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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 10, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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on the planet who are that old as of 2013. you may not have been bored - - born in 1869 but a party like it's 1999. good night. >> good evening. i am lou dobbs potential presidential candidate hillary clinton remained silent for the past week today speaking publicly about her e-mail controversy. clinton told reporters at united nations it was a matter of her personal convenience. >> i opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail account which was allowed by the state department because i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my working and personal emails instead of to. looking back it would have been better if used the second e-mail account and
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carried a second phone but at the time this did not seem like an issue. lou: the former secretary of state does not dismiss calls for transparency. >> of the server contains personal communication -- to indications from my husband and i believe i have met all of my responsibilities and the server will remain private and i think the state department over time could release all of the records that were provided. lou: we will take this up and what it means for hillary clinton's presidential chances with the -- the "a team" also should check the moments after news conference to join the chorus of democrats sarah lashing out of senators to send a public letter warning that any
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nuclear deal reached with president obama would not have the authority of a treaty and with the of mirror executive agreement that would end with his administration and. former pentagon official joins us on why they are right to stop the agreement. and white islamic state hostages that appeared call of before there were killed on video. and then to talk about that barbarism and with a radiant force is making steady progress with the islamic state then holds the city. a tough day today stocks fell sharply wiping out the gains for the dow and s&p the dow plummeted 3303 points the nasdaq down 83 in
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volume on the big board 3.6 billion shares we will have a full report later in the broadcast. we begin with every clinton while trying to defend herself with another controversy using the opportunity to fight to exercise some influence over a potential iranian nuclear deal. >> with the letter from republican senators that was out of step with the best traditions of american leadership and one house to ask what was the purpose of this letter? there are too logical answers. perhaps that was harmful to the commander in chief on international diplomacy either answer does discredit
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to the signatories. >> to put that in context of the values of leadership to address the loan -- jerome controversy it was back in december and that clinton said no deal with iran over the nuclear program is better than a bad deal. our guest k.t. mcfarland what about the former secretary's press conference? finigan she was a junior lawyer at the watergate committee we had big files of telephone conversations and transcripts. we were told they would decide what was relevant and
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today and save as some behalf into the server. so you can buy time buy you cannot hide this for ever when i worry about the pact by the chinese are the russians and somebody could use the information over her head. lou: and to be accountable for herself with a turkish reporter the second part of the question was asking about whether or not she is under said spee criticisms she were not to a woman the irony coming from a turkish reporter is overwhelming. >> yet another story how often will be watched them get in and out of messes? it just shows me whatever will happen before policy
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and national security there is a lot more to find ever roll with benghazi and iran. lou: and sending an open letter to the iranian leadership questioning the very idea of any agreement that cuts congress out of it buys and consent to. >> the president has said he doesn't need congress to do this deal and he can do by executive order but the problem is foreign policy making decisions he said any deal will do by executive order so they were right to say it can be overturned by the next executive. lou: now would appears with the republican setter signed on by the leadership for
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them to sign on 47 senators with his letter that it says there understand but they're dealing with with the white house without question to not circumvent the constitution to violate its meaning certainly it is not something they have to tolerate quietly. >> also it was congress that put on the sanctions they should be part of taking them off. but the president has his mind on the iran deal it is the bad deal the effective people say you can keep your nuclear weapons program just unplug it but what guarantee do you have a little plug get back in? >> also russia, china, interest beyond that of the united states.
