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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 15, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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to record us. at the end of the day you don't want to miss a minute of making money with charles payne. but right now, it's time for a guy who knows what's going on, lou dobbs. >> good evening from everyone, i am ashley webster and for lou dobbs and we have breaking news tonight on a ferguson, missouri. the site of violent clashes between protesters and police after the killing of michael brown. saying they are releasing the identity of the shooter and police officer deren wilson saying that he is reigniting by releasing the security video. claiming that the man in the video is michael brown in the red hat, calling the incident a strong arm robbery that occurred just before the fatal shooting. but jackson clarified later in
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the day the this video and the shooting were unrelated and confirm that the officer was unaware of the convenience store robbery. >> the role of two officers, someone thinking it was the same officer as was involved in the shooting and that is not the case. there were two separate officers in this robbery does not relate to the initial content between the officer and michael brown. ashely: highway patrol captain ron johnson is being hailed for his ability to well the violence overnight. admitting today that the ferguson police should have handled the video differently. regardless of today's significant releases, many questions about the timing and reason for the shooting still remains with critics blasting the ferguson police chief, accusing him of trying to soil of victims reputation. michael tobin is on the ground and ferguson with the latest.
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>> a much-anticipated announcement of police and ferguson, missouri, six days after the shooting death of michael brown. >> the officer that was involved in the shooting was deren wilson. >> police released the name, calling him a gentle and quiet man and a distinguished officer of six years, but no photo was provided. he was unarmed when he was shot, spring community outrage. initially the chief said that he was stopped following description of a robbery suspect and leader gave a different reason for the deadly confrontation. >> they were walking down the middle of the street blocking traffic. >> surveillance video was also released prior to the shooting. he entered a local market where he allegedly stole close to $50 in swisher sweets cigars and shoved the store clerk in the neck. even the release of the officer's name left many angry. >> more lies and more covering
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up. >> is raising a lot of attention reporter: brown's family reacted to the relief. >> this is a universal call for surrender and i can hear him saying that violence erupted almost immediately after brown's death. police made many arrests and force those in the streets to leave or go to jail. crowds were still on the street, but there was no violence. >> in missouri state police have taken over security and ferguson. a native walked among the protesters and his presence greeted with cheers and hugs. >> yesterday we saw what it should be. we saw what it could be. and we saw what will be. reporter: family representatives don't dispute that that is mike brown in the video. they never said he was a perfect 10. what is missing is information
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about what turned a confrontation into a fight and what prompted the use of deadly force. what is ahead is another tense night and ferguson. ashely: michael tobin, thank you so much. our first guest urging residents to allow the legal process to play out and not rush to any more judgments. he's also applauding the st. louis county prosecutor for deciding to take this case to a grand jury. joining us on the phone is the lieutenant governor. thank you for joining us. let's begin right there why this is so important to get this case in front of a grand jury as soon as possible. >> thank you for having me. i would just like to stress to the listeners that the missouri law, our state law differs from that of many states in that it gives prosecutors, local prosecutors discretion as to whether to bring the charge in
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the prosecutor's sole discretion or whether to take the case to a grand jury, one that has citizen of st. louis county in this case, weighing all the evidence before them, letting the grand jury make the decision on whether to charge or not. the prosecutor in st. louis county has made a decision the decision that he is taking everything to the grand jury and that that will involve the people of st. louis county in making this decision. people should have, i think, a heightened level of confidence in that that would be international scrutiny on this case and all eyes being on st. louis in this instance, we know that, local, state, and federal investigations under
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way, that this will be handled and every scrap of evidence will be way before the grand jury as they make their decision on bringing up the charge. >> there were some comments made earlier throughout the day about the release of the video of the robbery of the family of michael brown, calling it inflammatory. a case of character assassination because it didn't have any direct impact between michael brown and the officer. so how would you respond to that we might. >> i have to say that tactical decisions about what evidence could be released and when to release it, it's not something i've been involved in. i'm not in that chain of command. those questions would better be directed to the local officials who made those decisions. i have been traveling today and
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i have heard this breaking news as everyone else has heard it. and i can't really opine on that. ashely: i know you have been extremely busy. i appreciate you taking the time to speak to us tonight. thank you, we appreciate it. >> thank you. ashely: the events and ferguson, missouri, leaving many to criticize the militarization of the law enforcement. it's part of the excess property program known as the 1033 program. more than $4 billion worth of military women has not local long distance 2000 next. i have billion dollars last year alone. the pentagon also distributing 432 armored vehicles, more than 400 other armored vehicles, 500 aircraft and 93,000 assault rifles, our next guest says giving officers more sophisticated weapon and training with robust oversight may actually reduce and not heighten risks.
