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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  August 30, 2014 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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always your for your needs. a very good night. thank you for being with us. gut . neil: in britain they raised terror threat, in america, we are assessing if we have a threat. >> as prime minister, extremism in britain, focusing on all types of extremism. >> i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. neil: welcome, everybody. confused? i'm neil cavuto. it's not so much the world passing us by i'm worried about. more like dangerous folks stopping by. that's what i'm really worried about. the images of isis rebels parading syrian troops little more than a week after the beheading of an american journalist leads me believe to the bad guys are not slowing down. so why does it appear
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washington's shutting down? the president at fund-raisers this weekend after saying he doesn't have a strategy to deal with all of this? and republicans aren't much better, too busy taking time off to address any of this. so i don't know. all i do know is evil tends not to take days off it. hopes the other side sloughs off. we're sloughing, they're planning, and going into the labor day weekend, i am worrying. so what is coming to iraq and afghanistan? veteran and military adviser also with us. we've got former office depot ceo on the financial implications of all of this. all right, so amber, allay my concerns because i'm concerned that we have britain on a heightened sense of urgency and us with no game plan? >> i am concern as well. and all we're seeing is obama's
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continual indecisiveness and willingness to lead from behind is leaving the door open for adversaries to jump in and take care of the crisis going on in the world today. and we see obama, everything he's having to deal with today, including press conferences where he tells the world and our enemy we don't have a strategy for dealing with isis. neil: i try to give the president the benefit of the doubt. just pretending he doesn't have a strategy when he does. he's not letting us in on it. what do you think? >> i think both here in ell as business situation, a leader needs to have a framework, but the definition of leadership is inspiration of followership. you got to lay out threats and followers what's in it for them. america's in a unique situation, i hear this all over the world from business and government leaders, they say you americans need to
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understand, you can't focus on the american economy and domestic issues because you are the leaders of the world. we need to step up and need to define a framework that we're going to operate in for the best of americans but also for the best of the world. and i think that lack of clarity is hurting us in the world. neil: white house spokesman doesn't feel that way. i want you to react to something he said today. >> the president hasn't yet laid out a specific plan for military action in syria. and the reason for that is simply that the pentagon is still developing that plan. he's still reviewing them. >> i think he threw the pentagon under the bus right there. that could be me, what do you think? >> being a leader means basically owning the good and the bad. and what we see with president obama is he loves to take credit for the good things that happen under his administration whether or not his decision was the sole reason it happened or not. and seeing when bad decisions
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are made he immediately deflects the blame and attempts to have somebody else be responsible for his situation. that is not leadership. leadership is leading by example, not asking your subordinates or people underneath to you do something she wouldn't do, and making decisions that benefit the greater good. neil: you know the military community well, and it's easy to dump on the president saying he's not sending a consistent message, the reason his supporters say he's so cautious is the president went into the battles and didn't think them through and we would rue the day. >> i'm willing to give credit where credit is due, the obama presidency and lack of leadership is a direct reflection of the american people who voted him into
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i don't know whether the brits are overreacting or we're underreacting. >> it's hard for us, we don't have people on the ground. we withdrew everybody, you don't have a firsthand account
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whatever going on. that's part of the struggle in washington is people don't have clarity of the intelligence and what's going on. nevertheless, we need to get to a common point of view, we need to do that ourselves or with allies, we need to define where we're going, bring people along with us and need to act because i think lack of action, as you said, leaves a big vacuum for everybody else to act. and back to this point, any leader going into a company or going into any situation in government office always is picking up from somebody else and doesn't matter. you can't keep looking back and ruing the day that you came in and what happened. you come in with idealistic plans and you have to shift. we've got to shift and move on and act now. neil: it's easy to look back in the past. amber, a year ago this very wouldn't that the president, his critics say punted on getting involved in attacking syria. and here we are a year later redebating the same issue.