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than most issues do not coincide with the policy of the united states. >> i look at that region i rand is thinking of the nuclear states if they think iran will become a nuclear state. lou: k.t. mcfarland. with for supporters of the second amendment the bureau of the alcohol tobacco firearms explosives it is abandoning a proposal that would have banned one of the most popular cartridges for the ar-15 rifle. saying it was bombarded by more than 80,000 comments on the proposal to base and the so-called green tip in addition -- edition because the fraternal order of
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police, 238 house members and the head of the nra is pleased telling the daubs tonight'' they have got away for now. we know they're coming back. we will be ready. a new director general report warns the social security administration is sitting on active numbers for the aged over 112 that means those social security numbers
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lou: breaking news the islamic state has released a
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new execution video showing a young child during the israeli arab terrorist claiming they were a spy. shows the boys shooting a hostage at point-blank range and israeli officials are where the video but have not yet of the disputed the claim. the islamic state defector routine these subjects foreign hostages to mock executions to give arabic names before the kill. the execution rehearsals took place so when it came there were not expecting it to happen and there we're relaxed for the cameras. our next guest has written about these executions as a
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terrorism analyst for cbs news and author of the new book crisis exposed -- isis expose turco how could they be so complex. >> that is what they ask for :do anything or try to run away but again the have the mock executions. but many of these are carried out by british citizens the vicious terrorist our citizens of great britain that is a chilling thought because isis is not just a threat but to the united states. lou: the president says it isn't a religion despite its
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name or the caliphate and the reality is different. >> he says it exists because of lack of job opportunities or lack of a career path. first of all, thousands of muslims from the west are flocking to the caliphate and i had interviewed places as close as minnesota and that they pitch zero luring to pitch tuesday the part of the new islamic kingdom and we will rule the world sunday that is the alluring message. >> has really get the islamic state they are
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destroying their cultural herridge and antiquities. what is driving that? >> the ideology even if you are a muslim that does not subscribe to the ideology they will kill you looking at anything from the pre-islamic era as forbidden and they must be destroyed that is their view anyone who does not subscribe to that ideology must be destroyed. obama does not want to make knowledge that we are in the war. lou: it is clear the iraqi forces are marching successfully to expel the islamic state what is that consequence? >> said in the iran is ever friend over the past 36
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years with the jihadist movement at the end of the day they wanted the same thing to take on the west so getting in bed with iran is a big mistake we should take the lead and it would be nice to see the muslim arab nations debt involved to help us take the lead. lou: good luck with your new book isis expose. looking at the poll results -- results we ashtabula applied senator cotton toward iranian leaders of the of of its 70 unilateral deal. 86 percent said yes. vote tonight deal believed democrats complaining about the republican letter to iran were lying or generally unaware of recent american
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history including their own roles in it? police in lincoln county washington research in for a man in his 20s senior in surveillance video trying to adapt a toddler. his attempt was unsuccessful the two older siblings ran after him the suspect later dropped the child along the ground and do teenagers ran after the ground there praised as heroes that they're not so comfortable with. >> there is a kid's life in danger i did not care about my opponent that point. >> i just consider myself to rank the right thing he got away too quickly they thought he had and a getaway car somewhere. taping for a french reality show.
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incredible video coming up and the democrats for getting their own interventions with foreign governments. my commentary comes up. stay with us. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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lou: shocking video of a tragedy capturing the moment to helicopters colliding in mid-air in a remote part of argentina. 10 people were killed the helicopters were filming a french reality television shows similar to a survivor in among those killed were two french olympic medalist and an accomplished sailor now they're looking into the cause of the crash. dramatic surveillance video out of new hampshire were a tractor-trailer truck hit a car in the southbound lane and then plowed through the toll booths there were no
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life-threatening injuries. we're still not sure what caused the truck driver to lose control now reaction into the letter to 3m's leaders of 47 republican senators had a duffel on his the fed. -- hissy fit mr. biden is very excited to say in 36 years of the united states senate i cannot recall another instance the senators wrote directly to advisor another country and much less an adversary that the president does not have the constitutional authority to reach a meaningful lenders the ending with the decision to undercut the president or circumvent the
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constitutional system offense me says the vice president. he forgot his previous view and conduct and he was serving himself. a quarter century ago the senator with the intermediate forces nuclear treaty of the soviet union with ronald reagan he said it would have been utterly ince eight -- unsafe in improper to leave the process of leaving the treaty to the president alone. they have also forgot the times that they themselves have intervened with foreign governments. not only offering their individual views but in some cases voicing dissent working actively to disrupt
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the foreign policy. for example, in 2007 the then house speaker travel to damascus to meet with pshaw are of a side -- assad as ever looking to isolate the syrian leader. three house democrats travel to baghdad warning saddam hussein of president bush's plans for the congressmen said they were trying to head off the iraq war. secretary kerry himself broke channels to directly intervene in the diplomacy of policies of president reagan. meeting with opposition and leaders in the iran contra war senator kerry negotiate with the regime in 1985 as senator ted kennedy is a personal representative to carry more than a proposition to the soviets
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and to support the drop box is returned from the 1984 presidential campaign against reagan. mitch mcconnell offered an explanation why the obamacare administration decries and the al side implements and is so eager to go will load on the nuclear deal with iran. >> all of us should be suspicious of the administration that is intent to keep the elected representatives out of the deal. and there is only one conclusion that there is the bad deal. >> it appears what this
