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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  April 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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approve. spencer said it's hard not to believe. it allows critics to ad-lib at will. consider running for the senate again please. that's it for us. the willis report is now. gerri: hello everybody. i'm gerri willis. and this is the willis report. the show where consumers are our business. new questions about foreign donations to the clinton foundation. as hillary's election money machine kicks into high gear. >> hillary clinton will raise $2.5 billion. which that's a lot of chipotle, my friends. [laughter] >> airlines never gave us the price break on fares, due to fuel prices until today. my advice: don't expect too much. susan somers takes a break to be with us. she has a new warning for everyone concerned about their health. >> doctors are practicing 50-year-old med. the game has changed.
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>> luke and ma randa won big. >> the entertainer of the year is luke bryant. >> (?) and money expert clark howard is here with the traps to watch out for when shopping for a mortgage. all that and more coming up on the willis report, where consumers are our business. ♪ gerri: a new book on the clinton's with explosive details about influence pedaling is about to be released. it's already shaking up the 2016 campaign with senator rand paul saying, it will wreck hillary's hopes for the presidency. joining me now town hall editor katy and national review editor, rich lowry. rich i'll start with you. so this book really what it does it attempts to detail really selling of influence, cash for favors. in this book, "clinton
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cash," will this make a big difference in the election in your mind? >> a lot of people are saying all along, it's not the private email system that will be the biggest threat, it will be all the money sloshing around that foundation, which is really yes, it does some good works. but a vast clinton political machine and storehouse for clinton staff. this is the first real effort to dig into that. we'll see news organizations, i believe, following up. not because they particularly are enamored of the other side of this dispute the republicans. they just want some interest in the democratic race. since there are no real alternatives to clinton at the moment. it will come from digging into her past. gerri: and there's a lot of past to dig into. let me tell you. here's what peter wrote. we'll see a pattern of financial transactions involving the clintons that occurred
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contemporaneously with us policy decisions benefiting those providing the funds. then he goes on, katy, to make -- to draw real examples. one of them is a canadian bank giving money, just as big decisions involving that bank were going through the state department. do you think this will be convincing to people who might be on the fence about hillary? >> i think it will. because people are looking at the trustworthiness and the honesty of hillary clinton. although, the majority of americans aren't paying attention to the presidential election yet you look at polling from swing states it shows that people who are in the middle don't see hillary clinton as trustworthy and honest. the basic question is, look did we have a secretary of state who was using the state department as a way to get donations to her clinton foundation? since she's running for president are we going to have a president that can be bought and paid for by foreign governments? that's a serious problem when it comes to the
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best interest of americans. >> one of the arguments for hillary's defenders. look no one will care about the emails. she's been around for 25 years. attitudes about her are baked in the cake. no, we've seen her numbers for honesty and trustworthiness take a hit from the email hit. they could take a further hit depending on what comes out in this book and further report. gerri: there will be a lot of further reporting. the clinton campaign is denying to make any kind of comment today at least. and someone affiliated with the clinton campaign telling a reporter, it's absurd conspiracy theories. is what this all is. and yet another story in the washington examiner that i got a big kick out of today comparing hillary's speaking fees per hour with the kinds of fees that big ceos make. she's out earning -- ralph lauren for goodness sake. the head of honeywell.
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mccan hecan he(?) the numbers involved here. is it hard for her to say, the 1% is terrible when she stacks up this way? >> well apparently it's not hard for her to say that. we've heard her say that all the time in her presidential campaign. her rhetoric does not add up with what the reality is. the reality is that hillary clinton made $136 million between 2001 and 2012 after complaining that she was dead broke and couldn't find money for certain mortgages, not mortgage. i think it will be difficult for her in a democratic primary. i think she will have some contenders, at least they'll point out something that republicans can use, her rhetoric doesn't add up to her personal behavior. it doesn't add up when it comes slamming wall street when they say she's making too much when she's making more than they are.
