling it, is not the face of legalization. liz: i am only one that is worried about a nation of zombies. >> i am with you, i cannot come on it, it bothers me. >> legalize marijuana and tax it. >> great, and again, leave it to states this is way that states are voting. >> you collect you're tax revenue from a bunch of stoneers. >> a stoneer nation. >> do you think there is anything to do with parents that
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makes you more concerned about legalization? >> tracy and i are the moms here. >> but, if there is a god, you will all be moms some day. liz: and a dad. >> you know what i mean. you will be parents. >> time for our last real, real deal, a time -- this is insane, when real estate is at a premium, and the dream of homeownership is seemingly harder to achieve, for some people the price of a final resting place is out of reach, baby pwhaoplerboomers get oldere will get scarcer and pricier, there are talk about 300,000 to buy a plot. >> you can come to my family's
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not, there is a huge area in garfield, new jersey, for 18 of us, they had forsythe to this, i don't know where we go, we build it up to condos in the sky or cremation, who knows. liz: did you pass the one in staten island. >> all cremation now. up to 43%. but in tokyo, they don't have a lot of land, you get cream madeed wheed -- cremateed when u practices away. liz: and religions do not believe if that. >> the price of land in new york, $1396 for a square foot, no wonder that mausoleum i is so high. >> we should make the u.n. a mausoleum for the tri-state area. liz: i remember my dad came home, and a auction and said,
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guess what, i got plots for me and your mom i said where, he said in l.a., i'm not going to van nuys. >> 1600 fewer homes, 500 cemeteries, if you want to invest in this of baby boomers passing away, great investment idea. liz: publicly traded companys that do this, and fancy way, which is so lib rashy -- liber er er er. >> it would be so much cheaper. >> anything beneath the verrazano bridge? at-this-point i think that people should look under brooklyn bridge. >> that is prime. liz: up next, ode to house of pain, well, a well deserved shout out, this could be music
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to your ears, hopefuly it means you are "making money," and you listened to charles.
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in new york state, we're changing the way we do business, with startup ny. we've created tax free zones throughout the state. and startup ny companies will be investing hundreds of millions of dollars in jobs and infrastructure. thanks to startup ny, businesses can operate tax free for 10 years. no property tax. no business tax. and no sales tax. which means more growth for your business, and more jobs. it's not just business as usual. see how new york can help your business grow, at
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liz: we've got to give a shout out to our friend charles payne, you know he gives great stock picks every night on the show, his track record is pretty darn impressive, chinese e-commerce company dang-administration on
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dang on monday. >> execution has been impressive, earning have beat street in last 4 quarters, then hat wall street expected.arter liz: listen to those numbers, can dang-dang do it again? we find out, they report second quarter earnings a week from today, since sharps suggested dang-dang as an investment idea, stock is up 5%, he made you money in a big way, matthew are a fan? >> i do like this company, this is one of those smaller cap company, over a billion dollars but in that ideal chinese e-commerce area, earnings will be huge, last time they reported 3 months ago stocks go the crushed they priced in.
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>> hitha? >> they are in e-commerce business but also business-to-business services that area grows. liz: i am thinking aleali baba at that points. >> i would think it would help them at end of the day with more money anything to china stocks, i have been very hesitant about anything china, because, i won't trust them as far as i can throw them, they don't audit anything this at least has weight. >> they gear more market share. but i am onboard with that, they sort of poiseed to take away market share. that is one thing you look at company with, got to love the the name, davi dang-dang. liz: i am thinking regulators in china? >> who knows no one is watching.
