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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 30, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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you better load of those channels for next week so i can read your love and hate in equal measure. i was so good to you. lou dobbs you are looking at philadelphia. lou: good evening, i am lou dobbs, demonstration tonight a number of cities, dep straighting over the -- demonstrates over the death of freddie gray, now you are looking at crowds in philadelphia and baltimore. they have been organized and responding in large number to activists to social media who call for these protests, baltimore, tonight remains in crisis and embattled mayor stephanie rawlins-blake today turned to the president's favorite representative on race.
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reverend al sharpton. in baltimore to lead a summit on improving police relations with the community. i suspect perhaps to deflect some of the criticism from the mayor. we'll take up the respond to the death of gray with former department of justice attorney christian adam, and also, escalating tension in middle east between a increase belowly provocative iran. and the u.s. u.s. navy announcing it is escorting american ships as they transit the straight of hormuz. mark meadows and president of foundation for defense of democracies, cliffer may they will join us to assess likelihood of a direct confrontation between u.s. and iran. huge political problem for
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hillary clinton. new revelations she broke her pledge to disclose foreign donations to the clinton foundation during her tenure as secretary of state. can her political ambitions survive this worsening scandal? we begin in baltimore a police document obtained by washington post details claims from a prisoner who was in police transport van with freddie gray, he claims he heard gray banging his head against the walls of the van he believed that gray was intentionally trying to injury himself today baltimore police announce they have turned over their investigative findings to the state attorney's office. reverend al sharpton in a confrontation today. with fox news reporter leland i have thely vitter.askingquestions.
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>> what do you have to say to the businesses that were looted because of your order to stand down you have nothing to say? what about the police who were injured. >> excuse me, hey! why can't we ask questions we can't ask questions, you are a public official. i can ask questions you will answer them, all questions then? you will ansar your answer our questions. >> ex scus use. use us. >> you push members of media but you will not protect businesses from looting sir? lou: criss adams author of book injustice exposing the racial agenda of the obama justice department. and nigel enis, but we begin
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with choice of al sharpton to be in baltimore to educate -- if you will, police and community how to get along better. your reaction chris? >> al sharpton's racial circus rolls into town. did you notice that inn video he was running interference for the mayor, getting in face of the reporter. that really speaks volumes about this guy. about the strange relationship he has to every single racial controversy where he comes and throws gasoline on the fire, that is what we can expect no in ex in baltimore. lou: is that his intent being there? >> no question, this speaks more largely to mayor blake and barrack hussein obama the
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historic first black president of united states, would feel compelled to have al sharpton as his racial -- emissaryy. both of the individuals mayor blake and president obama represent a black elite establishment whose policies have failed the black community for 50 years. to different distraction away from accountability, and all that exists they bring in racial racketeers like al sharpton who distraction. lou: new report that is turned over to the state attorney for possible prosecution 6 police officers have been suspended with pay but the new report,
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obtained by washington post saying that gray was heard badging against the walls of the -- banging against the walls of the vehicle by another prisoner, and believed he was intentionally trying to injury himself. it appears if these reports are accurate. it appears that the president and the -- if you will activists, that niger just described, have acted with prejudgment and well before the facts can substantiate any part of their rhetoric. >> we have the best system the world has seen forgetting to the truth, legal process works in this country we'll get to the truth, but listen. truth doesn't matter. to the thugs on the street in baltimore, truth does not matter to the crowds forming in philadelphia. truth doesn't matter any more to the racial racketeers who want
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to stir up civil mayhem, truth unfortunately, is lost in all of this and we're going to suffer. we'll see more of this behavior, because people like sharpton, holder obama. these people have done nothing to unite this nation, they use race as a tool to divide us. you will see more of it. lou: loretta lynch the new attorney general give us your thoughts about she reportedly wanted to go to baltimore herself. i want to commend her and hear your thoughts about it. in which the way obama administration is reacting to this tragedy this country largest cities? >> i actually have a little bit of patients for -- patience for the new attorney general. lou: absolutely. >> she is say person that has
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real roots in the black american experience. so i have a great deal of confidence and hope, actually confidence is the right word, hope, she will be different i hope from obama and attorney general holder, she still has a boss, she is still under orders. i am hoping that she will steer the justice department in a different direction. lou: i don't know to what degree we should expect that, he hopes one of favorite words of this administration, hopes have been crushed under this administration. your thoughts about same thing that i asked niger. the selection of head of civil rights division to go down to -- up to baltimore. what do you expects? >> so far so good. you don't have eric holder like in ferguson, flying in on 757
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to en flame everyone. loretta lynch has probably struck a right note, that is keep your mouth shut. this is a great chance for her to show what a responsible attorney general does, a responsible law enforcement official does, he does not prejudge. she is not prejudge like holder did in ferguson. the civil right movement is not worthy of a lot of trust they engaged him in new orleans police investigation, they are filled with far left wing attorneys, it will be up to lynch to keep the lid on that radical activism. i used to work there, i know what these folks are like. this is a great opportunity for lynch to save the behavior of the department. lou: i hear christian saying that he has hopes that is going to move forward.
