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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 12, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm EDT

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ong today. nasdaq also doing well. and lot of technology names. thank you for being here. i will see you tomorrow. stuart: cops shot in ferguson. hillary plays the gender card again. good morning everyone. those two headlines speak volumes about big picture of america. late last night two cops shot off because of the incident. divided by gender. the quality issue. refusing to return cash from governments that suppress women. maybe, she should have used snap chat where messages disappear. china's ali baba buys a stake.
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the feds give the okay to powdered alcohol. that is interesting. stocks are up. gas is down. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ stuart: this is called a rally. down sharply in the early part of the week. now, it is up. look at this. leading the way. they are sharply higher. let me get to gas. down again. gas has gone down for four straight days. we will take that as a winning
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streak. breaking news overnight. to ferguson cops shot at a protest outside of a police station. serious injuries. shots ring out from a distance. police are calling the incident and ambush. >> it was really an ambush is what it is. you understand that it will happen. you are basically defenseless. that is something that is very difficult to guard against when you have a group of officers standing in a large group. stuart: boat diesel is here with us this morning. is there a similarity between what happened in new york city and what happened last night in ferguson? >> the attorney general makes an
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atmosphere. he indicts a whole police department for giving out too many tickets to african-americans. he is just stirring things up. somebody was missing during the funeral like the attorney general. where was his big announcement condemning the two cops that were killed in new york city. he has a big problem. he said his representatives there to find out that the cop did wrong. after the investigation the cop didn't do anything wrong. the investigation found that the cop did not do anything wrong. coming there and firing upon these cops. feeling as if they have some sort of a justification for it.
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stuart: tactical units are pounding onto a home. they are searching for a suspect related to the shooting did we are monitoring the situation. this is happening right now. take me to the future. what will happen to relations between police departments and the communities that they police after this? >> will be give police officers to go out there on control? >> when the weather gets warm, it is going to happen. with these new rules and regulations, you cannot give a certain description. i made hundreds of god call arrest. i've made them from experience from knowing a person is at a certain way. they cannot do that anymore.
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all the troublemakers know this. they will be like dodge city out there. across america every officer now has to deal with the same nonsense. it is ridiculous. speak to. stuart: the crime rate, the shooting rate has gone up in new york city. >> absolutely. the guns are not being were covered anymore because no one is making arrests anymore. they know darn well that the cop will not go and toss them. if i see the possibility of a gun, you have to be an attorney before you have the reasonable cause. thank you. i am looking at this department of justice announcement from
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holder. where was his announcement when the two cops were assassinated in new york? shame on him. stuart: police are searching a home. they are on the roof of a home. they are looking for a suspect in the assassination attempt the ambush last night. okay. what does ferguson show about race regulations in america? monica crowley is here. attorney general holder about a half hour ago put out a statement saying that the shootings were inexcusable and repugnant. do you blame do you put in the
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share of responsibility on eric coulter's shoulders for what happened last night? >> i certainly do. it was a very similar kind of statement. whether it is eric holder or build the blasio, they know that they have created an environment in which these kinds of things take place. is there a wrecked link? there certainly is an indirect link. forces like this feed off. stuart: do you think race relations are at a low today? >> a certainly are. since president obama became
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president he was the president that was supposed to progress altogether. he has done the exact opposite. stuart: i just hate to hear it. the house oversight committee is ready to subpoena hillary clinton. that is not all. they want digital copies offer e-mails. parameters security joins us now. what is the difference between digital copies and printed copies? >> you get a lot of metadata that is in the e-mail header. it shows us where the e-mail came from. we are dealing with a forensic
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educator. stuart: what about security? what is your assessment of the security. >> you have to do a bunch of different things. make sure that you are encrypted your e-mail. you need to spread out to more than one. you have hundreds, if not thousands of people able to keep watch over that e-mail server. stuart: you do not have to have a person sitting next to the server to monitory it.
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>> you should have someone making sure that it is a lot down properly. something as simple -- remember, most e-mails i sent out clear text. if i can start to take the data stream i can actually capture the e-mail. dave crisler. thanks for joining us. lauren simonetti. >> good morning. 200 ilion dollars in snap chat.
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disappearing in seconds. $15 billion. snap chat has 100 million users. did you notice the drop of number of likes? the goal is to give businesses a more accurate insight into their community. powdered alcohol that you mix into drinks. you can buy it this summer. some are banding it already. alaska ella where louisiana and vermont. the company argues there is not one thread of evidence that it will be used or abused any differently than liquid alcohol. stuart: thank you very much.
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hillary's e-mail problem is definitely not going away. she may have violated an old when she took her job at the state department. combining his love of guns with bacon. he covers it with tinfoil. he fires off 90 rounds. that they can is cooking. keep going. i want to see him eating.
