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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  August 7, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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i think when i push those out that hundred morse coms more co, because i defended the virtue of the show, not sure about that, see you tomorrow. >> 100 years ago americans could travel without a passport, we didn't have to show an i.d. whether buying beer or checking into a hotel, taxes were low, businesses relatively unregulateed. america became prosperous because of that. 100 years later, we have a million regulations, and it seems like everything is either prohibited or mandateed. do we live in a police state? is big brother here. i don't know about you i'm here, along with several thousand people. we're go to argue about whether owhetherbig brother is here, who
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about it. that is our show. tonight. john: tonight we're in las vegas. for a special edition of our show, i am joined by almost 2000 people who care enough about liberty, to come here to a conference called freedom fest, world's largest gathering of free mines this year topic is big brother. phrase comes from george orwell's novel about a future where people are watched and government reminds people, that big brother is watching. to scare people who might oppose the regime. so is that america today? this group says it is. and yes say team from tea party
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groups like matt kibbie and jenny beth martin. let's talk about another way some say government controls us by plan up lateing our money. and -- manipulating our money, you say that is a form of big brother, stove forbes. >> money, is a measure of value. and when government man inlates it, it -- manipulates it, it picks winners and losers, it hurts the economy. since we've gone off gold standard. john: they are not manipulating, they are trying to keep it stable. >> stable? they keep changing the value, imagine if they did to clock what they do to dollar, 60 in an hour one day, and 42 minutes next day, and 30 minutes next. that would be chaotic.
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using inflated-ujusted minutes. >> they do this by printing more money, buying bonds. >> and other ways, the head of federal reserve said she wants 2% inflation that will cost american family $1000 extra teach this year, not one senator said where did get that authority to left that's extra tax on the american people? >> people on the left, have your supporters here. john: people on left say 2% inflation is pretty g good, we need this to goose the economy and end unemployment. >> it hurts the economy. john: are they stupid? they business with th went to f. >> they once ho thought that sie revolveed around the earth, they are all still in the universities today in the
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economics department. john: data i have showed before the fed there were 9 recessions in 30 years before, 30 years after. 6 recessions, fewer, last 30 years, 3 recessions, and maybe they are doing something right? >> no, john. they look back and rally ways say it is a recession. you don't have stable money, you don't invest in the future, we ul pay the price for there. >> gold is must a pledal why pick it for value. >> better than anything else, 4,000 years of exper i don't think, i will take that -- experience, i will take that over those in washington listening to flat earthys, gold keeps its intrinsic value better than anything else, counterfeiting is illegal, it is a form of stealing, if in private sector you do it you go to jail, in government they call that stimulus. john: a lot of people here are
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worried about massive inflation, i am worried about it too, and so, they buy gold, i bet, how many of you have bought gold? [applause] usual audience most of you put your hands up, so, how do peal buy it -- do people buy it, i have some with me, they sell things like this is a one ounce count. $1300, advance think that of these is what -- advantage of these is what? if there is mass inflation and it cost $5,000 to buy a loaf of bred, the baker will know the value of this? and will honor this? >> gold always survives politicians, and that is why it is not so much an investment, john, but a form of insurance. against malpractice, economic malpractice by our authorities. john: some of you have also bought silver like this. $200 world. 00 worth, and you two are from
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tea party, you got picked on by the irs? that is big brother. >> they held up our nonprofit status for tax application. john: because the rule is, you are not supposed to be too closely aligned with politicians. >> the rule that has been in place since like 1957. i believe, all of a sudden in between 10 they -- in 2010 they had trouble understanding what that rule meant. john: tea party groups were checked out at a rate 10 times more than other groups. >> saying that conservative groups were targeted 100%, so, the inspector general had said that. john: what targeted means is not just show us your paperwork, it was, show us this, and then show us that, and then again, and again. >> show us, they asked a lot of questions,. john: what was on your facebook
