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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  May 4, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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handsome husband. melissa: thank you. hope you're making money today. "countdown" starts now. >> hello, everybody. i'm cheryl casone, i'm in for liz claman today. commercial drones are having a tough time shaking free of government regulation in this country. the military drones like the ones produced by north drummond are flying to new heights. we'll catch up with their executive of unmanned aircrafts about how drones are being used to search for victims in nepal's devastating earthquake. (?) the numbers don't lie. those were the words of new mcdonald's ceo steve easterbrook. that's why he announce a turnaround strategy for the world's largest fast food chain. saying mcdonald's needs to innovate more and bring back excitement. how investors have reacted so far today. not so well. and warren buffett certainly likes his daily fix of mcdonald's. and coca-cola. today, he and bill gates and berkshire vice
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president charlie munger sat down for a lengthy interview about everything. incredible longevity at berkshire hathaway. >> i had a terrific advantage of having a long run and being able to do it my own way. cheryl: we're going to hear much more of liz's interview with warren buffett in just a moment. as well as her entire interview. warren buffett's america. tonight on the fox business network, 8:00 p.m. eastern time. it is the last hour of trading on this monday. so let's start the "countdown." ♪ cheryl: and we've got you covered on every angle today. a lot of news is flowing, and we are on it for you right here at fbn. jeff flock is in kansas city on the latest gm announcement. peter barnes in d.c. on
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the lost decade in the u.s. blake burman also in d.c. the latest updates on the campaign. scott redler will set up your portfolio for the week. bob is in the pits of cme. and our reporter is managing the imex. what are gm's plans. just as the fairfax assembly plant rolls out its five hundredths vehicle. mary announces her big plans for the production facility and the 2016 malibu. jeff flock joins us from the fairfax gm plant in kansas. tells us about the car that gm is zeroing on. a lot of press for her in the last few days. a lot of it positive. jeff: absolutely, cheryl. indeed, celebrating the past and investing in the future. we are on the production line. in fact, that is the newest malibu that you'll ever see. it's just rolling off the production line. this is the fairfax assembly plant here. celebrating the
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500 millionth vehicle that gm has ever produced. by far more than any other automaker in history. a bright history. but is the future bright? i sat down with mary barr to talk about that future. asked her specifically about the ignition recalls and how much damage that has done to the company. she told me in some ways it made the company stronger. >> i think those are foundational elements that we've laid last year that will lead to us truly be able to create a zero defect vehicle. jeff: mary barr saying that the goal, of course, is to take that experience and actually make a much better vehicle going forward. they announced today another $174 million to be invested in this plant here in fairfax. the fairfax plant here in kansas city, kansas. we'll keep an eye on it. next hour, we'll talk to the president of gm north america about one of gm's most celebrated
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vehicles. i'll ask him if he's ready to say it's a bust. can you guess what the vehicle is? bet you can. cheryl: jeff flock. gm stock up fractionally. thank you very much. see you next hour. first quarter gdp was disappointing to say the least. and it remains highly unlikely that growth in this country for the year is even going to exceed 3%. will this be enough for the feds to keep interest rates low? what will it mean for american's personal growth? let's bring in peter barnes for that report. peter: hey, cheryl. president obama launched an stimulus program. he said we would end up like japan with a lost decade of growth. you could say that even with the obama stimulus plan and all of the fed's stimulus, it looks like that we're chalking up and apologies to our fox broadcasting cousins
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an american idled decade. that weak first quarter gdp growth of just 0.2% makes it highly likely that growth for 2015 will once again remain below 3%. a realtime economy tracker from the atlanta federal reserve reports growth at 0.8% for the current second quarter. so 2015 could end up being the tenth year of sub 3% growth in -- on average. now, the last nine years, which include the great recession have averaged 1.4%, which also turns out to be the growth president under the president and the fed's stimulus. that compared to a 3% gdp growth rate each year on average before the recession going back to 1965. according to economist scott, real gdp is now running 10% below that long-run potential. costing more than $2 trillion in lost income, each year. and we did hear from
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federal reserve bank president chicago fed president charlie evans today who said that that first quarter has given him pause, and he favors starting to raise short-term interest rates in 2016, especially with inflation so low. cheryl. cheryl: interesting. they keep pushing this thing down the road, if you will. yet the markets are going up and up. peter, i want you to stay with me for this discussion. i want to bring in the traders. at the new york stock exchange, cme group, and imex. scott redler is sitting by. we asked you this question before. i'm asking it again. how can the markets trade up and up and up? earnings have not been substantial. it's been kind of ho-hum and the economy is not growing. when is wall street going to wake up and say, hold on a second. >> well, every time you think that will happen like last week, something comes into the market. not many places to put your capital. it's been proven over time that the bull market does win. here we are at a
