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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  August 19, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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♪ ♪ >> welcome, i am david asman and for neil cavuto politicians are talking nonstop about iraq and ferguson. remember when the main focus was on this? >> we can help take factories and small businesses. >> i don't believe that rolling back regulations will help the small business woman. >> this plan would illuminate jobs. small businesses.
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>> my next guess is that there's little talk of helping small businesses like there is now. they realize that the other big issue is the one and we have small businesses, do you ever get the impression that they are being left out? >> i am a small business owner at the manufacturing business facility in new york and we are being left out because they like to help the big businesses. 65% of the new jobs created are created by this. i say that crony capitalism helps big businesses. we need government to be fair. we don't need special treatment but fair treatment and we need to have government get out of the way and provide us with opportunities that they don't give us and you have regulations that are thrust upon us as a business is. we don't have compliance teams
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to deal with the burdens of regulation, particularly in new york state. >> i know that claudia is too young to remember, but this is the rhetoric of ronald reagan and he put that rhetoric into actives and he was talking the talk and walking the walk. >> reality is that small businesses are being left behind. i was reading a report that was saying that small business loans are down 18% versus 2008 and that is staggering. over half of all americans should be the core focus.
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>> what about regulations and taxes? these are the two real stumbling block of growth by small businesses or even the introduction and the corporation of a small business. and i haven't seen any change there to suit your needs, have you? >> you know, it is outrageous, david. as a small business owner i talk to small business owners all over the united states would be excessive regulations and no one is paying attention to us and we are being neglected. >> we do have a crisis in ferguson, missouri. want to eliminate their concerns from this discussion because a lot of the people he heard our small business owners and a lot of them are minority small business owners from ferguson itself.
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this includes the looters and writers that are out there. is there anyway that their concerns can be your concerns as well? and they just want less taxes to provide their own security for their own employees and customers and that is what they are looking for. >> no, craig, claudia is a rare bird. a republican from the state of new york. there are not many like her, having lived in new york for 34 years now. if you believe any politicians, whether democrats or republicans, when they promise to help out the little guys.
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>> you know, i do believe that some of them understand the problem, but most of them do not. she's from new york and i'm from california, i am constantly being bombarded by excessive regulations and taxes and job killing things. and i have talked to business owners all over the united states and i have to tell you that marco rubio, rand paul, some of these politicians do get it and they are the ones that have to be our voice. the small businessperson is neglected. so it's time for us to be able to have a voice. that's the only way to you will see economic growth. >> we do have a midterm election. the republicans might take over. do you think any that will change or that it won't really change until we have a change of the white house? >> the change can start. it won't start until you have an administration that fully supports and believes in the small businesses. but it can start by having a
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united voice and things like opposing the minimum wage hike the ec in a lot of small cities, a lot of them on the west coast are absurd. they're not just talking about a huge amount of cash. money is the money is not there to do a 15-dollar per hour minimum wage. it just doesn't exist. we raise prices and pass it down to consumers because the margins are there to support things like that. david: we have to go, but i have to talk to claudia about one question. my wife is running a one-woman firm. she has been spending about a year and a half battling a bureaucracy in washington is trying to defend her from importing things and she has all the papers and she signed all of the forms that she needs to. and they're still starting the business today.
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do you think he would never get off because there are so many regulations trying to prevent you from getting started when i. >> is a woman on business. we dominate the man in our business. unfortunately for them to really tough situation and i pick it out because we're 50th in just about every category and we have high energy costs and we have the highest taxes is one of your guests referred to, which is not stimulating small business owners and high burdens, raising minimum wage and the big businesses don't care about minimum-wage increase because it doesn't affect them. but it does hurt the small business owners and we have to be sensitive to that. the regulations are killer. david: would you start a business today under this environment knowing what you'd be up against? >> start a business. >> it can solve all kinds of problems.
