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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 29, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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inheritance" story you'd like to share with us? we'd love to hear it. send me an email or go to our website, "strange >> kennedy: what is that delicious fresh off the campfire smell? wheat sizzling hot dogs? from a baseball fan's full of pride? no. but has a wavering during in the air. if baseball is played to the empty park does it count? today's orioles game was close to the public probably
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another bad choice because nothing is more relaxing day and to take today off of looting for america's pastime. the first time they gave has been played without a game crowd. they did broadcast on television in this is what it looks like after the zombi apocalypse. dirty sanders nobody told him who was out of touch his ideas died on the fine he is hoping to resurrect soviet-style redistribution. he will run for president party has been threatening for months but making good of the warning to throw his hat in the ring. he is an independent but may run as the democrats and does not have a private e-mail server or foundation
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that solicits foreign governments for favors or does it have a clue how run a democracy be he is not held a reason he is ahead. what is worse? a dynastic corporation to fall off the social - - slippery cliffs of socialism? to night we will talk baltimore. plus date of for rigo is here to talk about her book and coming face to face today as the fight of this century guard draws near. i am kennedy. ♪
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present obama address the violence in baltimore saying the political agenda would have helped the problems in been impoverished communities and blamed congress for blocking his agenda. >> i am under no allusion to give massive investments of urban communities in jumping on the of bandwagon let me offer my man panel. and also a purveyor of glittery bluecoats?
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so i will start with you. the solution is obviously to spent more money into the public programs. that is the only thing that will improve. >> because all these places are run by republicans that our tight on the purse strings. >> but they just tell us it will be 15 years because they start with the school so there is 50 years worth it is a payoff. kennedy: it is the investment i guess. they just want money. then we will solve the problem. we have no sense what this will be. >> what is the solution?
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>> it will not have been perpetrated is individual responsibility and family structure. kennedy: the president said you have three boys. he shamed themselves essentially. >> occasionally he will say the right thing the other day it just seems like it is guns up every week but talk about responsibility of the community to solve problems as opposed to government where they have failed in the past i am all for that. i don't think we should have the dog in the fight to bash appropriately but recognize that and go on. kennedy: but this is what is structurally impossible to understand to empower the individual is the opposite
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and state regulation the opposite of the federal government to tinker and that makes it worse. >> i think they are over empowered they have too much self-confidence and to much pride and too much self-esteem and the problem is liberals and funding. blacks are in the 80 percent single-parent rate because we have incentivized single motherhood. they are writing -- rioting without their dads for i should have given more money to single mothers. [laughter] but liberals are responsible for this and they would never admit that. but you are onto something. kennedy: there is a lot of
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problems. if we had body carries a would not have been. >> it is called the american family. >> they are starving they went to whole foods they provided sandwiches to the national guard but it faced attacks after publishing this post on facebook has baltimores pours did start left hungry with no school lunch so they not be returning anytime soon it opened my eyes. i cannot support the company anymore. [laughter] but if that first we kids would go hungry because there is no school lunches that was a stupid decision
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by the mayor in a string of bad decisions i don't see how bad is a private company giving a little bit of charity to those weapons on their feet all day long projecting a city burning down. i saw that because they usually click of the #by. [laughter] people don't pay attention by the way. if that offends you then you haven't been paying attention because the ceo is a libertarian who wrote a very open and op-ed about attacking obamacare. so that did not bother him apparently. by the way the idea that it is all whole foods does. there are people in cambodia
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with the enormous apparatus. >> and beating the soldiers over the past decade. they'll love whole foods. >> they cannot help it. >> a rootless is delicious. >> i am a little lost are we anti-free lunches? kennedy: we are pro private company donated food. >> we are not. that is ridiculous and should not be illegal but a ham sandwich is $1.73. i have done the naphthol -- the mass. we don't need free lunches. kennedy: use the proper nomenclature. use the word hobo.
