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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  April 3, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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website. you can follow us on twitter as well. in the meantime, we thank you very much for joining us. "money" starts right now. melissa: a downright minimal jobs report. a nuclear deal victory. is off to a great start. desperate for water. even if you do not live there this will impact you. even when they say it is not it is always about money. ♪
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the latest jobs data breaks a year-long streak of strong game. half of the 250,000 forecasted. the worst reading since december of 2013. president obama offering strategy reversing that number. >> government has to work. i am hoping that working with congress can get things done. >> i have never heard the infrastructure getting changed.
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>> president obama is a very smart and. after six years of infrastructure spending, we have an economy that in my time, we cannot get it going at any sort of formal clip. we had a financial crisis that was unprecedented. usually, when it goes down real far, it does stack of. melissa: wage growth .3% for the month march. >> the number of hours worked have decreased. it shows that it is only the higher management.
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the bottom line is this. we are in the earliest ages of 80 flight and very recession. they are holding up the unemployment elders. it is so far off and skewed, it does not take any sense. third team .9%. that is your millennial. >> they are still living in their parents admit. so much for getting on the right foot. accusing the obama administration of lying. calling misleading.
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>> i do not know if it was a shot at the united states or not. he is obviously out there trying to make a case to his population we are doing the same thing. melissa: it does not mean that we will strike some day for two. so happy to go along with whatever the president is thinking. >> listen, i am not against dealing with the iranians. huge portion of the country is under 30. this is a secular country.
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when you are negotiating to somebody you have to ask yourself -- i want to listen to his comments. >> such a deal paves. it may very well start the nuclear arms race throughout the middle east. it will greatly increase the risk of terrible war. >> why is israel not involved in part of these negotiations. even france is not happy. this deal that they made. the most ridiculous thing that i ever heard. they still have some that could create the bomb.
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when will you know that this toad place. the world will know when it is right. >> our leverage is that, by the way. this has nothing to do with them wanting to deal with this. >> let's be clear who they are. the population is pretty secular. now, a minority. very strict fundamentalist. unfortunately, those are the people with the power. that has gone on throughout history. the same exact picture. melissa: the one thing we saw in
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particular they kind of want to reach out. american businesses, they have a different take. >> young technology savvy. interested in what is out there. >> -they know that iran will get involved. they think that there will be some generational shifts. by virtue of the fact that so many iranians are young they will basically at some point kick them out. >> what president opel, would say is that if we do not establish ties now, we do not want those kids to hate us.
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melissa: terror in this country. too dangerous props. the fbi arrested a philadelphia woman they need to travel overseas and martyr herself. we have people that are being recruited over the internet. >> easily influenced people. getting sucked into all of this. these are people living in the united states. benefiting from the united states. >> one of the great things about our law enforcement if they have been empowered to go after people. if none of these folks slip
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through the fax forget about worrying about the unemployment report when you look at the dow. we will have a major collapse of the stock market. stuart: one of the most hated. walmart in the overall market of soft supermarket. >> one-stop shopping. i do not own walmart. i just think this model of trying to be everything to everybody and the locations of where you are getting. i just do not think they will be
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able to do that and still have all the other stores. melissa: the sales phil, are still fair out walmart. this is the reaction. i think that they are re-examining their business model. look at that talk. a lot of investors feel, and some of it has to do with sales. that is what i am saying. they should go back. the stock has gone down quite a
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bit. >> congratulations. people like you more. i love my boss. melissa: get away from there furniture. i know you have never hated a boss. [laughter] >> i have had very difficult relationships. not here, to be honest with you. the people that sign my paycheck rupert murdoch to roger ailes to bill shine the greatest man on the face of the earth. melissa: i still wish that they -- >> no. >> it makes you less miserable.
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>> i have been self-employed for multiple decades. they know how to give you the purpose of life. melissa: if they like their boss it is because they feel like they can approach their boss. >> people admit that the greatest bosses of the world are approved for murdoch -- >> they know how to communicate. >> all right. thank you very much al qaeda. hundreds of prisoners.
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melissa: a terrorist attack killing nearly 150 people in kenya. al qaeda linked group is taking responsibility for the attack. storming the presidential palace. capitalizing. three inmates from a local person. here to discuss it from the heritage foundation.
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let's first talk about the issue of yemen. is yemen next? >> it has been. the most dangerous wing of al qaeda. you are chaos and lawlessness. on governed aces. they take advantage of it. melissa: they do seem to be losing ground. country by country. the back of course. they have some iranian backing.
