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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  April 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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parsons, guy who founded godaddy. semper fi brother. >> after-market holding steady for godaddy. >> time for "the willis report." stay with us. liz: have a great night. >> hello everybody i'm gerri willis. this is "the willis report," the show where consumers are our business. we're deep into tax season. so why is the irs ignoring our calls for help? the world's biggest retailer has a plan to give you big savings at the checkout but can they beat amazon and target prices? for better or worse, and in debt? saying i do mean marrying your spouse's college loan debt? "the willis report"'s money coach is here with the answer. major reversal in arkansas. why the governor is now refusing to sign the state's religious freedom bill. >> this is a bill that in ordinary times would not be controversial but these are not ordinary times.
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>> we're taking a lap around the new york auto show. we have the hottest new cars to hit the market. all that and more coming up on "the willis report," where consumers are our business. gerri: if you are one of the millions of americans scrambling to file your taxes by april 15th, don't expect much help from the irs. they say, things have gotten so bad for them, they're ignoring more than 60% of taxpayer calls. >> the underfunding of the agency is the most critical challenge facing the irs today. as the serious ramifications of five years of budget cuts become increasingly visible, i don't want anyone to say that we didn't warn you in advance. >> don't want anybody to say we didn't warn you. with more on this, heritage research fellow for tax and economic policy curtis dubai. welcome to the show. 100 million people tried to call the irs.
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this year, 60% of them won't get their phone calls answered. why? >> i think there is two things going on. first is the tried and true washington monument. irs is said it had budget cuts so taking it out on the american people by delaying service. which i say boo-hoo. look you acted illegally by targeting certain americans. you're lucky congress didn't cut your budget more. you have shown no more remorse what you did. showing no effort to clean up your act. >> wait a minute. wait a minute. curtis that is contentable. that is not how you respond. you're supposed to be an agency serving americans. you will have to explain exactly what you mean by the irs doing things they shouldn't. >> well, they targeted certain conservative groups for extra scrutiny during the 2012 campaign. going back to the scandal going on for couple years now. obama administration irs has done nothing to clean up the agency. because of that they deserve the budget cut they got. obama administration did the same tactic during the
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government shutdown back in 2013. putting out again with the irs, trying to, trying to put heat on congress for cutting their budget. the thing that is going on -- gerri: go ahead. >> the second thing that is going on, the irs trying to administer a tax code that is tremendously complex. it can't be administered by any agency. that is congress's fault, not reforming tax code and making it so complex. gerri: i agree with that. all right's unpack a few other things here, okay? we we have a lot to get through. you mentioned the irs budget. we'll look at the budget. 10.5 billion in 2005. bumps up to 12.1 in 2010. in 2015, back down again. nina olson, taxpayer advocate, says you have enough money to do what you really need to be doing is serving taxpayers, helping taxpayers. that is not what we're getting here, curtis.
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look at telephone service record here. it would take you four minutes to get your call answered in 2005. 19 minutes in 2014. a half an hour or more this year. that is the projections. this to me just says, the irs they don't really care. you know, they're angry. they're upset. and they don't really care. >> well i think, they're trying to hurt taxpayers because they want to show congress and say, hey, look, you're cutting our budget we're mad bit. the other thing too their responsibilities i will give them a little bit of slack here their responsibilities have really broken last two years mostly because of obamacare. gerri: that's true. >> a lot of pressure is put on irs by congress. gerri: let's not let them entirely off the hook here. let me tell you why. they sent $5.2 billion to identititives thieves. this is could have gone to regular americans for refunds. sending it to the wrong people.
