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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  April 25, 2015 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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now. lou: i believe both of you. but i have to listen to the producer. matthews. wild things happen. you never know. >> you never know. john: and they're off. >> running for president. john: for >> president of the united states. >> president of the united states. john: four have announced. more will, but my big question is how many will defend individual liberty? >> what you do is your cell phone is none of their damn business. [ cheers and applause ] . john: does any republican have a chance against the clear favorite? >> i'm back! >> who will be president? that's our show tonight..
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john: who will be our next president? pollsters and pundits claim they know who's likely to win or mot win. i don't trust them. they've been wrong so often. when i want to know what's likely to happen i turn to the people with the best track record, people who bet, people who put their own money on the line. put their money where their mouths are. in past elections the futures markets run by companies like, consistently predicted election results more accurately than polls and pundits. this is useful information that should be available to people. unfortunately our control freak government shut down intrade and banned most good american prediction markets. government says gambling is contrary to the public interest. fortunately american politicians don't control the whole world and today a british betting site bet fares where people are allowed to bet on politics. bet fares says the
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front-runners are clinton and bush. whoa, sounds like we're back in 1992. voters sure like familiar names. bet fares says hillary clinton is well ahead of jeb bush. he has a 46% chance of becoming america's next president. bush has a 17% chance. still it's a horse race that 46% means hillary is not favored to win the presidency. 54% chance she won't be president thankfully. and at 17%, jeb bush is only slightly ahead of marco rubio rand paul scott walker and others. what does it mean for libertarians? we believe government that governs best governs least. and best government leaving us free to pursue our own affairs. matt welch is editor of "reason" magazine, you can't be happy with the front-runners. >> ecstatic with the front-runners. because they're the front-runners right now they get the bulk of the media
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attention right now and they're going to remind americans on a daily basis they don't want a coronation. hillary clinton was the front-runner through most of 2007 and 2008 and democrat base didn't like having a coronation then and backed barack obama. jeb bush has some of the highest negative favorability ratings because people don't want another bush. i'm fine with them being front-runners now, it's going to dull ability to be front-runners later. john: you think voters don't like royalty. >> someone is going to rise up from the left and challenge hillary clinton. we don't know who that is going to be. what the issue is going to be. what i worry is issue is elizabeth warren-bill de blasio economic populism, minimum wage type of issue, that's where a lot of passion is in the democratic base. that will push hillary to be worse on economics than she is right now. john: and destroy our futures perhaps. this royalty business people like familiar names, south korea the elected president is daughter of a former president.
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bangladesh the prime minister daughter of the country's founding father. singapore the prime minister is the son of a nation's first prime minister. voters are stupid? >> you know, rand paul, last i looked is the son of somebody of some interest to your audience it. gets your name in the door and allows you to raise money early on. jeb bush, he wanted to scare everybody off. his brother did that successfully in 1999. announce first, the establishment is going to go away. that's hillary clinton's strategy. it's not jeb bush. john: immigration, hillary supports obama's executive orders. bush is more center, he doesn't support the executive orders but wants a path to citizenship. >> the best thing about the bush family in my judgment has been their generally pro-immigration stance that america needs immigration, we should be compassionate and not
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kick out 11 million 14 million illegal immigrants that are here. how we get there is how we saw george w. bush who wanted to do a reform package and never got passed. john: minimum wage hillary wants it raised. bush said i think state minimum wages are fine. >> it's better than a federal minimum wage, certainly. again bush is on education and a bunch of other issues an affirmative kind of republican out there. he's a tax cut and spend republican. john: and did some really good things promoting school choice in florida, which hill sear not a supporter of. she's charters schools and against vouchers. >> the best single thing about jeb bush as governor. more educational choice in florida than most places outside of louisiana at this point because of him. john: hillary supports trade restrictions. >> go to 2008 speech at the democratic convention she took credit for everything that happened in the 90s that was good under bill clinton.
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wanted to bathe in the holy glow of creating 20 million jobs and the second half of her speech, she condemned every single one of the policies that made it happen. especially free trade. nafta is wrong, instead of having al gore debate ross perot. she blamed the financial crisis on a piece of legislation here husband signed so she is not bill clinton on economics at all. john: her economics just scare me. don't let anyone tell you it's corporations and businesses that create jobs. hello? >> the idea that that is popular message is crazy if you think about it. these -- people running on this have been losing elections right and left. nancy pelosi is out of power. people who ran on the economics except in deep blue states and cities have lost. john: there are several ways to measure where people fall on the political spectrum and issues. i put the world's smallest political quiz on my website.
