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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 23, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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fox business network hosting a special called cyber wargame, tonight "cavuto" 11:00 p.m., fox business. here on monday at 11:00 a.m. but right now the ever capable hands of lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everyone. the obama administration is seriously trying to save face in the deafening criticism and it severely underestimated the threat from the islamic date in iraq. the white house began almost immediately to control the public relations damage that it could not proceed, but it may have made matters worse with comments like these from chuck hagel. >> isis is a sophisticated and well-funded group and they are
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beyond a terrorist group. they have a sophistication of strategic and we must prepare for everything. >> damage control continues with the pentagon suggesting the president obama's january the missile is a junior varsity team was a correct assessment at the time and it has grown in its capabilities in the past six months. >> they have advanced in capability and we saw the speed with which they gained ground and held ground in northern rock earlier this summer. so it is a constantly changing and fluid situation and the
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threat continues to grow. >> his answer and rationalization doesn't explain why the administration and our allies allowed the islamic state to develop such deadly capabilities and strengths. adding to the difficulty of defending the president is the fact that he is spending so much time on the golf course these days instead of trying to appear as though he is engaged in dealing effectively with and during a white house press briefing, he tried to defend the chief. >> it's a good way for release and clearing of the mind for a lot of us. i don't think anyone in this room who has been following the president for the past two weeks could deny that he has been
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deeply engaged on issues domestic and abroad. >> even the liberal "new york times" isn't buying those excuses and instead taking the president for his lack of engagement and his detachment and clear preference for golf over governance. saying few presidents have been known for this cool detachment more so than obama and he hopes to show america's enemies that they cannot hijack his schedule and he also showed many of his friends in america that he has a lot of disdain for the politics of appearance. jennifer griffin has our report on the president whose foreign policies teams reactionary nearly always and is almost always offguard. >> a day after chuck hagel warned americans that tran-sixes beyond anything that we have
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seen. >> this is august. you are talking about comments made in january. they have grown in capabilities. >> the president has drawn a line limiting airstrikes targeting the iraq side of the border. in january this is how he described isis in an interview. most of the pentagon say that they have been warning about the threat for some time which is why the chairman of the joint chiefs indicated more needs to be done to defeat isis. >> they have an apocalyptic end of days strategic vision which will eventually have to be defeated. so your question cannot be defeated without addressing
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that, the answer is no. >> they are a sophisticated and well-funded group, more so than any group that we have seen, and they are beyond a terrorist group. this is beyond anything that we have seen. so we have to prepare. >> today isis issued a not so veiled threat. same we will include this and the foley family decided to release the last e-mail sent to them by their isis captors saying you and your citizens will pay the price. >> despite the conclusions they were reaching, i understand and i did not realize how brutal
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they were. >> if there was any doubt how brutal they were, the suspected gunman attacked a sunni mosque north of baghdad today, resisting allegiance to the group. lou: we will be taking up the administration's next move in the push for action with u.s. ambassador to the united nations john bolton who joins us tonight. and joining the conflict where hamas has wasted no time after israeli forces killed two of its top commanders. rick leventhal is there tonight and has our report on the brutal revenge executions that they are carrying out against the citizens. >> several suspected of
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collaborating with israeli intelligence outside of the mosque with hoods on their heads. one gunman told the group that they sold their souls to the enemy for a cheap price. eleven other collaborators were reportedly executed earlier inside the city police headquarters and two of them were women. this man says that they deserve their fate. >> some do not know that there is resistance here. reporter: the executions came a day after airstrikes leveled a house, killing three senior leaders. the israelis are known to have a network of local informers helping to pinpoint targets. the rockets continued, sending residents running for shelter. one rocket hit a synagogue, wounding three people and a
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mortar hit in a residential area killing a 4-year-old lawyer. or the civilian casualty along with 64 soldiers. close to 470 children are among the nearly 2100 dead in gaza. leaving tens of thousands homeless. and neither side shows any sign of slowing down. one hundred rockets towards israel today, targeting some 100 sites over the last couple of days and more than 30 today alone here in gaza. fighter jets and drums continue to fly in the skies above us. lou: rick leventhal reported. dramatically escalating tonight after nato, requiring to fire on forces within the ukraine. this comes hours after a convoy, more than 200 trucks today entering eastern ukraine without permission of the ukrainian
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government. in a statement russia said it had run out of patience after a 10 day standoff and the ukraine responded, calling it a direct invasion, saying that authorized the actions of a few dozen trucks that were supposed to be a good by the red cross. both the white house and pentagon condemning the move today. >> russia should take the opportunity to remove this convoy from within the ukraine and if they don't they will face additional costs and consequences from our partners of international community. >> russia must move its vehicles and its personnel from the territory of the ukraine immediately. failure to do so will result in additional cost and isolation. >> the convoy comes ahead of scheduled talks beginning next tuesday between vladimir putin and his ukrainian counterpart.