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conundrum where growth isn't great. the market is starting to accept it. we want good news. we're starting to see decent news. about 1% of all-time highs. if we could hold above 2100, this might be the week we break over 2120. cheryl: you're talking technicalities. peter just reported even the fed is backing off and saying, hey, wait a minute. the economy is not looking strong. wages. income. even real meaningful job creation isn't there. american companies are the ones that are over all of this, and they're not telling us that things are that strong, scott. >> well, you know, at this point we have to take the market in front of us. you have corporate backbacks. they're buying back their own stocks. pes a little above the national average. again, this is the market that has been trending. and anyone trying to short this market for the past two years has been getting hurt. so at this point, you know what, at some point
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maybe we do break this trend. right now it's essentially a planned market. you see it in europe, japan, asia. that's what's driving prices now. >> we're asking the question now. our viewers want to know where the future will take us. let's talk about commodities. the main thing traded at the come. cme. that's corn. cattle. what about that side of investing? maybe there's opportunity there, maybe not? >> well, i think unfortunately what scott was talking about is right in terms of corporate buybacks and easy money. we're talking about the bad -- we're still not out of that bad news is good news for the stock market. opposite for the commodities market. when you have sub 3% growth for ten years as you mentioned, it's a disgrace. the commodity bull market has to come to an end. they're cyclical. we're 11 years in this one right now. it
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>> i don't know what will take the stock market higher. if the fed decides to tighten up. there's nowhere else to put your money. all the corporate buybacks are keeping our market artificially here. and i think the oil market may have given us a hint going forward on where the stock market could go if the fed decides to raise rates. >> that last line was my favorite. artificially here. artificial might be the theme here, guys. >> i hate to say it, but that's really what it seems, you know. >> i agree with you. peter barnes, everyone on the floor show, thank you very much for the commentary. we once again are kicking off our day. 18,000 dow at 16 points. fifty minutes to go for closing bell. warren buffett, start slinging newspapers. well, today he's in the papers for everything, from his purchase at kraft and heinz.
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to his unhappy netjets pilots. is he losing his midas touch or is he just getting started? we have more on the interview with the oracle of omaha. can a former tech ceo make a credible run at the presidency? what about a former surgeon? we're going to look at the latest candidates to announce today, and how they might manage a rough and tumble economy. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ cheryl: we are getting breaking news into fox business. video from baltimore, mayor. just a few moments ago. this is coming into us from our colleagues at the fox news channel. a crew witnessed a police officer chased an african-american man. shoots the man multiple times. we'll bring you more details as they become available. this is obviously coming in at a very sensitive time for the city of baltimore after the recent riots there over the shooting and the death of freddie gray. once again, that coming in from our colleagues. weewe'll keep you updated. we may get an update
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from baltimore police on twitter. that's what they're saying. big business story we've been following all through the week. a lot of headlines crossing. berkshire hathaway celebrate its 50th anniversary at its annual shareholder meeting over the weekend. liz claman sat down with warren buffett this morning to discuss his investing success and how he decides what companies are worth investing in. warren: i try to buy things where i think i understand what their economic future is likely to be over the next five, ten, 20 years. and i try to buy companies that have great management because we don't have managers to put in. we only have 25 people in the home office. and i try to buy them at a reasonable price. and when we find all three of those ingredients available, and i've got the money, i write a check. cheryl: even with buffett's long-time success, investors wanted to hear this weekend, they had concerns about some of the statements. joining me now is mike
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holland. holland and company, major shareholder of berkshire hathaway. what did you think about the weekend overall? >> complete success. i think that he puts himself, cheryl, out there for an extended period of time, answers every question people have to ask. liz claman's report tonight will once again show that sitting down with him for an extended period of time, you're sitting down with one of the smartest down to earth investors the world has seen. i've been an investor with o him for a long time for this reason. he has a superior ability to pick the administration. cheryl: one of the things that got a lot of attention was his take on activist investing. in particular with regency capital. (?) they seem to have a different management style than buffett does. a lot of layoffs. that really wasn't his thing before. he always believed in nurturing companies.