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do you think, had he moved a year ago, isis would be the threat it is today or would, in fact, be a bigger threat because it would have helped topple the assad regime? >> well, i think that obama's indecision has made the entire situation worse. his administration does not like to address the elephant in the room in that region, which is syria, and they don't necessarily want to get involved there. but that's what he -- those are the types of decisions he needs to make as commander in chief. pros and conon both sides and he needs to make the tough decisions. >> democratic congressman on this was saying a year ago, had he moved to do what he was promising to do, it is possible we would have seen isis emerge from an assadless syria, and could have made things a lot worse then?
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hard to say, what do you think? >> i think it's no question that if we had, you know, done an air campaign inside syria that isis would not have had necessarily the ability to have had the time to build themselves up to the way that they have. but that goes into him developing a strategy and ensuring he can pick and choose between the rebels and isis and all the differents inside syria. neil: we'll never know. thank you guys both, very much. joe piscopo on the outrage over the president's speech, but not over what he was saying over what he was wearing? but first, isis selling two million bucks of oil each and every day on top of the 2 million fortune collecting interest as we speak. who's giving the terrorists the business? meet the guy who knows.
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. neil: isis is selling, do you wonder who the heck is buying? reports of making two million bucks a day selling oil on the black market. the more oil they sell, the more power they get.
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foreign policy expert retired lieutenant colonel lou garbanno, who is funding these guys. who's buying it? >> everywhere. going to iran, to syria, going to turkey, it's going to jordan. neil: they know there are sanctions in effect, preventing the sale, but finding intermediaries to get the oil? . >> exactly right. they're buying it from a broker and buying it anywhere from a quarter to half the price of a barrel of oil. so it's a great deal. >> i see, i see. so now a lot of this oil is from new front territories that isis, isil, bad guys, have conquered. they're sitting on top of the oil and getting it out, but that's funding them, and guys like you remind me that $2 million that's a lot of money, to pull off 9/11 it cost al qaeda about half a million
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dollars. that's a lot of money. >> let's put that over, there are a lot of -- we used to call them dollar a day talibans. isis is a very small group. paying people to fight for them, and paying the going rates. there's a lot of money going in and a lot of money going out too. neil: interesting, to be involved in isis, it's not just a passion thing, it's a money thing, it's a mercenary thing. >> yeah, it is, and there's bribery involved as well. it's not like raking in all this cash and sitting on it and planning for a terrorist attack. they've got bills to pay. and selling oil not only externally but internally as well, too. people need gas, so it's locally refined and sold on internal market as well. neil: they need the gas as well, the advancements. they look at them as a rag tag army sense that even in the videos and everything else, they look disjointed,
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disorganized. some of them look terrifying, what have you. used to that seeing similar-type videos, al qaeda and taliban that they look crazy, but we dismiss it and say crazy. why should we look at these guys differently? >> that's not the way i look at it at all. i look at a group of people who are coming out of the mountains. a lot are coming from the west and other places, fairly well educated and a lot of them coming with previous combat experience and previous operational experience, and drawing on 30 years of terrorist practice and tactics to do that. so i'm looking at somebody that's kind of drawing from the best of the best of the last 30 years, and they have a lot of territory, and a lot of resources and a lot of manpower to play with. >> go ahead, colonel, i'm sorry. >> today, today is isis in iraq today has more resources at their disposal than al qaeda did on september 10th, 2001.
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neil: what are you worried from them next? >> not being stupid. i worry about the things you should worry about. two violent interests. a terrorist state in the middle of iraq has got to lead to rising sectarian war, who knows where this would end? enormously damaging the global economy, that could spread. as long as there is islamic state, worry about that. and the other is these guys are committed, stated, they have the ability and the motivation to come back and go after western targets, you've got a pipeline that's about 10,000 people and a lot of the guys can go out. got to worry about them coming after us as well. neil: colonel, thank you very much. i always learn something every time i have you on. appreciate it. coming up, what if i told you the reason why isis is growing over there, and recruiting so many from over here? it's the bad economy over here.
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was the latest american killed fighting for isis because he was fighting for a job?
