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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  April 24, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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where are the crowds? . plus the company that will let you rent it before you buy. numbers don't lie. following the money trail as new polls show americans are questioning hillary's honesty. you heard it here first. chris christie is ready to run for president. charlie gasparino's exclusive scoop. and ditching the cart on the course? the electric skateboard designed for the coordinated golfer in your life. its creator surfing legend laird hamilton is here to show us how it works. even when they say it's not, it's always about "money." . melissa: blurred lines and apple the tech giant is known for apple mania with huge crowds of fans lining up for the latest product. in 2013, nearly 1500 people lined up for the launch of the iphone 5s at just one store. all those people.
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today on the release of the new apple watch, the company's first new product category in more than five years? there it is. you know about 100 appleholics camped out in front of the one and only u.s. retailer selling the apple watch. let's bring in charlie gasparino, veronica dagher, i was sure that charlie flew out to l.a. to be in the line. >> can't you buy this online? melissa: i think that's the crux of the problem. >> then there's no problem, then. >> you bury the lead. people buy it online you. >> misinterpreted the lead. they get everyone here, they have the hype they have the huge line. >> but they have online hype now. >> it's different, part of waiting in line was part of the excitement and the mystique. they said we don't want to do that anymore to our customers, but maybe she didn't realize that's part of appeal in
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creating the scarcity effect. they enjoy it. >> i think these guys are homeless. >> by the way, is that not right? >> no. >> when the iphone came out it replaced about 35 different gadgets we used to buy at best buy. the watch doesn't do that. apple is trying to make the case how the watch is necessary. i don't city yet. i talked with our top tech columnist at "barron's" and analysts are becoming bullish as they look at supply chains and delivery dates, it's going to do well. >> is apple an advertiser of us? >> we're going to see the numbers to jack's point. how many are they actually going to sell is the big question? melissa: i don't know i think you could say anything you would like to say about apple. in terms of the watch a lot of them are delivered before the push back date do we know because people canceled order or the supply chain has improved? >> the biggest thing for the watch is the potential watch customer is an iphone owner.
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the two work together. there is a huge install base for the iphone. if you can convert a small percentage of iphone users, you can do well with the watch. >> where is your watch? >> i ask people next to me what time it is. melissa: a lot of people use their phone, they don't have a watch. but it means a lot of people don't have a watch, have you room for the other device if you want. veronica, would you get one? >> i'm going to see how it goes. i usually don't buy the first generation product. make them tweek it and improve it and eventually, you will buy me one. >> this is a great day for capitalism. [ laughter ] >> innovation and technological innovation that a company as wonderful as apple can put like a watch, and make a watch, and in that watch, you can do things with it. an amazing day. >> they have minutes too?
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melissa: we mocked the ipad similarly. >> i'm not mocking it. no. melissa: you mocked the ipad. seemed like one of the things you didn't need it. you had a laptop lo and behold, everybody but charlie had an ipad. >> i'm waiting to see, i think a lot of people are going to wait and see. >> i'm going to wait and never see. >> really? melissa: okay fox business' own jo ling kent is outside an apple store in new york city. jo what is the feeling like there? we don't have the usual lines the watch isn't there, but can you go in order and it. what are people saying? >> reporter: yeah here, you can go inside and try on all of the watches, including the very fancy gold version that i'm sure you love. it's a strange feeling to be anat anat -- at an apple store on day one of a launch and not see
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many people. at max fields in l.a. is one location out of five around the world where you can buy the apple watch in person today. here's the catch. none of those are apple stores. they are luxury retailers in london, tokyo berlin, paris and l.a. we are expecting the interest is very high. 20 million units are expected to be sold this year, which would blow out competition. but then again, a lot of individuals say, like you guys have been talking about this, is not about edition one, it's about the second edition does and what that can do. melissa. melissa: jo thank you so much. >> if i buy an apple watch, you can expense it to the company. melissa: no. comcast scrapping 45 million-dollar merger with time warner. the deal under review by regulators for more than a year. attorney general eric holder had authorized a lawsuit against the merger.
