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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 2, 2015 2:00am-3:01am EDT

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or if -- raise taxes and i think it is wise for elective officials to say i would not raise your taxes lou dobbs. lou: good evening. the top prosecutor today charged one police officer with murder and five others with lesser crimes in the death of fred d. gray. the prosecutor decided to charge the six police officers after the maryland state medical examiner ruled it to be a homicide and of those demonstrations have sprouted across the nation in recent days. also the state's attorney you brushed you judgment against all six officers to
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declare them to be cleared of all charges. are the charges proper? is there 82 years of the of free trial? protest handwriting ordering nuclear bombers with russian provocation as russia and china as they prepare for joint military and exercises. beginning in baltimore she did deliver a warning to her city's police department. >> those of you who wish to engage in misconduct or
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racism and corruption and let me be clear. there is no clear -- no place for you. >> we also have disturbing reports to protect black owned businesses to the chinese did arab-owned stores and businesses. what is posted outside the businesses with the protesters and the riots. notifying leaders that their black owned. we have mr. jackson from the leadership coalition. >> these charges with the top prosecutor in baltimore your reaction?
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>> this will bring peace to the city temporarily because folks did not know what was going on living in the maryland area of all the impropriety for corruption and a lack of transparency. so i think if nothing has gone forth you would have seen violence amplified and more problems. the good news is the indictment will bring some closure and we have to trust the judicial process that date will be exonerated and if they are then the folks in the community will feel like the double victory but it will take and then down the problems.
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lou: but we have a very disturbing picture with any set of constituents for sub reason feel they are entitled to burn or loot or rioting because they have a political view and sociological view that rises to allow all of specific privilege but they do not. said to even think about being so permissive but this is a problem that we face that there is a racial distribution you cannot say it is a race problem but it
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is a conundrum of class and racial poverty. to make it worse and often you have asian store owners who are victimized who are wiped out. that is not fair or just. lou: is that part of the corruption and that is the city of baltimore. but that city council to stand up with the crips and bloods the talk about how they are thugs and misdirected they are thugs. people don't have the guts to use the same president as the united states? what is going on in
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baltimore? get beyond this nonsense. >> it has lost one-third of its population with 8 percent unemployment rate young black males are unemployed. they have driven all business incorporations and they continue. what you think of mayor rawlings-blake with her paralysis? >> she did not know what to do now she was to be politically correct but the real issue is you have to identify them as slugs with an intervention about community that stars with families and churches. so now they only serve to come from all over the nation for the men that want
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to help cut down and cleanup. the billy graham association is in baltimore right now. though we should be outraged at the lack of action of people not wanting to call out a sense of criminalization with that internal type of terror. lou: reverend sharpton is far more likely to exploit politically that crisis in baltimore then any part of a solution. >> the fact that the crips and the bloods standing with a city councilman rather than representatives of the churches or business
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organizations? to be faced with the destruction of homes and businesses and their livelihoods. >> there is a group called the multi-cultural prayer movement that has 400 churches in the baltimore area. i think groups like that our ready and willing to move. butted and though liberal media we have a group that is standing the flames of the only one segment of people in the community also 100 pastors who went to stop violence and they brought a sense of called to the city but they were not saved by national news.
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and don't want to promote that role of intervention. rabil take bill whole church to make a difference. lou: great to see you. to voice says i have heard from two people that stood up that represent to me hope given baltimore but only to. the one is that mother that charged into that may lay to judgment and a new religion. and another one who stood up unequivocably and emphatically said she will
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go after justice. those are two voices where the heck are the rest of those? now turning to the scandal benghazi real cruz christie presidential ambitions prosecutors brought the charges but not against the governor himself. one that faded guilty to federal conspiracy charges for his role to close access slaves to the george washington bridge done in retribution against the local mayor who did not endorse governor christie's reelection. he however insists he had no knowledge of the plots of that investigation much more
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ahead. >> demonstration and go on te prosecutor presses charges the charges and the prospects.
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lou: another troubling incident near reports that two russian and capable bombers intruding into the air defenses downed according to defense officials to said the incursions into the region no interceptor jets were launched to shadow. so now turning back to the latest development the baltimore and fraternal order of police rushed to judgment with the death of fred a. gray.
