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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  April 16, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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mind melissa francis is here. "money" starts now. what will you do? melissa: i never met a goat i didn't like. that one tops them all. deirdre: all right. melissa: a sure-fire sign of the top. confetti and party hats on wall street, as not one, not two, but three companies, go public. this hour the pilot behind that quad copter scare in our nation's capitol forced to answer for his actions this court. the hits keep on coming. a new study finds one in six retired nfl players going broke after leaving the game. we'll hear from a former nfl player is who banking on big business success. you think you got it bad? new rankings on the worst job in the country. this list is going to shock you. even when they say it's not, it is always about money.
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melissa: just as ipos were taking a breather, from sizzling in 2014 today's triple debut threat, threatens to spark another feverish year. etsy virtu party city all soaring out of the gate. each started with market caps near $2 b i'm joined by our own charlie gasparino, david asman veronica daguerre at "wall street journal." i look at the confetti flying from wall street. it has ominous, toppy feeling about it. >> virtu pulled its ipo two years ago amid the controversy about the book high frequency trading. melissa: party city and etsy? >> virtue is a great story. melissa: these guys are the over the top etsy doesn't make any money. nobody on there actually sells anything. >> why is it up 130% on ipo day? melissa: right.
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i think it is a sign of the top. >> i think search for return. there is such low interest rate environment. >> now up only 84%, forgive me. >> i think you're right about that. >> i think it is a niche company so to speak. they need to be able to scale that right? melissa: they don't make any money? what are you going to scale? >> how do you get more members, right? to grow the business to see what happens. >> don't lose sight, let me make this point. don't lose sight what virtu did. this is fascinating story, for two years michael lou is running around with the book saying markets are rigged. they may be rigged by the federal reserve but according to the regulators that investigated the hell out of virtu and everyone of these high frequency trading firms the markets are not rigged by them. >> charlie, doesn't success of virtu show the machines have really won? that is how they make the money. the machines that get the tiny spread. >> this has nothing to do -- here is the thing.
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>> shows the machines won, doesn't it? you don't have a big bill dollar machine you can't make money. >> if you're the average investor out there think of this way. you have to worry more about the fed which is why park city and all those things, when they pull the plug, park city will not be worth that much money then -- >> you always have to worry about the fed. melissa: hang on, my point was virtu -- stop, stop. virtu that is real profitable company. but other two, etsy, we're like people make stuff at home go to sell it. i know plenty of people hang on who are on the site trying to sell it, and they don't actually sell anything. they use it home base to advertise their products. part city is loss like a dollar store. i don't want to pie stuff there, because it is cheaper on amazon. shipping is cheaper. these are two companies that are ridiculous. >> you're midsting the broader point. the two stories are linked. the markets are not screwed up
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because the virtus of the world. they're screwed up because the fed as you said pumped so much liquidity into the market you go out and buy park city. melissa: party city. >> whatever the hell it is. who cares what they are. could be called crap city the same thing. makes so sense peach searching for yield and return. melissa: blockbuster day of netflix. shares soaring to all-time high $550. one analyst shade they're head headed. 900 dot a share. do you think that is right. >> he was outlyer of all the analysts. he was far afield. i think his point about the growth in subscriber growth, i don't know if his estimates, subscriber growth is earnings were disappointment compared to
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what analysts are expecting. >> they have worldwide appeal. netflix is netflix is now bigger than cbs the number one television network is not as big as netflix. that is because we have a new tv model. even jerry seinfeld says tv is gone. tv is gone. getting rid of the cable. >> that is the story. you have nailed the broadcast media story. i think of the next 10 years. what it is called, cutting the cord. this company would what investors are saying when people really cut the cord, just beginning to do that they don't pay for cable. they get hbo-go or something. melissa: 34% of internet traffic on sunday night is netflix. 34% of the internet traffic. that is amazing. >> business story because shows if you can adapt as business, like netflix they got in business renting out dvds. unlike blockbuster who never learned how to adapt and died this company adapted extremely
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well. >> what does it mean for our jobs in the future? >> it means we have to adapt, buddy. >> telling you i hate to say it you know? >> people will pay for us. melissa: christmas comes only once year just like vladmir putin's interaction with ordinary citizens. he used annual q&a to shrug off saying sanctions are hurting economy saying, sanctions are sanctions. putin's bigger fans may be readers of "time" magazine. annual readers poll named him most influential person putting him on top of korean entertainer, cl. everybody knows cl. korean pop star. lady gauge ga, rhianna taylor swift. he sits out four-hour event. 2.4 million questions submitted from random citizens. i bet things like can you kill a tiger with your bare hands. how hot is your mistress?