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that is according to dow jones, jack, what do you think? >> interesting case there's not a lot of overlap between the customer bases for the companies. not a matter of cable television service becoming better or worse because of the deal. a matter of future technologies and are they impaired in ability to compete against cable. technologies like netflix and these companies because cable is too big and powerful. that's the dilemma here, and obviously the government doesn't want to see it. >> when bloomberg wrote the story, there were justice department antitrust -- melissa: i'm unfamiliar with the company. >> they give us credit every now and then. this is two weeks ago, this is the "wall street journal," we'll get into that later. when they broke the story about the justice department not liking the deal, i thought it was to squeeze extra concession. i tweeted that. the minute i tweeted that i got an e-mail and call from two of my best sources who are m&a bankers who said no way, this deal is not going to go
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through. here's what they said. they said there was more overlap than people thought. overlap in a lot of areas. the second thing is obama administration hates transformational deals, they absolutely hate it. it was the bankers on this deal. melissa: unless you are a uranium company. >> unless they give to the clinton foundation. melissa: yeah. >> the bankers on the deal totally misplaced this. wall street is feeling the pain. gazillions in fees plus other deals essentially stopped. this is having a huge effect on wall street. >> they're going to follow on deals the companies would have been forced to sell off part of the business. >> probably see smaller deals among cable companies because the industry is changing so much. so much cord cutting they need to adapt the businesses. the initial focus of the deal was to get around the cord cutting and be competitive and they have the issue of how do you deal with the cord cutting
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that's happening. >> that's how they tried to -- that was the case they tried to make to the justice department and failed. melissa: marco rubio the latest front-runner according to the latest fox news poll. what do you think about this one? hang onto the lead? >> solidly positive. >> where is chris christie? >> this poll was done a week after he announced his candidacy. candidates get a bump during that time. melissa: this is not the first one that has had him out front. and the other thing that is significants is it's likely republican primary voters. he's not walking on the street. >> he's clearly doing level. what's strike here is jeb bush is far from being any kind of front-runner. >> talking about seven people all within the margin of error. melissa: you broke some news today. >> well, it looks like chris christie. i didn't see his face in that group, but it looks like chris
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christie is going to make it official and fairly imminent. here's what we know, fox business network was the first to report it. "wall street journal" didn't give us credit but the "new york times" did. here's what happens. chris christie's wife works for a major hedge fund. she quit resigned from pog. she said i'm resigning as my husband is getting ready to announce. did he officially announce it? no. you don't quit your job. she is the bread winner of the family. i don't know what the governor makes $150,000? she made close to a million. when the bread winner resigns there's a reason you can't be too close to wall street. jeb bush resigned his position as senior adviser from barclays early in the year, looks like he's going to run. ted cruz's wife resigned as he announced he was going to run. she took a leave of absence as a wealth adviser for goldman sachs. for all intents and purposes,
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this is a clear sign that all the investigations involving the closure of the gwb may hit other people, his aides. but looks like -- she would not do this if he was getting indicted so to speak. melissa: a live look at the statue of liberty. it was evacuated last hour after reports there of a suspicious package. learning that a bomb squad has been sent to sweep the scene. hundreds of visitors ferried off the island amid security concerns. fbi said it is aware of the package. it is monitoring the situation. hillary clinton not the only one with the press on her tail. we're going to tell you why jeb bush should be sleeping with maybe one eye open? plus live to a high-flying drone school. keep your head on the swivel at this place. more "money" coming up.