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gerri: let's hear from hillary herself on this very topic. hillary: i think it's fair to say that as you look across the country the deck is still stacked in favor of those already at the top. and there's something wrong with that. there's something wrong when ceos make 300 times more than the typical worker. gerri: all right rich. i mean, you can talk out both sides of your mouth i guess, this is what this is? >> it's someone who benefits from every insider advantage you can get from being at the top of the economic and political system for the past 25 years. is it possible to make a populist appeal? yes, we saw fdr do it. the kennedys. it requires a deft political touch. if you don't have that political touch you look like al gore and
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john kerry who were painted as out of touch phonies. gerri: i want to turn to immigration. this came to mind because of the story this weekend about the disaster in europe where hundreds of mi migrants were killed. the picture here. it's appalling. i wonder if the dangers of ignoring immigration issues is top of mind at this point. i'll turn to you first katy. >> the first thing that comes to mind in terms of the migration is terrorism. although this is a huge tragedy. the bigger issue is looking at how people who are migrating from north africa are getting to the west and infiltrating europe. it brings up serious questions about what the europeans are doing to keep their country safe. and ultimately to keep
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the united states safe especially in this new threat of isis and other affiliates who have claimed they want to be allegiant to those groups. >> it brings up isis and terrorism. rich is immigration something that the republicans will have to deal with this time around have something to say subjective on thissubstantive on thistopic. >> absolutely. marco rubio and scott walker are talking about common sense immigration reform which involves enforcement first. not just at the border. but also at the point of employment. an e-verify system. once you have a system in place that is secure and that works then you can talk about maybe amnesty on some portion of the illegal population. the sequencing is important. both marco rubio and scott walker have sort of gotten that and i
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hope other candidates follow them. gerri: 4 million people waiting to get in line to do it the legal way to get into this quun country. thank you for coming on. >> thank you gerri. gerri: now we want to know what you think. do any of the presidential candidates excite you? log on to and vote. i'll share the results at the end of tonight's show. here's something that will excite at least travelers. get this, airfares will be lower this summer. you heard me right. lower, not higher. just a little bit. down a whopping $2 and 1 penny. lee, welcome back to the show. so really? so input prices into your average ticket for traveling on an airline. 98% is really the cost of oil gas energy. right? it goes down 60%. we get 2.01 back. that's the way that
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works? >> it's really embarrassing. a lot of what happened with airlines, they're making so much money. posting record profits. saving so much over last year with the price of oil. they don't pass any of it -- oh, i'm sorry, 2.01 to the consumers. gerri: this depends on where you're flying. some flights are cheaper than others. >> some flights this year will be cheaper. to certain places like new york and san francisco or london or to some of the big airports in germany they'll be more expensive. flying to hawaii will be a little bit cheaper. >> why hawaii cheaper? it's so far away. it seems it takes more jet to get there. >> there are more seats flying to hawaii than before. they're jamming seats in. gerri: the stars are aligned for a fall in airfares. more people jammed on to the planes. right? we have that. you know, the price of
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jet fuel has declined dramatically but we don't get that. why? >> exactly. they're just being a little bit greedy. and they're passing it over to their shareholders. gerri: shareholders first. >> right. and then bonuses for employees. then they claim they're investing in infrastructure and new planes. gerri: you know, i don't begrudge any company and their profits. i really don't. but i think consumers look at what they're doing and say, this doesn't sound right. it doesn't meet the smell test, i guess. looking forward, what is the balance of the summer in terms of airfare? >> they're down in some places. if you want to fly to europe, this is probably the best year to do it. because of the decline in oil prices and the euro. you're getting more for your dollar. the airfare won't excite you. but the cost on the ground is definitely lower. >> these airlines are getting billion dollar savings on jet fuel prices. i want to turn to
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customer satisfaction poll. jetblue leading the way. why? >> well, jetblue offers free directv to fliers flyers. it's still considered a discount airline. i disagree with that. gerri: i know. people talk about it being a discount airline. when you look at the prices, you think, how is this a discount? >> it's super annoying. they're not really cheaper. i've flown ten or 15 times, the customer service is not that good. southwest is probably the best domestic airline. gerri: you don't even like american airlines of any sort. >> i hate them all. gerri: so at the bottom of the list. allegiant. frontier and united. >> i would rather walk than fly spirit air. i refuse to fly them, period. they're the worst airline in the world. gerri: you're a cranky traveler. you're so cranky. >> i tell it like it is,
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gerri. gerri: i'm all about that. i guess we won't get on airlines for not sharing every single last penny with us, but it hurts a little bit. a lot more coming this hour including a look back at the academy of country music awards. how do you do that? clark howard. how to avoid getting caught in a mortgage trap. ♪
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♪ gerri: we want to alert you tonight to some shady mortgage tactics out there. there are crooks who are impersonating government agencies and using bait-and-switch tactics on mortgage rates.
