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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  April 14, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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if you check it out it is still there. with that in mind, thank you very much for joining us on "risk & reward." "money" starts now. melissa francis is here. melissa? melissa: thank you so much. will congress get a say? in minutes the senate crucial vote how much oversight will lawmakers get on the deal with iran. your taxes are due tomorrow, so sorry about that. what a perfect time for the government to release a new report how it is throwing away tens of billions of my hard-earned dollars and yours and charlie's and judy es and jack's. nightmare at sea as norovirus strikes not one but two royal caribbean cruise ships. do you know this man? to be honest. i bet my hard-earned money i didn't. i hope you proved me wrong on this one. charlie got it. sleek new sodastream that can replace your bartender. even when they say it's not it
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is always about money. melissa: the first traffic task for the iran nuclear deal as senate committee votes on legislation that would give congress final approval on any agreement with iran. senator bob corker, the cosponsor stressing the importance of the bill on fox news earlier today. >> there is nothing in writing at present. basically the iranians are saying to their people they don't have to change a thing. sanctions are growing to be relieved. obviously we're being told something different. again why it is so important that congress play its rightful role in this. melissa: in the last hour the white house signaling a support for compromise but making it clear there would not be a up-or-down vote on the deal. let's bring in today's panel fox business's own charlie gasparino along with jack hough from "barron's."
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author of a new book, the story. she is also a fox news contributor. judy, what do you think about this? they're saying it seems reasonable. one side says this is what the deal says. other side saying something totally different. the congress wants to see it. >> the white house knows there will be some kind of review. melissa: i don't know if they know that. >> i know they know that the issue will the review be sufficient and will congress support it enough to override a veto should the president decide he can't live with it? that is what is negotiating is going on now. never mind the 82 amendments different congressman, senators everybody wants to offer an amendment to make this better, but the real thing we're talking about now is can this be veto-proof? >> let's remember, april 14th right, this is the group that beauty you the united states tax code. congress. do you really want them out there taking more active role in negotiating nuclear treaties? i think -- melissa: yes, i do, actually. yes, i do. >> i think we'll find a middle
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ground here and that's fine but i don't want to turn this into -- melissa: you think we'll find a middle ground? i don't know. this is very contentious. >> i'm in favor of having some dialogue with the iranians. melissa: but should congress be able to review the deal? >> yes. here is why. bret stevens wrote a column like a lot of stuff i've been saying today, in the "wall street journal." reality, they will get a bomb. this is slowing them down, hoping buying time more moderates take over. if the president doesn't say that right, which, that is his endgame, right? face it he knows they're getting a bomb if he doesn't say that you can't trust everything he says. >> i don't think this put us more at risk. melissa: we'll talk about in the next block because the vote is coming up. scooby van arriving in iowa. hillary clinton vehicle of the everyday american arriving in the hawkeye state. you can see that picture why they didn't show us sooner. it is not exactly a "scooby-doo"
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van. voting to stick up for struggling families, average ceo makes 300 times what the average worker makes. the van i'm riding around in a van. we didn't see pictures. didn't get the pictures. finally have the pictures. not exactly really a machine. >> not exactly the mystery machine. >> they tell me simply this we expect the crap to get kicked out of us for a while. she will go aall elizabeth warren. guy will go back to her, quote, unquote normal self like her husband. i don't believe in that strategy. i think what is going on here the democratic party is so far to the left it is trying to move her to the left. this is not bill clinton's democratic party. >> this guy to be so focused on ceo pay. we already have mechanism. >> we have stock market where investors vote. we have free press where people write about ceo pay.
