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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  March 13, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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hear what tom sullivan has to say, the company under a lot of pressure from whitney tilson at t-2. more coming your way on that show. more coming your way on "money" because melissa francis is here. it starts now. melissa: that's right. thank you so much charlie, stop it. nice try kremlin. rumors swirling about the health of vladmir putin after he hasn't been seen in over a week. fake television trying to reassure russians with new video, new video. but it looks awfully familiar to us. meanwhile our president making rounds. he joined late night host jimmy kimmel to face down critics to offer scathing grammar critique. two attorneys debate, is it better to come clean or to cover up a scandal, or say destroy the evidence? hillary clinton, and al sharpton might want to tune in for this one because even when they say it's not it is always about money. ♪
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melissa: it is a true friday the 13th for wall street. energy dragging on stocks as the dow and s&p are on track for a third straight losing week. it doesn't stop there. oil getting crushed, hitting another two-month low. on top of all that we have this news just crossing i want to bring you right now. treasury secretary jack lew sending another warning to congress, yes exactly, ahead of sunday's debt limit deadline. in a letter just released, he cautions the treasury will resort, to quote, extraordinary measures to finance the government. bring in today's panel, charlie gasparino, veronica daguerre, "wall street journal," john lonski moody's. i have the letter, right off the presses. >> don't read that. it is too scary. melissa: who knew jack lew hat had a sense of humor. i'm writing follow-up on march 6th. i went in the vault and it is bone dry. did you guys not get my note about the fact we don't have any money?
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>> kind of like ackman saying he is short herbalife. they're a fraud or something. melissa: breaking news is what you're saying. breaking news. >> there is rerun that americans are just very tired of. this is exactly it. people don't want to hear about this anymore. melissa: apparently john boehner doesn't either. >> get it out of the way. did you get my note last week. you guys didn't say anything. >> don't know what it means. most persons are like, next. melissa: because congress hasn't done this we'll do this blah blah. last line, i respectfully urge congress to raise the debt limit as soon as possible. >> respectfully. melissa: that's what they did with the letter. >> holy crap it is time to do -- melissa: that would be a lot more entertaining or. >> would be we're all dead. melissa: that would be more entertaining. markets are tanking, john lonski, how come? >> dollar is getting stronger. king dollar has a reign of terror over equity market. it may not end anytime soon.
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the euro may be parity with the dollar at a buck. melissa: why is the dollar strong in your opinion? fed's imminent move? >> some people still believe there is room for the 10-year treasury yield to go higher when you have the 10-year german government bond yield under one quarter of 1%. that doesn't make any sense. there is no way in the world you could tolerate a 10-year treasury yield above 2.25% until that 10-year german government bond yields starts moving up towards 1%. >> this whole ackman thing. melissa: it must be. veronica. real quick. >> what will have with interest rates? when will they rise? june or september? the market is getting readjusted. trying to factor that in. becoming a lot more serious. >> i think if we don't have bill ackman around -- melissa: where is vladmir putin? kremlin's attempt to squash rumors about putin's health is not really turning out that well. russian state television releasing this footage of the president conducting a daily meeting. meanwhile a spokesperson claims
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that putin is feeling so great, that his handshake, can quote, break hands! break hands! >> what is going on here. the ruble is sinking so badly against the dollar, putin has been sighted in midtown manhattan for an apartment. melissa: that is probably true actually. >> who knows where these leaders go. the big question, if he was to disappear for whatever reason, we don't know the story, who would take his place? that would be a huge gap. melissa: come back from the dead to take his own place. not letting anyone else take over. >> market was go up if he died? melissa: i don't know about that. >> less aggressive. melissa: two-year fight coming to boiling point. fbi probing bill ackman over allegations that the hedge fund manager manipulated -- >> who told you this? melissa: spoke with fox business's own deirdre bolton just moments ago. >> herbalife is out with a army of lobbiests in washington and