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>> it keeps going up. well over 1%. lumbar liquidators was halted earlier. a robust defense after it was
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criticized. thirty-five on number liquidators. you heard colonel ralph peters say iran is occupying iraq. iraq a forces under an iranian general. 150 isis fighters. 20,000 iraq a troops launched the attack about 10 days ago. feedback iran is on the march. they now control huge parts of iraq. now, they controlled young men. now, iran is creating a new shiite we are glad that isis is having to encounter these forces. the biggest threat of them all
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could be controlling a massive amount of the middle east. stuart: well put. the e-mail scandal gaining traction. you agree under oath to protect classified documents. >> every employee at the state department has to sign one of these papers. it says i certified basically under title three of perjury that i have returned all official records that were in my possession while i was an officer in this state. stuart: all rise judge andrew napolitano joins us now from d.c. >> there are two sheets of paper. she not only was obliged to sign on that piece of paper she was obliged to side the flip side of
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it on her first day of office. we do not know if she signed these. we do know that no one in the government had authority to relieve her of the obligation of assignment. the president of the united states signs similar documents. within two weeks she had violated it by running all of the e-mails through her husband server in new york. she did not turn over anything that she had until a few months ago. stuart: if this becomes legalistic did she sign it herself? was it stamped with her signature. just legal text that i'd trade technicalities. >> the whole thing will lose it
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force, stuart without a prosecutor to pursue her. she may have committed many violation. she may be exposed to three years in jail for every document she secreted from the government. if no one prosecutes her and she has no legal authority. it must be witnessed. it must be notarized. it is under penalty of perjury. stuart: l legalisms are not the guts of the story. the guts of the story is, essentially, political. has a private server and we cannot see any of it. that is the important point here. >> yes.
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it also goes to her qualifications for her to run for president. we know that her pr guy was hacked. he was hacked by agents of the romanian intelligence service. e-mails to and from mrs. clinton. where did that stuff up here? is that the tip of the iceberg? she does not have to be hacked for her information to be out there. she has created a mess for herself politically. i agree with you. the legal mess will only write. if a prosecutor pursues her. stuart: all right, judge. you are in d.c. on back soon. thank you judge.
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chinese investors dumping money into real estate in america. can you afford that? it is going through the roof. ♪
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is, a senate hearing today in to loosen restrictions on hunting and fishing on federal land. looks like it may pass. it is a bipartisan effort with support from democrats and republicans. it looks like this thing is going to happen. switching deer's chinese investors gobbling up new york city real-estate to the tune of $3 billion worth. cheryl casone has the numbers for us. that is in new york city chinese investors bought $3 billion worth of profit just in the city last year. how about across the country? >> $22 billion on u.s. real estate investment both commercial and residential lower for a 12 month period in 2014 and it is going to go even higher. stuart: iec or of that? cheryl: ha the top cities are new york and los angeles those are putting the most money in that units that.
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stuart: no i didn't know that. i didn't know d.c. thought adjournment u.s. investors. cheryl: they want new york and a lot more. now they want to buy land in new york city with a major chinese companies coming overlooking to buy land the develop new projects. they bought all the hotels. maria: stuart: that is across the board. any real estate they put their money in is in the $22 billion total but i challenge your idea that will go up from here because the value of the dollar is so strong. cheryl: the bank of china dictate the relationship between the dollar and the you one ndp looked at again the dollars killing currency around the world but not the chinese currency. in fact it is unique the gain on the dollar but what is happening to the euro for example. the chinese have all the power government has all the power and
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that loosened the restrictions on chinese investors to put money abroad and they are coming right here. stuart: you will take your money and so will monica. it is all agreed. thank you very much. weevils see again shortly. two suspicious fires at al sharpton's headquarters destroying financial records in time for tax season. is it time for m snbc to give him the boot? we have an answer next.
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stuart: look at this. this is the bus accident on i 65 in indiana. that bus slipped over. multiple injuries. the accident occurred north of henrikville, indiana. four helicopters there. it was not a school bus. there are multiple injuries. this is happening in indiana. check the big board. the dow jones average is up 270 points over 1%, 17,800 has been regained. they are not all winners. microsoft, i do alone that
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stock, foolish me, he is down $0.68 at 41. big drop. intel big drop to 4% lower. at that out loud, the strong dollar will hurt. the latest from ferguson, two police officers shot early this morning while monitoring a crowd of protesters. a manhunt is underway. this video moments ago on the roof of the homan ferguson, pounding that roof in looking for suspects. this is happening as we speak. more on this throughout our program. the "national review" reports two suspicious fires destroyed al sharpton's financial records twice. this is in the past. happened both times that he was running for office and failing to comply with tax and campaign filing requirements. coincident, he asks? julien melcher has the story. occasion number one where a suspicious of fire occurred. >> 1997 when he was running for
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mayor and that was another case. stuart: his tax records? >> tax records are damaged he didn't file all of his campaigns on time. some of it didn't come until after the election. stuart: second fire. >> 2003 he was running for u.s. president. what is interesting about this fire is it was treated as an accidental electrical fire but as i looked into this there are reasons to question whether it that is the fact. you have an experienced fire marshal showing up on scene inexplicably being removed. the fire department only giving 38 photos in a 6 page report. this is a person of prominence running for u.s. presidency. the person who discovered the fire we know for a fact was in the u.s. illegally at one point. heard rumors that al sharpton was possibly paying him under the table and there are holes in his story. stuart: i think he tends to
11:34 am
throw gasoline on a fire. i think he did not help in ferguson. do you think he should still be the anchor of the shell on a news network? >> i don't. he has such big tax problems. controversial figure from the beginning. it undermines credibility. stuart: you want to weigh in on this? he is an increase several years. i hope these ratings are very good but he is on that show. he is a guy in good standing on m sin d.c.. >> democrats do anything to protect themselves litter is a pattern here. the suspicious fires are one thing, this comes on top of reports that he hasn't been paying taxes and the irs's massive leans against him and still gets away with it. the top rates hustler wants to be president of the united states and continues to get away with it. stuart: is the president obama's point man or one of the month
11:35 am
race? >> very intimate meetings not only on race relations but immigration. this is a public figure. he is not under the scrutiny he deserves and it is unfortunate because america needs a civil rights leader with an unimpeachable reputation. >> this one runs extortion wings. this is what al sharpton does whether it is corporations or comcast, the head of m snbc, he went and extortion operation and he says i will boycott your company and run boycotts, racial boycotts, go out in public and call you a racist and time and again people cave in. stuart: this comes to the floor in particular given the problems between police forces and the communities they police and what happened in ferguson? what role did al sharpton play in the original disturbances in ferguson and what level of responsibility does he have for what has happened recently? >> a statement from al sharpton.