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. neil: you know, you heard this before, there's a remarkable pattern to this. did bad times here drive this guy to join these bad guys? abi mohammed, said to be the second american killed fighting for isis in syria. you're looking at that and saying what the heck was he fighting for isis in syria for? people said he was struggling. he's fathered nine kids with multiple moms. faced a lot of challenges at home. isis might have taken advantage of struggles. we've heard this before and something my buddy charles
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payne echoed before. the "making money" host, joining me right now. what is it that drives it? anger? >> anger, hopelessness, maybe getting back sort of a revenge kind of thing. interesting reading articles about them. one of the articles, all the people said he gave up on the american dream. the reality is a lot of the kids never had the american dream. so there was nothing to give up on, and i think that's the reason why it's fertile ground, fertile soil for someone who says something, whispers something say,ing you canified for, be proud of, get exact revenge on the people that held you back. neil: we just had retired colonel saying they pay pretty well, isis does. i don't know whether that is incentive to go halfway across the world anem. what do you think is ultimately driving it in the anger part or
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i haven't got a pot in this country, so nothing to lose. >> i can't imagine they were paying more money than he could have gotten on disability or a couple of other programs. i think it's the anger and the hopelessness part. the combination, it's a stew. the economic backdrop makes for the liquid and you put in the other ingredients and it comes to a boil and that's what happens. neil: i talked to students of the 60s and said that's naive, in good times and bad times we have angry people who turn on their own country. is it more pronounced when the country seems to be hiccupping along or what? >> more pronounced week have more people suffering. maybe the word suffering is wrong, but who certainly are struggling. let's not forget, maybe it was a slip when michelle obama said it was the first time she was proud of her country. that echoed a theme with a
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whole lot of people out there that they feel like maybe this has never been their country or the country never embraced them and there's a lot of resentment and people take advantage of it from political hucksters to terrorist groups. >> a lot of the poor, especially african-american kids do, they share this view that the president is being picked on, being picked apart, because of his color and that gets anger still? >> overwhelmingly, absolutely. i would say -- neil: really? >> yeah. neil: if not for the races, he'd be on fire. >> he'd be on fire, the economy would be on fire, they won't push through his policies. there has always been a democratic and a republican party and they've always sort of been at odds with each other, and no other alternative party rubber stamped any president ideology or agenda but it's taken very personal. neil: if you are right and -- you are right about a
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lot of this stuff week have more to fear and recruitmenting to fear. isis has hit a chord not only here but in britain and across the world, says this is a different recruiting effort than other terrorist organizations. >> what you will see is most black people in this country who are -- if they're not -- this kid is somalian background, the british guy egyptian background. neil: there is exposure. >> it's closer. they haven't been here a long time. someone's who's mother was born in alabama and grandmother was born in alabama. they're christians, and certain things instilled upon them, that typically counteracts other stuff. to your point, it's amazing one person will fight over there or one person from the u.k. it will be with respect to wow, couple hundred to a couple thousand. a small amount in the grand
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scheme of things. neil: start worrying about it, too. charles payne, "making money" host, not only a smart guy but one of the nicest guys when he wants to. some groups are up to pushing obamacare for dreamers. could that be a debt nightmare? they're dreamers, they shouldn't be here.
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. neil: will he or won't he? like the new game. mitt romney saying there's a one in a million chance he runs for president for a third time. he hasn't closed the door completely shut. charlie gasparino is hearing from his sources what it would take to push the door open? >> you know, fascinating, we've been talking on this on air, is he or isn't he running? >> i think he is. >> you and i have a bet. neil: a burger bet. but i've upgraded it to two.