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. melissa: we have some breaking news right now. charter communications reportedly working towards a bid for time warner cable. this is according to dow jones, they could approach time warner with an offer soon. time warner cable and charter jumping on the news. this coming just hours after a scrapped bid from comcast. we're going to bring you more as soon as we have it. can you see time warner cable trading up high on the day. more than 5%. hillary clinton's teflon exterior tested by new allegations of selling influence. and this time it is tough to blame it on a vast right-wing conspiracy. the "new york times" joining the growing chorus asking questions on the issue. blake berman has more on the clinton money trail. blake? >> reporter: good afternoon the "new york times," as you mentioned the article details how the chairman of a company
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who sells uranium production interest to russia used family foundation to make contributions to the clinton foundation that totaled more than 2.3 million dollars. that has many questioning if this was instance of pay for play? the article was built its reporting off the upcoming book "clinton cash" published by harpercollins. "clinton cash" author peter schweitzer sat down for the upcoming special, clinton tangled web. >> we're talking about uranium talking about things that relate to the nuclear issue. talking about the russian government. >> which already provides equipment materiale to iran. >> that's correct. >> the problem is hillary clinton's family foundation the clinton foundation was receiving tens of millions of dollars from shareholders in uranium one who wanted the russian government to acquire them because it would be a
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financial landfall. >> reporter: so on the one hand, the money issue. the second issue was the approval process here as the uranium takeover was happening. this had to be approved by several government agencies. that included the stata department run by hillary clinton. as schweitzer points out, the americans have control of a lot of uranium. >> uranium one was active in acquiring uranium assets actual in the united states itself. by 2008 2009, they were a particularly attractive target for the russian government. >> and the russians acquired that target. >> acquired with 50% projected uranium output by 2015. >> in other words russia now controls what was projected to be up to half of america's uranium. >> and can you catch more of
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bret baier's interview with peter schweitzer in clinton, tangled web. it airs on the fox news channel tonight at 10:00 eastern. and tomorrow at 6:00 eastern on the fox business network. schweitzer brings up a businessman named frank justra justra slammed that article writing and highlighted in bold, quote, this is not about me but an attempt to tear down secretary clinton and presidential campaign. the white house press secretary josh earnest said there wasn't evidence to back up the accusations, and melissa, characterizing this as a political attack. melissa? melissa: plenty of evidence blake thank you so much. i want to bring in political experts for the reaction byron is a fox news contributor. we also have richard fowler a democratic strategist and host of the richard fowler radio show. richard start with you, because the clintons are screaming that you know, this is a political takedown.
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it seems like there is so much smoke and there is so much circumstantial evidence that it can only be solved with an investigation from the justice department. if there's nothing wrong here, then why not let somebody with authority investigate and see if there is influence peddling going on? >> this is all smoke in mirrors, it hasn't risen to that level. there is no criminal intent. no laws were broken -- melissa: let me stop you right there. stop you right there. because it looks like there were plenty of laws that were broken. there were millions of dollars that changed hands coming from companies who need the clinton's help. the clintons went out and helped the companies. >> let me make it clear -- >> something went on there is an investigation into whether or not this was influence peddling. >> at the time when hillary clinton was secretary of state she was not involved in the day to day running of the foundation. so those are things that are
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completely different. melissa: her husband received money directly from the investment bank pushing this deal. >> but that's not the secretary. but that's not the secretary. melissa: it absolutely is. they're married. 50% of assets are hers. that went into her bank account. that is hers byron, would you care to respond? >> i would like to keep this in the political process. i think that hillary clinton is coming under increasing pressure to speak substantively about the allegations which are bigger and serious. the "new york times" editorial board which is a friendly place for the clintons came out today calling on her to say more. so i'd like to see how that goes right now. when you get prosecutors involved everybody shuts down, everybody's lawyered up and that's not a good place to be in a political campaign. melissa: why doesn't she get now the front and hand over e-mails and make herself more transparent. why doesn't she start with the server, richard. if she wants to clear up this and get on with the process
2:20 pm
