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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 6, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm EST

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the latest in terms of coming out of russia. we will also, of course, talk about the israeli and palestinian issues. george mitchell my special guest this weekend. i will see you then. thank you for joining us on opening bell. it is time for varney. stuart: jobs. got it. very little extra income. thousands of people dropped out of the workforce. far too many people are staying out of the workforce. it is a modest recovery at best. foreign dictators just love to beat up american icons. putin is now going after mcdonald's and coke.
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hillary is losing the left. apple joins the dow. "varney & company" the friday edition is about to begin. ♪ why don't we take a look at the stock price of apple. it is up $2. why is that? it will join the dow jones industrial later this month. apple is replacing at&t. the iphone is in, marbella is out. any doubts stock dow stock fund that you may have in your 401(k) anywhere will now have to buy apple. that is why apple is up. chances are many more people will now have an indirect
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ownership of apple stock. we have to check the big board. it is not pretty. holding above 18,000. the reason it is down so much is that jobs report. if there was an encouraging top line the investors think the federal reserve janet yellen will not be keeping interest rates at zero for that much longer. let's get to gas. still going up. not too much overnight. 245 is the average for regular. thirty-eight straight days that gas has gone straight up. new information on hillary clinton's e-mail. it is from a group of white hat hackers. clinton appears to establish multiple e-mail addresses on her private server. if you look closely you can see
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it. it is not all black. telling her staffers not to use personal e-mail for oafish business. citing security concerns. mary kissel. it is friday. she is with me. we have seen this movie before. she has always been in trouble. why would it be different this time? >> this is only a week after the last scandal. thinking money from foreign governments. i do not think this one the e-mail scandal will go away any time soon. >> she is react to intuit. you know that she thinks it is serious enough. >> a tweet? >> she is banking that the international media will just
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say, it's the clintons. we can move on. stuart: her personal e-mails. no state department personnel e-mail. who knows who have been to that e-mail. >> it looks like it was for privacy and not security. stuart: i think that there is still a large number of people that will vote for hillary clinton because they want a female president. >> a little patronizing to women to say they just want women i think that women want a confident president. maybe they want a woman but they want a confident woman. they say that these -- look at the clinton foundation scandal. can she win? stuart: it is friday morning and i do not want to fight with you but -- you are wrong.
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there are large numbers of women who want a woman president. let's not get back to that. you do take my point. large numbers of women perhaps do not care that much about the competence. they just want someone who is a woman in the white house. >> i think that women are smart enough to look at candidates and just say does she know what she is talking about. can she run a campaign. would she be there at 3:00 o'clock in the morning. stuart: you took the dow jones industrial average above 18,000. >> to you want to keep me for that hour? [laughter] this is about a fear that the federal reserve will not hold interest rates at zero for that much longer.
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a fairly strong positive headline from the jobs report. right at 18,000 as of now. everyone is counting the number from the jobs report. we are digging a little deeper. one of the big reasons why the unemployment rate came down to 5.5%. another big reason why the labor participation rate remains at generational lows. wages of 2% from this time a year ago. that is a very small gain. paul conway is here. paul. i heard an anchor on a competing network say that that jobs report was a blowout. would you care to comment on that? >> it measures strategy. if your strategy is one of incrementalism as opposed to
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economic expansionism, i guess that you could claim something like that. at the end of the day it is supposed to be an indicator of how many people are going back to work. that report did not get issued today. >> okay. 6.6 million part-time workers. i think that that remained fairly steady, if i am not mistaken. do you know how many of those 295,000 -- >> i apologize. i do not have that number. the number of new jobs being created, there was a large percentage of them that were part-time jobs. if the headline is to be believed that you are having a robust economic recovery going on here, the number of americans sitting in those jobs would actually be decreasing.
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stuck at 6.6 million for at least a year. especially in those areas where people have this kills to pull them back in off the sidelines and into the part-time jobs. people do not want to talk about it. stuart: if you are going to do your job in analyzing that jobs report you have to did beneath 295,000 new jobs. i think it is another sign that this is not a robust recovery and middle america is still hurting. you have 20 seconds. am i right? >> i think you are absolutely right. the bottom line here is what is the policy? are they designed to create as many jobs or not? if you see a trendline that has been stuck you have to question
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what the policy is. we are celebrating incrementalism. if that is what your deal is, great, go have added. most want economic expansion. >> yes. we want five and 6%. this is america for heaven sake. allowing people in the states to opt out of joining labor unions. support from the assembly. look at this margin of victory. the bill passed 62-35. scott walker signed for the bill on monday. the 25th right to work state in the united states of america. another big headline on apple today. >> thieves have started to target apple paid.
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data stolen from the recent tax is being used fraudulently in apple's mobile payment service. apple leaves it up to the banks to verify credit cards. thanks to that in all different ways. some are starting to tie up tighten up their security. some 80% of unauthorized apple pay purchases are happening at apple's own stores. that is pretty unbelievable. stuart: they are fraudulently going into apple stores to get high-priced apple merchandise and then resell easily for a good price. >> right. it is supposed to be pretty secure. they are just entering in a stolen credit card ombre. all the banks want to do business with apple because it is dominated the market in terms
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of mobile pay. apple pay was not hacked. >> .it. you think my credit card information was stolen back in 23rd team. this is now happening now all of these years later. stuart: it is not apple paid that was hacked. very important. thank you very much, lauren. did hillary clinton's use of private e-mail endangered national security? could it her personal server pe easily hacked? a former member of the secrets service is next. >> what difference, at this point, does it make? ♪
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stuart: perhaps mister ford wishes he could take that line back. the faa says ford reported engine problems right after takeoff. could not make it back to the airport. his family says he is battered, but he is okay. a doctor golfing at the time, first to respond on the scene. of nearly 170 points now. that is speculation that the federal reserve will raise interest rates sooner rather than later. fox news reporting she had her own server and her own house. all right dan.
