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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 12, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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inbox always be full and bursting with good news. and tphaurty thoughts, from aus you to good night. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. the city of ferguson, missouri, on edge tonight after last night's demonstrations turned violent. two police police officers were shot early this morning by an assailant whosoever has not been identified nor as far as we know taken into custody. the officers were shot during a protest demonstration outside ferguson police headquarters. [gunfire] lou: and instantly an unidentified demonstrator shockingly said this. >> acknowledgment nine months ago would have kept that from happening!
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lou: acknowledgment nine months ago, he said, would have kept that from happening. police early this morning raided a home in ferguson, and they took people in for questioning. police have not revealed their identities or whether they are under arrest. amazingly, both of the police officers who were shot were leasedded from the hospital today -- released from the hospital today. one had been shot in the shoulder, the other officer shot in the face just below his right eye. at a news conference, the st. louis county chief of police said the shooting was an ambush. >> this was really an ambush it's what it is, i mean, you know? you can't see it coming you don't understand it's going the happen, you're basically defenseless from the fact that it is happening to you at the time. and that is something that is very difficult to guard against when you have a group of officers standing in a large group and then, you know, you have gunfire, certainly gunfire directed at them. lou: coming up here tonight the search for answers and accountability after what has been a national war against law
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enforcement by the obama justice department and this president. we'll be talking with prominent civil rights activist niger ennis and milwaukee sheriff david clark. also tonight the chorus of democrats criticizing a republican letter to iran's leadership. well, they a new ally, iran's supreme leader criticizing the letter as well saying it was back stabbing. should democrats be judged by the company they keep on this letter? former house speaker dennis hastert joins us as well. we'll ask him what he thinks of speaker boehner's abandonment of the so-called hastert rule. and a happy day to tell you about on wall street a triple-digit rally on the dow, we'll have a full report later here in the broadcast. we begin now with the shooting of two police officers in ferguson. finish the obama administration today departed from its war against law enforcement with attorney general holder condemning the shooting. >> what happened last night was
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a pure ambush. this was not someone trying to bring healing to ferguson, this was, this was the damn punk punk who was trying to sew discored -- sow discord in an area that's trying to get its act together. lou: joining me now niger ennis national spokesperson for the congress on racial equality, and milwaukee county sheriff david clark. gentlemen, good to have you with us. let me begin with you, sheriff and ask the simple question ambush whatever you style this, an attack on police officers we have seen an uptick in the number of these shootings over recent weeks. what is going on here, in your view? >> well it's a continued assault on the american police officer. it's brazen now. this isn't the first one as you indicated. this war on police continues.
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but i'm incensed at the president of the united states who after this tragic and serious incident last night where two st. louis area police officers were shot taking on live fire, all he can do is issue a tweet expressing that the behavior was unacceptable. that is the height of laziness, that he couldn't put on a suit and go to the east room of the rose garden and issue a heart-felt condemnation of violence against the american law enforcement officer is just a continued behavior, if you will of his utter contempt for our community's finest. lou: and, niger, what role do you think the president -- attorney general holder should be playing here or, in your judgment, are they -- what they're doing, is it adequate? >> oh it's far from adequate. i mean they're not the firefighters putting out the fire they're pouring kerosene on the fire and have been throughout this incident. before the investigation was --
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justice holder's investigation was even completed, holder came out, and he compared the ferguson incident to the death and the murder, the vicious lynching of emmitt till which occurred in 1950s mississippi where a black boy 15-year-old black boy was lynched for whistling at a white girl. president obama went before the united nations and the entire world, and he compared ferguson to isis cutting off heads. he compared it to russia invading ukraine. these gentlemen along with their civil rights consigliere al sharpton have set the tone and the environment where police officers' lives are on the line and they're being assassinateed. it's an outrage. lou: sheriff right now there has been a truce in new york city where mayor bill de blasio who had been a part of the assault on law enforcement in