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it scores you based on how you answer ten questions about economic freedom and personal freedom. and matt and i joined 292 million people who have taken that test. we scored up near the top of the libertarian category. no surprise. the testmaker, advocates for self-government scored the candidates based on statements they've made. hillary appears to the left but on the statist side statest means authoritarian, they believe governments should control lots of life. jeb bush scored closer to the center he favors more economic freedom. the scariest politicians are those who don't want us to have personal or economic freedom. total statist and would score at the bottom of the diamond. did i describe statist accurately? >> i believe so, they want to use the state to enforce beliefs about economics and private personal behavior. john: i'm surprised that jeb bush comes out to the left. he went to the left because he
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supports free speech and doesn't want laws against consenting adults and sexual activity. >> he always sounded notes that were more reasonable and tolerant of them. john: hillary's instinct is to regulate everything. here she is in 2005 demanding tougher laws against video games. >> we are determined to stop a situation in which video games with pornographic and violent content are being peddled to our children. john: i had lunch with her once, and her instinct is to just everything can be fixed with regulation. >> if you've worked in public life or in government for that long you see nongovernmental activities with the a fair amount suspicion these are marks that can you shake down for campaign cash or you just don't trust that they have the same benign motives that the rest of us do. john: thank you, matt welch. let's discuss one person who says she's not running. >> people feel like the system
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is rigged against them, and here's the painful part. they're right. john: the system is rigged against the little people? that's what progressives say and senator elizabeth warren gets people worked up about it. >> there is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. you moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for. you hired workers the rest of us paid to educate. you were safe in your factory because the police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for. john: that passionate speech has been viewed more than a million times on youtube. so far, though when warren is asked -- >> are you going to run for president? >> no. john: she sounds pretty certain why. doesn't she run? there are so many things she wants to do. >> i think we need to lower the interest rate on student loans. i think we need to put more money into medical research. i think we need to raise the
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minimum wage. john: on all arguments that appeal to leftist groups like washington director is ben wickler. you must like her want and her to run? >> absolutely. you might be an elizabeth warren fan and you don't know it yet. right now as warren points out, the government has its thumb on the scale on the side of parasitic corporations. >> she's for the exim bank that gives money to boeing. >> there are a thousand ways the free market is involved in the government of the united states. john: why isn't she involved in the ex-im bank. >> i'd like to ask wall street why the federal government charges lower interest rates to wall street banks than students for student loans. >> the student loan debt is now 1.2 trillion dollars. 7 million students are in
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default. bankers are more likely to pay them back. >> first of all, i remember financial crisis recently which the federal government wound up putting a whole bunch of money in wall street. it goes to student loans. corporations, for profit colleges are gaming the system and pulling in giant amounts of student loans they know that students won't be able to repay because the students never graduate. that is the rigging of the system and elizabeth war sen against it. every american would look and say that is a corrupt and bad system. john: let's take the speech which is so popular you didn't build, you didn't get rich on your own. we paid for the roads the education the cops and firefighters, none of that is federal money, that's state and local government but the federal government is spending 3.5 trillion dollars, you want them to spend more. are you crazy? >> no the speech is a basic
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idea that people -- that wasn't a speech about the federal government. that was a speech about the idea of government of about the fact that we're interdependent in the world. john: senator warren talks about protecting entitlements like social security. >> we believe that after a lifetime of work, a person is entitled to retire with dignity, and that means protecting social security, protecting medicare, and protecting our pension. john: because people like me want to cut it. we say it's unsustainable, and lower the payments so they'll last. what would you do? >> well you're saying lower the payments because you want to make sure there are payments in the future, right? we agree that social security payments are important. so the question is how to make sure people retire with dignity? what elizabeth warren is calling for is expanding social security benefits. john: where are you going to
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get the money? >> you get the money by adjusting the tax system to make sure everyone pays their fair share. john: taxing the rich? >> if we set up a tax system that reflects the basic idea that every american pays their fair share and has a chance to get ahead. we will pay for the things we need and everyone will be able to prosper. john: dream on thank you for joining us and for you to join the discussion and where you fall in the political quiz, tweet us and use the hashtag election 2016 or "like" my facebook page so can you post your result on my wall. coming up, i'll say who i plan to vote for but next, candidates who make me nervous because we make such a big deal about their religion. >> this is not just a political issue. it is a biblical issue.