11:36 am
stuart: attorney general eric holder. we have not gotten a statement from al sharpton. >> the person who pulled the trigger is ultimately responsible but al sharpton did contribute to a culture where racial relations are tense and you have been provocative rather than dealing. stuart: thanks for joining us again. a new study reveals nine out of ten millennials do not trust the markets for themselves as investors for that matter. let's bring in one of our favorite millennials, charlie kirk. have you guys, you youngsters, have you been lacking the propaganda from the left wall street is corrupt and bad? >> in some ways that you can't totally blame my generation. we lived through one of the worst financial crises where millions of people lost trillions of dollars but also there is a lack of fundamental financial literacy in this country. i ask my friends what do you think of the dollar, the stock
11:37 am
market they don't understand the basics of the fundamentals of what is going on or how to invest. and the average student loan payment is $280 a month which our generation does not have the money to invest. stuart: that is a fair point. you have student debt around your neck to extremes you have not seen before so you don't have the money to invest in the first place. to the original point i suspect millennials, young people 20 somethings don't trust capitalism. what do you say? >> in some ways i agree with that and i want to make a separation between capitalism and financial investing. young people in general are distrustful of people controlling their money which i would argue is a conservative values and principal in and of itself because big government wants to tell you how to make choices and decisions but there is a negative perception of capitalism and free market systems in general. just because young people are not investing i would i give the
11:38 am
humility young people are taking towards investing and saving i don't understand this isn't always the worst thing. we have some humility in 2005 and 2006, i don't thing millions of people would have lost trillions of dollars the way they did. stuart: will you join me in saying this? if you are young star, 20 something and have any money available whatsoever, put it into long-term savings plan, and i are a for example because over a 40 year period your money will grow in a way you will not believe. >> i join you in telling that. that is a better decisions than the retail investor way of going where some young person might pick or choose winners or losers and i would argue on a personal basis that is a better investment than putting a money and not social security account because he knows it social security will be around for my generation the washington -- stuart: don't worry. in the be totally bankrupt but they will pay it out.
11:39 am
never happen. carley kirk good man, see you later. hillary is in hot water over those e-mails, doesn't matter, she will still be the democrat nominee. more on the untouchable mrs. clinton after the break.
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stuart: welcome to the rally. dow jones industrial average is up 192 points putting it at 17,800. we would like to come of with a big reason why we have 1% rally. there is no single reason here but it is a nice rebound from earlier in the week when we had a big drop for the dow. call it volatility 17-8 is where we are. or 401(k) is doing well. especially with the dow stocks all those big-name blue chips from the dow all of the nicely higher. lumber liquidators putting out a robust defense against the attack mounted on it by 60 minutes coming back nicely $36 per share, a levon% gain today. the federal reserve some have, some didn't, some up, some down. it is not all good.
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stuart: an update from ferguson. this from fox news. less than 12 hours after being shot in the face and shoulder both of those police officers of been released from the hospital. the officer shot in the face will have to go back for evaluation at a later day. doctors didn't feel the need to remove the bullet immediately because it isn't bothering anything right now. mike tobin neighbors say two men and one woman pulled from the house where the police were
11:44 am
searching earlier this hour. that is the update. we are on top of it. we will hear more later. big rally today, not for everybody. shake shack and crowd storage firm box lost more money then analysts were expecting. down they go. big-time losses. homan security investigating senior circuit service agents are accused of crashing halt car into the sweat house security area. back to hilary democrat insider and former clinton advisor doug schoen with us. i am jumping the gun here. she got the nomination. >> absolutely. nobody has declared of any great note. stuart: this is a profound scandal, it is going to drag bond to nomination process and electoral process but still democrats are sticking with her.