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>> to drink ted dollars of vodka that they require every day. free lunches totally absurd. you had a kid he has a shoes and shirts give him a ham sandwich there are water fountains. kennedy: use the #ham sandwich to reference the discussion. [laughter] >> coming up dana perino is here talking about when george w. bush decided to crash her pool party. we will talk about that next
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kennedy: will come back. the match up boxing fans have been clamoring for is upon us on saturday packard -- with the weather verses' pacquiao the fights of the century. some seats are selling for
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close at $100,000 in debt could earn half a billion dollars. my friend bobby is here to break it down. bobby jones doesn't live up to the type? now much would you pay for a ticket? u.s. can much i would pay? a first of all, every may whether pacquiao fight listen to me now. kennedy: it won't be a rematch but it will be two of them. >> may weather is the most boring fighter ever he is the greatest but the most boring sold be prepared to be bored he just plays defense.
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there will be a draw. of course, if there is money there is corruption there is so much money involved. whoever pays 25 agreement they are paying that little money for half a billion dollars of revenue? there will be a draw and a rematch that will be a good fights were made whether women's then pacquiao will challenge. kennedy: i do think he will he is a great fighter not a great boxer but great defensive with incredible for a work but pacquiao has more power. >> both of them are old. if it was five years ago is awesome and pacquiao checked out and lost two in a row. he lost to he has won a few since then but this is a
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fight we wanted so long ago we are happy just anything is happening. it has been so in the back of our minds i remember mike tyson and louis when i was a kid by really with heavyweight there has not been any big fights. kennedy: also it is not on hbo it is not exciting for me because that is the best sports show except bobby bonds. keep doberman said he should not engaged in a fight at all because meriwether past domestic violence convictions. >> he did beat up his girlfriend and went to jail answer time he is a domestic abuse their. now if you watch the fighter you supporting domestic
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abuse? no. video are what blue dash supporting data watching that nfl every sunday. he served his time the boxing commission says he can fight that does not need we are supporting domestic abuse if we watching the match there is domestic abuse in the lot. keith lowe's clicks and that is what this is about. kennedy: this is the fight that saves boxing? i haven't been left talk -- poke senator has it that a fight in 10 years and brings interest. this is way beyond anything usc but it is what brings boxing back for a bit i think it will make over a billion dollars overall.
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kennedy: but may weather has no money at all. >> he needs 52 more cars. >> as i found out he never wears the same thing twice stemming he wears the suit one time and it is $22,000. kennedy: i would dress like men whether. thank you so much. our panel is coming back with the free fall famous skyscraper did not miss the "topical storm". party frank is here. -- barney frank will be endorsed bernie sanders over hillary?
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kennedy: bernie sanders is expected to announce he is running for president tomorrow that would offer alternatives to new hillary clinton but our next guest says save your breath. author of the new book frank. former democratic congressman from massachusetts joins me now. how are you feeling about his chances? hillary is having a tough time with the electorate and the press. >> in the event with the press i expect that that it has to be adversarial. but i don't think his candidacy will hurt her. first of all, i taking makes a mistake. he has spent a very useful career as a critic and made
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a big point of demonstrations and integrity and independence but now joining the democratic party. i think when you make a big point that you join the party that you are really against is the mistake and he has identified as the socialist. then is a valid doctrine but not what you would choose if running for president. kennedy: not to be elected at a. >> or even to get a vote. people don't understand he has chosen a useful role as a critic as the outsider running for president it does not work that well. but the notion. kennedy: i want to move on to talk about your book you
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have one of a great opening lines. 1954 a fairly normal 14 year-old with the healthy food and loud music better realize there were two ways i was different programs attracted to the idea to serve in government and i was attracted to the other guys. [laughter] that sets it up your life in politics and as a gay man and a politician. types have changed from u.k. bad of the closet in 1987. tip o'neill told his chief of staff you would come out of several. he got the phrase rod -- wrong. >> he had the music right but sometimes it was the music. it was it example to be too pessimistic no issue has moved as rapidly as the
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issue of lgbt quality. kennedy: how do you think the supreme court will rule? >> i think it is the right because justice kennedy had three gay-rights cases not only vote strong opinions and favor but was always the chief senior justice. second there is a technical issue. but they would not have decided as they did so that it was okay to get married. kennedy: did you watch the bruce jenner interview? >> i admire his courage. it is agonizing bill but he would choose to go through this lightly. the to have understanding is a fellow human being who was in a situation no one would have stowe as a deadbeat
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supportive. but the of book dealing with the subject we put them all into one bill. but to get it through the senate you have to break a filibuster chris dodd said i can break one but not aid of them will be here and tell we are dead. kennedy: thank you very much. your writing is very enjoyable. >> that is surprising then i will have to write another book about that. [laughter] kennedy: bud light crosses the line is it too racy? where you rather walk across the paris real without a safety net or jump from a
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kennedy: with the weather heating up for a never let the news cooled down. "topical storm" number one. falling off the dash four of an apartment building is enough but for adrenalin junkie's it is the dream. ♪ kennedy: i think i would run into the side of the building jumping off of princess tower they were pretty high.
