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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  March 5, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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us on the phone, douglas moss, billy mcnease, george hanlon. melissa francis will continue this coverage for you. "money" starts now. melissa: we're right on top of it. thank you so much. breaking news right you no. a shocking scene out of one of the nation's busiest airport. a delta plane skidding off the runway crashing into a fence at new york's laguardia airport. the jet was flying into the city from atlanta. it had 127 barnes and five crew -- passengers and five crewmembers on board. everyone safely evacuated from the aircraft. no serious injuries. all flights into laguardia were halted. one airport is expected to reopen this hour. >> i think the pilot did everything he could to slow the aircraft down. obviously pilot and copilot's good efforts were reflected in the fact there were only minor injuries. melissa: it is amazing. let's bring in today's panel. fox business's charlie
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gasparino. david asman. rich lowery, "national review." fox news contributor. the plane caught in the fence like a net. >> i was surprised the guy at press conference poo-pooed the idea. no, there was no danger into the water. melissa: really? >> it was dipping over the water. the nose of that aircraft was right over the water. there was incident couple years ago charlie remembers as well, there was plane went in the water. went into the drink. i think there were couple fatalities as a result of that. this thing was close to going into the water. >> you have to ask yourself why they were landing in this crummy weather. >> with the wind behind them. melissa: they said two planes came in before them reporting good braking. that is what they said in the press conference, but continue. >> airlines stocks are off. shows you how crazy stock traders are. why investors have to worry about the headlines. should ignore the headlines. stocks go on stupid headlines on this they will trade off. >> don't panic. >> put up a stock chart of the airlines right now, to give it
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some relevance. i have no idea what this means other than the fact that maybe, they should close laguardia anytime it snows. melissa: please don't say that. don't say that. >> one of the worst airports i have ever been to. >> look at history of planes slidings off the runway at laguardia three in the last 15 or 20 years. if this is what counts as aviation disaster in america, goes how safe the system fundamentally is. melissa: what you're looking on the plane, saying a portion of the wing was sheared off. there was jet fuel that was on the runway as a result of this accident. we heard in that press conference just went by the fuel spill was minor. that they have it under control. that was another big question in terms how quickly they would be able to reopen the airport, because obviously jet fuel spilled is big problem. >> look at stock chart. melissa: they're all down except for one. >> you have ree in the last 20 years.
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i'm scared flying at laguardia. i'm a wimp for flying but laguardia scares the hell out of me. three in the last 20 years but look at prices. melissa: that was delta plane. >> that should tell everybody out there do not trade off crummy headlines. >> particularly look at one year or three-year chart even better, these things, these charts have been going through the roof. airlines are doing extremely well. it is all about oil. melissa: i was bringing in mike boyd? no? what would you like me to do instead? you're talking at the same time. i'll just talk to you guys. see the passengers deplane here. there is definitely a domino effect. other flights coming into this airport are then rerouted sent to newark and jfk. from there around the country. if you think this is new york story and not impacting you are very wrong. this will have implications at every airport in the country. >> it is reminder pay a little more attention than most of us do than i do, when they talk
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about the emergency procedures and how you slide out of the airplane when things go wrong. i'm on iphone not paying attention. maybe makes sense to pay more attention. laguardia does have shorter runways. anyone who flies in there knows you hit the ground and brakes immediately are slammed. >> other thing is, that all the other airports, we're going into a deep freeze tonight in the northeast. even down in washington, d.c. will be in single digits. all precipitation will be freezing. i suspect people backed up on today's airlines will be backed up tomorrow. after this, nobody will take a clans. >> depending on the deep freeze, will new york shut down tomorrow? melissa: we have to go. mike boyd aviation security analyst will bring in more details. you heard details so far, mike, what stands out to you? >> what stand out, braking action was good. the pilot landed and something happened. the pilot apparently did right thing. the real takeaway how quickly and professionally the port authority handled this up to the press conference they had.