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this country he has rather quickly pulled back in his, if you will, his offense against all law enforcement, but particularly new york's police department. do you expect to see a tone here? there are consequences to the rhetoric being used by this administration and others. >> no, because this administration has capitalized if you will on this divide and conquer strategy. they've divided men against women with this fictitious war on women, they've divided the rich against the poor, the black against the white and he's been successful at it. so i don't see him backing off of this strategy at all. but again these are some powerful people. what i need to hear from these individuals -- eric holder president obama and de blasio -- is to remind our young black males that if we want to end these deadly encounters stop resisting the police, stop trying to disarm the police stop trying to the fight the police and stop trying to flee from the police. when you engage in those
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behaviors, you're going to a very dark place where things aren't going to work out well for you. that's what i need to hear instead of this innocuous stuff that is unacceptable. we all know this is unacceptable. lou: and and i wonder too, niger the attorney general didn't say what one would have expected from the top law enforcement official in this country. this administration is going to do everything in its power to bring these assailants to justice, to apprehend them. he -- it's a strange omission on the part of the top law enforcement officer of the country, don't you think? >> i think it is. but i think it's because it is not a part of his ideological or the president's ideological dna. i mean, they are much more comfortable palling around with the likes of an al sharpton, you know, de blasio as well has made al sharpton almost like a don within new york city politics.
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and these leaders are grossly irresponsible, and i hope at some point the voters of new york in the next mayoral election and the voters of the united states rebuke and utterly reject this -- as sheriff clark brilliantly said -- this divide and conquer strategy. we should remember our emblem as the united states, e pluribus i pneumonia. out -- unum. out of many one. these individuals -- de blasio, sharpton, holder, obama and their minions -- have divided this country terribly. >> niger ennis, sheriff david clark, thank you, gentlemen. >> thank you. lou: the secret service once again at the center of another scandal. it turns out the culture of misconduct at the secret service has not been cleaned up by any imagination. fox news correspondent kevin corke with our report. >> critics say it reflects a crumbling culture from within. >> the bottom line is the secret
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service has to be overhauled. what happened the other day shows we've got a ways to go. >> charged with protecting the white house, the secret service is having troubling its own house in order as more details come to light about an incident that could tarnish the careers of two veteran agent iss, george ogilvy and mark connolly second in command on the president's detail. the men are accused of disrupting a suspicious package investigation and driving into a barricade following a retirement party last week for a fellow agent. alcohol said to be a factor. >> you've got two supervisors drinking, driving a car and then, again disrupting a crime scene. i'm very upset about this. >> published reports quote on-duty officers saying they wanted to arrest the agents and conduct sobriety tests on the men who may have driven over the package, but officers were told by a pfers to let them go -- supervisor to let them go. the white house acknowledged the probe in a statement saying the
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president is aware of the allegations and supports director clancy's decision to turn investigation over to the dhs inspector general for a thorough review. it's the latest in a string of incidents that critics say have pushed the once-proud agency to the brink. from the plodding investigation after shots were fired at the investigation to agents being sent home from europe for excessive drinking, the devastating prostitution scandal in colombia and the now i-infamous fence jumper who made his way into the white house east room before being caught a tipping point that culminated with homeland security secretary jeh johnson cleaning house. but several agency officials were reassigned and former director julia pearson forced out paving the way for joe clancy who now faces his first major test. >> he's already disciplined a number of the members of the secret service, and he'll need to continue to do that apparently. and establish the culture from the top. >> we have received even more
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information about exactly what happened that night. we are told that the entire incident lasted all of about 30 seconds, lou and what's more the vehicle in question ended up tapping one of those huge orange barrels, the kind you see in construction zones on highways, the ones that are about three or four feet high, but it hit it so softly, it didn't even tip it over. we're likely to hear a lot more about that and what can be done to reclaim the luster at that agency on tuesday when the director speaks before a house appropriations committee. lou? lou: kevin, thanks so much. can't wait for that hear handgun. we're coming right back, stay with us. former house speaker dennis hastert on republican senators intervening in the iranian nuclear negotiations, and speaker boehner abandoning the hastert rule. we'll find out what the former speaker thinks about all of that in just a few moments.