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melissa: she isn't focused on it. she is talking about people she takes donations from. >> what is her income? melissa: $200,000 a speech. >> she made 400 ground for couple hours at goldman. let me make the point. >> she shops at chipolte. >> we all know she is hypocrite when it comes to this. patently obvious. melissa: nobody cares. >> who knows what will happen during this campaign. she has to really do walk this tightrope between elizabeth warren, who she has to appeal to and her wall street buddy. >> knocking down high-end, should lift up low end. do that u.s. a friendlier place for u.s. to do companies. melissa: i can't believe you say that. you're our democrat. >> a little bit to the right. melissa: better than charlie gasparino. not receiving her own memo? the former secretary of state making a pit stop at chipolte. fun facts. this ceo earned not 300 times,
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but 1200 times the average worker makes. making comment about ceo pay and went in and supported chipolte, makes her a total hypocrite. we knew that but no one cares. >> that is not the issue going forward. melissa: non-issue, she said it, making it -- >> this will be a very interesting campaign to watch as a reporter because, it really is a tight walk. you know, how is she going to be appealing to the left, which actually is more left than it was in the 1990s controlling democratic party, and, and, the clinton be friendly with lloyd blankfein? >> to try to make this campaign interesting is going to be really hard when we perhaps bush v. clinton again. i'm already tired and it hasn't even started. >> they're two really good -- melissa: maybe won't be bush. >> in defense of bush v. clinton, it would be two really smart people talking about theory and public policy unlike, you know some of the other crap we've gotten in the past. melissa: help in the fight
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against isis. iraq's prime minister making in-person appeal to president obama at the white house. the president stressing success won't occur overnight but iraqi forces pushed the militant group out of 25% territory seized during last year's advance. this is according to the pentagon. judy, what do you think of this one? >> look, this prime minister is better than his predecessor but that is with about all we can say about him. he wants more billions from the united states. he wants weapons. now the question is is he growing to use them against isis or use them against his own people which they seem to do, shiite militias seem to be doing now. >> that is very important question. how good of a deal did we get? we trained this army and military. we left an equipped, trained army they scattered when the fighting began. what will be different this time? will he use this money for a cycle of retaliation is which is iraq's long history. melissa: you're depressing me. >> sorry. melissa: more depressing news.
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sorry about this one. the government wasting your money? i know. it can't be! but it turns out redundant federal programs are costing billions of taxpayer dollars. according to the government accountability office. the report highlights 12 different ways that it could possibly save you money. so there were eight federal agencies, that are responsible for the safety of consumer products. eight of them. going to look at the same things. there are two different agencies that inspect the same laboratories in the same year. do the exact same thing. totally redundant. did you know, hud, the department of housing and urban development, provides bus tokens and taxi fares to people with aids. i don't understand the connection. i don't get that one as much. in the past they made 440 recommendations to congress how to better consolidate programs and save money. this is tens of billions of dollars. this isn't a little money. it is big money. 37% of those have been addressed. they saved us 20 billion.
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it is something but not much. charlie is like, i don't know -- >> i mean it is a rounding error on the on the federal deficit and the budget but i will say this. it is reason why federal system a more effective way of government, when you take away, obviously you need a strong national government for enforcing civil rights and the military but -- melissa: that's it. let's stop. let's not do anything else. >> almost. on a local level stuff like this becomes much more magnified. people can see it. very hard to see that sort of minutia every now and then we have a story. melissa: why i'm so furious about paying taxes tomorrow. they're burning my money and in a giant incinerator makes me so frikin' mad i can't even tell you. i'm so mad. >> can i say something nice about the irs? melissa: no, no you may not. no! no! you may not say anything about the irs. >> they are great -- melissa: not even their fault. it is not tear fault.
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>> not their fault. melissa: it is all of these different laws. everything you put something in place, never goes away. like putting auto pay, subscribe to something on ipad never goes away. i don't think they're necessary. no, i hate all of this. i'm sick of sending my money to these people. >> this is what at "barron's" we would call a dream turn around candidate. when you see a company that is squandering this much money, you say someone could come in here really make -- melissa: postal service. i always wanted to turn around the postal service. i could turn that in a minute. break the unions. i don't know. i just, i, tomorrow is tax day. i'm so itchy and furious bit i can't even tell you. >> poor irs. melissa: i can't, my husband had the forms. i looked at it. saw what we were paying. >> i want the irs to know i'm in your corner. melissa: pandering. >> pandering, charlie. melissa: i can't take it.