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david: as protests continue, the faa doesn't even want you flying over ferguson, missouri. low flying aircraft band because of safety concerns but michael boyd says that safety has nothing to do with it. how so? >> these pilots of these helicopters are very careful of what they do. there aren't that many of them and it's clear to me that the faa and whoever is above them don't want pictures. the stuff about shooting down helicopters, that is ridiculous and it has to do with those who don't want photos taken. david: we do see, to your point, and occasional or a television crew was gassed and then when they fled the gassing, we saw the police move in and dismantle
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their gear, so there have been a couple of occasions where the police clearly have not won at photographers taking pictures and showing what they are doing. >> i think that's part of it and the other side of the people don't want to but these protesters are doing in terms of looting and things like that. that's an image they probably don't on out there. so anytime you tell the media you can take a picture, someone is trying to spin the deal's the one that is why we have a first amendment. the founders knew. they were in favor of everybody having a clear view of what the picture was. against your plan i can remember several instances of helicopters crashing while covering these stories. so it's not unprecedented. there is some validity to safety concerns. >> yes, there is, but those are rare instances. people flying are going to be very careful as well. but i don't think that the issue
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here and i think the real issue is that they don't want pictures taken. when you see what is happening on the ground, i think it's on both sides. they don't want to sue the police are doing, they want to spin this at some point in time. david: since this is coming out from the faa, that would collusion between a federal agency and the faa in local police and not is hard to accept. >> i'm not single local police but the administration may not want pictures either. so the faa works for them. this is something that doesn't smell right whenever you tell the media you can take a picture. david: final question concerning jones, would this apply to drones? >> the transition between the little toy you play with and something that is big they bigger to take on an airplane, the faa is way behind the curve in terms of that. so as far as i know, there's
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nothing to stop anyone from that. david: i would think that a drill would be the most effective means of getting some videos out on what is going on. some of the pictures are clear. and in some cases they can be far more effective than any helicopter shot. >> there's is no question that that could be done. again, you could run to each other with drones, but those could be a lot more effective and i honestly think that's just the problem. they don't want pictures taken that can be defined by anyone you want. but someone does not want someone to take a picture with a drone or anything else. david: michael boyd, the boyd group is your company. businesses on the frontline. protesters looting local market. the mcdonald's forced to close temporarily as it was overrun with residents looking for cover
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and wal-mart setting up these blockades to keep looters out. mark serrano says that businesses are being forced to take matters into their own hands. her fox business all-star along with hadley heath and jeered who you say? >> if you have a retail storefront with plate glass, you better protect yourself. what we are seeing is companies big and small having to hire security around the clock and they're having to board up their windows because it cost $300 to board up a window and a thousand dollars to replace a plate glass window. david: what about curing your own weapons?
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so what would you suggest, that it's okay for them to use those weapons? >> i say that it's absolutely necessary. if you look at these photos and videos of the looting going on, this is a crime scene and the crimes are going on every night. they will have to take matters into their own hands. when they are forced to do this at this point. hopefully they can turn to security and this is extraordinary. david: what do you think about this? you don't want vigilante justice and people shooting dead looters come as bad as their actions are, there could be something short of that. and you don't want to be a business owner to let you stand aside and get burned to the ground. >> what started all of this is a tragedy whenever a life is lost, that is destructive and more destructive, i don't see how this destruction is going to
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move that conversation forward. because we do have an opportunity here as a nation have a dialogue about some important issues and i don't see how criminal activity is going to work. >> what about the idea of allowing shopowners to arm themselves and if necessary shoot the looters that are threatening their property and perhaps her life? >> you know, i wouldn't advocate for more violence, but i've always thought that the second amendment applies to everyone regardless of whether your business owner or not you should be able to protect your own property and life, absolutely, the second amendment applies here just as it should in any other case. david: there's another aspect that the texas public policy. the words of a looter, the associated press reported this. this is what he had to say. this is the looters speaking, i'm proud of us, we deserve this. and this is what is supposed to have been winners justice in
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your community. st. louis is not going to take this anymore. this idea that we deserve it, we are entitled to it, food stamps, housing, health care, it's all free. no one built it, and therefore everyone can have a piece of it. so does follow a pattern in an ideological pattern, does not? >> yes, i would call it a misaligned moral compass. and it's a real interesting choice. and maybe on that level you need that. and this is about people and so in my opinion, you know, the best thing is that you have to bring in the national guard like
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we are doing and you have to educate these folks that you are not entitled and you don't rob from your neighbor to make things better. >> the idea is that some owners may prevent more violence. if they are themselves, they are likely to be less targeted. so if they see the quick mart burned down, they have to take measures into their own hands. david: they are including the owners there, the looters might try to get into those places. >> these are criminals. david: back to a rack. hear the latest threat that could mean the troops don't go there that isis could be coming here.