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>> i agree with trace, ali babatunsin olukunle will give i -- ali baba will come out and help them. liz: and kudos on a tech compa company, since he recommended strata sis the stock is up 8%, charles was also calling for company stock to hit 116 a share, it did that today, matt this company raised full year guidance but what? $100 million overall. >> it is a company that you have to be able to buckle yourselves in. and look for a roller coaster ride, this is 3-d printing, this is one of all names out that i think the make it, this is one
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of few winners, another one 3-d system, this one, if i had to put any money in one, this would be it. a good valuation. liz: hitha could do more than churn out a blue gnome. >> you are right. liz: and a fake house. >> main concern i had, they were focusing on 3-d printing with plastics, they did not have a lot of materials that is what concerned me, they were using other materials like metal and different types. >> purchase of maker box comes in they are selling 33 -- lead 3-d printers in home depot. charles one of first people who started talking about 3-d stuff moons ago back on the varney show. >> once is in home depot, that
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is mai mainstream, they are doig it. liz: the printer companies, ones that focus on just basic printing, hewlett-packard wants to get in, they are late. >> acquisition, these companies are takeover targets if i have ever seen one. hewlett-packard is strong, if they are looking to get into this, they could bring a company like this and jump into it. liz: backlash against 1% that is still going strong. but now a new study shows that wealth of stupeer rich, is -- super rich is under counted. so, we're digging to low balling and our panel is ready to weigh in on this, the name of the game is "making money." i had no idea i had shingles.
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there was like an eruption on my skin and burning. i'd lift my arm and the pain back here was excruciating. when i went to the doctor his first question was "did you have chickenpox?" i thought it was something that, you know, old people got.
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liz: we're getting back to the real, real deal, are the one percenters richer than we thought, resarpb foun research e wealth of super rich is underestimateed. they have unaccount for money in offshore investment, and tax shelters, in 2010, america's 1% held 37% of health, that is more than 34% initially indicateed in federal reserve survey of consumer finances. >> it is really interesting with this, we've been talking about why people, this recovery has been so slow, how come people are not shopping like they used to. prerecession all about buying
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whatever. well people are coming back, spending, this study, people say because of that unaccounted well, that is what is creating this income disparity, that is why the stores have the sales and riff between very wealthy and not wealthy, is affecting -- >> it is jobs. we all know that wealthy pit their own offshore in different areas, but that is not why people are not spending, they are not spending because of the million of people out of work, you can't blame the 1%. >> i am saying that is one. >> i disagree. >> we're talking about why are they rich, getting richer? they have means and money to move out of high tax states and dodge this pathetic tax code that we have right now, if you can afford to pay people to find the loophole, all power to you, should not hand money over to this government without
6:33 pm
necessary. >> the article said the more money you have, the easier it is to hide it. >> hideing is a bad word. >> they are moving it. >> there are legitimate ways to move it. >> there is nothing wrong with being part of the super wealthy, problem becomes when federal reserve allows super wealthy banks to park their money at rates and have it sit there instead of lending then you have a huge disparity between the very wealthy and -- >> tha that blame then goes to e federal government, and the federal reserve, not the super wealthy, the super wealthy want to lend money that is how they make money. if they lose know -- loosen regulations on them, they would be able to did it, it is the fed. liz: people would buy 10 tvs for their house, everyone was over extended on their credit card.
6:34 pm
>> absolutely, you were using your house as your atm machine, so it is better, but, i still think that because of this onerous tax code, the despairty gets larger and larger, wealth people, they want to hang on to what they got, they are not subjecting it to tax. >> that makes people on bottom more and more angry. that is why income inequalty continues to be an issue, this is a cyclical pattern. liz: get to last real, real deal, are virtual doctors the future of healthcare, richard branson thinks so, he is backing the virtual doctor, endorsed by phil mcgraw. the doctor on demand app, connects patients and physician by video, more than 1400 doctors
6:35 pm
in 46 states have signed on to diagnose, treat, and write prescriptions via video. they believe it could help improve health care. care. kate would you use a doctor on app? >> i am not sure, i am wondering how accurate of diagnosis you get but i was reading more about it this is hot, there is a bill to expand medicare reimbursement for this. >> i have texted my kid's doctor, a rash on my daughter's arm, we diagnose back and forth by text it is solved. >> we don't love too much regulation, if you have dr. feel good tells you to do facial stretching when you have gout. >> this is $tkwerp tkwefrpb bil7
6:36 pm
billion by 2016. people will start going to web mds and using telemedicine more, it is going to be expensive to go to the doctor. >> i am loving this, this is greatest, i am the biggest hypocondryiac you know. i think that this is a great idea. >> do you like the fact thatd phil is endorseing it, he is not really a doctor. >> we are talking about guys you don't bet against. >> there has to be some regulation, you know someone goes on-line, says i think i'm having a heart attack, not on the web. >> i am intrigueed by any stkart ustartup that is with rich rich, and in one shot i am in.
