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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 7, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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from las vegas. better-than-expected earnings and a very competitive cloud space. lou dobbs is coming up next. stay to even come good evening, everyone. i am ashley webster in for lou dobbs and we have breaking news right here, will you be obama white house reconsidering using military force to quell the violence and deadly uprising. humanitarian aid will be airdropped into regions targeted tonight. the news coinciding with the words of tens of thousands of iraqi christians that have been told by the terror groups to leave and convert to islam or die. the largest christian city sees overnight as a push the kurdish territory. they have rdc's wide swaths of northern and western iraq and "the new york times" reporting
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today that for the first time president obama is considering u.s. military airstrikes to help restore order. the president has repeatedly claimed that there is no military solutions for the crisis in iraq while vowing to keep the u.s. military out of conflict. and ed henry is at the white house tonight with our work. >> on the march in iraq, isis. christians and others on the brink of a genocide that is reverberating around the world. president obama had hundreds of protesters show up outside the gates urging action. and to the iraqi parliament, we are the only lawmaker giving emotional testimony. >> in the name of humanity and upon all of you to save us anomalies 3000 families are
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besieged in the mountains for water and food and they are dying. remark on how white house officials acknowledge the severity of the crisis come up to 40,000 christians in on the mountain by isis without food or water or shelter. but they were wishy-washy on how much the u.s. can help. >> it's a situation that we are deeply concerned about. >> a spokesman said this is a problem of the iraqi government making a no u.s. military option could solve the long-term semester is about to be a possible genocide and in your saying that we are seriously concerned. >> this is something we are closely watching and what we are doing is actively supporting the iraqi security forces to try to confront this problem. reporter: he added that it can only come if it's in america's core interest. >> the reason that is an
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important question is that we have seen a couple of different situations where there have been conditions were innocent civilians were hundreds extreme duress and at a heightened risk. reporter: he said these situations are decided on a case-by-case basis, two years ago the president made a more specific comments at the u.s. holocaust museum. >> and made it clear that preventing tragedies and genocides our own national security interests in the united states of america tour millions of christians are being persecuted around the world in the president's critics say that he and others have been slow to react. everyone has an obligation. these people are being killed and they're forcing elderly people to convert and they are beheading people are the options to target isis and the possibility of humanitarian aid
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being dropped to help the people in harm's way, white house officials say it's clear from the american people if they do not want a large-scale military operation in iraq again. ed henry for fox news. ashley: thank you very much. six hours remain tonight in israel. a 72 hour cease-fire and as the clock ticks military wing calls upon negotiators today to refuse an extension until the port of gaza is reopened. it will not likely be met as hamas engages in a war with israel. rick leventhal is in gaza city with our report. reporter: several thousands cheered hamas outside the parliament building in gaza city today with one leader telling the crowd that the war with israel will not be over until the group demands are met. >> our rockets aimed at awad.
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reporter: they want to lift the blockade and allow a free flow of goods in gaza with open borders and they also want air and seaports. >> and prevents us from certain things. tour this doctor is a palestinian cardiologist and an independent politician that has been in contact with a delegation in cairo. he says a truce is possible but their position is firm. >> some palestinians don't have the right to defend themselves. reporter: a senior israeli official tells fox that hamas must be prevented from rearming and while the long-term objective is for them to be demilitarized, it won't make it a demand in the talks.
