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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  April 9, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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starts right now. liz: interesting, they came, they saw, they sold in early rally. could we be in for a market comeback this hour? sure looks like this. the markets are back in the green. the russell 2000 is the holdout. so where do you turn for warren buffett-like returns? how about returns that one-up the oracle of omaha. we will introduce you to one investment adviser who is beating buffett year after year for 15 years. he's here exclusively. walgreens, the largest u.s. drug retailer closing 200 stores, part of cost cutting plan, first major move since buying alliance boots late last year. when you see store closures, the company is getting leaner and leaner, shares jumping 5%, now standing at $90.94. and it's a political version of
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money wall, whichever candidate can attract the biggest donations and get the largest political bang for their buck often make it to the next prime. so are governor jeb bush, senator ted cruz and rand paul the candidates to beat right now? and what about the super pac, we've got the answers. it's the last hour of trade. come on, let's start the "countdown." . liz: breaking news. we've got an action-packed day, lauren simonetti has the latest from the floor of the new york stock exchange where the dow crossed the unchanged line 65 times. chuck nash joining us live to weigh in on what appears to be a heightened military escalation in yemen. what does it mean that iran is parking ships next to u.s. warships? money can't buy happiness but can it buy you the presidency.
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peter barnes breaks down the bucks behind the race, and phil strebel from the cme and phil flynn to break it down how to trade it. lauren, the dow has moved back and forth and less than 58 minutes to go with the last hour of trade, we've got green on the screen. lack of direction maybe, but it seems to be the phrase right now that everybody is talking about today. what are the traders on the floor telling you? >> keeping the green on the screen is the question right now. if you look at the high to low of the market in terms of the dow. 142-point swing. so much uncertainty. a lot of traders are talking about what's going on overseas, liz, hong kong, that market up 3,000 points. the nikkei flirting with the highs. there is a mixed picture when you look at job market. jobless claims a tad disappointing. the four-week moving average, 15 year low for jobless claims.
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that's great news. where is the benefit, when you looked at overall economy. you were talking quickly about walgreens shares. that was a winner when it comes to earnings, that stock at a high today. liz: thank you very much. there is a dark cloud hanging over your money and the markets. a potentially dangerous situation that escalated off the coast of yemen in the past couple of hours. iran has deployed a naval destroyer and so-called strategic logistics ships near the war-torn country. the ships have been sent to a chokepoint in the region in the gulf of aden, at smallest point it's only 18 miles wide, very tiny, very hard for ships to get through. if you have oil and gas trying to get through, affecting the price, we have oil moving higher. iranian admiral claiming the move is meant to protect iran's shipping from piracy. whether that's the real reason, it adds potentially hostile
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firepower close to u.s. naval carrier groups in the region. we bring in live u.s. navy captain and fox news military analyst captain chuck nash who served turkey and iraq, you know the region. worried about piracy suddenly? everybody knows the iranians are back the houthi rebels who have overthrown the yemen government. what is going on? saber rattling or something worse. >> the timing is more than curious. that ship and the supply ship have been there in the waters previously on any piracy patrols you but it's a little rattle of the saber they're going to send them back now, right in the middle of heightened tensions. probably not a good move, the iranians want to show they're not being pushed around. the iranians are the one who now because the saudis took them on and didn't put up with the nonsense with the houthis and started supporting the government, the iranians are
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talking about peace talks. liz: isn't that interesting? we have a couple of bridges on the east river to sell you. there is, captain, an intense saudi air campaign. why does this matter to a business audience. oil and gas tankers are trying to squeak their way through the tiny area and that becomes the question, could this affect the economic areas and any region that needs the ships to get through? >> if you take a look at geography, and geography dictates a lot of what's going on there. the arabian gulf, the persian gulf, the strait of hormuz comes through there. of the one sixth, 15-16 million barrels a day. 3 1/2 million barrels goes through where you were talking about earlier. the 3 1/2 million gets scraped off to the 3 million barrels