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>> i say he won't, you say he will, that was before i heard from fairly -- you. >> laughed at me. >> i did. neil: you mocked me. >> i didn't mock you. i laughed. before i spoke with senior republican mum blers. neil: there are people. >> who are close with mitt romney, and they tell me he still has not made up his mind yet. they tell me his wife is supporting him, if he wants to run, and that's a huge thing, a lot of people thought his wife was against him rung. that's not quite the case. neil: what's he waiting for. >> he's out there on the campaign trail, running for republican, key senate and house races. what i'm hearing from the same people. if he can make a difference in that, that is the test, in moving some of the races. if he can show what he's worth now, his medal now, he might do it now. i think it's a long shot. neil: fix the senate republicans, he can take
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partial credit for that. like a ronald reagan. third time is the charm. >> the tight races. >> where he made a difference. >> in louisiana, i don't know if he's down there. neil: to your point, campaigning for everyone, he leads in iowa right now with the race, 35% of the votes. the others are barely in double digits. only huckabee was, right? >> yeah. neil: where is all this going, what's his drove? >> i would say this, the negative side is a lot of republicans think he ran a lousy campaign and think he wimped out at the end. after he went for the jugular, he beat it too safe and lost to someone he could have beaten. i would say this, his surge in the polls, if you watched it, it's sort of plateaued right during superstorm sandy. the media attention started shifting to the and the to aid and remember that chris christie bear hug. neil: did not help mitt romney.
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>> did not help mitt romney. a fellow republican all but endorsing the president, which is crazy. that hurt. there are other factors, that's the negative. the negative, people think he laid off on obama too much. the positive is he is maybe the best qualified person to run. his name isn't bush. now i like jeb bush, personally, he's a smart guy. but there is a degree which you know as bush fatigue, and a bush clinton race. neil: you don't think romney does? >> he has the same thing. neil: he raised a lot of money. >> a ton of money. and you know what? he's been right on so many issues. what's fascinating about president obama is his favorite limousine liberal warren buffett supports corporate aversions. if romney said i'm for lower taxes and not going to go after the companies that do the corporate inversions where they locate overseas in another
3:31 am
country to get a tax benefit, how is obama going to attack or hillary going to attack when warren buffett is doing it? there's a lot of the economic issues that tilt his way right now. the economy is always the number one. the economy is always a big concern for americans. he's been on the right side on a lot of the issues. neil: busy summer for you. you've gotten in a lot of people's faces this summer. my favorite image is -- [ laughter ]. neil: where was this again? is that sun valley. >> sun valley. neil: he didn't want you and you're producer that the? >> his name is brian cogny. he's a new york city cop. i love new york city cops. neil: he didn't like you, he's getting nasty. >> he was very, very, very nasty to my female producer. like to the point where i thought he was not just being disrespectful but overly aggressive and i fought back, and i really don't care, i would do it again.
3:32 am
>> this is a pattern of yours by the way. we've looked this up. we have more pictures here. [ laughter ] >> totally, totally, you scared this child. this one bothers me, a baby seal? >> that's why, you know -- >> look at this, the flying nun, really? >> he has recommended sensitivity training because of that. so i just want everybody to know that. i'm going to sensitivity training now because -- >> we kid charlie, you want a friend in your corner, he's that guy. he will take on a baby seal and the flying nun. >> i'm not afraid of anybody. babies, seals, flying nuns. neil: flying nuns. >> irish cops. [ laughter ] >> nothing against the irish cops. best friends. this mr. coglin, it's funny, he does play, i have so many friends who are cops and ex-cops.
3:33 am
neil: except this one. >> probably be friends with him. he marches in the same state parade, and apparently he's an expert bagpipe guy. neil: right. >> so he's apparently a very garullous, nice guy. neil: he is like 6 something and you are 5'10 kws. >> they told him to be over -- neil: not the guy you want to be. not the guy. >> not him either, like i said, this guy is in the
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and with self-closing, self-latching gates. when above ground pools aren't in use remove the ladders. when pools aren't in use, cover them. teach kids to stay away from drains. and if a child is missing check the pool or spa first. consider the steps you take then add a few more. because you never know which pool safety step will save a life until it does. simple steps save lives to learn some new ones visit . neil: the president stands squarely behind the decision he made yesterday to wear his summer suit. [ laughter ] >> who knew that would be such a big issue, say it ain't so, joe? comedian joe piscopo over the
3:37 am
outrage of outfit. twitter was exploding as it was going on. not over what the president was saying but what he was wearing, that tan suit. get a load of. this more than 20,000 tweets using the hashtag obama's suit. i take nothing away from american's rights, but it's a suit! ronald reagan wore tan suits all the time. >> ronald reagan always wore a red tie, that was power. >> you are much older than i. [ laughter ] >> i don't know why, and in the president's honor, i wore what he should have worn a shark skin suit. [ laughter ] >> soprano best. >> you step up to the podium, mr. president and just go i got it all under control. that's all he has to say. neil: maybe that was a subliminal message with the tan suit saying i'm relaxed or not. >> great point mr. cavuto. throwing us a little decoy.