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>> let me start by saying hello paul them frustrating i.m. by the information announced by the state's attorney. we're disappointed in the apparent rush to judgment given the facts the investigation has not been concluded. our officers like every american citizen and is entitled to due process. lou: to union the union is calling for a special prosecutor. we have our fox news legal analyst. thank you for being here. but the very quick way the police turned over their investigation choose the state's prosecutor in baltimore. is that appropriate? >>. >> if you just got the information what do
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diligence had you done? you have to do the appropriate due diligence. lou: what mercedes is saying that many use a grand jury. >> she chose not to include directly to arrest the investigation began the minute he was taken out of that vehicle and placed it medical custody right away there was an investigation and there were inconsistencies we will find out beyond what happened during the trials and she moved too quickly. lou: it is lamentable but that doesn't cloud the sense
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that the department does have a right to know. why couldn't they short circuit on the streets before it was arson and rioting? by the way brazing frustration on no way on my part justifies. >> people have the right to know if something went wrong but assumptive the wrong saying then they need to be honest and open to the public. >>. lou: when you say all police officers are not bad. is now a catch phrase of a code word.
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what percent are every talking about? and they are charged with murdering a lesser crimes? this tendency for the president to explode this into a national crisis that is in desperate economic straits. >> all previous the leadership. >> i saw the mayor. lou: the mayor could barely speak and was paralyzed for days at the time. >> there is known strong leadership and it is unfortunate you have situations like this. but he was placed into police custody and came out
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with that situation. >> they said he could not breathe on his own is very serious. >> but here is the real issue. the state's prosecutor from baltimore absolutely out of the blue says there is no special prosecutor to be appointed she has her whole family generations of cops could anyone possibly think they could get a fair trial but the is jurors a large group of people.
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>> but now that you will panel people who will be fair and impartial? lou: with reverend sharpton? >> we all have selected juries they are very careful >> i can imagine you to seek a new then your. [laughter] i understand. >> is a very good tactic. [laughter] lou: vote tonight in the poll should a special prosecutor be deemed to try those police officers. cast your vote at the a construction company claims to be the world's fastest builder and they have evidence to prove it they either acted a 57 story
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skyscraper in 19 days. you were looking at the time line. in record time they used three fabricated my jewels as if that is she being, i don't care what they did. i am not saying that i want to live in the building but the chinese are on to something. the status of six baltimore police officers are in the hands of those on all sides of the debate. next.
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lou: and a few thoughts on the state's attorney for baltimore region only hours to recharge in arrest six policemen in the death of the freddie draper pro --.
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she either acted swiftly and decisively to charge those officers or hastily to turn the evidence over to agree on the jury for the impartial judgment whether to prosecute. of fraternal order called for the prosecutor to remove herself from the case citing conflict of interest and there are plenty facing the prosecutor. but she defied those calls two's step aside and offered this response when asked if she would appoint a special prosecutor. >> i can tell you the people of baltimore city elected me there is no accountability with a special prosecutor. from dave number one be independently investigate we don't rely solely upon the police department. lou: you have to like her style and straightforwardness. whether she will step aside
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is not that to her but a judge or judges said there are plenty parts of conflict with the young prosecutor is on the job for less than four months from a long line of law-enforcement officers her father and mother is she also has strong personal and professional ties to the attorney representing freddie grace family. and even serving on the transition committee her husband is a baltimore city councilman and earlier this week he said the rioters were showing decades old anger and frustration for a system that has failed them. the prosecutor, the young guest in any major city in the country says she sees no
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conflict civic president and the appearance of conflict my husband works on a legislative side i am also a public servant and i uphold the law and he makes a lot. i will prosecute any case put into my jurisdiction. fraternal order quickly pounced -- pointed our her political future will be directly affected by the outcome of this investigation and prosecution. i don't know what the outcome of any hearing if she would recuse herself but she has shown your leadership to be more assertive very persuasive than any other officials in all of baltimore, i have seen. even if she is not in court on this case baltimore has neither. there is no of deviation for
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the sufferings of mankind for good and the resolute facing of the world as it is when the garment by which hands have hidden it's uglier features it is stripped off. it pertains with great relevance to the city of baltimore. we will be right back. >> baltimore's embarrassing leaders in the failures of leadership of city hall and washington d.c..