show us your e-mails? >> she has released the e-mails. released to the state department and the state department is planning to release them to the general public. melissa: no, she hasn't. we established she was in photos sending e-mails. we haven't received the e-mails. >> sent them to the state department. the state department's job to vet the e-mails make sure there is nothing classified and release them to the opinion. the state department says they are vetting the e-mails as we speak. melissa: why doesn't she say why don't you release the e-mails thatta you have between us? if she has nothing to hide why is jeff emel not releasing his e-mails. >> secretary clinton said definitively that she did not use past classified information on her private e-mail system. i think this e-mail thing is a big story and it is not going away. there's a lot left to know about it. melissa: we got to go. thanks to both of you. appreciate your time. a big loss giving amazon a
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. charter reportedly working towards a bid for time warner cable. dow jones said they could approach time warner with an offer soon. time warner cable and charter communications jumping on the news. this coming hours after a scrapped bid from comcast we're going to bring you more as this happens and look at time warner popping on the news. golf course transportation
2:25 pm
entering a brave new world? but if you're look for a place to put your beer cooler, probably out of luck on this one. the golfboard attempting to replace the traditional golf cart with an electric skateboard. it looks fun right? no surprise a surf ser behind the operation. with us is laird hamilton the founder of the golfboard and legendary surfer. this makes a lot of sense to me. you're a surfer is that what gave you this idea? >> yeah, and just a way to kind of get me on a golf course, my friends would try to get me to come play, and i'm like you have to make it more interesting than just riding around in the cart and swinging at a ball. melissa: looks like a segway, are people embracing this? part of being in the cart you are relaxed you have a cocktail with you, it look like
2:26 pm
you have to be more athletic. i'm not sure all golfers are athletic. >> actually we simplified this to make it easy for any athletic level. in fact, people that don't ride boards at all, we just had a video out on the internet that just got about five million hits in the last 72 hours, and it was just really speaking to the point that you don't have to be athletic. you don't have to be a board rider, and it's an incredible way for someone who's never been on any kind of a board to experience the sensation of board riding and much like the stand-up paddle is where you can get out there and just feel what it's like to be a surfer without the consequences of a wave landing on you. melissa: the golfboard costs about $6500. already a hundred courses have ordered them. a lot of them on the west coast. >> yes. melissa: a couple of years ago bubba watson came out with the golf hovercraft. that's a different price tonight. about $58,000, i think. what is behind this move there
2:27 pm
we go. i know you probably feel threatened by this device. i'm teasing, that's amazing. what is behind the move to get away from the golf cart, do you think? >> i think part of it has to do with first of all to speed up play. it makes the game faster because you're an individual car. it's a more athletic activity. it's a different way to kind of experience the course and you know it makes good players play better because they're engaged and like i said speeds up play. it brings young people into it. so we've heard people say, i really don't want to play golf but would love to go try to ride the golfboard on the course. so it's a way, you know it's answering all of these needs that golf has. golf really is in trouble so it's providing all those, but it's -- it's birthed from a genuine intention to make it more fun for us. melissa: absolutely looks like
2:28 pm
a lot of fun. i definitely want to try it out. laird, thank you for coming on appreciate your time. >> appreciate it. thank you. melissa: the fight of the century throwing a haymaker at your wallet. staggering demand for a seat at the mayweather-pacquiao bout. plus chipotle serving a burrito straight to the door. they're charging extra for a side of lazy. piles of "money" coming up. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?"
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♪ melissa: the top story of our right now. comcast ceo may be a little bit salty about this one. charter communications had to be pursuing time warner cable. that deal could be happening very soon. here now to discuss that all is jonathan hoenig, along with scott martin.
2:32 pm
both fox news contributors. not thrilled with the idea that the government will jump down their throat and stop this deal. jonathan. >> that is what is so frustrating. this is in and industry. antitrust. this is a branch of government with no objective while. which acquisitions and mergers are allowed to go through. once again if a company wants to acquire government should not get in the way. melissa: scott do you think there is a chance? >> i think that there is a chance it is unlikely. at least from the customer experience -- the truth is, as the consumers both platforms really staying. i think that that is the
2:33 pm
problem. it is also about the consumer here. you have to improve what the offerings are. from the consumer side, neither of them are very good. >> i think that that is exactly what the expectation is. melissa: amazon. a loss in the first quarter. you would never know it by looking at the shares. >> all-time high. how many times has amazon been at an all-time high. it has been an all-time high, not the all-time high. as long as they consider to innovate. what has prompted it to an all-time high. a cloud computing business.
2:34 pm
>> jonathan, do you own this one? >> i wish i did. i shall pay whole hell of a lot on it. melissa: your prayers have been answered. chipolte is now delivering. it will cost you. $20. delivery and surcharges. would you pay $20 to get one delivered? >> i am afraid to answer that with everyone watching. >> they are following the rule that starbucks is putting out there here and they have done the market research. somebody will pay for it. i love it. that is a reason to buy the stock. >> they are all so once again in competition. you are eating experience just a little more convenient.