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how can you make sure you're getting a good deal instead of getting duped? clark howard, the consumer expert of the clark howard show. clark, welcome back. good to see you. there's a big debate in our offices about whether these are legitimate -- who are not living up to the standards they should or whether they're just bad guys impersonating the government trying to get business that they have no intention of handling fairly. clark: so i use the term shady for people like this. there's the difference in the debate among your crew. because, yes, they may originate a loan for you. are they doing what they promise when they solicit? no way. and there are certain warning signs that you have to be so aware of when you're shopping for a mortgage. number one i'm getting a lot of mailers at my home. there have been a number of actions against lenders who use federal logos on their loan
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solicitation. they're cleverly worded that make you think they're from the fha or va or some kind of official government organization to you. that's an automatic tip-off that someone is playing a game. but the bigger hassle i'm worried about is when a lender makes a deal offers a deal to you, either by mail or on a website they solicit you in with a great rate, and somehow when you go to get that great rate, it's never there. and it's all about trying to get you to call. gerri: any homeowner can relate really to both those situations. this issue with the letterhead fha, often they say you can be part of a program that the federal government is offering that will help you save money on your mortgage loan. in fact, maybe the program never existed. clark: right. gerri: there's some of those. you have to make sure you're dealing with
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someone reputable out there. if you see this logo don't pay attention to it. the likelihood is that these guys aren't any good. they know that. people have been fined for doing that. clark: so here's the real problem in the mortgage market. you have the shady characters. even when you're dealing mainstream most people only get a quote from one lender, whether they're doing a refi or they're buying a home, they never shop around. people will shop store after store to get a tv. they'll shop store after store trying to pick out the new cell phone. this is a mortgage! the number one expense you'll have in your life. so to stick with one quote from one lender. gerri: it's crazy. clark: i know it's annoying to do it though. gerri: how much are you talking? tens of thousands of dollars in your lifetime. maybe more. because you end up paying so much in
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interest fees over a mortgage loan. if you can decrease that a little bit, it's a win-win for everybody. right? clark: except for the lenders who hope you stay in more expensive loans. if you get multiple loan quotes, you can put one lendner competition with another. let's say one feels like that's who you want to work with. but their rate is higher or the cost to close the loan is higher. but you have a bona fide lower quote from someone else go to the people you think you'd like to work with, tell them what you found you'll be surprised how often they'll match it or beat it a little bit. gerri: we have, of course the good will estimate out there. they're supposed to tell you up front -- an on target estimate on how to close those loans. >> exactly. get your good faith estimate. the most important thing. you're just competing with was with your. call the one person your real estate agent told
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you to call. whoever wrote your last loan. if you don't shop around, it doesn't matter what disclosure they give you you're leaving big money on the table. gerri: clark to save you money. doing a good job at it. thanks for coming on. a warning about rising gas prices. and another unintended consequence of obamacare. this time involving hospitals. one surgeon gives us his firsthand account coming up. ♪
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♪ gerri: medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the us and according to to my next guest neither hospital error rates or costs have gone down. obamacare isn't helping things. here to explain the
