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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 13, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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wanted to brag about interviews. it might be premature. i'm kidding. a lot is going on in the markets and the world premiere of a guy here who knows how to mix those things together. he is next. keep it right here on fox business. ♪ >> good evening, everybody. i'm ashley webster in once again for lou dobbs. breaking news as rockets by hamas are being fired at israel. moments ago the israeli military confirming it is targeting terror sites across gaza after at least five rockets were fired at israel just hours before a 72-hour trip to the rafters was set to expire. despite the resumption of conflict agent says israel and hamas have agreed to extend a temporary cease-fire for another five days, although it is not clear if today's rocket fire and subsequent retaliation will scuttle that deal. other crises around the
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globe worsening. in iraq isil has driven one and half million people from their homes leading the united nations to declare it a level three emergency. they obama administration has sent a team of special operations to assess how to evacuate thousands of refugees who are trapped. officials say the troops were on the mountain range for roughly 24 hours in a move that critics say seems an awful lot like puts on the ground, something the administration has insisted we would not see. when asked about that at a briefing to the president's deputy national security adviser tried to draw the distinction between the military advisers on the ground and boots on the ground. >> 130 personnel will not be in a combat role in iraq. there there are a temporary basis to make assessments. this would be a humanitarian
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effort to get them to a safe space. there are a range of ways we're doing that. we of not made decisions about had a carry out that mission because we want to get their readout from this assessment team first. ashley: hope you were following that. ukraine and russia still locked in a standoff over a massive aid convoy. the ukrainian government says it will not allow the supplies to enter its territory because it believes russia is only trying to incite pro russian separatists in eastern parts of ukraine. according to the u.n. the number of people killed in that conflict has doubled in the past two weeks to more than 2,000 dead. we will talk all about this in moments. get his thoughts on everything going on around the world. also tonight a full report taking a deeper look. attending a party at martha's vineyard with hillary clinton. international crises and conflicts erupt around the
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world. we began with fox news senior correspondent rick leventhal in gaza city with the latest on the israel- hamas conflict. >> and we believe this cease-fire is in effect. we had rockets fired from gaza into it is real before 10:00 tonight and then again before midnight. a total of eight. at least one of them shot out of the sky. that was after the palestinians announced that a five day extension to the cease-fire was in effect. israel reports no injuries or damages. hamas does not accept responsibility. says it was not their rockets. of course israel responded with force through a couple of air strikes. we heard him and felt them and saw what about 500 yards behind me. that being said, there is now a fragile peace in effect, and that is something for the palestinian people to celebrate.
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a man and his fiancee who both lost their homes of the war with israel went ahead with their weddings today held that a you in school turned refugee camp with hundreds of guests desperate for a chance to celebrate love. earlier today more carnage in northern gaza. an unexploded missile detonated as police engineers try to disarm it. an italian photographer with the associated press was killed in the blast. the first foreign journalist to die in the current conflict. a palestinian transmitter was also killed along with four bomb technicians. in cairo the palestinian delegation pushed for easing the blockade of gaza, relaxing border restrictions and building air and sea ports. israelis were focused on security concerns insisting any easing of the blockade not be used to allow hamas to rearm. and tonight, the chief palestinian negotiator says a lot of progress had been made at the piece talks, specifically in regard to lifting the blockade. the israelis reportedly
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agreed to allow fishermen to extend beyond the 3-mile limit in the mediterranean to up to 12 miles and also would allow more trucks to bring more goods in to gaza on a daily basis. we will see if these two sides can work something out now they have five more days . ashley: and quickly. one of the big sticking points has been israel's insistence of disarming hamas. that seems like a nonstarter . >> well, it is. especially for hamas. they said it will not allow what happened. the other issue is not allowing them to rearm. there is concern if they open these borders hamas will get more rockets and ammunition smuggled back and ashley: the early hours of the morning in gaza city. thank you for reporting. we appreciate it. all right. now to iraq. my first guest says the obama administration hair splitting about plants on the ground as embarrassing as a white house tries to get away with doing as little as possible in iraq.