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lou: breaking news tonight, the leader of the islamic state reportedly accepting a pledge of allegiance from the nigerian-based terrorists, boko haram according to a recorded message by al-baghdadi's spokesman. all of this comes as an iranian- as iranian-led forces are
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reporting more progress in their battle to retake the iraqi city of tikrit from the islamic state. the government troops tonight taking control of western neighborhoods, leaving only one area that includes a former complex saddam hussein's complex which is in the hands of the islamic state. military officials say they're confident that they will declare victory within a few days. the united states is not involved in any way in that assault, creating considerable problems for u.s. policy in the region. iran's supreme leader, ayatollah khamenei, in lockstep with the new times, both simply irate over the letter sent by 47 republican senators to iranian leadership warning them of the dangers of trying to strike a nuclear deal without the approval of congress. the times' editorial board refers to it as a republican idiocy on iran and writes this:
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the ayatollah today condemning republicans and voicing concerns about a u.s. claim, a united states that he claims is known for, quote deceit and back stabbing. joining us tonight the former speaker of the house dennis hastert. great to see you, mr. speaker. >> well great to be with you sir. lou: this alignment of democrats -- some of them in the senate -- and "the new york times"' editorial board and ca maney -- khamenei, that's a little outrageous. why such a fuss? >> first of all, "the new york times" has never been very in sync with conservative republican policy, so that's not a problem. but i would say, you know really good political insight is usually 20/20 hindsight. and i would think probably if the senators were going to look at that p again, they ought to send that letter to the
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president of the united states because the president of the senate does have the power to treat that as a treaty, and they do have the right to ratify it or not. and they ought to remind the president about that. lou: yeah. the president seems to be reminded of so much and he is so clear that he is not interested in traditional governance from the oval office. he is reaching as he says expanding his powers. "the new york times" saying this and if we could put that up begun for the audience. it was a -- again for the audience. it was a dangerous effort to undercut the president by communicating directly with a foreign government. the ayatollah condemning that as i said. dennis why is there -- if secretary of state says it's a nonbinding legal agreement, why is there such agita on the part of the secretary of state and
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the president and some democrats at that meter? >> first of all it -- at that letter? >> first of all, it's a treaty. it's an agreement between two nations about what they're going to do with their nuclear powers and how we're going to treat them in response. so it is a treaty. it's an agreement between nations. lou: well, are you saying that kerry simply misrepresented reality here? because there's something going on right now with this administration that i think is, it's creating some fissures within the republican party certainly some who are upset that those senators signed the letter or some that are saying they would have the power with democrats to overwhelm a veto should it come for any legislation that would insist upon senatorial approval. this is a president in the first instance who is saying he doesn't need the stinking u.s. senate. >> well, you know, this is a president that in many instances doesn't understand the constitution of the united states, and he's breached that realm of what the limits of the president is. there is a divided power. there is an equality between the
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congress and the president and the supreme court and there's also division. and he's trying to smudge those lines. lou: and in turning to the e-mails is too much being made of hillary clinton's e-mail on, a server securely, comfortably in the confines of her home in chappaqua, new york? >> well, i'll tell you in the congress we were also very careful about our e-mails and those people who breached that e-mail situation got themselves in trouble. i would guess that rule extends to the executive department and the secretary of state. this really comes down, you know, we can make a big to do about in this, but it really comes down to what the attorney general is going to do. is this a crime? is he going to do something about it? lou lou so you would suggest to the republicans hold your fire and don't get too agitated? >> i think they ought to bring it to the forefront. if they ignore it it'll just
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never get brought up so i think they need to push it. the prosecution of this belongs to the attorney general. finish. lou: and should there be prosecution about abandoning the hastert rule on part of speaker boehner? >> the has tart rule was -- hastert rule was never law, and many times that was misinterpreted. we talked about this before, the whole issue on the hastert rule was look, i believed to win you had to have 218 votes and during my time, most of my time in the congress the minority leader wouldn't put any votes back on our side. we couldn't negotiate. so we had to have all of our people onboard. it depends on what dictates. i think the same problem that the current speaker has is not only is he doesn't have cooperation from the democrats on his issues but wees got people who withhold their votes. lou: are you talking about conservatives? >> i'm talking about some people that say look at, we don't want
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to go this way, and we're not going to vote. he has to raise government. he has to solve the problems the best he can. the issue is look, you know, the thing of the hastert rule is it's a common sense thing. most every speaker they've ever had had to have his people onboard before he moved policy, and if you start to develop and depend on the other side too many times, all of a sudden you're not running the place anymore. lou: certainly not running it for the republican majority which has, of course part of the problem here. dennis, we thank you for being here. it's always good to talk with you. dennis hastert, former speaker. time now for a look at our online poll results. do you believe president obama fully comprehends the disastrous consequences of many of the foreign policy choices he's made?