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page? the password, every speech you gave. >> speeches, not just speechs that i gave, but speechs of people we have who attended -- who came and spoke at our events, after they, many people, they were afraid to speak out, becaaid to be associated with to us because they may get audited. john: you would answer the questions then they would come come back with more question stkwhr-s they would delay, and delay, and delay. and say we're waiting to ask the question stphaous are doing somethins.>> are doing somethine right with 1. 3 million facebook fans. >> yes. john: matt, you wrote a book, don't hurt people. >> values of liberty that unite us are simple, it is what your mom taught you, don't hurt people, don't take their stuff, take responsibility for your own actions, this is the basic rules
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that apply to everybody that is up describes to the ideas of liberty. that difference between us and them, is that you don't know what their agenda circumstance but you know that they have the ability to target you, because you might hurt them. that is what is so scare bewhat is going on today, a rule of man, instead of rule of law, and our argument is simple, we should treat everyone just like everyone else. john: and clarify that. rule of man, versus rule of law, a lot of people say i would like someone to make a judgment that rule of man sounds more, adjust able than a rule of law. >> two words, lois lerner. [applause] >> our letters were signed by lois lerner and her e-mails disappear. john: a lot of americans want
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anonymous bureaucrats to act because some people want to kill us, so the nsa, gathers data, and says it is protecting us from terrorists. what is your problem with that? >> lindsey graham said this is fine because he said if you do nothing wrong, have you nothing to hide. >> the republican senator from south carolina. >> sort of a republican, yeah. john: if you are doing nothing wrong, have you nothing to hide, a lot of americans agree with that. >> the principle of justice is innocent until proven guilty, they have targeted every american that made a phone call since 2006, they have your data, we know from what we have seen that the nsa is just like the irs, they are not useing it to protect us, they are using it to target certain people with agendas, they have gone after old girlfriends, old boyfriends, and if they do it to them, why wouldn't they do it to us. john: they have done it to
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mostly old girlfriends, i think, a name for it, love hits, they caught the people checking up, i just wanted to see where she was. but how are they really gotten us? they have not locked people up. washington post said -- john: not what they have done, but they can do. and i have -- lois lerner has prove than points, you cannot trust anybody, no body is smart enough or virtuous enough to have all of this power over the rights of americans [applause] john: let's talk about the big brother parts where we may not agree, steve, i admire what you have done, you fought for economic tkpraoed freedom, but on social issues, i think you are a big brother. brother. >> that is what my daughters say. john: you are supposed to be an authority to your kids that is
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different. but, you don't' me to have the right to kill myself if i am old and sick? you don't think that people should have a right to assisted suicide. >> doctors save lives not take lives. >> is that police state? it is my life, it should be my choice, i say. >> how -- [applause] john: illegal drugs, that is my body, don't i own it, condition i take what i -- can't i take what i want. >> even with liquor you have certain ages and rules because certain ages you may not make a right decision. john: at age 21 i reques i can e heroin. >> no, that is one of those drugs whether you take it, it is unmerciful. smoking, booze, you take it, you can usually get over it. girlfriends, you get over them. but heroin, is a easily
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addictive drug, so, real rules have to be needed. john: do you agree, rules against heroin? heroin? most say no, what about you tea party? >> i think you should be free to do what you want as long as you don't hurt people or take their stuff. [applause] >> should i be able to burn a flag? >> if you want to burn a flag, go ahead. john: should gays be allowed to phaer the way thatomarried the s are. >> if you want to do it go ahead. >> some areas of agreement. >> a lot of issues like money they try to shroud it with complexity, money represents value. you realize that, most of the fed can go. john: steve has a new book, called money, thank you steve forbes, jeny and matt. what do you think? does government go too far? does maybe big brother keep us
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safer? tell us on twitter use that hash tag freedom fest. and coming up, i'm going to go after the hypocrisy of some of my friends here in las vegas. more from freedom fest, when we come back.
