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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  March 15, 2015 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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heard about palcohol? it's going to be a huge hit mostly with minors making it a giant disaster. what could possibly go wrong? >> absolutely. don't you agree with me? i would rather have a martini? >> yes. here we go again. more protests, more violence and more calm. forget if we could put up with this. can we afford this? welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. an ongoing protests are pushing city budgets to the brink as businesses are still trying to get back on their feet. exercising our freedom of expression is a right, but is this right going a bit too far? charles payne says these protests are backfiring and costing. good morning. the cost is adding up.
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>> it's adding up. everyone knows this country is built on protests. i don't begrudge anyone the right to protest. what can we do to be a better community? focus on education, community, accountability, building wealth, those kind of things. historically when these cities implode like this, businesses don't come back for a long time. biloxi was never the same. newark is limping along. when you burn down a city, more importantly improve yourself. improve your community. that's where the focus should be right now. >> i draw the line at when it's a peaceful protest where i think that the sky's the limit in terms of costs because freedom of expression, freedom of speech they are such critical pillars to this country. when you're talking about damage done through violence, through
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looting, those are crimes. if you want to crack down on that even more that's fine. i don't think you can put a limit on protests. ultimately peaceful protests will lead to solutions to these problems. >> solutions come with the people there empowering themselves ultimately. >> as you know there is no first amendment right to block traffic on fifth avenue. there is no first amendment right -- >> you need a permit right? >> get a permit. there is no first amendment right to make life miserable for society because you don't like something. you can go out and protest, but do it in a certain way. there is no first amendment right to break the law. >> bottom line ben stein city budgets municipality budgets i talk to police chiefs and mayors over the past week saying they have to build in these higher costs if there is anything racially devisive going on or in preparation of something that could happen at any moment. they never used to do that but
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they are doing that now. >> i'd like to go back to my colleagues and dear friends on the panel saying they've got to have the right to do peaceful protests. >> i did not say that. >> okay. >> you heard what i said. >> what is the message of banging on a drum? >> that's it. >> what's the message of lying down? what is the message wearing a hat backwards? what is the message jumping up and down? there is no message. >> absolutely. >> why should the taxpayers have to pay to block fifth avenue? why should the taxpayers pay? >> i'd be happy to answer ben. >> he's criticizing me. ben, to your point -- >> never, never criticizing you. >> to your point, you are saying you don't agree with how they are protesting. okay. you don't agree with it. you don't get to say how people get to protest.
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no, you don't, actually. >> yes you do. don't break the law. >> you don't want people telling you how to express yourself. >> what's the message of pounding on drums? what are they saying? >> so the point of banging a drum and whatever these other things are are simply to get attention. as long as you are not breaking the law we celebrate their right to do things that draw attention to themselves because -- and this is the important point here -- i agree with absolutely every word charles said. that was an excellent message. it's exactly what people need to be hearing. that said, we as a society need to be hearing the things these people are saying as well. >> why are they banging a drum? >> when occupy wall street was down at zukati park there were
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kids living in that neighborhood, that was disturbing the peace and breaking the law. where are the rights of the people? they were using blow horns and going nuts down there. >> there is a cost people blowing their car horns in front of my building, too. >> that is not a protest going on every day. >> it is out of control. >> what i'm wondering is how we dial it back? to your point about people talking to each other, education, it it no accident a lot of this occurs often times in places where unemployment is high, minority unemployment is really high. how do you address that? >> i remember when we went back right before the verdict on mike brown. i thought president obama should have been there physically.
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someone not fanning the flames but trying to put them out. someone respected on both sides who is not trying to benefit from it politically economically in any kind of way. >> i'm going to tape a leap and say that is not al sharpton. >> not al sharpton. he's been a huge gigantic part of the problem. the narrative is this is out of control, but the alternative. this will go away. this will fade away one day. ferguson will be empty arm pit where no one wants to establish shops. this will go away no matter how much you complain. >> i want to be clear. i'm talking about peaceful protests. these officers were shot. if it gets to the point that police officers cannot be protected then we are going to have to do something about it. zukati park they kicked them out. >> they were banging drums, screaming yelling, destroying businesses that were next door to it. that was outrageous. mayor bloomberg, whom i personally like, did not stop that because he believed it was
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a first amendment issue. it's not. they were violating laws. your rights only exist as long as they don't infringe upon my rights. that is the basis of libertarianism. these folks are violating other people's rights. >> here's the main point. it gets to neil's question about how much it costs. if we have a bias in this country, if we have a prejudice in this country, it is toward letting people have their right to free speech. we understand we don't always like it. we understand that it's expensive. that's our very good prejudice in this country. >> my point is i don't want people to tell me how to express myself. i'm not going to do the same thing. >> you think you could walk out in the middle of the street with a drum and bang it. >> if i got a permit to do it. >> they don't have permits.