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60% say no he doesn't. 40% said, yes, he does. derive from that what you will. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is has the obama administration's war on law enforcement contributed, in your opinion, to violence in ferguson and other communities around the country? cast your vote at a photographer and navy veteran fighting back after a photo she posted online sparked a backlash on the web. the photo shows her newborn infant wrapped in an american flag held by his father. finish a lot of critics accused her of, well desecrating the nag and some at least -- the flag and some at least called it disrespectful and rude. she does not agree. >> i did not feel that i had done anything wrong. i felt that this photo represents what every military member past, present and future fights for their family. they fight for that honor, that
11:24 pm
courage that commitment, and that's what this photo represented. lou: as i said on "outnumbered" on the fox news channel earlier today, to me, that is a visual poem and a metaphor for those we depend upon for assuring our nation's future. and the future of young americans. just like that one. well done. the photographer has since been inundated with job offers. she says she'll be donating 15% of that money to the uso. well done again. up next a teenager brutally beaten. it's on video. we'll tell you why some folks are denouncing her attackers and the wu standers and the -- bystanders and the obama war against law enforcement having disastrous consequences. we take that up here next. stay with us.
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lou: shocking cell phone video capturing a crowd of teenagers as they beat up a teenaged girl
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at a new york fast food restaurant. dozens of people witnessed the vicious attack, but no one stepped in immediately to try to stop it to help the girl. she was heft with two black eyes -- left with two black eyes and bruises to her head. investigators say the attackers were all students at a local high school. the motive behind the vicious attack unclear. and police in washington state announcing an arrest in the attempted abduction caught on video. a 15-year-old boy who lives in the small farming town was taken into custody. he was identified through use of the video and eyewitness interviews. the toddler's siblings rescuing her. a few thoughts on demonstrations, protests and shooting of two police officers overnight in ferguson, missouri. attorney general holder today accused a quote, damn punk of trying to create discord in a
11:30 pm
fracture community. but that damn punk had company in culpability. many forces at work, many at a fault. but certainly chief among them those who have the power and the resources to make ferguson a better place. and certainly chief among those president obama and his attorney general. if only they appeared more interested and inspiring doing the hard, concrete things of which help is actually made instead of being reckless from the very beginning. and the attorney general two weeks ago told "politico" the one book he would recommend to a person coming to washington to read is, of all books "-- the autobiography of malcolm x. here's the attorney general just last friday after his justice department released its report ferguson police department. >> we are prepared to use all the powers that we have, all the power that we have to insure that the situation changes
11:31 pm
there. and that means everything from working with them to, you know, coming up with an entirely new structure. lou: but the president wasn't prepared to resist distortion and refused still to lead and to set aside for even a day his reckless rhetoric. his exploitation of the ferguson tragedy, one day before his speech in selma alabama. >> what happened in ferguson is not a complete aberration. it's not just a one-time thing. it's something that happens. and one of the things that i think frustrated the people of ferguson in addition to the specific case of michael brown was this sense of, you know what? we've been putting up with this for years, and now when we start talking about it, everybody's pretending like it's just our imaginations, like we're just paranoid we're just making this stuff up. lou: his rhetoric suited his
11:32 pm
pandering narrative of a broken and racially-biased system in ferguson. but where were his words of leadership of comfort of assurance that he would act to help rather than tear down? what has he done to rebuild businesses that demonstrators and protesters burned out or burned down altogether? what has the obama white house actually done to lead in the rebuilding of ferguson's businesses, restoring the confidence of ferguson's residents, bringing back those who fled in anger and fear to sparking ideas and to rebuild the community anew to create jobs to reduce unemployment, to bring in creative pilot programs to retrain folks to teach new skills? why not, mr. president, risk inspiring for a change? at the request of missouri's governor jay nixon, the small business administration did declare a disaster and offered