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liberty mutual insurance. john: i notice in this big audience here add freedom first it's mostly men. yes, mostly men. and it is an older crowd. people -- >> no. john: people -- congres come onf you are my age, for something well liberty that is more interesting to men and to us older people? maybe. how many of you here are under 40,? really. i am glad some young people see the importance of liberty and threat of big brother, emily, said, there will be more. so, you are taking polls now, for reasons, you conducted some
9:18 pm
polls that you say bring good news? >> the good news is that one, millennial support for government -- >> how many of you know that word millennial? >> we mean 18 to 29, 18 to 30, their support for big government has been overblown. john: in your poll you found, people' large government. how many of you want large government. you ask this young group, what do they say, most say yes. >> yes. a majority of young people, only cohorts that say, they would prefer a larger government with more services, we asked another question, we asked would you rather have a larger government offering more services and high taxes? or a smaller government with
9:19 pm
fewer services and low taxes, difference is we mention taxes, guess what happens? support flipped. a majority then want a smaller government. john: are young people stupid? they don't understand the big government means higher taxes? >> we see this cohort does not know what we mean with big government, not an effective phrase, they are not connecting taxs with that phrase. 123450 young people are less afill greated with democrats or or republicans. >> true. john: i was surprised, domecrats win on budget deficit.
9:20 pm
more of these kids thought that democrats would address the budget deficit? >> a lot of young people became -- after bush administration overe over afterward. republicans lost cred billow this issue. if you care about social tolerance, 62% say they are socially liberal, who do you pick? the party who you feel cares more about social toll repbs, and individual rights neither party will be good to spending. >> young people care about social talent. >> true, something that really stk-rbs them from older cohorts. >> when you asked someone fiscal issues, which is better, capitalism or socialism? capitalism wins.
9:21 pm
42% are for socialism. >> that surprises a lot of people. john: don't they notice, soviet union, and cuba. >> no, they don't. motor vehicles. >> the cold war was over. john: they don't know what socialism is. it sounds like social caring? >> a lot of people think it is when caring for vulnerable. however when you are more specific in word you use, precise, would have you a free market economy or an economy manageed by the government, people -- young people favor a free market. john: i should stop saying capitalism and talk about free market, and 58% said that government agencies abuse power. >> word generally is astounding. not on occasion, but generally,
9:22 pm
that is astounding. >> and 2/3 don't trust regulators? >> true, we found 63% say that government regulators when they write and enforce regulation, favor special interests over the public. john: but they want regulations, they want environment made prestine and global warming stop and everything made safe. >> it is the dilemma of american politics. john: should there be any regulations? >> no. john: none? >> no. >> 5 years ago pew asked, when someone is run by the government is it efficient. 42 percent agreed. this year the same question. >> 66%. we asked this question with same wording in 2009. there is an surge in this perception that government is
9:23 pm
wasteful, now millennials reflect older americans on this issue, thank you emily, next more from freedomfest on big brother, and the nanny state. yeah. i'm m-a-r-y and i have copd.
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free market society, we don't. people are getting put in jail in u.s. all of the time for nothing, victimless crimes, idea that government should make our choices for us, is one that a lot of people prefer. john: those are clips from a new movie about the american nanny state, that will be released tomorrow, the guy who made is tim dell mast re. your points is freedom from choice. >> i came up with that title i
9:28 pm
would have thought that people would like freedom of choice, whether it is -- >> i do. >> you would think that everyone does, but, when you look into it most people would prefer the freedom from making choices and important decisions, i thought the title. "freedom from choice" was adequate. john: idea that government should make our choices for us is one that a lot of people prefer? >> yeah, well, if you want to be a independent sovereign person, you need to have some level of responsibility, responsibility for your own life, decisions and action that is something that is daunting for a lot of people, moment people would prefer to allow the government to make their choices for them. john: because government cares about all of us, and will make sure we're safe, and we don't
9:29 pm
pollute, and hur hurt others. >> in theory is makes sense. but what happens is power gets abused. john: a couple areas you cover in the film. finance, most ame
9:30 pm
almost 7 death, explain the actions we're taking and why, first. i said in june, as terrorist group isis began an avance across icrack that united states
9:31 pm