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>> what on earth is being expressed by banging on a drum and jumping up and down? >> you get attention just as if i was standing in the street with my pants down. i would get attention for that, too. >> that is not a political message and not protected by the constitution. >> public nudity there is an entire women's movement about being able to be nude like men. it's about equality. >> someone once put a crucifix in a jar of urine and called that art. could you stretch this. >> we paid for it. >> you don't have a right to be naked in the middle of the street. >> if i was naked i would more likely get arrested than if i was banging a drum except i look like a guy. >> the bottom line is to ben's point it's not organized and not a cohesive message and just
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what it does, it's sparking more anger. people have a right to express their anger. they are not doing it in an articulate way to get more people to come. they have to give us a message. the thing is if it's just a bunch of people, to ben's point who aren't giving an articulate coherent message and shots come out of the crowd, their cause has gone back 1,000%. >> it's ridiculous we let people run around grand central station, fall on the ground and there are 10,000 cops, you can't get home. while the cops are busting those people or watching that protest, some terrorist is coming in the back door. >> sorry the first amendment inconveniences your commute. >> it does not allow terrorism. >> that is not what i said. >> it doesn't allow banging drums or nudity. >> how would you calm it down? >> designated areas for protests
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in ferguson, find one or two leaders to come up there, give them a podium, let them speak. have the police side start talking to the crowd. enter exchange commentary and keep all the trouble-makers away. >> i think i know about reaching out than you do but whatever. dave what's on deck? >> republican senators catching a lot of flack over their letter to iranian leaders but did the saudis just deliver an even more sobering message? how the nuke negotiations over there could put our lives in danger right here. isis launching its own social media platform. why some of you say that's good news. we'll see you at the top of the hour. >> thank you david. up next right here, free community college, check. aid to pay off student loans, check. you get the bill. check.
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get ready for a student aid bill of rights. the president says it's all about helping kids get access to college and helping them pay off their college loans. ben stein wondering where is the taxpayers' bill of rights? i wouldn't hold my breath. >> i'm all in favor of kids getting educated. it is worth it. how well educated students are after college as compared to before college is very much up in the air. why it is the taxpayer is
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working in a store to subsidize kids getting high all day is unclear to me. >> they are not getting high all day. >> why are taxpayers on the hook sending these kids on a long five, six-year vacation. the money will never get paid back. it's another catastrophe. >> ben shot our demo up to 80 and above. >> i wish i didn't have to go to college. i got a great high school education. we were forced into getting these degrees. i learned how to bong a beer. that was a real creative four years i spent. people walked away from their mortgages. people walk away from their credit card debts and are forgiven in bankruptcy. that is the way of the new world. >> in defense of the university
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of missouri journalistic school, you produced me for better or worse. >> not bad. i think i took out a $500 loan. >> a lot of these kids are saying we are really big bills here and we need help. >> think about where we are going with this. obama is taking it to a new level. not just people that borrowed recklessly that are victims, which he said a million times. it's now kids who borrow recklessly to go to college? >> they are taking their cues from everyone else. >>s so >> there is a book "victimization of a nation."
