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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 11, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> kennedy: hello ray is running out to the clock i should send her a handwritten thank-you notes. not only has she created more questions but she has opened herself but to criticism with dead dreaded swing voters. in to have the best college on the secretary press conference to go line by line to edit every single
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point and questioned. she said with authority and without hesitation that her server had never been attacked but how did she know? >> had been received cards guarded by the secret service and there were no security breaches. kennedy: the secret service guards everything around every corner. that gives me acid flashbacks and you could have been attacked by a high school in the southern hemisphere let alone someone from high-level or she even compared the first lady to zoolander. >> they are in the computer? one. kennedy: with is very
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convenient. today it announced they were suing the state department from e-mail correspondence from hillary rodham clinton sign that makes sense because further there were filing that had gone unanswered for the last five years. the state department sees fit to print but the ap went ahead that the state will honor your foyer of requests to take them to court. she may have taken the law into her own hands but she is cagey about talking about working real sense of personal bridey maybe she has a different definition aborted means to work get -- work it. maybe that shady country in the middle east it is considered personal.
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this issue does not inspire confidence whether denial the end of reminds me from another clinton putting himself into a similar scene truck with similar denials with a lot of holes. >> there was not a sexual relationship with this woman that is accurate. kennedy: but what classifies as classified? but what could find it in -- all in the classified boxfish she deleted that to make for francine emails about a dream the journal's. the server has cleaned up half of the contents but is probably in great shape but will take an act of congress to finally reveal the contents? i am sure she will throw that away to from the dusty
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foia request and the vince foster papers. tonight finding off that marvin gaye was ripped off. plus going base to base and a news conference today what remains for boxing with a means for you. i am kennedy. kennedy: in my crazy to think secretary clinton's actions are shady or illegal? this is a "you're crazy, kennedy" emily is the campaign director for the center for american progress action fund and david is a former state department official who will know all about this. i will start with you.
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welcome to both of you. david, how do think secretary clinton did with her press conference? >> if it was a little bit awkward. it was all smiles at the beginning at the end it looked to belittle like the b-2 is making an argument to the court. we saw the lawyer of hillary clinton. but what is still true and well was confirmed is that what she did was not illegal or that she misused classified information or repeal state secrets. kennedy: how can she say that when we don't have evidence? the jihadist server or someone who had access but could pretty much with billy was the third is interested party then maybe this
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statement would hold up. one you were just resting on reassurance and she is a politician. >> the state department has a completely separate e-mail system for classified information. kennedy: was using that? >> no. kennedy: and how did she get classified information? dementias not being blamed for that. kennedy: but presumably she gets classified information every single day how did she get it? to do is think that is an important piece of the puzzle? period remember the two previous secretary of state and condoleezza rice also:poehl did not use e-mail ever also looking at classified information every day. kennedy: did not have their own servers and there is a huge difference between a private e-mail account like
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a genial or having your own server where you are the only sole custodian. but i will turn eyesight's terrier how has the media been handling the media -- the clinton scandal? >> it has been enjoying it all go i would not say it is a scandal but they have turned into a scandal where we're in a moment will she or won't see or is she qualified? so honestly not a time else is going on. don't you think the fact she has had a lackluster answers that somehow she is revealing her character as a potential commander-in-chief? / she could not carry around
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a second black period how could she run the country? and elizabeth ward is looking pretty attractive right now? >> shaking get all 11 phone. >> i don't think her answers were lackluster but she was exasperated she could not believe it was that big of a deal. kennedy: dianne feinstein said her silence was deafening when those of the first excuses' but what this word dick cheney in the exact same position would you take him in his words like you are hillary? >> i am not taking her for her word but there is evidence that classified information was misused and nobody has made any credible argument which he did was illegal. she could have done a better and in hindsight she should
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have carried around to telephones yes but the ever some credit as secretary of state's someone who had to look at more influx -- information on a daily basis with to understand that he is effectively she made a choice about what e mail system was better. kennedy: she did not prove it was secure but colin powell did not have his own server angie restore deleted half of the content and you can say that you know, for a fact that there wasn't some any classified information? >> now you are missing issues. kennedy: cases say half of the emails that she received are defeated and gone for ever you can say unequivocably that not one
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sentence was classified? if you deleted classified information that is a felony and it is criminal. >> of course, i cannot say that the question is if she did not deleted the was there any on personal e-mail that should not have happened and she is secretary of understate and understands how to use that. put in a state department person would get in trouble for that and most of them avoid to do that because there is a separate e-mail system. kennedy: that is why they use that but she did not. she had one for everything that is strange and speaks to a competency or lack there of. things are coming -- thanks for coming. >> george clooney says if he will run for the governor of
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kennedy: today while testifying on capitol hill dash did carter -- ash carter warned of a growing
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threat from isis without limitations and quickly. >> it does not include any geographic restrictions because they always show signs to metastasize outside syria and iraq. kennedy: that sounds vague to give the president power and leeway he is unprepared to use. the alaskan expert a formula army officer who served time in two is different oars with iraq and welcome to the show. >> thank you. kennedy: brian and i have been friends 25 years and i have known you through many deployment sam personally you have trained iraqi forces but first the secretary of defense wants no limits.