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administration is all about. the potation for the evening. those with colosio or obama or john kerry and they said once they are committed to silencing the voice of opposition italy has one way to go, down the path of increasing measures until it is a source of terror to all citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear. we will be right back. smith trying to tamp down the controversy how clinton allowed her foundation to take
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lou: do surveillance video out of checking cheese from ohio has law-enforcement looking for five customers who were upset about a broken foot of truth at a birthday party attacking six employees who were hospitalized and released. a spokeswoman says they're working with police to find and arrest the attackers have fled before law enforcement arrived on the scene. so much for southern manners
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into southern college basketball teams had to forfeit a game after this nasty brawl broke out in the second half after a texas the third player to a charge beneath her basket and then the brawl ensued after bird 15 players were suspended for fighting. they did not fight well it appears but they did fight vigorously. breaking news tonight learning all about the content of hillary clinton's e-mail some private server it seems 2900 contained the words bin gauzy and libya but the house select committee on benghazi said the former secretary of state only turned over 300 of those relating to the 2012 terrorist attack. that is not the only thing
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that could hurt her chances in 2016 showing six out of tanner eager for change june 2016 but a majority of voters believe hillary clinton and jeb bush returned to policies of the past according to the b.c. "wall street journal" news poll. we have michael goodwin, and to leave rodzinski good to have you with us. return to the former secretary of state performance today with the very quick news conference. >> it is atrocious and unfair to the people better either supporters of hers that she is most likely our nominee in reinspect better for the white house and she owes much more of explanation and a
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transparency and more then the performance today and i am desperately worried after today sunii believes the current warehouse has been setting those standards? his hasn't been the open and transparent administration he promised. >> what she did was above and beyond that if you conduct government business solely on personal e-mail server then you should die get a set of people like to see in them because now you have personal and on personal. she made that decision. >> it is my turn to be the good cop in many ways a thought she handled herself well she stock to the script but the problem was the content. she threw something out there but it clearly she would have to dig deeper but in terms of her ability with
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a professional politician and she was quite good today the way she handled herself. lou: colin powell and george w. bush did not use official e-mail and there is a preposterous conclusion that if you are a federal employee you don't need to bother with the nonsense and to evade responsibility to be a government job. >> this is what is troubling. >> but this goes to something bizarre as a matter of convenience that she didn't want to carry a
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device in each case and but you could have several e-mail accounts on your one device. >> that was my point i figure was so preposterous that a point to see her when a light to continue those policies. like to see her up to be president because the alternative is horrifying. however she is doing everything she can to jeopardize that. lou: i believe that it is premature. [laughter] >> i know enough to know that i am horrified from the republican party. >> she will have to answer more questions. that what is the gap in one about the server so if it is scripted with the emails
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that she wrote to federal employees with that vast bulk what about the 30 of 40% that essentially they are gone forever? >> rubio and walker and huckabee are their preferred candidates right now. i think that is surprising to a lot of people. but with a populist message. >> nine. she has the nomination and locked up and that is what is concerning. lou: already? >> i don't thing he is electable in the party right now after shifting to the left. ending keeping with the "wall street journal" poll
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that 60 percent of the voters want a change that is what they say right now. we will see. >> the public is so fickle. thank you for being here. >> you believe democrats complaining about the republican leader is generally unaware of and including their roles in the? police n colorado's saying they saw a man setting fire to a house with graffiti my wife is said cheater reporting into reports of an explosion when they arrived was engulfed in flames in debris all over the st. fortunately all the occupants were out of the house but they still don't know what connection the fire has treated a suspect
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or to the wife who is cheating as he put it. a brutal there was three. with triple digit tumble and the taylors with the unusual move to ensure the prized asset.
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lou: almost read the stocks erasing old games for the year plummeting 333 points fees impede down 35 the nasdaq dropped 83 points. three price 6 billion shares together markets sell off of the strongest dollar against the year selfie that we have had over 12 years and so strong that some say we could see parity between the two. and settled near $40 a barrel. with a growing sense we are a few months away from the interest-rate hike. listen to my record three times a day on the salem radio network. vice president biden says central american nations
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$1 billion to bring stability to the region just give him 1 billion. what he should have addressed is this reality that russia and china added george u.s. investment in latin america. earlier this year china's president pledged to invest $250 billion in the region argentina is one of the few countries that supported the annexation of crimea and we suspect there will be broader support expressed for china and russia. i don't often credit obama for his policies but tonight i do. late last week liberians fear was discharged from a treatment clinic bringing the number of known cases two o that means if no new cases is a merger over the next 42 days liberia is
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considered ebola free on april 4th. i have to tell you we should be grateful to samaritans first then the world health organization and the doctors without borders national institutes of health cdc and our military and as i said to his credit in his intervention for help there were far more cautious of the possible consequences. good for you. but calling for congress to pass amnesty legislation for illegal immigrants the illinois governor republican senator kirk, and bob dole all urges audience members to pressure congress to act
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those views are surprising but illinois has a way to surprise you with politics. >> i want to let everybody know to be the friendliest emigrant city in the nation ever call rahm emanuel make sure we don't cooperate with immigration authorities when it comes to deportation and separation of families nobody kennel's a kid in school or to speak out with health care because you're injured would assure immigration status? status the lot in the city of chicago only in the city of chicago can you graduate from high school with a b average and a guaranteed you couldn't go on to the next two years of college for free even if you were undocumented.