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through the suez. what does the united states burn a day? 19 million barrels a day. all you have to do is affect the percentage point one to two percentage points and you will affect the price of oil. liz: that area right through there is a crucial chokepoint and it matters to people's money here in the u.s. ostensibly, the iranians say this is to protect their ships from piracy. give me a break. is the world at war right now, captain? let's be honest about it. >> i think the world is at war. at least the united states and the west is at war with radical islam. what's happening here, this is all in the context of a sunni-shia divide, a civil war inside of islam. you have the sunnis in saudi arabia very concerned about the iranian shia supporting a group
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on their border and it's an extensive border just to their south. so you've got that going on, and the dangerous part about this, liz, is now you're starting to see a whirlpool effect, it was a typical houthi central government fight. they've done this about six times in the last decade. that wasn't a big deal. when the iranians weighed in, the saudis weighed in, and you have the swirl starting to develop and start sucking in other people. you have the iranian foreign minister now in pakistan trying talk to pakistanis into not supporting this militarily, yet pakistan and saudi arabia have extremely close ties, especially since the united states has started backing out and it looks to the saudis like we're favoring the iranians and the saudis are talking to the pakistanis about hey, if the iranians get a nuke, you got a nuke pakistan, let's talk, maybe we can have one too and balance out the iranian nuclear challenge. liz: and the one democracy in
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the region, israel, is at tensions with the united states. doesn't make sense. good to see you, captain. >> good to see you. liz: captain chuck nash, retired navy captain and fox news military analyst. the stock market is looking for direction second by second here in the final hour which. side is going to win? where is the conviction? how do you trade it? right to the floor shows, the traders have been on the floor watching a stunning back and forth action here. phil flynn, first to you, looking at the oil picture, we just talked about that, i don't want to focus on how much per price for barrel of oil, how that affects the energy picture because the energy complex has big names behind it? >> definitely has. partly on iran but partly on good economic data out of europe and germany, that seemed to give a boost to the rest of the global marketplace. interesting when we talk about iran. there were a lot of comments out of iran when it came to oil
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today. not only increased tensions along the yemeni coast. we have a report from the president of iran that said listen, we're either going to have all the sanctions lifted at one time or forget about it, there is no deal. that is a big difference from what we thought was agreed upon, so that means that the negotiations are going on, if the field does not get done, that is very, very bullish for oil. but he also said something people had not been focusing on enough with oil. he did say that if iranian oil is allowed back into the market, they're not going to crash the price. they're going to work with opec, and going to make sure that any oil that they add to the market is set off by a comeback from other oil producers. that's what i expect to happen unless the tensions between saudi and iraq. liz: intel is backing away from
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effort to buy altera. that would have expected, you see altera drop. altera moving higher, that's interesting. is that causing tentative behavior in the dow industrials? >> the dollar acceleration in the last couple hours helped the market to stabilize. seen them push higher in the last couple of hours. >> versus the yen and the euro, very positive correlation against the yen and the s&p. that's a positive factor. treasury yields up to the highest level in the last week, that is causing consternation and the defensive sectors, the biotech starts to improve with health care, you know, it's interesting to start to see the risk on sectors with the dollar starting to move higher, obviously, global indices about a huge move, japan, china and the hang seng up 8% in three days. the traders are licking chops. we've been largely range bound.