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david: u.s. airstrikes helping iraqis take a major step forward. but should the u.s. take a bigger step forward? in a new video that is far too graphic artist to show here, isis showing images telling american soldiers that we will drown you all in blood and it's really awful. saying that this is proof that airstrikes are not enough and we need to do more to take isis out. >> well, first of all, we have to increase the number of airstrikes in 10 days or less. we've flown less than 100 and we
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ought to be hitting one to 200 targets per day and increase the amount of air power that we have over there. so we know virtually we're isis is on the way to the syrian border. david: i don't want to go too much over history, but if that has been true, why then we hit them before? >> well, that's a very good question. this administration elected not to do anything and with the regime in baghdad, it made it even more difficult because he took out all of the professionals and left a bunch of thugs there. david: so say that we do what you suggest and we haven't gone through all of your suggestions but we have had some hard and continue to upscale or activity
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there. we leave them with a divided situation. who knows if this won't turn out to be just as corrupt or ill-suited for that position. so we are stuck with an iraqi military situation that is not liable for the iraqi people. >> that is a great question. what i'm advocating is that we definitely need to support the courage and the people in this area to include the cities. we must preserve that and use our power to complete it. and so what we need to do than is make sure that this can be a contagion that swings down into
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saudi arabia, becoming the arabian peninsula and it is actually an existential threat if it goes unchecked. >> we saw that that was the cause of 9/11. having a mixed government with al qaeda and notes are the same thing is shaping up what isis, so that leads me to the final question in december 2001 and a couple of months after we were hit on 9/11, we had the special forces into afghanistan and they were doing things and they were doing this and succeeded on honestly and this is file footage of what they were doing that than. is there any chance that special forces and not thousands of troops that are very targeted could go into the area and clear them out in a.
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>> very definitely so if they are working with this with the iraqi forces. and i did a lot of those shows and in a number them well. that is the kind of ground forces that i would use with the u.s. army unit. david: they can paint those enemy targets for you guys to take them out. >> exactly. david: what a pleasure to see you again. thank you. three atlantic city casinos going under. our business leaders putting their chips against another? do you think this is a bad business move? business move? we will share yo
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david: the move to help fight obesity. a fight that has yet to be paid work. two democrats are pushing the white house to implement obamacare rules that will require calorie counts on restaurant menus and vending machines to fight obesity. this man owns the 1600 vending machines and is struggling to keep up. our fox business all-stars have more. so they say look at all the rules and regulations and how does it affect you? >> we don't even know what it is. it changes the scope with the new criteria. >> i can understand alcohol, but what else a matter. >> you can have certain amounts of sugar and salt. >> it was already limited
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before. >> the funny thing about that, you saw the news, saying that salt is not that bad. >> so just as they come out, one thing and far be it from me to defend regulators of any kind, but i kind of like to be able to see how many calories at a meeting. you have a problem with that? >> so even in a vending machine you can have that. so how much are vending machine? >> at about $1600. >> that is a lot of money. >> sometimes you have to get a new piece of women altogether. david: have you budgeted for this? there's no way to know what you
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budgeted for. >> does he ever get where they make these rules? >> when they are considering the factor of the cost, it's a lot of snicker bars. >> they say don't let a new regulation go without complexity and new layers. these are your far left policymakers. what they want to do is see complexity because it ties people up. david: do they care at all?
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in their minds they would have less to worry about in terms of all of those evil things that we have that there. >> the effort is to curb obesity. and we also have to do the cost-benefit analysis. and they actually don't make that much of a difference if you look at research from duke or nyu or yell. people go into this and they go into a vending machine not necessarily based on the number of calories. so you will look at the benefits and they are not that great. david: i think these guys have argued telegraphed their concerns of what they want in their perfect society. so then you have to watch out because it means you're in for trouble. they don't like any carbon energy, so they come out with these new regulations the point is not to put into effect
11:35 pm
regulations but to wipe out whole or whatever carbonation areas. >> it's funny because we are going to fall into this and it doesn't work that way. i was just over in france which everyone is very thin. if you look at the studies, we are the fattest country in the world. and so maybe put a little bit into this. >> i'm not giving up. this is something that they need to teach from a young age, as you said. david: that is going to be the last word. okay, thank you. the new health care law,
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>> enough is enough, this administration will not tolerate actions by any nation that seeks to illegally sabotaged american companies and undermine the integrity of fair competition in the operation of the free market. david: eric holder warning chinese hackers. stealing 4.5 million records on hospital patients in the u.s. paul has more on how horrible we are to these hackers are it's so how bad is it? >> looking at it this way, it's a great business model for hackers to look at health care, were collecting an abundance of information from personal information to other information. and this includes what we know to be true, hospitals are very understaffed and they have the least amount of encryption and
11:40 pm
protection based on their network. >> one group of information, i would assume, if you're targeting one group within a large hospital, you could get into anywhere. his 4.5 million, it's a big number that we heard and it could be multiplied by three or four or five times. >> there's no question about that. we are talking about this massive electronic file cabinet. so once you're in, you are in. >> it's not only chinese hackers that are bad enough, but i would imagine they are more interested in financial crimes than anything else. but i'm thinking of organizations that might be able to have been information that information that might be able to give information that there is posta have firewalls against and we have the example of the irs spreading some information they weren't supposed to spread around.