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these are probably kind of questions. >> you know what it shows? history shows this over and over again when america is weak our enemies get stronger. that is always the case. i'm holding up a cover here, i don't know if you can see it. this is "time" magazine 1938. "time" magazine had adolf hitler on the cover. when you are weak, chamberlain or forgive me president obama facing enemies, your enemies fet stronger. >> i will say this putin is kind of an interesting guy. i will listen to him. >> would you have a drink with him? >> he has hot girlfriend no shirt on. something about him that i like. melissa: that is not surprising. that does not surprise me. largest protest by low-wage workers in u.s. history saw 60,000 people take to the streets in hundreds of cities. higher pay could mean end of dollar menu. burger king cofounder warns, quote, you will not get these dollar hamburgers anymore. i see a lot of 10-dollar ham burgers arriving on the scene.
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that is the argument. there was alec baldwin out there, always happy to help in these situation, putting himself at center. play for us what he had to say. >> i'm just stunned that these people think that the way to gain support of new yorkers is to gum up the streets this way and make it difficult for people to live. melissa: so there is alec baldwin, your friendly neighborhood liberal, all about supporting higher minimum wage, until they slow down the commute around new york city. it is all over. it is all over. >> that is a great point. melissa: i don't think that is alec baldwin point. that is the smartest thing he ever said. >> that is not a lefty, lefty liberal a moderate liberal who understands this. i know a lot of liberals like this they're sick of constant protesting, gumming up the streets. these guys have no right to prevent me from getting to work. >> they want to live in liveable city. alan colmes voted for giuliani second time. very often liberals in manhattan
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come to the lifestyle protest. mcdonald's caused all this raising salaries as pr stunt. i knew that would empower protesters. wouldn't cause them to back off. exactly what happened. >> to your point there will be consequence if you do raise wages to the $15 level, unintended consequences. more automation. more stores closing. >> get rid of dollar menu. >> more young people out of work. >> problem mat tick, people argue living in new york it is difficult to live on anything less than that. comply -- melissa: you can't live on $15 an hour in new york. can't live on $20. you work part-time for $15 an hour? >> i know people who do it, melissa, five people living in studio apartment. it is all over this place. all over this place. melissa: thank you, all of you. extra transparency. why the clintons refuse to let go of donations from foreign governments. no longer a war on leg room.
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listen how airlines thinking of limiting space above your head. that is what they're aiming for now. more "money" coming up. ♪
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limited arm movement, fatigue, head ache muscle or joint pain less appetite, chills, or rash. even if you've already been vaccinated with another pneumonia vaccine, prevnar 13® may help provide additional protection. get this one done. ask your healthcare professional about prevnar 13® today. deirdre: we -- melissa: we have breaking news. the nfl says minnesota strike kings adrian petersen has been reinstated. that is effective tomorrow. this is big news for petersen but also the vikings which have the right to keep him on the team or trade him for 2015 draft picks. petersen has -- peterson has been sidelined since last fall after hitting his four-year-old with a switch. you remember that controversy. the clinton foundation will keep accepting donations while hillary is run fog are white house because why not? steve moore. fox news contributor. david is back with us as well.
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yep, i think they thought about this for a brief moment. you know what? it is rare to find a organization as transparent as clinton foundation. our current policy goes above and beyond what is required. blah, blah. hard to find an organization as transparent as clinton foundation. think about that wording, steve moore. that is like saying, i couldn't love you more? what does that mean? >> why they taking are the money? because they want the money. and think want hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars that come in from the foreign contributors. i don't have a problem with it, quite frankly, if it is transparent, it is disclosed they can take money from whoever they want to. voters should think about this. why are foreign governments and foreign entities providing all money to the clinton foundation. does anybody think they claire about the clinton library? they are making these donations because they want access to potential president clinton in
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2017. there is no question about it. people need to be very aware of it. >> i do have problems with it, frankly, steve. i know what you're saying, the editorial of the page of the journal has been saying that for years. however what happened to the rules about lawmakers not taking gifts for political favors? why is virginia governor bob macdonald going to jail? why is the same not happening to new jersey senator bob menendez? remember the fuss about dick cheney, and halliburton? why do the old rules apply to hillary clinton? rules don't apply to the clintons. >> i never defend hillary clinton but do it for one second. there is a difference between what bob macdonald did where his family got favors from lobbyists versus money going to the foundation. melissa: hang on a minute. the kingdom of saudi arabia giving millions of dollars into the foundation. >> yeah. melissa: last year the clintons $9 million in travel expenses. flying in private planes and traveling in style. >> of course.