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu compared to threats from hamas to the threat posed to the u.s. if iran develop nuclear weapons. >> it's not a win, but a clinical diagnosis. of a pathological move that is sweeping our area and will soon come near you. it has to be stopped now. >> so we could have a few hours of peace last year and hamas said that they will resume hostility the minute these fire ends at 8:00 a.m. local time unless the demands are met, including the lifting of the blockade in the release of prisoners being held by israel. israel says it's broken by hamas, they will retaliate hard and things could get a lot worse here very quickly. ashley: rick leventhal, thank you so much for that work. russia retaliating against the
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u.s. and europe for western sanctions against the ukraine crisis. and this prime minister confirming the number of american and european food products including defense chicken in fruit and vegetables and dairy products for one year. analysts say the biggest impact will probably be felt by the russian people themselves. the obama administration is dismissing the move, saying that it will have an impact on our economy. exports to russia totaled just over $11 billion last year and that's a tiny fraction of the $15.7 trillion gross domestic product. and the insult to the obama administration and granting permission for edwards noted to remain in the country for three more years. secretary of state john kerry in afghanistan tonight hoping to solve a bitter fight over last month's presidential election runoff.
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both candidates alleging fraud and only 10% of the nations ballot boxes have been audited so far. and also coming in a very tense time between the u.s. and afghanistan is the combat operations wind down there. harold greene was killed by an afghan soldier on tuesday. and it houses the largest military mortuary in the city. 90% of the folks without health care coverage can avoid being fined by not having it. this according to "the wall street journal" which has 27 million americans conduct is because they qualify for a growing list of obamacare hardship waivers and exemptions. they can be a rise in premiums for those who are insured because young adults are more likely to risk not getting coverage as they are subject to
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a fine. and that leaves ensures with us on the books. and more missing e-mails out of the obama government. this time from a key official in charge of a botched rollout. notifying their likely deleted from some of the e-mails and she's under investigation for her role in the field rollout of the obamacare website. darrell issa excoriated her in a statement just released information saying the senior executives destroyed e-mails relevant to a congressional investigation means that they have lost or destroyed e-mails for more than 20 witnesses and in each case it wasn't disclosed to the national archives or congress for months or years in violation of federal law. we will be right back. >> israel and gaza and syria,
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the list goes on. k.t. mcfarland on how the obama administration is dealing with a world at war coming up
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ashley: the white house would not say whether stopping the genocide would be in america's core interest as president obama weighs the possibility of airstrikes. seizing control of the largest christian city and there are conflict and reports that they have seized the dam on the tigris river which could be very vital. joining me now and who better to break this down that a pentagon official and analyst k.t. mcfarland. so much to get through.
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let's begin in iraq. what do you expect to hear from the president with regard to how we protect these christians who are in a dire situation two. >> you will probably do some kind of humanitarian assistance making the point we don't want a military option and there is no military option and then he will kind of washes hands of it. the problem is this problem is in part of the making of president obama's making. there is a group that is willing to fight and it's called the courage. they have been fighting with old outdated equipment. all of the equipment that we gave the iraqi army, they drop dead when isis came after them. they shivered and they drop it on the ground and ran. isis picked up the weapons and that's what they're using now to basically commit genocide against christians and any other minorities in the region. we have not seen the end of this
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and our president obama should say is that we are arming them, we are giving kurds up-to-date equipment and giving it to them now and let them fight the battle for them. >> but hasn't the problem then that they want him to be part of iraq? whereas kurds do not even see themselves as part of this anorak, many don't speak arabic traits of the policy has already failed but they have no desire to be out of the country. >> those that have shiites and sunnis, that's gone. that's never been a happen again. we now have an iraqi government and we have a violent extremist group in charge of the sunnis, that's isis and then we have occurred. so those who are democratic, one group, it makes no sense.
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>> no, it doesn't. there's so much to cover. let's talk about what is going on. continuing tensions on the eastern ukrainian border. even if vladimir putin gets what he wants, what in women that push them to the arms of the eu? i just don't understand what the endgame is for vladimir putin. >> the endgame is, first of all, i don't think you can stop. he has a reputation that he's a tough guy, who stood up to president obama and he's standing up to the west and at the same time the russian economy is not doing well and it's going to be worse. if vladimir putin looks like he's backing down, he's in trouble. they attempt to get rid of leaders when they don't have tough guys. so he's got to look like a tough guy. i think his endgame in the ukraine is, as long as they are destabilized, there will not be the western investment that they
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need to fix the economy. as long as russia controls the energy with natural gas and can jack up the price, that's bad for the ukraine's economy and at the end of the day if the ukrainian economy improve come, the west is going to bail them out. they will look to the russians and i think at the end of the day a destabilized ukraine ends up falling into their lap. ashley: the energy that they serve to the eu is 40% of the russian government's budget and if this talks exporting energy to europe, i think ultimately it will really hurt. so let's talk more about this cease-fire. it seems to me that they are saying that we want to disarm hamas and hamas says that we have to have the blockade taken down and allow us to do this. but i don't see either of the is happening.
