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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  March 6, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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rves to be told. i am oliver north. good night. t u. up next, lou dobbs. keep it here on fox business. ♪ ♪ lori: and a very good evening, everybody, i'm lori rothman in tonight for lou bobs. president obama today ramping up his administration's form on law enforcement issuing some of his most scathing comments yet about the 800,000 men and women in blue who put their lives on the line each and every day to protect americans. listen to the president this morning weighing in on this week's justice department report on racial bias in ferguson. >> i don't think that is typical of what happens across the country, but it's not an isolated incident. i think that there are circumstances in which trust between communities and law enforcement have broken down,
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and individuals or entire departments may not have the training or the accountability to make sure that they're protecting and serving all people and not just some. lori: and this was the president in south carolina today reinforcing his belief that many officers are racially biased: >> what happened in ferguson is not a complete aberration. it's not just a one-time thing, it's something that happens. and one of the things that i think frustrated the people of ferguson -- in addition to the specific case of michael brown -- was this sense of, you know what? we've been putting up with this for years and now when we start talking about it, everybody's just pretending like it's just our imaginations like we're just paranoid, we're just making this stuff up.
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lori: well is the president just worsening the relationship with police and ignoring the real causes of the problem? we'll take it up tonight with one of virginia's most prominent republican, bishop e.w. jackson. also tonight russia putting on a show of force as registrations with the u.s -- relations with the u.s. and western countries fall to their lowest point since the cold war. the russian military launching large scale exercises in disputed territories including ukraine's crimea region which russian president putin annexed a year ago. formerword to the united nations john bolton joins us to discuss what can be done to tame putin. and employers shrugging off severe winter weather to add a surprisingly strong 295,000 jobs last month. but the report also showed disappointing wage growth. s&p capital equity strategist sam stovall will join me to break down the numbers. we begin with the administration's war on law enforcement. president obama today saying the
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justice department's investigation in ferguson exposing a, quote, broken and racially biased system. his comments come ahead of the speech in selma alabama tomorrow marking the 50th anniversary of the civil rights march. joining me now, e.w. jackson, a senior fellow with the family research council. sir, it's wonderful to have you joining us this evening. poi, the president sure sounds like he has it out for law enforcement. your thoughts. >> well lori i'm absolutely shocked. once again the president used this term "what happened in ferguson." well, what happened in pirgson is not -- in ferguson is not what we were told happened in ferguson. the hands up don't shoot, it should now be hands down, don't lie. because it simply didn't happen. but he's talking as if it really did, and it was indicative of something that's deeply wrong in the ferguson police department. and the problem is this is not going to help one black kid get a job, get an education, stay out of trouble. all it does is continue to
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engender racial division, and i wish this president would just find it in his heart to start bringing mesh -- americans together instead of rip us apart. lori: what do you think is causing this fraction? faction, excuse me. >> well, look, dem goingly is part of it. part of it is just leaders like him and al sharpton and eric holder who just can't let go of their racial obsession. i wish they would be obsessed about what we say in our pledge of allegiance, one nation under god with liberty and justice for all. why can't we work together on that black, white, brown regardless of our race, our gender, our background? but instead they love the politics of division, they love the politics of race, and it's not helping anybody to do better in this country. lori: so are you suggesting that, in a sense, by issuing this rhetoric saying that the issue in the instance in ferguson was not an aberration of what's going on throughout the country and, you know, the comments from holder and al sharpton and the president
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himself are causing this divisiveness and this -- in a sense he's criticizing the president what he's ultimately created? >> they're engendering it they're creating it, they're demagoguing it. look, bait and switch. when you tell black folks we've had terrible problems in police departments across the country then you don't want them to think about the fact that you spent six yearses, and you didn't create any jobs for black people that you're bringing illegal immigrants in and taking the jobs that many young black kids would take, that you are not helping the street violence that's going on in places like your own hometown of chicago. let's not talk about any of that. let's talk about the fact that police departments are rife with racism. once again it's not helping anybody. it's dividing the country. and i just wish the president would stop it. lori: so would you suggest that the solution here is for communities and law enforcement to come together give me more specifics on that, please. >> well, i went to ferguson during the height of the tension
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there. i announced a plan there that i thought ministers, law enforcement, business people needed to come together, and several of those points were a keep the outsiders out. don't let al sharpton come in and create a platform of division. by the way we're waiting for has apology, lori. i don't think we need to hold our breath though. number two, don't wait until there's an incident. start doing this in advance. work together. develop relationships of trust. and, look, number three, you've got to teach these kids not just about their civil rights, but about their civil responsibilities, that you've got a responsibility to obey law enforcement when they speak to you, to be respectful, stay out of trouble don't get yourself involved with law enforcement because you're committing crimes. i mean, if we start doing these sorts of things we bring communities together rather than again, ripping them apart. those business people whose businesses were destroyed, what do we do about them?