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anyway, thank you. i just can't take it. a direct challenge to the white house. minutes away from the vote that would give congress a say in the iran deal. tension in the english channel as russia flexes its muscles. why putin is making sure the fleet is ready for battle. smart money coming up. so what about that stock? sure thing, right? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with i'd steer clear. really?
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really. straight talk. now based on your strategy i do have some other thoughts... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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melissa: nice gains for stocks as jpmorgan kicks off earnings with a nice note. jo ling kent on the floor of new york stock exchange. talk to me about the trade today. >> hey melissa. jpmorgan seeing a nice pop after reporting earnings this morning. profits up 12%. you can see jpmorgan up 1.7% right now. this comes after strong fixed income trading was reported and also revenue up 4%. we're seeing traders look at retail sales for march. those came in first time in three months.
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we saw a gain of .9%. a slight miss of the 1% street was looking for. people buying cars. 2.7% spike in cars and automobiles. you saw more people buying furniture but fewer people buying electronics. you can see how this would inform the fed decision potentially on when those rates may or may not go up. melissa? melissa: jo, thanks so much. a month-long standoff between white house and congress an iran comes to a ahead. 30 minutes a key senate debate to pass a bill that could would give congress a say on the any deal with iran. dakota miller and judy miller is back as well. dakota congress could seize upon a particular item and vote down the bill out of spite to kill what he is looking at of legacy trying to make a deal here. i think that is the concern. is it founded?
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>> i think it's a legitimate concern on his part. that if he is engaged in these negotiations with iranian counterparts and congress takes a harder line or delivers a message they will not agree with the administration's position the obama administration is concerned that would drive iran from the table. they're desperate to get this into place. it is concern and warranterred on administration part that congress has a case to make on issue of this importance they should be able to speak to the american people. melissa: what about for the president's part, judy, passing on to next level, after goes to the house and every step undermines his talks with iranians? they're looking at his talk with the authority you don't have to authority to say to us, because they're looking unfix everything we do? >> this is of course what the
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white house is going to say. don't get in the way of our negreanu shuns. the fact of the matter, ayatollah, the supreme lewder,d-- leader is one who is undermining the agreement. moment the ink is dry, sanctions have to come up after and they will not set foot in any facility where iranians have been doing illicit work. i think ayatollah, with or without the congress is really undermining the talks. i think at this point the administration is really frightened at whole negotiations will just fall apart. melissa: dakota, i mean i want to make sure we have all sides. i want to be advocate of the other side, the president would say that is what the ayatollah is saying to his own country. nothing to do with reality. it is rhetoric, it is hype, what i'm say sergeant truth. what do you think of that? >> you saw right after the
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negotiations where secretary of state john kerry and, released these talking points and the framework. no sooner did our administration come out with that that the iranian administration just rebutted every bit of those things. so in the framework that is presented to american people iran will do this, it agreed to do that. the iranians are saying no that is not the case. i find it interesting almost parallel to obamacare debacle where the administration is saying look, you have to get us to the point where we have a signed agreement. so then we can present it to congress and let you know what we've agreed to. by that time it is too late. i think the congress is doing the right thing here to hold the administration account ab. melissa: judy real quick before we go, what would be that middle ground? what would be something everybody could agree to in this situation? >> some kind of a review without absolute veto power which says, yes it is the sense of the congress this is a good deal for the united states or not a good
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deal. i think the white house -- melissa: review that doesn't have the power to derail it look at it, say what they think of it and president would have to go ahead if he wanted to, no, he is doing it against congress's wishes? >> there are five other players involved, not just the united states. thanks to both of you. melissa: appreciate it. bringing healing to joint pain without surgery. we have device that claims to do that that could help millions. new hazards on the golf course. how one player bit off a lot more than he could chew. do you ever have too much money or very angry crocodiles? ♪