6:37 pm
>> and doctors are overwhelmed and they have had to reject people. >> this is like a velvet rope to get to my doctor sometime. >> you see these minute clinics are so popular. i am with you, i think that telemedicine will grow. >> there will be limits. >>, of course,. liz: say what you want about that and this. when it comes to making close to $30 million a year. hard to say they are doing nothing to get that 30 million, there are a lot of haters of kim kardashian, but, i am not one am them, she figured out secret to her success, and making piles of money, and having her fingerprints all over it, stay tuned we're talking about that, coming up.
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liz: love her or hate her, kim kardashian, is a reality star that is making real money, we'll tell you how she does it in just one minute, you got to hear this don't move.
6:41 pm
liz: tell me about your dealings with her o entourage making decisions? >> we are in a great working relationship, she is involved. she is responsive, she knows what her fans are looking for, she knows what her brand is about. liz: that was part of my interview with mogul gaming company, glue mout mogul, his cy is behip kim kardashian hollywood, that mobile game raking hundreds of thousands of
6:42 pm
wildollars a day. it was a big hit, tv star's new video game raking in now totals of millions. like 600,000 dollars a day, it is free as a download but you pay for pixilateed stuff. it is rake in additional 85 million, and with clothing, and cosmetics and boutiques and video gaming, there is no telling what is next, kim kardashian imo is brilliantly selling herself. >> i have to tell you, i don't think she would ever be here, i wish i was a chick with a bigut, and butt, and a train wreck woue
6:43 pm
makeing this money, she has a interprize with this whole mobile world. liz: i asked him in the break, does she have aag you an entour. >> he said she returns my phone calls and my e-mails right away, you can roll our eyes, i see matt right now. she is a businesswoman. >> she is, this is one of my picks, i thought that blue stuff would be a real winner, it is. just on this mobile app. downloaded on itunes. >> i have to get in here, she was not ready for this mobile when she dropped sex tapes to become famous, she is available to return her e-mails because she does not have a job.
6:44 pm
liz: a generation of women are interested in tech and mobile. >> that is what you want for your role model? >> i never said that. >> she is -- >> women interested in this. >> she knows her brand, she knows who her audience is, he panders to him, that everything kardashian touch turns to gold, mins that you deb ill card. >> i don'debit card. >> i don't know if she is getting women or intelligence women even. liz: that really doesn't matter. >> she is laughing all the way to the bank. >> kris jenner is a very savvy momager . >> i met kim kardashian two years ago at washington's press conference, you know party they have, she was a guest of fox, she was very professional, she was very kind, she was a sweet heart, i said can i take a picture for you for my daughter,
6:45 pm
he is of the a doll, you can say again what you want you don't just make millions by doing nothing. >> she wanted to take, classes, to get to hbs i am not sure but you could take classes on-line, she is wants to better herd. >> i don't think she needs to. >> i want to do a lot of things, i want to go to the moon but i am not. >> sh she built this name, and e has a great management time, i don't know her personaly, i can't say anything, but i think hering had aing management team. >> about what is his name with the pants, hammer, mc hammer had a great management team, then it came down to him that is what bankrupted him. liz: have you heard of great white way turning green? according to federal reserve beige book, this respect actually talked about broadway to give us a sense how region in u.s. are doing, more broadway shows are running through early
6:46 pm
summer than past number of years, revenues coming in attendance theater strengthens further in late may and june, people lining tony pay hundreds of dollar for the broadway expenses are they a good barometer of the economy? kate, millennials? that i want to see box of more >> they lot have been going and getting celebrities in here doing guest spots. i think that is one great marketing tactic, nex. >> orlando bloom did romeo and jewel yet. >> i have been to a bunch, i have 3 kids, i take one at a time, it is expensive, you want to see what is going on, it is not cheap. liz: during the day, recession, you around 2008, a lot of these theaters went empty.
6:47 pm
>> it was. >> they are all full. >> in 2013 to 2014 to make 1.2 billion. liz: cinderella was a huge hit, and wicked, which year after year continued to rake in the bucks. >> chicago is still running. >> we guess that middle class is not that bad, is that what they are saying? >> a great indicate or too, hotel occupancy rates 94% in new york city in may and june. >> a great time for the economy. >> i agree. liz: just because charles is not here, does not mean you are not getting investment advice, great viewer questions, panel and i have tip on specific stock its keep your portfolio growing, we're making money in 3 minutes, stay tuned. you're driving along,
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liberty mutual insurance.