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who's going to go back and help them? certainly not the people who created this division. lori: thank you so much, sir. appreciate it. >> thank you lori. lori: well, the hillary clinton e-mail scandal's not going away as the obama administration that brags of transparency is left to answer questions about why the former secretary of state was allowed to run her own e-mail server and what she may have been trying to hide. fox news correspondent doug mcelleway has our report. >> reporter: there were signs today that the white house is distancing itself from potential democratic presidential front runner hillary clinton. in a bloomberg interview, senior aide valerie jarrett was asked if she ever received an e-mail from clinton. >> i actually did not, no. i have not received an e-mail from secretary clinton. >> did members of the administration receive e-mails from hillary clinton while she was secretary of state? >> that i don't know. i do know that, obviously the president has a very firm policy that e-mails should be kept on government systems -- >> reporter: at the state department the spokeswoman was
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pummeled for half an hour about clinton's private e-mails. >> is this department feeling any political pressure from the white house, from the clinton camp, from any clinton supporters to remove information that could potentially be embarrassing to a possible clinton campaign? >> no. >> reporter: with state now possession of 55,000 of the e-mails, the months-long process of examining them for production to the select benghazi committee may have gotten more arduous. fox news' james rosen has found clinton appears to have many private e-mail addresses, some possibly for aides, all of them outside the department's secure system. >> even as an intern at the state department in 2004, 2005 with the lowest possible level of security clearance, i was given a classified e-mail account. even at that level there's a degree of accountability and an expectation that employees are going to handle information appropriately. >> reporter: asked in a fox news poll completed just as the e-mail story broke whether clinton is honest and
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trustworthy 44% said yes a majority of 52% said no. sensing she's wounded other potential democratic contenders are stepping in. maryland governor martin o'malley has a packed speaking schedule in new hampshire, vice president joe biden fresh from iowaed today spoke to a human rights campaign. the liberal huffington post today features this piece headlines "the answer to hillary clinton's e-mailgate, vote senator elizabeth warren." last august senior officials held negotiations with a team of clinton lawyers to gain access to her personal e-mails. but it was not until december after the midterm elections that 50,000 e-mails were finally delivered to the state department. lori? lori: doug mckelway many thanks. well employers adding jobs at a solid pace in december, the economy added a better than expected 295,000 jobs last month. unemployment rate fell to 5.5%. now, the unemployment rate falling, however because more
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americans left the work force. the number of americans employed or looking for a job falling near a 37-year low. american workers also not reaping the benefits in their paychecks. hourly wages barely keeping up with inflation up just 2% from a year ago. economists see rising wages as confirmation that the labor market is strengthening. investors not cheering today's jobs report, wall street now expecting the fed will hike interest rates sooner than previously expected so at the end of the day the dow down 279 points. the s&p off 30, the nasdaq dropping 55 points. volume on the big board picking up to 3.8 billion shares. now for the week the dow and s&p down 1 is.5%, the nasdaq posting weekly losses less than 1%. apple shares climbing higher on news the tech giant will join the dow jones industrial average later this month replacing at&t. end of an era, beginning of a new one. coming right back.