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melissa: how is that different? money went into the foundation, directly went to their luxury travel? >> i think that is a very fair point. there is kind of direct, indebt benefit that the clintons are getting from these foreign contributions. my point is -- melissa: i don't think that is indirect. that's direct. >> maybe it is a little bit of a bank shot but the real point here is, they are giving this money to the clinton foundation because they're trying to buy access in advance. that is all this is about. >> i love how he says, it's a bank shot. nobody does bank shots better than the clintons. it is absolutely true. >> i thought you were going to say me? i'm pretty good on bank shots. >> you're pretty straightforward. melissa: it is true on act sercs david asman. if you look what they're doing, of saudi arabia can't donate money any other way if they want access to clintons. if at same time they wanted to provide clean water and mosquito
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netting to the africa, mon -- funneling money to the clintons is least official way. >> what happens if there is war between saudi arabia and iran? what happens if the middle east goes nuclear? what happens with your past connections with these foreign governments if something like that happens and the u.s. has to steer somehow a neutral role in all of this? >> or you ask yourself, what do the saudis think they're buying when they do that? fight over the death tax, bit my tongue on that one because it is so upsetting. the house voting to repeal 99-year-old estate tax, the right to transfer your property on your death. steve moore not mincing any words. you said the death tax redives to die in your column on how come? >> money has been taxed. it was lifetime over mostly family-owned businesses. not fair to build it up when you die with it. very simple if you have a death
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tax, you give incentives for people alive to spend down their money not reinvest in businesses. family-owned businesses guys are the backbone of the american economy. they are what create jobs. we want more money in family businesses, not less. melissa: i'm amazed number of times, david, we've seen this story on our own program "strange inheritance." somebody gets handed down something of great value. they were not a wealthy individual. they got something from a family member that they didn't expect. and they have to sell it because they can't afford to pay the tax unless they exit and get rid of it. >> they can't afford, nor have they ever had any contact with the lawyers and all the other accountants that make this worthwhile. make them understand how to do it in a way that won't bankrupt them. the clintons, by the way, bringing it back to the clintons, they have, they're very much in favor of the inheritance tax. both of them, the president was bill clinton -- melissa: money to the foundation. >> they have all money locked up in the trusts to avoid inheritance taxes.
2:19 pm
rich people always avoid these things. middle class get stuck holding the bill. melissa: very true. >> warren buffett is perfect example. talk how rich should pay more, billionaires like him. he put billions, if not tens of billions in the biggest tax dodge ever invented the gates foundation. people get hammered by this are small business medium size businessmen and women who weren't thinking about this tax until it was too late. melissa: got to go. david what do you have on "after the bell" at 4:00 p.m.? >> we'll talk about hillary with dyed-in-the-wool liberal juan williams. he is coming up. the president of heinz north america. we're talking about ipos. they did exactly opposite went from public to private company. we'll be talking to him about what he thinks about all this. melissa: thanks so much, guys. the hardest hit of them all nfl players going bankrupt after leaving the field. spend those millions wisely, fellows. plus the doctor is in. how to receive counseling from the comfort of your couch. smart money on the way. ♪
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♪ melissa: on our radar right now, general motors celebrating a big win today. a judge has sided with the company in an effort to protect itself from lawsuits related to its faulty ignition switches. the company now less likely to face claims dated before its bankruptcy in 2009. shares of panera surging today on plans to buy back $750 million worth of stock. the company also wants to sell more than 70 of its restaurant, to franchisees. hmmm. new warning from the cdc. electronic cigarette use among middle and high school students tripled last year. e-cigarette use jumped to 13.4ers in 2014.