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. john: most americans want their president to believe in god. a poll found 53% said they would be less likely to vote for an atheist. they're more likely to reject an atheist than a candidate who never held office before or one who is gay or one who had an affair? no surprise at all today's
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presidential candidate says they believe in god. but some make a bigger deal of it. >> were it not for the transformative love of jesus christ. >> ted cruz announced his candidacy at the world's biggest christian university. >> i believe god isn't done with america yet. and that is why today i am announcing that i'm running for president of the united states. john: my former colleague mike huckabee and former senator rick santorum emphasized religious values. they want to ban same-sex marriage and abortion. so does gary bauer president of the group american values. so for you, a presidential candidate must be religious, deeply religious? >> no, i wouldn't say must, john. just as in a libertarian competition people would want to know if you had read fountain head. you probably would be too.
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john: you prefer meezus or atlas shrug. >> i didn't just look up atlas shrug, i read them. what reporters are doing is saying look faith is important to me and going to form my views from race to poverty to war and peace to the other hot button thaushs mentioned. john: let's cover some of the issues. in your ideal world abortion would be illegal everywhere? >> there's no way we're going to get in america to a place where all abortions are illegal. the question before is there one abortion out of 1 1/2 million or 2 million a year that anybody is willing to regulate. and abortion in the seventh month an abortion to pick the sex of the baby. there aren't many countries that elevated the right to take the life of an unborn child into a high constitutional privilege the way we have in the united states. john: gay marriage, should not be allowed? not recognized?
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>> marriage between anybody other than a man and a woman has not been recognized in this country up until about the last decade. john: why? it's very recent very sudden young people are against you on this? >> the only poll that matters is one where people actually vote. and i find it interesting that the same-sex marriage movement still resists having votes on this issue. there's been an effort in the last couple years to make anybody who says i believe what several thousand years of civilization says that marriage is between a man and a woman. there's been an effort quite effective to make the person look like they're some sort of raving bigot a maniac. john: tell a pollster one thing and do another thing. >> they are afraid to say publicly. a businessman can be kicked out of his company. a food chain can -- john: let's talk about that the most recent controversy centered on indiana's law that
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would allow a religious person to say, i don't want to bake a cake for a gay wedding. i don't believe in that. democrats spun this as an attack on gays. a hostile legal right to discriminate. >> look as a libertarian isense you are concerned about this, the initial appeal to change marriage law was based on libertarian argument. live and let live. why can't we live our lives. john: right i say you shouldn't have to prove you're religious to make a decision like that. >> i understand. isn't it interesting how in less than a decade the whole debate has moved from the live and let live to we are going to use government to force you, by law to participate in something that your faith may tell you is an inappropriate thing to participate in. i'm amazed -- john: from tolerance to force. >> exactly. what is it that the president hillary clinton the big government crowd. what is it that they would do
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to that mom-and-pop owner of the pizza place that doesn't want to cater a same-sex marriage. john: fine them, put them out of business? >> and reeducation, put them in jail. it seems odd in america that we're going down that road. john: seems odd to me that we continue the drug war. shoe that work out for you? >> the thing that america lacks is not more people who are high. john: agree. it's not about that. it's about banning it and the problems that causes. >> i think we're going to find out in short order that make it legal causes tremendous problems. john: colorado and washington so far it hasn't. >> wait and see how it plays out. >> the most religious candidates mike huckabee, ted cruz, santorum they're not doing well in the betting. 5% for cruz 4% huckabee. santorum, i don't get it, he is a senator good looking, speaks well, never does well when people vote. >> santorum did fantastic when
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people voted in the race four years ago. it's a stronger field this time. lots of candidates that are openly appealing to the sizable portion of the republican party that does take faith seriously. and by the way, ronald reagan really launched himself in 1980 when he went to a prayer breakfast in dallas and 15,000 people said you can't endorse me but i can endorse you. that spurred the movement of midwestern catholics and southern evangelicals to the tea party. john: coming up, the tea party candidates marco ru