11:33 pm
low interest loans to businesses. yet as of november only a single application for $4500 had been approved. for its part, the state of missouri along with local governments and business groups offered no-interest loans. the small business relief program did divvy out about $700,000. that's not much, but it's certainly better than nothing. also not nearly enough. why is it that president bush was vilified for the government response to katrina, but mr. obama isn't held accountable for not responding adequately to ferguson? what happened to hope and to change, mr. president? who instead added his voice to those voices who had fomented greater unrest in ferguson? so a simple question tonight, make your administration part of
11:34 pm
the solution, mr. president. no more a part of the problem. now the quotation of the evening, and i want to honor the attorney general's request as he suggested this from malcolm x who said: i am for violence if nonviolence means we continue postponing a solution to the american black man's problem just to avoid violence. thank you mr. attorney general. we're coming right back. ♪ ♪ lou: hookers in cartagena, drunk in amsterdam, fence jumpers and interlopers at the white house. now secret service agents caught drinking and driving near the white house. fox news digital politics editor chris stirewalt is us next on the out-of-control secret service.
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lou: boston police investigating a stabbing during last night's celtics/grizzlies game caught on cell phone video. it happened after two groups of fans started fighting about the game. the result, a celtics' victory. no arrests yet. the victim was taken to a local hospital with injuries nonlife-threatening. americans' confidence in all three branches of government now at latest lows according to the survey that's been measuring opinion on the subject for 40 years. only 3% of americans -- 23 percent of americans have a great deal of confidence in the supreme court 11% in the
11:39 pm
executive branch, 5% in congress. my next guest says these are the consequences of a president who's excused himself from governing. team obama blames republican intransigence but he's also declaring defeat for the institution of which he is custodian, and voters now know it. joining us chris stirewalt who serves as fox news digital politics editor. he authors the daily political news note and hosts "power play" on great to see you chris. >> you put it that way, i feel tired. lou: you're tired i'm the one that had to mention all of that, or you would have walked off the set in dismay. [laughter] anyway, it's great to see you. >> good to be here. lou: i don't think there's a surprise overall that the numbers are so low. i do think that 5% for the, for congress, 11% for the president, that's pretty strong stuff. >> well, it is strong stuff and it is part of a long slide. as robert bork wrote slouching
11:40 pm
toward georgia mora. in this case we have been on a decades-long march to lack of confidence, a lack of trust in the institutions here in washington. but the case of the presidency is different. when we talk about the congress you don't have confidence in it, you may not have confidence in the oh party, but you -- other party there's a partisan split that goes there that drives that number further south. on the presidency, though what we care about is what do members of his own party think and what do independents think, and in the case of democrats and in the case of independents the numbers are abysmal for democrats. it's something like one in five or less than one many five, fewer than one in five believe that they have a lot of confidence in the presidency and for independents it's one in ten. and that tells me that the consequence of a president who's surrendered on governing, who basically said the republicans won't work with me, i'll do what i can by executive order basically is raiding the surrender flag -- raising the surrender flag over the white house, so no wonder they don't
11:41 pm