2:35 pm
you guys in new york are not accustomed for paying for delivery. you pay for delivery whether it is pizza burritos or any thing else. >> we are used to paying $20 for a burrito. what does it cost otherwise? you can get one for less than $20? mayweather next saturday in vegas. it is your wild it that we'll get hit. ticket selling out in more less than 60 seconds. i feel like scott martin. >> i do roll like that. i was at the five afghan 98. ninety-six actually. this stage the grateful dead
2:36 pm
show here. that is a whole point. it is really capitalism. >> that is right. that is free-market and i applaud it. >> boxing and mma. i think that it is pretty barbaric. floyd mayweather. a gentleman with a history of violence. against women specifically. i just do not get it. melissa: you are a debbie downer. i hate to end on that note. eric holder. his final day in office. he is bidding farewell. over in 2009 as the third longest-serving attorney general in u.s. history.
2:37 pm
vice president joe biden will swear in his replacement who is, of course loretta lynch. money is flying around the world today. starting in greece which is still struggling. coming up with a complete plan. our editors has warned that the country will get no more money until they see real progress. they have said that before. talks going nowhere. time is running out. tick tock. over to china. funeral strippers. yes, i did say that. exotic dancers happy popular at sendoff. that is not surprising. it will now work with them to make sure the performance is gone for good. okay. retail. brink of shutdown. officials have warned that they
2:38 pm
will probably run out of money in three months due to get up more than $70 billion. that is happening a lot around the world. jeb bush may be able to offer some advice. he will be visiting on tuesday. he will be meeting with the eyelid republican party. good luck with that. the bird flu continues to spread. try this before you buy. how one company is leasing the apple watch to those that are just not willing to commit. at the end of the day it is all about your money. ♪ it's more than the cloud. it's security - and flexibility. it's where great ideas and vital data are stored. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions from a trusted it partner. including cloud and hosting services - all backed by an industry leading broadband network and people committed to helping you grow your business. you get a company that's more than
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just the sum of it's parts. centurylink. your link to what's next.
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>> i am melissa francis with their foxes desperate. shares surging right now for microsoft. after posting sales. the company seems better growth. microsoft also celebrating the return of solitaire. it will preinstalled in windows 10. that sounds fun. the first company to offer a digital antenna to capture over the air broadcast tv channels. you remember those. wi-fi and hbo now for just a little bit extra. san francisco in hot water over
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over in minnesota a state of emergency has now been declared. the strain of the flu has been found on 46 farms in minnesota. sixteen states have now reported cases in wild bird or commercial poultry. over 7 million birds have already been destroyed. the nasdaq and s&p managing to get new highs. two names that are getting a friday jolt. >> very nice. absolutely. taking a look at both starbucks and dunkin brands. starbucks right now of 5.5%. both have come out with new products. both have analyst touting their company. they have the conviction for the long-term. you can see them as both are winners. new products in the like.
2:44 pm
we are ready know that mobile's where you order on your smart phone and then pick up your jewel coffee. how about the croissant donut. these doubts, in particular, are doing very well. melissa: my kids love those croissant donuts. they are really healthy too. i am a great mom. another list area recall. the company wrote calling products after it found traces of the bacteria in a number of things. they are unaware of any illnesses. the fda is investigating. david betray us sentenced to two years probation.
2:45 pm
love the idea of an apple watch but you are not sure if it is for you. a gadget rental company that has offered the chance to rent it before you buy it. you can try out the watch and see if it is a good fit. the company's ceo joins me now. thank you for joining us. i hope i did not butcher your name. >> no you didn't it. melissa: what is demand like right now. looking at this story. people are thinking about them today. are you getting a lot of calls. >> getting a lot of calls. a huge script of what we should be telling people. it has not ended.
2:46 pm
we have had a little over 4000 people that signed up on our waitlist so far. >> what do you tell them? what is the script? >> we do not have a right now. we are getting some units. it is first first serve. here are the prices. here are the models. people ask what is everyone else renting. what should i get? the apple watch sports is the one that seems to be the most popular. it is very simple. it is very popular. melissa: you are in the business of renting them. >> are you getting it before normal people? you expect to have it delivered before a lot of people? >> we are just like everyone else.