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melissa: from the u.s. to every corner of the globe money is flying around the world today starting in the u.k. where russian warships have been spotted in the english channel. they claimed to be on their way to the north atlantic although they could be sticking around for so-called military exercises. russian jets have been identified flying close to u.k. airspace. over to japan where a robot has died after entering the crippled fukushima plant. the robot was sent into the reactor to record video footage and take photos, when it just stopped working about three hours into its 10-hour mission. engineers have given up trying to get it back up. landing in australia, where a golfer was bitten by a crocodile. he was trying to reclaim his ball from the water, when he accidentally disturbed the local wildlife. the golfer suffered a deep laceration to his leg. yikes!. he vows to never hit balls into
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the water again. like you could control that. you know what, that one is yours, my friend. keep it. forget advil and icy hot to make your pain go away. digital device might help. this is willow curve and promises to use lasers to reduce discome for the like joint pain. i have seen this everywhere. i've seen your ads everywhere. i think it is even on our air. how does it work? it looks like red flashing lights. what is going on? >> this is digital technology photo technology and photo dynamic photo technology. melissa: what does that mean? >> to stimulate these things that, naturally occur in your body. melissa: is it heat? is it energy? >> photonic and thermal energy that does exactly that. melissa: and so what does it break up or how does that get rid of pain? >> when you think of inflammation in joints that so commonality in so much joint pain. this helps us reduce toxicity in
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the joint to relief the pain. that is very effective. melissa: is it anything like many of us have been to physical therapy and they do electric estimate stim to break up swelling. >> no this is new digital technology. many of our clients have getting great effect. melissa: what kind of testing have you done? has fda done -- >> we've done clinical trials. melissa: what does that mean? >> we're not, we're exempt from 510-k application. >> what is 510-company application. >> fda. melissa:fdda does not have to be cleared. >> we're exempt from the 510-k. we offer it away in allow you to enjoy it and try it for themselves. there is variety of condition. pain is so personal. what we offer an invite users to do, try it risk-free. use it on the condition for 90 days. they can determine if it is helping. melissa: how many have you gotten back.
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>> a small percentage have come back. melissa: very interesting, like you said, pain relief is very personal. something you feel or you don't. you can't measure it. a lot of people love copper shirts and feel like it helps. >> yes. melissa: flipside, doctors say tylenol works. tylenol does nothing for me. pain is all in the joint of the beholder. >> extremely personal. melissa: that is very interesting. thanks for explaining it. i've been seeing it everywhere. david, thank you. time to break out the bubbly. sodastream has new device has me counting the hours until 5:00. plus a money wager is settled. can the average american identify a possible threat to hillary clinton's campaign? it might not be who you think. i bet you five bucks if i walked out on the street and i asked 10 people who martin o'malley was not a single one could tell me. ♪
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the 12th check out shares of soda stream. the soda stream mix. it can access a database in the cloud to tell your machine just how much co2 is often mom. jeff kelly is back along with heather thompson. you probably recognize her from the real housewives of new york did he. >> fabulous. what do you think? genius idea? >> i love it. it is healthy. it is natural. the fact that you can do fruit
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juices it takes soda out of the kids hands. soda comes with the carbonation. i like that you can do more than water. >> i have a soda stream. this will be a game changer. melissa: i would never personally take the time to do that. i think the people that do it love doing it. melissa: coke will relaunch a successful promotion of putting first names on their cans and bottles. the top 1000 names in the
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nation. i think you will have an easy time doing this. this is crazy to me. how does this work in a world where we are giving this? >> you have had this for years. [laughter] melissa: that is my poor children. >> initially it was corky. it was fun. i would rather talk about putting warning labels on soda. >> a long-term decline. >> other avenues for the corporation, quite frankly.
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melissa: they think that it is. a brown bubbly liquid. why would i put that in my mouth. >> right. 27% do not even know that they have it. >> no celebrities. this is right in your field. >> it is a great idea. be a mac i applaud the nike campaign. i think that it is fabulous.