have confidence. lou: that's an interesting way to put it, and i don't think it can be argued with very strongly. the secret service scandal, if we can turn to that, i can say this because i'm sitting here in new york city and you're in the belly of the beast. [laughter] but if i had power after watching the secret service perform -- and i'm a person who's been privileged to know some secret service agents over the course of my career -- but what has happened in the last decade to the secret service is unfathomable. i would take them out of the business of protecting the president, because they don't seem to have the sense of responsibility, pride or obligation or duty to protect the president. i would disband them. i would move them into another purr siew. >> -- pursuit. ing. >> well here's the problem and i can say this because we have observed the consequences. the creation of the department of homeland security in the wake of september 11th attack, part of that was to stovepipe all of these agencies into one place. and it took the secret service
11:42 pm
out of being the institution with a great history and all this esprit de corps. yeah, there was jock stuff and yeah, there was carousing and those things, but at least at that time there was a strong that this was a -- strong sense that this was a unique special place to be. now they have sort of the worst of both worlds, it would seem. that sort of bro culture, plus the kind of layered -- [inaudible] of bureaucracy that prevents things from working well. lou: well on behalf of bros -- at least older bros -- [laughter] >> older bros are bros too. lou: i think that's a little unfair to us all, but i take your meaning. [laughter] speaking of unfair is it unfair to so harshly criticize the leading democrat light for 2016 hillary clinton is she being unfairly assailed by -- well she's caught in a crossfire between about half of her party and republicans. what are your thoughts? >> democrats are getting closer
11:43 pm
to asking the important question which is not do they need an alternative, but do they need to deep six hillary clinton? and when you see a candidate who after a disastrous press conference that was belatedly called, usaly executed -- hastily executed, ill conceived and poorly executed, that disaster happens, it's all over the news. what does she do? she get on a jet, she flies out to california to give a secret paid speech. that tells me i'm looking at a candidate who is not ready for prime time, does not have the discipline or the ability to carry forward this arduous task. and for democrats now they're saying, you know what? maybe we really ought to think about going another way on this, and they're starting to check the couch cushions for other options. lou: chris, as always, good to talk with you, good to hear your views. >> great to be here. lou: chris stirewalt. and a reminder to vote in our poll tonight, has the obama administration's war against law enforcement contributed, in your view, to violence in ferguson
11:44 pm
and other communities around the country? cast your vote at we'd like to hear from you. up next here, listen up, millennials. you may want to stop taking selfies, focus on your job skills, heck, read a book. we'll have the findings of a shocking new report for you here next. some of us a little older will not be shocked by this at all.
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lou: breaking news, ebola is coming back to america. the national institutes of health today announced that they are admitting an american health care worker back into the country who tested positive for the highly contagious deadly disease. the individual volunteering in sierra leone and will be transported back to the united states in isolation on a chartered aircraft. the individual will be treated at the high-level containment facility in bethesda maryland. a triple-digit rally to tell you about for a change. stocks turning positive as well for the year. the dow surging 260 points, the s&p up 26, and the nasdaq up 43. volume on the big board 3.4 billion shares. crude oil dropping 2% today settling near $47 a barrel. lower gasoline prices doing little to help retail sales which fell for a third straight
11:49 pm
month primarily because of weather, and a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. a new report slamming the millennial generation. those born after 1980 are apparently severely lacking in skills employers seek; literacy, practical math and problem solving in high-tech environments. researchers say the results are even more shocking when you consider millennials are considered to be the most educated american generation ever. up next, the secretive hillary clinton once again dismissing the media. is this just the clinton way, clinton style? we'll ask andy levy and joanne -- [inaudible] joining me next. ♪ ♪
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lou: eye a chappaqua new york neighbor of hillary clinton thinks that her excuse for using her personal e-mail is a choke. it instructs interested buyers to see bill. "time" magazine accused of making former secretary of state look like a she devil.