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author of unaccountable what hospitals won't tell you and how transparency can revolutionize health care. dr. marty. thank you for coming on the show. great to have you here. let's start with some of these problems inside hospitals. people getting harmed by medical mistakes. people getting the wrong -- operations on the wrong side of their bodies. how is this continuing? how can this go on? >> well, you know, it's a problem that's been over the radar because the national vital statistics department doesn't track medical mistakes as a cause of death. it's the third cause of death. the number one driver of the cost crisis in health care is variations in quality. and unless we get a handle on this problem we won't reign in health care inflation. that health care inflation directly gets passed on to everyday americans. gerri: it sure does. taxpayers pick up the tab, that's for sure. you say we have a health insurance tax crisis and that hospitals have
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gained monopoly power. that's contributing to the issue. explain. >> well in the research that i've done for this op-ed in the wall street journal it's clear that some hospitals have monopoly power. and now hospitals normally compete for the business of a health insurance company. when they're the only show in town they call the rules and set the prices often much higher. those prices can only get passed on directly to the beneficiaries of the health insurance plan. there's nothing else the insurance company can do except pass that on in terms of higher premiums and higher co-pays. gerri: so i understand why prices are higher and how hospitals are controlling them. but does it also impact care? >> well, i think so. there's only one monopoly power the incentive to innovate or bring in best practices i think is diminished. also do we really want a few corporations controlling cancer care for half of americans. what if they don't like a certain new medication or a surgical procedure or they bought a proton
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beam machine and they want to use it. i don't think we want a few large corporations controlling the care in the united states. it's un-american. doesn't promote competition. i think this country is great because of competition. unfortunately, hospitals are going down this same road that banks were going down before the financial crisis. gerri: i remember in obamacare there's something called accountable care organizations. is this making this trend towards consolidation happen even faster? >> you know, it's a big misinterpretation that we should form these massive monopolies. it's encouraged that we should have accountable care organizations in the law but it's been sort of misunderstood to say, hey because of this regulatory fear let's consolidate and there's more power in numbers. and what's happening we're creating these massive conglomerates of hospitals. in rural areas where there's only one hospital system for the entire half of the state, prices are going
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up. it's a concerning trend. it's really a misunderstanding of what an aco is. there can still be good competition and have accountability within a set of hospitals. gerri: the other story the journal had today was that hospitals were abandoning rural areas which is truly tragic. mart would he, wouldmarchty we'll leave it there. (?) 119th boston marathon. ethiopia's racer won his second race. he won back in 2013 just hours before the bombs exploded at the finish line. all along the 26.2-mile route around a million spectators cheered on the 30,000 racers. many said today's this was less emotionally charged. but the phrase boston strong was still everywhere. good news story. and coming up next, two
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big media stories making headlines today. gas prices falling for almost a year now. are they about to reverse course for the busy summer driving season? we'll have a live report. stay with us. ♪
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♪ gerri: welcome back to the willis report. in a moment airfares may be going down. but are gas prices going up? time to look at other stories in the news. authorities in minnesota have charged six men for attempting to travel to syria to join isis. the men tried to reach syria by flying to nearby countries from san diego and new york city but were stopped. a handful of minnesota residents have traveled to syria to fight with terrorists in the past year. stocks rising today. bouncing back from a big loss on friday. companies turn in strong earnings reports. hasbro was among the biggest gainers. morgan stanley also rose after reporting a gain in trading revenue.
