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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 12, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> i am thinking to myself, oh, my god, i have a million dollars. >> will trying to sell it off prove too much for one family, "strange inheritance" at 10:00 on fox business network. kennedy: we are, we have a show to unpack for you, i have come to the conclusion that ferguson is a chaos mag ted, nothing is going to get bet dollar, i am sorry. -- magnet, and nothing is going to get better there any time soon, i am sorry about that. i have compared modern day ferguson to the l.a. in the 90s before rodney king, and the riots. all hell broke loose, i can only assume, having never lived in ferguson, missouri there was a similar dynamic there unfortunately, it took a bad apple who did not have his back
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turned who lands were not up who got shot to throw the match on the gasoline soaked town that caused it to explode. antwan lewi-- al sharpton and er had to turn the town upside down. a smoldering ferguson is still ready to rei reignite, with last night's shooting of two officers, guess who was right there condemning the shooting after having fed the flame? >> i want to be clear here, i condemn these attacks. >> this has to be terribly frustrating for you. >> no one that i know involved in the protestor brown family would condone shooting at police shooting. kennedy: why sudden holdero --
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why isn't holder on a plane to ferguson right now? they don't make things better, they don't make it better, they are similar predators from different packs. my friends in reason magazine suggests a independent investigation, the jury did not indict officer wilson, and doj did note fire charge that was not enough for pyro maniac al sharpton. >> you won the first round for prosecutor, but don't cut your gloves off because the fight is not over, justice will come to ferguson. kennedy: i think holder pretty much cut his gloves ouch, it is -- off, it is a horrible treatment to be a cop, and fergieing for probably the worse case to carry a badge right now, officers have to think and act defensively
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because of a system. one that has turned on police, ferguson municipal court system held city hostage with jail times and big finds for fail to appear notices, if you don't pay the fine on your expireed plate ticket in ferguson, you could go to jail. it is what prompted republican lawmakers, libertarian think tanks and ou outfits like the aclu on working in to reform the criminal justice system. how could cops be focused on keeping the place safe? when a sharpshooter is pumping rounds into police officers, from 375 feet away, that is lard leanne accident -- that is hardly an accident, but it has been influenced by outside rabble roudzer rouseers, what ds ferguson need?
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fewer racist cops? a more com competent mayor. yes to all, certainly. but what it also needs is an electorate that gets out and votes and makes changes they are screaming for, you cannot claim to be the sim of system of a -- victim of a system. i am going toe-to-toe with a war hawk, we'll argue about the military, i think we should reduce the military budget to make a safer. america said big government is biggest problem. maybe electorate is getting starter. >> and i am ready for powdered alcohol, are you? i'm buying, and i'm kennedy. kennedy: police shootings in ferguson focuse focus america oy
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that has been strained over last 8 months, charlielly le duff, a pull ipulitzer prize winning au, you have grown up in detroit, seen what that sea has gone through. what did you see in ferguson when you were there? there? >> i saw people trying to figure out what is bothering them, what is unfair. i mostly saw, of people unable to deal with the frustration, they can't articulate. by the end of it you have white city structure hiring a black guy that used to deal doping and kill somebody thinking he could talk to those people. then you saw people who say we want to have a non-violent protest, and really figure it
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out, and martin luther king way to watch it go up in flames. kennedy: why? what do you think happened? was it locals who got agitateed throughout protests or was it outside people, i postulate it is outside people, ferguson is a magnet right now. >> i don't know where that comes from, when i was on the group before that decision came down, and lit up and cars were burned. i was talking with a couple young dudes black guys from st. louis area, it is all @louis to me. and they are talking about how it wasn't faish fo -- wasn't far for them to ride in a car together, there they were, lighting a car on fire. kennedy: you say it was the people there, it is easy to blame outsiders for damage which has been done. but let's talk about last
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night's shooting a little bit. i don't understand how someone can get a head shot, and a body shot on cops next to each other from almost 400 feet away with a handgun. that i is almost physically impossible. >> about 50 yards round drops. i don't know what they are doing, if -- i don't know the specifics, i wasn't there. but having said that, all of the times i were there gunshots were going off. you know maybe -- ferguson has to gets it act together, every time they hold a press conference they create an event for idiots to show u up and caue mayhem, they are announceing decision of grand jury at 8:00 at night, chief of police walking out saying he will talk with protesters, he should have just resigned, put out a press statement, let it be, but mayor has got to hold a press conference that just, fuel to the fire.