11:54 pm
new cover a silhouette of hillary clinton how do they know many claim shows horns sprouting from her head. co-host fox news red eye andy leahy, and co-host of red eye joanne. >> hello. >> "time" magazine. >> mm-hmm. lou: a great magazine. i will move to you a she devil? >> i don't see that, i see cat ears or a special unicorn with a second horn there. >> you could not call it a unicorn. >> that is why it is special. lou: how big a deal? >> right now satan is going not cool don't compare me to her.
11:55 pm
"time" magazine did a piece of their own about how this happened over 30 times before because. the m . with points and presidents, so, they know it happened, yet they keep doing it, it is almost like they want publicity that could not be possible. >> they don't make enough money to become meral -- commercially attuneed. turning to hillary clinton. do you think this is too much ado about very little. the e-mail controversy? >> no, what is funny, she is turning it into a bigger deal, everyone wants to blame media. the media circus. on the left will side with hillary, she is not giving specific answers that would make us push this away. drop the case. she has been incriminating herself, she says things that
11:56 pm
disagrees with statement she said in the past. >> i love the cross fire, 29 halfbetween half the democratic party and a republican party. >> almost reached a point where republicans can just sit back. hillary is not helping herself you are see something democrats talk about this. i said this last week, the first thing they should have done was said we want the server. now they there are reports that way they decided when e-mails to delete they did a 7 for search for key words they just deleteed them. >> you always use code words. >> they can't do that. >> i do when i talk about andy.
11:57 pm
>> yeah, you could have a attachments that have a word this shows it is business related. everything she has done so far as been on the sip sit would do. lou: you exonerateed her. >> i believe everyone should leave her alone let hillary be hillary. lou: secret service beset by a prying press they can't quit drinking and other things, should they be moved away from the president for his own protection. >> we really need to think about what is driving them to drink. to party? and to do these things. this is a stresssul job we need good counseling. it seems they were at a going away party for one of the spokesmen, we need to do away, ban going away partys.
11:58 pm
lou: or a spokesman when you think about it, it is rude to celebrate someone leaving. lou: you are right. >> i can't say i thought about that either, this is real troubling, secret service were supposed to the anonymous heroes you never knew who they were. they were the guys prepared to take a bullet. now you -- i have lost track of how many things have been going on in past 6 years. and worst part of this one if it is true, is that a supervisor told the officers, who were going to arrest the drunk guys, he said no, let them go. didn't do a blood alcohol test, if that is true that supervisor, his head should be the first on the chopping block. lou: turn to millennials.
11:59 pm
this is directed to you according to princeton base, millennials are among the country most lacking people, they lack literacy, education skills problem solving they don't know much math. what do you think? >> i am really happy we don't do multiplication on this show, i would make a fool of myself. lou: we can't risk -- well, a lot of us might. >> i blame the government, as i usually do. for making my generation into a bunch of lazy people. we're handed everything, loans healthcare, people dean have to work -- don't have 2 for anything that is not setting us up for success. >> a failure of the educational system, have you a system that feelings have replaced fact, and every generation thinks that nothing that that happened before they were around is important this is the first generation
12:00 am
that is not geting that belief validateed in school. school. lou: i feel you are correct thank you. >> thank you. lou: that is it for us, thank you, good night from new site. -- go to our web site. >> a texas family inherits a house full of history millions. >> bob davis was a world class collector. >> and speaking of love affairs. >> what is this gun? >> a sawed off shotgun that was carried by the barrow gang. jamie: like bonnie and clyde barrow? >> they spawn a legend. >> those images of young outlaws shooting up the highways of america, somehow touches people. >> it may yield a fortune. >> the place is packed, people on the telephones are bidding in is interest in the bonnie and clyde story. >> a mind blower to watch


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