11:41 pm
>> as you go back to the administration, this was the greatest fear with obama's health care plan, putting all of this information into this one box. >> now we are just looking at it as we realize what we were afraid of months in a year ago and we are seeing this come to fruition. david: is it too late to get the genie out of the bottle? >> no, it's not. that along enforcement is really doing a good and solid job. that the risk is so massive that you're talking about china, russia, north korea, iran, organized crime groups, the money that is available, $525 billion per year in cybercrime and this is big business. david: obamacare it's supportive not many because most americans are against it. but if i assume for the moment, is there anyway to keep the law and have cybersecurity? >> they would have to do a
11:42 pm
really solid penetration test on the data centers and identify the vulnerabilities and then put the proper protocols in place to make sure that it's maintained properly. david: if you really want to clean up the system you have to have something else. this new health care law has too many holes. one final question on alli baba. if the chinese to me it is about to issue their ipo, i think sometime in september, this fall. and it is a 95% chinese internet sales company, sort of like amazon for the chinese. is there a danger of them placing an ipo on u.s. market or are we letting a fox in the henhouse? >> is no question about that. and this is what obama saying let's relinquish it to foreign
11:43 pm
countries like china. it's ludicrous for it if we don't wake up and realize how serious the risk is come up before we know what we will not be hearing more about it. david: we would actually be allowing the chinese, and a lot of people working for ali baba are chinese government officials who have a strategic interest of getting inside of the company. >> there's no question about that. why would you want to show the other team your playbook before game? david: thank you, paul. you've heard about google's ipo anniversary. but i bet you haven't heard about this. ten years after going public, their next target could be your 10-year-old. we are going to give you details about that after the wondering what that is? that, my friends, is everything. and with the quicksilver card from capital one, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase. not just "everything at the hardware store." not "everything, until you hit your cash back limit." quicksilver can earn you unlimited 1.5% cash back
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david: google is searching for more revenue. in first out in tonight's business blitz, home depot willingly estimates, reporting a 6% jump in same-store sales from a year ago. this after homebuilder confidence in a seven-month high. but home depot just give homeowners a reason to be confident? >> no, i don't feel confident yet. i think the market had this angst. and it's looking for any little sign of movement. so they're taking a look at the earnings report and saying, okay, we're back in business but not yet. this is good news for home depot, 6% increase, they have a 20% rise in profits year-over-year. really good numbers, but it shows really good management on the part of home depot's. david: david: isn't there also a bellwether thing going on here. what is good for home depot is good for them? >> yes, i think so, and i think the housing market is good and
11:48 pm
it's stable. i'm not worried about it right now, i'm worried about the future and i just want to clarify that an and home depot, yes, i think that's is good news. but home prices are back up, rent rates are at an all-time high. people are saying that i'm going to fix at my house, fix up my rental property, get high places and that is the way they are playing it, but i think it is an indicator that is happening right now and it doesn't tell the future by any stretch. david: when was the last time you were in home depot? >> it's been a while, but many of my friends got married this summer and they registered in home depot. david: i don't know if that's good for the bride or good for the groom. >> getting married is good for homeownership. the part of the earnings report is seasonal. we had a harsh winter and people like to do home improvement in the number that it's the one time of year and people are trying to boost their home or rental property and the housing market is a different animal.
