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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 23, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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me, and may every song you sing this eve be out of opportunity, i'll see you in the kenadoke booth good night. n fox business. lou: good evening, i am lou dobbs, 6 months ago president obama pointed to yemen as a success in the war on terror. now, there are warnings that yemen is pushed to drink of civil war as shia rebels escalate their attacks again supporters of the yemen sunni president. u.s. and britain scrambling to pull their last special forces out abandoning a southern air face that is critical to the president's drone program raising fears that impoverished nation has become a staging ground for radical islammest terrorists.
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taking up accelerating obama failures tonight. with kt mcfarland. putin furious that denmark has decided to play a role in nato's missile defense system, russian ambassador to denmark did not sugar coat a single word to his morning to denmark saying, if that happens danish warships will be targets for russian nuclear missiles, the russians likely unimpressed with nato response and that of president obama, administration going to denmark's defense with this tep illtepid tweet the u.s. ambassador tweeting this russian am am's words, quote do not inspire confidence or contribute to peace. and sta billy. -- and stability.
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weak language from the world's only supper power we take up concerns about russian provocation we talk with executive director for foundation of defense of democracies, and also republican senator ted cruz the first major candidate to jump into 2016 race. >> instead of the joblessness. instead of millions forced into part time work, instead of millions who lost their health insurance, lost their doctors have faced skyrocketing health insurance employiums, imagine -- premiums imagine in 2017, a new president signing legislation repeeling every word of obamacare. >> a furl report on senator cruz his prospects of taking g.o.p. from thal nomination, and winning the white house in 2016. >> we begin tonight with the deadly sectarian violence that
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grips yemen a country that president obama touted as a model of success once, have captured new territory. conflict threatens to descend into all out civil war the white house insists it has the capability to handle security issues there despite the withdrawal of all of our remaining forces in the country. joining us, former pentagon official kt mcfarland, 6 months ago president said this was a model of his strategy in the war on terror, now the shia militia take control? >> it is even worse. it is not just shia militia this is a civil war but not a two party, but at thrieft -- at least
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three-party. we're backing yemen government, and saudis are backing they have all fought forever in that part of the world the worry is that fighting spreads over the border to saudi arabia, if saudi arabia has a fight like that on its hands. there are shiite two parts of saudi arabia on that yemen border that are majority shiite population. so if that fight gets to saudi arabia then that sort of puts the whole worldic oak -- economy on edge. lou: we're watching tunisia now after that horrible suicide bombing campaign last week. iran is flexing it muscles and expanding its power in middle east this and administration if you will, trying to negotiate the rate at which iran does
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acquire a nuclear weapon. >> deal was supposed to be with iran. we welcome you to world economy you know the deal, don't dismantle anything, just influence it from the wall for a while, then pinkie swear no one believes it. others in the legion are saying we need. >> and this latest threat from putin to from his ambassador to denmark. threatening targeting danish warships with nuclear missiles. and the united states responds with a tweet? are you kidding me? >> you have punch strk me, putin is threatening nuclear war.
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lou: who is punch drunk. >> president putin is. lou: the rest of nato and this president of united states, they are ones who seem to be to be punch drunk. >> afternoon is a problem -- everyone is a problem, with you with putin saying this and the president of u.s. saying well we'll not ignore that. not pay attention the same way they do not pay attention to the iran saying death to america. it is like sticking your head in the sand, expaiing and saying we'll avoided all problems. lou: why are republicans, where is their voice right nowo the issue of foreign policy, because this is a nation right now we're witnessing a unparallel series of foreign policy
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defeats disasters and failure. >> they will have a long shelf life they will welcome whoever comes into office with a series of crisis in the world putin shoving his weight around, nuclear weapon arms race, and u.s. leading from behind. the world is looking for america to step up, otherwise, do you have putin pushing people, and supreme leaders tweets out how to any late. >> their leadership, party's leadership most experienced of senators and congressmen are moving in lockstep with this president without so much as a word. >> if the president said, i am not going to congress, because i don't need congress' say so with the deal with iran, i am going to united nations instead if at
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that point we don't have congress stepping up, republicans and democrats then we do have a constitutional crisis. lou: thank you so much. >> thank you. lou: turning to the race for 2016, hillary clinton stumbles again. she is accused of lying this month, former secretary of state insisted that american public did not need to worry about her use of her private server for state department government e-mails. or the fact that the state department did not keep records of her e-mails. or the fact that she destroyed thousands of her e-mails including e-mails with her aides, don't worry she said, and stated. that her e-mails to her eads were capture and retained on government servers. >> it was my practice to e-mail government officials on their state or other. gov accounts so e-mails were captures and
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preserved. lou: but the problem circumstance her statement is false. according to new york time, her top aides used their personal e-mail accountsing to communicate with her about state benefit matters and issues. congress subpoenaed about a dozen people who worked in her straight department, and hillary clinton fess gets messier. we're coming right back stay with us. >> white house war on law enforcement losing a mainstream media ally. just days after washington post reported that hands up don't shoot demonstrations were based on lies, the "new york times," stands up. milwaukee county sheriff david clark wi congratulations. you're down with crestor. yes! when diet and exercise aren't enough, adding crestor lowers bad cholesterol up to 55%.