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it is also instability. they are worried about the potential that the place could become an iranian satellite state. there are only nine or 10 days into his operation. it usually is only a limited amount that you can do from the air. melissa: what does it mean that they have control of southport city. >> if orders the straight. millions of barrels of oil go through their. they will not be able to control
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that straight. how many times have we heard about the iranians. they had ships. they have summaries. they have missiles that can do that. iran could get in there and do something similar. a general electric plant consumed by a six alarm fire. the structure has now collapsed. on to the biggest political threat. netflix renew the house of cards. it means new riders.
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i hope that you are right. it is a huge weekend for sports. michigan state going to face off with duke. also get this. major league baseball season begins. one father of the bride getting a 341 discount. joining the hipsters out brooklyn. some company at the polls. which republican is now hot on her heel. more money is of next. ♪
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melissa: from the u.s., money is flying around the world today. included ultra- skinny models and their campaign. similar laws back in 2013. over to brazil. one wedding was being tripled. they will have the same dress same hairstyle. landing in dubai. partnering with the resort. schedule to order in 2016. they have a new dance partner.
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scott walker tops the list at a new front runner. raising 15% of the vote. jeb bush trailing behind. that all changes when you stack up the gop contenders. joining me now brad blakeman. what do you make of this. >> i think scott walker has a great story. look being a front runner occurs because everyone is attacking you. i think between ab and ted cruz and of course the large field of republicans that we are talking about, it is on republicans to get into the race. time is growing short. it is about the moment of you
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are either in it or you are not. the key to any races organization. melissa: it is time. i was looking at the other numbers. the preferences chris christie only 4%. randy paul 9%. they keep coming out. according to the poll, a are not. >> right now they are quietly behind the scenes getting an organization together. once they are formally announce, it is a totally different all game. being back here you go.
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scott walker. it is so a hillary game. i know you will say that this all can change but what do we take out of this for now? we will have as many as 14, maybe running. i think it is a good thing. wink that hillary just used a campaign in brooklyn. thank you very much. we appreciate it. leaving the competition. plus a harsh california struggling to survive. more money coming up. ♪
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melissa: the second black box confirming the worst it repeatedly increased the plane speed with the plane ultimately plunging into the french outs. you can see how quickly the situation has spread and just four years time. about to get a whole lot worse. just 5% of what it is normally.
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gerri brown taking unprecedented action. a mandatory cutback in water usage. robert gray is in santa monica. robert, to youfirst. taking steps for a few years. replacing it with artificial grounds. they are also working to replace the irrigation system. cutting down leakage they are. really cutting down basic things. not offering water to all guest.
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ahead of all fairmont hotels in california. millions of gallons of water. melissa: scott was this mean? not having to abide by this. what does that the force food prices? >> it will not get cheaper. a trillion gallons of water. filling up the dallas cowboys football stadium 14 times over. out of the top four things california produces, one of them is out, cattle. beef. those prices have two only go of. we will not have enough water.
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>> the next thing was strawberries. you know, robert, how are people reacting in los angeles right now? this is the first year that it has become mandatory. >> we are still trying to figure that out on the street level. it looks like it will be mandated on the lower level. we are already experiencing where people are only allowed to water the lawn twice a week. the incentives they have increased the cost to rip out the lawn. there are steps being taken
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already. melissa: i am from arizona. i was looking at the drought. the cost of it. 1.5 billion for that entire sector. do you have any idea what the cost is this year? >> just because of what i said early. i think and other things, let's just say that they get all the water that is the right now. there are some fruits and vegetables that take a long time to recover. as far as cattle go. i am, they only have one a year. cattle take a lot longer. some plants and some animals will not be better tomorrow.
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>> they could up the slaughter count. the fast and the lucrative. a whopping $115 billion this weekend. the biggest opening of all time. how very own lauren simonetti. this could be a billion-dollar movie. >> oh, yes. for sure. this one there is so much. i think there was so much drama involved in that. people loved him. he was a fan favorite.
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>> that is so interesting. it is almost like going back to star wars. >> a built in demographic. movies sold really well at the box office. the whole death of paul walker. his brother shooting the part of the movie that he was not able to shoo. one of them is $3 million paid you have so many different aspects. last year was a rough year. box office ticket sales were down.
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it seems to be the ladies that are finally starting to pick this up. what is going on. what is up? >> looking at the hunger games for example. that will bring more women to the box office. pitch perfect to. i glad they are not ignoring women anymore. they really power through. a lot of movies they to target teenage boys and males taint. my mother has a movie. she has gone to the movies every weekend with her girlfriend.
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melissa: thank you very much. >> thank you. do not wait for summer. the company that offering half a million dollars to join. at the end of the day it is all about money. ♪ what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do.