11:45 am
>> no evidence yet that the e-mails were compromised or she has withheld sensitive government e-mails that involve national security. stuart: 30,000 e-mails. >> we don't have a counterstory. stuart: democrats are prepared to run a candidate that destroys 30,000 official e-mails. you don't even say that with a straight face. >> which of far hasn't been contravened. stuart: to you have to be hired by clinton? >> of coverage i will not serve. >> we all know the worst kinds of scandals are the ones that reinforce a preexisting impression of a candidate for leader. this scandal, despite legalese, did nothing wrong but it creates
11:46 am
once again the reinforcements that the clintons i corrupt, low rent serial liars and that will be a problem for her and the democrats. >> will be a problem. one thing she has going is the republicans as you have seen, are in disarray. they don't have a message and candidly jeb bush -- stuart: like a democrat. >> like an analyst who is fair and reasonable. stuart: republican candidates are discussing amicably the best policy to put forward in the general election of 2016 but i digress. what about elizabeth warren? are you sure she is not running? >> she could be a strong candidate were she to run but so far she has ruled out running but i wonder if you to think about the division's inside the
11:47 am
republican senate. >> u.s. of the democrat. >> i am still a democrat. trying to give you some context. stuart: forget it. stuart: elizabeth warren not running, discounter entirely. >> i don't discounter until she says she is going to run. >> what is the dynamic from the obama white house which is gone to great detail to do what she is accused of doing and their ambition to have a more progressive candidate run loss. >> they would love for elizabeth warren to go forward and run and on the e-mail scandal the white house did hillary clinton no favors. stuart: martin o'malley, a former governor of maryland not going to happen. joe biden. >> i haven't seen any evidence when joe biden goes out and campaign does anything but put his foot in his mouth.
11:48 am
stuart: wouldn't have support from traditional democrats. >> given in his early to mid 70s i don't feel lot of growth. >> to joe biden and hillary clinton, they would both be seen as an extension of the obama years. there would be an obama third term, and that is a tough sell with somebody like o'malley to you when not discounting, he is going after hillary and stranger things have happened in politics. >> they have happened but i would rather be hillary clinton with her last name than joe biden with his last name and his institutional prize. >> could you see any consequences you in 2016 voting republican? >> i could. depending to the nominee is. stuart: i could consider voting republican in 2016? >> i did vote republican if they had the best candidate.
11:49 am
i vote for the man or woman who is best, not blind party allegiance as some people have. i don't think that will happen. i will not vote for ted cruz. stuart: we discussed the litter is the nominee using. >> angela. >> what would you handicap her chances against any republican? >> 50/50. stuart: when you think she might win? >> she could. she is ahead by high single-digit to double-digit against the republican field despite all this she is the person to beach. >> state fair. who would you rather have as president of the united states? would you rather have hillary or elizabeth warren? if it had to be either what would it be? >> i would say hillary. >> we agree. >> i would not want to see either one. stuart: politics can be fun on
11:50 am
occasion. >> not when it comes to the clintons. stuart: thanks for being with us. >> please to be here. just got back from britain where your politics are as more complicated and ours. stuart: conservatives are going to win. >> unless the is and be and labor form a coalition. >> have you been advising socialists in britain? >> not now not now. >> rainout these guys. that is a dodge. thank you very much indeed. the celebrity in she heading to los angeles to appear on jimmy kimmel live but he is not just going out west to have some fun on late-night tv. he will be heading up the liberal hollywood a lever donations. mr. obama will be they're bringing in the money.
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stuart: and the 200 point rally for the dow jones average. in europe they are printing money. in america we have stopped printing money.
11:55 am
overs there in europe currency values are going straight down so what do investors want? they want to put their money into a currency and a country which is going up. that would be america. the dow jones industrial average up nearly 200 points as of now but it is a volatile situation, down earlier in the week, up 17-8 is where we are. president obama flying to l a to appear and jimmy kimmel, his last appearance on that program was in june of 2008. monica is here. at least one fund-raiser. >> at the home of a prominent democrats. $33,000 to enter the fund-raiser and this will be his thirty-second fund raiser in los angeles since he became president is still looking at hollywood and the entertainment industry as his political atm. stuart: his thirty-second fund-raiser in one city, los
11:56 am
angeles calif.. >> he has not stopped fund-raising for the party but hollywood is still in love with him. hillary not so much. stuart: that is interesting. i wonder if hillary went to hollywood, which she get the same level of support that some more leftist president obama gets? >> yesterday andrew wright bart had a story about how hollywood is very uneasy about hillary clinton. they always loved bill and they still love bill but her not so much. well-known producer norman lear broke with hillary yesterday saying he will be resistant to supporting her. team might leave a group of hollywood liberals who might take a look at elizabeth warren, martin o'malley, joe biden. stuart: give us your best as you are about to leave the show. >> i want people to watch the whole hour. stuart: another hour of "varney and company" coming, the latest on the ferguson police shooting. new at noon the senate is
11:57 am
holding a hearing expanding hunting and fishing on federal land. it is a bipartisan effort. might go through. you will get my take on how did alcohol, stay right there. another hour of varney is a mere two minutes away.