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joining me now, fox news strategic analyst, thank you for joining us. the very latest fox news poll surprisingly shows that 52 percent disapprove of mr. obama's handling of iraq thirty-seven approved. you say this is mr. obama's war and his pre-emptive retreat from syria and iraq itself created the vacuum which in turn created the islamic militants we are seeing today. >> yes. indeed. past a certain point you can't plan george w. bush anymore. today it was painful as an american to listen to various administration voices trying to split hairs we have soldiers on the ground. they are not really builds on the ground because they are assessing and devising. look, we have almost 1,000 troops on the ground. the have boots on. those are boots on the
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ground. we're going to have more. it does not mean we will send military divisions raging back to iraq, but even to do the air strikes effectively indeed observers on the ground, special forces types, you know, officers to call in the strikes. iron sure we have had them on the ground for a while. it would be nice if the president of level with the american people, man up and say, look, we have a humanitarian disaster on our hands. we need to help. we need to deal with the islamic state. we're going to use air power. it will require some ground support, and we're going to do what we have to do. will it be so hard? find a microphone and tell the american people that much. instead you have this constant obfuscating, improvising. there is no policy. hillary clinton's recent remarks which she has rushed
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to retract were absolutely right. don't do stupid stuff is not a strategic concept, for god's sake. ashley: all right. in no, what is interesting, i was reading your notes. this group is not just a bunch of ragtag thugs. it is a different type of group, and it is going to take pretty harsh measures in order to confront this threat, not just nibble away at the outside of this. it will take strong action. quite frankly, given the scenario that is unlikely that happen. so what is the worst-case scenario to you believe with this group? they are carving out who the last nation in the northern part of iraq and seem to be growing. >> they're well on their way to destroying an almost 2,000 year-old civilization in mesopotamia in iraq and syria.
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they are determined to wipe out minorities. they are slaughtering muslims. but where it really breaks from tradition, the islamic state militants or militant army, terror army, they are also killing a lot of their fellow muslims who do not measure route. they're going into villages and killing people who protest their behavior. this is an organization that really is an apocalyptic death toll to. it is really without precedent. i keep saying that the closest parallel to this celebration of mass blood sacrifice, you have to go back to the aztecs to get this kind of thing. and that is no exaggeration. i tell you, one of the many things this administration and its key backers of not face up to because they live such privileged lives. they do not understand the
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high of ferocity, brutality. and young men, these two are flocking to islamic state, once they get a taste for blood, rape, and mass murder it is hard to wean them off of it. and one last point, even our thoughts, i keep hearing people sang, the islamic state, five or 10,000. that is nonsense. there up to at least 30 or 40,000. more are pouring in. deserting other groups to join the islamic state because everyone loves a winner. by the way, these people are not only willing but enthusiastic about dying for their cause. morale trump's numbers. ashley: a very sobering point. we appreciate your insight. thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you. ashley: president obama said to come face-to-face with his latest foreign policy critic at our party at
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martha's vineyard. secretary of state hillary clinton on the island. as the party the latest fox news poll shows that the president is under water and almost every major foreign policy category. we have a report. >> former secretary of state clinton showed up on martha's vineyard for a book signing and afterward a party that president obama was also to attend. it would be their first meeting since this is glenn said she had wanted more support for syria and rebels and seems to criticize obama saying nations need organizing principles. don't do stupid stuff is not an organizing principle. aides are predicting there will hard it out. it. >> absolutely. looking forward to it. >> meanwhile a spokesman. >> i'm not sure anyone in this room would contend that doing stupid stuff is a good idea. i also don't think anyone at the white house would assert that is how we would
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describe our approach to foreign policy. >> pointing to mr. obama's speech at west point earlier this year in which she said, just because we have the best camera does not mean every problem is a nail. former presidential adviser david axelrod tweeted just to clarify it don't do stupid stuff means stuff like occupy and iraq in the first place which was a tragically bad decision. mrs. clinton may have been looking at polls. a new fox poll suggests most americans disapprove of mr. obama's handling of foreign policy. about the same number disapprove of how he is dealing specifically with iraq. if you look at the crisis between ukraine and russia the different -- this approval is even stronger. a huge majority think the russian president does not take mr. obama's seriously and that a new cold war is likely. the brookings institution says ironically americans are getting the foreign policy most asked for. >> the american public when
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it gets the foreign policy it is asking for does not like it much. it actually recognizes after the policy is implemented that it is not adequate. >> shares were there cold war prediction, americans are right to believe relations will be cooler but probably not what we had to deal with the the soviet union existed. ashley: thank you for that report. much more on the obama hillary relationship with michael goodwin and just moments. we will be right back. another night of violence in the st. louis suburb where an unarmed teen was killed by police. a full