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>> there really shouldn't be. if you have the authorization and that he needs he has had it six months and it's this appears to be the presidential power that he does not like exercising so it is odd that other presidents have done more with less authorization but he is nothing but a green light from republicans but it is a democratic senator holding him back and i understand it he is asking for. kennedy: he wants congress to take the key to fed is a really bad idea. >> absolutely. it is his own mess because we came at a by iraq in 2010 clearly leaving the country and prepare to defend itself now be pushed iraq into the arms of iran and we're just giving air support for the iranian army.
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there is no way to not rings of bell of this you don't put people on the ground but this president is so casualty evers the ones in baghdad cannot lead the troops that they just trained and up north they cannot get within 10 kilometers of the front lines so what this leads to is instagram and atwitter videos of atrocities perpetrated by iraqi troops with the iranian leadership edited is no surprise for those that have not led the iraqis if you don't supervise them they go to the level you constantly have to supervise to say don't shoot your friend in the foot would now be fun not to beat your men? >> but which ones did day
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raised? if it's the iranian militia racemes the forces are in deep. >> effectively when the iraqi militia and other dominated areas are a defacto province of very and. the areas are playing chess but isis is playing checkers kennedy: what about the iraqi forces? piozzi with marbles. >> gore rock paper scissors. kennedy: who is more effective? the iranians or the kurds? >> absolutely the kurds. just like the iranians and the of iraqis are one very
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focused in the telescreen their reload everytime something blows up. kennedy: you can smoke in your own house? but first the jury says that pharrell and thicke picked off marvin gaye. they have to repay millions. ♪
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i'm almost done. [ male announcer ] now you can pay your bill... ♪ ...manage your appointments... [ dog barks ] ...and check your connection status... ♪ ...anytime, anywhere. ♪ [ dog growls ] ♪ oh. so you're protesting? ♪ okay. [ male announcer ] introducing xfinity my account. available on any device. kennedy: a jury has ordered thicke and pharrell to pay sedum $.4 million to mervin-- children over claims they ripped off the 1977 hit to make their own blurred lines.
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take a listen to for the expected for. ♪ kennedy: this is marvin gaye. ♪ kennedy: the host of the body bones show and on the tv. did the jury get right? >> they did and it is hard. with a what is remarkable if you play the clips you hear the singing it does not sound at the same but what was cool is a jury could hear just the music the he
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submitted with the copyright so they heard the music vs. the music ended is exactly the same is hard to win that case but they did get a right. kennedy: because there is some intellectual property experts that say perhaps pharrell was influenced by his music as a child but what is the difference with infringement but clearly the jury sided with infringement and 7.4 million each made about 7 million on downloads a loan from the song. but that shocked me because i didn't think anybody made money with music anymore. >> base sold so much but pharrell said marvin gaye was like the sound track of his life. he put himself in new whole by saying that. also thicke did not write
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any of the song and that came in and out. they neil the. -- they nailed it. we will write the exacts a long. kennedy: that i think thicke did not write tickets used to a busy to take pictures with famous people perhaps you can see the shot. look at that. and it is super sexy. >> i remembered her but she is married to. [laughter] kennedy: this goes back to older case is like a huey lewis he sued them for
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ghostbusters because it sounded like a classic i once a new drug. >> if you look at this there are very few winners one of the last ones was sam smith and tom petty. no money exchanged hands but one is credence clearwater revival being sued by him even though he was part of it. but my favorite you to clip is vanilla ice explaining his song sounds nothing like david bowie and that is how he got out of trouble. kennedy: but vanilla ice? he had to pay the undisclosed sum. >> they settled for something probably a jet ski. that is all he had.
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kennedy: wasn't his soul because he sold that to the devil to have that fits in the first -- to have it in the first place. kennedy: you are a refreshing broadcaster i think all of your delightful -- commentary is delightful. >> i working on a new song right now is similar to page you'd but it is not the same. it is not an infringement yoko ono. back cost iraq high-school texts communism for the prom theme. and fun kennedy bears all. and george clooney exclusively reveals that he will run for governor of california. the "topical storm" is next.
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kennedy: the most important news of the day number one passing on of its survey a tyrannosaurus rex of their golf course leftover from jurassic park. look at the tail that is when the resident floridians said israel. that is florida the plant thursday began eating beast known as an alligator came onto the golf course and stood in front of the flag the resort claims they have never attacked golfers but then he promptly coughed up his hand.