3:38 am
i expected this massive bombing raid of northern iraq after the tan suit incident. i thought he was throwing the enemy off its game. you got to go in with a black shirt. neil: he would not do that. you're a thin guy, the president's a thin guy. guys like me, we wear dark colors. i'm looking at him, he made a reference to this in "vogue." remember, i like to wear navy. i don't like to think about what i'm wearing. obviously he thought about this. that prompted the extra tweets, wait a minute, there's something going on. >> only the democrats could elect a guy wearing a tan suitment the conservatives elect a guy with white pants. >> polyester, expandible waists. >> mitt romney wore one more pair. then when they took a picture it was white pants. neil: you don't think there was anything machiavellian there. >> it was disengaged with the
3:39 am
american people, but a tan suit? it went good with his tan skin, and what's upsetting is it showed him relaxed. it showed he was in vacation. people are dying. neil: it reinforced the wrong image. >> it was a nightmare. neil: chris christie wears a lot of tan suits or pants or khakis. >> to your point. neil: that's not advisable. >> sometimes i support the governor, the white pants should go, especially when you dance with jimmy fallon, not in white pants. >> you wear dark, it's a trick, you know. speaking of the governor, christie is keeping a very low profile and spending light more time in new jersey, now all these problems with the casinos, 8,000 atlantic city workers. one after the other slowing down, shutting down, how big a deal is it? >> atlantic city did it to
3:40 am
themselves, long before governor christie. i love atlantic city and perform in the hinterlands, i perform where italian. not just italian, he's an italian. middle of america, casinos everywhere, atlantic city is my bread and butter. neil: what happened? >> they got too greedy. neil: it's a beautiful place. >> i would go to the rebel, why don't they call me? they call beyonce. i'll play resorts. >> we should explain to people -- it is gorgeous, phenomenal but out of place. >> atlantic city is a downhome jersey town. i walk into the revel and see the coffee cup with the $2 bills looking for the slot machine. you can't build something that grand in atlantic city. the market doesn't call for it. neil: what went wrong with
3:41 am
atlantic city? more than the bridgegate thing, the travails are going to haunt it? >> you think so? they got fat early, they never spread the money around. they never went to the other side of town. neil: like vegas expanded. vegas became a cowboy town. i'm going out there this year, it's like a family town. neil: always had better buffets. they did, they did. you're too thin to appreciate. what do you think happens to christie right now? >> if you show me somebody better, i could tell you that christie will -- neil: you heard mitt romney's name mentioned. >> i voted for mitt romney. not ashamed to admit that. governor christie has the swagger, the conviction. you watch him -- he's playing around the rest of the country. bridgegate doesn't matter. neil: you know who has super high name recognition and i'm reading the star ledger, joe
3:42 am
piscopo. >> gee-whiz. you know what? it ain't over until it's over. neil: everyone loves you. >> i'll say what i want, and i know the issues. >> you will obviously dress however you feel. so you're not a slave to fashion, you're your own man. would you consider it? your name came up once or twice. >> joe piscopo. hey, what are you looking at? a good slogan. neil: senator piscopo. yeah, we're going to do this. >> and we're proud italian americans. you're educated, mr. cavuto, i come with great respect. neil: debatable. >> all you accomplished for italian americans. my guys will kill me. but i tell you what, i'm on the radio on am, thank you for letting me get the plug on am conservative talk show. neil: very quoteed. >> and i'm with it. do we run that into politics? you know what? neil cavuto, maybe. neil: that's a ronald reagan story. >> there's my hero right there. and just being honest with the
3:43 am
folks. neil: wore whatever the hell he wanted. >> and no tan suits. shark skin only. neil: you! >>
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3:46 am
. neil: all right, in tonight's biz blitz, flights of 30,000 feet, a midair brawl diverting a plane for a second time this week. a flight from miami to paris diverted to boston after a parisian was after the woman in front of them asked to recline her seat. he lost it. our fox biz all-stars are here. keeps happening? >> yeah, keeps happening over and over. neil: you were probably the woman in front of him doing it? >> probably so!