would be prepared to take targeted military act in iraq, if and when we determined the situation requireed it. in recent days, they have continued to move across iraq and neared city of erbil where american di diplomats and civils ian work at our consulate, to stop advance on erbil, i have directed militant to take targeted strikes against the isis convoys should they move forward the city, we will take action if the terrorist forces threaten our perso personnel for facilities in iraq, including our consulate in erbil, and our embassy in baghdad. and providing urgent assistance to the iraqi government and kurdish forces. second. at request of the civilians,
9:32 pm
strandeded on the mountain. amarch across iraq, wageed a ruthless campaign against innocent iraqis, they have been barbaric toward religious minorities, including christians and yazidis, rounding up families, and conducting mass executions. in recent days, yazidis men, women and children from the area have thread for their lives, thousands are now hiding high up on the phoup tann wit mountain h little but clothes on their back, without food or water, people are stafrg starving and e dying of worth, isis forces have called for systemic disruption of the yazidis people, that would constitute genocide. so these innocent families, are
9:33 pm
faced with a horrible choice, descend the mountain and be slaughtered or stay and slowly die of thirst and hunger, i have said before, united states cannot, should not intervene every time there is a crises in the world, let me be clear about why we mustable and now, when we face a situation like we do on this mountain with innocent people facing prospect of violence on a horrific scale, we have a mandate to help in this case, a request from iraqi government, and we have unique capebility to help abetter a massacre, i believe that - unitd states of america cannot turn a blind eye, we can act carefully and responsibly, that is what we're doing. i authorize targeted airstrikes if necessary to help forces in iraq as they fight to break the siege, of the mount, and protect the civilians trapped there
9:34 pm
american aircraft have begun conducting humanitarian airdrops with food and water. this week, one iraqi in the area cryed to the world, there is no one coming to help. well, today america is coming to help. we're also consulting with other countries and the u.n., who have called for action to address this humanitarian crisis. i know, that many of you are rightly concerned about any american military action in iraq. even limited strikes like these. i understand that i ran for this office in part to end our war in iraq and welcome our troops home, that is what we've done. as commander in chief, i will not allow u.s. to be dragged into fighting another war in iraq as we support iraqi as they take fight to the terrorists, american combat troops will not return to fight in iraq. because there is no american military solution to larger crisis in iraq.
9:35 pm
only lasting solution is reconcileing a among iraqi communities and strong eric racky security forces. however we can and should, is up certificate moderate forces to can bring stability to iraq, as we carry out the two missions, we will continue to pursue a broader strategy that ope open s iraqi to confront this crisis, leaders need to come together and forge a new government, they can fight back toe back against the threats -- bakari savage against the threats like is, they have named a new president, they are seeking consensus on a new prime minister, this is progress that needs to continue to reverse momentum of terrorists who prey to iraq's divisions. 1 iraq has a new government, united states will work with it and other countries in the region to provide increased support to deal with this humanitarian crises and counterterrorism challenge.
9:36 pm
none of iraq's neighbors have an interest in this suffering or inst billy, and we'll continue to work with our friends and allies to help refugees get shelter and food and water they need and help iraqi push back genes isis. -- against isis, severa severald american advisor will continue to access what more we can do it help train, and support iraqi forces going forward. and we will continue to consult congress going forward. my fellow americans, the world is confronted by many challenges, and while america has never been able to right every wrong, america has made the world's more secure and prosperous place. our leadership is necessary to under write the global security and prosperity our children and grandchildren will depend on. we do so by adhereing to set of core principles, we do whatever is necessary to protect our
9:37 pm
people. we is u is up up support our aly are in danger, we leave coalitions country to uphold international norms, we strive to stay drew to the fundamental values, that desire to live with basic freedom and dignity, that is common to human beings wherever they are. that is why people all every the world look to the united states of america, to lead. that is why we do. let me close by assureing you that there is no decision i take more seriously, than use of military force. over last several years, we have brought the vast majority of our troops home from iraq and afghanistan, i have been careful to resist calls to turn time again to our military, because america has other tools in our arsenal that are military. we can lead with the power of diplomacy. our economy, and our ideals. when the lives of american citizens are at risk we will take action. that is my responsibility as
9:38 pm