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ben cohen has been restored in ferguson, missouri, after two weeks of violent clashes. ron johnson saying during an early-morning briefing today that the he has apparently turned a corner. >> there were no molotov cocktails tonight, we did not see a single handgun. it's related to a lot of hard work by the citizens of this community and the state and the men and women, a large portion who have been out here to make this community safe. lou: we are getting new details on the makeup of the 12 member grand jury that is now hearing evidence in the michael brontës. officials say that they will decide whether to charge missouri police officer during wilson with that shooting. under missouri law the jurors
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are selected at random from a cross-section of the citizens of st. louis county and it will be several weeks before a decision is made, we are told, and we are coming right back, so stay with us. and social issues, foreign policy failures, president obama being criticized suddenly from all sides. mike huckabee on the white house at the edge coming up
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>> china is stepping up its military aggression in the east china sea. the pentagon today confirming a chinese jet fighter threatening the surveillance plane in the incident occurred on tuesday over international waters.
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135 miles off the coast of the chinese islands. the fighter jet came within 30 feet of the poseidon. and the pentagon spokesman describing the move as a aggressive and very unprofessional and unsafe move. the pentagon saying that he communicated it is pleasure and objection to the chinese government. and the violence in the streets subsiding infers that in ferguson missouri area dealing with the racially charged case. race relations are set to in the be not improved under president obama. in a "new york times" poll, 35% of those surveyed say that race
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relations have worsened and 52% say about the same. joining us now on the fox news channel, mike huckabee. it's great to have you here. >> great to be here. three it looks like captain johnson said it looks like they have turned a corner and that is comforting to all. >> i think it's great news and i think the quickest way to get the riot subsided is not to remove writers and demonstrators but remove the cameras. al sharpton goes home, all of the people that are out there to be seen will disappear because as long as there's someone watching them they will continue to perform. when the cameras are going and the reporters are no longer out there outnumbering the protesters, they i have a feeling we will see some problems. >> governor jay nixon.