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that was extremely professionally done. which clearly shows our new york airports are at the top of the pile. melissa: mike, what do you make of the fact there has been talk about the wind shifting they should have turned airport around, quote, unquote, approaching from different direction, given wind. what do you make of that theory? >> that is theory. i wouldn't even touch it until the ntsb gets into it. apparently the pilot did the right thing and that's where we are right now. melissa: do you think the airport reopens within the hour? do you think that is good idea with the weather outside or should they keep it closed? >> that is up to the faa and looks like it should be reopened at some point. >> what do you think happened, mike? >> i think it was untoward. the captain got good information in terms of braking action. something wasn't right with the braking action in between those communications. this is something that happens with weather. melissa: mike boyd, thank you for your input. we always appreciate it. >> thank you. melissa: travelers across the
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country feeling effects of incident at laguardia. scores of flights are delayed and canceled. rich edson at reagan national airport in washington d.c. rich, how are things look there? >> cancellations were nasty before this laguardia incident. 4100 flights canceled that keeps going up. that is nationwide total. at december see -- d.c. reagan national airport it's a mess. these are jet ways. the delta plane is backing up right now. usually you see the gate runway, potomac river and across the river you can see washington, d.c. i can't see runway now. the snow is piling up. there are massive delays. only a handful of flights making it out. laguardia right now, 426 cancellations. most of that has to do with that spike that we saw after laguardia just closed down. that other runway is opening up this hour. dallas-ft. worth, 413, philly, 315. national at 356 and newark
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liberty at 262. airlines and airports saying airlines have been canceling flights since last evening. get people out of airports rebook early, maybe leave early last night. plenty of cancellations. really quiet here. wait until tomorrow when they try to move all these folks through. back to you. melissa: rich, i have family flying into new york here tomorrow. watching this they're now obviously really nervous. what are people on the ground there saying to you? >> those who are here say they're incredibly lucky they're one of handful of flights that have actually gone out. melissa if you look at the board right now there are maybe six or seven flights on time. maybe 10 flights have been delayed. everything else sass canceled. there are 800 flights here daily. melissa: rich edson, thank you so much. we appreciate your time. want to turn back to you guys after all that. mike boyd i can making interesting comments there, saying he thinks the pilots did the right thing. >> sometimes accidents happen. making all right decisions and
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something goes on. >> mike echoes what rich was saying safety compared to any other form of transportation. airlines are safest. amazing how many come and go without things happening. we're covering business on day-to-day basis. business people traveling in the next 24 will have a hell of a time getting around. melissa: they were able to climb out of the airplane. i heard during the press conference, they didn't put slides out you mentioned, rich, at beginning pay more attention when they tell you safest way to exit the plane. >> who does? melissa: charlie will you? >> charlie tweeting. >> i'm uncomfortable comment on this story? you know why? what do we know? we know nothing. melissa: we're reporting facts as we're hearing from -- >> if mike boyd doesn't know what happened to the plane we certainly don't. we can report what will happen with the airports and weather. melissa: right. >> seems like a lot of air ports will reflect what happened at
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laguardia about shutting down. melissa: i was listening closely to the news conference our audience may have missed. we're recapping a lot of the information here and talking to mike boyd who is certainly expert on this thing as we all get ready to take another flight. we're asking the same question. >> if you fly into laguardia in lousy weather, stuff can happen. >> dallas-ft. worth, 411 cancellations at dallas-fort worth. that's a big hub. a lot of planes flying into dallas go to the northeast. that shows you how far this thing is reaching, all the way to dallas. >> more an issue with our system. not safety, thank god, quite safe. it is inconvenience. whenever it snows in new york or chicago everything stops. domino effect. incredible. melissa: don't go anywhere. we have latest on the delta flight from at at that to new york skidding off the runway. we'll go live to laguardia airport. more "money" coming up.