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various states trying to convince regulators not to investigate them okay? which is sort of interesting thing. one of the points we made from the very beginning was, if i were running this company and i knew it was legitimate i would have welcomed a complete regulatory review of the business. melissa: charlie gasparino, brought us snacks for this segment. you brought husband herbalife bars. i never seen one. >> i'm doing this where is the camera? i'm doing this in memory or in celebration of bill ackman who is herbalife products. melissa: are they good? >> i'm like you, i don't eat while i'm anchoring. i may wait until after. >> if you watched fox business as you know, we broke it first, that the company was prodding bill ackman, prodding the justice department regulators investigate ackman. >> let's listen to that sounded. go ahead. >> i will say this, this is what we do know what herbalife is trying do in terms of financial and counter attack and legal aspect. they're trying to prod regulators going after ackman,
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to file some sort of stock manipulation charges. melissa: there it was. anyone else, charlie starts ever sentence, i will say this? has anyone noticed that? >> i will say this. melissa: didn't even do that on purpose. it came out. >> just funny bill ackman changed the subject. the story bill, is that you are now possibly under investigation. that is the story. not that you spent a lot of money trying to get herbalife to be under investigation. the story is that all that money is causing you to be under investigation. listen, i will say this stock manipulation charges, extremely hard to prove. it takes a lot to prove this we don't even know if this official investigation. melissa: isn't it natural that herbalife would flap their wings. he is manipulating. you have to investigate him. whether or not they are even remotely true. >> lay out what they gave them. bill ackman paid whistle-blowers to go to the government to talk about negative stuff about the company. bill ackman has gone to john
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martin, the -- edward markey the snort from massachusetts and basically got him to basically write the ftc and launch an investigation. there was campaign contributions involved in this. all this is written about. bill ackman once produce ad documentary where connie chung was going to be the host. she backed out when she realized what she was getting into. he went to extraordinary measures to attack this company. i will say this. this company employs people. it has workers. it has a market cap. if you will take out a company and say a company is a fraud you better have your is dotted, ts, crossed. better do it by the way in very, very, very legal way. melissa: speaking of attacking people's livelihood, move on to lumber liquidators. a number of analysts cut their price targets. the street is not convinced with the company's defense of their products saying it left some questions unanswered, i like what goldman sachs said, the company didn't explain why the
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flooring could not pass the safety test while flooring by others did. we're done with it. we're downgrading stock. i think it makes investors nervous. there is so much uncertainty around the stock. they were not able to give outlook for rest of the year because of it. that is something wall street does not like. they're not able to fully back what they're sourcing seems like. we don't know what will happen with the stock going forward. melissa: goldman said, you know what? we tried to sort it out. we can't really tell anymore. i don't care. i'm bored. i don't -- >> i will tell bill ackman something. this is a real product. it tastes pretty good. it is protein bar. melissa: he said, fine, a normal product you can get at duane reade or cvs. >> yes. melissa: if you look inside business plan it is come advertised. this is a come advertised product selling based on a fraudulent business -- i know. many folks gone inside the company -- >> saying it for three years. and still the stock is not down to zero. by the way, those private
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equities guys are buying, because they know -- that's right. melissa: -- >> both sides spent so much time and money this will not go away. melissa: makes great tv though. >> actually this, and lumber liquidators is this. lumber liquidators has a product that if you test it a certain way it is way you test it there are extra car sin owe against in that product. carcinogens. this is product, based on all tests does not cause cancer. melissa: stay tuned to fox business at 4:00 p.m. eastern, "after the bell" well have interview, tom sullivan the founder of lumber liquidators. they will focus on that story. i will take failure for 200, alex. we might have found worst episode of "jeopardy" ever. >> brad. >> what is sim maron? >> no. >> stephanie. >> what is giant. >> no. >> kristin? >> what is, sorry. >> nothing. no. and, bad news for brad and stephanie. this was not one of our greatest
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days. both of you figuring in the red. and, at the end of double jeopardy. that means you're not around to play in fine jeopardy. you all by yourself, cris. i think you will win the game. melissa: this is worst ever. only one in final jeopardy, got that wrong. he said this is not one of our finest days. like my kids really misbehave. i'm like we had a tough day at school, didn't we? i heard we didn't stand in line where we supposed to. >> that was worse than watching ackman cry about herbalife. >> alex gets big bucks. >> major failure. subprime mortgages. melissa: ackman really? we did "jeopardy" and whipped right back to bill ackman. >> because ackman cried once when he was talking about herbalife. melissa: i will cry myself. thanks, guys. leaving money on the table, millions of americans are not getting the most out of their social security benefits. you could be getting more money. it doesn't have to be you.