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i think that gives permission to other democrats to come forward and say to the president, you have to wake up. you have to figure these things out. it is not enough to say we're not going to do it. ashley: what is the likelihood of that actually happening? all of his advisers. end up doing basically nothing. >> well, end up doing what he wants to do. what she has now done is open the door in an important way. and as we discussed, of course it is politics. her name is clinton. she is running for president but i think that does not mean it is not true. that, for me, is the most important thing. she said a true thing, and i think she ought to be applauded. ashley: the timing. >> well, the politics of it could cut both ways. it may provoke a primary challenge to her from the left, another in the democratic party. on the other hand -- and it
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may not helper among others who don't trust her anyway. i am not sure what the long-term politics are. she is a better politician and i am. i do believe that what she has done is important for the country. a think it was the right thing to say. and glad she said it. i wish more democrats would. the country believes it. the only thing that is stalking the democratic party is the fear that president obama will freeze them out or criticize them or they will be called racist for disagreeing. ashley: we are already running out of time. midterm elections could turn out well for the republicans . is the tea party kind of fading into the distance? >> i listened to carl cameron. was going on across some of the key senate races is that you have a number of libertarian candidates on the ballot. not a number, maybe one in each state, which could siphon the margin of victory away from the republican
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candidates. still very much up in the air. almost certain that republicans will pick up some seats. i think it's too early to say for certain. ashley: always fun to cover. thank you for being here. edward snowden is at it again answering critics who say he is a trader. the former nsa contractor given new interview to wired magazine which features some on the cover embracing an american flag. he claims the nsa was responsible for a 2012 internet outage in syria. and i have a top-secret program called monster mind that can conduct and respond to cyber attacks automatically. as for his future, he says he clings to hopes of returning to the u.s. and that he would even volunteer for prison as long as it is for the right purpose. coming up, the ebola outbreak in west africa so severe that impacted countries are turning to a brutal and inhumane strategies to fight contagion. tactics that have not been
7:24 pm
seen in centuries. the latest on the deadly disease straight ahead. ♪
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♪ ashley: coming up here in moments, the dow turning positive.
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s&p capital equity strategist will be here to share his outlook on the markets and what he expects. an unfinished business in hollywood. wall street journal entertainment reporter on how the movie industry handles the death of a star of an upcoming project. stick around for that. dramatic new accounting of what happened the night 18 year-old michael brown was killed in ferguson, missouri. the police department saying a fight over the officer's gun led to the unarmed teen staff. fox news correspondent live with our report. >> by david demonstrations remain peaceful. hundreds pressing for action following the police shooting of michael brown. at night demonstrations melt down into clashes with police. for a third straight night tactical officers used teargas to disperse crowds. on 1:00 a.m. the man was
7:28 pm
shot and critically wounded. i gun was recovered from the scene. all of this amid continued calls. >> come together and do this right, the right way. the right way so that we can get something done. >> police said on saturday, august 9th brown was shot after shoving a police officer into his patrol car and trying to steal the officer's weapon. police are withholding the identity of the officer. >> we weigh the value of releasing the name right now against the safety factor. he and his family and his neighborhood. we opted to postpone that. >> at the urging of activists several people claiming to be witnesses have come forward and said they did not see a struggle. only michael brown with his hands in the air and then shot. the county prosecutor announced that nine people
7:29 pm
have been charged with felony burglary their roles in sunday night's looting. charges relate to three businesses. hackers threatened to target the computers of the ferguson police department and release personal data f the police clashed with demonstrators. the clash every night. tonight police confirmed their computers have been hacked. ashley: thank you so much. more on this story later. over 300,000 people are now in danger of losing their health care coverage unless they fix inconsistencies in their citizenship and immigration data. administration officials say those folks, roughly half of whom are in florida and texas, have not proved their actually living in the u.s. legally this by signing up for obamacare. the mystery of who put those
7:30 pm
all white american flags may be over. two german artists are claiming responsibility, saying they did it partly as an art project and partly as a tribute to the german-born american architect of the bridge. provided video proof that they were behind a stunned and say that they are ready to face the consequences. the nypd still has not filed charges that a minimum it is trespassing and there's a possibility for burglary and reckless endangerment charges. we will be right back. robin williams is gone presenting a problem for the producers of four movies yet to be released. wall street journal entertainment reporter lee hawkins on how hollywood handles the loss of a superstar.