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iranians leading the charge in the battle against the islamic state. saddam hussein's hometown within its grasp. colonel bill cowan on the lead
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lori: iraqi troops with the iranian fighters taking the lead role set to take hussein's hometown. forces are expected to reach -- this weekend. no role in the military operation. iraqi forces pushed the islamic state out of a key town in western iraq. the town is al-baghdadi about 140 miles from baghdad. and it's just a few miles from an iraqi air base that came under attack a week ago. hundreds of us marines are training iraqi troops. one week after they released videos using sledge hammers to smash artifacts. city famous for royal tombs and other treasures is considered one of the 20th century's most significant finds in arcology. just heartbreaking. these latest attacks on
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history amounts to war crime. joining me now fox news analyst bill coone cohen. great to see you. those priceless pieces. i mean it breaks your heart and infuriates you more, doesn't it? >> i missed the opportunity to go there a couple years ago, lori. and i'm mad at myself. indeed, it does. it has to make everybody feel bad for what's going on. those war crimes they pale in comparison to the other war crimes that isis has committed in their rampage across iraq and in parts of syria. lori: that's important perspective. the situation in -- you have iran helping iraq. the us is not involved in this campaign. explain the dynamics of what's going on in tikrit right now. >> it's interesting. we the united states announced maybe six
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weeks ago that we were going to -- with the iraqis we were going to retake mosul in april or may. of course, we had to walk back. the iraqi government was upset about that. here we have this engagement in tikrit with my iraqi forces and shiite militia. and it's two militia guys every iraqi guy. we were never informed about this operation to take tikrit. that tells you about the relationship right now iraqi baghdad and the united states. i don't think we're even using air support at this time. the real issue is that the iranians have a pretty firm grip on parts of iraq that they're in. they want to continue to expand that grip. they're not part of any discussions about the retaking of mosul. you can be sure the iranians are taking to the prime minister of iraq and others. they plan to be that. they want to extend their influence throughout the reason. >> these are shiite countries as we know. some comments you made,
11:18 pm
just the geographic benefit for iran to be frankly so close to israel's situation. works in their favor correct? >> big deal, lori. if they can get into anbar province and they really control much of -- directly or intril byorindirectly control -- if they can get to anbar the places where our young men and women fought so hard for. if they control those areas, they get much closer to israel. at the end of the day, i think the iranians want to be as close to israel as they can. it's so much easier to fire a missile at a shorter distance and not have to worry about it getting shot down. >> meanwhile the us continues its negotiations to get a nuclear arms deal with iran. much to the chagrin of the sunni countries. they're trying to calm their concerns about this. with the ultimate outcome, us lifting some of the sanctions against iran now but getting
11:19 pm
back to our original discussion. the us isn't involved because we weren't informed. it seems quite disorganized. at least to me. what's the us' best course of action with the moving parts of the netanyahu speech in congress. you could go on and on. >> lori, disorganize is a great word. we don't know what our strategy is with fighting isis. we really only talk about the iraq part of it. we don't talk about the iraqi security forces going into syria to also fight isis. the complexity of the situation over there you just mentioned jawboned, the other sunni countries they're worried about the iranians getting a nuclear weapon. they're watching what's going on with the negotiations just as closely as israel is. the complexity of what's going on there is almost too immense to comprehend. you have to read it every day to understand all the players are. look at all the possible outcomes. most people watching it
11:20 pm
certainly and i certainly am, have serious doubts about this administration's ability to move forward with a clear path to make sure, at the end of the day our interests are protected our sunni friends interests are protected israel is protected, and iran is sitting by itself not becoming the consummate power of that region. >> thank you so much. thanks for your time. let's have a look at our online poll results. we asked if you believe inin a kobani deal would start a middle east arms race. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe racial bias is a problem in america's local police departments. cast your vote at british police are searching for thieves who stole a 180,000-dollar racing car less than 40 seconds. brazen smash and crab
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captured on surveillance cameras. they ran their land recovery into a car showroom southwest of london and attached it to their vehicle before driving off. it's obvious it was done by professional thieves. up next sex sells. the global box office. "50 shades of gray" counting 50 shades of green. president obama's amnesty on hold. if that changes, it will cost americans americans dearly. stay with us.