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if you have your own private server in your own private home for personal e-mail, i would have thought that would present some enormous security problems. >> absolutely, stuart. you cannot just go down to your local best buy and pick one of these up. this was a very calculated decision. these kinds of servers require maintenance. maintenance by people that are not cleared by the united states government. could have had access to extremely sensitive information. i would have been terminated for doing the exact same thing. >> they hacked this server. had to be serviced.
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you are saying it was serviced by people that did not have security clearance. some foreign governments could've been reading. >> who -- this is not like that. this is a very complicated piece of equipment. requires a private ip. if you realize the correspondence the degree of security what she could have been putting into those e-mails -- anybody could have been looking at this thing.
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we know for a fact the person maintaining this server could not have been a state department employee. >> let me ask you this. you fill up the server with all of these e-mails and correspondence. and then, if you do not want anyone to see it or track it, you take the server out you put in other server and and you have a clean slate from the get go. is that possible? >> that is the joke of this whole thing. of course it is possible. they realize pretty quickly that no e-mails were dated from the time she was secretary of the state. it is still correct. she could have duly did e-mails.
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i do not think she have the sophistication to do with. certainly, someone with a computer background could do it. >> you worked with ms. clinton. what was your reaction when you have heard she had done this? >> you know, stuart, i am disgusted cared i do not mean to sound down or frustrated, but there is a new class of this. you have kathleen sibelius giving political speeches. the great unwashed, the regular workers like me, would be fired. what happens to the people like us with the dirt under our fingernails. we get tossed to the walls. it is an embarrassment.
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>> you just coined a very interesting and useful expression. the socialists socialist of your preferred to the bad guys as this. you just referred to the government. very good. you will be back. we will see you of again very soon. thank you for your candor. look at that stop. not that bad. down 1%. goldman sachs says cell lulu lemon. they are not big on yoga pants down there at goldman. it takes it down 4%. then there this. ringling brothers bowing to public thresher. getting rid of its elephant act. this is the power of the
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stuart: investors think that the federal reserve will raise interest rates. down goes the dow. now, that is all 30 of the dow stocks. it is already. all 30 of the dow stocks are down. including microsoft. that is an eagle guarding its nest. completely covered by snow. a pair of eagles make named liberty and freedom. naturally studying them saying their feathers protect them from the snow. they are perfectly at home in that kind of weather. >> that is awesome. the ringling brothers will phase out the elephants.
11:26 am
2018. we just had a soundbite from a guy. he said, oh, it was public a manned. the public does not want these elephants anymore. they are changing their taste. >> a have been going after the ringling others for years. it is not this is not an outrageous product is. it is a normal practice. thanks very much animal rights groups. now, kids around the country will not be able to see elephants. stuart: the cities caved to peta. >> that is right. they are keeping the lines and the tigers, but no more
11:27 am
elephants. stuart: why is putin going after coke and mcdonald's? >> because he can. we have the story. sales soared through the roof. here is the question. was that clever product placement or just pure luck? ♪ at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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or go to that's try lifelock risk-free for 60 days and get this document shredder free, a $29 value when you use promo code "ready." call now. . stuart: you know, it's getting serious this friday morning, down 190 points. again speculation following 295,000 new jobs, a strong enough economy for the federal reserve to raise interest rates. we'll see, but we're down and down big. apple is going to replace at&t in the dow jones industrial average. that means if you've got a fund, some kind of stock fund that tracks the dow, you as the manager of that fund you got to buy apple. people are buying it today and in a down market up a buck 28, $1.27 per share.
11:32 am
and goldman sachs says sell lululemon. people are selling it down 4.5%. disappointing sales from staples, the strong dollar hurts them and weak demand for computers. staples at 16. look at coke and mcdonald's. russia criticizes both companies for unhealthy products comparing advertising campaign to a war on russian citizens. mary, what do you say? >> absurd. mcdonald's opened up in pushkin square in 1990 and people lined up around the block. the biggest or one of the biggest in the world. russians need cheap calories it's cheap gives them cheap calories, don't believe what you hear from the government. stuart: it's an example of a foreign dictator who wants to pick on a weak america he goes after mcdonald's. >> remember jose bouve went
11:33 am
around and smashed windows in mcdonald'ss. >> he took a bulldozer to mcdonald's and flattened it. >> if you talk to regular french people as russians they love mcdonald's. who doesn't love a big mac? stuart: iconic corporations take the heat for america overseas that's what's going on in russia. more on mcdonald's. they announced they're going to get rid of human antibiotics out of chicken supply line. the guardian the leftist newspaper did digging, mcdonald's did exactly the same thing a decade ago, nothing came of it. ten years ago, mary they said we're getting the antibiotics out of the food chain. nothing happened. they said it again. >> yeah, but this isn't illegal. this is a pledge that mcdonald's said they would consider. they never said they were going to get rid of all antibiotics, if i'm correct you will correct me. chipotle saying they didn't
11:34 am
like genetically modified foods, they didn't ban all of them. stuart: it's a trick, in fact you keep it. >> mcdonald's should stand up and say we make good safe food. great burgers and shakes and fries and come to us and you'll enjoy it. >> you know, mary you're right. >> can i record you saying that? oh this is recorded. stuart: mary you are right. i'll say it again. let's get to something really, really different. the game monument valley made appearance on "house of cards" kevin spacey's character seen playing it. game has shot to the top of the app store charts. let's bring in neil mcfarland the create offer games that created monument valley. sir was this product placement? did you get to "house of cards" and say it's a good game, it will work in your plot line and it might work for us too? did you product place? >> no we didn't.