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lou: a milestone victory for electoral integrity u.s. supreme court ruling in favor of wisconsin governor scott walker, in support of voter i.d. laws nationwide. wisconsin is allowed to move heed with its measure that demands that voters have government issued i.d. at the polls, wisconsin is now the 8th state that requires photo i.d.
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the other states, texas kansas, north carolina, tennessee virginia. and new wave the illegal immigration second biggest sunk in this nation's history. >> "new york times" today joined washington post admits that hands up don't shoot was all built on a lie public editor margaret sul ven -- sullivan criticized.
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backtracking writing this, it is clear including that information was not fall balance it was an effort to get both sides, what i wrote was substantially flawed, at the times that amounts to a correction joining me now milwaukee county sheriff david clark. >> thank you. lou: what do you make of first washington post, one of its leading reporters then editor call board admitting that the hands up don't shoot was all based on a lie? then times following if quick. >> the main street media got caught up in the hype, it was a shameful period of time for the media, they are supposed to -- they have a responsibility under
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first amendment to get to the truth and be neutral instead they became a wholly owned subsidiary of the crowd. lou: this damage administration has been leader of the ain't law enforcement efforts that were moving the country from august of last year through january of this year. then there was seemed a pause. where do you think we are right now with the administration, this left wing assault on law enforcement. has it abated? >> well, i don't think if we're at that point yet, but i feel we're bending the curve back in the direct in favor of the american police office. i have been all over the country, visiting different cities we've always enjoyed overwhelming support of law abiding people in our communities, that does not come out that much but it is starting to people are starting to become more vocal they impeach the
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work of the men and -- they appreciate the work of men and women who 7 we're hearing from them more that is balances what we've heard. lou: as i listen to some the language by this president some things he says. i find myself wondering what must he be thinking to talk that way about law enforcement officers to talk about distrust of people in different colors, he -- he sort of talking about race, by not being bold as attorney general holder would have suggested but skirting at the edge and carrying a dog-whistle message of his own. i find that appalling. >> so do that i am he is the president of the united states, has been -- with divide and concur political strategy he has engaged in. he won in two elections he
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pitted men against women in this fictitious war and blacks again whites and rich against poor. he has been successful with it i was not surprised i was disgusted he would do that. a point in time when race relations have improved. anybody who would say they have not, is not dealing with reality. do we have a long way to go? , of course, we can always get better, but to reopen that wound like he did was unnecessary he actually said, that he thought that the racial discord was healthy for america. i was stunned by that statement. lou: esspecially efficient a many -- esspooshly especially for a man in the oval office who talked of being a unite irnot uer not a divider and
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he changes his whole being once in office. >> that is what struck me, i found it unfortunate. but i got tired of them laying problem in the american ghettos the foot of the american law enforcement officer, it was important for me, for their psyche the cop that goes out every day that continue -- to continue ton 't to do this. lou: i just want to ask you quickly. team of justice department lawyers are going to ferguson soon to help decide whether to reform the police department. we heard from the administration they want to disband it. your thoughts? >> well, we should disband is themythology, and abnormalities that make up the ghetto, i wish they would stay out of there.