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and that as you said, patience with new attorney general i share that, and some of your hopes. but. her boss has already pro -- prejudged, already talking about soul-- soul searching for a nation because part of the people in the city they turned on themselves. it time. -- >> and black not to absolutely, lou, not to mention that a lot of that leadership, certainly over last 20 years has been black. the city council is majority black, the mayor is black police commission ser commissioner is black the fact she is alleged, she should answer that question, to tell police to strand down? to let these thugs -- >> she did do, that and she did
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say that these was reserving a space for those who would destroy. she denied both. the fact are there on videotape. and the evidence is overwhelming overwhelming. >> police department rounded up the destroyers and thugs and put them in jail, then they forgot to file the paperwork to keep them there most amazing story, incompetance by this democrat administration in face of civil insurrection by thugs she let them all go. >> you know what it is, that belief among that black liberal elite, like i said before, it offoften shared with white liberal elites that somehow these people need to be treated with children, and not as responsible adults with a soul who know what right is.
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lou: it has amazed my, those who are so quick with grievance politics in this nation will admit themselves to be patronized from the left, as they never would be from the right, we appreciate you both. >> thank you. lou: to ever widening clinton foundation scandal, "boston globe" reported today that largest nonprofit group in the foundation, clinton health access initiative, has never submitted information on any foreign doe nations -- donation to state department attorney for review from the years 2009-2013. that despite then secretary of state hillary clinton's promise that the clinton foundation entities would do so, she made that promise during her confirmation hearing for secretary of state. during that time, grants from
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foreign governments to the group, more than doubled. from 27 million to nearly 56 million will do rathers. and hillary today getting her first official democratic that willer challenger for 2016 race, independent senator bernie sanders announcing he is running for president he talked about income inequality campaign finance, and he took a few questions, there were no cheering crowds, no bernie 2016 chants, what is he thinking of? how could he win? we're coming right back. >> next tonight the iranian navy deploying its destroyers into the hormuz. the potential for a direct confrontation with u.s.
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lou: iran stepping up its aggression near yemen. two destroyers arriving at the strategic strait near djibouti. some 4 million barrels of crude oil pass through each day iran announcing its warships will remain there until late june. >> this follows tehran, summoning saudi arabian envoy protesting saudi bombing of an airport runway in yemen to prevent a iranian plane from landing there this week. this is the fourth such time that saudi envoy has been summoned to tehran. iran not only adversary stepping up military aggression. china, and russia announcing they will hole joint military --
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next month in the mediterranean. they have held naval exercises in pacific water since 2012, the upcoming drills in mid terrianian come in wake of provocation, and eastern europe, increase military cooperation between u.s., and ally over china's territorial claims. defense official announcing that navy will begin to acomp to -- acompany new all u.s. flag commercial shipping ships in hormuz. joining us tonight president of foundation of defense of democracy cliffard may. let's start with these ships av
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having the iranian navy chased away by u.s. navy, and uss theodore roosevelt carrier group, now two iranian destroyers. their intent? what do you make of it? >> it is important to know the strategic intent. that is taking control of red sea, and the gulf, strait of hormuz is one water that iran already claims as its territorial waters, and u.s. said no, these are international waters. the other strait, the babble man deb, they want to control the area they want to control flow of oil and putting a pinch
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irmovement in saudi arabia. they will have control, that is why iran, with nuclear weapons will be such a threat, do you think we'll challenge the control of the waterways if they use or threaten to use them. lou: iran taking actions toward saudi arabia. as it taxes on targets and yemen yemen. this is more serious than this president anticipated. he looks as if he is caught the tail of events and dragged along by them. this is doubley troubling