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bush. would republicans now actually fight for smaller sustainable government? well they talk a good game. >> get out of health care business! get out of the education business! >> yeah! get out! that was governor rick perry. he and three other candidates who have already declared. ted cruz rand paul and marco rubio are considered tea party candidates. why those four? monica crowley covers politics for fox. what does tea party candidate mean? >> limited government. fiscal responsibility and economic freedom. those were the initial pillars of the tea party movement. john: which people say is too extreme. >> thought it was too extreme, but right there in the founding document this was country. i think that over time the tea party movement which was purely organic and grassroots and strictly limited to the size of government and government spending became such a threat to the obama administration and
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to the left that they had to be assaulted and so this government sicked the internal revenue service on the tea party. they became so distracted with trying to fight off the irs, it lost its mission. john: let's talk about some of the candidates. one so far highest in the betting after jeb bush is marco rubio. >> i think marco rubio caused himself some damage with the tea party movement and the broader conservative movement with the stance on immigration and supporting the gang of eight. john: he has backed off. >> he has backed off. john: i'm sad about that, we're going to deport 12 million people? seems he was realistic and now chickened out. >> what he realized is he was taken by the obama white house and chuck schumer who were playing him like a stradivarius they wanted cover and a tea party republican, they got it in marco rubio of
12:30 am
latino descent. they had it made in the shade until rubio decided maybe the tea party movement the conservatives are right and this is amnesty in effect and maybe i shouldn't be backing this. so he's got a long way to try and repair the damage he caused with a stance on immigration with the tea party base. john: rand paul has the better say of an 8% chance? >> rand paul is a unique character he's more of a libertarian than a tea party character. john: thank goodness there is one! >> he's fearless on cutting down government and reducing some of the departments. rand paul puts this money where his mouth is. i think his positions on noninterventionism is going to be difficult for him because most americans don't want the united states to be number two or number 10 or 20 as we are now thanks to barack obama. they want to be number one. they want to restore american superpower status and if rand paul doesn't seem interested in that, they will not vote for
12:31 am
that. john: what does it matter if we're number one if we're free and nobody is killing anybody? >> well but the problem is when american power retreats the wheels come off the world. you have a lot more killing and lot more retreat of freedom across the world when the u.s. is not powerful and doesn't express or exhibit the power around the world. john: and some of our actions say in libya haven't caused more of a threat? >> libya was ill-advised. that was an intervention the united states should not have taken. once we got into libya, we had a responsibility to make sure it did not devolve into chaos and islamist violence as it has now. john: ted cruz cover hovering at 10%. >> he's going to surprise people he is a fighter. they want somebody who is going to fight for america for american super power and more
12:32 am
importantly for them. and ted cruz repeatedly, you can debate his tactics and whether or not his strategies have been right or effective, but he has shown himself to be a consummate fighter for all of those things that's why he's got big resonance among the base. john: and rick perry in last place in the betting. >> rick perry might surprise people. look he did himself damage last time around when he had something of a brain fart during a debate, and it happened to all of us on national tv. john: it's human! >> it is human. and this time around he's got a couple of positive things going for him. a great economic story in the state of texas and handled the surge of illegal immigrants coming across the border in texas very well. he's got a new chapter he can present to the american voter and might do quite well. john: thank you, monica crowley. next a governor will say why he won't vote for the current governors running for president? he has problems with walker kasich, christie and pence.
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. >> be libertarian with me for one election. live free. john: that was from the last presidential election. people did not choose to live free by being libertarian. governor gary johnson got more than a million votes but barack obama got 16 million. he balanced the budget and was elected twice in the democratic state. good for you. i voted libertarian in the last presidential election. >> and got killed. 1% of the vote 1.3 million votes very disappointing. when i think that libertarians speak on behalf of the majority of americans which is being fiscally responsible and socially i don't really care as
12:38 am