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opportunities aren't always obvious. sometimes they just drop in. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets
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and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. stuart: powdered alcohol. what do you think? the feds have a okayed it and it may be on some store shelves this summer. the creation of a company called alcohol, is freeze dried out the hall and a lightweight small package added to water and any other liquid and you have a drink drink. what do you think? imagine what you can do with it. me into a ball game to avoid the $9 beer, stir it into a soda at the movies, keep in your office
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12:01 pm
what do you think? i am going to update the news out of ferguson, two cops shot at a police station. as two officers have been released from the hospital. earlier police searched a home for suspects. three people were removed from the premises according to fox news. fox and friends interviewed you can see the police officers on the roof going into that house. they took away three people from the house. fox and friends on fox news earlier interview st. louis police officers association spokesman who says these protesters don't want peace they want dead cops. >> they want dead cops and that was their goal all along and their goal last night. stuart: tom sullivan of fox business news is with me.
12:02 pm
what do you make of this? >> the protesters don't want dead cops but there are people in the community who do. of fraud them the protesters have is they have to look at this and realize they are now the cover for these people that want to commit some sort of capital punishment if you will on police. stuart: do you think eric holder air has any responsibility in this situation? he put out a statement that it was a heinous crime, in excusable and repugnant. >> i don't and i understand how you can link that because people will say he has blood on his hands. this is a racist police department. it gives people of that mind set a target to go after a racist police department but if you think of the news we had yesterday with the police chief resigning and all these various city officials resigning, you have to look, if you are a protester and say we won, we
12:03 pm
won. we are going to have wholesale change have our fleece counted. protestors are now going to have to look into themselves and say maybe we shouldn't go out and protest because all we are is the sale for these other people to fill in with us and do crimes. >> this is there is a lunch time, we got a rally on our hands, the dow jones average is 250 points, disney, goldman sachs, united technologies dow stocks leading the market higher, all of 2% in percentage terms. this is a rally. bounce back okay but it is a rally. gas down a fraction holding at $2.44 as the national average. we are going to call this a streak, four days in a row. california up $0.70 in the month, that state pays the highest for regular, an average
12:04 pm
of $3.41 in the golden state. hillary i say this is a golden opportunity for republicans, the wall street journal's dan henning. with us. tell us if you think it is an effective response. >> at this point it is an effective response that especially consists of two house committee chairmen, the house oversight committee and trey goudy you is looking into benghazi, both saying that they are going to request more information from mrs. clinton. either voluntarily ended she and her aides don't agree to appear they are going to start escalating toward subpoenas for her and this server. why are they able to do this? they are able to do this because hillary clinton's explanation of what she was doing was inadequate. at this point she is doing a very famous clinton thing,
12:05 pm
stonewalling. as though it is a clinton family support. "imus in the morning" when you see this coming a mile off, just e-mails like white house with monica lewinsky, just sex, get over it and move on, just e-mails, you concede that coming. this is getting old, this is getting tired, just the right wingers beating up on a woman. you can see the defense coming. >> do i think members of the house of representatives, i do not. when she says she complied with the requirement that e-mail she sent to deepen in the state department work captured by their servers. they got >> reporter: on e-mails. that is an inadequate situation. at this point, they are certainly entitled to
12:06 pm
investigate and ask more and clarify a situation she has left murky and the state department itself will not clarify. stuart: nobody on this program in the past week has said she will lose the nomination for the democrat party. you think the same? >> at the margin her support is eroding. the papers are full of stories of democrats who are concerned about getting herself into a clintonian situation like this. the drift and narrative should be forward, now we are talking about the past and democrats are beginning to -- their plan is their problem is an agent party there's no plan b. when you're talking maryland governor martin o'malley as the alternative you have no alternative. stuart: joe biden? stop laughing. >> with dan because this is the problem, this is not a right-wing attack this is the new york times dianne
12:07 pm
feinstein, mother jones. for heaven's sake. this is not a right-wing attack. she has people that don't like her on the left. "imus in the morning" when is she going to be so wounded that she cannot win in 2006? i know that is as to the long term tradition. >> not the she cannot win. everyone assumes one way or another she will get across the goal line, the war on women, the first woman president with at the margin she is losing support and that is where you win or lose the presidency. these races are not decided by 10 or 15 points. it is three or four. if she loses she is vulnerable. you can't ever forget it was february of 2007 when barack obama announced running for president. it was at this time this junior senator came popping onto the scene that hillary had given the coronation. stuart: my point of view is you got to hold the center and a
12:08 pm
presidential election. you lose the center you lose the election. every will get the left, the republicans will get the right. i think the center shifts to the republican candidate because of what hillary clinton has done. you take me on? >> he is creating doubt in people's mind. this is what bothers democrats. she is not doing a good job reassuring people in the center. she is not a good candidate. the problem with republicans is a dozen of them we got to figure out which one will be the lead. stuart: narrowed down quickly aspect. what a pleasure. always good to see on a thursday morning. back to today's top stories coming case you missed it lauren simonetti has got them for you. >> wall street workers earn $28.5 billion in bonuses, new york state comptroller says that works out to almost $173,000 each a lot of money, three times the median them in this country. bonuses have been bigger, wall