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apparently so desperate they are now turning to disease fighting tactics that have not been seen in nearly a century. now cordoning off heavily infected areas and no one is allowed out. essentially a large scale quarantine. experts say the tactic last used in 1918 to stop the spread of typhus can be effective but has the potential to become brutal and inhumane. ebola has killed more than 1,000 people in west africa. the a desperate situation. joining me now, the "a-team" . radio talk-show host on w ph.d. in philadelphia. thank you. jason johnson, political science professor. thank-you first. that scared right into the story out of ferguson, missouri. let me begin with you. some interesting facts, not facts coming out. let's begin with the one
7:35 pm
that, we don't know the officer in question. the police say it is for his own protection. >> disgusting. he is a public official. if someone who represents the public, the taxpayers pay for, they should reveal who he is. police believe it was a justifiable shooting, i understand given police protection. saying he has left town because we think people might be violent or dangerous, but they should at least reveal the name. the idea of not releasing the name is an absolute violation of their responsibility. ashley: would you agree? >> no, i would not. he is not a public official. he is just a cop. they are looking at this to protect them. i would rather they kirk -- reveal, but the atmosphere is pretty intense. at think that over the course of time it will reveal his name and they should. >> here is a public employees. his name should be revealed. taxpayers should know who is working for them.
7:36 pm
shooting mike brown is something he thought he was doing in working for the constituents. ashley: let me -- go ahead. >> go ahead. that's okay. ashley: i wanted to get into the police department itself fifty-three fully commissioned officers 50 of which are white. so the community itself you could argue his pluralize to some extent because there is no representation of the community itself. it is not a mere reflection. that is a problem. also, there is tendency of an us and everyone else mentality. to you agree? do you think situations like this highlight that very issue? >> i am in philadelphia, and it is a diverse police force that is a good thing. that brings perspective, that does not ensure there will be an us against them mentality. some people in the community are responsible for this. it is a good point right now
7:37 pm
to look at this and see if the police can diversify. that is not the core element in my view looking at it what triggers things like this. there is no excuse for writing. >> what is going to happen is when you have the police shoot somebody in broad daylight and then not talk to his family and leave his body in the streets for hours and then not actually have any sort of police liaison -- where were the police and the community, the cops walking the street? they were acting like an occupying army. mlb honest with you, the reason the police force has been diversified is the rights you have in the 60's and bombings by 1987. >> come on. ashley: go ahead. >> that is not read all. let me take you back to what you just said. this house could justification for writing. it is outrageous. >> i'm not justifying. usually you have less segregated police force, it does not end of a
7:38 pm
diversified until you have a violent reaction where the police were shown to be incompetent or incapable. that is the problem. >> that's not why philadelphia was diversified america has moved forward. we are in an era of much better race relations. that is why things have happened. >> because people complain. >> we have rights. that's not true at all. ryan still result in diversification. ashley: what you hope comes out of this? >> april 7th of next year when you have the fergusons to the election they're is a real change in that city. all this passion, if it does not show up in the ballot box has been a waste of time. the citizens should get out and register to vote and initiate changes. ashley: what do you hope comes out of this? >> that's a good thing. i agree. i hope there is reform. without a doubt.