2:24 pm
e-cigarettes were the most popular followed by hook can. really, kids with hooka? more hooka than cigarettes? how is that possible. e-cigarettes may create a new generation of nicotine addicts who may switch to conventional cigarettes. it is all a mess. sometime you need someone to talk to. this allows you to text your therapist, unlimited, 24 hours a day, oh, no. for 100 bucks a month it is cheaper than pricey face-to-face therapy. joining me are the talk space cofounders. you could just text away, endlessly around the clock. some people might really be on there, like driving the therapists nuts. what is the busiest situation you've had? >> hi, melissa, thanks for having us, first of all. and it does get busy but then that is the job of the therapist to actually make you understand when you're crossing
2:25 pm
the line and just talking to too much. melissa: get off the tack space right now? do they do that? >> much more politely. listen melissa we think should take some time off to think about what you just said. yeah. melissa: how effective is it to do it in a text format? i'm looking at one of the examples. welcome to talkspace. the person says i got separated again. third time last year. each time it breaks my heart. i think i simply won't survive. why does this keep happening to? seems like more you can deal with in a text. >> actually online therapy proves to be completely effect i have it and sometimes more effective than traditional face-to-face. melissa: how? >> multiplicity of researches. melissa: if somebody that has been there, there are reading your body language saying what you're trying not to say, trying to draw more out of you. how does that work in the text format? >> relationship created by texts, just like ones on
2:26 pm
"whassup" or email or family and friends are very profound. people stay in the relationships longer in their experience than in traditional therapy. the therapists, we have over 200 therapists working on our platform report that engagement is something that is even better. melissa: let me ask you about the numbers involved here. it is $100 a month for unlimited therapy. you can do live video therapy for $29 for 30 minutes that is really cheap. what are the quality of therapists i'm talking to because traditional therapies are $100 an hour? >> we're not replacing traditional therapy. we're offering benefit to millions who can not afford traditional therapy because of three main barriers cost stigma and access. we went to a couple of
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therapies, face-to-face couples therapy because we experienced a crisis in our marriage, we were on the verge of divorce and we decided to give it one last chance at couples therapy which literally saved our marriage. so i became so passionate about psychology that i wanted to become a therapist myself and i went back to school to study psychology. while i was studying psychology i realized the mental health system in america is completely broken. recent studies show one in five americans suffer from mental health issues each year. roughly 50 million people. melissa: this is way to get it out to so many people in more effective format. thanks to both of you. very interesting stuff. i may be busy texting during the commercial. we'll see. airline seats are squeezing you on every side you better watch your head. why your bags could be more comfortable than you on future flights. plus, out of your dreams into your fridge. ben & jerry's is betting latest creation will satisfy your sweet tooth and get you ready for the
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♪ melissa: u.s. postal worker making his first court appearance just one day after landing that gyro copter on the lawn of the u.s. capital. doug hughes. blake is at the capital. >> hi there melissa. exactly this time yesterday. fast forward to today. any moment now that pilate, doug hughes is expected in a federal court room. he will be charged under the transportation act.
2:32 pm
the head of the department of homeland security said earlier today that gyro copter just flew right under the radar. washington d.c., any areas here are restricted airspace. wondering how secure our air spaces. ron johnson said earlier today i am quoting here, i am investigating this incident and i say full account of all federations securing the united states from this and similar events. the press secretary josh earnest was asked about this whole gyro copter incident. if anything, this could serve as a learning experience. >> we certainly are pleased that no one was harmed in this incident. it may provide an opportunity for law enforcement agencies, including the secret service to
2:33 pm
improve and get useful weapons from it. >> a much harsher assessment today. speaking about air security. he said there is a gap. "a very dangerous gap". melissa: thank you so much. airplanes really are getting too cozy. a new plan to cut leg room and head room. airbus is adding more seats while boeing is installing larger overhead bins. nicole petallides joins us from the new york stock exchange. larger pins. that sounds good here so many times you get on you want to just do the carry-on. they say it is our default. >> that sounds good. i hate traveling as it is. you know, i think i will be
2:34 pm
giving it a thumbs down. melissa: nicole petallides, what do you think? would you give up a little head room? nicole: i would not have to muscle my way through. how much -- 11 seats across a row. 18 inches of width. you will be shoulder to shoulder with your new best friend. if they cough or sneeze -- what happened to casinos and showers and double pad? stuart: i will walk. best buy pushing its drone business to the next level. so low will hit shelves at 400 best buy's across the country. simon, will you be the first one in line for one of these things?