11:35 am
look, we were very lucky to be approached by "house of cards" and they asked us permission to include the game within the series, within the plot line of the series. stuart: you're an englishman? >> that's correct, yes. stuart: i didn't know that the brits were good at inventing games. this is remarkable. okay, joking aside. how many of the games have you sold? i know you charge it's $3.99 a game, isn't it? >> that's correct, yes, we've seen since "house of cards" series was released on netflix a jump of 500% in terms of sales and we're still at our sales on a daily basis triple what they were before the episodes came out. stuart: now, if you've ever watched this show and perhaps you haven't you know i press hard for numbers. sales are up 500%. now give me ther of apps sold at $3.99? >> yep, so bearing in mind the game has been out over a year sales are out 3,000 a day.
11:36 am
with the "house of cards" episode we were up to 20,000 a day around 18,000 a day. stuart: that's 18,000 a day every day while this "house of cards" is on the air. i'm trying to do the math and i can't do, it you're looking at maybe 60,000 bucks a day, is that about right? >> that's about right. remember, there's a spike in the slight drop-off. if it stayed at that it's fantastic it's dropped a little already. still down to around triple 9,000, 10,000 a day. stuart: what have you got in the works? games suitable for a tv series? >> well i would like tong so, hopefully this is the start of a general media and drama using touchstone for what they're doing the conclusion showing games are taken more seriously. hopefully the next game we release will be considered in such a light. we hope this is the start of
11:37 am
games being accepted and shown a lot more. one example of games shown in a very good light. stuart: you come from the north of england don't you? >> yes, yorkshire. stuart: that's right. did you not go a private school, what we call -- what you dmaul england a public school, you didn't, did you? >> no no i'm a working class lad. stuart: exactly! that's what i was getting at. when an englishman talks to another englishman i can tell where you are from and what social class you are from. working class lad from yorkshire. can you tell where i'm from? >> should i have looked you up, i know you are from the north of england, you have a slightly mid-atlantic twang to you now. i can't play into you. stuart: if you ever come back on the program you better change, a twang? i have a twang? actually, you are right, i do. i'm from darby and lower middle
11:38 am
class, not quite working class, my dad went to work in a collar and tie. that was fun and hope you keep making a small fortune and you should come over to america. we know how to make money over here. thank you very much indeed neil, see you soon. good luck, son. >> thank you. stuart: up next, the people behind the campaign to ban the single serve k-cups saying k-cups will kilt planet. here is some of their propaganda. >> oh, my! . >> run! run! run!
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11:40 am
. >> reporter: i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. the dow jones industrial average down 181 points. we are seeing steeper sell-off since january. the loss of one full percent and notable, we are below the 18000 mark. the s&p down 20 the nasdaq down 38. some the dow losers include procter & gamble, coca-cola, johnson & johnson and pfizer under pressure. some of the earnings movers take a look at better-than-expected numbers, profits and sales for big lots. up 3%. staples on the other hand is down about 3% after lower than expected quarterly sales. and lululemon under pressure goldman sachs put a sell rating on this one, in the near-term, they're going to face intense pressure and competition from
11:41 am
under armour and nike. much more "varney & co." coming up. [ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses. if you have a business idea, we have a personalized legal solution that's right for you. with easy step-by-step guidance, we're here to help you turn your dream into a reality. start your business today with legalzoom. you can call me shallow... but, i have a wandering eye. i mean, come on. national gives me the control to choose any car in the aisle i want. i could choose you... or i could choose her if i like her more. and i do. oh, the silent treatment.
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real mature. so you wanna get out of here? go national. go like a pro. . stuart: an update on the delta plane that slid off the runway at laguardia airport yesterday. it has been removed inspected for sign that weather was a factor in the slipping off the runway. passengers say there wasn't
11:43 am
that much panic. listen to this. >> i know once we landed we was going pretty fast, too fast to be landing. >> it was nerve-racking the plane came down and it slid, and took a spin to the left, and we looked out the window, and we could see the wing was hitting a fence. stuart: while everybody came out okay, few minor injuries nothing much. delta stock was down after it happened, down a fraction now, $44 a share for delta. check keurig green mountain straight up over the past 18 moshgs almost one in three americans does own a single cup coffee maker, that's the type that uses a plastic pod like a k-cup filled with coffee grinds, you can't recycle the pods they're not biodegradable. the man who invented the system regrets doing it and a group called kill the k-cup put out this video propaganda.