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look, we held support at march lows, stabilize. there's a lot of pessimism of late because the economic surprises and the revenue shortfalls potentially. should be a time when the equities start to enjoy a bullish period into late april. liz: let's not forget what's happening right now. phil, there was a treasury float, didn't go so well with that auction. and prices coming down with yields coming higher. interesting move here? >> we've become quite data dependent here. we had the poor march jobs report, and a split on the fed. i think it's less likely that we're going to see the june rate hike, possibly in september, but i think regardless of when it happens, it's the rate at which they're going to start the hike. i really have expectations that we'll see treasuries, the 10-year up near 3% by next year. that's going to shock some of the market and equities are going to make a reach like the s&p, only up to 2200 this year. we might see south of a 5%
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increase on equities. the treasuries, with that movement up, i think that people are going to come in and start fading. so small pullback but i think the rise is here. liz: s&p is at 2088. seeing the resistance level that ceiling was 2080. blasted through. that interesting to see the behavior at the moment. gentlemen, thank you for joining us on a busy closing bell here. we're just about 48 minutes away. are unicorns, not the real unicorns, but the private companies valued at a billion dollars or more, are the unicorns ready for primetime? or will they be slain by greedy forces pushing them to go public too soon? we don't want to see dead unicorns, we want to invest like warren buffett, too. what if you could invest with someone who, over the past 15 years has actually done better than buffett? now you can. we have, in a fox business exclusive, an investment adviser who is in a league of
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. liz: a fox business alert, two republican candidates have officially thrown their hats in the ring for the presidential
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nomination. with more no doubt on the way. as these candidates fight for the hearts and minds of voters, they're battling for the wallets of big donors and your wallet, right? who's in the lead in terms of donations and how much does it really cost to become president? peter barnes has been crunching the numbers for us. it's mind-boggling, isn't it? >> reporter: that's right, one of the declared candidates senator rand paul tweeted he raised more than a million bucks in just a little over 24 hours after launching his campaign. if supporters of some of the other potential candidates leaking to the media right now are telling the truth, paul and others will have a lot of work to do to catch up to senator ted cruz and former florida governor jeb bush. several super pacs reportedly will raise $31 million by tomorrow! bush supporters reportedly were shooting for 100 million in just the first quarter. that's the amount analysts sail
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be the minimum to run a successful primary campaign. they say a candidate needs 15 million at least just to be harder in the crowd, and whoever becomes each party's nominee will spend at least a billion dollars to win the white house. is hillary on her way? one pac for her has been up and running since 2013 and through the end of last year raised nearly 13 million. a top democratic super pac, priorities usa action that helped president obama beat mitt romney in 2012, it raised 80 million in 2012, now plans to help hillary. liz? liz: okay, watching it peter. thanks for doing the money counting for us. so-called unicorns, private companies or start-ups that are worth a billion dollars or more. there are dozens now. could the good times soon come to a standstill for many of the names? at venture capital, the initial
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sugar daddies, as they seek a return on investment, these unicorns are faced with two choices. diving into the often rough waters of an ipo or being acquired by a bigger or more established company. which will survive and which will be trampled? like the one in the "harry potter" movie. joining me now, avalon venture's counter kevin kinsella who put early money into a few of the names that have done well in the past. welcome, kevin. >> happy to be here. liz: the concept of unicorns, fortune put a gorgeous unicorn on the cover and asks the same question, are the start-up companies on a clock that's ticking down? not necessarily the ubers which is shown strength, etsy announced it's going public. are they pushed too far, too fast? >> that depends on each company. i'm happy that etsy is going public because it will validate
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whether the value in the private market is going to be in the public market. and so we'll see what the investors say about that, and the analysts. so sooner or later venture capitalists have to make money back in investment. and only two ways to do that. liz: we could show you unicorns in line for primetime. uber is worth billions and billions, not that small. but the pinterests of the world, that is significant. many in existence under ten years, uber six years, snapchat three years, pinterest five years. do they all end up launching ipo's is that the better route or to be acquired by a bigger company as instagram allowed itself to be? >> i like the acquisition. liz: why? >> you get cash and you're done and you don't have to put up with quarterly earnings reports and the batteries of the market. i would much rather have a company acquired than go public. liz: the ipo is tough.