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he has been something we've been paying careful attention to. this is a government that has been behaving in explosively in his state. >> i think the word inexcusable comes to mind. he was late coming into the game, you should've stepped in earlier. the one thing that he did write was appointed captain ron johnson overseas who is a true leader and has shown a level of class and calm and professionalism that was clearly lacking in past than evers ends. he's the one in this whole affair. but the one thing that he did that i find just absolutely appalling is when he came out and said that we will insist upon a vigorous prosecution. this was scripted. i would have forgiven him if he would add that in an unscripted press conference. but this was a scripted talk that he gave on camera and when
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he said that we would have a prosecution, he's already decided that we don't know that yet. >> we are told that some of the media are leaving and there's a lot of protesters. by the way the greatest number of demonstrators and protesters were from outside ferguson, missouri. this is an astonishing reality and to think that three autopsies have been performed and i talked with the foremost forensic past august in the country. i asked him did you find anything that would no asked hid anything that would not support what the police have said to the public and he said no. and yet we still have the highly regarded medical examiner and so what is going on with this administration that it would
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create its own credibility crisis? >> i don't begrudge the justice department for saying that we're going to take a look at it to make sure that everything is done in a proper way. but i wish, however, that i had confidence in this justice department. they are asking with great injustice for those who have been spied on this is a department that is very selective about justice and how it is applied. but there are some questions that i wish someone could explain. why did we not know about the alleged attack on the officer in the first two weeks. >> there's never been a report saying that he was beaten up or treated for this or that. we don't know. >> the reason we can say this is that there have been times when the prosecutors department and
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others as well have been a part of that and there is no reason that comes to my mind as to why they couldn't be forthright about that or the results of the autopsy. and there is so much that needs to be said. people taking comfort in the situation and the president now has a direct report on ferguson and that liaison is none other than sharpton. >> nations rabble-rouser is not achieved of the white house, for heaven sake. you think that the president of the united states would have at his disposal a far more reliable contrary of communications experts other than reverend al sharpton who has shown up
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virtually every time that there is some issue and the family asked him to come. that is what he has done with his presence in ferguson. lou: how do we resolve this in your view? are we going to we swift national justice here and by that i mean for everyone concerned. >> i think it's important if the governor wants to do it, he should step in and appoint a special prosecutor. but because there have been so many questions perhaps unfounded. take him off the hook and don't make him a lightning rod for another point of controversy. at this point everything that can be done to diffuse the situation should be done and that is the step that can be taken very at not just a special prosecutor but perhaps an african-american special prosecutor to do everything
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possible thing that were trying to get the facts and the truth and bring it to the public in the clear light of day. >> be sure to tune into us saturday and sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern we asked if you believe that president obama and attorney general holder have so politicized that they are incapable of conducting a fair investigation into the michael brown shooting. an astonishing 96% of you replied so. hubley president obama has checked out? cast your vote at and harry reid has now been apologizing his apology prompted by this attempt at humor during a luncheon for the asian chamber of commerce in las vegas
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yesterday. >> i don't think that you're smarter than anyone else but a lot of us have been told that you are. >> it doesn't end there. here's what he said after introducing someone at the luncheon. >> this is not his first apology for a racial related comment. he also apologized for 2008, in which he described president obama is having -- well, i'm not even going to repeat what he said. well, president obama's growing parade. parade. we will have that9m
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lou: coming up mixed messages from the pentagon and the white house on the next move to counter the islamic state. former ambassador john
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bolton joins us former republican and vice presidential of nominate paul ryan pushes amnesty ahead of the midterms we're joined by one of the foremost political thinkers on the consequences of congressman's ryan's ideas but first a few thoughts of the administration sudden focus of the threat of the islamic state despite the dismissal of a junior vice city terrorist group only six months ago despite his withdrawal of cover troops from iraq three months ago how defense secretary chuck table are trying to outdo one another with the power of the islamic state with the danger is a post to civilization of the commander-in-chief action has words of warning.
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condolences to the family than a presidential dash to the golf course. yesterday they were pushing hard for increased u.s. military action and to defeat the islamic states and a we are admiral declined to support the statement and in fact, he walked back the departure from obama policy. >> what we are doing is in support of iraq and also believe this is of fiat the security forces have to take on. lou: as what happens with half measures the decision to deliver weapons and nonlethal aid led to unexpected consequences as the principal opposition forces syria with control as well.
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in june and the congressional research service says our government has the disclose which groups are receiving what a. ended clashes with the islamic state iraqi forces were in retreat and weapons given to the military now it has many of those even ammunition and the helicopter and despite success to carry out airstrikes against the islamic state there is no reason to expect the obama administration will send in more fighter jets and land forces because i wray hanover did you don't hear much it is still the dominant influence in iraq and is curious the troops
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are retreating they refuse to mention the word i ran but a lot of knowledge that there remains in the power position between the islamic states of the iraq or syria or even the united states if we were foolish enough without the total commitment of power and leadership to destroy all our enemies. so then do we have such leaders? we're coming right back. the pentagon makes it clear the islamic state is no longer the jayvee team does it white house tries to walk back to push for more military action in. for free u.s. ambassador to the united nations john the united nations john bolton is next.