11:44 am
>> run! run! run! >> let's go! >> oh! >> oh, my god! what is that thing? stuart: well, i'm not sure you knew what was going on that was like a giant gorgon spitting out and firing k-cups. you get the message. the man behind the cause, doug leblanc joins us now. welcome to the program. >> thank you you. >> made a small fortune with the single cup -- you're behind the -- you're not the inventor of this k-cup are you, you're not? >> no i'm not. stuart: but you're behind the cause that says get rid of the nonrecyclable pods, is that correct? >> myself and mike hachey from egg studios, yes. stuart: what upsets you so much about the k-cups and the
11:45 am
nonrecycleability? >> it's the overall waste of the k-cup. it's not just -- first of all it starts with the manufacturing of the plastic pods to make a single cup of coffee, but the lack of recycleability for them, they go into the landfill and they are a complete waste and terrible way to make a cup of coffee. stuart: did you have anything to do with the inventing of the k-cup? >> no i didn't. stuart: so this is your cause, you want to get rid of those k-cups, that's you, that's your cause? >> that's my cause. i own a small coffee company in halifax called social bean gourmet coffee. and we use a single serve type of machine as well but it grinds the beans, uses the bean to cup system so, no plastic or waste. so as i got more involved in the industry and saw the k-cups and the waste that other people were using, i just took it upon myself to push the safer and
11:46 am
better way to do it. stuart: is it that bad, doug? you look really upset. is it really that bad? it's a little tiny thing, it's k-cups. making a cup of coffee. is it that bad? >> it is that bad. it's all these little things, and because i'm involved in the industry, i took on the things they can change in my own coffee industry, and this is a big one for us. but if everybody did that with their own industries we'd be in a better place. >> doug are you winning the battle? looks like millions of americans are buying these things and seem to like them. >> they seem to like them but we're getting the message out. the amount of resignatures on kill the is incredible. companies converting from k-cups to bean to cup process. one bean at a time we're changing this industry. >> and you don't own any stock in the bean to cup company. you own the coffee shop right? so this is helping you?
11:47 am
>> i own a small service coffee company. helping me for sure, but i'm a pretty small player in the overall industry a small city in canada. stuart: doug you could say this about almost any product, couldn't you, that uses plastic. how about a water bottle? >> most water bottles and drink containers have a deposit associated with them. so it's to the best interest of the consumer to bring them back and get their deposit back and they're dealt with appropriately. but the k-cups are thrown away, no regulation or any so it's straight to the landfill for them. stuart: what would you like? would you like a regulation to ban them? would you? >> i'd like to see them change to a more environmentally friendly pod. that would be good or banning them would be good too. stuart: would you like to see regulation legislation that creates a rule that says no more of them k-cups? >> sure. i'd like to see some regulation on them.
11:48 am
i'd like to see people make the choice to make better coffee in more environmentally friendly. they could turn that to daily lives in every aspect not buying water bottles and k-cups. stuart: would you say you're a super greaney? >> not a super greenie i do my best. stuart: you think you're in a tiny minority? >> we're a growing minority. soon to be a majority in our lifetime, i'm sure. stuart: why are you so serious. look, the planet is not going to end because of nonrecyclable k-cups, it's not. you know it's not. >> it's going to end because of that attitude. we can't make a difference. stuart: it's my fault. i'm sorry it's all my fault. interesting, doug, it is interesting, but you know, i can't get fired up about it. i really can't. and i don't think 99.9% of the american population will get fired up about it.
11:49 am
maybe in california, maybe out there in california you've got an audience, but i don't think you can bring the fire to the table. doug, it was fun having you on the show. you come on back when you've invented a new k-cup that is biodegradable. >> right on. thanks for having me. stuart: john stossel he says the media overhypes things. talk about that. overhypes things to scare us. what? moi? stossel makes his case next.
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11:53 am
. stuart: we're not quite at session lows we were down 205. down 192. all 30 of the dow stocks, all in red. that means they're all lower. john stossel is with me. just during the commercial break he looked at the big board, down 200. this is the start of the bear market. what do you been bear markets stossel? >> this is the start of the bear market. you'll remember that and think i'm a genius if it isn't, you
11:54 am
will forget about it. stuart: are you serious? >> things are too high. i think a bubble is going to burst at some point. stuart: that's interesting. let me give you your formal introduction. john stossel highlights what's threatening to us and what is not. roll some tape. >> a deadly shark attack off the coast of maui. >> the sharks are coming. and are your kids vaccinated? >> there are now 70 cases of measles tied to an outbreak at disneyland. >> what do we do about ebola. >> a medical crisis as well as a national security crisis. >> it all sounds so scary. what should we do about it? >> things involve big brother. >> life or death. stuart: you loor like you're calling out fox people there. >> we call out the whole media. i call out myself. i won 19 emmy awards it works. people have been looking at that plane. nobody died but it's
11:55 am
fascinating to look at the plane that slid off the runway. stuart: are you criticizing our broadcast which yesterday ran wall to wall with the extraordinary storm the interruption of the life of tens of millions of americans and a plane that slid off laguardia airport runway. are you criticizing our broadcast stossel? >> not for the storm coverage. [ laughter ] >> all right, now you've got a quiz what's a threat and not a threat. ask me questions. >> minor ones what's more risky, going through an airport scanner or eating brazil nuts? stuart: brazil nuts. and i know that for a fact. >> your knowledge is so vast. my answer is the radiation is higher in the brazil nuts because they suck radiation out of ground. you just told me. amber: you can use brazil nuts to make ricin which is an extraordinary poison used by terrorists. next.
11:56 am
>> smoking a pack of cigarettes a day or seven glasses of alcohol. >> i would say the alcohol. >> cigarettes. stuart: really? you can get away with seven glasses of alcohol. >> you can get away with it but it shortens your life. stuart: next one. >> no i want to save them for my show. stuart: no no i'm going to boost ratings by telling them which is on the show. >> which takes two hours off your life, watching two hours of tv a day or being a man. stuart: being a man. that's an entirely sexist message. >> watching tv takes 18 months off your life. being a man, 4 years. stuart: watch "varney & co." every day as long as you are moving around. good show, what's the name of it? >> "stossel," fox business.