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>> i think you are right and you have described it very well. they say that we wanted to disarm and hamas says we are not going to do that and by the way we want those borders open and it's not going to happen either way. so at the end of the day what happens is they want to destroy the state of israel and to kill jews. i don't think they're ever going to compromise, but there is this silver lining in that is that israel and egypt potentially other countries in the region, saudi arabia, united arab emirates, maybe even turkey will look at what they are seeing with isis and they are looking at the muslim brotherhood and hamas and they are saying that we could be next and maybe what we need to do is form a coalition, all of us together to stand up against radical islam. because if we don't, isis is on the move and it will come to us next. ashley: has a relationship between the united states and israel then the slow in recent
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memory? >> i have been at this for about 40 years and it's never been this bad or the slow in the 40 years that i've been watching the u.s. and israeli relationships and early 1970s. ashley: k.t. mcfarland, thank you so much, because we appreciate it. onto another story definitely having some folks paying the price. hawaii bracing for its first direct hurricane hit in 22 years, not just from one, but two hurricanes and there they are picking up on the satellite. expected to hit the big island's night, bringing heavy rain and winds up to 85 miles per hour and close behind is hurricane julio, this has top winds of 100 miles per hour and forecasters say that it may pass north of the island.
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and on the east coast, the national oceanic atmospheric association has that we are more hurricane season and aelow the normal year forecasts as major storms this year and we are coming right back. >> tyler. the cd the raising its emergency response for the ebola outbreak that it spreads across america. we examine the threat coming i bought a car, over and tells you, and you're like. a good deal or not.
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ashley: coming up in moments, making aeronautical history with the rosetta touching up to a comment. the brilliant footage and a look of what could come from the encounter with this leading astrophysicist charles lu. taking place in tennessee tonight, senator lamar alexander, ken heber vale? john roberts joins us with the latest. and the house foreign affairs subcommittee back from summer recess to address the ebola crisis and that there are now
10:24 pm
more than 1700 cases and nearly 1000 deaths attributed to ebola in west africa. the cdc says they are testifying about the threat posed to the united states. three it is certainly possible that we could have people who are sick in the u.s. the development of being exposed elsewhere and it's possible that they could spread it to close family or health care workers if their infection is not rapidly identified. we are confident that there will not be a large ebola outbreak in the u.s. ashley: that is the key question. joining us now from the new york university langone medical center. thank you so much for being here and destroy the getting a lot of attention and rightfully so. are you confident that we will not have any outbreak in the united states? >> i think it's very possible that we could have a case of ebola in this country. people are still leaving the
10:25 pm
west african countries and find to europe and flying to the united states and roughly 84 flights a week or coming from that area to the united states. will we have an outbreak of what we are seeing in west africa? it's highly unlikely. we fight two major reasons for the dramatic outbreak that we're seeing there. the first is what they are referring to his infection control, meaning that they did not understand the idea of universal precautions or how the disease is spread for more importantly they are also cultural and religious rituals that they are exposed to that is exposing them. so we are on high alert especially on the east coast hospital systems aware of these people coming into our country. we are ready to triage these people quickly and isolate them if we need to and we have that
10:26 pm
capability and capacity within our hospital system to isolate the people effectively so that we can lessen the burden of contagion. >> the question as, and i mention this to you in the break, we have doctors and nurses working in these countries, exposing themselves to the dangers, and here we have two health workers that are being treated back in the united states. is there nothing that they can do from a drug point of view that can lessen the chances of that? >> right now there is development happening. they did receive the experimental vaccine which is almost like a postexposure treatment for them that we could theoretically use to help people who are ill. so that is not available for people who are coming into contact. the most that we can do at this
10:27 pm
point is health care workers is exercise proper infection control precautions. there are these really elaborate things, they have their own air supply and they are fully equipped to handle that potential exposure to the bodily fluids to lessen the risk of contamination. >> the main reason is part of this. most drugs that come to market, drug companies see a financial incentive and because these outbreaks are socratic and you can't tell where and when, those vaccinations had to come from europe and we did not have disapproved here because again, these are sporadic cases it probably won't affect us. there's been some collaboration