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seems to me that is a problem irs could solve this, do you agree? >> certainly could. always a choice of resources. there is a lot of resources going auditing corporations. a lot of resources going into making sure individuals paying right amount. now a lot of resources going to make sure irs, subsidies for obamacare are the right amount. there is probably not enough resources to go along, around the irs. if it was normal situation i would be on the irs sides, because illegal activity they engaged i have no sympathy for then. gerri: 98% of the taxpayers. it is voluntary compliance. we're not a nation of scofflaws. we pay our taxes. that is what i believe. curtis thanks for coming on the show tonight. >> glad to be here. gerri: we want to know what you think. here is our question tonight. have you had trouble getting through to the irs for help? log on to for the vote. i will share the results at the end of tonight's show. programing note for you, all
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next week another "willis report" user's guide as we focus on last minute tax tips. scams to look out for, getting deductions you deserve. we're always looking out for you. if you have tax questions, let us know. our experts will have questions you need. drop us an email going to head's up to shoppers out there. walmart is cracking down on suppliers to make everyday low prices cheaper for customers. plus amazon out with a new gadget today, letting you buy household staples with a push of a button. check that out. we're discussing latest in retail with the patriarch of equity. good to see you again. >> good to see you. gerri: what walmart is doing is squeezing suppliers and they are well-known for doing this. they have done multiple times. now they're getting serious. why is it so important for walmart to squeeze as much as they can out of their suppliers? >> look, they have lost market share to many different companies, kroger and others.
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and so what they're attempting to do is they're trying to recast themselves as the low-price leader. there is not a lot of room for them to go after the revenues and those abilities to, the ability to be able to convict and produce that for consumers unless you are leaning on the vendors because they just, after all gave this big increase in terms of salaries to all of their employees. gerri: that's right. >> which is honorable but they have to make it up. gerri: i will tell you, kroger you mentioned. what about amazon? what about online retailers? they're coming after walmart's business. seems to me they're facing more pressure than ever before? >> they have a lot of pressure right now and, so the way they're going after it, they're saying to these vendors, look the type of comarketting that you would traditionally do, the type of coproduct marketing, we want you to scale it back. we want you to give us those dollars and eliminate what they consider to be ininefectual advertising. some of the people are talking
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to ininefectual advertise something print media. >> wow. >> yes. gerri: that is interesting. bottom line here what is this going to mean for consumers? will we see lower prices at walmart? >> i think it's a great thing for consumers, gerri. what it really will mean, anywhere from five to 10%, in some cases more for the right products which is a great thing it's really the whole premise of what sam walton -- gerri: okay. let's move on to amazon because i think this is a story that has great visuals. and a lot of people are talking about it today. they have a new product called dash the button. you push a button with tide written on it you automatically order tide. this is offered to amazon prime customers. i'm sorry dash button. i misspoke. you can get almost virtually any consumer product that you would replace frequently, offered that way. you can automatically order it. who do you think this advantages? do think this is going to stay? >> i think it will stay.
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i think it advantages consumers that don't want to take anymore time out to shop. they don't want to go online. they don't want to grow to the store. they can just push a it about ton. ultimately what they're designing into these products amazon is, the ability for the robot, the system to be able to reorder automatically. so, they will measure how much coffee you have left. it will measure how much tide detergent you may have left and it will just order ahead of time. that is the future. it is the whole premise of internet of things. gerri: i think, look at the products right there. bounty, huggies, toilet paper mac and cheese, stuff you order over and over again. eric, quick response i think people get advantaged by this are consume irproduct makers. all of sudden tide has a it about ton possibly even on your washing machine to get more product this must be their dream? >> it's a dream. there is no question. they get a huge advantage but also consumers get more time to
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be able to do the things that they want. you have to be careful if you have little ones. you could end up with a lot of button pushing. >> eric, thanks for coming on. >> nice to see you, gerri. thank you. gerri: still a lot more to come this hour. talks with iran extended beyond the deadline. fight for religious freedom laws moves from indiana to arkansas. we'll have the latest, is walmart part of the fight? let me know what you think. tweet me @gerriwillisfbn. or go to our website, we'll be right back. ♪