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>> he bit my hand off. he popped up and cut me down in my prime. kennedy: how to explain that florida? number two. in spanish merrill candidate has a new strategy to get attention and voters she is a naked in a campaign ad that politicians have left us start connected -- naked she is from the party of freedom. i'd like her already in she is hoping she can siphon those from the elitist. we are no stranger had one time massachusetts senator scott brown would bare his soul with alone campaign
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poster. and chicago mayor rahm emanuel will stop at nothing night as their raids to have voters to re-elect him. number three high-school there is an albuquerque mexico decided to forgo a traditional theme like under the seat or god help by not pregnant tomorrow with communism which say cleverly turned into prominism everybody should wear red dresses and they could wait in the bread line hoping to eight that may not seem like
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the best period productivity just wait until you see what is on the menu. a piece of toast or an old shoe. meanwhile the organizing committee is drinking champagne and eating a steak. they deserve credit for driving away the king and the queen and the need to keep of their strength to make sure no capitalist's ever comes back. number four. george clooney is frequently bought -- brought up as a gubernatorial contender were his credentials are impeccable. very handsome and a millionaire. there you have that. california has a rich history to elect actors as well as a lunatic and photographs -- voting to ever graphic and gerald cassoni told her i have no
10:34 pm
interest in running for california governor. that is an old bike -- settled. sometimes they hide their intentions from the public. do we know or not? number five. sometimes it is funny or weird random stories involving animals and sometimes a show crazy videos. footage of koch rock blasting through eight tollbooth. holly craft transformer come to life. no one died. the toll booth was not mandan nobody was hurt there were space life-threatening injuries than the accident is under investigation but
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wal-mart says they're not responsible. if you have a story tweet me i've promised to keep my eight instagram of today. tonight coming face to face today but the judge plans to die from smoking in his own home and joining the panel next what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer,
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that's what i'd like to do.
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kennedy: shortages of lethal injections have raised ethical questions about the minister in the death penalty but that has not stopped the state of utah they passed a bill authorizing firing squads for pro they have eight death row inmates with the
10:39 pm
shortage of lethal injection in drugs so loki who edits that can better than ever. hello gentleman. i think the firing squad is so brutal and old-fashioned i don't like lethal injection but the new cocktail that they experiment with makes people suffer and a gag and that seems wrong. >> how would you rather be killed? >> guillotine. >> that is and barbaric? to make a disaster. >> have the head rolled
10:40 pm
down? >> the firing squad is better of booking it is a better image more american and historical i know you don't like the state killing people but we're not talking about that but how and it is the most simple way to do with. we had a guy last year writing for 40 minutes. kennedy: the diesel injection is not good the other is the electric chair. i was forced to watch faces of death and a bomb to be out and one of the scenes is the electric chair. that put the of that melted for quite some time but that is the method to bed till we have machine guns? why a firing squad? back then they did it want to have the gilts. >> 50 muskets?
10:41 pm
to recount the people want that job? we'll adjust to launch a grenade in a spirit people would be lining up. >> you have a good point because the victims' families to possibly be trained to with the minister and i would not have a hard time with that i am still on the fence about the death penalty because unlike the state killing people but i have a strong vengeance streak and people who kill other people need to die. >> that is why adults are the only ones who should make the laws because we have kids we know this takes and we can pontificate like students but they say they are murdering the when you have kids into the of the real-world you can see what you would want to happen and you can understand they need to die some american being
10:42 pm
killed you want to be shot because if you have last words like the state is fascism that is bossism but then. [laughter] or fascism it looks like he regretted. you want your head to explode into when cleanup? to read let them do it to themselves give them an a cocktail and crystal meth and cocaine then they can do it themselves. kennedy: wash this down like a rock star. what did you kill a non murderer or you are exonerated? iraq there is some collateral damage. >> i am on the fence of love and justice for:the eye for
10:43 pm
the i. the superior court has ordered a man in washington d.c. to quit smoking with his cigarettes he is killing people even though is legal in his own home his neighbors have filed a civil suit that they have been harmed by a smoke coming in through the basement because they share a common wall and they are requesting half a million dollars from the man in damages. should you be able to smoking your own home? cover the whole. higher the contractor. >> damages he smoking? probably they used to smoking and it is the temptation. >> they say would have been walking through the basement it is building the den and the play room for problem is pregnant.
10:44 pm
i know is personal responsibility but if they could smell this and though walk through? he is not going to quit smoking just because you show the place stick mechanism plutonium. big deal there's no evidence to show secondhand smoke is harmful and if it is killings of the people where are the mothers of the dead bartenders protesting? but what is happening is a bigger problem. we are coming apart as a nation. in japan their shoulder to shoulder our bumping into each other your foot is in my face and now we get more and more secluded in value since their presence anyone half a million dollars? may need to rub shoulders and smell each other.