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melissa: we have breaking news. a delta plane skidding off the runway at one of nation's busiest airports. we have a a aviation expert. of thanks for joining us. what are the details you have heard so far? >> well this is a very very very tough winter for flying in the northeast. whatng so far is that kudos goes out to the flight crew for really making the remarkable landing. the nose of the aircraft, of the md-80 was broken off but the plane stopped just short of plunging into the water. i believe many, many lives were saved as a result of that. we're always happy when we see safety incidents result in no fatalities. but if that plane had slid a little bit further off that
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runway into the water, we would have had a very, very, very tragic safety rescue operation. and we have enough planes this year plunging into the water i believe. melissa: yeah no. that was our reaction here watching it. it is interesting to hear you say that. i understand you're also former deputy assistant secretary of transportation. you're not saying this lightly having see the plane come so close to the water there. you're giving credit to the crew for not taking that eventuality. what do you think they did to stop things in its tracks? >> i believe they were much in touch with air traffic control, nothing that the conditions on the ground were tricky but they still made the judgment they could possibly land the plane. sometimes when you're looking at a plane landing when it is on the run way, it is like a big giant semi-truck running down the road at 55 miles per hour.
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if the roads are slick, you will have a lot of trouble breaking that -- braking that large aircraft. what they did went into rescue mode to get the plane to stop but more importantly i'm sure in that short runway of laguardia they were concerned about a water landing. that would have reminded us of an incident we had years ago when we had water landing off the 14th street bridge in washington, d.c. the plane landed in the potomac. we had heroic rescues taking place but some lives were lost. in this case flight crews and flight attendants got people to the chute following faa regulations to evacuate the plane. people were able to walk away from this incident. we always like to see that in aviation safety and security. i'm sure the faa and ntsb will be investigating. they're the best in the world doing that we'll find some other details. melissa: really quick before we run out of time. let me ask you in your expert opinion, they described during
2:16 pm
the press conference, two planes going before reported good braking and obviously didn't have in this case. what do you think change? more snow collected on the ground? was there more wind? what changed between the two came before and without a problem and this one? >> my understanding they had an icy surface, new snow coming on top. then they had freezing icy surface rain and snow mixtures going on top of that. so this was a very, very tricky runway. probably a surprise, and to the crew. once you're landing the craft, then you kind of know, essentially what type of breaking conditions that you have because you're really literally trying to stop a truck that is going 150 miles an hour on a runway. sometimes it is slippery it is very difficult to stop those aircraft. that is very hard to predict now. we're already seeing highways in the northeast having trouble keeping up with this weather.
2:17 pm
melissa: sure. >> we have the same thing happening in the northeast corridor aircraft. we're not used having these types of storms coming in march. melissa: definitely. we need spring. oliver mcgee, howard university. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. melissa: taking the pulse of america. it is the not pretty. why one in three americans still have not recovered from the great recession six years later. plus, we've got more on developing situation at laguardia. how a near disaster in new york is affecting the rest of the nation's travel. more "money" up next.
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melissa: bad news on the economy. the country still feeling like it is 2008. nearly one in three americans have not recovered from the recession. that's a huge number.
2:21 pm
it is according to a new survey from pew research. let's bring the panel back in. charlie gasparino david asman, rich lowery. rich, does it surprise you? >> no it is a recovery still not felt by a lot of people. there is a disconnect between indicators like employment numbers and stock market and popular opinion about the state of the economy. what is most striking from the pew numbers, look from february 2011 basically the same. the improvement is tiny just at the margins. melissa: you're right. just barely. back in february of 2011 36% said it had huge impact on me still not recovered. now just 30%. >> that goes to another point in the survey, how smart people are out there. they realize powerful interests. most economic system favors powerful interests. they see crony capitalism alive and well in america as a result of regulations that come in. 63% still think the economic system is still at risk. for all the new regulations,
2:22 pm