comcommander in chief, when many thousands of innocent civilians are faced with danger of being wiped out and we have the capacity to do something about it we'll take action. that is our responsibility as americans. that is a hallmark of american leadership, that is who we are. so tonight we give thanks to our hen anmen and women in uniform,r protecting morning and saveing lives of so many men, women and children they will never meet, they represent america's leadership at its best, as a nation we should be proud of them, and our country commitment to unhold our own security and the dignity of our fellow human being, god bless our armed forces and god bless the united states of america. >> president obama from state dining room in white house, he announced that he is authorized military airstrikes against the
9:39 pm
terrorist army isis, oris else a--isila high as he called it, a humanitarian mission to help rescue tens of thousands of iraqis tenss many of them chris, yazidis trapped in the mountains by to terrorist army, they are controlling a larger part of iraq as you see here. for a president who pulled all u.s. troops out of iraq he said american combat troops will not return to frighten side of iraqi -- fight, inside of iraq uhe referenced targeted airstrikes to support iraqi and kurdish forces and long-term must be solveed by the iraqis and said that u.s. cannot turn a blind eye about a possible genocide, useing that word, this is a different action than he chose in dealing with syria's civil war, president saying he will do whatever is necessary to protect people in u.s., there is no decision he takes more seriously than use of military force,
9:40 pm
tonight here, is used it. inside of iraq. stay tuned to fox news channel and this fogs statio fox statiog coverage of this story, i am brett baier in washington.ty. john: and granting 10 state waivers on no child left behind, and changing obamacare law, when it was not working out. >> problem is that when you have no respect for the rule of law, then we get unpredictability, we don't know how the law will be enforceed, we don't know how to behave, and if one day what we're doing is legal the next detailing well. john: is hhe worst in terms of economyive orders -- executive order. >> mixed, abraham lincoln issued 48, president obama so far 182. is that most? >> george w. bush 290, ic
9:41 pm
eisenhower, 280, and roosevelt over a thousand. congress, did muster 2/3 majority to override that one. but points i guess, tim, obama is not worst? >> true, and you know, numbers are not really what is important it is content of the orders, president when he issued these orders, in obamacare waiver, for example, he is not changing the law when he issued those orders he is saying i'm not going to enforce the law, i'll look the other way while the law -- by the way is named after me, and think is a great idea, i'm going to look the other way while it is violated for next year or 6 months that causes many problems as it fixes, you know insurers
9:42 pm
and people with insurance will have a dispute, and court will decide whether it is legal or not that is a real problem. >> can you imagine in president romney had been elected and said i don't like obamacare, i'm not going to enforce it it would be an outrage, but that is what this president is doing here. >> thank you, both for living a part to enforce the constitution. one more for you. tim, and christina thank you. >> coming up, my take on one of sleazeier parts of las vegas, but next, what if big brother cave all americans -- well i ask you, a one year vacation from income tax, would that be a good idea? really? we'll debate that when we come back. if you wear a denture, touch it with your tongue.
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john: we're back with more from freedom first in las vegas this group criticized big brother, but is government really so bad, labor department said, under president obama last month, 288,000 jobs were created.
9:47 pm
when i interview people in times square they tell me, we' government to create jobs, they think that government does that and president said his programs will help america's middle class, but radio host wayne allen loot said that president and big brothers murdering the middle class, that is the title of his new book. >> middle class are doing well? >> they are doing horrible. you mentioned 288,000 new jobs, there is 92 million americans, over, 92 million working agent americans who are no longer working that fits almost with the over 100 million americans on entitlements, obama economy is about food stamps and disability and unemployment. and welfare, and housing allowances, it is not about work, 525,000 full-time jobs
9:48 pm
were murdered last month, lost, gone forever. does anyone out there think that is say good number, middle of the middle -- murder of the middle class. john: of jobs? >> there are no more middle class life styles in america. america. john: this cliche of middle class you commentators throw out, i hate it, average disposable household income increases across all groups since 1979. 40%. for middle 87 tile, yes big government of all kind regulation kills jobs, but, the middle class is not the only people, everyone -- >> john looking at average american meal in last 40 years -- mail in last 4 years, adjusted for inflation makes less money now than in 1968. >> things are getting better. >> number one, you over -- >> you over sell it by saying
9:49 pm