12:09 pm
street supports one in nine jobs in new york city and for the first time in three years the industry added jobs more than 2,000 of from last year. the irs has $1 billion in unclaimed refunds for 2011. that money belongs to 1 million households to never filed for their returns. if you want that rate fund escalated to be $600 you have until april 15th to smile your 2011 tax return. the apple watch, start-ups, try one before you buy one. apple watch rentals start at $45 a week. there is the wait list and if you want to run to the $10,000 version we will not be offering those and that makes sense. i would love a $10,000 watch for a week. stuart: all right. let's move on swiftly. i want to bring you up-to-date on breaking news we brought you earlier more information on
12:10 pm
this bus accident in indiana on i 65 north of henryville. multiple injuries, lot of helicopters on the scene. the bus was transporting the indiana tech bowling team 16 men and women plus the coaching staff. more updates as they come. we have been told there were multiple injuries. coming up this our, legendary boxer evander holyfield is going to weigh in so to speak on that flight, big money in boston. i these guys spending it wisely? did evander holyfield spent wisely? that answer is no. the fed up putting rules on the endangered species list. michigan lawmakers are not happy but look at jeff flock right in the middle of a wolf sanctuary where they are feeding and protecting them. some parents say a new barbie doll is spying on their kids and they want to abandon. we will talk to one who is
12:11 pm
leading the charge. but next the fda approving up powdered form of alcohol. could go on sale next month. is it safe? dr. siegel is here after the break. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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stuart: intel biggest loser on the dow in percentage terms down 4% and that is cutting the dow jones industrial average by a few points. weak demand for the pc and the dollar not helping. intel down big time. powdered alcohol. we talked about it, approved in america. you have a lot to say on social media. mark thinks it is a terrible idea, quote, too easy to consume and hide in your pocket. can you imagine someone slipping this into your food and drink and restaurant? jeff disagrees, he says sounds
12:15 pm
very convenient to me. i am not concerned at all. government bans don't work and too many things are banned already. look who is here to pass judgment. just add water. but do you have against it? >> with the hay. as always. here is the thing. it works in terms of what it is trying to do, glucose ring inside, you pull a little water in and you got a margarita, is convenient but as one of your e-mails says it could be slipped into somebody's during. i worried about kids getting a hold, same problem with thecigarettes, bright flavors, tastes great, too convene in. as far as the government, i am not into the big government overlay. i would not back an fda ban but i'm worried about it getting to kids's hands. stuart: the states have the
12:16 pm
choice if they want to have it in their state. retailers have a choice, you wanted in the store, there is plenty -- >> it will lead to more problems. fbn government bans all they do is cause more attention, kids go it is band? >> be clear. this is what happens with these cigarettes. in states like new york where the cigarettes are bad for kids under 18 guess who uses it, the bans. i want you to understand i worried how easy it would be. stuart: ten second from both of you, lower the drinking rate from 21 to 18. stuart: when i was a kid -- >> i don't want to tell you. stuart: next up there is a dog
12:17 pm
and it can sniff out fibroid cancer. how does that work? does it work? >> they are doing that in arkansas. he was able to distinguish 15 cases of thyroid cancer from 19 darned. he was tried and trusted in the field. six months of training to tell the difference. how you can do that? dogs have a tremendous sense of smell. they can be tested and trained to do that. stuart: do you think that is a legitimate test of a dog smelling firewood cancer? >> it is preliminary. won't red-eye to the hospital and bring it up to somebody's bad habits and if the neck. what you do, this is what they are doing in the university of pennsylvania, take the ability the dog has to smelled of thyroid cancer and put it into a computer chip and bring the computer chip to the hospital. this is a wave of a future very
12:18 pm
exciting biotechnology. stuart: i interrupted you. you got to the best part last. putting the snow on a ship. >> a computer ship. train the computer using the dog as a model. >> every patient, have your dog coming and sniffed them. >> you take a lot of fun out of it. this is great science. here is the point i didn't make. cancer cells a certain way. has abnormal protein. they smelled bad and the dogs can tell better than we can. stuart: okay. i am not skeptical. it is just one dog, one occasion. >> computer chip, big business. stuart: thanks. tune in tonight neil cavuto, there he is, powdered alcohol. don't miss this. it will be right here on the fox business network. private industry making a big step in the space industry. we go to a las vegas based company building special living modules that will be used on us
12:19 pm
space station. fox news live at the bigelow aerospace headquarters. tell us all about it. >> this is the next generation of space travel and technology. we are not inside a nasa facility. we are in a private facility that has teamed up with nasa bigelow aerospace and las vegas. take a look behind me. that is a full scale model that they hope will be deployed and use in the early 2020s on the space station. that would coincide with the retirement of the space station. two weeks ago you saw two american astronauts on the space station preparing for commercial space ships built by boeing and spacex. they will work with bigelow aerospace, some intricate hands-on work and part of what they were preparing for we are about to show you taking you inside your. it is called the beam, the beagle expandable activity module the first private space
12:20 pm
habitats. it may not look like you could live or work in there but it expands like the popcorn bag in the microwave and makes it so last and not sent people in the commercial space industry can actually go and live and work in verbage that is headed up to speak later this year and tested for two years and they hope it will be used after that interest going to the moon and beyond. stuart: and beyond. thank you very much indeed. we will see you again soon. big battle over wolves in the midwest. our interested reporter jeff flock has details. he survived will he be mauled by a pack of marauding wolf? >> a lot of speed. trying not to hit those. if i could just years this into a straight line and i do! a wild record run! yes!