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gerri: democrat senator bob menendez of new jersey has been incited -- indicted with corruption charges by a grand jury. first sitting senator in seven years to face criminal charges. here to weigh in brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to
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former president george w. bush and guy benson, political editor fox news contributor. guy, start with you. your reaction. charges brought after two years investigation brought by the fbi. not a surprise but what are you thinking tonight? >> not a surprise. ethical clouds hung over bob menendez's head for years. appears the fed may have got entheir man. he is innocent until proven guilty. this involves a doctor in south florida this guy is tied to. he is big democratic donor. we'll see whether menendez defends himself or resigns. he is giving a statement tonight at 7:00 p.m. one small note interesting politically. menendez has been one of the staunch critics of obama administration on cuba and iran policy. if he is out of the picture that might change certain dynamics on other important stories. gerri: interesting. brad, to you, i'm curious how effective will they be going after menendez the last sitting senator the feds went after,
5:15 pm
alaska senator ted stevens, the whole investigation was botched really. >> it was and of course he was later cleared. but senator menendez has a real challenge ahead of him. he has to do his job. he also has to defend himself. but there may be smoke leading to some fire and here's why. he already gave back to the government over $58,000 in monies for private flights he took on vacation on the doctor's private plane. so he was hoping by doing that this would go away. obviously it has not. and that's the probable cause. and more that this indictment brings. gerri: let's switch gears and move to iran for a second and the negotiations going there for iran to have not nuclear weapons they say but they want to develop nuclear energy. guy to start with you. another delay. we're thinking now maybe waiting until thursday to come up with a framework possibly of a deal. is this likely? do you think this is going to stretch out till june? >> i think this is going to go
5:16 pm
on and on. what we've heard from team obama and team kerry, for months and years now, frankly is that no deal with iran would still be preferrable to a bad deal. but i think their actions, their conduct has belied that manna. they are -- mantra. they are desperate to cut a deal at any costs. iranians recognize that. they have sat at that table and extracted one major concession for another, from the west, led by americans. they're still sitting at table making demands. this is the third round of talks. they delayed twice before. they have missed yet another deadline. at what point do we walk away? these are untrustworthy evil people representing this terrible regime. gerri: brad, to that point benjamin netanyahu earlier this week the country, iran, is about a year away from having a nuclear bomb. don't we want some agreement with them?
5:17 pm
don't we want to hold them so some promise if that is true? >> if it were possible, the answer would be yes. the problem with iran any agreement they make is honored in the breach. any agreement from this administration binding future presidents. obama is buying two years of his presidency and binding other presidents to eight years beyond that. this is a bad deal. any deal with iran is a bad deal because they can't be trusted. nor can i believe the agreement be verified. in this holy week for christians and jews how ironic we're sitting across the table from the very country to this day seeks our destruction, israel's destruction and that of christianity? >> april fool's day by the way. gerri: that's very good point. but, guy to you, the senate republicans are pushing a bill would give congress the power to kill or approve any deal announced. is that going anywhere? >> i think it will. i think there are democrats on board as well. there were well over 300 members
5:18 pm
of congress getting on, 400 members of the house of representatives signed a a week or two ago we have to review this deal. that is the constitutional prerogative of the legislative brand. fact that obama and his team are balking giving the legislature the opportunity to look the deal i think is very telling. ultimately that is what the constitution says. public opinion polls also say, people want congress to have the final say on any deal with iran. >> i want to move now to this religious freedom bill. many states considering a conversation moving to arkansas. brad, to you. what do you make of this? what is your view whether any of these states will go forward with this legislation? >> perception sometimes is reality. the reality this perception has taken hold where the bills, the ink isn't even dry in arkansas and indiana, already the governors and chief executives are talking about amending these
5:19 pm
bills. this was absolutely poor planning. the intent may have been good but the result is bad. and it is a real reflex on the type of governance that we're having in this country where bills are just being pushed through without thought, rhyme or reason or the fallout from these bills. the fact that even governors are talking about changing them, tells you how bad this was in both of these states. gerri: guy, this afternoon the ge ceo, jeff immelt latest ceo to jump on the bandwagon. making governor pence say that state laws don't permit discrimination. what is your reaction to the way corporate america has responded to this? >> corporate america, media aligned with each other with a very powerful megaphone spreading many cases intentionally or otherwise flagrantry false information what is in the bills what the intent of bills are and what they can actually do. i think the perhaps the most
5:20 pm