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we are joined by eugene o'donnell, professor at the college of criminal justice and he is also a former officer with the new york police department and the prosecutor with the district attorney office in brooklyn and queens, new york. thank you for joining us. >> it's good to be with you. >> before we get in to the use of military hardware in small-town, there's been a lot of criticism about how the ferguson police department has handled the adulation and it goes back to last saturday. would you agree with the criticism and what you do you think the biggest mistake they have made have been a max i think today was a pretty dramatic mistake for the police chief to be the person releasing this information and i think it's ideal if they can find another mechanism to do that. one of the things they had to do today is about for the officers and i think that plus a timeline where the tape comes out today, it it further undermines public confidence and they need to step away from this case and the
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greatest way possible and find another mechanism to deliver objectives and information without editorializing. >> let's get to some of the military hardware that we saw being rolled out in the wake of the shooting and it was quite shocking to see. is it not create a we are at war kind of feel, especially when you see these kinds of vehicles and more equipment and it has to be done very judiciously. and they are not careful enough in the way that they use this weaponry and includes a national
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standard for using them and we need to work on all of that. the idea of localized police department making these rules up as they go along is actually cause for concern. and this includes event of the marathon. >> including the event on the psyche of the police officers themselves that is a great concern and if you think and how
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does that include the safest possible way. or should do ideally send the very best trained minimally force oriented kinds of officers who have enough weaponry to end the situation without violence and it's a difficult issue but it shouldn't be oversimplified. ashely: eugene o'donnell, thank you for speaking with us. we have been talking about rick perry being indicted for abuse of power. investigating public corruption and he was indicted today and maximum punishment is five to 19 years in prison in the second is two to 10 years is the first texas governor indicted in nearly a century and he leaving office in january but he is a possible 2016 presidential
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candidate until course we will be following this story very carefully. >> terrorist make it direct threat against the white house as the new trimester vows to fight corruption in the government. we have more with the threat analysis next. wondering what that is? that, my friends, is everything. and with the quicksilver card from capital one, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase. not just "everything at the hardware store." not "everything, until you hit your cash back limit." quicksilver can earn you unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you could possibly imagine. say it with me -- everything. one more time, everything! and with that in mind... what's in your wallet?
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ashely: israel and hamas have a temporary 58 these fire to continue with the peace talks in cairo. the main selling block as the gaza blockade, restricting the flow of goods into the area. they have said very little and
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they are telling and military forces continue to conduct tests. i am joined by lieutenant colonel bill cowan. thank you for joining us tonight. >> it's going to be really hard we are going to run into at with the same kind of problems with isis as leadership.
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and they are showing a lot more capability than what we have found in other places in this includes the opportunity to destroy them without having some kind of collateral damage. >> it's important to remember that the courage didn't fight that they have been experiencing this. ashely: to what extent do you
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think the u.s. will be dragged into this? >> welcome actually, i think that we will do it with what the president says i'm in no combat troops on the ground and i believe for my from my own experience as an advisor for a number of years that they are critical in the field and they bring a lot of confidence. pilots like to talk to americans on the ground and not to be iraqis or courage on the ground. especially as we talk about u.s. involvement. ashely: do you think that this is an amalgam of groups that have been fighting, that they have taken on this extremely radical position and those al qaeda people moved in with isis
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and i know that they moved into iraq and they were unaffiliated with any kind of terrorist activity but were disenfranchised and i would say that if i couldn't a lot of the sunnis were so disappointed that the united states left them and we really abandon them and they have indications with some of the sunnis who fought with us on alongside us are now part of isis. so it's so complex and really difficult to follow. ashely: how concerned would saudi arabia be that this extremism will make its way into their country? >> they and a lot of other countries, any country that has its own citizens during isis and all of those systems do, they are stakeholders in the big problems that we face. once he is well trained, he will go back to his own native
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country and conduct terrorist acts are goes beyond jordan and saudi arabia. >> so this is not going to go away anytime soon? >> no, it's not going to go away anytime you and i expect it'll be on tv for the next five or 10 years. talking about isis as the grows and continues to recruit and start conducting operations far outside the boundaries of iraq and syria. >> we are delighted to have you anytime. thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you for inviting me. >> the world health organization today warning that the number of nouri al-maliki cases has risen. but the officials say that they are filling up faster than they can be provided and health
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officials reporting that it's striking more women than men i'm about 60% and that is because they say that women actually serve as the caregivers and nurses. other countries are not taking any chances at all as west africa struggles with the worst outbreak. and they are now barred from competing in the one pics being held in china this weekend. coming up next, the irs hit with an unfavorable ruling as congress reveals proof that the cms director was purposely hiding e-mails during the botched obamacare rollout and all that is coming up and so much more next
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ashely: coming up here in just a moment. a pending war between ukraine and russia. former georgian president mikheil saakashvili will be here to discuss the outlook for the ukraine. and the "a-team" tells us why president obama is heading back to the white house for a one-day mid-vacation. why is he doing that?