dodd-frank, all other things we have out there, they see that the economic system still has a lot of week joints to it. >> i would say this also reflects how the mainstream media basically is not having impact that it used to have. >> good point. >> i'm telling you, there isn't a liberal journalist, accounts for 90% of all journalists "new york times," any paper, when you have an economic argument -- >> alan sorkin is liberal? >> you mean adam. melissa: we all got it wrong. >> yes he is liberal. they will tell you point-blank everybody indicator is better. constantly reports that. "new york times" almost cheer leads this economy. the people, after ran american says you're wrong. melissa: rich, what impact does that have on election you think? if people this many people still felt dad, bad, before the last midterm and before the president's re-election? i don't know that it has an effect. >> going to narrative in the media charlie was citing the idea is out there, the economy
2:23 pm
will be off the table as major issue in 2016. these kind of indicators tell you that's false. >> excuse me. the question though why the president won re-election? the economy frankly looked even worse when he won re-election. why? melissa: got to leave it there. >> four years. blame it on bush. melissa: there you go. break out the glitter. etsy filing a ipo. nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange. tell me about the trade today. >> verying. we're talking about thety. we're talking about e-commerce. 100 million-dollar ipo. reportedly working working with goldman sachs and morgan stanley. brooklyn-based company. former yahoo! exec leading way. and how it will compare with names such as amazon, ebay alibaba. that is one of the big issues coming up. e-commerce obviously continues
2:24 pm
to rise. there is a look at sales number for etsy. 1.9 billion, versus 83 billion for ebay in the last year. talking about two billion versus 83 billion. obviously a huge disconnect there. it is a small company. they're continuing to move forward here. the rumor mill has it could be in the quarter to come. could be sooner than later this quarter. they will raise over $300 million. back to you. melissa: nicole. thank you so much. new warning from the fda. menussing testosterone drugs could be in danger. the agency pushing drug companies to warn patients that low testosterone products could double cardiac problems in men 65 years old and older. in your opinion, do you think physicians are overprescribing these drugs? >> i do think there is a huge increase in the use of testosterone in the united states. it has been with these smaller
2:25 pm
clinics where they popping up and running guys through almost like cattle. melissa: what is it? what are the symptoms? how would you know if you really need it versus you see ads, talking about the benefits and men say, wow!, that's great, of course i need that? >> well, everybody is looking for the fountain of youth. we're all looking for it. it is not it but it is a tool in the shed. guys are run down. their libido needs to be. there are better ways to check that, through blood work and evaluate certain things on every individual. melissa: what are alternatives rather than taking prescription drugs we're seeing on your screen? >> really important, whether you're talking it or not, is a low glycemic diet. healthy lifestyle. exercise. exercising every day. limited alcohol. no spoking. -- smoking. these things are really important. it is difficult to raise
2:26 pm
testosterone levels without using testosterone itself. melissa: dr. thompson thanks for coming on, appreciate your time. she's got mail. hillary leading the charge to release her own private emails. a comment from her past may be about to play the game. plus i call this one from the start. you remember. that five million dollar gold heist just might have been an inside job after the all. "piles of money" coming up. ♪
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friday night, buddy. you are gonna need a wingman. and my cash back keeps the party going. but my airline miles take it worldwide. [ male announcer ] it shouldn't be this hard. with, it's easy to search hundreds of cards and apply online. melissa: near disaster. a delta plane skidded off the traffic shutting down all traffic. what is the latest, laura?
2:30 pm
>> we just had a press conference. it was first reported that there were 125 passengers. 227 passengers. five crew members. they were able to evacuate this plane safely. that of course, is that headline today. we are showing you those pictures. just how close this delta flight 102 to water. three were transported to local hospitals. a better look at how dramatic the ending was. you can see how close they came. photo show how the plane ended up sideways. the port authority in new york
2:31 pm
said it had just been plowed. the pilot reported good braking action. the safety board sending a team to investigate the accident. coming in around 11:00 a.m. after a side door was opened. passengers escape and were gently and carefully getting down to those broadway. as you mentioned run one way is open. only two runways here at laguardia. passengers are now talking and tweaking. one man said that this was a calm evacuation. the crew did a good job. new york giant was on board. he felt blessed to be phased after a very scary landing.