important point that can be made by the indiana bill similar to 19 other states religious freedom bill riff froms, the bill signed by bill clinton in 1993 what the law does in indiana. does not give a license to discriminate for anyone, provides an avenue of self-defense people facing sanction from the government or lawsuit in indiana, if they're getting attacked if they're being sued or punished they can cite their religious liberties as potential defense. there is no guaranty that they would win in court. gerri: the irony heres is, religious minorities who used these laws in the past to protect themselves. american indians i have to grow my hair long. i don't care what the school said. the court sided because of these very laws. very complicated conversation. brad, guy, thanks for coming on the show. great to have you. >> thanks gerri. gerri: from state governments to the white house and more broken promises from this
5:21 pm
administration, when it comes to transparency, according to the "washington free beacon," listen to this. the white house transparency website is becoming, well less transparent. visitors to can no longer search federal spending by key words, sort contracts by date or find information on awards. instead they want you to search by zip code. hmmm. that might be a little more difficult to do. coming up later in the show a look at the best chefs for 2015. next, you heard the saying when you marry somebody you marry their family but what about their debt? does that become yours too? advice from our money coach after the break. ♪ ook club they were asking me what you're doing now, janice. blogging. your blog is just pictures of you in the mirror. it's called a fashion blog todd. well, i've been helping people save money with progressive's discounts. flo, can you get janice a job? [ laughs ] you should've stuck to softball! i was so much better at softball than janice, dad. where's your wife, todd? vacation. discounts like homeowners' multi-policy
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gerri: now turning to a topic
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couples across america are dealing with that is first comes love. then comes marriage but where is the conversation about money come in? tonight we'll answer the question when you get married do you marry the other perp's debt too? with me personal finance expert, michael easton along with newlyweds kirsti and samuel owe banner. it is great to have you two here. you guys have been married eight months, eight months. you're newbies. when you got married what kind of financial situation you were in at the time? >> when i was got married i was debt-free, debt-free for three years. i was beginning to invest in 401(k)s. so you were doing the right thing. kirsti, you had a very different situation. why? >> very different, very different. really didn't know a better way to handle my money so very much in debt i think about $58,000 in met when i met samuel. gerri: that is a lot of debt. it was college debt roar it? >> there was student loans.
5:26 pm
i was financing my vehicle at the time. and just unpaid medical bills. gerri: wow. >> so yeah. >> did you guys talk about this samuel? was there a conversation before you got married? what was your attitude toward the debt? >> absolutely my conversation. my attitude she didn't have to be debt-free but we had to be on same page. i got ahold of financial principles hat changed my life. introduced kirsti to it. she was on fire like me. she just didn't have the information. >> right. gerri: what do you advise the young couple, sitting on a ton of debt? i believe $50,000 at this time? they made real progress paying it down. not like they're sitting on their keisters. they're doing work here. what would you say they should do? >> i think focusing on getting the debt paid off is a great way to start your marriage off. if you get that that financial ball and chain, if you will off of your back then it can free you up for the future to invest
5:27 pm
heavily in other types of things. 401(k)s, savings plans et cetera. >> now, samuel, i understand that you are a the money brain here in this couple. >> yeah. gerri: is it hard for you, because when you're paying off a debt it is hard to save for retirement? hard to set up an emergency fund. hard to do things that would give you peace of mind. are you able to put any money toward that? >> what gives us peace of mind is paying off the debt. we know eventually we're on track to be debt-free by december. so it is not a long period of time. we're after it. so that is peace of mind in off itself. early next year we're back into investing in retirement and keep it going. gerri: kirsti, do you worry you will get back into debt or did you drink the kool-aid my friend, are you now on the page, no more debt? >> i have definitely drank the cool i had. -- kool-aid. no more debt, not at all. just the peace of mind knowing that we're free, going to be free from this stuff. just, really grassping of
5:28 pm
principles and understanding there is a better way. to see how we affected friends and family to be an example. hey, there is another way out here. it works. so, no more debt for me. gerri: what a great young couple. 33 27. working hard. michael to you, additional advice you would have now for this couple? what else would you be telling them to do? >> i think beginning to focus on how you're growing to allocate your investments when you do start investing. one thing you need to be careful about is, you know watching markets. everybody wants to be the stock-picker but i think what you need to do even at a young age, you need to understand principles where the market is and how to invest appropriately so you don't get stung by, market drop. you want to make sure you're focused on things that can make it consistently and keep you moving forward rather than having to go backwards.