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he is going to sneak a cigarette in the rose garden. that is what i think. here in the u.s., more than 8000 voters recovering from tropical storm is affecting the primary. a 1600 vote lead in the race is hinging on two precincts that were unable to vote due to power outages and block roads. 6:00 p.m. local time, that's midnight here on the east coast. whoever wins is widely expected to post to victory in november. and a shocking new e-mail raising concerns that the obama administration may be trying to hide internal discretions from congress. releasing enough from a key official overseeing the launch of the obamacare website and the e-mail they ask them to please delete this e-mail and see if we
7:26 pm
can work on the situation. the spokesman is dismissing the controversy thing that the e-mail about health care many technical problems is also forwarded to be preserved and it evidently wise. committee chairman fred upton says he finds the exchange troubling, same time and again the transparent administration has been anything but. when we know that it was crashing, those in charge talked about being behind the scenes. and the irs's explanation of what happened to the potentially thousands of missing e-mails from the woman at the top of the irs targeting scandal, lois lerner. the judge now giving the irs one more week to further explain the procedures and policies regarding computer hard drives and e-mails. if you thought things couldn't get any worse, a government
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watchdog says the agency also failed to do background checks on some private contractors who handled confidential taxpayer information and that means more than a million taxpayers were potentially exposed to fraud and identity theft and land plans when apologizing after a center customers a free edition of gq magazine. the problem is that they cater to a conservative crowd and it featured a british model and actress wearing nothing but a smile and a black genie in a strategically placed leg. parents blasted them, accusing them of sending them soft point in the mail. in the meantime, nascar barring its drivers from approaching the path of moving cars after accidents. it comes less than a week after tony stewart struck and killed kevin ward. stewart could face criminal
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charges. we will be right back. >> intensified violence between russia and the ukraine. former georgian president mikheil saakashvili on the future of the new ukrainian government coming up next. she inspires you.
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beyond the conflict between ukraine and russia intensifying. the first made up of russian armored vehicles attacked by ukrainian rebels. for the corner sparesreporter: o this territory last night and soldiers took out most of them with artillery. russia denied the forces entered the ukraine and talked about trying to block the humanitarian
7:32 pm
combo. as the truck sat parked near the ukraine border, british prime minister david cameron talked about the vehicles on its territory. major concern that there was some sort of incursion with a continuation of what has been going on. this latest tension comes as ukrainian officials have finally begun to inspect the convoy on the heels of this agreement between russia and ukraine on moving the surprise over the border. >> the trucks will be checked on russian territory. and then they will be allowed inside the ukraine and then they will go back to russia. >> there are still details to be
7:33 pm
worked out. so far, inspectors have found only humanitarian supplies in the russian trucks. the finnish president says that he hoped any deal will lead to positive momentum and despite this, president putin appeared to signal a different way forward. >> u.s. secretary of defense spoke with his russian counterpart tonight who guarantee chuck hagel that there are no military personnel involved in that convoy. ashely: for more on the escalating tensions between ukraine and russia, i am now joined with mikheil saakashvili, he is currently senior statesmen at tufts university school of
7:34 pm
law and diplomacy. mr. president, thank you for being here tonight. >> thank you very much. ashely: you have a very unique perspective. >> whatever happened between georgia and russia in 2008? >> it's almost like living the same day over and over again. in this case leather cutin keeps going for the same scenario and it is very simplest for and very brutal and he has russian peacekeepers stationed there long before the invasion. >> and then he basically gave this excuse and now he doesn't
7:35 pm
have end the ukrainian troops responded and they were complaining and so they managed to and now he comes up with this situation and he will look for some kind of situation as well. >> some excuse. ashely: he's not playing games. evening that he fully intends to invade? >> the way that he outsourced that local militia, the majority
7:36 pm
of stations all have weaponry and so either he has to live with the fact that he will have major defeat or he has to move on. so there is no way that he can afford to allow the ukraine to succeed. >> it's not just about foreign policy but a way of life and they really have built some kind of society which now wants to do this and the reality would be that russia is not doing well from many perspectives but look around me because there is no good solution here.