long as what you do socially doesn't adversely affect my life. john: so you think it's you or you think it's libertarians? >> in the case of politics it's about money. obama romney -- i spent a million dollars. you had to be in a, b, and c polls, when you average one of the polls how do you average 2% when you are only in one of the polls. >> talk about four current governors who want to be president. scott walker of wisconsin, john kasich of ohio, chris christie of new jersey and mike pence of indiana. if you had to pick one, why are you laughing? >> i wouldn't pick any one of them. john: they are all governors. >> social conservatives and at the end of the day, i don't think that flies with america. i'm cross waves with all these guys it comes to marriage equality, drugs, when it comes to a woman's right to choose
12:39 am
immigration and military intervention. christie, christie is out there saying make no mistake about it. i am the hawk in this race! so right off the bat he's saying he's going to bomb. >> i think the one most hostile to libertarians is christie. >> this strain of libertarianism that's going through both parties right now and making big headlines, i think is a very dangerous thought. >> that strain is in me right now. john: the impression is that we're going to give in and get walked over, and people accuse us of being soft on these horrible people that do want to kill us. >> well diplomacy first and it went to cpac and somebody says you libertarians you want to sit back you don't want to do anything. that's dangerous! and you know what? we never sit back and do anything. we always militarily intervene,
12:40 am
we always drop bombs. the politicians that get out of crowds and to be safe you know, they confront with you some sort of atrocity that has happened and your response you can't be soft on this. you've got to be hard. you've got to go out and take them on because there's been a beheading, you got to avenge this. john: what would you do? these people want to kill us? >> they do want to kill us why do they want to kill us? does it have to do with the fact that we continue to drop bombs? we don't just kill the target. we end up killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians who have friends, family then co-workers and i dare say that if that happened to any one of his here in the united states we would vow vengeance against that perpetrating country up to and including giving our own lives to seek that vengeance, and that's what's going on. john: okay. that was clear. one good thing chris christie said recently is that to save
12:41 am
social security, it must be cut. >> i propose a modest means test that only affects those with nonsocial security income of over $80,000 a year, and phases out social security payments entirely for those that have $200,000 a year in retirement income. john: this would hurt me but he's making sense there. that's responsible. >> i completely concur, and if you poll republicans they're going to say yes, we should balance the federal budget. well where is the medicaid and medicare to go along with the conversation on social security? because -- >> christie is awful and good. >> well, you know what? social security is very fixable and he pointed out ways in which you can fix it and in an easy, i think, very equitable way. so that's positive. john: are you going to run? >> i hope so. i hope to do it. you know, the -- >> the "l.a. times" reported the only thing people know about gary johnson is he wants
12:42 am
to legalize pot. >> well regretfully that's what comes when you only have a million dollars to spend against a billion dollars and to talk about what really is important in this country. john: you think if you were allowed in the debates, you could convince people then people would understand? >> look the libertarian candidate, whomever the libertarian candidate is i think is going to provide a very, very viable alternative to republicans and democrats in line with what most americans, i believe think. john: thank you, governor johnson. if you run, i have to decide whether to vote for you or for this next guy we're going to talk about. >> we will not trade our liberty for security. not now. not ever.
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12:46 am
. john: i'm happy that this election a libertarianish candidate has a real shot at becoming president. that's rand paul. >> i say let's get the government out of way so that everyone has a fair chance to succeed and let the markets work again. >> [ applause ] . john: yes! and the betting odds have rand paul in fourth place for the republican nomination but he's
12:47 am
doing better than bill clinton and barack obama were doing this far before the election. a recent poll of swing states found paul would beat hillary clinton in colorado and iowa. as people get to know paul better and as he explains libertarian ideas, maybe more people will see the wisdom of limited government. maybe. but some people say rand is not a real libertarian. the daily beast says real libertarians hate rand paul. a warmongering fake libertarian. not that he knows much. that political compass quiz places paul in the libertarian box. let's ask matt welch who follows the campaign. he is libertarian. >> he was a constitutional conservative, and that was largely a way to not scare kentuckians as he's trying to win a statewide election. he would be the most libertarian president ever.