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lou: falling breaking news -- following breaking news after the police officers were charged in the deaths of freddie gray. most are peaceful we're watching very carefully has though law enforcement authorities are in both cities. new developments in washington with of review board review way a series of extraordinary incidence. capitol hill police officers losing their loaded weapon is the least three times in
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the past year. one of the officers assigned to mitch mcconnell left his loaded glock pay and done in a bathroom stall in the visitors' center bathroom stall and others signed into speaker boehner left his weapon in the bathroom where it was found by the eight year old child the third weapon loaded found by a janitor, and nobody has claimed that one. l.a. international airport police left alive stick of dynamite had been old played it museum apparently was left behind after a weekend training exercise and workers stumbled upon it four days later. all is now safe. president obamacare to day called justice it to be served in the case of
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freddie grace. >> it is absolutely vital the truth comes out on what happened to freddie gray. i can tell you that justice needs to be served. all the evidence needs to be presented. what the people want more than anything else is the church's. lou: truth? the note here elected officials use that word very often. joining us now former clinton adviser doug shoen and jetted diana. over u.s. surprised the president used the word truth? back he did that because he was criticized in the past to make judgments and he
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takes a step back to call for peaceful protest in he has played this a very well. he can inject himself to call for palm but we should not make judgments before the evidence. lou: but i'd take he did already calling for a national searching of parts talking about police departments in the community. and jon peters says we have of a national crisis with the relationship between african-americans a.m. the police department. >> i think we do it is a fair question and the data suggest there is a problem. but there is something missing. what are we going to do to solve the problems facing
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the inner-city poor people white or black or brown. we don't have a national agenda or a jack kemp who i know you were a big fan of. we don't have anyone speaking with a voice. >> unfortunately you have liberal policies that have promoted this. lou: is talk about the problem than the cause not the solution. >> but when conservative candidates talk about jobs and education reform stop throwing money at the problem and the school choice there are solutions to make them appeal to the community to say this is how we get you out of poverty with a better ambiance. lou: i don't ask this to a new you but is there an example of an american city
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in which you have just said it has worked in the last half century? i cannot think of one. >> but school choice? isn't that a pretty good example? lou: but i thought she was talking better programmatic solutions. >> is -- it is. >> everyone who comes out to advocate for school choice could board. lou: how caird anyone in this country resist discipline in schools when the children are shot down in the streets not just baltimore. how can people resist the idea when children's lives are at stake? rick is strongest supporters of the discipline is for african-americans in iran and hispanics.
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lou: and heavier are heard from secretary duncan or president of obamacare and his predecessors of the george bush the great conservative who screwed up as many schools as barack obama instead of talking honestly about the importance of safety in the community to give people a choice i want them to have the first and best race for every kid is to have the school closest to their home be theirs and accessible and available and a safe zone. it is a complicated but filled by a greedy special interest whether labor unions or teacher unions are liberals who want to create another program.
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if you want me to be bipartisan you came to the wrong guy. i am more interested in the truce we're solidly ourselves by not acting as gimmicky are talking about messaging problem. >> i am talking about doing something. >> biology reinforce that? >> what the hell to you liberals ever do? [laughter] >> that is the cruelest point yet. [laughter] turned to the president confronted by vladimir putin flying bombers over the arctic near alaska and will be witnessing one of the largest military exercises in two weeks between the chinese have the russians in the mediterranean and has
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iran trying to create the entire middle eastern north africa as a domain of influence and is going on about a pathetic effort of a nuclear power deal. are you kidding? >> i am not. you are right for our road to book on china and the access. when you speak of is a far more serious problem with the acknowledgement recognized issue of discipline in the schools. the free world is at stake. >> but i think it will depend on the next president and of the key will be a strong spokesman ship for leadership in the country. lou: on that note. thank you for being here.
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>> always a pleasure. be sure to vote precocious special prosecutor be named to try those six and arrested police officers? >> the media could burn through the baltimore sixth grade your a 12 year-old moderated an interview with the president when he thought he got long winded. >> listen, even the best writers usually are not that could the first time they write is the medicare fee to cover everything with that spirit that made i have then talking too long. [laughter] >> he knows how to adapt very quickly i ayrshire the
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white house press corps were watching. i've loved that. by the way if you were hurt the sticker shock of the apple watches the cost to manufacture. and the nfl draft last night with the commissioner being
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lou: the stocks are reversing course to rally with the dow surging 180 for the nasdaq up 64 points bullion dropping a 3.4 billion shares for the week the s&p is down with losses from 1.5%. coast-to-coast on the salem radio network three times a day. the actual worth may shock you the cheapest model selling at $350 with those
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components that make up each apple watch $84? however there are not even close to the worst offender. and the brawn sneakers for $300 a pair that they cost $15 a pair produce. that is what we call a comfortable margin. she wanted july and dropped it a match in the man's gas tank while he was filling up i all the laughs because of the absurdity of the story.