3:47 am
[ laughter ]. >> in all honesty, people aren't using the knee defender to preempt them from reclining, if mr. alexander had used it. neil: apparently it's illegal, can't you use this. this is a moot point for wayne rogers who flies private. wayne, what's so weird about this is it keeps happening, and a lot of times i always think the better part of valor on long flights be considerate. you can recline a little bit, it ends up that people are reclining for other guy's lap. what happened to common courtesy? >> neil, if you do it in that french accent that you just had, the common courtesy would prevail. neil: jealous, jealous, jealous. >> listen, the fact of the matter is it costs the airlines a heck of a lot more to divert the planes and all of that. sooner or later, the free market will out. somebody is going to say this makes no sense, you got to
3:48 am
restrict the distance or allow for it. the passengers are going solve it for them if they're not careful. neil: i can understand it, maybe catholic guilt or whatever it is on my part. i think of that just like when i'm sitting, my head is so large in a movie theater, i feel sorry for the guy behind me, i go to the back row. a lot of people, whatever they want to do and don't think of the person behind them and say the seat will recline anyway and this is how far back it goes, stuff it. >> partially our fault but also the fault of the airline. when you take a human being and reduce him to a sardine or genetally modified cattle. we have 20 inches of leg room. the seats don't recline as far and we're packed in there. you want to be comfortable. people are frustrated and a lot of us don't realize it's like a major event and a bad idea to cause a scene on an airplane. we need a big sign and maybe in
3:49 am
french too, if you screw around, we're going to fine you big and you're facing jail time. something like that might help. >> the bottom line is when that happens, it's too late. >> mutually beneficial. they can recline their seat so i can enjoy mine. neil: what if you can forward your seat into theirs? stupid idea. 80 groups pushing obamacare to illegal kids. they say the so-called dreamers deserve coverage. jarrod said we afford it. they must be the once dreaming. explain, sir? >> this whole dreamer thing adds sensitivity. i'm all for giving them health coverage. in the grand scheme of things why, do i have to subsidize it? if you are a company that's pushing for this, the afl-cio, for instance, you subsidize it, you put up the tens of millions or hundreds of millions of dollars of costs and let us do
3:50 am
our thing. i don't think it's right. a lot of folks that can't afford subsidized coverage. neil: a lot of these things sound like grand goals and wonderful intentions, we end up paying for them. the people who espouse these things, if they had to pay for them, would they espouse them? >> this is all illegal children. you're talking about illegal immigrants. you start with the word illegal. neil: you're not entitle. >> why are taxpayers asked to subsidize illegals, no matter kids or whatever. >> he is exactly right. you look at this and sold the idea of conditional amnesty and it's always ironic, the condition is removed. dreamers not receiving health care, remember back to bipartisan immigration reform republicans were demonized for not passing the bill which had a condition, the condition was no means tested welfare. so i'm so glad republicans
3:51 am
didn't pass the bill, we'd be hearing cries for this is unfair and unjust. we need to give them welfare benefits. neil: you hit on something. you feel so strongly about this, i'm not saying there is lack of good intentions. we live in a country now where someone is footing the bill and we're at restaurant ordering anything we want on the menu because we don't have to worry about the check. that's out of control. >> the masses, what they hear is the afl is standing up for illegals, standing up for the dream act. they're giving hope and health care to children. what they're not hearing is our pockets overflowing with the debt burden. neil: there is that little reality. >> little reality. we're not addressing it. neil: thank you very much. some of you say, this co-ceo looks a lot like alfred hitchcock, only robert murray