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lou: and joining us now former ambassador to the united nations, led john bolton in good to have you with us. , i know you have called for the destruction of the islamic state by the united states. just watching the administration walk back similar comments to chairman dempsey and defense secretary a goal. what makes you think this leadership that is the same who withdrew our troops and made possible from that vacuum what makes you think there is any prospect to see that occur now? >> hope springs eternal that is the best i can say.
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i don't expect the president to do what is necessary to eliminate the threatened by a very worried that isis will take the opportunity to consolidate its power they have to pull back some but it can consolidate the to do with used to be the border syria and iraq that would automatically become a magnet for other terrorists and we have a real problem on our hands but we have to have the debate and my thought is to get it out there to debate the fundamental question what is the nature of the threat and what should the objectives being once we decide that we can decide what to do about it. lou: for the folks joining the islamic state of iraq or the islamic states of iraq
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and syria, but they are coming from 80 nations by the account of our intelligent saugh:dash intelligence sources. looking at the fighters so this is becoming just does secretary hazel said the likes of which we have not seen before? >> is a manifestation it would be wrapped here in the middle east but it has already not only drawn people from all over theworld ba affiliate's have announced their allegiance to what the administration finally calls for al qaeda and the estimates keep changing and i know the part number but i heard 2,000 or more of the fighters that the islamic states now has as legitimate
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passport so they have their own passports they can come back without much year of being detected since they have legitimate travel documents to be a real terrorist threat very quickly i know the can has metastasized but it is still growing and so is the threats. lou: the you had the administration that says so are they align to this is reaching when the president calls isis the jayvee team the fact of the matter is his administration looks like they jayvee team with geopolitics. >> exactly. his principal foreign policy
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weapon is snark now comes back to bite him rightly so it is a complicated situation how to deal with the islamic states with the kurds and the city's and you pointed out with the administration also doesn't understand is the malignant presence of iraq we have two enemies to force is devoted to as the destruction of the united states and iran has nuclear-weapons finances terrorism worldwide and the bigger threat eminently but we have to deal with those at the same time i don't take his administration has the confidence to do that. >> or the commitment as well >> as to paraphrase rigo go to war with the government
4:39 am
that we want but the one that we have them perhaps the best thing is not to press the issue of going to war with a government that is inadequate to the task. >> except we had two more years of prices to consolidate the position if we don't do something. lou: a fair and important point. a reminder to go to in the online poll do believe president obama and has checked out? tweet your response. the quotation of the evening from president bill clinton says it is just one small step from legacy to laden dock. we're coming right back. janet yellen questions the recovery of the job market in the direction of the economy and moody's chief economist on what his next.
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lou: the wall street stock today the dow is down the s&p down for the nasdaq mixes clubhouse. 2.3 billion shares the lowest trading volume of the year. and be sure to listen to my financial records three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. here now is the of chief economist, john, good to see you. stocks, low-volume? the dog days of august? >> janet yellen did not give any surprises with what she said in was very careful not to give any clear indication where that policy is headed. >> that is almost merciful people are on vacation you
4:44 am
don't want the b team to do the trading. >> absolutely not and also to miss the backdrop of higher interest rates. >> but for the time being they are steady and there's not much room for the 10 year treasury yields moved higher intel we get convincing evidence that underlying rate of inflation. don't forget the government bond yields in germany is less than 1% and better yet he and in canada. >> our field but matches the yield of spain. [laughter] >> is everyone listens they feel much better about their weekend but a strength in housing? it shows some strength housing starts looking at existing home sales?