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because russia is an ally of iran. one of its supporters. and now in joint exercises that are increasing, and dimension with china. is president obama is the united states, is nato, played for fools here? by the capitals of beijing moscow and tehran? >> i think -- those capitals all perceive weakness on the part of the u.s., they perceive america under president obama withdrawing, as that happens they intend to establish their own empire, iran plans to be boss of middle east. that is why it wants to control the strategic waterways vladimir putin reconstituting a russian empire in crimea and ukraine. he may have other ambitions and
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china wants to establish hegemony in asia. that is not as bad as it gets. i think it gets a lot worse, if we continue to withdraw. the problem if u.s. does not lead in the world these other actors will rule, that is what these leaders are doing and saying that america will not stop them. lou: nuclear talks how do you think they end? >> badly, i think they end with an agreement, president obama feels that a bad agreement is better than no agreement he means to go in congress, make it binding on u.s. by going to united nations and having international law minus without consent -- bind us without consent. lou: would that be enough for courts to intercede?
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what that not be a breaking point in our constitutional republic? >> you might like to think so, he has found a work around. saying this is an executive order. it is not considered a treaty, once go i to u.n., security council will make it binding on u.n. members, and you france, and germany saying it is binding on the u.s., this is a very bad situation. lou: if our audience is not troubled by what they heard you say, they just have to the been paying attention cliffard may. >> thank you. lou: vote in our poll, if iran were to carry out an act of war against saudi arabia, do you believe president obama would support and defend our saudi allies? we'll like to hear from you. lou: a so-called miracle rescue oughts of nepal capital pulling
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a 15-year-old boy from the rebel of a residential building 5 days after the huge earthquake. doctors say he is doing surprisingly well, and to make a full recovery. lou: a traffic camera capturing moment that an archway collapsed on to a a busy street in kathmandu as the 7.8 quick. the man riding on the back of the cart caught under, but folks on the street, freed him and pulled him to save to safety. lou: up next, the president's top advisor on race, heading to baltimore, despite a terrible track record. >> and volcanic activity on the rise. we'll have that for you next. stay with us, much more ahead.
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lou: a few thoughts on the president's "go-to" man. just maybe rescue what is left of her political career. not much. mayor's office claims she brought in al sharpton to lead a summit on improving relations between police and the community after the death of freddie gray. after the mayor lied about not saying she had created space for those who wanted to destroy during the riots after she lied about not telling her police to stand down in the face of violent protest and rioters. how does she have any credibility at all with anyone? is that the real question? the real question, it seems is
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why would anyone believe anything that the mayor says? if her goal had been to since sirly improve -- sincerely improve relations, i could not imagine why she would ever choose al sharpton. in 2012, he was first to go to sanford, florida, you wereon upon shooting death of trayvon martin. and inciting death threats against zimmerman who was exonerated. last summer, he kicked off a national campaign against law enforcement in ferguson. in new york in case of eric garner sharpton went after new york police, and stepped himself with the city's left wing mayor bill de blasio, as the leading antagonists of the nypd.
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al sharpton made no effort to calm to unite he hurled rhetoric and including this remark to mayor de blasio about his -- mixed race son. >> if dante was not your son he would be a candidate for a chokehold. we've got to deal with that reality. lou: that reality? al sharpton is in baltimore, in that "reality," without a fact in his possession, he is already claiming what happened with freddie gray is important of part of a national problem. >> we're trying to act like these are problems you can handle in isolation there must be a national response to a national issue we can't keep running like hamsters -- >> no one knows what happened
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with freddie gray, except for the investigators that report by those shirt something odd -- 30ing something odd detectives is now with the state prosecutor. unemployment rate for young black men in baltimore is aastonishing 37 dollars% they need jobs there, not the rhetoric of someone who represents so-called -- progressive policies of the past. policies that have led to high unemployment. led to a disgraceful lack of public safety, and a run away crime rate in the city of baltimore, and a lot of good people have run away. there has been a disasterrousic exodus from baltimore so why is al sharpton in baltimore?