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justice department attorneys are reportedly nearing a recommendation to block the 45 billion-dollar merger of comcast and timewarner. representatives from both companies will meet with the doj on wednesday. espn upset with verizon's bundle plan. verizon offering a basic package for $55 $55. but not espn. espn says lumping their channel with designated sports goes against their agreement. a big heads up for motorists. crude prices pushing higher. whatever happened to 20 bucks a barrel everybody was calling for? what does this mean for the summer driving season? we have the latest with fox business' very own jeff flock. all right, mr. jeff. there you are behind the wheel of the car. why the increase? [laughter]
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jeff: it's about the inventories right now. take a look at the crude reality of this. you know we expected inventories to be much higher. you know, oil companies have been storing oil instead of selling it because of the low prices. apparently there's not as much stored out there as we thought. opec continues to pump. saudi arabia has had record pumping. and they're going to keep the spigot open. but in the us, in north dakota, for example where it costs more to get the oil out of the ground there's not as much incentive to pump at lower prices. the supply has gone down. it's pretty much supply and demand. less of it out there. gerri: higher prices at the pump this summer? is that what i'm looking forward to? >> yeah. i think that's the way all arrows are pushing right now. take a look. this is rush hour, by the way, in chicago. oh, not pretty. i'm driving home. if you look at the drill
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counts, for example, the drill rigs out there -- i mean -- so there you go. gerri: you know i got to tell you, i think this qualifies as almost texting and driving listening to jeff like this. i think we're having a few audio problems. jeff, thank you for coming on the show today. appreciate your time. susan somers is here to dish her new book. and luke brian and miranda lambert were big winners in the acm. did you see it? it was pretty impressive. all the highlights from the big show. here's the consumer gauge with the numbers that mean the most to you. ♪
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♪ gerri: country music knows how to throw a party.
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in fact they're so good at it, the american country music awards last night broke the guinness book of world records for the most attendants. more than 70,000 people in the dallas cowboy stadium. here with the highlights, john from the wall street journal. john, welcome back to the show. so good to see you. >> thanks. gerri: is it me, or is this one of the best produced award shows out there? you look at what goes on when the music industry gets together. it's this big self-concongratulatory. i love you. you love me. look at my dress kind of thing. at least at the country music awards, they're actually entertaining people. john: it's the biggest award show that's for sure. they certainly know how to throw a party that's for sure. gerri: they went all out. the 50th show. let's look at the highlights. pictures of miranda lambert right now. she had four wins. and that was the most of everybody. was that a big surprise?
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john: i wouldn't say it's a big surprise because if you think about miranda lambert's track record she's won top voabltion of the year for five years. she's a familiar face. she's beloved in this industry. her last album was platinum. that's a fitting title for her album that she won this year. gerri: she's not only performing. she's writing her own music. it's the message that sells with her. she's so kind of -- she doesn't cue to any expectations of what a country artist should be. she's in your face with her lyrics. she's impressive. obviously country fans feel the same way. let's talk about garth brooks being on the show. >> the garth brooks comeback tour continues.