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>> yeah prosecutor went through the grand jury process, and chief of police in ferguson resigned. in light of the doj investigation, a lot of say of one sideed. but you still live indeed diet. what does -- you live in detroit. what does ferguson do now. >> you burn your downtown, you don't really come back from it, this is not l.a., it is st. louis, if this is when you do, shoot at cops, cops will now do what you don't want them to do it look at you like a boogeyman, that is a bad mix, that is assumeing that shooter is a black man, you ask me about riot tourist this is a weird element of like wheat people, white people, they don't seem to be from lower classes, you know the
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way they carry themselves and speak, they there are agitateing, i was there a young black guy trying to stop looters from robbing a meat store this white kid comes up, he grabs our length, he said, hayman that's not -- man, that's not cool that is snitching, i said, where you from dude, if i was you, i would get my ass out of here, because you are just bait, you are lunch. kennedy: it seems to me they wear a mask. that that is it those of outside agitators that i talking about. it takes years to come become from that charlie, i hope you come back talk to me. >> thank you. kennedy: all right, coming up, an new form of powdered alcohol that meetin might might be fun n society as we know if, perhaps
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is talking to you right now? it kinda is. it's as crazy as you not rolling over your old 401k. cue the horns... just harness the confidence it took you to win me and call td ameritrade's rollover consultants. they'll help with the hassle by guiding you through the whole process step by step. and they'll even call your old provider. it's easy. even she could do it. whatever, janet. for all the confidence you need td ameritrade. you got this. kennedy: hello. look out hillary clinton, your e-mail trouble might have a ripple effect, this morning when asked about hillary clinton,
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martin o'malley said. >> every year there is the the inevitable front runner, up until they are no longer inevitable. kennedy: inevitable. maybe not. hillary clinton e-mail troubles turning into challengeer problem? julijewel a fox news contributo, and a foxy fox. with mary katherine hamm editor at large at hot air, welcome. >> thank you. >> hello. kennedy: marry katherine hamm i start with you, martin o'malley, a lesser known governor from a state that produces drop hamburger, what can he do about smashing hillary clinton's presidential ambitions. >> i appreciate him taking a jab, it is health to have people taking her on.
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he is right she is incandescent until she -- she is inevitable until she is not, just like barack obama. but this is the game of thrones people, i continue to be surprised a party full of ambitious narcissists, every party is, there is not somebody that wants to step up and take her on seriously, this gives an opening for somebody like o'malley and elizabeth warren to have a look see. as governor, a little underwhelming. kennedy: o'malley, i don't know anything about the guy, i don't know who knows him. but i will say, he is accepting eentree is he is firing shots, e have not seen anything from warren this week, people complain that democratic party has a weak bench. >> they do have a wash weak ben,
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warren is not running, that is why she has not said anything, what does she have to do to convince people, it will not take hillary down, everyone has already made up their mind ex september for millennial -- ex up thexcept for mill -- millennl this woman has a established view among voters, that is what you know that is imperial data. i don't anticipate this moving things, we're paying attention to it but america is not. kennedy: what do you tell martin o'malley. >> i tell him, my seat is not cheap, but i would tell him, keep at it, you have to why not, getting his name out there, if he puts in a good show, i don't know if he will get in the race. but if he does, i think healthy primary is always good, she
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needs a healthy primary. that will make her a stronger general elect candidate, the more the merrier. kennedy: and shifting gears, mary katherine, john kerry, look at john kerry, he is acting presidential, trying hard to secure president's legacy and his with that iran nuke deal, what do you think about kerry getting into the race. >> i have to -- well no, i down believe it, if i were john kerry, i would see the situation, and mitt romney trying twice he and mitt romney as general election candidates are missing that thing that makes people fired up, it would be a mistake to try again. i think that hillary problems make people go where can i jump in. i don't think it is just about e-mail scandal.
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moving on -- hold ofor democrats s if that press conference is a look at how she responds, they will continue to happen because they are clintons, then i think that is a bad sign. >> a rail good point -- a really good point, how does she respond not only to her own personal crises but national crisis, we can't afford another emake administration -- emake , opaque damage. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> see you later. >> coming up, secret service expert will join me to discuss latest scandal in agency, said that corruption is a big part of the problem, but first, i will argue against someone who thinks we should be -- military budget, i say cut it, your crazy kennedy is next. ♪
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oh. so you're protesting? ♪ okay. [ male announcer ] introducing xfinity my account. available on any device. kennedy: welcome back. lindsey gram said this. >> i would let congress -- i would use military to keep -- if i had, to we're not leaving down until restore the defense cuts. kennedy: like not even figuretively, joking about a military coop already. u.s. defense budget about half of planet earth's combined, and i think that pretty big budget. am i crazy to think we could scale back the military budget, some people think i am crazy, this is your crazy kennedy.