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>> and the courses they are taking. you know you are going to get the money back. it's a great investment. some of this stuff you want me to pay for it? some cab driver who didn't finish high school should take a piece of his check and spend for your masters? are you kidding me? >> it's ridiculous if you borrow $200,000 and get a degree in poetry. i was ridiculed by leftist bloggers. >> there once was a girl named dagen. >> i got a degree from wake forest. today i wouldn't pay wake forest $200,000 for a degree. i wouldn't pay $15,000 for an art history degree because you can't get a job. >> the bottom line is now the country is facing all these kids who can't pay their bills. the president is setting up something that will help them do that. i have a feeling we are going to pick up the tab. what do you think? >> the whole education system and finance system is completely
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screwed up. >> that's not what i asked you, smarty pants. >> are you going to write the check? >> yes. so are you. >> don't you find that a little revolting? >> i find many things revolting. if i've got pick and choose, i pick these young people. >> what's worse this or kids beating the drum? tell me the truth. >> i would pay them to stop beating the drum. stop spending money recklessly. >> talk about a nightmare of zombies. 6.5 million dead people social security numbers are still being used. 6.5 million. all of them woulddddd
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well, how is this for a horror show? let's see. viewership for ms nbc. 6 1/2 million social security numbers belonging to deceased americans are still active but it gets worse. you think this would be easy to trace because all those fms trace back to folks who would be 112 or older. ben stooin, what do you make of this? >> i make of that those zombies look a lot like the demonstrators -- >> you're fix dated, ben. >> i say the fraud in the social security system especially on the disability part, is overwhelming, it seems we could make a lot of progress on the
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budget deficit if we could get a handle on that. it's money well worth spending to crack down on this fraud and send some of those people to prison. >> do you know what the bottom line s i thought when you died your social security number died with you, i found out that's not the case. >> and the social security add stragts wants to spend the money on actually getting the money out and says that it's wasted resources if we direct it to cleaning up the death records. i wouldn't expect government workers they're zombies anyway to recognize -- >> that's not -- we love government workers. >> that's right. >> i love them. >> i think new jersey should handle this, new jersey with motor vehicles, you need seven forms of id. this would not happen. it wouldn't happen. >> that was a great line about ms nbc but that looked like the motor vehicle department here too. >> that's great. >> this is did -- the average person knows there's a lot of like scamming in the -- >> but 6 1/2 million social
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security -- >> my friend anthony plum bow good fwee, i brought this up to me and said, charlie, why don't you guys -- >> what do you mean he brought it up is this you didn't hear it from me but i'm just saying. >> that's how he talks, by the way. if the average guy can figure this out you wonder where why the government can't. >> this is out of control. obviously it's easy to say after the check why didn't you check this, but 6 1/2 million times, i think yeah. >> well i don't know that it's out of control. >> 6 1/2 million. what do you mean you don't know it's out of control? >> neil i'm not defending it i'm not saying it's a good thing i'm just saying -- >> i think you are. >> i think where you're going with this i think what charles is going to say we should do away with this darn social security thing and i say -- >> he's not saying that. >> yes, he is. >> give me a chance. >> charles obviously there's got to be some accountability here. >> i agree with charlie, someone knows the deal.
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they're allowing this to happen. if you come into country tomorrow illegally you can buy one of these cards. someone has got the list. >> it's an inside job. >> just remember -- >> government workers aren't zombies but they're sleeping part of the time on the job. >> anthony plum bow called it first into i've got some numbers here if you're looking for them. all right. dagen, i want to thank you very mucher, very much and charlie. in the meantime last week he daz
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i knew him when. all right. stocks for the long run with charles. charles what do you got? one is nike, they have one global competitor but management is absolutely amazing. it's worldwide everyone recognizes it and also mean johnson, baby formula one trees around the world are having more kids, these are wealthier countries who want their kids to have good nutrition. >> adam what do you think of either or both? >> i like both of them, especially if we're talking the long-term, people need to understand the global economy strong dollar, those are are risks for companies like this. >> ben. >> i don't see why the advantages in the growth is not already in the price. >> how would you know it's not? >> because typically the whole meaning of the stock market is that all future pockets are
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gathered to the proper price. >> if apple was at 7 it would have been already in. >> if he has found another apple my hats off to him he can buy the houext door to mine. >> duly noted. >> i will see you soon, neighbor. >> cost of freedom continues now with david asman. here is dave. a letter sent to iran by republican senators setting off a political firestorm this week in both parties, but lost in the shuffle was the far more important news that saudi arabia, so concerned about a possible weak deal on nuks between the u.s. and iran is that they just signed a nuclear deal of their own with south korea and now a lot of folk worrying about a middle east nuclear arms race that could put our global security nd and committee at risk. we will come to "forbes on fox." let's go in focus. rich the saudis


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