5:29 pm
gerri: something tells me samuel is reading a bunch of books on this. i don't know. i have a feeling. >> you're absolutely right. >> all the time. yes, absolutely. >> you are so right. you should see his bookshelf at our home. it is jam-packed with just all kinds of material that he just feeding himself with. i'm really grateful for that. >> you have to stay motivated. >> what? >> you have got to stay motivated. >> yeah. gerri: seeing balance grow and debt go down, is one way to stay motivated. michael, samuel, kirsti, thanks for being on the show. >> thank you, gerri. >> if you have a question for our money coach send us an email going to we would love to talk to you, please. get on the money coach bandwagon. a look what is coming up on fox business's "strange inheritance." from sexy finance to sporty. svs, we'll take you on whirlwind tour of the new york auto show and hear from the president of mercedes-benz.
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gerri: welcome back to the willis report, in a moment we go live to the new york auto show. for now time for other stories in the news, the ceo of lufthansa said it will take a long time to understand what happened during the deadly crash in the french alps, authorities said they have finished collecting human remains at the site. >> go daddy shares jumping in their market debut after the ipo priced well above expectations. the company known for its racy tv ads is offering 23 million shares. the stock rise 31% after it opened. >> mcdonald's said it is simplifying the grilled chicken
5:34 pm
recipe removing 6 ingredients that people might not recognize. the artisan grilled chicken the be available by next week. mcdonald's is raising its pay for workers by 10%. >> and will he or won't he play in next week's masters? tiger woods' manager said he is still trying to assess whether his game is tournament ready, he is now ranked 104th in the world of. >> let's talk about "strange inheritance," fox business' newest hit brings to light some of the newest items that families have inherited. jamie colby the coast is here to talk about tractor? >> i love tractors, i know how to drive one now. gerri:ic sentiment i have seen the -- ex excellent i have seen the
5:35 pm
video. >> cool, a family inherits 150 tractors. he loved these beyond belief. when he passes they wonder, which tractors should we keep or sell. they have to make some tough decisions. they decide to keep some, this is one he donated to a museum, this is in iowa. gerri: look at that. >> what an experience to learn about farming and great farming families, this is our first episode tonight then we have episode, talk about "strange inheritance." you can imagine inheriting 1 huntleyons -- 100 lions tigers, and bears and a baboon. they have saved a lot of these animal's lives now we want to help save the woman who
5:36 pm
inherited this from her husband. gerri: it must be super expensive. >> hundreds of pounds of meat, i did well with tigers and lions while feeding them. my sound manager had a surprise, let's say it was territorial but she fine. gerri: he recovered. >> we hosed him down, let's jawftjustsay. we're taking kennedy's spot, and baby sitting it while she is got, you get 4 "strange inheritance" episodes. gerri: 4 in a row. >> i hope people continue to write me and tell me which ones they look best, i am packing up. gerri: you are about to go. >> i am leaving soon to shoot season two. gerri: you can watch all 4 ebbed sos tonight starting at 9 p.m.