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>> breaking news. robert of new jersey about to give a news conference on reports that the justice department is expected to bring federal corruption charges against him. prosecutors are reportedly focusing on allegations the senator improperly advocated for the business interests of florida eye doctor
11:26 pm
solomon in return for expensive gifts. private jet flights vacations to the dominican republic. the scandal dogged the senator for two years now. at one point there were rumors of prostitutes that have since been discredited. the senator's office releasing a statement saying, quote as we have said before, we believe all of the senators actions have been appropriate and lawful and the facts will ultimately confirm that. so once again we're waiting for comments from new jersey senator bob mendez. democrat who may be facing federal corruption charges. notable that the senator has been vocal about his disagreement with the president on his stance with iran. we'll keep an eye on that podium. and bring you developing and breaking news at it emerges from that press conference. in the meantime a federal judge in texas has temporarily frozen president obama's amnesty fiat for illegal immigrants.
11:27 pm
pending a future decision of appeals court judges. if the executive action is allowed, it will cost taxpayers dearly. it finds the president's amnesty will make illegal immigrants eligible to receive $1.2 billion in tax credits. the president is trying to justify what he calls people's misguided -- a pathway to citizenship is a right. >> the fact of the matter is that when it comes to immigration we're a nation of immigrants. and the notion that say some young kid who is brought here when they were two years old might somehow be deported at the age of 20 or 25, even though they've grown up as americans, that's not who we are. that's not true to the spirit of what the march on selma was about. >> well fellow advocate
11:28 pm
democrat went even further saying this about chicago. >> immigration, i want to let everybody know the city of chicago is the friendliest immigrant city in the nation. rob had a lot to do with that. he made sure that we no longer cooperate with immigration authorities when it comes to deportation and separation of our families by using city instructs. no one can ask if you enroll your kids or seek out health care because you're injured what your immigration status is. that's the law in the city of chicago. i think that's something. only in the city of chicago can you graduate from high school with a b average and be guaranteed that you're going to to be able to go on to your next two years of college for free. only in chicago even if you're undocumented. >> he was once thought to be a shoo-in for his reelection. he's in a dead heat with his challenger.
11:29 pm
a brutal winter storm forcing the dramatic rescue of some 200 skiers stuck in cable cars in a ski resort in italy. wind gusts approaching 90 miles an hour down to a fur tree that fell on the cable line. crews had to deploy helicopters and ropes to rescue passengers from about 20 cable cars suspended in the air. fortunately no one was hurt. here in the us, an 18-year-old rhode island woman is recovering after being clipped by a car. ouch. surveillance cameras were rolling. she tried to run across the street. ended up in the snow moments before she was involved in a separate five-car pile-up. the police didn't issue any citations. both accidents were weather-related. two tourists at yellow stone national park captured a scary moment when a speeding buffalo ran them head-on. it caused nearly
11:30 pm
3,000-dollar damages to the vehicle. as for the buffalo it walked away seemingly unharmed. (?) well a box office milestone for the "50 shades of gray" movie. the erotic drama has made 5 million worldwide. it's the highest grossing field ever. i wonder how many times lou has seen "50 shades of gray." we should ask him next week. we're back after this. >> hillary's russian reset six years later. former us ambassador to the united nations john bolton on putin's power at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. the world is filled with air. but for people with copd sometimes breathing air can be difficult. if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily
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lori: investigators are on the scene of an oil train derailment. south of illinois. twenty-one cars derailed last night. two of them splitting open and bursting into flames. not good. fortunately no one was hurt. those cars had been retro fitted. what's wrong with me tonight? retrofitted with shields to meet a higher safety standard. as a result some critics are calling for even tougher requirements since that safer tank car model split open in three other accidents in the past year. one of the incidents was last month when a train carrying 3 million gallons of north carolina crude derailed shooting fireballs into the sky.