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we'll reveal the secret earns up to tens of thousands of dollars more. you. you have got money in social security. you're not getting it. we'll tell you how to get it. plus the commander-in-chief tastes music. not even president obama can face a round of mean tweets on "jimmy kimmel" live. more "money" coming up. >> dirty -- 30 rack of coarse light is now $23 at fun stop. thanks, obama. [cheers and applause] how do you make obama's eyes light up? shine a flashlight in his ears. [laughter]. that's pretty good.
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. for a free 30-tablet trial go to it's one of the most amazing things we build and it doesn't even fly. we build it in classrooms and exhibit halls, mentoring tomorrow's innovators. we build it raising roofs, preserving habitats and serving america's veterans. every day, thousands of boeing volunteers help make their communities the best they can be. building something better for all of us. melissa: president obama jumps back into the pop culture world with his first appearance on the late-night show, jimmy kimmel live. but kimmel wasn't afraid to sneak in a reference to hillary clinton's email scandal. listen to the special request. >> do you have hillary clinton's
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new email address? [laughter]. >> i can't share it with you. i don't think she would want you to have it. melissa: steve hayes is here. he is the senior writer for "the weekly standard" and a fox news contributor. he rolled with it. he was very funny. this is sort of his best format, isn't it? >> yeah it really is. i think president does pretty well in these things. it is why he does as many of them as he does. republicans grouse and complain on the side, look, this is unpresidential. it is undignified. like you said he feels comfortable there. he comes across as likeable. republicans would do better to less time mocking president. more time imitating him. melissa: i would much rather face jimmy kimmel than megyn kelly with a lot tougher questions. definitely. wouldn't have been a proper visit to kimmel without a rousing edition of mean tweets. taking down the president 140 characters. i wonder if he reads off
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government issued blackberry. >> is there any way we could fly obama to some golf course halfway around the world and leave him there? rw surfer girl. i think that is great idea. somebody send obama life hacks how to be a good president. ha ha. i bet that would help, lol. the lol is redundant when you have the ha-ha? melissa: steve i love this it did momentarily distract us from the hillary clinton scandal. only momentarily. let me bring you back to that for a second. there was a poll that came out it was a "gallup poll," looking at all candidates out there in the race, both democratic and republican. it put them on a scale, both comparing their favorability and unfavorability on one axis. also their familiarity on the other. sort of like you get somebody like ben carson not a lot of people know about him. he is on upper left. not lot of people know him but
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people that know him love i am. you can see where we're going with this. hillary clinton is way up there in the right quadrant which means she is both known by everyone and liked by almost everyone. this was the day before the email scandal broke. do you think this has changed much? >> well, we haven't seen much of a shift in her numbers, sort of day-to-day numbers. i don't think there is any doubt we will see that shift. we'll see it in couple weeks and additional polling, almost certainly. just because of the sheer volume of the news and questions that are being raised. these are substantive questions. the question joked about them with jimmy kimmel. these are substantive questions and go to the heart of the problem with her candidacy. she is not somebody seen as being honest, as being forthcoming and forthright. that will raise a lot of questions. and democrats importantly are asking those questions. melissa: they are. let's throw up that chart one more time so we can look at some of the other folks in there. it is tough. if somebody knows you they may not like you. look at joe biden. thank goodness a lot of people are familiar with him.