5:37 pm
eastern time. when we come back, we head to one of the hottest tickets in town the new york auto show, we have highlights of some of the coolest rides we hear from the president of mercedes on the future of suvs. but first here is your consumer gauge with the numbers that mean the most to you. if a denture were to be put under a microscope we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.
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gerri: the hottest and trendiest new cars are rolling into manhattan this week for the network auto show, it officially opens to public friday. but tonight we get a sneak peak with lauren fix. how exciting is it there? >> we have the jaguar xf . what a beautiful car the excitement around that has been a lot of aluminum, jaguar is,
5:41 pm
expanding its lineup. gerri: i understand that ford is presents its ford focus res. >> it is beautiful the key is you think of ford, a focus a daily driver, but it is an rs, it is a performance car that you can drive daily it has a race key, and a street key it is all in one. this is what the millennials want a pocket rocket. gerri: i love this, you have aal of rah -- alpha romeo really. >> yes this is what a beautiful car. this car owned by fiat chrysler automobile. this car is really, taken the
5:42 pm
press and the consumer by storm they mismiss alfa romero, it is fun to take it out. gerri: instead of yellow could i get it in red or black? >> sure we can arrange that. gerri: all right i'll let you know when i have financing for that audi has big news. >> audi has a great marketing partnership with marble. they have a new tts and convertible, they are integrating their vehicles into the movie. it brings the millennial market, with a 3. it of a smart marketing move on audi's part. >> cadillac has something new? >> yes cadillac ct6 lunched
5:43 pm
last night a new design. johan has done interesting work, he said cadillac is going after the german cars, he turned audi, he has more audi people that left the company, moving to his team, i have some high hopes with cadillac. i think that the design is there they are going after the fashion marketplace, i think there is really new designs coming out of cadillac, they are not competing with lincoln lincoln is going luxury cadillac is going after the germans. gerri: 2 we 83 million is the economic impact of this show in new york. >> it is crazy. crazy, i think if you go, you want to go at off hours. if you are visiting. but, i think there is a huge impact with people using hotels,
5:44 pm
they come from from the world and press coming in, we're here for a whole week. gerri: spending money. >> within the city. >> lauren thank you so much. >> thank you. gerri: and mercedes ben snaging the spotlight at new york auto show jeff flock has been there all i did with the latest. >> this is a real focus on luxury lauren stands by the cool car i thought i would stand by the mclaren. that is incredible. they are making money on the suvs luxury suv segment is huge that is where mercedes comes in today with the gle a tremendously important vehicle for mercedes. >> this is our workhorse or most important volume suv where we started in 1997, defined in
5:45 pm
u.s. the premium suv segment. we've been building a portfolio around it. >> some people say luxury suv up 67%, since 2010, it is a huge segment, and everyone is gunning for it. >> the all of the competitors know that there is a bias. there no secret that americans love suvs, people are trading in their luxury cars for the luxury sport utility moving up from nonluxury segments to luxury. it is competitive here in the u.s. >> you think the economy fuel prices regardless, you feel good about this economy? >> we feel very strong that the economy is great in the u.s. globally it looks strong. we think for the next several
5:46 pm
years, we will have more wind at our back than at our face, obviously something can blow off something in the world you never know, this is a great opportunity, and we think the advantage will about to the manufacturers with the freshest, newest products. >> that is what this show is bnewest, freshest models, i am over in rolls royce these things attract me, i don't know if i have ever made enough money for one of these inspired by film special edition rafe . >> you deserve that car that should -- get jason to expense that car for you have a great afternoon. >> i will tell him you mention mentioned his name. gerri: still to cam advice,
5:47 pm
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gerri: food and wine magazine just announced their list of best up and coming chefs in america. one of food and wine a 2015, best chef, bryce schuman. he is young. great to have you here. dana you how do you judge these chefs? is it a personal thing? >> there are so many amazing chefs in america today, we have to have rules. to be a best new chef, you have to run your kitchen for 5 years
5:51 pm
or fewer and do something that we think will change the world of food forever, that is a big thing. gerri: you had big winners in the past. >> we have, daniel balood, dave chiang. gerri: famous people. >> dave chiang, he was only doing noodles roy choi, west coast had a food truck. this year, only breakfast and lunch, breakfast is huge right now, he is in indianapolis. gerri: i could eat breakfast all three meals chef, you are from north carolina. tell me, how you think about food? what your theory is. what you are trying to do with your restaurant. >> i am trying to create something wholly delicious fun exciting ma maybe people don't see every day.