11:35 pm
the homeowners were treated for smoke inhalation. no one else was injured. harrison ford's spokesperson said the actor will make a full recovery following a plane crash on a california golf course. he suffered a broken ankle and pelvis and sustained multiple gashes to his head. laguardia back in operation after one plane crashed into a chain-link fence. federal investigators will examine the voice recorders. six people hurt in that rough landing. the sixth anniversary of hillary's russian reset remarks. listen to the former secretary of state in this 2009 exchange. seven months after russian invaded georgia. >> i wanted to present you with a little gift which represents what president obama and vice president biden and i
11:36 pm
have been saying, and that is, we want to reset our relationship. so we will do it together. okay? [laughter] we worked hard to get the right russian word. you think we got it? >> you got it wrong. it should be. [inaudible] and [foreign language] which means overshot. [laughter] >> oh, awful. cringe worthy. still isn't comfortable as it was six years ago. so six years since the supposed to reset. top us lawmakers are urging obama to send lethal weapons to ukraine in its fight against russian backed fighters. preparing new sanctions against russia. russia responding with large-scale military exercises in disputed territories on its border. let's get more with fox news contributor john bolton. welcome to you. we've come so far in the last six years. the us
11:37 pm
relationship with russia. i jest, of course. your thoughts on where things stand. >> well, i think they're worse than they've been in quite some time. and it's been because the russians have perceived that the obama administration and secretary clinton and secretary kerry have been pursuing policies of real weakness. concessions to the russians. the kremlin has pocketed the concessions and asked for more. giving up the defensive missile sites in poland and czech republic. a strategic arms agreement with the russians. and on and on. culminate go to in the disdain russia is showing for us to stop their aggression in the ukraine. >> as you know global oil prices crashed. ruble crumbled. russia is on the brink of recession. putin is still solidly
11:38 pm
in control. is that a fair assessment? >> yeah, the russian economy is in deep trouble. the collapse of oil prices is significant factor. the economic sanctions imposed at one point in the ukraine crisis have been a factor. but much less. i think the key point is that vladimir putin and his allies in the russian oligarchy are not american consumers. they're not shocked when prices go up and goods become scarcer and private bank loans are harder to find. they're running more and more an authoritarian society. they're advancing foreign policy goals and couldn't care less what happens to russian consumers. if anything, i think putin's popularity today has increased because of his successes in ukraine. to the point where most outside observers think he murdered one of the top leaders of the opposition, or at least
11:39 pm
it was done with a wink and a nod. and that vladimir putin then had the hutes put to say he would take charge of the investigation. >> and death threats to the girlfriend. that was the latest. you mentioned couldn't care less. it seemed he couldn't care less about european sanctions. he's moving right ahead with his agenda in the ukraine. is that the way you see it? >> yeah, to be effective sanctions have to be vigorously enforced and universally applied. that's not the case for the russian sanctions or the iranian sanctions while we're on the subject. and indeed many of the sanctions have had a measurable effect not just on the russia, but the ukrainian economy. people forget that in soviet days allocation of resources was done on a political basis. so much of ukraine's economy is intimately
11:40 pm
related to russia's economy. even if you could say the sanctions had a big impact on russia, they also had a big impact on the ukraine. the russian ruble has gone down in value. the ukrainian currency has all but collapsed because of the western sanctions. >> are you buying the cease-fire? >> cease-fire was violated almost the minute it was signed. it won't get any better. >> ambassador john bolton. many thanks. >> thank you. lori: now, the quote of the night. this one from the 40th president of the united states. ronald reagan. here it is. we must realize that no arsenal or no weapon in the arsenal nelsons of the word is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. (?) well, last year was a great year to be a fisherman in maine. fisherman hauled in a huge catch. the record for the state of maine. lobster accounted for
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♪ lori: well a sharp sell-off on wall street despite solid gains in the labor market. joining me now is s&p capital iq chief strategist sam. great to see you. what a rough day on wall street. >> absolutely. on the one hand, you
11:46 pm