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he may be there to preserve the fiction of the progressive left, more welfare more government programs will bees cure for baltimore's crisis. not as it is, the leading cause of that crisis. just go along with them for a half century they ask what will it take to free minds of baltimore citizens and citizens of this great country? a quote. people who flooded the streets of baltimore philadelphia, and new york, really knew nothing of freddie gray or the way in which he died, they acted without thought, knowledge reason or intervention from community leaders or political leaders for that matter. what will it take for them to change their mines? to change all of that, as martin luther king said, darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light with do that. hate cannot drive out hate.
11:35 pm
only love can do that. i hope someone in baltimore will love enough to shine a light and now. we're coming right back. >> faa stunned oversight committee today admitting to congress that raid or operators could not make out the. >> iogyrocopter that blew into washington airspace. >> congressman mark meadows will join us. >> and the view from the tallest resident shall building too much for hundreds if you're taking multiple medications does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene available as an oral rinse toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good
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lou: an inspector general today revealed that environmental production agency employees were caught watching pornography and harassing female coworkers and they were given promotions. >> you have employees who have been sexually abusive of women and others engages in activities that are sexually abusive of children and no one no one was fired? they were put on add 10 straightsminadministrate ofleave, at the same time the epa
11:40 pm
is mismanaged, and misguided in these cases moraly corrupt. lou: they maintained that misconducting was not representative of a broader work force. joining us now congressman mark meadows. great to have you with us. surely it is a against the rules for federal employees to watch pornography at work. now, isn't it? >> it is. you know, lou -- it is mind boggling. when you start to talk about this you say how in the world could this be going on in the federal workforce. more troubling was testimony today, this government oversight committee, where really, the
11:41 pm
acting deputy administrator said we're not committee to fire them even though we have a zero tolerance, i asked are you willing to fire them, the answer is no. the number of people he fired even though this problem is not just recession gate -- religated to one or two he fired zero, this is astonishing. lou: it is, and not just happening at epa we heard the same about ina ina bill -- inability to hold accountable individuals in irs and secrets service the list goes on. american people have to be document founded watching -- dumfounded watching that you hold hearings, you look at leaders they admit they are screw ups and you know, just sets up another hearing nothing
11:42 pm
ever happens. ever! >> i for one and are not going to stop where nothing happens we had a couple of hearings, i have introduced legislation you would think we would not need to act to say if somebody is viewing pornography or sexually harassing a female, that person had 17 different accounts, nothing happened to him he was allowed to retire with full benefit. enough is enough. we have a lot of great federal workers, but when agency heads are not willing to deal with it, heads need to roll in my opinion. we will hole them accountable. >> i want to turn to the gyrocopter and your colleague. saying that gyrocopter pilot who
11:43 pm
flew into capital lawn, undetected by radar. and radar operators said, he was lucky to be alive. that he should have been blown out of the air it turns out we didn't know he of in the air. -- he was in the air. >> interesting thing is that, intelligence picked him up as a blip here and there. we knew more information from people like you lou and others in media who were alerting people within the federal agents that hey this guy is coming your way. and when you have to rely on media to report it, there is something systematically wrong we have to get to the bottom of that. not a matter of technology. we can put a man on the moon, somehow a guy in a. >> ia. >> iiojiezin -- with thecopter can
11:44 pm
make it to grounds without being detected. >> scaring people, he expect administration to go ahead with treaty with iran. and he said, he thinks that this deal will be done with tehran. it will be done as an executive order, not a damn thing that american people or congress that represents us can do, he will take it to united nations it will be done. what do you think? >> well, i heard that. as you were interviewing him. you have been on top of this lou from the very start. you know. from my stand point that is a bad deal, but what makes a bad deal worse with iran sitting there taking ships captive supporting rebels in yemen. yet we're supposed to look at
11:45 pm