11:57 am
stuart: time? >> 9:00. stuart: i'm calling it the climate mafia. >> yes. stuart: scientists and politicians who try to squash anyone who is a skeptic of climate change. a scientist who's been made a victim of that mafia joins us top of the next hour, and then herman cain joining us to weigh in on hillary's e-mails and putin blasting american companies. hour two is a mere two minutes away. we believe in the power of active management. every day, our teams collaborate around the world to actively uncover, discuss and debate investment opportunities. which leads to better decisions for our clients. it's a uniquely collaborative approach you won't find anywhere else. put our global active management expertise to work for you. mfs. there is no expertise without collaboration.
11:58 am
11:59 am
. stuart: we're now seeing the development of what i'm going to call the climate change mafia. any scientist who is mildly skeptical of the climate change jihad is persecuted and i use that word deliberately and accurately, yeah, persecuted. richard linson is the emeritus professor of atmospheric sciences at m.i.t. no slouch. he has been persecuted.
12:00 pm
he happens to know a harvard scientist who thinks solar activity is the main reason for climate change, not carbon. solar. even knowing someone who thinks like that is enough to bring the climate mafia down on your head. congressman raul democrat arizona, is investigating professor linson demanding all records of what he and six colleagues have said or written about climate change. consulting fees speaking fees hon raria, salary compensation and any other moneys. he wants all the information, tough it up, boys or else! the congressman is trying to ruin professor linson because he knows a scientist who bucks the climate change crowd. disgraceful. one last point, is the weather getting more extreme because of climate change? more hurricanes? droughts? snowstorms? floods? here's what professor linson
12:01 pm
says -- data shows no increase in the number or intensity of extreme weather. for saying that the desperate greenies want to ruin him. in a moment, you'll meet professor linson. . stuart: it is a sell-off the dow jones industrial average was down over 200, now down 188. there were 295,000 jobs created last month, and investors think that means janet yellen might raise interest rates. down go stocks. all 30 of those dow stocks are in the red, that means they are down. apple, though, it's going to replace at&t for the dow jones industrials average couple of weeks it's going to do that, a sign of the times, out goes ma bell, in comes the iphone apple goes up on that news in a down market. the price of oil holding
12:02 pm
right around 50 bucks a barrel, 49 to be precise. gasoline is going up. the average for a gallon of regular up a fraction but still higher, $2.45 is the number today. in california gas has gone up 88 cents in the last month. that state averages $3.44. back to the assault on climate change skeptics. listen to this quote from the "wall street journal" op-ed written by m.i.t.'s professor richard linson. here's the quote individuals and organizations highly vested in disaster scenarios have relentlessly attacked scientists and others who do not share beliefs. the attacks have taken a threatening turn. richard lindzen joins us now. good to have you with us. in the interest of saving time and getting on with this tell our audience real fast, how were you i used the word
12:03 pm
persecuted. how were you persecuted? >> i don't know if persecuted is the right word. stuart: what did the congressman want from you? >> wanted a ton of information, almost all of which is in the public domain. he was clearly trying to just make work for people and make them feel it's inconvenient to buck his view on this. i think in fact, the professional societies acted appropriately given that he chose people simply on the basis of scientific position on this subject. it was inappropriate, and i think widely recognized. stuart: i just got this in this crossed on wire services from vice president biden telling the huffington post quote, this is from vice president biden denying climate change is like denying gravity. your comment professor?
12:04 pm
>> he's absolutely right. i mean climate has been changing for 4.5 billion years. stuart: what he means by climate change is gloom and doom. >> this is the problem in other words these guys think saying climate change or it gets warmer or colder a few tenths of a degree should be taken as evident that the end of the world is coming, and it completely ignores the fact that until this histeria climate scientists used to refer to the warm periods in our history as optima we're demonizing chemical essential to life co2. declaring doom based on things we used to like and somehow we're supposed to overturn our whole economy in order to deal with this purported disaster. stuart: professor, hold on for a second. i want you to listen to this exchange between jeff sessions
12:05 pm
in congress and epa administrator gina mccarthy. >> would you acknowledge that the -- over the last 18 years, that the increase in temperature has been very little, and that it is well below, matter of fact, 90% below most of the environmental models that showed how fast temperature would increase? >> i do not know what the models are actually predicting that you are referring to. stuart: there were several occasions in the exchange where the administrator of the epa would not answer questions about whether there is more hurricanes or more droughts she would not answer. what's your take on this? >> well, you know, obviously, i don't think it matters to mrs. mccarthy. she has a political aim she has her marching orders and they are the orders regardless of what the underlying science is. stuart: do you think that we should be taking the measures,
12:06 pm
which we are taking against carbon emissions? should we be doing this? >> obviously, i don't think so. for a variety of reasons, no matter what you believe about climate, none of them will have any impact on climate. they do make energy more expensive less available less useful. they do hurt the poor they raise prices. it's hard to see what the upside is except for the people who get the subsidies for renewables or for big pharma farms getting use the ethanol mandates which make your cars less efficient and burn more gasoline. i mean, the whole thing is fairly absurd but there is so much money changing hands. stuart: we're going to leave it right there with your expression, the whole thing is fairly absurd. you are a professor at m.i.t.
12:07 pm
in atmospheric sciences we'll take that. professor, thank you for joining us, come again soon, okay? >> okay bye-bye. stuart: i'm going to be prepared to say obama-nomics is not working wages are up 2.5% over the past year wages are wiped out by inflation. bad news for millennials, almost a third of middle-aged parents are supporting adult child. look who's here kayleigh mcenany, no more snow. one-third of millennials get support from their parents. define support if i by my daughters college books or -- they can stay in my farm for a weekend and not pay for it that's support but it's not crucial, is it? >> exactly. they count at times when parents buy you groceries.