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lou: comprehensive immigration reform? firefighters in south los angeles coming to the rescue plan to she was able to climb down herself with the latter and no injuries were reported but the causes under investigation. >> tsa agent finds a stowaway dog in the passengers checked bag fortunately before the flight and she said she was unaware that her little chihuahua was in there and must have climbed in while she was packing her suitcase. a happy ending. the nfl free agent period open in late this afternoon wasting very little time philadelphia making the biggest headline.
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the coach trading the starting quarterback to the rams and bradford and a draft from the rams. but bradford could be drafted day play for the worry given recruit. too prevalent views lead in the world is he doing? and others say it is a stroke of genius. the reports that taylor's left -- taylor swift is ensuring her legs that her career would suffer if anything happened to her legs. celebrities are known for protecting the career boosting bodyguards julia roberts is shared her smile 30 million jennifer lopez is
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in shared between 27 million and $1 billion depending who you listen to about her posterior. mariah carey got a $1 billion policy on her legs in 2006. up next to delay the amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants so what does this president really have? we will find out from our l
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lou: a texas federal district court judge leaving his executive amnesty ban in place until a hearing he set now for march 19, at issue whether obama administration attorneys misled the court about 100,000 people they had given 3 year periods of deferred action prior to the judge's infunction -- injunction, joining us now to sort it out. lis wiehl. and also with us mercedes. you just had an operation on your knee. >> a trooper coming in. i have my box under my knee. neil:ic. lou: we're glad you are here. >> thank you.
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>> let's start with this judge that is going to have a hearing what will be the disposition. >> the judge will up hold his own order whether he is right or wrong, you have to admire his spirit. he came out this stay, obama administration said take it off he said no. lou: they say said take it off and give us a decision. >> that is not going to happen. i think he will rule for himself, and the other 25 states, but not ending there if will go to circuit court. lou: i understand, but he he is having a hearing on this case, what will be disposeed in that case. >> what happened with the 100,000 individuals that have been deferred. deportation for 3 years and other million or so, undocumented that should be deported under the constitution. >> also, to just confine it to texas, saying that is only state
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you with show hurt. lou: senator menendez in trouble, facing now prospect of being charged for corruption. this charge only came after he was critical of cuba, of the iranian deal. >> of the russian issue and ukraine, suddenly now you come after him he is coming forward with this say wait a minute, this is someone i have been friends with for a long time, i have done nothing wrong to him hehe is being silenced for his criticism of the dodge. administration. lou: would any prosecutor not have the judgment to understand what the hell this looks like? >> yes. lou: and he did it anyway, it is that -- >> let me take prosecutor side for a minute, if they can show laws were broken.
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>> let's take reality side, this justice department has not won every case, and likelihood it will not win this one. because this is a tough case to prove. >> it is. lou: next part, menendez will spend years fighting this, and it looks all -- it smells to high heaven. >> he has been vocal about the defense of his action, extremely, takeing it to press addressing it head on. not resigning not backing down, not shutting up, this and i'm proceeding someone with that strong position probably did not do anything wrong. lou: suge knight, that video. >> this is inch incredible. >> the issue will be could he have gotten away? was he in real fear for his life he said, they were coming at me, they had guns, i had to go backwards and forward
11:59 pm
otherwise i could not have gotten away, video shows he probably could have. lou: drives over the person. >> but the person she backed up into was the individual that attacked him then he goes forward, and strikes kills the person in frond of his car. and then. lou: what is -- >> that is the big issue he could have driven around. >> if it is self-defense would be unlikely, the person he killed is not the person who attacked him. lou: third strike? >> under california law sure. lou: life? >> yes. >> lis wiehl and mercedes cowen thank you. >> the book, lethal beauty. >> just like she is. beauty orally that will? >> thank you. >> both you of you we thank you for being with us, have a pleasant evening and good night. from new york.
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>> the veteran of the battle live -- squirrels away enough military gear for a platoon. >> aconite leaving get access to the master bathroom it was so clogged with the stuff. >> it was once-in-a-lifetime >> plus plenty of surprises. >> this is worth $50,000? >> usually wrapped in of blanket in a bathtub. jamie:


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