12:48 am
john: and he does little things. he spent less on his office? >> that's not -- considering he would be the boss of four million people, you know, cutting your office expenditures by 10% matters. he wears a little one penny red penny on his lapel. john: i didn't notice that. >> check it out next time. if we just cut one cent out of every dollar that we spend in the federal government we can balance the budgets in five years. his budgets, if you compare them to the rated paul ryan hated by democrats rand paul is more committed to closing the size and scope of government. john: privatizing the tsa. >> housing and urban development he would like to get rid of that. republicans used to talk about this stuff. george w. bush came around and he doubled it. 18 trillion dollars in debt is untenable especially when we had the entitlements that crash around us. he is trying to do things about that including going after
12:49 am
military spending as well, in ways that other candidates just are not. and republicans haven't been for mitt romney and going backwards. >> recently proposed increasing military spending. >> by 190 million dollars over two years he's a fake libertarian. this is a grand act of trolling to marco rubio his colleague in the senate in the senate foreign relations committee and candidate for president. marco rubio believes that we are desperately cut to the bone on military. so marco rubio introduced an amendment saying we have to increase military spending by 190 billion dollars in two years. rand paul said okay i'll have the exact same price tag but propose 190 billion dollars worth of cuts over those next two years. it was a way of saying to marco rubio you can't pretend to be a fiscal conservative if you're just going to willy-nilly boost defense spending without coming up with other cuts. john: he's pushing a 17% simple flat tax? >> our tax code is a nightmare,
12:50 am
and acknowledging that forthrightly is better than not. john: so you're excited about rand paul's presidential campaign? >> i want there to be a conversation about the issues that i care about in this presidential campaign some of those issues include the way that we overintervene in the rest of the world as a default whenever something terrible happens abroad. there isn't anybody except for rand paul who is skeptical about things like intervention in libya, there is going to be adverse consequences if we go into libya. he was proven right about that. john: horrible thing, much worse than gadhafi. >> yes, we forget this. it's the emotion of the moment rather than the long-term thinking on civil liberties rifling through cell phone bills and cell phones themselves. he is talking a different language not just of everybody in the republican field but of hillary clinton too. hillary clinton is significantly more hawkish than
12:51 am
rand paul. she's a lot worse on civil liberties and on an issue that is really, really important right now in 2015-2016 criminal justice reform where the koch brothers and aclu are looking to fix the rotten system, the leading person in the senate is rand paul. john: exciting to have one nonstatist in the race who raises the questions. thank you matt welch. coming up the guy i'm going to vote for?
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>> john: it is a smart to get too enthusiastic about any politicians. i have been fooled again and again and i believe clinton when he said the era of big government is over. john: i believe george w. bush with a small government in barack obama? never mind. the winning candidate that would fight for limited government and individual freedom but to find out who that is i invite them on this show to give them more air time and less screaming and elsewhere but field, because with a longer discussion they may embarrass themselves. herman cain did he came on the show and i would ask him what i sought was a simple basic question but his the answer contradicted himself
12:56 am
so much that his enemies used to ridicule him. >> showed a clip of the abortion it is too funny. >> my position is i am pro-life period. >> she is raped? >> that is her choice that is not the government's choice. i support life from conception. >> abortion should be legal? >> no i should not. john: i do not understand. [laughter] if it is her choice that means it is legal. >> no. i don't believe a woman should have an abortion. >> excuse me is it completely contradictory for hard for you to understand? >> i hate to give ammunition but he was right for quite conceivable i candidates
12:57 am
avoid appearances they cannot control and so far none have agreed to appear on the show except johnson to may be a candidate. he would be a good president. i would vote for him again if i thought he could win but i suspect he cannot. america is the two-party country. i plan to vote for rand paul turco he confuses people brought paul fancy he is not as committed to liberty but many complaints are ambiguous. has he violated his principles? he doesn't call for the legalization of drugs but talks about decrease in penalties and does not rule out legalization. he supported increases of defense spending but at least they should be paid for. he voted for sanctions on i rand but with the policies under consideration they are
12:58 am
better there more. and he wants the senate to fulfill its constitutional role to approve any war. that is libertarian. he disappointed we by opposing gay marriage but least he did not ask the government to be and it. it is a relief when a politician draws a line from what religion tells in what government ought to do. paul does that. where he shines in the clarity of his plan to shrink government. his priorities were the debt , it said debt and the debt. good. $18 trillion in the whole we cannot afford another big government president he has offered a proposal that left-wing critics called more radical than paul o'brien's budget to eliminate the department of education and energy and foreign aid. among the programs that do more harm than good to
12:59 am
privatize medicare and the social security. those are good things. he opposed his crony capitalist subsidies and those that suck up to the midwestern farmers those that inhibit ethanol production. that is libertarian. most politicians change principles to fit the needs of their campaign may be keeping things vegas the way to win. clinton doesn't even give any specific policy position that is why even liberals should consider this republican. his criticism of policies disproportionately harm minorities into stronger than any democrats and a stronger than any candidate board about civil liberties violations. police, and is say, homeland security. >> go forth under a banner
1:00 am
of liberty that touches the constitution one hand and the bill of rights in another. john: sounds good to be. i will vote for him. see you next week. have a great weekend. good night from new york. neil: welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. in building into this weekend or overdrive that the attack evian -- tech had the index because since the market meltdown the average has more than doubled. steve forbes what you think of this? >> when you hear that talk be careful especially we have to keep up with the dow. the nasdaq went ahead of it so they had a long way to go down and a long way to come back so th


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