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lieutenant colo colorado color d is joining me. i talked with a lot of my friends in the military about how to make the military smaller, and smarter. i think we can do that we live in a different age, and a lot of these guys i spoke to the warrior, they say the same thing, we have a ton of waste, including a huge officer class and massive overhead that eats up so. thso much of the budget the money is not going where it should, doe you agree. >> inflow i don't -- no, i don't, i actually think that you are crazy, that is the part of show right. if you come in june ia junior ld
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have pier peers and colleagues have you one perspective, if you turley run a department -- if you are actualing running a department, you see. there are two different perspectives, i dismiss the former one we can argue about needs of u.s. military to serve security interest. kennedy: war has changed. >> it has. kennedy: modern warfare is so different than when we were fighting the coi cold war, i grp in 80s we just assumed we would get bombed by russians, we were going to bomb them, and we would all die. that is why gen xers are so pessimistic, but now battlefield has changed and focus has changed. it seem strange to have massive standing army we have. >> depending on slice of time, change has been inproduct of
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more advance technology, smart weapon global communication, nature of platform that used to conduct the, but acreage is still acreage, if you want to be able to shape what goes on in a country or region that still takes same number of people because you have other people, you know oceans have not shrank any, and things are morley that wilmore --lethal because the ops have advanced as well. kennedy: the opponents have changeed back in world war ii we knew who we were fighting. we knew where our money was going to a nuclear arms race this is different. >> that -- >> why more special forces not on the massive batal owner money sucking program like 535. >> a simplistic view is what you say, because, it is not just
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nuclear exchanges during the cold war, you had large navy issue hundred of thousand of ground troops in europe. that kept large scale conventional war from happening it of still a very real danger, with 15 or 20 years, regardless of diplomatic incentives in contrary you find yourself in war. >> the spaces ar are -- basis of bases are spilarestill open but they are h smaller we're spending more now in heist. >> no, no, real dollars we are not. if you do constant dollars based on decline. kennedy: years of research that cato institute. >> cato institute is a
10:26 pm
libertarian organization, and cherry picks data to suit their political -- but not heritage foundation. >> we have a great publication, index of military strength, firmly grounded, publicly data, methodology is clear and hope we show on a constant dollar basis, defense spending is declined in real terms, plus cost of things increase. manpower is more ex personive. >> i do invite you back, i think that there is a lot of insanity for you to perhaps right in my brain, i want to support our warriors, efficiently, put right tools in their hand, and embrace technology, and i don't want the country to go broke doing it. >> great conversation, i appreciate it look forward to it. >> thank you. kennedy: yo you can tell me what you think. find me now.
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kennedy: good evening, let's swing to spring with earth shaking strange news. topical storm, i like spiders. for my 8 birthday, my parents got me a red legged tur ran tula, a name her belinda. in our house we don't kill spiders, we capture them in a
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and set them free. why are we so tolerant? because we don't live here this iis an abandoned house in mexico overrun by thousands of spiders, can you feel them crawling on your skin look at that. ploping down and dispersioning they are all over the place. they are in walls and ceilings. how could you go in there? they just fall in clumps, spider clumps, could you imagine if one of though landed in your hair. >> to topic 2. how to cook bacon with an automatic assault rifle. >> so much right now.
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oh, yeah. yeah. >> that is avid hunter and chef. and inventor. if you want your bacon chewyer, take with anar 15. but crispy. remember, even if it is canadian bacon it turns american when you pump a deadly stream of white hot lead into it. >> when did you first learn to talk. average child can say 6 words by the time they reach 18 month, check out this 7 week old baby.
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7 weeks. >> hello. >> hello. hello. >> the baby is a genius. everything, imagine when he is 3, like so cute he will do it in angerisinangerinan -- brogue. cats are man's best friend for good reason, they help blind people walk across busy intersections, they fight sharks and heat up leftovers, no, wait, that is dogs, dolphins and microwaves, no, cats just sit around and they judge you, they are awful. what makes a hot going from be on knocks usous -- obnoxious tor
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terrifying? the cat, ludo*rpbgs ido is a ma, he is huge. they had enough. bigger, bigger cats. one day they are big enough to ignore or devour everyone you know and love. you have been warned. ludo. >> topic 5, girls love barbie dolls, and what if barky could -- barbie could talk. >> mattel has turned barbie into siri. hello barbie, hello barbie, you record something, barbie sends it into the cloud. >> welcome to new york barbie.