2:18 pm
i'm frightened not everybody is familiar with him because set vice president. i want to talk to those folks that didn't recognize his name. >> right. melissa: he is flat. basically at zero on net favorable as many people like him as hate him. you look down at somebody like elizabeth warren, i think is likely contender, no matter what she says to hillary clinton. her familiarity is lower than 50%, but her favorability is positive. she looks viable. what do you think? >> i think she certainly looks viable. she said she will not run. when politicians say that is almost always meaningless. melissa: yeah. >> i for one hope joe biden's numbers improve. as journalist is there anybody we would rather have in the race than joe biden covering him on a daily basis would be a hoot. melissa: it would be a gift. thank you for coming on. i appreciate your time. >> you bet. melissa: we have breaking news. state department is responding to reports that russian president vladmir putin may have gone missing.
2:19 pm
take a listen. >> there was a report that push shun president vladmir putin has not been seen in public in a week. does the state department have any idea what he is up to? >> i believe the kremlin has spoken to that. >> you don't have any reaction. >> i don't have anymore information, no. melissa: translation yeah, we have no idea where he is either. that is not our business. they're keeping eye on him. putin has not made a public appearance in eight days but russian state television trying to reassure us with this video, that they claim is new. hmmm. one newspaper is pedaling a new theory. reporting that putin's long time-31-year-old girlfriend has checked into a maternity ward in switzerland. she, it is known for being a favorite of russian oligarchs. so, i mean, read into that whatever you might. uh-huh. interesting stuff. credibility under fire. silicon valley gripped by one of
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the biggest trials as more details are laid bare in th courtroom. plus europe on a shoestring. our tips how you can get across the pond on the cheap. remember, we were tracking about the strong dollar? we'll certainly help with this one. do you ever have too much money? ♪ do you want to know how hard it can
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melissa: from the u.s. to every corner of the globe money is flying around the world today, starting in egypt which is just unveiled plans for a new capital city to replace cairo. it is dubbed, the global city of the future. that is ominous. with skyscrapers similar to what you would find in dubai. it will house up to five million people in an area between the pyramids and the red sea. over to the u.k. where real
2:24 pm
duchess has been hanging around the set of "downton abbey." kate middleton dropped by to meet all members of the hit show. she sat in the servant's quarters as scenes were being filmed. how fun. landing in germany where they discovered the world's most ancient pretzel. bet it is pretty steal, right? over 250 years old. experts call it a archaeological sensation. it was found during a dig for historical objects and was well-preserved because it was originally burnt during the baking process. it was stale already. that is why it tastes like that. itching to travel to europe but don't think you have funds to do so? now may be the time to travel across the pond. euro hitting fresh 12-year low against the dollar making traveling cheaper than ever for americans. courtney scott, senior editor joins us with her tips and top destinations. i'm so glad you're doing this right now.
2:25 pm
at the beginning of the show we were talking about a surge of dollar, 12-year high, not going anywhere anytime soon. for everybody at home one fantastic way to take advantage of that is to go travel. >> 12 years, is how long some families have been waiting to get to europe. it is been too expensive. that is about to change for so many of us. melissa: where should you start? what are the best tips to fet out the door. >> it is about timing. summer is high season, peak season. i recommend traveling europe now through april and september, october. melissa: shoulder season, before and after big. >> great, crowds are less and prices holding. melissa: some wonderful destinations you mentioned mon at that negative grow. >> croatia is firmly on the tourist map. montenegro should rival coast of italy. we're seeing vacation packages seven nights including flight for about $1,000.