5:41 pm
country music is sort of talked about as a family genre. for him to come back on a stadium level and perform again and do what he's known for connecting with the heartland feel. the sound and message that brought out a tribute to troops. and he also sent out a shout-out to oklahoma city his home state, 20 years after the bombing there. he mixed those messages there. gerri: wow. that's so emotional really, to watch. they just ring every emotion out of you when you watch these productions. like i said, i think it's the best produced award show. taylor swift, of course got a lot of attention. she gave an award to her mom who has cancer. and there are people out there, that this was her goodbye to country music. do you buy that? >> i don't think i fully buy that. i mean she's going to
5:42 pm
keep her feet in nashville to some extent. and i'm always looking forward to the day when the taylor swift country acoustic cd comes out. that will happen eventually. they can't let go of her. her last album was a full-on pop smash hit. they're giving her a milestone award. trying to bring her back to the country fold. she's 21 now. so young still. gerri: i got it exactly wrong. she didn't give her mom an award. her mom gave her the award. >> her mom introduced her. gerri: and i believe taylor swift asked her to go get the test. it's a story she recounted in social media. can we talk about luke brian for a second? here's a guy that keeps coming. entertainer of the year. hosting the event. what a powerhouse. what do you have to say about his performance? >> his rise was
5:43 pm
interesting. he was a party guy. celebrating spring break and partying. he's dominating the industry. doubling as a host. so in this industry, you're asked to do so many different things. you can't just sing and look good. you have tohos to crack jokes and have a republican euro with people on stage. he did great business on the concert circuit every year. gerri: were there any missed moments along the way? (?) i've been obvious in my accolades. tell me though you're like a professional though. i'm watching it because i'm a fan. you're analyzing it. john: of course. any fan would also notice some of the missteps. and there's definitely going to be sacrifices when you decide to have an award show in a massive stadium. there's a reason they do these big shows with
5:44 pm
quiet small theaters. in a dallas cowboy sized stadium. a lot of miscues when people should be looking in one camera. this is a genre, these entertainers don't take themself too seriously. i don't think anyone will be waking up crying about it the next day if someone made a misstep. as you said this high caliber production, they worked out the kinks in advance or expect them to -- gerri: how else will you get the dallas cowboy cheerleaders? roll them out. john, thank you for coming on the show. great job. john: my pleasure thanks. gerri: let's move on to susan somers. one star after the hour. she's finished competing on dancing with the stars. she's moving on to vegas. she wrote a new book.
5:45 pm
toxic. from to toxic to not sick. i spoke with her about this book. great to have you on the show. we always enjoy you when you have a new book. (?) i think this book is something people have been waiting on. because people are very concerned about what's in their personal environment and how it's hurting them. how are people suffering right now? suzanne: we're under the greatest environmental assault in the history of humanity. the chickens are coming home to roost. it's so personal for me. our house burned down in malibu six years ago. we moved to a house on the hill. a leased one. why don't we buy this house? in the four years we were there, we both started getting sick. and we are as they say health nuts. and my husband got fungallitis and red water eye owatery eyes.
5:46 pm
then special spasms. >> was this mold? >> black mold. i ended up in the hospital. black mold got into my intestines. if i had a bite of sugar -- mold yeast and cancer are all pretty much the same organism. they thrive on sugar. when you have these organisms. and most people do today in your gi tract. you eat sugar. i would get this basketball. and like what? i eat vegetables. and i didn't realize -- gerri: so you talk about things like mold. but you also talk about everyday toxins in your environment. what am i encountering? americans every single day? suzanne: toxins come in three different ways. on your skin. women with our makeup. our led in our lipstick. through our lungs. and what you eat.
5:47 pm
in your gi tract. it ends up in the same place. our livers are groaning. everyone's liver is toxic today. even in this room we're getting hit by electromagnetic fields. what you can do. there's be not a drug answer in my humble opinion. i interviewed these five top environmental doctors in the country. there are more. these are the ones i focused in on. they gave me their best. each of them has a detox protocol. it's like old pipes. you have to clean them out. gerri: let me ask you this question because i think our viewers would be shocked to find out that you're 68. it's just astonishing to me. suzanne: i'm proud of it. gerri: you look fantastic. you're clearly taking your own advice. the funny thing you said in your book, aging is great, if you know how
5:48 pm
to do it. it's a matter of learning and putting some of this stuff behind you obviously. suzanne: this is what i've been teaching in my books. i lecture. gerri: you're everywhere. suzanne: i never thought this would be me. i like to sing and entertain people. gerri: you'll be doing that in vegas. suzanne: may 23rd. i'll start on the road again. not on the road, a residency at the hotel. i was there in the '80s for five years. i want to create my own nightclub. like frank sinatra days. gerri: no dancing? suzanne: i thought i was a good dancer. you go to a wedding have two tequilas, you think you can salsa. gerri: you were great on that show. suzanne: it was the hardest thing i've done. it was all about perfection.