have great numbers for the amount of people employed for february. wall street certainly didn't like it. it took them a little by surprise as it relates to what the fed might do next. >> what about surprise? i think it was common knowledge at least the fed has been targeting that it will raise interest rates this year. june instead of august. it's a little ridiculous, no? >> pretty much it's agreed upon that the fed will raise their interest rates. they will start their tightening program at a meeting where they have a press conference. they want to smooth ruffled feathers. no one likes higher rates because it translates to lower stock prices. you're right. i don't think anybody will be surprised by when the fed starts to raise rates but rather the magnitude and the speed by which they pick up the interest rates. >> don't forget, higher interest rates mean a better economy. jobs added. falling unemployment rate. i know we can look into the hood and dig into those numbers. there were not so great
11:47 pm
elements to the jobs report. overall, the us economy is hanging in there. we've had this record low rates for many many years. rates have to go up sometime. isn't it frustrating that the markets are reacting to good news by running for the exits? >> well, i think it's another good example as to why buy and hold investors might be better off not paying attention to daily swings in the stock market. you're absolutely right. that historically, rising interest rates have actually been good for stock prices because people move out of bonds and then say where am i going to go? they go into stocks because the economy is improving which is causing the rates to go up. >> the market fell almost 300 points today. i think i'm calling my broker tomorrow to buy. do you see it as an entry point? >> i think it's early. we're only down 2% down from the peak on monday. we were only in the negative territory for two days. lori: if you're looking at dow 20000 by the end of the year, maybe not too early. i hear your point.
11:48 pm
you think it's more of a consolidation? >> yeah. i think that's a possibility. the s&p is at 2071. maybe it can go down to 2035. that would still be less than a 5% decline. but we have to wait to see what the charts do what the news is that's causing the market to go down. let's face it, we have gone 41 months without a decline of 10% or more and the average is 18. lori: what do you think of my prediction of dow 20,000 by 2016. is that overly bullish? >> probably not so. when you think the market is up by an average of nine plus percent per year. entering the seventh year of this bull market. the average gain in the two times that we've had a seventh year since world war ii has been 28%. you might be underestimating if history repeats. >> i'll take that. always a pleasure. great stuff. enjoy the weekend. all right, be sure to listen to lou's financial reports three times a day on the salem
11:49 pm
radio network. get this, a new report finds americans spend a whopping $58 billion to feed, groom and pamper our pets last year. more than three times than what we spent three decades ago. if you're one of those who money is no object, samsung has the most luxurious doghouse ever. a treadmill covered in fake grass. a hydrotherapy pool. it costs roughly $31,000. that's absurd. my my. up next a democratic pushing the obama administration for tougher nuke -- suddenly facing charges. "the a-team" tells us if it's coincidental. matt and mercedes join us next.
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lori: and we do have an update on the breaking news we brought you earlier, democratic senator robert menendez of new jersey moments ago denied any wrongdoing the justice department is expected to bring federal corruption charges against him. >> let me be very clear, very clear, i have always conducted myself appropriately and in accordance with the law. every action that i and my office have talkin' for the last 23 years that i have been privileged to be in the united states congress has been based
11:54 pm
on pursuing the best policies for the people of new jersey. i am not going anywhere. lori: menendez has been dogged by questions about expensive gifts begin to him by his friend and wealthy donor dr. melgen. the state department claims it will take months to review hillary clinton's official e-mails. now, that comes as a new fox news poll shows that 52% of registered voters do not think that the word "honest" describes hillary clinton. joining me now, former bush 43 spokesperson and republican strategist mercedes schlapp and chairman of the american conservative union, matt schlapp. mercedes, how will hillary overcome this? >> what's happening is the media is the one that's really pushing the story. they want answers to their questions, and the mere fact that he continues to remain incredibly silent i mean she
11:55 pm
sent out the tweet asking the state department to release her e-mails, but that's all we're getting? this story is not going to go away until she starts answering serious questions. lori: do you think we'll ever get a chance to really see these e-mails? >> no because the first thing is it's important for everyone to remember, this is a private server in her house. we don't know what happened after benghazi did they scrub the server? are we going to see the full record? my hunch is we're not. hillary clinton is saying she kneads the state department to -- needs the state department to release these e-mails. she can release anything she wants, and she's hiding behind the state department which is now going to stonewall us for months while they go through it. this is ridiculous, and the american people and congress should say enough. lori: a new detail on this report or, right, reports that while secretary of state, she forced the resignation of the u.s. ambassador to kenya over his use of private e-mail accounts. doesn't get more hypocritical