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liz: now addressing questions from "making money" move. you can ask charles and the payne's pros. >> came in earlier, asking would you bihar month at-this-point -- hay month aharmon. the ceo was on count down to closing bell today, one of my favorite to watch, a beat on eps and revenue they closed down today for stock, full year guidance came in she was street estimate, stock up 300%. since 2009. earlier on count down i spoke with chairman and ceo.
6:52 pm
i asked him what future holds for harmon. >> what excites me most, disney in shanghai, one of the busiest theme parks build, and harmon has most of the system to be put in. liz: you landed shanghai disney? >> that is right. liz: they were in a bidding war they got it all of audio for it, does that add to their bottom line? >> a huge deal, just imagine that. i love that, i read in report, they are looking more toer merging markets with 4 new truck lines in brazil, china and hungary. i think -- >> for people, they do audio for things like madison square garden, carnegie hall, they are growing their business in car audio systems from porsche po
6:53 pm
to bentley and bmw . >> i like this they are not just a audio company but a life style company. you will see them in your home, i do a have systems in home --av systems in home, a wealthy are getting wealthier they ar put te system in home. >> they are there already. >> but you talk about emerging markets. >> they are spending more money, they spend about 2.5% of sales, this year, they are investoring to future, anticipateing more growth, i look they are spending money for growth. liz: they did headphones, i asked about beats competition, now apple bought beats by dr. dre, they have the cool factor too. >> headphones are good, they are really good, we have, about 4 pairs of beats in my house, and one pair of harmon, those of
6:54 pm
ones that everyone reached for. and i have speaker in my car, i have beyonce all day. liz: i got the eagles, what does that tell you? there is the speaker, a fan of the company, i covered it for a long time, jockey and horse, and everything. if you have a question, you can tweet charles, he is obsessed with looking at everything, go ahead, and use hash tag ask payne or post on his facebook page. aas week wrapped up a few more words of wisdom for you, helpful words to use in the morning, to make money, you don't want to miss it. don't go away.
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in new york state, we're changing the way we do business, with startup ny. we've created tax free zones throughout the state. and startup ny companies will be investing hundreds of millions of dollars in jobs and infrastructure. thanks to startup ny, businesses can operate tax free for 10 years. no property tax. no business tax. and no sales tax. which means more growth for your business, and more jobs. it's not just business as usual. see how new york can help your business grow, at
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liz: i have had so much fun doing this. what a great show. the thing that struck me the most today was that if you follow the wall street heard, the so-called smart money coming you may lose money. they sold off today and we just talked about them. a sold off mobile carrier so why follow the street? warren buffett dozen. he says i could've lived in new york, but then i would have 19 ideas whispered in my ear before noon and none of them are any good. >> that is a good point. if they feel better about themselves, they can go against everybody and that's typically when you make your money. >> people have to have thick skin and strong convictions to hold what they believe in otherwise they will be selling every time with the talking
6:59 pm
heads. >> that is the message of the show is to not listen to what everyone is saying area. liz: stocks are definitely important. okay, time for my marching orders. it has been such a roller coaster week. we will hear more tomorrow or monday, this market is moving things to the improvement of econo data. >> people are investing long-term, that thee basing this on a short-term factor. you cannot change a portfolio based on the. >> it's the short-term volatility, it may not be good and you watch the market bouncer on the matters again. liz: thank you guys so much.
7:00 pm
this has been fun. tomorrow, countdown to the closing bell, you can catch our exclusive interview with the ceo talking about their better-than-expected earnings and a very competitive cloud space. lou dobbs is coming up next. stay to even come good evening, everyone. i am ashley webster in for lou dobbs and we have breaking news right here, will you be obama white house reconsidering using military force to quell the violence and deadly uprising. humanitarian aid will be airdropped into regions targeted tonight. the news coinciding with the words of tens of thousands of iraqi christians that have been told by the terror groups to leave and convert to islam or die. the largest christian city sees overnight as a push the kurdish territory. they have rdc's wide swaths of northern and western iraq and


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