2:32 pm
melissa: laura think you very much. more on that you fax of the laguardia situation across the country. thank you so much for joining us. now that we know everyone is okay people start inking about the implications of this. all of the flights that will be canceled as a result. whether i look at flight aware or any of the websites showing more than 4000 flights having been canceled yet there is a cost to that. >> that is right. we surveyed travelers and find out their travel patterns, purchasing patterns change when a flight is delayed or canceled here and they will stay in a
2:33 pm
hotel. i will miss a dinner at a restaurant. if a flight is canceled, they probably will not make that trip or they will reschedule it or it will be too late. our estimates show that for this storm alone you are seeing an economic and tax just from cancellations. melissa: we heard it from our panel that this kind of thing rarely happens. what does happen all the time are the delays and cancellations. that is what makes people think twice about traveling. >> that is absolutely right. we have the safest aviation system in the world. that is something we should be proud of. we do have things that we can
2:34 pm
improve upon. today, an example of a weather event that will cause camp locations no matter how our system is. we can always do better. this was a terrible day for a terrible new york tragedy. melissa: we want to get back to the other big stories of the day. former secretary of state facing a probe now into her personal e-mail account. clinton's own words. probably back in 2007. listen. >> our constitution is being shredded. we know about the secret wiretaps. the secret white house e-mail accounts. it is everything our founders
2:35 pm
were afraid of. >> she is right about that. we have a hot news contributor with us. gentleman, she was right. stephen, i will let you go first. so bush administration is exact to the opposite. political work. look. the revelation of her using her personal e-mail this week, you know it is hard to believe. him or scrutiny over the last 20 years. you are talking about a record. b12 i think that a lot of people would take issue with that. the fact that we cannot look at
2:36 pm
these records. escaping what she was actually doing. >> it is actually about what she did in office. these questions rose as part of the benghazi investigation when the state department just was not providing any e-mails from hillary clinton. it turns out they did not have any e-mails. it is not just record-keeping. how well was she prepared? how well did the department repair? melissa: she mentioned roni is him. was there any connection? was there any benefit to those governments that were giving money to the foundation.
2:37 pm
>> she was communicating with people in the department on their government e-mails and had reporters on their own facial e-mails. there is a huge paper record that exists in the past and one that will be going forward. >> there is no way to know that that was complete. we will never know if she has turned everything over. >> no, we don't. they turned them over at a request of the state department. reporters have asked okay. is this everything? the state department is not going out of their way to defend hillary clinton. melissa: we will leave it there.
2:38 pm
thank you to both of you. finding alternative ways to move into gas and oil the velvet. adam shapiro is in conklin new york. being that a match and if you had a billion dollars and you were not allowed to spend 1 penny of it. you could not touch it. that is what is happening here. joining me now is the town supervisor. it has to be incredibly frustrating for the people that live in an area that is quite honestly economically depressed. billions of dollars because they can frack. >> that is true.
2:39 pm
we see it every day and it upsets people. >> how do you get the governor to reconsider his ban on fracking? >> the first part, i do not think that he will reconsider. he was asked last month. is there anyway we can do hydraulic fracturing. >> that is allowable to be economically feasible. >> what can you do? >> keep working on it. one of the reasons you are here right now is talking about
2:40 pm
possibly being a part of pennsylvania. talking about splitting in the two states. >> we appreciate you being here. we have all these angles covered. actually possible. we spoke to a political science professor. it could happen. >> , plea about the same amount of time it would take. melissa: more than 12 hours. wow. adelaide nasty weather conditions. chicago's wrigley field may not be ready for an opening day. at the end of the day it is all about america's favorite pastime. ♪
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2007. investors are feeling more confident in the drop in oil prices. shares of lumber liquidators falling on the basis of more illegal action. some of the products contain toxic chemicals is what cheap claims. that is the latest from the fox business network. giving you the power to prosper. ♪
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melissa: money is flying around the world today. starting in china. the slowest pace in 25 years. something not seen since 1992. china's leadership told the world that a slower steadier growth would be the new normal. the world oldest person is celebrating her birth day. she is -- wait for it -- 107 teen years old. she says the secret to long life is sushi and lots of sleep. she also said she is very happy to live this long, but her time on earth still seems rather
2:46 pm
short. $4000 in compensation to an artist for calling his sculpture a monstrosity. it was meant to be a symbol of peace. that is very confusing. spring training is underway. wrigley field undergoing some off-season construction. our own jeff flock is at wrigley with this story. jeff: look over the fence here. i will pull the screen down a little. does it look like a stadium that will be ready and one on? not really. cold weather has really delayed things tremendously. this is the right field bleachers out here. not going to be done.