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also elevation. a bunch of related daredevil's delighting crowds as the truman administration. they don't use parachutes or nets and they probably think based jumpers are sissies. one fell to his death but spawn of the spawn attempted to walk across the orlando i taller than the statue of liberty hear he is walking the span. >> i actually wanted to go a lot further but because of live tv i had to cut it short. >> she did not care.
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number three. drones are unpopular when killings american citizens but what about saving guacamole? florida avocado trees are dying because of a nasty phone guess -- the guest it is brought on by the emperor judge beetle. drones will spot them and the dogs will sniff them out solute can keep eating that fruit. number four. 80 schumer has of video posted talking about female beauty and is very funny. ♪
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kennedy: anheuser-busch the people who make budweiser are in hot water for the
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bottle to save this and up featuring the tagline the perfect beer for removing know from your vocabulary social media blew up on the marketing team and they folded like a cheap beer they pulled it from future labels. we have michael moynihan and michael and gavin. how important is it to remove the word no? >> i don't understand that question. kennedy: they say you need to remove the word no from your vocabulary. #up for what ever. >> we have to decipher the liberal eiffel's and they're so obsessed with racism that
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they have their own language. we say what is going on? like the person who was fired on espn that talked about a change in the armor. and he was fired for not seeing that as a racist term he was writing of phrase he says i don't see raped everywhere like you do so they are a rape culture they are consumed with it. kennedy: i don't know. for a beer company. >> it never should have gotten there is a ridiculous ad campaign because at the same time how to reconcile the two?
10:40 pm
it is interesting how quickly they folded because it is stupid. >> that is monkeys on the typewriter i am down for it is whenever. >> what are they saying no to? >> i cannot believe somebody actually allowed this to go out without anticipating this. but the entire internet existed out to give a voice too stupid people to get upset. but what is amazing is intended it does not end up -- just a matter any more [bleep] we are so scared of the liberal bob how could this be interpreted? >> maybe they should anticipate that before they put that out there.
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>> we're not policing ourselves. >> but as a apparent the oldest is 18 and has two years to 40 stores to drink. be responsible. but how you do your ad campaign. but it doesn't matter. i was talking to somebody today on twitter and he said if you see a you can be offended by it we take people's intentions that it is a stupid idea. kennedy: but you do not get to choose the intention. but we will move on to china as a class town on amateur
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meteorologist anybody, sharing their own weather prediction can face fines up that 50,000 yuan but apparently they like to make up though whether. [laughter] that made me laugh. what is wrong with this picture? the liberals and socialism. [laughter] em they keep having these real examples why their policy does not work. they say trust me. can't obama edges have one-year where ameritech and the like china? i have an idea thomas we have a thing called china and it is called china and
10:43 pm
failing miserably cuba over venezuela the experiment exist and it sucks. kennedy: has sucked the life out of tens of millions of people. >> journalist wrote in article about police fatality. kennedy: i want to mike to get in here. [laughter] but it is exciting to see your passion. >> i forgot the topic. >> the cia does not metal as much as people think it does. but it is no surprise yet again i find myself agreeing with him. that is not weird aha at all but if people put it
10:44 pm
together they do not think we are on the same side. >> i will give them credit because i like they're doing crazy things that does it involve shooting people in the face with a take when they disagree. kennedy: i think the entire group of people are making up fake weather in they believed what they hear so if something gets out that might be catastrophic people react. >> it is a great point. people are so bored that they just make up stuff that is hilarious. kennedy: they are bored rand conditioned no longer afraid to die. >> those with baker whether do not get customers. kennedy: it is called the
10:45 pm
free market. not exactly free but they get there. thank you for being here. dana perino is back and will tell us what happened when george w. bush crashed her big party and also the contents of the book word for word. you total your brand new car.