12:21 pm
12:22 pm
12:23 pm
12:24 pm
stuart: the government put michigan wolves back on the endangered species list is the state says the fed's are overstepping their bounds. jeff flock is that a wolf sanctuary. they are feeding wolves. let me see if i got this right. the feds want to protect them. the locals hit demand you are at
12:25 pm
a place where they are protecting them and feeding them and breeding them, right? >> no. they have come back long way. there are a lot more bowls now than there used to be and even the obama administration has said we need to take off the endangered list. a federal judge has ruled they need to be back on the endangered list and people like kathy are part irresponsible for the resurgence. i am here to tell you they are back. i was even rubbed with meat. stuart: if you fed them they might get away from your throat. ever thought of that? >> we are kidding around here but the thing is in the 70s
12:26 pm
there were six wolves in michigan the whole state of michigan. they have come back in a big way. even the fish and wildlife said we can work with states now, a judge in washington has said you can go back on the endangered list. they don't look in the injured to me. stuart: call it quits. >> you need to be educated about these guys. stuart: i have got to cut this short. i just got word from our lawyers they're worried about liability insurance for you in the wolf pack. >> i signed something away. i signed my life away. stuart: hillary clinton and the wolf pack. one thing jeff flock can be relied upon is good live television. you have us worried. we thought they were going to take a piece out of your face. what was that noise? was that growling? >> we are done.
12:27 pm
stuart: we are done. >> i thought they were going to kiss him to death but that growl has me worried. i think they want food. stuart: one of boxing's biggest stars as a new movie about life after the ring. evander holyfield. we will get his take on the $200 million floyd may weather fight. do you think those two boxers can hold on to that $200 million prize money? we will ask. strange inheritance for jamie colby, 9:00 p.m. eastern tonight. don't miss this one. bonnie and clyde's guns. watch this. >> what i was talking about. >> you promised guns, you got a lot of guns. what is this done? >> this is a sawed-off shotgun that was carried by the barrel gain the. >> bonnie and clyde? >> you want to hold a piece of history? >> it is heavy.
12:28 pm
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stuart: check out pinpoint. of maybe 32 points. this is a thursday lunchtime rally. floyd mayweather. holding their first and only second press conference.
12:32 pm
look at this. joining us. even under holyfield. welcome back. mr. mayweather has the reputation of chucking that money and all around all over the place. did to do that when you were flush with money? >> no, i didn't. i kept as much as they could that the government did not take. >> you have to do what you have to do. stuart: you are prepared to pay what? >> 10%. you pray god 10%.
12:33 pm
if i have to pay god 10% i should not have to pay anyone more than god. stuart: .a said more. >> yes. stuart: you have a new movie. you start and it was like tyson. what are you saying to this movie? >> the ups and downs. taking more attention to boxing. >> bringing you writers that to the early days. wolf the tape for a second. >> i am the best ever. >> he is not going to get up. >> i do not care who my opponent
12:34 pm
is. >> there is always this responsibility. when i punch him it is all over with. >> what i want to do is not die. >> come back. that is boxing. stuart: you guys. from tough backgrounds. >> yes. very tough. you have to start where your parents start. the things that i did not. this is the reason i chose boxing. the best way for me to be successful. stuart: boxing gave you a sense of discipline. >> after that leave.
12:35 pm
you have to have discipline every day to go through the things you're going to go through. >> baseball and football. they have members and agents. if that is boxing? >> not at all. once you get to professional, it is quite different. stuart: what would you have done differently if you could change anything about the past, other than losing a fight or two. >> better accountants and lawyers. these are the things that follow you throughout. you know, think again the myself should have realized that when people come to you and start telling you you can't do
12:36 pm
this you can do this they cut it to it yourselves. what makes you think you can do it. stuart: mitt romney. >> is organization is we are having this fight to promote. stuart: congratulations. i hope that the fight with mitt romney goes well. >> it should be a good thing. the movies, champs, congratulations on it. we look forward to seeing it. hello barbie. a tall that answers your child
12:37 pm
with conversational responses. there is some outrage to this. they want to make sure that the doll never hit stores. they want it. period you could use drop on your child. a commercial free childhood. look if i have a 6-year-old daughter i think i have an unconditional right to hear what she is saying to the doll and everything. >> it is our job to listen to our children. the parents are monitoring the conversation. a corporation that is interested only in financial gain is the problem. i am a business owner.
12:38 pm
the problem is this. no. -- children need to have real relationships with real people. not this machine. stuart: i have six kids. nine grandchildren. >> i have five children and grandchildren. stuart: don't i have the right to choose? >> i have children and grandchildren as well. no parent would allow a friend into the house that has a microphone recording every conversation. stuart: it is my call. it is my call, though. if i want to fight buy it, it is my call. not yours.