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>> thank you. lou: always good to talk with you. vote in our poll, now that washington post and "new york times" have acknowledged demonstrations for hands up don't shoot were based on-lines do you expect reverend al sharpton and others to apologize to officer darren wilson and the ferguson community? we would like to hear from you. >> starbucks is ditching its plan to have baristas write race together on their cups of coffee igniteing criticism folks that call it traton -- prattonnizing at best, and. campaign lasted one week. up next, a foreign policy
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failure for a president who made a mess of middle east, his blame pointed in a familiar direct, i take it in my commentary, and more disgusting anti-semitism in europe on camera, the perpetrators may surprise you all and and if you suffer from a dry mouth then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath?
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lou: human collapse -- yemen collapseing into civil war then iraq syria iran and afghanistan and russia, and ukraine, prompting more than a little concern about failings of american foreign policy these days, president obama is not only the architect of the broad failures of policy in every quarter of the world, but seems to be his nature in all matters of policy, refuses to take responsibility for the mess he made of it all. stung by rising criticism of his
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failures mr. obama chooses to blame the media. as he did against in a interview with left of liberal huffington post this weekend. >> we live in such a 24/7 twitter, fad constant news cycle, everything is a crisis, everything is a terrible, everything is doomsday, it is does not get solved tomorrow, you know, your president has gone off the rails. lou: blaming the media is a standard for mr. obama he is in habitual denial, and his foreign policy is more than a series of failures that hab sit more en grain -- hab sit more ingrained latest is yemen he held up as a model for success 6 months ago. >> strategy of taking out terrorists who threaten us is
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one we've successfully pursued in yemen and somalia for years. lou: yemen, on the verge of civil war. hardly a new pattern for our blameless president. in 2011, president obama claimed in libya we quote achieved our objectives less than a year later terrorists kills 4 americans and benghazi. president obama blaming george bush again. on the unintended 81 unintent consequences of the iraq invasion. there is no question the islamic state filled the power vacsume in iraq after president obama
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withdraw the troops. but the president's failures -- reset u.s. relationship with russia. president promised president putin flexibility here we are russia directly threatening an attack on denmark as they conduct massive exercises in the arctic. carrying out a so-called ambiguous war in eastern ukraine, annexing crimea a year ago. president has reversed himself again this time in afghanistan. slowing the draw down of our troops to what purpose the american people can only guess. to what effect, experience tells us not to be hopeful for leader
11:29 pm
does not listen to republican leadership his open partyers on pentagon. the leaders of his party have act we esed, they remain silent instead of counseling the president. but the trajectory of this administration's mounting misadventures, it is in our nation's interest that both parties encourage to insist our government adopt a modern foreign policy, our leadership does not rise to level of modest stability or likelihood of success. >> quote of the evening from 35 president, john f kennedy. who said quote domestic policy cancan only defeat us, foreign
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lou: another incident of anti-semitism in europe, six people have been arrested after a group of 20 men and women
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tried to storm a london synagogue, shouts ain'ts -- anti-semitic slogans. people are stepping up patrol in area to reactor sure people in community 367 members of house september a letter to president obama stating their concerns about a potential iranian nuclear deal being negotiated by administration saying in part we remain hopeful that a diplomatic solution may yet be reached. we want to work with you to assure such a result. letter did not mention the constitution's treaty clause. concern was detailed in letter sent by 47 republican senators, joining us mark dubawitz .
11:35 pm
let's start with, what happened in denmark and threat. clear threat, from the russian government, making it clear through his ambassador that denmark's participation in the european missile she'll would make their -- stheeld shield would make their warships targets. >> putin continues to provoke he realizes there is no price for these continuous provocations, he is fighting a war in eastern ukraine and an -- annex crimea. for putin this about rebuildeding the russian empire, and russia national implement we see the in the white house the president who began with a
11:36 pm
reset, and resorted to ineffectual action, if you are vladimir putin why wouldn't you continue. lou: do we understand vladimir putin and his motivations better than our own president? >> vladimir putin is interested in power politics, in expanding russian power, as a result, when we have failed to do is read the intentions of vladimir putin of supremesupreme leader of iran, and president of syria these are hard brutal men with a clear sense of their country's national interest, and they are playing to our weaknesses, our need for compromise, and for rationality, we're losing, this this is a significant price for american national security. lou: the fallout continues rift if you can call it that.