11:56 pm
than that, mercedes. >> and remember the state department put out a policy back in 2005 warning individuals, officials that work for the state department not to use private e-mail. so it's a sense of hypocrisy that comes from this. and then it brings up the question of trust. can the american people trust hillary clinton to run our country? i mean, it's, again, going back to this secretive approach that she doesn't have to play by the rules and the fact that she's not being transparent in her actions on e-mail. >> and it's important to remember why the state department said that you couldn't use private e-mail accounts, and that's because people like ambassadors and for hens sake -- hens sake the secretary of state they're leading our national security efforts. that means our enemies -- north korea like they did with sony, china -- they're looking at these e-mails and learning things. that is reckless and irresponsible. lori: i want to get your take on the breaking news of senator robert menendez facing these
11:57 pm
corruption charges, your thoughts on that, her -- mercedes. the timing very curious. >> the justice department just decided to leak this out with no substantial information backing this. again, the timing being that you have one of the toughest critics of president obama, that being senator bob menendez, on issues such as iran and i cuba and it's just -- it's interesting to see that they're saying that it's because of the statute of limitations, but the mere fact this is happening when the iranian negotiations are going on is, again, a question that needs to be raised. lori: and your thoughts matt. >> with the obama administration, everything is so political. it does seem like really interesting timing that they bring this threat of an indictment right on top of menendez's criticism of their iranian policy, and menendez is right to criticize their iranian policy and criticizing their new cuba policy. lori: do you think this sends a message to chris christie? >> well i think bob menendez
11:58 pm
showed incredibly poor judgment in a lot of ways and look i think we should get to the facts. lori: hey, let's also discuss scott walker wow, you talk about peaking too soon, the latest q poll puts him ahead of jeb bush, looks like. do you think he has the staying power? >> yeah. i don't know, mercy, what you think but i think scott walker's definitely the person who has popped. he has been leading in several early polls and -- but the other takeaway i have from this race aside from the fact that jeb bush did himself some service at cpac is this race is really wide open. lori: who do you like? >> well i think for governor scott walker what he did in iowa and again as mentioned in cpac, he really was able to shine. i think there is a clear distinction of you have the republicans that want a fresh face, that next generation where governor scott walker who's been kind of a street fighter in a purple state he's really attractive to these individual -- to these republicans. but then you've got jeb bush who
11:59 pm
was able to survive in the lion's den, as they kept saying. so it makes it into an interesting competition which i think is going to be playing out in the next couple months, and we'll see who the flavor of the month is next month. lori: but again, is it too much, too soon for scott walker, matt? it's so early in the cycle. >> no, it's not too much too soon, but it would be too much to expect him to lead the pack the whole time. i mean this race is going to change at several different times, and, you know right now scott walker is enjoying a little boomlet, and he ought to enjoy it because it's going to change. lori: what's going to happen when we find out how much money jeb bush has raised? >> for scott walker one of his biggest challenges is going to be can he be prime time can he be that national candidate? when we've seen he's made certain errors along the way, comparing isis to the union, you've got to be really careful when you're running for president. there's little room for error especially in the republican field when it's so competitive. lori: one last quick comment
12:00 am
matt. >> it's early. lori: yep. >> cut him some slack, we're going to have a lot of changes. lori: you guys are fantastic. that does it for us tonight. thau ♪ >> a deadly shark attack off the coast of maui. >> the sharks are coming. are your kids vaccinated. >> there are now 70 cases of measles tied to an outbreak at disneyland. >> this is a medical crisis as well as a national security crisis. >> it all sounds so scary. what should we do about it? >> some things need requirement of big brother. >> life or death. that's our show tonight. ♪ >> and now, john stossel. stossel: i don't want to die. but i'm not sure what to worry about. because when i watch the news, i see so much to worry


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