4:45 am
>> but it is from a very low base there's still 29% less the of the average during the pre-bubble years give me a break and we're doing better but compared to what? existing home sales are up for the month of july but still down 4.3% from july of last year. >> let me remind you gdp growth. >> after shrinking the previous quarter. [laughter] if you average that was it you end up with? >> to be optimistic as we can and jobless claims aside this is progress.
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>> and then with days types of the improvement we get real income growth between 3.five and 4% we may be getting more jobs but as indicated in today's speech they are of lower quality compared to the past. lou: not only that but temporary and not helpful for prosperity for the middle class. >> precisely. we have you we're did skilled jobs we have you were with part-time employment. lou: will occur to the law makers are policy makers in washington there is cause and effect but this third
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practices to change the destiny. >> you want to get more growth and risk-taking in the real economy. in order to do that we needed different regulatory framework or different tax policies. >> by those who are so ably represented civic you have to give them a shot of courage of. lou: and give them a real opportunity to show what they can do. think you for being here. paul wright and -- paul ryan is on the campaign trail explained his stance for amnesty and is screwing up
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the vacant lot and has restored the possibility. restored the possibility. ed rollins is next. ♪music ♪everybody needs a helpin hand♪ ♪take a look at your fellow man♪ ♪and tell me, what can i do today♪ hey lemme get that for ya ♪everybody needs a helpin out ♪if that ain't what it's all about♪ thank you young man. no problem.
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lou: joining us now to analyze what is going on in this country national politics, we're joined by ed rollins political director under ronald reagan, a great to see you. even his supporters, "new york times" now is critical of this president and profoundly so. has he finally moved into a lame duck status or more
4:52 am
desperate? >> a great political scientist one of the first things he said is you can't be an amateur. he is an amateur and it shows every day there is no skill set no military or economic background but he wants to be a celebrity he is at martha's vineyard and he doesn't like to do the job and it will just get tougher over the next two years. lou: he says eating his spinach and it should ruching with elected officials she has a right. >> the power of the presidency is a loving the public to do we want them to do to do with the congress he has no inclination to do either end at the end of the day i have never seen a president i have worked for three of them has no inclination to not work with
4:53 am
congress. lou: as we work with this president and the challenges with the nation he seems as being disinterested and detached and apart and that is dangerous with the man who controls all the levers of power in washington d.c. >> there is also an indictment even without the skills that he has access to anybody he wants to he could bring the best military and economic people and you should do that. i hear from business leaders and military beater's he has no interest to make the tough decisions. lou: he says of ferguson misery he cannot seem to put his thumb on the scale then he dispatches his attorney general who puts his foot on the scale to reserve one in
4:54 am
his mouth and as he speaks about sensitive issues. this president is not burning? >> no. diminishing by the day it is a shrinking president others have become a lame duck hawk but now he is diminished diminished, and even the most staunch supporters are moving away from him. lou: will republicans win the senate? >> but the momentum will go but with all the strong candidates and the possibility to retire. lou: paul ryan screws up the vacant lot? the only person to talkimmigrats him and he calls for all the g.o.p. candidates to follow
4:55 am
his lead to support a amnesties. >> that is the guaranteed loser. i have a lot of respect for him and he has done a lot of the budget but knows nothing about this subject it will not happen until we have bipartisan support so even talking about is raising that issue we should not even discussed. lou: the fact of the matter is that right and scall is in contradiction of the republican house the judiciary committee under the chairman be plan toward legalization which i support and endorse him for him to depart from the direction of the house is astonishing. >> i have a lot of respect but it is not good politics.
4:56 am
at this point it is every man for himself a half to run their own race it is from the democrats and that is what campaigns need to be about. lou: now your comments. there is no justice only prejudgment. >> if officer wilson receives a fair trial it will be a miracle. >> governor perry is not perfect but texas needs him right now with the democrats polling political strings. a free copy of my novel ship to the authors of tonight's comments. send us your comments and follow us on twitter and go to the facebook page and links to everything had to
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lou the war of winning four-star general and pulitzer for it did prize-winning columnist. did prize-winning columnist. have a great weekend.9m
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