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>> but since nobody was injured there is. >> 14 the road has the meeting for one pedestrian. what this tractor-trailer of the year, around the bend. the driver lost control dumping the entire load on an unsuspected pedestrian. can't we see that again? it is extraordinary. but nobody is talking to reason that means we will not see it again. they give for be nice. plus your hearts. cell and feelings may have been injured in the nfl draft mariota quarterback listening to the commissioner flat out
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butchered his name from the podium. >> the second pick in the 2015 nfl draft tennessee titans select markets mariota quarterback from oregon. lou: he should not be up to six -- to offset -- of said neither should the commissioner occasionally i butchered names of all sorts quite frequently. i give him a pass. it took me a little while to figure out how to save markus teeeight 30 but that was of a few years ago. making light of us that stuff florida crab legs.
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up next the republican field tuesday and with the clinton family@?
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♪ >> joining us now, american conservative union chairman. former white house political director under george w. bush. matt.
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and republican strategist mercedes. they're married. good to have you both here. >> hi, lou. lou: i wouldn't do this with most people. let's play a word association with the interest of time. let's start out with baltimore. mercedes. >> you know, i think it's been a very tough week for that whole city. and them trying to sort out what's going to be -- what's going to happen with freddie gray's case and with these officers. so again, you know it's a city that's hurting. a city that i think, is reflecting what's happening in the national area of where we'll find that middle ground between law enforcement and the african-american community. lou: john boehner here goes. we're over the -- john boehner says these racial tensions are a national crisis between as he put it, the police departments and african-americans.
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matt. matt: yeah, if you ask me for one word on baltimore. i'll say failure. and i think john boehner is right. i think we have a substantial problem when, you know, you have people that are just breaking the law and stealing people's goods and, you know, just destroying their property. and people are making excuses for it. i don't think we should do that. by the same token, the police forces across the country have had pretty rough headlines over and over again. and if there's wrongdoing it ought to be radioed rooted out. these cops can't get a fair shake with this rush to judgment, is what i'm worried about. lou: let's turn to hillary clinton and the scandal that keeps widening. widening. widening. has she, mercedes lost the moral right to run for the presidential nomination of her party? >> well i think it's just been completely disastrous on her part. a no response.
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or a response to attack the author that just doesn't do enough to really provide the straightforward answers that reporters from even left-leaning media are asking about her and these very complicated cases of dealing with india, russia canada, these undisclosed donors these bad tax returns, i mean for the ceo of the clinton foundation to say, this is a mistake. that we've made a mistake. i mean, these are major mistakes that, again questions her honesty and the trustworthiness. lou: ted cruz says the president is inflaming racial tensions, matt. matt: yeah. i don't know. i think that the one thing -- i think the one thing that's fair to say. the one thing we all thought we'd get, when we elected the first black american, that there could be healing over these strained relationships over the past few decades. you don't see it in the
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headlines. it's another area that obama didn't live up to the area that we hoped he would. lou: mike huckabee set to announce his candidacy. this looks like a field mercedes. we have about 30 seconds. it looks like a field that is going to be quite a bit larger. and it looks like it will be stronger unprecedented in its strength. >> well it's exciting. i think for governor huckabee to jump in. he's obviously credible likable. very charismatic. and i think he does -- he's able to -- but he'll be competing in a very tough field. i mean, you have governor scott walker. senator marco rubio. and i think it's just going to be tough for him to break through. but, again he's just very popular. matt: but, mercy, he's done it before. having done it before is a big deal running for president. >> they'll be working out that last word thing later. have a great weekend. take care.
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time now for a look at our online poll results. whether president obama would support and defend our saudi allies if iran were to carry out an act of war against saudi arabia.. >> from dusty boxes in the attic. emerge military artifacts handed down across 5 generations. >> writing is unbelievable. >> an heirloom that may be a long lot of lost piece of history. >> i had never seen one before. >> value is rising with everybody fold. >> a war a map a mystery. >> i had a momenttary roller coaster there. >> will it lead to a family's hidden treasure?


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