10:28 pm
and currently the two individuals received this collaboration with the canadian company to extract out. and so potentially a vaccine could be available within maybe a year or so. ashley: the way that it is passed on, what is the likelihood that it will spread quickly? >> the major mode of transmission is being exposed to somebody who is symptomatic and being exposed to body fluids. the avon anew? diarrhea? swimming? and so we don't always think it's a respiratory borne virus. so we don't really talk about coughing and sneezing so much. so the likelihood of someone coming into this is very low.
10:29 pm
and there are anecdotal cases of people having been in these cases this is the main concern of these areas and why they are concerned about the new cases in nigeria because of the tremendous population are who don't have a great sanitation system. because of these family members willing closely together. ashley: we will continue to follow the story. coming up next, another republican incumbent for trying to hold on to his senate seat. john roberts is live in tennessee it with the latest
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ashley: taking back the senate, john walsh in montana today dropping out of the senate race two weeks after "the new york times" reported that he plagiarized his 2007 army war college thesis. democrats have until august 22 find a replacement candidate and put them on the ballot. we are now just half an hour away from polls closing in tennessee where the tea party has an establishment republican incumbent senator. john robertson in nashville with the latest on the challenges. >> it is the latest in a nation clearly at odds with washington. >> i don't know anyone who's happy with washington he. reporter: he's asking for a third term in the senate, touting his experience and ability to work across the aisle. >> we try to get a result and
10:34 pm
not just conservatives who think they can finish when they make a speech. reporter: he faces six charges, but the biggest threat comes from tea party back state representative joe carter. he has been hammering alexander on his support for that senate immigration bill hoping that he will catch the same lighting against air counter. and he defends his vote, insisting the status quo is far worse. >> if you ignore an 11 million people, you are perpetuating this period in a vote and that amnesty. >> he says secure the border in government handouts and enforce this and the problem will take care of itself. >> you believe in self deportation? >> yes. >> such language may make republican leaders squirm.
10:35 pm
but he is unapologetic and he is refreshingly tended to support common core. what he calls a huge mistake. >> sometimes we have two bad choices and i made the worst choice. >> what choice will voters may? will they go with the tea party backhanded it who are shoulders big enough to admit when he's wrong? or will they go with a senator to connect with them, all the way back to 1978 when he walked a thousand miles the first time he won the governor's race. >> i lived and worked in nashville, as you can tell from my accent. [laughter] ashley: it's a very conservative state. how vulnerable do you think that lamar alexander is? >> it's hollywood with a touch. he's one of on this issue of
10:36 pm
immigration and the charges of amnesty. they say if undecided voters go on the internet may want to do a little bit of research, and they look up immigration, he says that it's amnesty and it's amnesty. they may decide even if they don't know who he is that they are going to vote for him simply because anything that he's one of on it can be that. >> it's going to be very interesting. thank you so much. >> thank you. ashley: president obama signing into law the more than 16 billion-dollar measure to overhaul the department of veterans affairs. one of the few approved by both chambers of congress, an army based legislation which came in response of fraudulent leadtimes allows va to hire thousands of doctors and nurses and health
10:37 pm
professionals nearly 1000 hospitals and outpatient clinics nationwide. the president took a shot at the senator for failing to confirm one of the nominees and the senior va jobs. >> as soon as the senate gets back, they should asked to produce outstanding public servant in place. the russians don't have time for politics, but they need this on the job right now. [applause] ashley: the presidents own party currently controls the senate. and the obama administration in more ways than one, his motorcade suffered car troubles today not once but twice. because of it, they had to come to a complete stop on the side of a major highway and then under an overpass and the secret service says these types of things happen periodically even with the high level of
10:38 pm
maintenance. we are coming right back. >> considering airstrikes on iraq, president obama's many foreign policy challenges coming up
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ashley: on wall street's front, the dow fell 75 points, its lowest level since may, s&p losing 11 points in the nasdaq down 20 points. volume on the big board, 3.2 billion shares. help is the worst performing sector and utilities is the best. crude oil closing at $97,000, gold up by more than $4 per ounce. the yield on the 10 year following the 2.42 down five basis points.