them as allies? secretary kerry going out saying, well we want them to help negotiate, there is smog that is wrong they -- there is something that is wrong they do not fitting it. i am concerned with an executive overreach where they go to the u.n. and bypass the will of the people. lou: congressman thank you. >> thank you. lou: vote in our poll, question, if iran were to carry out a acts of war on saudi arabia, do you believe that this president would support and defend our saudi allies? we would like to hear from you. >> dubai's tallest residential building turned into a launching bad for base jumpers this week. from 101 floor of the princess youtower, 600 base jumpers in the 1300 foot freefall, a dream jump
11:46 pm
with a tethered fall for less adventurous type. i don't know which would scare me more. up next, a record breaking stunt puts one motorcycle rider in same company as dare devil evil knievel. and two separate volcanos lighting up the skies with lava an
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lou: on wall street stocks finishing lower month is over, and dow plummetedded 15ded -- 195. more than 40,000 people in omaha, nebraska this weekend for annual berkshire hathaway meeting, we have a program called our weekend with warren. liz claman caught up with chairman of berkshire ceo warren buffet, and got his thoughts on the economy. >> we have been seeing the same thing for 5 1/2 years now. people you know they talk about double dips, and they talk about
11:51 pm
big comebacks, but the country is doing well. we might like to see more growth. but 2% a year, if you have 1%% inflation means things improve the 20% in one generation, that is fabulous. lou: more to the story. for that you can catch more of liz's interview with buffett and his top manager throughout the day on fox business network tomorrow, monday night liz with a primetime special liz's buffett's america 8 p.m. eastern on fox business network please join us. lou: volcanic activity picking up in the globe, a crater on top of kilauea on the big island.
11:52 pm
in chile the calbuco volcano erupted for a third time in two weeks, 8 miles into the sky forcing flight cans cancellations. >> an australian dare devil josh sheehan became first man to ever successfully, a triple back flip aboard a motorcycle, flying 80 feet in the air one that evil knieveller in never tried. you see why wow. up next, why my next guest claims that nba legend lebron james represents the foundation of free trade. he has a book. we'll take up popular economics
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you will find out why next, stay with us. life begins with a howl, we scream shout, shriek with joy. until, inhibition creeps in our world gets smaller quieter, but life should be loud. sing loud, play loud, love loud. dentures shouldn't keep you quiet, life should be ringing in your ears. live loud, polident.
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let's get to it. this is a deal, we don't know the details congress wants to gift president their constitutional authority, and get an up-an-down vote on anything. what in the world? this is free trade? >> well you have to wonder about when government gets involved in the exchange between people but generally, i like this. i like the idea because all we are in the economy are a bunch of individuals. i like the idea of everyone around the world vying for my business i'm a bargain-hunter. i want the world competing for my business. lou: do you want them going online and becoming the editor of real clear politics? do you like competition that much that we turn it over to someone in romania or india or do your job for a third of what you make? do you really like that idea? i want you to be real honest now! >> let's remember, despite all the low wages around the world, the vast majority of investment
11:58 pm
flows into the united states. we're more productive here. lou: why isn't our savings rate higher? why in the world aren't we forming more businesses why aren't wages rising instead our middle class has a diminished standard of living. and we've got an external debt that is massive now. it's eclipsing our national debt. >> well, do you think that if all that were true, people would be flying into this country. lou: it is true it is true, you know it's true. >> we don't buy -- lou: what do you mean you don't buy? you don't buy an 18 trillion external debt. that our middle class is under unprecedented pressure and is declining? that wages have been stagnant for 30 years. >> okay, but great minds disagree here. let's look at you and me. lou: you're up. >> neither one of us cuts our
11:59 pm
own hair, and i don't think we make the clothes that we ware. i don't think we raise our own food. lou: i got no problem, that's a division of labor, that's not a comparative advantage, that's a division of labor. >> and i'm explaining. companies are doing what we as individuals do they're trying to more productive. that's what attracts investment to drive the economy forward. lou: so you like the tpp? let me do this. i'm funning with you, i'm funning with you. go ahead free trade. i love the concept i love the principle i don't like 40 years of consecutive trade deficits which is what we've run. but i got to tell you we're going to have you back, i like the book. you know why i like the book? you put my name in it, and i love that. and the book we want to recommend to all of our viewers, and we're going to bring john back. book is popular economics. john tandy, sorry we've got so
12:00 am
little time. we're going to bring you back. thanks for talking. >> thanks for having me. lou: next it's comparative adv ♪ ♪ jamie: i'm jamie colby, and i'm just driving into enid,


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