murdering middle class. >> amount of americans who consider themselves middle class have gone down about 30% since president obama became president, had audience know that government said there is no en flag, and your grocery prices are up, your electric prices up, your gas prices are up. and your healthcare premium, up, and your taxes are up. and everyone single thing about our lives is getting worse, not better, am i correct? [applause] john: no we're living longer than ever, we have this new technology. and many lives are getting -- >> youment to live longer in poverty that is where we're heading. john: we're richer. >> right now in venezuela there is a toilet paper shortage under a socialist. food shortage and highest stock
9:50 pm
market in history, the sam plan that barack obama is using in america, you grab the money through fed, you prin fake money, you sprinkle it on wall street make the richest donors in the world wealthy, they are happy, and corporate ceos happy, and stock market investor happy and middle class is getting murdered. john: your solution is an income tax holiday of a year, we're already in death. >> no one asked obama how he would pay for that stimulus. john: because obama did the wrong thing? >> jimmy carter's economy looks like this. and ronald reagan turned it in two years by a dramatic income tax cut from 70s% to 28%. and i am proposeing is a one year, income tax vacation where people bring the economy back, let us keep your money for one
9:51 pm
year, it is our money. >> yes? >> no? john: >> government does not work it cannot get -- >> i agree with you. >> only people can, thank you, wayne. john: coming up, now that i am in las vegas, i am upset about collusion between big brother and rich hypocrites in business here, who are too eager to make friends with big brother. that is next. many of my patients still clean their dentures with toothpaste.
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john: 2000 people are here, freefreedom fest held in las ves because there are cheap hotels here with relatively cheap room rates, costs of lower because taxes are lower, and casino gam geilingambling are legal. do you like being in las vegas? there is a lot to like. >> las vegas and nevada. nevada is a right-to-work state. there is no income tax. people are free carry concealed guns. to dam gel in casino -- gamble in casino in most of the state
9:56 pm
get paid for sex work. but, nevada is no libertarian haven, state private school are most regulateed in america, each must follow detailed government rules. maybe that is why nevada students get some of the worst s.a.t. scores in the nation, nevada does a little better with economic freedom. as far as freedom to practice an occupation, nevada is worst, politicians collide with their friends in -- collide wit with n business, you want to teach someone how to apply make-up? no, doing it without a business license could cost you finds.
9:57 pm
being the competition is the points of competeing, government is not supposed to protect cronies who are already in, big brother is the theme of this conference, i think of government as big brother. after all, only government, can use force that is special to remember, but remember that established businesses often encourage government to use force, not just moving companies and union make-up artists, the established casinos do it too. great that a nevada allows americans to gamble. in casinos. better than banning it but now a new thing called internet? it does allow people to gamble, anywhere. in europe, in asia, this is a $36 billion, but not in america, here it is mostly illegal, when
9:58 pm
politicians debate makeing it legal, voters see commercials like this one. >> this has to be one of the worst bad ideas internet gambling, on your computer, mobile phone and ipads that s that targets young and elderly, making it look fun and easy until someone gets in over their head. john: they might, a fair argument but commercial is funded by the owners of casinos. what hypocrisy? it pains nissan this about steve wynn, i understand that internet gam kels will co-- gambling -- but to fund it.
9:59 pm
>> like casinos are so wholesome? easier to keep kids out but children are parents' responsibility, nevada has a language history of politicians calooting with their favorite tycoons, most famous harry reid. he has been wheeling and dealing with casino money for years. on-line gambling is illegal in america, on horse races is america though. senator reid, a bill that would ban taking bets on horse racing unless have you at least 500 gaming devices in one location, 500. you have to be at a coo casino. how sleazey is that? as we close this show, celebrating liberty, let's remember, that big brother often gets help from our friends in.
10:00 pm
that is our show, goo good night from las vegas. better-than-expected earnings and a very competitive cloud space. lou dobbs is coming up next. stay to even come good evening, everyone. i am ashley webster in for lou dobbs and we have breaking news right here, will you be obama white house reconsidering using military force to quell the violence and deadly uprising. humanitarian aid will be airdropped into regions targeted tonight. the news coinciding with the words of tens of thousands of iraqi christians that have been told by the terror groups to leave and convert to islam or die. the largest christian city sees overnight as a push the kurdish territory. they have rdc's wide swaths of northern and western iraq and


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