2:26 pm
incredible deals. beautiful spot. hotel price is not yet surged there. really great place. melissa: milan. melissa: italy. >> milan italy. as far as direct prices that is the best direct to italy. cheaper than rome and paris. great place for exploring northern italy. parma is only two hours away. lake como villages are beautiful. 45 minutes away. melissa: lisbon portugal. >> i lovelies bonn. one of my favorite cities. direct flight, vacation packages $1100 per person. many of deals i'm seeing in lisbon are four and five star properties. so your dollar goes far in lisbon, it's a charming, beautiful city. melissa: last one, someplace i always wanted to go, budapest hungary. >> say cakes packages in there are two sides, bud and pest. melissa: who knew. go buda. >> better views as city.
2:27 pm
much hillier. melissa: thank you so much. i will pack my bag. wait for me outside. we'll go together. perfect. new warning that is sis could enter the u.s. the latest plan to infiltrate america from one of our country's largest tourist destinations. plus is hillary taking a cue from the al sharpton playbook in case of missing emails. are you better off destroying the evidence? i'm just wondering. we'll debate, you decide. "piles of money" and answers coming up. ♪ at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. melissa: steep losses. let's go to the goal petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange.
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nicole: the dow is to the downside. over the last three weeks we have seen that now selling off. watching that is tough. seeing the dow dropped almost 500 points. one thing we have been watching is a strong u.s. dollar. that is tough for our companies here at home to make money overseas. melissa: thank you so much. top american general. already left small caribbean countries. there are concerns.
2:32 pm
concerned about them returning home to conduct terror operations because they do not have the ability to deal with the problem. we have heard it again. the cover-up is worse than the crime; right? martha stewart's trial. is that really always the case from a legal perspective. putting that question back on the table. we have a set of lawyers on opposite sides here to hash out the issue. thanks to both of you for helping us. this whole thing was my idea. if you look back in the past that folks that went to jail, if they just halted where they were they would have been better off.
2:33 pm
recently how's sharpton they are calling for tax documents. oh boy i am sorry i do not have the records anymore. now we look at hillary clinton. what do you think? is destroying the evidence the smart way to go? >> she actually did herself a favor by deleting her personal e-mails. now, she is forcing the authorities to find a much better presented to get their hands on them. that is not enough. unless there is a court order or a official subpoena, you are under no obligation to him him
2:34 pm
shovel. that is basically the stand that she is taking right now. >> i completely disagree with that. if you look at the law there are congressional investigations out there. i do not think that that should count, but i can see them taking the position that it does. these are e-mails. these are not paper documents. there is another copy out there someplace. >> there is, but it is very hard to track down. she did not turn over everything. and then she destroyed the
2:35 pm
e-mails. >> it will change my opinion when there is an official request for her to turnover. now, we do not trust that the e-mails she deleted were work related. that will be a problem. she cannot turn them over because they are delete it. they cannot go away. they are digital. melissa: the next time i break the law or do something really bad, i will just pause where i am. i feel like i should be flailing around and destroying everything near me. >> tattoo removal is extremely painful. [laughter] >> the situations are a little
2:36 pm
different. i do not think that it is ever smart. they are so easy to row cover. even if it is not a technical violation of the statute. it looks horrible. melissa: the guy on the other hand had a copy. i was just making it a little harder for you to find it. >> that makes it look bad. melissa: we will see. try to cover it up in a hurry. not as contract others? still having credibility questioned in court. now saying she liked to several
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♪ melissa: i am melissa francis with your fox business brief. cinderella at the box office this weekend. more than $2 billion during thursday's preview. moviegoers will also get to see the new short frozen movie.
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the faa now banning drone videos. because of a law that does not allow drones to be used for personal services. newlyweds getting hit with a huge deal. the average cost of a wedding now a record.
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back a ways old name burger club. one exclusive group is backed out. they are drinking bourbon. rolling up their sleeves on a quest to find the best burger in new york city. they are members right there. first of all boys only. what is up with that? what do we need women to come join us for? melissa: you don't want to bring your wives?
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these are very fattening. >> yes. i do it out 5:30 p.m. melissa: you are not allowed to talk business. >> the fourth of july we had the idea and we just rolled with it. melissa: you judge them based on the patties the toppings, the bonds and the fries. >> a scale one-10. they could destroy a burger. most of the times everybody is kind of on the same wavelength.