12:08 pm
stuart: they do? >> yeah, there's that statistic and the fact that one in five millennials are living at home. when you look at picture for millennials, it's bleak there's a reason they're taking from parents it's not by choice, it's the only option. stuart: that's the argument a lot of millennials have to live at home because they've got no choice, the jobs aren't out there and they've got a student loan yet. some are saying you're lazy, non-starters, you don't get up and go like we used to. >> neglect to tell you that millennials are dealing with 17% real unemployment. they're dealing with this and couple that with the fact that millennials are the most educated generation in history, attaining higher degrees than ever seen before. this is a generation hit by the obama economy. stuart: what you want is a job, you want an expanding, growing economy. do you care whether the goodies are shared out equally, or do you just want growth? >> you want whatever can you
12:09 pm
get. you don't know how frustrating it is to hear obama say in the state of the union i created 11 million jobs and the millennials are looking around saying where are they? we're trying to find them and can't. stuart: you are one of the most famous millennials, harvard law student. you are on the program frequently. you believe in free markets and capitalism. are your views fairly typical of your colleagues at harvard? >> not at all. there are a number of conservatives but i will say they have not heard a pro-growth message articulated in a confident way by republicans speaking to young people, it goes over their heads republicans don't hear the message they can't articulate the message. stuart: you got work to do at harvard. >> i do. stuart: you are going stay with me for the hour, i believe. >> i am. stuart: more top stories. lori simonetti has the story in case you missed it. >> in case you missed it almost one in three americans owns a
12:10 pm
single cup coffee maker that uses a plastic pod, you cannot recycle them and they are not biodegradable. you had a guest on the show talking about. that another story you missed was this. iconic american companies, mcdonald's and coca-cola caught in political cross hairs. russian officials sharply criticizing their unhealthy products and comparing marketing to quote a war against the russian people. both companies are not only major advertisers but major employers in russia. russia and the u.s. at odds over actions in eastern ukraine look at shares of both companies. like the stock market overall down today. and actor harrison ford waking up in the hospital after crash landing vintage plane on a golf course. ford had engine trouble and was unable to make it to the runway. aside from cuts on his head ford and everyone on the course are okay. amazing landing. stuart: it was.
12:11 pm
one of the stars from the discovery channel's hit show, bearing sea gold. she dives into frigid water dodging big chunks of ice, vacuums up dirt and rocks from the bottom of the ocean hoping to strike it rich. >> it was horrible it's a small community up here of miners and most expect to fail. as far as i know i'm the first woman to try to come up here and run my own dredge. i'm glad the summer is here and hoping to get 400 ounces. >> emily setting her sighting to be the first woman to break the 400-ounce glass ceiling. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
12:12 pm
the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer,
12:13 pm
that's what i'd like to do.
12:14 pm
. stuart: start with apple. this is very much a down market but apple is up today because it is going to replace at&t in the dow 30 in a couple of weeks from now. this is a sign of the times story, isn't it? essentially ma bell at&t out. the iphone in. that is a sign of the times.
12:15 pm
come on in john, from sunny bermuda. i ask you this every single week. we've got news on apple, they're joining the dow, would you buy apple stock at 129? >> finally yes you are right, it is symbolic at&t thrown out, the iphone coming in. hard to believe 750 billion dollars that could be undervalued. look at estimated earnings it's trading 14 multiple going forward. nasdaq is trading about a 19. yeah, believe it or not, i think it's undervalue here and i would be a buyer. stuart: that's interesting, john, you stripped out the emotion and just looked at the solid economic fundamentals. how much money is this thing going to make in the future, and you'd buy it? >> yes, and that is the hardest thing to do is strip out the emotion. people look at 750 billion dollars, that is unfathomable to most people and certainly is to me.
12:16 pm
i'm from texas not even very good with english i think when you look at it and look at the earnings coming forward, they don't have to create a new product they're like microsoft word, if they can go on autopilot on the products they have, they have new products coming out which will add to the earnings estimate. i think the earnings estimate right now, the stock is undervalued. stuart: all right, billionaire mark cuban says this tech bubble is far worse than the one 15 years ago here's a direct quote. if we thought it was stupid to invest in public internet websites that had no chance of succeeding back then, it's worse today. i think he's referring to social networks that have not -- or companies which have not yet gone public. ubers of this world and whatsapp. i think he believes there's a bubble there. do you agree with that? >> i do. you're always going to have, what mr. cuban is referring to you look at the top holdings of the nasdaq the nasdaq has diversified 47% of
12:17 pm
the stocks are tech stocks. apple microsoft, google, amazon the companies have hundreds of billions of dollars in cash, you can't compare that to 2,000 nasdaq files that i don't believe. stuart: it's cold in new york at the moment. you go back to the beach. it's kind of warm there. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: i'm moving onto gold a hit show i'm talking about on the discovery channel all about mining for gold on the bottom of the bering sea between alaska and russia. the star of the show is a pioneer in her own rite. roll this tape first.. >> something is happening. >> come to the surface if you can hear me. stuart: that lady right, there that is emily rydell the star of the "bering sea gold," sheer
12:18 pm
she is, ladies and gentlemen. >> thank you for having me. stuart: in the middle of the winter and sometimes in the spring, you go into the bering sea, jump over the side take a great big tube and the vacuum stuff up from the bottom, is that accurate? >> as accurate as you can present it without getting into the technical details. stuart: but you make a tv show out of that. >> yeah, discovery showed up and expressed interest. we rolled along with it. i was amazed. i wanted to mine for gold to pay for a master's degree, discovery is like hello, we want to film the ridiculousness. stuart: it helps that you are female and prepared to dive into the bering sea, that helps, doesn't it? >> helps being crazy and also being female, yes. stuart: how many pounds or tons of dirt do you have to vacuum up for one ounce of gold. you can give me that statistic? >> a phenomenal amount. >> i know, hundreds of pounds?