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"what is the deal, neil?." neil: what is the deal with nation fixated what the president might do about isis or executive order granting amnesty to millions of illegals when he's doing something that's going to hit utility bill very hard. the epa's sweeping new clean air regulations stand to hurt millions of americans and that's just the beginning. >> people on fixed incomes are not able to pay electric bills. poor people are not able to pay electric bills. we cannot let him pass states and constitution, the utility commissions of the various states, these are set up to regulate electricity and the price of it in this country. he's bypassing it all with presidency. neil: just heard that, watched that and said this, real
3:56 am
american, not enough like him. great guest. murray not only looks like hitchcock, he scares the hell out of me like hitchcock, maybe he should do the birds 2 or for the birds. what do you think? my wife and i enjoyed the passion and intelligence of bob murray on thursday evening program. i so invite bob murray who are willing to speak out against what the administration is doing. fred says neil you have either lost it or don't know there are undermining spokes americans your audience should be listening to. i never said mr. murray was perfect and talked to the other ceos but he has done a lot to clean up not only his mines but lead the entire coal industry back to good health. what's getting him in trouble is he's a critic for the white house. just my opinion.
3:57 am
casey in texas, mr. murray is absolutely correct, control health care check, banking regulations, check, electricity rates out of sight, check, u.s. third-world country exactly what the president wants. i hope you're wrong. bob murray's logical. i try to fathom someone on the left might dismiss the thought the increase and the cost of electricity will harm the poor. i think you just cut to the gist of it here. you're quite right, eric, that is a familiar liberal frame, ignore the costs of the good intentions because the good intentions trump the cost. someone else would always pick up the bill. i got into this on fox news show and this show. how a lot of liberals are like guests being treated out for dinner and order everything off the menu, they're not picking up the check. gail says i love all the
3:58 am
e-mails about benefits others having to pay for. loved your closing remarks, analogy to the country's financial situation. the problem is always making someone else responsible for the selections they make. that's all i'm saying, stand for what you stout. if you believe in it, pay for it. james, i'm with you neil, who cares if people with breathing problems can't breathe why, should we have to pay? why should we care if people without insurance can't pay and lose a child to cancer? let god worry about them. no james, that's not what i said and you are obviously not paying attention. i'm saying what liberals say is play the harp strings and leave someone else to pick up the tab but we never include the cost. all i'm saying is spell out the cost and expense all of these good intentions. let americans decide whether the intentions are worth the pricey tab. tyler, north carolina.
3:59 am
what about the story about the banks and the wall street and the cost to taxpayers? why isn't this republican welfare? both parties are taking, not just liberals. give me a break. you give me a break. i railed against the bailouts as we were going one bailout after another. maybe you missed those shows during the meltdown. may i refresh your memory then? >> with apologizes to franken stein that these beasts can't be killed. the rescue package is monstrous. neil: we have committed money to rescuing one badger financial industry. >> even more, we got to commit more. >> ridiculous! ridiculous! >> my point is your point tyler, there was and is enough blame to go around, it must stop, and the notion of spending someone else's money must stop, too. danny suggests i must stop. you are one of the rudest people i have seen, you ask a
4:00 am
question and can't let a person finish their answer. if must be part of -- danny won't blathering about other nonsense, i got bored and threw the e-mail away. have a g g g g g g g g g g g gu lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody, wreaking news tonight, islamic state terrorists may attempt to cross the mexico border, bulletins issued by the department of public safety. social media. reporter jana winter reporting that islamic state terrorists have taken notice of our porous southern border. they have expressed an interest in secretly crossing that border to carry out a terrorist attack on the united states. the watchdog group judicial watch is reporting islamic state operatives are already in


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