11:49 pm
i would be too cautious. the. >> i was there on sunday night. and it was after 6:00 a.m. and there were a lot of people there. david: i just love the help that you can get. ask a lot of dumb questions of home depot. ten years after google went public, should you worry for your kids? the latest tech company trying to expand their services to children. facebook taking a lot of heat for just thinking about letting kids sign up. so should google expect the same? i would think so, what do you think, hadley heath? >> i think that google or no google, parents have to be vigilant about the online privacy. google is going to target as many customers as possible. trying to expand their audience to younger people. there could be a good middle ground but absolutely come i think regardless of where your child is visiting on the internet, you have to have the
11:50 pm
buck stop with mom and dad's the one that is the point. there are all these forms, people just click at the bottom whether they are a 12-year-old person or a 30-year-old person, i don't think that will make a difference, do you? >> no, not at all. this is a good thing for google because they can control the home depot system and an operating system and if they can convince people that your child can be saved, are going to keep this to with a minimum for advertising, i think it can be done. but there's a lot of small things that google has to do. david: i have two kids, one of who is not old enough to be on facebook but the other one is unwise and was and she tried to get out of it at one point and pretty much couldn't do it. she eventually just stopped communicating with it. but it's not even easy to disassociate yourself from a once your inner. david: google has a very big challenge here. and i've got four kids, the oldest is 22 euros old, the
11:51 pm
youngest is 11 years old. and so google has a big challenge on their hands and market forces, they want to continue the 20% annual earnings growth, in order to that long-term view have to work with the markets. david: do you let your 11-year-old have a facebook account? >> no. what's funny is this inner soul, nu instagram and new applications, it keeps going down to 14, 15, 16. david: hadley heath, did you put an age limit on what your kids having an account? >> i would come absolutely. the big thing when i was a teenager was aol instant messenger, my parents were concerned not just for my privacy but the use of my time, you should be paying outside as a kid. >> the apps are ubiquitous. it's very unique parenting being
11:52 pm
able to limit the actions of kids. david: i remember when telephones came into being no, i don't remember that. [laughter] and we better move on i'm embarrassing myself here. issue number three, atlantic city closing three casinos and new jersey's answer is another casino. plans being unveiled for a new las vegas style casino in the new york and new jersey area. so i would think that three strikes and you're out. >> this is totally different. my family had a small property in atlantic city. the only other place you could go it was legalized back in the day was nevada. but many states offer gambling and new york metropolitan area with a big business area or atlantic city. but now they put a casino in north jersey and you have 9 million people across the way and i think it's crazy. david: some that we haven't even
11:53 pm
mentioned yet is online gambling. with online gambling you don't have to leave your house or your hotel room. you can check in a nice hotel room in manhattan and gamble. david: hopefully the builders have smart analyst. >> that's right, trying to figure out if the demands for gambling has changed or if it's a commuting problem if they can get closer to the city and that will increase demand and they will have shopping centers and hotels next-door. so maybe it is a location thing and i think that online gambling definitely presents a challenge in terms of competition. >> new jersey at this point better build casinos in jersey city or else they are going to be left out. revenues have dropped by 50% since 2006. david: do you want to be building more casinos would have these in the city? >> they have no choice. we wanted to to billion-dollar
11:54 pm
white elephant is sitting there right now. >> that's three hours away, they need to be near the casinos near the poconos and elsewhere or else they will be left out never lose more revenue. new jersey has to build casinos in the new york metropolitan area. the. david: i don't see one. i think if we are going to see these ubiquitous nuts anytime, we are going to see this right in manhattan. you can just have one here and it will be easy to convert and then the more you have something, the less each one is worth and i think eventually that they are completely legal, maybe people will lose an appetite for gambling. david: what do you think? >> well, i certainly hope so. because you go outside and find a better use for your time. when you deregulate any marketing music was actions over where the market can operate on you will see more competition
11:55 pm
and that gives consumers more options. but in the future i don't see how the online competition with brick-and-mortar will work. david: jared levy, what about when some of the thrill is gone? i don't buy that with marijuana and heroine and other drugs. but there is one slightly illegal, you take away that excitement and it's less fun. >> yes, there's an element of that. back in the day, las vegas was a different place. it's where the mob hung out. it became disneyland and i think that's where atlantic city felled. they kept themselves stuck in the middle of a not so great area. but people still want to gamble. david: thank you so much. have a great night. meanwhile, we let you let loose ♪
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david: it's time for your tweets and facebook post. a new poll showing most americans think government is the number one problem facing the country today. and that larry on facebook is one of them and he says that it's never been worse, government intends down the biggest problem facing the country. joel writes that every registered as an independent because i didn't want to be linked to either party because of the mess and debbie says it's sad, but true, lies and scandals and poor judgment by leaders and washington is the huge problem and bob says that we need a government run the country and protect us from harm and instead they are attempting to run our lives and allow the harm to enter our unprotected borders. until this what the founding fathers think, something needs to change.
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and they say they don't care about the people, it's sad, but the majority are in it for themselves. keep those tweets and facebook post coming. don't forget to use the hash tag cavuto whenever you do. have a great night. kennedy: the world is turning into a toxic hamlet. it's shrouded in mystery, but there is only a shred of the memory. it create. kennedy: go home, drama queen, you're doing more harm than good. we will follow more breaking news. an american journalist that has reportedly been murdered at the hands of isis. this


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