2:44 pm
giving 10 then finds. melissa: you get really bad at what someone has rated it. [laughter] melissa: let's go to some of the places you have frank did the city. very flashy expensive burgers. i am a steak shack girl myself. >> and under $10 burger is one of my favorites. melissa: do you ever feel like you need to get some vegetables in there? collecting social security benefits and making sure you get the most bang for your buck. it can be a tough system to
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retirement and estate at age 66. about 24,000 a year. needing to wait until 70. >> you get the bonus later. less than 2% think that it is 70. insane. melissa: met that you ended up getting $50,000 more. that is enormous. >> married for more than 10 years you are eligible to collect. just the same. they could have done exactly the
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same thing. applied at the age of 66. the people who really get hurt in this are single heads of households. melissa: what is your bottom line? [laughter] >> a track through the system. help you step-by-step to the process. melissa: do not let the government keep your money. that is the lesson. be sure to watch fox business is new show strange inheritance. featuring a family that inheritances vintage cars. also be sure to check out my
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to upgrade your phone, douglass. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. melissa: and it begins. now we are learning that the department of energy is proposing to buy oil from the
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strategic petroleum reserve. we will continue to monitor this situation. the 2014 offense and player of the year is moving to the philadelphia eagles. his contract will earn him $42 million. that is some money. if you have the money you have to catch it. they will cost you. joe wayne kent has a very cool behind-the-scenes look. it looks like i would immediately hurt my elf. >> i am a special probe. there it is. it is cool. it is called -- $1800 to use it.
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melissa: did you go forward at all? >> those are flats just fyi. >> you can balance on it. if you just lean to the right a little bit you will see. melissa: i do not know. >> definitely getting a little fresh with you. jewelry. >> yes. it is a really cool looking trendy jewelry.
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you want to let someone know that you are going home or some like. you can just press it and it sends out a notification. melissa: i have fallen and i can't get up. liz: i would have smashed my entire face. basically he said two car icon you are stuck. the stuff is jumping about 7% right now. we have the very latest on that. 13%. have a believe i'm heavily
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cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. melissa: we've got a few headlines that are too money for you to miss. veronica and joe are back with me. my producers are back in the control room with extra bank for your buck. >> britney spears may be in the back of the center of the ring. she may do the super bowl next year. >> i love that idea. what do you think? >> i love her. i think she's a great performer. excellent dancers. it would be brilliant -- >> do you want to give her a segway thing you were on? >> she's doing good
2:59 pm
business in vegas. this will be good for her. >> what do you have? >> what is better than eggs and bacon? kevin bacon. he's going to be the spokesperson for the american egg board. >> i love it. 6 degrees of bacon. he looks like a nice piece of bacon. love it. >> very funny. very perfect for this world of advertising. more punch. >> give us the last one. >> stolen bourbon discovered in someone's backyard. 5 barrels of bourbon was discovered by a sheriff. each barrel weighing 500 pounds. >> 500 pounds. i mean how are you towing 500 pounds into your backyard? they were found with steroids and guns. >> that sounds like an interesting party. >> yeah. no. very clear. this was super super strategic. >> i want to know what they were going to do. why did they leave the guns there? melissa: i don't know.
3:00 pm
thank you to my producers in the control room and the lovely ladies on the set. i hope you're making money today. liz claman is here with "countdown." take it away. liz: we hate to say it, but we told you so. today the whole world learned what fox business viewers already knew back in january the feds would look into the potential stock manipulation of herbalife. the probe investigators are looking into statements by people hired by bill ackman who has a well-known short position. herbalife is a pyramid scheme. today, ackman defends himself to another fox business reporter here. we have dierdre bolton on that outright saying herbalife. ackman says won't exist within two years. so what happens next? not the kind of charge chevy drivers were hoping


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