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melissa: and navy time to. a move on. the best time to sell your house. selling 15% faster. here now is pick from option .tom. jason, i am asking you this first, that is to do him are
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fixed and low. the job report him and that really was pretty poor. a reason why interest rates are not going up so quickly. >> you look at rent. are we there again? >> i agree with what jason said. q 1 gdp. bouncing 0%. inflation is not here. rent is going through the roof. it is really puzzling. that being door and investors are out. your foreign buyers, they are
2:45 pm
starting to get out. what does that mean sure mark. >> slowing down significantly. we are seeing an awful lot of foreign capital coming in. >> are they paying in cash? what is really prompted the price up is not necessarily the cash purchases. it is limited inventory. >> land prices in manhattan have gone through the roof. they are only building luxury condos.
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>> i do want to ask you about this. it could be a good thing right? >> i have done a real estate nantucket. i think what you are seeing is a lot of people have made money in the stock market. thank you very much, we have three she ate it. >> the sure to check out strange inheritance. real-life story of unique heirlooms. a woman that inherits eight tree stump. 10:00 p.m. eastern time tonight on the fox business network. not exactly model behavior.
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♪ melissa: whether it is on wall street or main street, here is who is making money this week. snap chat. almost 500 grand. it may be time to go back and
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get that engineering degree. who is with me: the nfl hiring and official. sarah, is getting the call to the bigwigs. fuller house. we are getting some breaking news right now. agreeing to a $2.5 million settlement for that spell that happened last year. approval by the control board.
2:52 pm
it is open for business. let's check in with liz claman. liz: we are in our easter colors. there is an easter bag. it did shock some people. we have a shootout ready for what is coming. we will be joined by a hoover economist. seeing him early on "varney & company." we will bring him back thus it has been a couple hours. the previous presidency. you may be surprised.
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it may change your opinion on how that things really are. leave it to silicon valley. one city that's already saying we've got this. they are recycling 8 million callens per day already. wait until you hear what sam has to say about this. the coolest startup. we have ordered a birth date kate. the hoover of delivery, cheryl. we will track it during the show. we will see if we can get this very high and earth day cake. >> it does not matter. we will see if post mates can manage to make that happen.
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>> okay. oh press next chapter after 30 years. she is shutting down a chicago studio for good. that is coming up next. at the end of the day it is all about money and a little opera. ♪ a solutions are feeling the love, too. by offering things like on-the-spot data upgrades an idea that reduced overcharge complaints by 98%. no matter how fast your business needs to adapt if hp big data solutions can keep wireless customers smiling, imagine what they can do for yours. make it matter.
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>> have you seen this one? price is right contestant walks away with a huge win and wasn't even trying. >> which one is it? >> $19,849. >> go ahead, manuela. >> no. oh! >> i won it! [ laughter ] >> congratulations, manuela just gave you a car! >> don't worry the assistant says she is not in trouble, and
2:58 pm
she got a car, that's awesome. oprah winfrey is not giving away cars chicago studio is closing doors for good laying off 200 employees. she is moving from the windy city to the west coast. jeff flock is on the story. tough news jeff. >> reporter: on a cold day where would you rather be chicago or l.a. this used to be the hottest ticket in television. used to have a line that wrapped around the block and the street is still named after oprah. oprah winfrey way. back in her prime it was a special job. 200 jobs going out to the west coast. she announced it herself about a month ago, coming here to let everybody know in person a tribune poetic saying having staged hundred was emotional episodes on her show we're guessing she handled the
2:59 pm
breakup with a soft touch words of encouragement, tissues on every chair and perhaps a video sendoff featuring josh groban. the oprah winfrey network has done well, venture partner the discovery channel has not had a good year stockwise. they are down 24% over the past year against competitors like time warner, disney and comcast which is done well. oprah is holding up her part and will always be remembered in chicago cheryl. she revitalized this neighborhood almost single handedly. >> i have breaking news. we want to update you on air story we brought you a few moments ago. virginia environmental officials and duke energy have agreed to $2.5 billion settlement for the settlement. 70 miles of north carolina river and sludge. this settlement we want to be
3:00 pm
clear subject to approval by the state water control board. breaking news on duke energy. that is all for now, i hope you are making money today. and happy good friday. "countdown" starts right now. liz: have a good holiday. no way of sugar coating it on good friday. the jobs report was in a midst here. in this case, is bad news good news in terms of the federal reserve holding off on an interest rate hike? the fed is looking for better economic data before it does so. what do the u.s. futures markets tell us? not a good picture we will speak to two economists who have different views on the jobs numbers and what they suggest about the strength of the u.s. economy. what will the market think when they open monday? we're going to game it for and you get you ready for it. and the world weighs in on the nuclear framework agreement with iran honking and street celebrations in the streets. business leaders and money managers start planning for life after


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