3:21 pm
very interesting company run by aaron levy, they went public and they struggled a certain percentage at this point. we can show box, they have one bad quarter. he didn't seem concerned, shareholders live by the quarterly calendar. >> right. liz: which is tougher, isn't it? >> that's the problem, they lost a quarter of market cap by missing earnings. liz: is that ridiculous? that's a valid company. >> it's a valid company, whether it's a valid valuation, that's for the market to determine. liz: ipo or be acquired? you have experienced both. athena neurosciences, onyx, vertex, synaptics, that allows people on the original, the tablet or the iphone. >> the iphone. liz: move it or make it bigger. those went opinion. you were early investors in all of those. they were believed to go ipo?
3:22 pm
>> i started synaptics in 86 and it went public in 2000, it had been around 14 years at that point. >> i invested in zynga early. huge news yesterday, it is plummeting today. zynga down 15% at one point today, because it's bringing back its founder who was pushed out, pressured out. >> right. liz: what's going on there? that doesn't look like a company that was ready to be public. it only had facebook as biggest customer, and now you see, this is a $2.37 stock. >> right. we invested at somewhere between the 10 and $15 million prevaluation and ultimately went public or had a private valuation upwards of 14 billion. went public at 10, popped up and it's been trading down since then. whether it's a smart idea to put market back, in the market will determine that. i think he can come up with hit games which he did in the
3:23 pm
beginning, to get them out of $2-3 stock price range, probably a very interesting choice. liz: you've had more hits than misses, great to you have on here, kevin kinsella, avalon venture's founder with a solid track record of getting in with the unicorns and make money. we have the closing bell ringing, will the green hold on? and what's going to happen in the next big financial crisis? that man on the screen, jamie dimon of jpmorgan has an idea, he has articulated, it's not pretty. but charlie gasparino is about to deconstruct some of those statements in a fox business exclusive. got some very important information, he's rushing down now. and one investor who has done very well in both good times and bad. warren buffett. we've got an investment manager who, over the past 15 years,
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. liz: breaking news, according to the combined joint task force, u.s. and allies have just now conducted 19 airstrikes in syria and iraq against isis. against the islamic state militants. we were talking about the military buildup in the middle east but specifically yemen and the airstrikes on behalf of the saudi arabians. right now focused on syria and iraq. there are airstrikes with the u.s. and allies in that region. we're following this news very closely.
3:29 pm
right now markets at the moment appear -- the russell you can't count on, a tough day for the russell. we are looking at the s&p up 10 full points. watching this very closely. one of the most powerful men on wall street, got to be jamie dimon of jpmorgan, he has made a very big prediction that's getting a huge amount of attention today. the jpmorgan chase ceo telling his shareholders there will be another crisis. so everybody reported that, panicking, but charlie gasparino, you picked up the phone, you called and got translation. >> what's interesting about this. i always like jamie dimon's letters, most transparent. what a lot of people missed is the fact that jamie dimon says there will be another crisis, he doesn't know. when he says the system is stronger than it was in 2008. he's not saying it's coming tomorrow. making a prediction there will be one, which isn't quite a prediction. here's where it gets
3:30 pm
interesting, and you need a degree of translating to understand what's going on in jamie dimon's mind. liz: he got your name wrong. >> they spelled my name wrong? thank you. anyway, inventories are lower, because of the multiple new rules that affect market making, including for higher capital and liquidity requirements and the pending implementation of the volcker rule. you might read through that and not understand it. i understood what he meant there. i went back to his people and got this translated. what he's essentially saying is the next crisis, whenever that comes, is likely to be more severe than the 08 crisis. why is that? one of the mitigating fact sors big banks could hold onto bonds so they didn't sell into the marketplace, and the prices of
3:31 pm
those bonds would go down and the market would implode more than it did. that the point what you're seeing is because of the volcker rule, a rule named after paul volcker, the former presidential adviser, fed chairman, in the early 1980s. banks can't do that anymore, and other rules make it impossible for banks to hold onto inventory. this is what he's saying, if there is ever, ever a route in the bond markets, which essentially that was part of the financial crisis, people having to sell the prices of mortgage backed securities and other securities going down, wall street firms are prohibited because of new rules from jumping in and preventing a fire yard sale at holding inventory until things get better. that is what jamie dimon said, you have to read it three times. i covered the financial crisis, covered a lot of stories what was going on. i interviewed jamie dimeon. they're not going to hold onto