10:42 pm
jobless claims falling for 2000 and. 289,000, the average also falling to the lowest level since 2000. bank of america and the justice department closing in nearly $17 billion stemming from the financial crisis. listen to the financial reports by lou dobbs three times a day on the salem radio network. in a new report by the federal reserve painting a dismal picture of the obama economic recovery and among the findings come in the first-ever on skill survey of household finances. 34% say they are somewhat or much worse off than they were before the recession and another 42% say they have delayed purchases because of the recession. one in four say that they are under economic stress and just getting by. it could help explain the slow pace of recovery in the slow
10:43 pm
rebound that we have seen in the housing market. twenty now, the "a-team", matt and brad, thank you both for joining us. let me begin with you and talk about this race, looking to john roberts in nashville. is this the last for the tea party? is lamar alexander the compromising moderate gop candidate? if he prevails in this, is this kind of not a particularly happy occurrence for the tea party remapped. >> that is right, and i think that we have seen stunning losses are with tea party candidates going by the wayside. with establishing candidates maintaining their victories. and i think that we will see it again in tennessee and i think it's actually incorrect to try
10:44 pm
to equate this race to the virginia race because it's all about eric cantor and whether or not he performed well you can tell that by the turnout of republicans and the fact is that people that previously supported this didn't come out. but this is a winner take all primary, it's a simple majority will take this race and lamar alexander has been a good steward of his leadership and i think at the end of the day they will reward bad by giving a primary victory. ashley: it seems like lamar alexander has been around forever and then he was secretary of education many moons ago. so is this okay for true conservatives? >> i think that the problem with lamar alexander is that he has always had its nonconservative voting record and for the last
10:45 pm
three years he's gotten increasingly worse with his voting record and so he had some primary opponents for that reason and the good news is that he has more than one opponent and that's a good rule for incumbent having that vote that split up amongst a couple of different folks and so i do think that he's in a good position to win an overall with the tea party, let's face it, they have an influence on the republican party and keeping a conservative and sometimes their candidates haven't exactly met what voters are looking for them when they don't, they lose. >> that is quite a transition. we have a situation right now with these christians were trapped in the crossfire with isis and whatever you want to call them. brad, should we be doing whatever we can to get relief to these people, and does that
10:46 pm
include military action? >> you could've written this chapter years ago. we did leave and just giving aid, humanitarian aid alone without the infrastructure, housing and security and toilets and all of the things that people need to sustain themselves, dropping aid and having the warlords take it in creating this black market and using it for themselves is not the answer. >> those in this part of the world, they are the most friendly to the west in the most democratic family to the united states and i feel like we have abandoned them. >> they must feel that way and i think that what this white house
10:47 pm
is more concerned with is taking symbolic actions and that's really all this is. they really want to help these people with boots on the ground. and it's kind of the opposite of war through weakness. so i think it's awfully dangerous and when it gets to the human beings whose lives are at risk, it makes my stomach turn and i think the white house needs to get a message. >> does this country have the stomach for more boots on the ground in iraq in a. >> is not whether we have the stomach for it but leadership requires people doing this, not because it will satisfy people instantaneously but because we understand what they obligations i. we have an obligation to the people of iraq to help them and not just merely giving them food or shelter, but we need to give
10:48 pm