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10:49 pm
first republican press secretary last night sheika a surprise introduction from her former boss in here to tell me more is dana perino author of a and the good news is. when did you find out you were there ever one best seller? >> during a commercial break we all check our phones and all said no. one. then i waited to tell the next commercial but i did not know what it means to your the first person i am talking to about it. kennedy: i love your book because you talk about the optimism for i am optimistic i believe you have to believe in yourself to overcome what is happening in your life and you talk
10:50 pm
about wyoming take is to the cattle drive and the ranch. is that the place you visit in your mind you want the world to be as that ideal? >> did have ignored rockwell the existence. really is new at was special. there lois talk about the city slickers. wade new we had something special and we had a homestead my great grandparents had take advantage of with the plots of land the negroes overtime to a 50,000-acre ranch. there were times i was on the barn yard fence. i was it the oldest granted i would go down there and just sit on the fence and look around. my favorite wine in the book
10:51 pm
is one day you think you'll never leave home then your honor read one - - ring one with the president got bless america indeed my grandparents walked in and i walked out as the white house press secretary. kennedy: but you appreciated your time. i know halfway through you wanted to leave. how exhausting is that with the day-to-day? it is hard to do fathom getting up that for the morning to do one job. >> the book is part to advise and a tackle the question how do you manage a work life balance? i have to live mitt during the white house years i didn't. at all and i reveal things and never said publicly that my health seriously
10:52 pm
deteriorated and a lot of it was my own fault. i ate very little high would snap that people but even today i would say i cannot eat right now. every tell me you need to eat lunch now at 10:00 in the morning if you deny each now you will ruin my day. i had a ring in my ear and a numbness it was an accumulation but i still loved it. not a lot of people are with 43 but you admired him people may take issue of politics but he did a portrait of jasper's rick this is part of the history that has not been written.
10:53 pm
as a possession the only thing i would say even a fire is the portrait. he knew what that meant to me. nobody has written the personal side he was more than the boss and a commander in chief he was a second father to teach about strength and forgiveness and sticking up for people not taking credit to be bigger then yourself to serve the national interest. kennedy: all that is in the book and i encourage people to read dapper congratulations it is the big deal. >> i will have say magician here. the trick will be good. stay here.
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kennedy: welcome to the nightcap for we invite you to take off your shoes. tonight we have paid magician. welcome to the show marco i don't know what we're doing. >> it is more like mind reading. i brought in of a low. we will not use the five of hearts. think of red or black say it out loud. >> spades or clubs? >> clubs. >> black club and made any
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card. >> eight of clubs now i want six of clubs. >> side in the front of the envelope here is what will happen with the envelope. is inside i will show a what i have the inside of it. another envelope programs that has nothing else in there. then we go to this one.
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but it may set the small ones. then there is a card inside. six of clubs for shoes said eight of clubs is that fair? kennedy: it is the eight of clubs. [laughter] just joking. i don't know how you did that. >> how do these tricks work? >> to them all day by yourself in the room they give for watching the show.
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e-mail kennedy@fox business. we will see you tomorrow night with your desire. . lou: good evening, i am lou dobbs, baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake denies she ordered her police deputy to stand down in face of violent riots, looting and arson. but now a senior law enforcement official in baltimore contradicts the mayor, and claims she gave a direct order to the police chief to give way to those rioters, we're joined by bishop ew jackson, and rich lowery taking off failure of leadership in baltimore but exam know a city that suffered almost y


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