2:47 pm
the bathrooms in left field not going to be done. here is one other aim that is sort of potentially in the way. they will build a video scoreboard out here and right field. these are the rooftop owners. the other day they opened their p&l's to the court. they are trying to sue the cubs. take a look at the numbers. it is all about money of course. the lakeview baseball club, they sold 1.2 e-mail you dollars worth of tickets last year. they made $39,000. that is a whole lot of dough. we will see if they have any luck. i do not know if the cubs will
2:48 pm
have any luck being ready. that game comes in exactly one month from today. melissa: yell at them. tell them to hurry up. that will work. jeff: opening day in chicago always nasty. jamie colby will be featuring a family who inherited 3000 cars. they are everywhere. creating a museum to house them all. following my new show. we have all of these delicious clips that they could not cram in to the original episode. i love it. it will be great. you do not want to miss either show. more on that plane incident coming up. how delta narrowly missed
2:49 pm
disaster out one of america's busiest airports. more "money" coming up. ♪
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insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> we have new details now on the near disaster that shut down traffic at laguardia international airport. speaking moments ago about the flight that skidded off a runway. slamming through a chain-link fence. >> there was a minor fuel spill. leaking out at about 8 gallons a minute. the fuel was stopped. environmental conservation is on scene. airport rescue and firefighting
2:53 pm
crews applied. >> all passengers and crew members were safely evacuated. no serious injuries have been reported. one runway is back up and running right now. take a look at this one. eight drivers nightmare in could not keep. look at that. more than 12 hours. can you imagine the frustration? the state's national guard working to rescue passengers. can you imagine? we are heading into the last hour of trading. let's check in with liz claman. we have a producer that was there from our show that was watching the whole thing unfold. she will join us live. we also have the ceo the man
2:54 pm
who made the decision that is perhaps the most talked about decision today. the chairman and ceo. the parent company of ring land or others. was he pressured with just a business decision? you will hear from him. joining us live right here on count out to "the closing bell." tivo. they are making a major announcement right here on fox business of what they are doing. it actually looks like a trumping of what some of the networks are very interested in doing. tom rogers will be joining us. you know what, there are more and or above these days. all that and more at the top of the hour.
2:55 pm
>> was at north carolina gold heist and inside job? new details emerge. remember they had car problems. at the end of the day it is all. about money and gold. ♪ ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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at ally bank no branches equals great
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rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. >> new suspicions emerging about the trio of north carolina bandits who made off with $5 million of gold. a number of red flags indicating it may have been an inside job. plus, i said it at the time. there you go. robbers arrived right after the truck pulled over. like immediately after. the crew left their firearms inside. that's against protocol. a mechanic found no issues with the truck. it also had no markings on the outside to indicate there was gold inside. how did the robbers know there was gold inside. also, they knew the crew only spoke spanish. tom is here to join us and break this all down.
2:59 pm
tom, does this scream inside job to you? >> oh, yeah. if you were doing this investigation, from the get-go you would say exactly what you said on the air, this is an inside job. let's prove it. let's see how it was done. let's who was in contact -- were they both in contact with them? melissa: they pulled over because they were smelling fumes inside. one of the guys threw up because he was so noxious. >> did they throw up? if so, where is the vomit? you would polygraph these guys. listen, we don't know for sure. it's an allegation. at this point in time they would fail the polygraph -- gerri: how >> how often are these inside jobs? >> a good portion of time. especially on a deserted portion of the road. >> and they came right after the guys pulled over. no markings. that's a lot of gold to carry around. >> and to get rid of. you have to get rid of that gold.
3:00 pm
you can't just pull into a store and say, by the way, you know,... >> here's a bunch of gold pay me for it. that's all we have for now. i hope you're making money in the honest and legitimate way. "countdown" starts now. liz: we have breaking news at this hour. one just one runway at one of the nation's busiest airports is now open. after the delta jet skid off a runway. none of the passengers and crew seriously injured. we have our "countdown" to the closing bell producers who was stuck at the airport since early this morning. she was there fort whole for the whole thing. this is the same storm that pummels all loads of transportation including spring training. the elephant in the room soon heading out of the arena. the end of an era for one of wring


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