2:35 pm
>> no, i am not. melissa: new? what's the response down there? melissa: nicole: this thing will have all kinds of smart feature capability. live hd screening and recording. autopilot features. forget it. if you are hanging in the backyard with a few friends yes what it is not so private. not so private anymore. hello, drones. melissa: macaroni and cheese. peanut butter and jelly. i screamed and beer. >> i am all for this. working hard on a new theater -- a new beer with your favorite ice cream.
2:36 pm
6.8% alcohol. melissa: salted caramel brownie ale. >> it could be good. i like their presentation. not that flavor for me. melissa: everybody knows i am a boxed wine gal. this would maybe take the tribe here. nicole: i will definitely try it. melissa: a popular baby food company is under fire. you will never believe what a parent found oh, no, and one of the jars. they rise fast and fall hard. at the end of the day it is all about money. ♪ ♪ it's a hard knock life for us ♪ it's a hard knock life for us
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♪ melissa: i i am melissa francis with your fox business brief. shares of goldman sachs dropping a little bit. orderly revenue of more than a billion dollars from a year ago. prophet at the bank also hitting a five-year high. a lot of negative press. 23 million people will head out on a cruise in 2015. more than 4% from last year.
2:39 pm
50% of the demand comes from the united states. i cannot believe this. visitors from new york will have to pay top dollar to eat at the latest attraction. $32 just to enter the food venues at the top of one world trade center. really? that includes a trip to the observatory. that is the latest from the fox business that were. giving you the power to prosper. ♪
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♪ melissa: a big scare for one parent thompson massive recall after a piece of glass cuts a baby's mouth. now prompting beach not to recall food. a stage two classic sweet potato and chicken. it is sold in the 4-ounce glass jar. money is flying around the world today. starting in japan. now owns more u.s. that than anywhere else on the u.s. planet. passing even china. the week japanese yen has pushed up the demand. over to uruguay. the pope's ipad has gone on sale for charity. it has the pope's name engraved on the back.
2:42 pm
it was passed on to a local priest that was told to do something good with it. how about use it. landing in mexico where radioactive materials have been stolen from a truck. looking for a container holding a highly dangerous substance. the material should not be handled like humans and can be known to cause death hours after exposure. approaching the last hour of trading. let's check in with liz claman. liz: white the ipo. party city. already partying. of 19%. you never know until the closing they'll. we have the ceo. his name is james harrison of party city. plus one of the biggest real estate magnets in america faced with a stunning revelation about his family history.
2:43 pm
we have a fox business exclusive with bruce ratner. he will reveal what he has found on this most important day. the remembrance of the holocaust day. stay tuned. you have to hear what he has to say. plus the net in the barclays arena. melissa: absolutely. i look forward to that. sounds like a great show. one of six nfl players in the bankrupt after retiring. a former defensive lineman that spent 12 years in the nfl. he is now a college football analyst for the big ten network. even more impressively, he is an ihop franchisee. i love that. you are a huge success story. does it surprise to hear that of your former brother in, one in six in the interrupt?
2:44 pm
>> are to be back. it is sad. look at the sports illustrated recent article 80% of retired nfl players go broke within three years. that number is even more staggering. unfortunately, i have seen it. i have seen former teammates go through it. it is gut wrenching. we put our heart and soul into this game. blood, sweat and tears. to just blow it all is sickening. melissa: warren sapp made $50 million. with in five years he went bankrupt. you are the opposite. you have three key reasons why you think people fail. lack of tax and financial planning.
2:45 pm
>> i am looking at the growth and the net. there is a big difference. who the heck is fica. right? the point was i had no idea what was coming in terms of the amount i signed for. there is a big difference, as you know. you have to act accordingly. >> you see it all. especially with young players. especially through a lifestyle where the burn rate is understandable. they get used to a certain lifestyle where they are spending money. they figure it will last forever. it does not. it is hard to refer back to a normal spend rate.
2:46 pm
melissa: also not comfortable with saying a word no. tell us about what you did right. i love the idea. i think that right now in america, you have to be a small business owner. it feels like the government is against you. you have to really take the plunge. tell me about you being a franchisee. >> well, the first thing i had to get comfortable with saying no to people. the check has my name on it because i earned it. it is okay to keep your money and do with it what you will. i wanted to be able to control my own destiny. i wanted to be able to build something in my community. i wanted to do it on my terms. playing in the nfl gives the opportunity to do that.