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>> i love new york. don't you. >> yes. >> tell me, what is your favorite part about the city, the food, fashion? >> food and restaurants. >> i love the food. where else can you find so man types. kennedy: then a get to about after is ubarf it uplater. pretty soon she will learn from cloud how to hold a kitchen knife, 5 time her weight, and stand over you as a sleep. hello, barbie. so precious. if you have weird storys to see in this topical storm, go ahead, and sense me a tweet. on twitters @kennedy nation. and on instagram for that picture of lou dobbs and me. in a sweet embrace, it is not safe for kids. >> secret service in trouble.
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this time, it might involve drunk driving. >> to bring on powdered alcohol, our panel, they are coming around the corner stay with us. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day.
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whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do.
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kennedy: welcome back, have you been so thirsty on a hot summer's day, thought i could sure use a refreshing packet of powdered alcohol right about now? good news, federal government has finally approved the powders alcohol. not prohibited by fda or other tomorrow agency, several states have banned it for fear it will be abused. katie pastlish is here.
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kirsten hegland welcome. >> thank you. kennedy: which of you is more disgust by palcohol. >> i am. kennedy: you are? >> i am not 21. >> i am 21. but, i mean i think there is a realistic caution, you know parents, pediatrician worries it will make it easier for kids underage to take it into concerts other places it is prohibit. and weird that guy who invented it said hikers can bridge it along -- bring it along. you should not be drinking when you are hiking. >> you never within hiking at the end and wanted a drink. >> have you not done it right, i don't like to judge. if you can fill a glas flask*rps
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witsk withwater. >> i never had a desireed for powder alcohol. >> that is the question, this is a great invention for people like me who take amtrak all of the time, this is necessary thing to bring on the train, you just need a drink. >> so hard to find booze, you have to go to basement to find a lack or store with palcohol, you throw it in your satchel and go, i think this is genius, but you can't just buy ital your local hardware store, they sell it where they sell alcohol. >> that is the thing, great news about america we have federal implement each state will be able to regulate the way they want. colorado is one state that jumped on board say we want to prohibit this.
10:42 pm
and they are free about marijuana. kennedy: they don't' too much competition in their gummy bear market. >> i just think that, you know people top drink they will -- if people want to drink they will find a way to drink. it is not going to be different with them drinking alcohol or palcohol before a concert, i think that issue of banning it because it is different and new is overblown. kennedy: american name government as most important problem in united states, followed by the economy and jobs. almost like faulty government is somehow affecting the economy. and jobs, well now i heard everything. do you distrust the government. >> it is a common american thing to distrust the government.
10:43 pm
what our country was founded on, saying we don't want to give people too much power over us. this is the trend, number one problem. but i see it as an american thing, we distrust people and leadership. >> are our leaders failing us? >> i think they are. looking at both sides of this, and everyone is just out of sight, congress gets lowest ratings, but why are they dissatisfied with government. >> is in a are now affected by obamacare or seeing all nonaccount builty in last 6 years with government scandals, and officials held to a different legal standard than the rest. what -- what are those questions they realize that big government does have an impact on the economy and over regulation does not allow them to prosper, i would be interested in follow-up
10:44 pm
questions, but it is widespread, and i think it is healthy. people are frustrated because of the accountability. kennedy: last we're we were talking about nsa, not as much of a top thick year, but look at someone like hillary clinton, are there different rules for her, she is part of the government. and you know, i know people have almost given up, they are so frustrated, and i think that is why e-mail scandal is not going to affect her. >> i think that people are somewhat disillusions with people in power, they can really trust anyone no matter, but that similar throughout instutions in america, lack of trust in law enforcement in church, public education, so many things, every area. kennedy: look look at you. >> being riped to sleds, and
10:45 pm
their credibility lost, america sees that time again, they say i can't trust any of these any more i can trust myself to make my own decisions. kennedy: we have brian williams. >> yes. >> all right, thank you so much. >> thank you. kennedy: a phenomenal discussion, and i am so thirsty for powdered booze. i am sharing from viewer comments with you. because you have shared them with me, our relationship is the most important thing in the world, i love you. first, a secret service scandal that involvesal doal col hol, te white house and a car, we'll give you the inside jimmy, next.
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doug. you've been staring at that for awhile, huh?