12:19 pm
>> not quite tons. whenever we clean our box, we have buckets and buckets and totes full of dirt that we have to narrow down and get to a little pile of placer gold that's our take. stuart: how many boxes can you empty per day? >> is that a trick question? stuart: this is a financial show, and i'm dying to get to the financial underpinnings of this program? >> right, right, like anything else it's hit or miss. stuart: i want numbers. okay, so you take off in the bow. how long are you on the boat a week? a month. >> your show is a numbers show, it's a statistic, i can't gamble. stuart: last time i went on the boat? >> last time, it can be pulling up 10 ounces of gold to no ounces or a quarter ounce. stuart: last time you went on the boat for one full day's diving, how many ounces of gold did you get? >> last season we got about 3 ounces of gold in 10 hours. stuart: that doesn't pay for
12:20 pm
the boat. $3500 worth of gold, that doesn't cover your costs? >> yeah, but that's one day. stuart: am i right in saying that you make far more money out of tv show, the hit tv show than you do out of the show? >> are you asking how much money i make? stuart: no if that's the truth. >> enough to keep the boyfriends around. stuart: do you make more out of reality show than do you out of gold? yes. [ laughter ] >> well, you know, that's a grim reality that i don't like to look at. stuart: what is grim about it. >> my goal one day is to be rolling in the gold. that's my ulterior motive. stuart: i'll take it as yes, that you make more money in tv than digging for gold. >> who says there is money in tv. i'm going to talk to your producers about that. stuart: season 4 begins when? >> march 14th at 10 or 9:00
12:21 pm
p.m., depending where you are. stuart: we'll be watching. >> awesome please do. stuart: if you are successful come back. >> i hope to see you then, talk to the discovery channel about that. stuart: rock band hall and oates suing a mom-and-pop granola company for trademark infringement over their name. ♪
12:22 pm
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♪. stuart: that song brings us to one of our favorite stories of the day. the rock band hall and oates suing early bird, the granola company in brooklyn. why are they suing? one of the flavors is haulin' oats. h-a-u-l-i-n, play on hauling as in pulling, got it? the band says that is copyright infringement.
12:26 pm
kayleigh mcenany, still here you have never heard of hall and oates. >> i have not. stuart: you are kidding me? >> i have not. plead the fifth haven't heard of them. stuart: trying to think of one of their songs. >> man-eater. >> i know the song. i just don't know the band. stuart: do they have a case, early bird has a flavor haulin' oats, hall and oates sues do they have a case? >> similarity of the names, that's easy to prove, hall and oates to haulin' oats. will they get damages or just get the name. stuart: hall and oates looks bad because they're going after a small brooklyn grocery. >> they do. this is a mom-and-pop. a sad story, it's the law. stuart: that's hall and oates. don't know which one is which.
12:27 pm
that is hall and oates and the band wins. >> the band wins. >> if you have your personal e-mail server, how easy is it to be hacked? especially if you are the secretary of state? former presidential candidate herman cain on hillary's dilemma next.
12:28 pm
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12:31 pm
stuart: i think this is a low for the day. 245 is the price. i want to get back to hillary and the scandals that just keep on going. she conducted her official state department is this from her personal e-mail account or accounts. she even had her own server in her own house. i find it flat out astonishing.
12:32 pm
someone conducting all of their business from their own personal e-mail account. detailed secrets of america's safety department. >> she issued a memo to her staff that said go by the rules. we must use the state department e-mail system. in order for you to have an e-mail account or accounts into her own server, who will provide the it maintenance for that? you cannot just buy a box and set it next to your desk.
12:33 pm
do the clintons have their own it department? there are a lot of unanswered questions. it boils down to here comes another cover-up. stuart: you are a republican. can you tell us what the democrats are saying about the latest scandal from hillary clinton and her position in the democratic party as she prepares to declare for the nomination? not again. not again. not again. with the help of the main street media, they will try to minimize the story as much as they can, as they always do.
12:34 pm
the clintons operate with a double standard. stuart: an awful lot of people in america that wants a woman to be president. hillary clinton has a good shot. what do you say to that? >> i think that america is ready for anyone that can read this country regardless of race, regardless of gender. not this woman. in my opinion. stuart: you know what i am getting out. >> she still ranks high simply because people want to vote on a
12:35 pm
woman. bat is very dangerous to the future of this country. what we need is somebody with some real leadership ability. hillary clinton does not have that real leadership ability that we need. your products are unhealthy. seems to me, that is a foreign dictators having a go, because he can. >> yes. i agree with you. decisions causing the russian economy to drag right now. coca-cola and make donald have been in russia for a long, long
12:36 pm
time. i think it is a political distraction that dick p stuart: thank you for being with us. and an online campaign against amazon. a growing number of dads, that theirs encouraging to have the amazon mom be changed to amazon family. lauren simonetti more on this. >> there is more on this. especially on social media. they are signing a petition saying that amazon mom is wrong. we are not just moms.
12:37 pm
why is amazon not responding to this? >> yes. that is interesting. i would have thought that they would have responded and responded positively. >> the structure of mom has changed. you get a lot of perks that raising a kid needs. >> i think some recognition of the new and changed role of men in american families. >> i agree. it is nice to hear men say that they are being discriminated. we are here. we are in a different role. recognize that. stuart: go dads.