2:47 pm
they just did not have that vision going forward. books and magazines learning to take control of my financial future. melissa: thank you so much for cutting on you. all right. speaking of the end of oh, this wave breaking at this hour. adrian peters said will be reinstated. that is effective tomorrow. also for the vikings which would how have the right to keep him on the team or trade him. peterson has been sidelined since last fall after hitting his four year old with a switch. planning a vacation? it could be the last one for a wild. why the days of low gas prices they be over for a wild.
2:48 pm
one of the most famous angels hanging up her wings. life is rough. you can never have too much money. ♪
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melissa: whether it is on wall street or main street, here is who is making money today including ben bernanke. the first job in finance after years of public service. one of the biggest hedge funds on wall street. declined several offers from big day. spending money. everyone wants a piece.
2:52 pm
target. the pricey brand going budget for spring. 250 pieces available. today's pop up store in new york had 600 people lining up at 8:00 a.m. it was crazy. making money out of controversy. a business in europe is already selling shirts based on this. mario draghi. it speaks of ending the dictatorship. it costs around $15. i wonder if it comes in other colors. i wish we were that passionate about on a tariff policy. crude prices shrugging off an earlier loss. a new 2015 hyperion opec helping fuel today's climb. it warned that u.s. oil output would decline in the third quarter. phil flynn joined us at the cme. still, it is great to see you.
2:53 pm
you know that this is opec. talking a lot of smack. saying that we will flood the market and drive these u.s. producers to drive down there rate count and out of the market. we will be great and prices will go back up. do you believe them? >> in the short term, yes. u.s. shell production is falling. we are seeing it start to fall. i do think that in the short term they are winning the opec production. melissa: then, of course, it changes. get it in the ground. the oil comes back out. the prices go back down. whatever they are able to do is just temporary. we are seeing prices at the pump rising. we are seeing a record sale on crude oil today. >> we are.
2:54 pm
it will still be a lot lower than it was a year ago. refiners will produce a record amount of gasoline this season. i am not as worried about gasoline prices. this final close on through today, this al qaeda situation in yemen has really heated up this market. almost a dollar lower on the opec news. with that headline came across we started to rally. it really turned the market around. we will be focusing on headlines coming out again to see how serious and real this al qaeda situation is. melissa: great insight. thank you for coming on. we will tell you who has it that right after this. i am sure my job is not on there. at the end of the day it is all about money. ♪
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melissa: strutting down the runway one last time, gisele bündchen is officially retiring from the catwalk after a fashion walk in brazil. the supermodel is married to tom brady who wrote a heartfelt letter on facebook saying, congratulations, love of my life. i've never met someone with more of a will to succeed to overcome any obstacles in the way. what obstacles? $47 million last year she made. if you think you have it bad these people may have it worst. has released their list of the worst jobs in the us for 2015. number 25, a broadcaster? all right. being a chef comes in at number four. okay. or a cook. those are the guys protesting. they have it better than i do.
2:59 pm
third includes enlisted military personnel. just above that is a lumberjack. topping the list as the worst job. are you ready for it? a newspaper reporter. veronica from the wall street journal is back with me now. i'm on the list, but you have the worst job. what do you think about that? >> i disagree. i love my job. i love my company. no, i'm really lucky to work at the paper i work at in a big organization. i feel though for the people who work at smaller newspapers. regional newspapers who have had cutback after cutback. very difficult. melissa: you would want to know how is a broadcaster next to a cook. these are very different things. employment data openings. you know, the outlook. another job in your field, if you get fired. stress. competitiveness. how often is your life at risk. as a broadcaster, my life is at risk all the
3:00 pm
time. veronica's life is at risk. so is a cook. a military personnel. >> i love my job. i love the wall street journal. melissa: very funny. that's all we have for now. "countdown" with liz claman starts now. >> i covered hurricane katrina. i love my job too. it's an ipo trifecta. three brand-new ticker symbols hitting the tape. homemade kraft. etsy. vert u. look at these numbers. etsy 34%. party city, a gain of 20%. vertue financial, seven quarters percent. and can party city hold on to its gain? the ceo of party city on how he plans to fly as


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