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kennedy: welcome back, last week two secret service agents reportedly drove their car into a security barricade after drinking at a go away party for their buddy. this is part of a krupp culture -- corrupt culture where officials ignore the rules and use a cover-up mentalty. kessler is joining me. he knows secret service, ronald welcome. >> thank you. kennedy: let's talk about this. two senior agents, one is second in command on president's detail, he and a buddy went to a coworker's going away party, they went back to white house, showed battles, rammed through tape into a barricade does it
10:50 pm
surprise you? >> no. i had an op-ed in washington times when president obama appointed joe clancy director, he was acting director since october. saying that obama, headline said that obama guarantees more secret service problem. because joe clancy represents everything that is wrong with secret service, he has been there 30 years, he is part of this culture that condones, corner cutting and covering up. worse is that you know, in a wanted to arrest them, and give them sobriety tests, but a supervisor overruled the officers who are trying to do their job, said no, don't arrest them just let them go home, there is a cover up men fall
10:51 pm
mentalty. kennedy: you don't know how drunk they are, then a superior said, don't worry, we don't want it to get messy, it makes me wonder what has secret service covered up that we don't know about. >> i think we know a lot. i have broke prostitution scandal. what is going on is, totally responsibility of president, 5 years ago we had pranceing into -- party crasher in white house, at that time obama should have replaced director set surl van with absullivan with an outsideer. but he chose machine from the inside. chose someone from the inside.
10:52 pm
kennedy: you know, you look at the -- they tried to do right thing with bob mcdonald. that is going so, so, you know you have clancy coming in really more of the same. is secret service too big or they don't operate correctly because they have been forced under the dhs umbrella? >> that is part of it, when they were put under dhs in 2003. but, if you have right leader, for example, former fbi high ranking official would be ideal. this would not happen. you know fbi would never stand for this cover-up mentalty, they have been successful since 9/11 at keeping us safe, that is what should be done. president obama you know, just likes clancy, and he headed his detail he trusts him. >> you know you see what is going on here. but at some point president has
10:53 pm
to be an adult, say, i have to protect my life, and my family, and i think that he would be more nervous about what you call, the cover-up culture, and you know people who are drinking and screwing around and vacing slacking off. >> this cols os on -- close lacf judgment on president obama but it is his life at stake. last thing we would like is an assasination. >> and no one wants to see the president in peril regardless of where he stands politically. certainly, i think that is what makes people nervous we have about 27 second left, what could change the department? what could change this culture? >> well only thing is to bring in outside individual. such as former fbi person but president obama is not going to do that, he is stubborn, he made
10:54 pm
his decision, he will stick with it he told aides he thinks that problems are overblown. we're saw him refer to isis as a jv team, the same attitude. kennedy: ronald kessler if you, i hope you come back, i know there will be more stories. >> very good, i will respond to some of your tweets and comments stay here. h. h. seeking guidance. just like with your investments. that sets you apart. it does? it does. you're type e*. and seeking another perspective is what type e*s do. oh, and your next handhold... is there. you don't have to go it alone. e*trade gives you the support and guidance to make informed decisions. are you type e*? bring us your baffling. bring us your audacious. we want your sticky notes, sketchbooks, and scribbles.
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kennedy: you know i love hearing from you, tonight i want to share some messages this have warmed my heart, and my in box. carla, sense me a beautiful picture. my pug loves your show, so do i. thank you. that confirms, that i do well
10:58 pm
with people ageed 25 to 50, and dogs. jim, we were discussing utah vote to allow firing squads last night. bring back the guillotine. i have to say thank you. we will work together to bring hope and guillotines to every state. if we don't loews our heads in the process. >> and maybe yokoo no should sue creators. blurred lines, you know what, maybe she should. 694 tweet from mike moss, wow, two golf related top dal storm shores this week, i am in heav
10:59 pm
heaven. and the week is not over yet. >> that is my goal. mike. this one. mingleing with anthony weiner's sexting buddy, bet that congressman twitter name is indiana bones, what do you think? i don't know what that means, i think this tshare says it all, hipster kitty. i don't like cats, i didn't until i saw that shirt. i am going to get a cat, just so i can get it glasses, thank you. >> you can always fall me on twitter, and e-mail us always. 6 maybe your inbox always be
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full and bursting with good news. and tphaurty thoughts, from aus you to good night. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. the city of ferguson, missouri, on edge tonight after last night's demonstrations turned violent. two police police officers weret early this morning by an assailant whosoever has not been identified, nor as far as we know taken into custody. the officers were shot during a protest demonstration outside ferguson police headquarters. [gunfire] lou: and instantly an unidentified demonstrator shockingly said this. >> acknowledgment nine months ago would have kept that from happin


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