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if i had a huge budget like, i would have all kinds. i think if they did have the capacity. >> the speaker business is booming, by the way. footlocker is 15 times earnings. melissa: we have to go. a "wall street journal" report says that iran's oil minister has called on opec to reduce oil protection by at least 5%. marco rubio is less than 24 hours into his presidential campaign. find out what he did. president obama he is heading
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it is subject to approval by u.s. health regulators. coming up, jordan spieth will be on fox business. do not miss him in his green jacket out 4:00 p.m. eastern. ♪
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melissa: and monticello, iowa. meeting at a kirkwood community college there. check out shares of shake shack. 8% in trading action. that is a new all-time high for the company. there is no immediate move on this one. making me really hungry. marco rubio jumping into the presidential ring. sean hannity asked senator rubio about any tension with his former then tore. >> we are friends. i am not running against him if he decides to run. i am running because i believe i
2:40 pm
am the right person at the right time for this country. melissa: blake has more on the highlights. what is the deal? >> his campaign website is up live. we heard him mention this yesterday. five issues are up there right now. and in obamacare. standing with israel. standing against iran. protecting life. issue number one cuba. that is interesting. it is at the very top of his issue list. melissa: standing up for democracy and fighting communism. what does that say about what he wants to do? >> he is flatly against reinstating the embargo we have
2:41 pm
heard his family story. he has talked about this for years. this is front and center on his campaign website right now. melissa: i could not understand that what is that? talk a little bit more about the logo. >> above that i there is the continental united states. a little bit of an issue. there is not alaska and hawaii. melissa: just tiny specks and you cannot see them. >> he said he made this decision three or four weeks ago. you cannot say that this was rushed. you think that they would have
2:42 pm
had some time to plan this out. a little bit of backlash. melissa: maybe they could get stickers and stick them somewhere else. they do not have a lot of a let world votes. >> they will have to raise some money. this man is poised to beat hillary clinton. do you recognize him? his name is martin o'malley. he is making the rounds in iowa. chris is here now. i bet you $5 that no one could identify our to o'malley. take a listen. i will get your reaction. >> he is a democrat. i am not quite -- >> no i don't.
2:43 pm
>> it is evident ross. he is a famous real estate guy in new york. >> no. >> the ex- governor of maryland. >> i suppose that he is now looking to be nominated for the president the. >> the former governor of ireland that is running for president. >> he is trying to beat up on that other lady. [laughter] melissa: that person did not say his name. i do not hope. i do not want to be accused of being cheap. i kind of think i've made my point. do you think he is that rich real estate guy from new york city?
2:44 pm
you are mean. melissa: i am not need. i am not mean. my point is they are not taking any chances this time. they are not letting anyone near the hoop. they know how it worked out last time. that is my point. >> they are taking a different approach. i think john stewart's joke was shut up, i am talking. [laughter] this time, the approach is different. i said it was like a pharmaceutical ad. at the end i thought she would come out and ask your doctor if it was right for you.
2:45 pm
she is writing a branded package. that is it. deirdre: i have your money. i am not totally sure you want. a few stories on our radar right now. president obama could be heading to south dakota next month. he will have visited all 50 states. fight and achievement. aaron hernandez murder trial. now in their sixth day of the liberation. where he was seen mouthing to his girlfriend that he loved her. congress. just minutes a crucial vote on just how much overtime lawmakers will get on that you with iran. and alaska airlines flight had
2:46 pm
to turn around for the craziest reason. smart money coming up. ♪ every truck can tow a boat. every truck can climb a hill. every truck can haul a trailer. but not everyone can say they're the fastest-growing truck brand in america. guts. glory. ram.
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call now, request your free [decision guide] and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ melissa: congress is one step away from having a voice in iran deal. giving a vote in any final deal. let's go to peter barnes. overriding a presidential veto. any kind of action like this could prevent a final deal with iran from being concluded by
2:50 pm
june 20. one compromise was to shorten the review. 230 days. the white house says that that is progress. >> if the world has to take two months it will undermine our ability. i would characterize it longer than we would like. >> waiving any congressional sanctions during that period.