2:47 pm
when we get them we will just start shipping them out to our customers. melissa: what are you charging? >> $45. fifty-five if it is the sport addition. the apple watch the middle one. we will not do the really high and one. melissa: can i keep the one i have and pay you for it if i love it? >> yes you can. if you like it, and you can keep it. five items in the box. you can shift the other four back. let's say you try any of the other items, you can ship them back. if you did not like the apple watch, keep the one you like. if you did not like any of them, ship the whole box back. you just have to put it on top.
2:48 pm
melissa: i applaud you. this is a very clever business. a great idea. thank you very much for coming on. >> thank you for having me. melissa: this new suit makes work perfect for the beach. you may not have to feel that way for much longer. major steps to boost sales. you can never have too much money. ♪
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♪ melissa: whether it is on wall street or main street, here is who is making money today. then diesel announcing that in other "fast and furious" movie is in the works.
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furious eight. they are not the only ones. fifty shades of gray also coming back for more. developing two more installments. they will be ready for valentine's day 2018. trying to make more money. diet pepsi. trying to attract a healthier crowd. dropping aspartame from its ingredient. it will be removed this summer. in its place will be a mixture of other sugary substitutes. much healthier. what is behind this genius. it is worn from the surfboard into the office. it does cost $2500. styles include friday casual and party took cito. i imagine that would be really
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hot one you got into the office. you may also smell a little strange. let's check in with liz claman. liz: breaking news. anything can happen. right now the s&p one point oh way. they are revving their engines. it is the phenomenon that has been pointing. supercross comes to a head. how big of a business is this. how big will it become? plus stub public. one of the few companies. the feel of approval from apple. will you be able to buy a mayweather spot on the apple watch? back to you. melissa: thank you very much.
2:54 pm
anyone can buy a commercial drone. that does not mean that anyone knows how to fly them. we are headed to drone school to learn the tricks of the trade. five players ejected. including some of the team. at the end of the day it is all about money. ♪
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♪ >> new details right now about a bomb scare at the statue of liberty. according to reports, a 911 caller made a bomb threat saying they would blow up the statue of liberty. all personal and civilians have been ferried off the island. the fbi is aware and monitoring the situation. getting schooled on drones. fox news' stave harrison is learning what it takes to drive one in a driving assignment in florida. >> really amazing. they've been hovering around my head all morning. forty drone accidents every month in the u.s. try to combat
2:58 pm
that schools have been popping up to try and teach people what it takes to use the toys effectively. a lot of the clients are surprisingly senior citizens. >> i was not a person that was raised in the gaming era in understanding nintendo controllers and stuff. it's taking a while to get my hand-eye coordination with the stick. >> it's one day at school. how to fly your drone costs $300. the school also builds and sells them too. scott started building drones in his house three years ago. >> from my bedroom. eventually we figured out there's not enough room to put a pallet in my garage. we rend a rented a space. this is where we're at.
2:59 pm
>> so he's gone from a one-sell on ebay out of his garage to a 9 million-dollar business growing every month. back to you. >> sounds like you're being attacked by the biggest swarm of bees of all time. scrappy underdogs to just plane scrapping. benches clearing in the royal's game against the chicago white sox. you can bet they weren't exchanging completes completes antries. all told within five players were ejected from the game. the royals really attracting the opponents this year. they've been hit by 17 pitches and 16 games. that is the most for any league. look at that fight. everybody is off the bench. there you go. that's all we have for now. i hope you're making money today. the market just barely in the
3:00 pm
green. here comes the most important hour of trading. no one better to take you through it than liz claman. "countdown" starts right now. liz: they didn't see you and i in the makeup room brawling together. melissa: that's right. >> thanks, melissa. have a great weekend. the all clear has apparently just been given at liberty island. after tense moments that had the new york bomb squad swarming around america's most recognizable landmark. exactly what happened and what is happening. bubble or not. here come the tech giants. microsoft racking up major gains after reporting earnings after the bell yesterday. so the nasdaq right now on its way to slamming through another record close for a second day in a row. is now the time to be aware or befriend tech? in the mail the apple smartwatch ships today. the lines are growing. big day for hundred of app designers


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