5:49 pm
a lot of therapy to finally say, i'm not perfect. i get it. but yes i'll never be sorry i did it. dancing with the stars. it's interesting, i was thrown off monday night and i was going to be bringing my partner to new york with me. and in between book tour shows, we had a rehearsal booked. this is a week they did two dances. i thought, how will i do that? so thank you. thank you. gerri: suzanne somers thank you for coming on the show. good to see you. still to come, another mad rush to target as customers try to get their hands on lilly pulitzer products. and once again the company ran out. we'll have the latest coming up. ♪
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you're driving along, having a perfectly nice day, when out of nowhere a pick-up
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♪ gerri: being called pink sunday. the much anticipated debut of target's lilly pulitzer line. it left the retailer's site overloaded and shoppers going home empty-handed. here to weigh in bruce, branding expert and ceo of turkel brands. welcome back to the show. bruce: thank you. gerri: all right, mister grade them. how did they do with this launch? this is a powerful brand for many women. women love this beachy casual wear. the idea it was coming to target all over the country was attractive to a lot of people. did they do a good job? bruce: of course it's not as simple as that. good news and bad news. they procured the brand and the special offer. good news. and then they made it scarcity and sense of urgency. great news!
5:54 pm
they took what was essentially a discount brand and turned it into something everyone can't get. that's a page right out of apple's book. beautiful. then the website crashed. i can't believe they did that on purpose. four years ago that happened with sony. i think it was beautiful idea. executed very well until the crash. gerri: all right. well, you know delivering the goods is like 90% of it. right? not just about the marketing. so here are the goods tweets that target got. one here fell asleep after four hours. logged on 15 minutes ago. everything sold out. and then this, we know -- oh, target, how is everything sold out when your website just launched? poor customer service. hope it's a glitch. then target finally coming out and saying, we know you're frustrated and we're sorry. we appreciate your patience. you can now shop the lily for target line.
5:55 pm
that doesn't sound warm and helpful. sounds cold and some pr person wrote it. (?) bruce: you're absolutely right. you want to buy rolling stone tickets, they sold out immediately. get the latest from apple, they're sold out. we're all talking about target and lilly pulitzer. putting them together. i think this is sly like fox. gerri: sly like fox, they promised something and didn't deliver. take a look at this. some of the stuff was sold -- or, not bought by consumers but by guys that want to throw it on the web. the original was 38 bucks. this is a different one. the original was $50. this particular purse. on ebay $330. a dress that originally would have been 38 bucks. on ebay 255. come on. that's like bait-and-switch. all they're trying to do is get you in the store. it becomes obvious to consumers. we don't even have the
5:56 pm
product. it's more like a door buster over the holidays. five apple iphones. we'll advertise them heavily discount them heavily. but after they're gone they're gone. bruce: that is one way to look at it. the price was on 25 bucks. now on ebay, 350. consumers will rush out to buy it. we just established value. other than that, let's face it, the products they're selling are just products. the baby suits aren't better. it's the value we put around them. it's almost like an economy. target figured out a way to get people excited. are there people that are upset? of course there are. are there people that are saying i won't miss the next one? yes, there are. gerri: thank you for coming on the show. >> thank you gerri. gerri: we'll be right back.
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gerri: do any of the presidential candidates excite you? that's the question we asked on 66% said yes.
6:00 pm
34% said no. that's it for tonight's willis report. thanks for joining us. don't forget to dvr the show if you can't catch us live. "making money" with charles payne is coming up next. have a great night. we will see you here tomorrow. ♪ charles: i'm charles payne, and you're watching "making money." on friday equity markets around the world including the united states were crushed. hit hard when china loosen ruled to short their stock market. they took a page from mortimer duke to turn those machines back. (?) they cut the reserve requirement. the lowest its been in a long time. unleash at least $200 billion into their system. that big move leaves their reserve levels as significantly higher levels than ours. i think that's too high. of course, earnings played a big role. suntrust. halliburton and hasbro. hasbro rocked. we have an


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