7:37 pm
so georgia was the first exception for some time and so we had the practices and violence and other things but georgia was smaller. in such a big country. >> at some point there is no way. so he has enacted it and looks very much like they practice. >> i wanted to ask you this. as president of georgia, you met with him. >> i met him dozens of times. he's the kind of guy doesn't really believe in a warm and cordial relationship and he
7:38 pm
basically likes to be feared. the last time i met him, he told me that that is his thing that he likes to be feared and so that and they have this mass momentum and they have this survival time i got it there
7:39 pm
from them. >> i think that we are approaching us and we are at a deciding moment. >> you so much for being here. we appreciate it. >> we will be right back. >> new revelations and the "a-team" michael brown and the circumstances leading up to the death of michael brown so i can, but there are no branches? 24/7 it's just i'm a little reluctant to try new things. what's wrong with trying new things? feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do... try a new way to bank, where no branches equals great rates.
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ashely: on wall street today,
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stocks closing, dow jones closing down. the best performing sector of the financial, the dow jones gaining attraction come in the s&p up more than 1% weekly gains of more than 2%. as for commodities, crude oil of nearly $2 settling above $97 per barrel. gold down right around 13. the yield on the ten-year falling to 2.35%. the lowest yielding nearly 14 months. consumer sentiment falling to the lowest level since last september and be sure to listen to our financial report three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. joining me now with his outlook for the economy, chief economist. thank you for being here.
7:44 pm
looking at a list of things, we have europe looking at a recession, germany struggling a little bit. russian troops amassing on the ukraine border, we have been the bulla outbreak in all of this going on and yet the investors shrugging. >> most of what is happening in the united state is good stuff. we continue to see job formation going on and we have the lowest on employment since we've had the recession and we seem for the most part factories doing while and we had a strong industrial production number out for july and companies are making money in america is doing just fine. >> what about the consumer? we saw the numbers were down a little bit. >> the consumer sentiment numbers were really a mixed picture because there are two
7:45 pm
elements with consumer sentiment index. there's a current conditions index and people actually thought conditions were better currently in august than in july. the problem was the drop in the consumer expectations component. that seems to be correlated with what the public thinks about public policy. that the consumer sentiment survey confidence was down again in early august. that seems to be why the sentiment numbers have been coming down. ashely: we are part of the global economy and at some point things overseas can have an impact here. does that worry you? >> we are more insulated than most other countries are. but exports are still about an eight of the gdp. so far the factory sectors are
7:46 pm
holding up pretty well in the worry would be that those orders reflect what would happen a couple of months ago and that over the summer the stall that we are seen in europe and the slowdown in china and south of the border, when you put those things together, the worry would the but that starts to have more of an impact today. ashely: we say with the overall economic data, it's pretty good compared to the rest of the world. and it looks like we will start raising rates next year and they expect employment come down
7:47 pm
under 6% and a quote that and if that happens next year, that is when they start to raise. but they're not going to raise until the believe that the economy can stand on. and then they will probably have small amount. >> nothing to get too worried about. we are out of time, thank you so much. the chief economist. thank you for being here because we appreciate it. in the meantime, a half-century old red ferrari. the most expensive car ever sold at auction. the 1962 ferrari gto sold for just over $30 million ferrari manufacturing 39 other cars and this is can earn extra special because it was designed as re-car but can also be a race car. and coming up next, mystery surrounding the reason behind the presidents mid-vacation jaunt back to the white house. the "a-team" laying out the possibilities and richard heller and tammy bruce are here next
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that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. ashely: now the quotation of the evening from the first man to walk on the moon, neil armstrong. it creates wonder and wonder is the basis of desire to understand. and the white house creating its own mystery this weekend by refusing to reveal the reasons why president obama is leaving martha's vineyard to return to washington dc. ranging from executive orders or maybe a supreme court justice retiring. here to discuss this on the latest, two of america's favorite radio talk show host
7:52 pm
and so what is your theory? why is the president taking one day out of his vacation to come back to washington the the? i opined that he is going to sneak a cigarette in the rose garden. salami go to you first. what is your theory? >> i think that the president talks about this and one thing we know about the american president he is that it follows this no matter where the president is. he has top advisers, they are with him all the time. so they can pretty much operate anywhere. i think it sends a signal of strength to the world when he's back in washington dc. ashely: what you think he will do when he's back in dc for a day? >> i think we'd all be safer if he would just stay there so i would disagree with my friend.