12:38 pm
you would agree that it should be amazon family why has amazon not responded? >> i have asked him that question several times in various communication. i have often got in no comment. college basketball. march madness. big money. you know it. that raises the question. once again should we pay those athletes? ♪
12:39 pm
12:40 pm
nicole: the dow jones industrial average have been selling off. 17,925. the s&p thousand down 22 points. watching the banks very carefully today. bank of america wells fargo, holding on to some of arrows. goldman down 1.1%. the dow 30 on march 8 team. we will see apple going into the dow jones industrial average. at&t will be moving out.
12:41 pm
and for walker hitting an all-time record high today. stock is up 4%. much more "varney & company" coming up after the break. ♪ i don't want to think about the alternative. i don't even know how to answer that. i mean, no one knows how long their money is going to last. i try not to worry, but you worry. what happens when your paychecks stop? because everyone has retirement questions. ameriprise created the exclusive confident retirement approach. to get the real answers you need. start building your confident retirement today.
12:42 pm
>> we always keep in touch with the price of gas. not up much overnight. thirty-eight straight days that gas has gone straight back up again. larry levin joins us from
12:43 pm
chicago. pretty flats around $50 a barrel. gas has stopped climbing. do you think we have seen the and of a cash price spike going up? >> no. i really do not think so. oil changes delivery every single month. each month it is higher than the previous month. you will see the price jump. it will jump two or $3. oil is there another two or $3 higher. certainly, the refinery issues that we've got and the situation in california. stuart: we enjoy having you on the show. even when you say things like that. all right larry. thank you very much indeed.
12:44 pm
the hall of fame coach of syracuse university basketball. a frequent guest on this program, by the way. he will sit out nine games next season. we are lucky enough to have set davis here with us. took a huge hit. >> it is a big panel to you. a case that has been going on for a long time. it really runs the gamut. the ncaa can only cash a very small percentage of programs. you are supposed to follow the rules. the rules are in place for a
12:45 pm
reason. if players are getting their grates changed or altered or giving an appropriate academic credit for work that they are not completing, if there are recruiting violations, and lots of boxes being checked here. this is a very strict penalty. you have to have mechanisms in place as far as your compliance office. you have to have your eyes .it into ortiz crossed. stuart: you ought to be a lawyer. another issue facing college basketball -- these guys play for a couple years and then move on to the nba. maybe. seth davis is with us. and march madness bringing in tens hundreds of millions of dollars. these guys do not get paid.
12:46 pm
i say pay them. you say. >> they are getting paid. they get food. they get housing. that is not money? you do not think that a free education is money? if they want to pursue professional athletics they get the best training. they get the best practice with the coaches on the planet. they get prepared for their profession feared they have the option at any time to leave and get paid. this is free-market capitalism at its finest. >> i do not think so. harvard law says do not pay them. >> i think that is an excellent point.
12:47 pm
people watch college sports because there is no financial and sent the for the athletes. they are playing because they love the sport. stuart: they are not very good and last. their grates are lousy. should they get kicked out of college and pick out of basketball? stuart: bringing in hundreds of onions of dollars. >> can i ask you a question, if it is all about money why do universities have two dozen sports? men's basketball and football are the only sports that are on television. 90% of division i schools athletic department loses money. why do they operate these sports if it is all about money?
12:48 pm
stuart: it is the case. >> that is a different conversation. my question to you would be, we have hundreds of thousands of young men and women getting the chance to go to college have their tuition paid for a chance at a degree and a better life. they are playing ball. they are having a great time. what is wrong with the system? >> i will give you a commercial.l have full court coverage of march madness won't they? >> very good. and all digital sports network. stuart: do you make a prophet?
12:49 pm
>> of course. stuart: very weak response. a guest that says we need more millennial's and congress. i say there is a problem. young people do not care about politics. ♪
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
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to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> iranians aren't leaving the assault. he who leads from behind has been left behind. former ambassador to the united nations, john bolton on the obama foreign policy. tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern. join us. stuart: is it time to get a new generation of leaders into congress? welcome to the program. as i understand it, you are working to recruit train and support 12 youngsters.
12:54 pm
you have recorded them, you will train them, you will show them how to run. >> that is right stuart. we went on linkedin and posted every single job. there is $75 billion. stuart: if you want to be on television you have to go straight at it. you have recruited 12 youngsters. you will train them to run. >> yes. >> you want money through people like me. are they democrats or republicans? >> bowl. we are actually asking people to go to our website and nominate
12:55 pm
people. we are actually looking for these folks right now. >> you know, it does not matter so much that they are from old the right and left. when was the last time -- rarely at all. make that centerpiece for her camp came. >> will they focus on millennial issues? are they going to do that? >> they will focus on the future. these are people that will actually the adults in the room, which is ironic because they are actually younger. stuart: how do you go about recruiting the 12th?
12:56 pm
>> when you want to find a great person for your company you have to say we have to go and recruit people for your company. who is we? >> i give you money and it goes to your organization. we basically believe if you want to fix these problems, you have to focus on this. i welcome them to do it. do you read a newspaper? >> i do. the "wall street journal."
12:57 pm
we have gotten away from seeing politics. stuart: five seconds left. what is your website? >> you can nominate the most outstanding person you know to run. stuart: your time is up. more varney after this. ♪
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♪ edward jones. with nearly 7 million investors oh hey, neill, how are you? you'd expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. . stuart: former secret service agent.
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our thanks to kaylee. it was great to have you with us. apple placating stang by low text prospers. we will give you the details. gender equality in a new way. and an exclusive store. one of san francisco's leading drones. the founder tells me how our world will look and just five years. about 80% of the purchase is being used for expensive goods bought with smart phones at apples owned stores. joe, i want to start with you.


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