5:52 pm
but at the same time can be familiar when you eat it. i think that you know, inspiration at the restaurant comes from the ingredients. gerri: what do you like to cook with? >> pot and pans and a fire. i am into one i have a couple hot dogs. gerri: you brought me hot dogs. >> one is a indian lime pickle. >> in this hot dog so many trends in america today they represented his restaurant, middle eastern. >> a zat -- i am collaborating with a dj friend of mine. gerri: that is how cool, chefs are. >> this is a demi dog.
5:53 pm
>> tell me about your tattoo. >> i on the arm it is a food and wine best new chef. gerri: what is going to happen to him. >> his life is going to change, his wife would say i used to see so little of you now i see less because of the recession vagues, that -- reservations, he will be so busy. gerri: your next step. you know, are there going to be others? >> you know, i will never say no to anything that is awesome. but, i -- right now my hands are full with betany it a beast we're the best we have been. but we're like so far from where i want it to be. gerri: you are a perfectionist i can hear it in your voice.
5:54 pm
and he brings me a hot dog okay. all right next step, how old are you? >> i am 33. gerri: that is old. is he top of the cream of the crop? do have you other chefs as well you pick out of the fray? >> there are 11 chefs this year. and there are 10 restaurants represented. every year we look for 10 restaurants. sometimes people collaberate. it is fantastic to see the range, we have someone from costa mesa, california, taco maria. during the day it is a taco place, at night it is fine dining. it is mexican to the n th power. and it comfort food. betany is food to a higher power, we could have never imagined transforming this chicken. gerri: asheville?
5:55 pm
>> a great chef, katie button at karate, she does brilliant tapas, you have to go. gerri: i will, i want to see the dog. hand me that dog. i'm going to try this as we go to break. we will be right back, with my 2 cents more on how not to be taken for a ride by your broker. and have you been having trouble gets through to the irs are they answering your calls? rough good times and bad. our experienced investment professionals are one reason over 85% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper averages. so in a variety of markets we can help you feel confident. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. call us or your advisor.
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gerri: have you had trouble gets through to the irs for help, we asked the question, you responded, 45% said yes 55% no. >> last night we told you about nfl linebacker suing bank of america after a former merrill lynch broker ripped him off. this is what he sole maria
5:59 pm
bartiromo this morning. >> i worked really hard for my money, i did not want to be a statistic of an athlete doing the bad thing not putting their known in a safe place, bank of america recruited me, i trusted the bank, i put my money there. you know, in a few years later found out they started to steal my money, they lied they ripped me owpoff, they got a lot of good people jobs, some of the businesses i had had to let those people go. this is ridiculous, they brought me there to steal my money. gerri: wow. right. truth is. you can avoided finds yourself in is a similar situation by investigating a broke broker before you hire him or her. broker and consider hiring assert fid financial -- certified financial planner or advisor.
6:00 pm
according to the law. this is my two cents more, that is it for tonight's willis report, "making money" with charles payne is up next, have a great night. charles: i am charles payne, you are watching "making money," believe it or not historically april is the second best month for the stock market. here is april here is december, but, that was not necessarily the case today. 30% of the time the month is down, that is how we starred today. -- started today down. but this is what we have to talk about. market finding its way preopen. there was a lot of pressure on the stock market. then all of the economic data came in. the biggy was the adp jobs report, number came in worse than anticipated. market reacted


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