them the kind of tools that they need to be the free nation that they should be, especially the courage because they have had the most peaceful and almost two thirds of their country and they deserve our help. >> thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it. coming up next, making history after becoming the first vessel to catch up other than bruce willis. and the amazing footage with and the amazing footage with doctor charles lu coming up when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country,
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>> and charles, thank you so much for being here. >> absolutely. >> first off, it's mind-boggling, all of space is mind-boggling to me, to be able to pick out a comet and take ten years for this probe to reach it right on target. so right now this probe has reached its destination and essentially circling the comet doing what. >> at an altitude of 62,000
10:53 pm
miles it's trying to find a landing spot for probe. it's going to spend months looking, if you see the pictures it's sending back, the surface of the comet is two miles across, one bigger snowball and one smaller snowball smashing into each other. it has geology even though oos a snowball with a lot of dirt in it. you're going to find four or five places to drop a little probe and it will use a harpoon to latch itself to the ice and slowly pull itself done. >> is this done from remote control? >> that far away. >> it took ten years to get there and it can move. >> this spacecraft couldn't get their directly. had to go through a circuitous route to get gravity to force it to arrive. the distance is a few hundred million miles, 4 billion is how far it had to travel and come within 200 miles really of this
10:54 pm
two mile long spacecraft. it's like rory mcilroy sinking 150,000 mile putt. >> if anyone could, rory could. why is this important? >> there are three layers of this. one reason, the overall scientific reason, why is it called rosetta? comets are fossilized pieces of the solar system. unlike earth, that stuff contains things from the 4.5 billion-year-old history of the solar system. understanding comets this way is something like understanding ancient languages of our civilization to know how origins are life are here on earth? on the second level if a comet hits the earth that's the size of this comet. >> what would happen? >> our civilization would be gravely under threat. something about this size, 65 million years ago hit the earth and the dinosaurs are extinct. we'd like to know how to stop it if we do that, we have to go
10:55 pm
and find it. >> giant blow torch if it's a huge snowball. >> it would be nice, it's carrying as much kinetic energy as many, many times as all the nuclear weapons put together. we have to be much more subtle in our way of solving. and in the short-term, this is one of the crowning triumphs of the recent space program worldwide and nasa contributed to it primarily european space agency program and we know ever dollar and research and development leads to many, many dollars from gps systems to smaller cell phones to a better educated workforce. >> how many comets of this size or how many comets are out there and what kind of threat is there to our planet? >> literally trillions of comets in the solar system alone. however a small percentage will cross earth's orbit. so i would say, well, my
10:56 pm
cometary scientist can tell you specifically, but once every year or so one comet comes crossing the path of earth's orbit in such a way we take notice. odds of hitting the earth are 50 million to 1 against. depending how you measure insurance and actuaries, it might be good insurance policy if there's a comwet our number on it. >> premiums will be outrageous. charles, thank you for being here. november is when the probe gets down. >> that's the schedule, that's right. >> we'll have you back then. >> thank you, ashley. >> that's it tonight, tomorrow, armed services committee member and retired lieutenant colonel, thank you for joining us and good night from new york. [ male announcer ] hands were made for playing.
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. neil: welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. you know bank of america is going to pay. up to $17 billion to resolve allegations it screwed home owners on top of the 13 billion jpmorgan chase had to pay and the 7 billion citigroup greed pay. forget where the money is going to distressed home owners. all right. why is it just the banks are paying, though? why is it the meltdown is on them and only them and not the politicians who go to them and coax them and push them. where are the multibillion-dollar settlements for freddie mac and fanny may


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