11:37 pm
a yawning kassem between netanyahu and obama explain to us role of this one voice organization, and the have 15 group in -- v15 group in israel how administration allegedly used them to intrude more into the knesset election. >> inch this president, we have slip we're no better enemy no worst friend with respect to israel, our closest ally, our most loyal ally in the middle east and a model of democracy and a country that is willing to fight and defend itself, does not ask americans to send american boys and girls over there. we see this terrible relationship president obama
11:38 pm
and president netanyahu. and it sounds like president obama was committed to the defeat of the israeli prime minister and sounded like, based on these allegations that money of spent funding provided to facilitate that defeat. lou: an interesting list of so-called partners for one voice, labor friends of palestine, and middle east, british muslims for a secular democracy, association of british muslims christian and muslim more um. -- forum. this does not answer whose interests are being pursued. >> this is a very troubling issue. there seems to have been clear interference in the israeli election. the message that is missing regardless of who won this, israelis are united they are
11:39 pm
united in their fear of a nuclear armed iran of the fact that iranian proxies have encircled home on every border, and middle east is en flamed. we have be providing our support to our closest ally, they see that white house does not have their back. lou: mark thank you we appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: vote on our poll question tonight, now that washington post and "new york times" acknowledged that demonstrations in ferguson for hands ep don't up don't shoot, do you expect al sharpton, de blasio, and holder and president obama and others to apologize to officer darren wilson and ferguson community? we would like to hear from you. cast your vote, lou: pope francis said, one
11:40 pm
thing that bothered him is his inability to just go out and get a pizza when we wanted, a pizza rearia pulled off the ultimate pizza delivery, he handed the pope a personal pizza pie the pope he accepted it. and i think -- looking grateful in accepting that. >> if you wonder, a thin crust with beautiful low mozzarella and yellow tomatoes. 10,000 people are flocking to france's famous st. michael this weekend to watch medieval town turn into an island. every 18 years a rare super moon creates a super tide, that rushes into english channel
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that covers the road, and there you are. waters rose almost 42 feet. before finally receding. the walls are high enough to accommodate this. up next, 2016 race for white house, formally -- officially open the first candidate. why the early declaration? it might help, it might not. nfl taking a left turn with a hire aimed at over seeing the league's conduct issues. it is an interesting hire, we'll tell you a
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snoot 2016 race for white house with its official entrant senator ted cruz. carl cameron with our report. >> i believe in the power of millions of our courageous conservatives rising up, that is
11:46 pm
why today, i am announces that i am running for president of the united states. >> hopes to set the pace, fire brand tea party darling ted cruz of texas became first officially launched presidential candidate at jerry falwell's university in virginia, the largest christian college in the world. on the 5 year app versery of obamacare. >> went to court to stop that failed law imagine in 2017 a new president signing legislation repeeling every word of obamacare. >> declaring his candidacy first, of meant to grab conservative attention for cruz, before rand paul of kentucky, and marco rubio of florida
11:47 pm
announced their race. cruz hopes to raise half, that his politics, full spectrum conservative, let no g.o.p. rival get to his right. he does not pull his punches on the trail. >> every one of them will say, i am as conservative as all get out. we have a way to tell the difference. >> to hear walker tell it, voters are interested. >> they want big bold ideas from outside of washington. >> on his first day cruz is likely rival kept is cordial. there were some stand with rand adirts -- t-shirts, the race is on. lou: thank you carl cameron. >> on wall street, stocks moved
11:48 pm
lower dow don down 12, volume 3.3 billion shares, and reminder to listen to my reports three time a day. the weekend box office. young adults to the top with the $54 million debut. disney a cinderella fell to second place. warn irbrothers -- warner brothers run all night came in third. >> single wing offense is back in nfl the left wing version former head of bureau of alcohol, tobacco firearms and explosives will join will league for special council of conduct,ed to you
11:49 pm
todd jones. >> popularity no longer a problem for 13-year-old odon after no one rsvp to his birthday party. he was crushed but his story spread after his mother created hash tag odon birthday hundreds attended his birthday bowling bash, and celebrities. the entire ep maple leaves hockey team. >> up next. next we'll bring you results of friday night's poll question.
11:50 pm
your thoughts on the mess that president is causing in the world, next. stay with us.