7:53 pm
as another sign of the lack of transparency. and remember, it cost a million dollars everyone is. so if he wants to meet with joe biden or anyone else he could fly the entire staff for less money. so it makes me think that he doesn't really do this after doing military action or for any other serious issues and i think this has campaign related and the only thing that makes you look twice at a bank just wanted about him. though maybe he will get his hair done. >> let's talk about for and we shooting and we watched the ferguson police chief talk about the he could not have looked
7:54 pm
more flustered and quite frankly he did not exude a lot of confidence. what are your thoughts mx and i have to agree with you. i think that it's been downright egregious and all americans should be upset that these are the people that are protecting them. and so i thinking that we see none and to those folks that make the connection that is also egregious. because the shooting is completely a separate thing. indicating that he didn't even know that he was a robbery suspect and so i think we need to do that differently and i think michael deserves a day and he won't get that. ashely: the fact that he knew that he had done that but that had changed his attitude, when he saw a police officer pulling up behind him. >> richard is right, these are separate instant is.
7:55 pm
but informed the notions of his attitude being approached by the police and it would have been more of a surprise. so if he was expecting to be arrested or thought that he was going to be arrested, it would have explained the more aggressive than. in fact have to start informing this. and we clearly don't have enough information and i'm hoping that there's more videotape of the incident otherwise we are looking at anecdote in the dynamic wherein all of us are losing when it comes to the details of the issue. ashely: the county prosecutor is already going to take this to the grand jury. would you not agree imax record in this case needs to be tried by the federal government and the justice department because of clear that they have no idea what they're doing when it comes to dealing with the situation. beyond that you talk about the
7:56 pm
death of michael brown, it doesn't matter if he felt that he should run away. he was unarmed, but yet this police officer decided to brandishes done. he was unarmed and we know that. >> we do know that he is a very large fellow. and i think that speaks to the and i think that speaks to the dynamic between the officer and mr. brown. when not doing anyone any favors as we're speculating on the nature of what transpired and this is what the process is for. the attorneys did a great job because they call for the same thing and i'm calling for, which is for people to stop speculating and for justice to prevail. >> i agree and i think justice will prevail. ashely: one thing that we will
7:57 pm
do is follow it closely. richard fowler, tammy bruce, thank you for joining us. that is it for us. coming up next week israeli ambassador to the u.s., christopher held. good night from new york
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looks like we're about to board. mm-hmm. i'm just comparing car insurance rates at is that where they show the other guys' rates, too? mm-hmm. cool. yeah. hi. final boarding call for flight 294.
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[ bells ring on sign ] [ vehicle beeping ] who's ready for the garlic festival? this guy! bringing our competitors' rates to you -- now, that's progressive. . >> welcome, everybody, i'm connell mcshane in for neil cavuto. the police department releasing these images what they describe as a strong armed robbery subject who fits the description of michael brown. and that's not all they released. after days of riots and pressure, authorities identifying darren wilson as the police officer shot and killed michael brown on that day. the police department wanted to withhold the name for fear about safety. but after the hacker group anonymous went on twitter misidentifying another person


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