2:51 pm
liz: we have jordan spieth. the masters winner that is getting all of the attention. before then, though, what peter was just talking about will president obama go along with what will probably be a bill that will allow congress to have 60 days to turn over and look under the hood of this iran nuclear deal. we will find out exactly how the president may compromise on this. stay tuned. all kinds of protests and cheering goes on in iran. we have a very solid retail sales number here.
2:52 pm
dozens of names that may be in your portfolio. looking at everything from luxury to dollar stores. we have the price tags on all of that coming up. melissa: all right. i look forward to with. not just one but two san diego bound cruise ships are in fact did with our own virus. they may call him -- he is not having such a perfect day. you can never have too much money or too much baseball. ♪
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>> all right. before we go anywhere, have you seen this? tom brady throwing out the first
2:56 pm
pitch at fenway park. so it's being called the terrible toss. one can assume those critics are from new york or perhaps the ball wasn't deflated enough for the quarterback. did i say that? come on. either way, that man does nothing wrong in my book. what's so bad about that? anyway hundreds of passengers sick on two cruise ships. both of them owned by royal caribbean. many of the people on board were infected with the norovirus. that's shocking. get this, one of the boats suffered an outbreak in 2006 and 2013. both jack and heather are back with me now. are you ready to jump on a cruise? >> i'll stick to land thanks. >> 116 passengers on board. the cause is unknown. the celebrity infiniti is the other one. third time they've had an outbreak. the last one was 2013. >> just change the name to
2:57 pm
diarrhea of the seas. i'm amazed the financials and the cruises are doing so well right now. >> why is that? >> a few stories that get a lot of publicity. many people go there. a high rate of people that go back to cruises. >> there are a cult of cruise people. people get mad when i trash cruises on-air. i had a bad experience. they go on ten 12 cruises. a lot of people like this. maybe you're wrong, heather. >> it seems to be these specific cruise lines. we're hearing these same names over and over again. >> you never hear this about disney. that's what my mother-in-law said when we went. mickey's friend has it his way. all right, a terror at 30,000 feet.
2:58 pm
an alaska airlines plane forced to turn back after the pilot and the passengers heard screams from below. a luggage handler became trapped in the cargo hold after taking a nap. i mean, this was amazing. apparently, he had been on duty since 5 o'clock in the morning. now was almost 3 o'clock in the afternoon. they tested him for drugs and alcohol and everything else. he was just really tired. can you imagine being in the front of that plane and you hear someone screaming. how scare would you be? >> somebody thought someone was caught in the wheel well. it's so freaky. a list of places not to take a nap. >> did they charge him 20 odd bucks for checking himself as a piece of luggage. >> that's a good joke. here's the video. the pilot heard it. he called for an emergency landing. wait. can we hear? >> i heard the knocking. so this is -- someone thought to
2:59 pm
take a video. he did not work for alaska airlines. it was a company that alaska contracts to do the baggage service. alaska wants to make sure we mention that, of course. they didn't work for them. can you imagine he's loading all the bags. what he sat down for a second? when i was a pregnant with my sons, i would fall asleep anywhere. but i don't think this guy was pregnant. anyway wow. >> another bad pr moment for the airline industry. >> let's take naps. >> let's be like the spanish. have siestas. how about we end the show on good news. beenben & jerries celebrating cone day. you're allowed as many times as you want. i know where i'm going. don't go anywhere. watch liz claman. she's coming up next. i'll see you at the ice cream shop liz. >> i'm all about chunky monkey.
3:00 pm
big tobacco firing back. the government overstepping its authorities when it comes to cigarettes that has been there for years. whether the suit is lighting a fire on stocks. europe is falling in love with ford. sales of vans and trucks taking the top spot in market share for the first time in 18 years. with european sales jumping 12.5%. we're watching ford. three months of decline -- shutterfly to the container


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