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visit ♪ lou: well, we've got a surprise for you. and i don't know whether to be more worried about the american people or worried for president obama. in a recent poll it turns out, the people apparently are so fed up with the president that a fictional president and all around
11:54 pm
detestable guy by the name of frank underwood leads by 11 points. kevin spacey received 57% support in a reuters poll. president obama garnered only 46%. led the poll 89% support him and i believe all state as well. the accountability cofounder naomi and katherine. great to have you with us. let's start with the email. this is -- the woman lied apparently. >> yep. >> anyone going to say that out loud? >> let's be fair. the new york times article that reported this, it was based on undisclosed sources. the reporter hadn't looked at the emails so we don't know for sure.
11:55 pm
this could be two people from the state department that kept them off, but it's not validated. >> this is so upside the character of the clintons. >> i'm not defending them, i'm just -- >> new york times should be shamed for that tmz style of reporting, definitely. also, we can shame hillary. this is ridiculous. in the first place she lied. she's not supposed to be doing this. i'm hesitant sending things through gmail. i don't want people seeing them. >> it's staggering to find out irrespective of anything a secretary of state or preserves secretaries of state anyone advising her, working for the federal government, that is us would be using their private email to conduct government business. >> because it would be more convenient. >> i don't buy the excuse. what i'm most frustrated with. this is a woman who is supposed to be representing the future for the democratic party
11:56 pm
and she doesn't understand how emails works. she thinks these arguments are working on democrats. they aren't going to. she didn't want to go -- to avoid subpoena. that's a big issue. >> she did it to absolutely hide the truth from the american people. the american people have a right to know mrs. clinton period. and especially what our government -- this isn't, forgive me, this is not about, you know, private behavior -- well, i guess that would be. >> right. >> i guess i was trying to -- >> right. >> lewinksy comes back. again, that was private behavior in a public place. >> this puts us all at risk. >> it's strange how that all works out. ted cruz announcing his bid. the first republican, the first candidate to declare for 2016. you seem to be the most upset by this. >> i think he's a flashback to the
11:57 pm
medieval times. he was empowering rapists essentially by saying that women should not be able to abort if they've been raped. this is a man who do not negotiable equal pay. he got through prisons ton and harsh harvard with a bunch of women. he's saying he's against communism. he's so hypocritical in so many ways. he's trying to appeal to a base for ted cruz. he doesn't get along with the colleagues in the senate. >> i don't think he empowers rapists necessarily. (?) i think that's a little bit -- a little bit off to say. but i also think he will never be president obviously, because, you know, his whole strategy is i'm more conservative than you and you're not conservative enough to be in my club. that's not the way to win votes necessarily by excluding people. but...
11:58 pm
>> but. >> if he had the guts to step up first. i think he's an extraordinary talker. told by everyone he's smart. i question some of his judgments. there isn't a politician that i haven't questioned their judgment. that's nothing new. he's stolen the march on rand paul by two weeks. >> right. >> that's pretty smart. >> you know what the difference between ted cruz and the rest of the conservatives in the tea party is that he doesn't have this populace streak that the rest of them do. he may be foolish jumping in right away. >> if he didn't jump in right away, he wouldn't get that attention because earnings he doesn't have that base. he's on hannity tonight. he gets all the attention. the headlines of everything right now. i don't think he would have gotten the attention if he was second or third. >> remember michele bachmann. >> i didn't say it would work out one way or the other. >> we can dismiss the 2016 thing. how about jeb bush, in
11:59 pm
or out? >> oh in. done. >> there we go. thank you very much katherine. good to have you with us. time to look at our online poll results. we asked last night friday night if you're gratified or annoyed that president obama chose to address and attempt to persuade the iranian people before talking to the american people about a nuclear deal. 97% said of you said shocking annoyed. time for a few of your thoughts. barb, this entire thing is making me sick. how dare the president insult our favorite ally. this has to end. we have about 18 more months or so. hank wrote: anyone remember john kerry and vietnam? why would you think he's changed. >> i think that's an extraordinary point. i'm so proud of prime minister netanyahu speaking the truth and the people of israel for understanding that the proposed deal with iran
12:00 am
is in direct conflict with their survival. that's it for us tonight. join us here tomorrow. good night from new york.starts now. jamie: a cowboy inherits a baron patch of prairie. >> it is not big enough. >> beneath the soil he finds prehistoric treasure. >> this is one of the most important discoveries of this century. >> this is a job -- will this cow poke's "strange inheritance" lead him to a boom or bust? >> lightning does not strike in the same place very often maybe never


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