3:32 pm
the inventories. not only that, some other issues are going to go on here. firms will not be willing to step up to the plate like jpmorgan did and buy bear stearns. why is that? jamie, as he knows from firsthand experience assumed all of bear stearns liebt. he had one day. he's not going to buy bear stearns anymore. he's going to let it fall. liz: it made him pay. >> you owe all this money. not because you did anything, but you bought bear stearns and they did bad stuff. liz: he doesn't like regulation. is this another hit on regulation? >> he does like regulation. he's calling for higher capital requirements. because they did a couple of these things, the volcker rule involving the inventories and the fact they have all the banks, think about what the federal government did in 07 and 08. encouraged bank of america to buy countrywide, they had to pay a gazillion dollars in
3:33 pm
fines for countrywide related liabilities. bear stearns, gave one day to do due diligence and hit later on. the obama administration hit jpmorgan with a lot of fines. what jamie says is we're not going to be a good corporate citizen next time, and that's going to make this crisis potentially worse than the last crisis. you have to almost translate this. that's what i did. i read the letter, i went back and sawa interesting parts. what are we talking about? that will put you to sleep, right? liz: i almost fell asleep. >> just telling you. that seemingly innocuous sleep inducing paragraph is key to understanding what he means when the next crisis is worse than 08. liz: charlie gasparino. closing bell 26 1/2 minute away. do you want to meet the man
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beating warren buffett, not just now? over 15 years. he's managed to outperform the oracle of omaha. and which stocks is he investing in right now? we will introduce you to him. we will find out how he picks his names and which names he likes. in start-up segment, a company shaking up the boring old paper products business with the help of retail giant target and a famous name in the food world. a lot of corporate cautions are giving to a charity each time they give a sale by you. cheap paper products? that's next.
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. >> and here's jack at number four. >> 130 yard, par 3 across the water. a good golf ball. what a beautiful play. come on, come on, come on, jack. yes! oh! >> whoa! no way! yes, it actually happened. time for "countdown" news flash, the race is on for the green jacket, we showed you the golden bear jack nicklaus acing it here. the first round of the masters golf tournament is officially under way at the augusta national golf club. with a handful of players finishing the first round. here is an early look at the leader board, american charlie hoffman followed by -- just round one, we're watching it for you. bubba watson seeking third
3:40 pm
green jacket in four years. he teed off at about 10:00 a.m., tiger woods teed off about an hour ago. las vegas oddsmakers give tiger a 30-1 chance of winning the whole tournament. the judge in the trial of former new england patriot star aaron hernandez is warning there could be a mistrial. why? as jurors began a third day of deliberations whether hernandez is guilty of the 2013 murder, the judge reprimanded a local television station after two jurors reported being followed by one of its news trucks. the judge says the incident could have led to a mistrial if convicted of first-degree murder, hernandez faces life in prison. just one day after her son was convicted of murder in the boston marathon bombing, you're looking at the mother of dzhokhar tsarnaev. she is railing against the verdict, in a text message sent
3:41 pm
to a friend. the mom ranted that, quote -- they were certainly good at planting bombs. the jury in the case will reconvene next week to determine if tsarnaev should be put to death. okay, speak now or forever wait your turn? baseball fans who attended the opening night game had to get creative because of a bathroom shortage, where? wrigley field. don't say we didn't warn you. we have been following this story of the chicago cubbies warning patrons stadium was undergoing renovations that weren't finished. people had no alternatives for the out-of-order bathrooms. the second game of the season is tonight. the stadium has a solution. jeff flock has the solution for the temporary relief. >> reporter: you would have thought there was major league baseball testing for steroids
3:42 pm
there were so many specimens floating around the stadium. the bathrooms weren't on. some others were closed down because of a plumbing problem. take a look at pictures out there. social media was awash, pardon the pun, and people angry about having to stand in line for 90 minutes. the cubs have come up with a temporary fix. the indiana based service sanitation with 70+ port-a-potties, and they will be in use until the middle of way when presumably the rest of the bathrooms will be done. it wasn't a pretty scene out there, liz, with recycled beer to be found in a lot of places. liz: can i say this, you warned everybody. you were live outside wrigley field. >> reporter: you could see this coming a mile away. no bathrooms, lots of beer, you figure it out. they didn't. liz: okay, we're done. i want to envision that, jeff, thank you very much.