7:39 pm
ashley: we are out of time. we were going to talk about iraq and everything else. this is an interesting topic. thank you for being here. appreciate it. now, the quotation of the evening. noted management consultant teacher, author, business thicker, peter drucker. effectively is not about making speeches are being liked. defined by results. we're coming right back. the dow turns positive for the year. as in the capitol i accuse on the markets and what will drive the dow back over the 17,000 mark next. ♪ l the one for you. and cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet approved to treat symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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♪ ashley: wall street stocks ending higher on the day. the dow moving back into positive territory. up 91 points. s&p gaining 13, nasdaq rising 45.
7:43 pm
volume on the big board over two and a half million shares. alton sectors closing higher crude-oil of selling about 97 per barrel. gold lost $4. and the yield on the ten year down. it says go announcing it will cut up to 6,000 jobs, 8% of the work force. all as part of a restructuring. retail sales up just one-tenth of a percent. be sure to listen to lose financial reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. here with his outlook for the market, s&p capital chief strategist. a good day for the markets. it does not seem like anything the geopolitical can knock these markets down all sorts of things with israel and gaza, russia and ukraine, iraq. for the most part these markets continue to hum along.
7:44 pm
>> they do. i think it is because they look at what is going on with the geopolitical events it is a humanitarian tragedy but not really going to affect the world's bottom-line. i think the big concern is still with ukraine. depending on what that convoys carrying approaching the borders, that is yet to be decided. ashley: what is driving stocks? >> today it was the retail sales numbers weaker than expected. we also had inventory data a little weaker. both of those numbers of the second quarter look back. and the expectation is may be a set of 4% and a half 3/8. two more revisions to the second quarter gdp might come in weaker than expected. combine that with statements by fed chair yellen and fed president fisher. maybe we do end up seeing the possibility of a first-rate i cannot in the first quarter but the
7:45 pm
second. ashley: almost back into this bad news is good news for the market which we saw for so long. but you have to argue the economy overall appears to be gaining traction. surely we will have to come to grips with the fact that interest rates will be going up. >> it does. you can look at corporate earnings. we really did not have the push for a share buyback in the second quarter but we did in the first. instead of getting 6 percent growth which was expected originally we got over 10%. and the full year now is expected to be up for verses the earlier estimate. still our earnings are looking better. ashley: you could argue there is still so much cash on the sideline if and when that comes in. we could just see this bull run continued for many more years. >> exactly. five times as much as is on the books of companies today. also -- ashley: why is that?
7:46 pm
>> mainly companies are not certain about -- they are not convinced with the economic growth. also waiting for new task guidelines for corporate perspective. who wants to invest in plant and equipment and will be amortized over 15 years to find out that next year the tax code will change. what i thought was beneficial when not be. ashley: interesting. some much of this economy is based on the consumer. retail sales flat from june. what is the psyche? a little more confident were cautious? >> whenever i try to get reservations at restaurants, find a parking spot in the malls, maybe the bags are not as full as the retailers would like them to be, but i still feel that consumers feel pretty good. getting the university of michigan confidence data. the expectation is we will see another increase. that data as well as conference board indicating
7:47 pm
of consumers are feeling good. ashley: the housing market. >> an excellent barometer for forecasting recessions. seven of the last eight recessions were preceded by a 30% decline in housing starts on a year-over-year basis. we are up 7%. i don't think we are anywhere near the prospect of recession. at the same time, if there is one area of the economy that most would like to see improved it would be housing . ashley: stocks overvalued right now? so some bargains to be had. >> i don't think they are overvalued. trailing, projected. we're trading in about a 2% discount to the average going back. they are not compelling, but they are not off-putting either. ashley: thank you so much. so much information. terrific stuff. thank you for being here. coming up immediately following "lou dobbs tonight" and exclusive interview with congressman
7:48 pm
michael grimm, his first nationally televised interview since being indicted. you will want to miss it. 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox business. coming up next, robin williams suicide leaving hollywood with unfinished business. wall street journal entertainment reporter on how tinseltown handles the untimely death of a superstar coming up next. >> reporter: unlimited. as in, no limits on your hard-earned cash back. as in no more dealing with those rotating categories. the quicksilver card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase, every day. don't settle for anything less. i'll keep asking. what's in your wallet? then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. [ crickets chirping ] but did you know that the lack of saliva
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7:52 pm
that were still yet to be released. how do the producers of these films handle a situation? >> a very tasteful way. it they try to put together a movie that will reflect the artist's work without exploiting it. and i think there's a whole business around a lot of these celebrities. a lot of them are worth more dead than they are live. michael jackson is a good example. he made over 700 million since he passed away. jimi hendrix left with a hundred unreleased songs done. ashley: seven albums after he died. so these are prolific people. there are artists. robin williams was no exception. a person who believed that it was cathartic to use, the as a way to deal with personal trauma.