10:45 pm
kennedy: we have lost contact. >> but we love to sue it is american. kennedy: the case is going before a judge who says that you have to stop and other people are going to file similar complaints leveled people just shut up? >> you should have to prove there are side effects my daughters around a second-hand smoke in everybody screams. so? kennedy: thank you so much. mayweather and pacquiao met today. we will show you what happened and the biggest pay-per-view event of our lives. stay right here. shouldn't what makes each of us a unique individual,
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to. kennedy: mayweather and pacquiao had a joint press conference earlier today before a state pummel each other for our amusement in may. >> i am dedicating myself to the sport, pushing itself to the limit i have never wanted to win a fight so bad in my life. kennedy: you get $150 million walking away with the most expensive built in history of boxing. the director of the new documentary the opens friday in theaters the directorial debut along side mike tyson?
10:50 pm
i am very excited about this and i have thought for many years and i have been a fan i know mna has changed in the fight game but what does this do for boxing? the lecter brings it back to the forefront back to the mainstream with a social media i think this is how with might happen to bring the demand to make get what it is with the money, i know the you just mentioned the most expensive built with the rematch upwards of $400 million. hopefully it isn't too late as far as the entertainment value of the fight but it will be interesting to see calicos prepare both 38 and pacquiao is not as quick and strong as he was.
10:51 pm
kennedy: everybody wanted to but mayweather was dragging his heels and talking about drug testing. are they close to there prime? >> en now in the blink of the night you can become a shadow. especially in that sport it is savage and i hope it is as exciting as everybody wants it to be. i think it will be well intended. kennedy: pay-per-view is really set up for boxing every member watching boxing matches as a kid all the big fights my dad had cable and it is what brought the family together but this will bring millions and millions of dollars and coming into loss vigorous.
10:52 pm
>> for these two guys is great. >> let's talk about your movie because it was the heavyweight that define the sport your clothes with mike tyson and he has an impressive part people laugh at him now but here's a look at the new documentary coming out on friday. >> i got into boxing. my goal was to be the baddest guy i could be. >> it is the most dangerous board there is. kennedy: a lot of times their careers end in tragedy. what is said about them they have so much potential that don't end up in a good place? to meet the irony is what
10:53 pm
drew me to the project. they come from the bottom rung of society that is why it is an important story tier towel then if you or sports menu can relate because they have been through all inside and outside the ring. hopefully they'll learn from their mistakes and their struggle and hopefully will we go through we can reflect different the tueber move forward in a positive direction. kennedy: he really opened up >> people ask me about him all the time he is probably the easiest i ever worked with and he has a good attitude and he is who he is and he has been humbled and that humility drew me to work with him he was an active producer to go above and beyond to make sure regatta that insider perspective on what it takes
10:54 pm
to be a fighter in the ring and outside. kennedy: is important to take a back from mma? >> it is what used to be used to be on television you turn on abc worldwide sports to see sugar ray leonard and howard cosell made it thank you had the huge figures to make a mainstream and when it went to pay-per-view run by managers and promoters. kennedy: i would change the sport. thank you so much. coming out this of friday. the victim who ended the anthony wiener campaign she claims another politician as a victim. let's pin 'em to the wall. kick 'em around. kick 'em around, see what happens.
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because we're in the how-do-i-get-this-startup- off-the-ground business. the taking-your-business- global-business. we're in the problem-solving business. 400,000 people - ready to help you solve problems while they're still called opportunities. from figuring it out to getting it done, we're here to help.
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kennedy: the woman who wrote
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expose to anthony wiener is in the news again. in vienna states representative is the second known politician and has apologized in a program of the engaging with her. responding to a letter seeking a submissive the issue could dominate. him himself as engaged to be varied to produce slipped up keeping his itinerary -- identity secret from what he sent to earth through amazon but that doesn't sound as good as an idiot sending craft to a stranger on line?
10:59 pm
no bite to financially dominate someone into sending the shoes and a brand-new car. were reportedly how will we ever beat the russians as politicians have affairs? , and trust them to handle a budget meeting if they could not figure out how to get off of mines without hitting the papers. whenever the suze takes up the elected politicians and she can keep his job or she gets to keep her job to ensure that the elected leaders stay on their toes also may challenging incumbents a lot more interesting. if you like this idea write them and i know you do. thanks for watching. follow me on twitter and facebook if your inquiry
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about the show or anything else thank you for letting me dominate. good night. us if you can't cats live. here is lou dobbs. lou: evening, everyone. the iranian military has succeeded where u.s. forces could not. you're looking at video of some of the iranian ladin 3000 soldiers who have driven much of the islamic state from the iraqi city. those forces have succeeded in their battle to create funding for the islamic state, capturing part of the northern district and making a rapid push toward the city center. with the united states military not involved in any way in the operation, there appears to be rising in


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