3:43 pm
jeff flock. did you know that 49 million people are struggling with hunger here in the u.s.? this is a business story. cheky h figred o aay t do gatusiss d fig ngery definghe borg aperlat biness thate ha toacehene wan t have a part. fo eac proctso, ee isonat t eivaent of oneull mloeedi hungry america and enlisted the help of a celebrity chef to help the cause. who is it? and how many meals can they donate by the end of 2015. we have what is most interesting is you launched six months ago and you sold more than a million pieces of your product. that is incredible. how have you done it? >> well, you know, it's going up day by day. we just had a celebration in los angeles just a few weeks ago to commemorate and celebrate one million meals. we're now at almost 1.5 million
3:44 pm
meals. the sales are ramping up. crazy how much they're ramping up at the moment. the brand is resonating with the target guest where it is exclusively sold right now, and people love the message. we've led with fashion and innovation, the materials we're using, the way the product looks versus competitors in the marketplace. coors is really, really, really close behind. when people get into the house, they love the quality and the fashion, cause resonates again and again. liz: if you buy one package of this stuff, you, the company will create a meal, and you are branding and you are working with one of the most famous hip, current chefs, mario batali, he is huge in new york, but globally opened many, many restaurants. what is mario batali doing for you and the brand?
3:45 pm
>> what isn't he doing, is the question? mario, i'm sure viewers aware, he's a longtime advocate for ending hunger in america. he's very passionate about this cause. he's made his living, and his name through feeding others, and it seems asinine in today's society hunger is such an issue. one in six americans, 49 million americans are struggling with food insecurity, and he is desperate like myself and the rest of the team tend to that. he's doing everything he can. liz: god bless him and you, too, corporate conscience actually for you has figured out a way to have a good business. i picked my favorite pattern for you. how many of us, there are a lot of competitors who do paper products and we can talk about some of those. you guys have a design here that's sort of nantucket meets west coast chic, clean line, the blue chevron look here.
3:46 pm
i like it very much. how long can you go being exclusive to target? don't you want to expand the opportunity? >> if the brand keeps building, i'm happy for target to have it exclusively forever. that's not the plan. plan is to build the brand, build the equity, they have a guest that loves corporate and social responsibility. they love fashion, too. we wanted to disrupt through fashion and cause, the target guest has an appetite for fashion, innovative trends and design partnerships. we're going to be launching in may our designer collaboration, and there will be two more following this year, and we really feel that probably throughout 2016 and beyond we'll start talk to others domestically and internationally, tentively put plans in place in australia to and talking to a company in the u.k. liz: p.j., a great, great
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company, selling 1 1/2 million products in six months of opening. helping people who need it. good luck to you, thank you. >> thank you so much. liz: the company is called cheeky. closing bell, 13 minutes away. the man who beat warren buffett for the past 15 years. how did he manage to outperform the oracle of omaha? which stocks got him there and what's he investing in now? guess what? the dow is climbing back to highs of the session. nasdaq higher, s&p breaking through a ceiling, too. stay tuned.
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. liz: nine minutes left. guess what the s&p just hit session highs, a point and a half off it right now. what happens in the last couple of minutes? closing bell is about to ring.