7:53 pm
ashley: did you meet him? >> i never got to meet him. i spoke about this issue all of these comedians tend to mask all of their pain with comedy. he was one of those people. ashley: philip seymour hoffman. we lost him and his movie came out on long after his death. the producers, those associated with the film were able to the, through editing amasa bank of a complete the project. >> they can do that, but it puts an incredible burden on the family and an incredible amount of responsibility on the children who are inheriting this huge state that is going to not just the insurance or real estate but all of the business opportunities that will come when you look at it, he is going to be immortalized in the same way that elvis presley was, marilyn monroe, charlie chaplin, the merchandising and licensing.
7:54 pm
the value of his voice and what that is worth. his children are going to be the stores over his brand and likeness and image and have to do that responsibly. ashley: another phenomenon. occupied 12 of the top 13 best-selling tvs on amazon. the number one currently is messes out fire released all the way back in 1993. a new generation is coming to that found because of the renewed interest unfortunately because of his death. >> a lot of curiosity about these iconic figures. if continue to see it happen with no celebrities that go suddenly and tragically. you see a bump. what it comes down to is who is put in charge of that the state to control that. ashley: when you look back, an amazing portfolio of work. you forget what he did. good morning vietnam and all of the economic ones, but he
7:55 pm
did an awful lot of other things. just terrific. >> a very accomplished, serious actor. something you don't see. you don't see that kind of diversity which is something that will put him down in history. like i said, that face is something you will see all over the place. it will be on t-shirts, used for people than are not even born yet, continue to follow his work. ashley: he did have a tv series. not a lot of regard for television work among actors, but that has changed, i think. the series he was in, canceled after one season. >> yes, it was. he still does residuals. the one challenge that he really was forthright about was that he had these divorces that cost of between 20 and $30 million which was really the main motivation for him going back to tv. he needed the money.
7:56 pm
he had two houses on the market. ashley: according to some reports he was bankrupt. so obviously the pressure to find and continue to do work was up. >> not an uncommon story for celebrities. michael jackson. he was another one. open up and said some of them are actually worth more dead than alive. they are not here to spend the money and to live as lavishly with the high overhead that the live by. ashley: and is difficult for the studios. they have to do this in a tasteful way. >> protecting their investments. they're spending hundreds of millions of dollars now to make movies. when you get a bigger actor like robin williams, it is not cheap. what they have to do is figure out a way to monetize that asset, and they will find a way. they will be under scrutiny. it will happen. the show will go one.
7:57 pm
ashley: a great place to leave it. thank you for joining us. that is it for tonight. coming up tomorrow pulitzer prizewinning journalist leading site kaj interest. thank you for joining us. good night from new york. good night from new york. ♪his. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled... ...copd maintenance treatment... ...that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. you know, spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and seek immediate medical help if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells,... you can get hives, vision changes or eye pain, or problems passing urine. other side effects include dry mouth and constipation. nothing can reverse copd.
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>> this is a test. >> this is a test
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single novell. ♪ neil: this is what we have today. >> i'm not getting into what they hold. neil: won't that be a kick. this is the whole thing here. boots on the ground in iran, the australian latest defense minister telling us the so needed and isis the so bad. britain is reporting much the same and france looks the same with weapons to the region, holding up the possibility of sending advisers to the region. this is france. something has to be givin


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