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building goodly old american companies, but he got criticized in the meeting a little bit for this. >> all the years that i've been invested in berkshire hathaway, there's always been some form of criticism. there were other criticisms about the clayton home things. people going out there -- cheryl: predatory lending in clayton homes. american way to invest -- >> when you're as big as he is, there will be things that you will say, i wish that hadn't happened. and i'm sure with each of these, he would say, if i could wave a magic wand and get rid of those things, i would. but that's part of the project. he's been supportive of the administration. all the top the administration that he's invested in are supportive of him. (?) cheryl: a lot of talk about the future for him. obviously that's a concern for anyone that holds the stock. the a or the b. he said it's an institution. that we've set it up in a way that it will continue long past my legacy. is that enough? >> yeah, he has great
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businesses. burlington northern was a spectacular acquisition. great price, but that's not as he said -- it's not all about price. it's about the businesses you buy ultimately. and he's bought great businesses. so i think the people he has managing those businesses, yeah, i think that's a fair statement. cheryl: he and charlie munger were on the stage. they were drinking cherry coke and eating see's peanut brittle. i believe in coca-cola. and he's living longer. at the time that flies in the face of what we see in america. for americans to get healthier. >> but he doesn't own mcdonald's. right? cheryl: no. he doesn't own mcdonald's, but coca-cola is a different story. >> it's a different story. people will continue to drink coke. he made another comment which was a great comment. where we are today to your question. when you go to whole foods. people aren't smiling in there. they smile when they drink coca-cola.
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i think that's true around the world. >> it will be fascinating to get more details from liz. thank you very much. obviously someone involved in investing with berkshire hathaway. don't forget, you can watch the rest of liz's interview with warren buffett, charlie munger, and bill gates, that will be here at fox business network, 8:00 p.m. eastern time. do not miss it. closing bell will ring. forty minutes to go. shares of the new york times company shot up as the report of our very own charlie gasparino about a bid for the media company. where did that bid come from? a twist on that bidder. and warren buffett, he was in great form at at the berkshire hathaway annual meeting. we'll be live in omaha where liz claman will give us highlights of her interview with the oracle of omaha. ♪
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♪ cheryl: we want to update on you the breaking news coming from our colleagues over at the fox news channel. at essence crew witnessed a police officer. chasing an african-american man in baltimore. we're getting a few different details now. in fact, according to the baltimore sun and reporter colin, a commander confirmed it was a shooting. the man had a gun. police were trying to arrest him. supposedly the gun fell and the gun went off. so we're trying to get more details as to what is going on with this suspect in baltimore. and also, again, the commander at the scene saying that he -- that the gun went off. so some different reports coming in at this point. baltimore police are telling us to wait for an official statement from them. they'll either release it on their website or on their facebook page. we'll continue to
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monitor the twitter account as well. we found out last week that the baltimore police until things escalated in baltimore, were active on twitter. we're watching all the somes tsocial media sites to see what police are telling us. we'll keep you post, everybody, on that breaking news. former president bill clinton revealed in an interview today that he has no regrets about the millions in cash that the clinton foundation has taken from foreign governments. the 42nd president also said there's nothing sinister is going on. fox business blake burman is joining us now. he's been following the colorful interview with the former president this morning. >> the state department weighed in on this issue just a little while ago. they once again backed hillary clinton earlier today. a spokesperson reiterated that the department's view that
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there's no evidence that the donations influenced clinton when she was a top diplomat. the foundation did not par take in anything, as he says, quote, knowingly inappropriate. (?) clinton also said he believed there is nothing sinister in trying to help people. and he feels the foundation has become a target. listen here. bill: there's been a very deliberate attempt to take the foundation down. and there's almost -- that wasn't known when she ran for president the first time. >> now, it has been a busy day in the race for the white house on the g.o.p. side. the official field there of three sitting senators expanded by two candidates seeking their first public offe office. ben carson. formerly announced his 2016 run. carly fiorina announced her campaign on facebook and twitter.