3:52 pm
lauren simonetti at the stock exchange, trent wagner with the most important thing he just saw in the last couple of minutes and the man who might be better than buffett. john buckingham joining us live from california. lauren, seeing interesting movement here, s&p close to session highs, dow getting back up there too. >> reporter: dow about 20 points away from session high. i was taking a look at the sector. the ten different s&p sectors, all over the place today. there is one sector in the red right now showing you there is red in the market. the only sector that is down is utilities. energy has been story all week. the best performer like today or the worst performer every single day this week, liz. liz: it's amazing to see that, i want to take a look at the nasdaq as well. you have intel which is a dow component and a nasdaq component, and despite the fact that intel is pretty much the dow negative here, because
3:53 pm
actually intel just turned positive, interesting, it had been the dow laggard. if we can look at intra-day of intel, intc, just at the flatline for the moment here. very interesting. because it had been negative until just after about noon here. we're watching this very closely. it has backed away from offer to buy altera for around $54 a share. altera basically rejected that. trent, what is the most important thing you're keeping your eye on right now? >> biggest news in chicago, sell-off in the treasury markets. two contributors the weak auction market as well as hawkish talk indicating a june rate hike is not out of the question. neither of the two items have lasting legs from the demand standpoint, liz, we think global seekers will come in, a ceiling how high the rates can go, and from the fed standpoint, i don't know how we can get hawkish coming off the
3:54 pm
worst nonfarm payrolls over the past year. liz: let me push you on that, trend. hold on. jobless claims today. up 14,000, which is less than expected. this is the number you don't want to see climb too much. and we are looking at fewer layoffs, week after week, this number started to look good. the average number of claims dropping 3,000, touching the lowest level since the year 2000. >> the claim numbers look good, liz, here's my point. if they're going to raise rates in june, you have to assume that the data is better in their opinion than prior, and if we have 13, 14 straight months of plus 200 job creation, if last month's number is an anomaly, i don't know that you can look at the u.s. economic data as anything but spotty, and it was better six months ago than now, why are you going to raise rates in june? liz: lauren, the dollar today, the movement favored the upside once again and saw it fighting
3:55 pm
back, showing strength, very interesting behavior, because the market didn't take that as a scary potential. >> the dollar has been all over the place, generally strong lately. way it moved the market today, a little interesting. when you're talking about earnings season, and i'm bringing that up, this is the wild card everybody is expecting not a great earning season and the strong dollar has a lot to do with that, so does oil prices. the earnings have been all over the place, alcoa a disappointment, bed bath & beyond, a major disappointment. both to the down side and you have a winner, walgreens and alliance. liz: as you saw the shot flicker with john buckingham, beating buffett for the last ten years, we lost that shot. we are going to try to bring him back tomorrow. what a story he has to tell. and performance on annualized return has beaten warren buffett, the or -- oracle of
3:56 pm
omaha over 15 years. byron wean here to debunk four market myths for investors that are losing you money. don't miss it.
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david: let's go to lauren simonetti at the new york stock exchange. talk about the market. first of all, it is the masters. talk about golf stocks. let's have a little fun here, lauren. >> they're watching golf on the floor. i'm not supposed to say that but it is true. look at these golf stocks. you have a mixed picture. you wouldn't expect deere to be associated with golf. they make equipment that maintainses golf courses. >> i'm sure a lot of what deere has to make has to do with alcoa aluminum company. alcoa seeing red after they saw a miss on the revenue numbers. >> slight miss on revenue sent the stock down. this is first major stock out of
4:00 pm
the gate for earnings season. shows you investors might be disappointed what they get. [closing bell ringing] david: energy sector, way up, halliburton, which i own a little piece of, up 4%. they're respectable. not clapping, cheering, not shouting, a respectable clapping at close of today's session. let's look at all indices if we can. only we sign in the red. that is small and mid-sizeed stocks, russell 2000. all indices were up significantly from last hour of trading from the flat area. doing pretty well, nasdaq largest of leaders. less than half a full percentage points. we've seen greater moves many times. liz: russell struggled. this was not a day for small and mid-caps but "after the bell" ready to start right now. liz: when the dow crosses the flat line more than 65 times, the


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