12:39 pm
>> the problem is, how to tell is promoting this and marketing this. this is tall, this machine -- >> i do not want you imposing anything on these. this is america. you want to. this doll. i want to choose yes or no. give me the freedom. >> a is dangerous. it is dangerous to children's well-being. children's healthy development requires real relationship with real people. this is creepy. it is like the nsa listening and or.
12:40 pm
brother listening in. stuart: joe we clearly disagree. it was fun having you on the show. more violence in ferguson overnight. two cops shot at a protest. any degree of responsibility for what happened in ferguson? crystal wright tells us what she thinks next. ♪
12:41 pm
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♪ >> the dow jones industrial average up. the nasdaq composite 25. mixed economic news. retail sales down for the third month in a row. take a look here at utilities. right now you can see exxon. condit of 2% respect to sleep. dollar general sitting in new highs today.
12:43 pm
take a look at this stuff. also initiated dividends. shake shack has come under pressure. take a look at it, now. turned around. be right back. ♪
12:44 pm
you to let's talk managing money. it is time to sell. come on in.
12:45 pm
what do you say? trying to sell? >> i think that it is time to take some profits. we have had a good run. time to take a little money off the table. >> if you give me a strong dollar play that will do well with that strong dollar? >> and etf. a global shipping and etf. they will be by other people stuff from other countries. that will come across on oceanport tinkers. that will rise as the stronger dollar continues to rise as well. stuart: we are just packed with news. we appreciate it. the hillary story. it is not going away.
12:46 pm
they want to digital copies of your e-mails. following the digital trail opens up a pandora's box. congressman thank you for joining us. we know that you want the electronic records. not just the printed records. that opens up the pandora's box. i've got that. what are your chances of getting those of like traffic records? >> i think that if hillary clinton want this story to go away she will cooperate. the column that i hear here in colorado is what was she hiding? clearly, she did not want people to see what was on her server with her e-mails.
12:47 pm
i think she has to make sure that congress and the american people know that she was not hiding anything. stuart: a-bomb drawnout series of we want this, no, you can't have it. it really become as stale very, very quickly. that is what worries people with this whole approach. do you share that concern? >> why did hillary clinton did not think of this when she created a separate e-mail system. congress does not have hillary clinton's e-mails at this point. foreign governments can hackett to a server in the basement of a home in new york. stuart: i know that you are a former prosecutor. does attorney general eric
12:48 pm
holder have any degree of responsibility for what has happened there? two police officers were shot at a demonstration. before that, disturbances for some time now. does eric holder have any degree of responsibility for what has happened. >> i think it is unfortunate for the original police officer in this case. i do not think that eric holder should be accountable for the actions. stuart: all right. thank you for joining us, sir. get this. the senate holding a hearing on opening up federal land to hunters and fishermen. how about that.
12:49 pm
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have much more access to hunt a
12:53 pm
message on federal land. tom sold. that land is kind of your land. you should have access to it. >> i understand. you need to have civil rules. wildlife refuge, why do they even have wildlife refuge? let the animals figure out how to survive. >> why are there any restrictions on hunting and fishing other than a license to fish? >> i do not even agree with the license part. otherwise federal land, it is your land. god bless you. >> i think that it is going to be opened up. two police officers shot
12:54 pm
overnight. does eric holder they are in the responsibilities for what has happened? crystal wright joins us now. this is a serious subject crystal. that is the question a lot of people are asking. >> i think that eric holder is largely to blame along with president obama. remember, this is the same attorney general that came out days after michael brown was shot. he swooped into ferguson. this white cop killed michael brown before there was any evidence of value weighted before a grand jury had made a decision.
12:55 pm
last week, he comes out with a report and says we have evaluated all of the evidence. there is no evidence to bring charges against aaron wilson for the charges against michael brown. there may be a few racist police officers in ferguson, but eric holder is seized with this false narrative. it is not true. >> eric holder did issue a statement about a half an hour. inexcusable and were proud of it. does that pull you back a little bit of your criticism of holder? >> no. eric holder seems to be more on the side of lawlessness and i would say our police officers across the country.
12:56 pm
he had to say that. they were not challenging anybody. that was real crime. >> i think she makes a good point. stuart: may be a difficult question. do you think that he is racially tilted? >> i think that he has racially lost his mind. i do not know how a lawyer can look at the fact that black people are killing other black people. you had the trayvon martin case. making bad choices that contributed to his death. the same thing happened with michael brown.
12:57 pm
why don't we see eric coulter in the first black resident in chicago where hundreds and hundreds of five kids are killing each other every single year. this is what we need to be talking about. stuart: you are indeed the conservative black chick. thanks everyone. more warranty after this. ♪
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
stuart: jeff flock at it again. >> that is a hard act to follow.
1:00 pm
$200 million in staff chat. $15 billion. lift just got a big boost from overseas. more than 500 billion in new capital. equinox going more than just high-tech. with more on staff chat and amazon we bring in julie kent. we knew that there would be news. here it is. jo: it pushes the valuation of $215 billion. it increases alley popeye's influence here in the united states. all of


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