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she continues later today by hosting a town hall on periscope. it should happen 30 minutes from now. >> blake burman live in d.c. appreciate that live report. we're following shares of new york times today. the new york times company. that stock is trending higher. about 2.5%, following news that our very own charlie gasparino broke here right here on fox business on friday. charlie reported that bloomberg, the bloomberg company has renewed interest in buying the new york times. now, charlie has new details about a possible bloomberg grab. he'll explain what that means, charlie. what do you know? >> bloomberg grab, that's an interesting one. let's recap what i reported on friday. what media banking sources are telling the fox business network. mike bloomberg has indicated, and we don't know much more than indicated that he's still interested in pursuing the new york times. that he would still like to own it.
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does that mean he has an offer on the table? does that mean he has deal documents drawn up? i don't think it's that far. i think this is just indication. when i reported this on friday after about four hours afterhours, the stock was going up. bloomberg said it's not true. they're not interested in buying it. you take it for what it's worth. billions of dollars in market cap has increased the new york times -- reports from the market says it's true and that these bankers are reading -- mayor bloomberg's intention that he's interested any in it. he's also interested in buying lexus. most reporters know what lexis-nexis is. it's a database for lawyers. and it has all these legal documents on it where you can download it. it's apparently extremely profitable. bloomberg has set up its own diversion of
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lexis-nexis. what he's saying, is that, yes, he's interested in purchasing this again. we should point out that that score, a bloomberg spokesperson has no comment. we'll keep you updated if she should change their mind as they did last week. that's where we are right now. i'll tell you who my sources are. my sources are very well-placed media bankers. they talk to people in the bloomberg operation. mayor bloomberg himself. they're good at this stuff. he may not be ready to make a bid on the new york times now. but clearly what they're saying is that he's interested. we should point out, he needs two sides to dance on this one. he needs the new york times to want to sell to some extent. remember, the family that owns it, they control the controlling stock. it is a public company. there's the way the stock is split up
3:31 pm
between a and b shares. they control that stock and they've given no indication that they want to sell. as a matter of fact they told the fox business network, they are not for sale. you never what happens. that's what the bankers and the cox family said when murdoch put a bid in for them a couple years ago. after going back and forth, mr. murdoch did prevail and buy the wall street journal and dow jones. back to you. cheryl: all right. charlie gasparino live. he'll be in the salt conference and hopefully staying out of trouble. closing bell. twenty-nine minutes to go. relief workers are using drones over nepal to help get emergency supplies to stranded survivors. how they're helping the city of san diego california. also, it wasn't all fun and games at the berkshire hathaway annual meeting. warren buffett had to answer tough questions about some of his biggest investments.
3:32 pm
liz was there to ask some of the toughest questions. she'll join us next with the highlights from her big interview today. ♪
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♪ >> it's not your average investor meeting, literally the city of omaha was taken over this weekend by berkshire hathaway investors. and liz claman was with the oracle of omaha all weekend long. liz joins us live from the omaha airport. are you ever coming home, liz? liz: well, actually we didn't even get to the airport, cheryl. i'm on a street in downtown nebraska. right here in omaha. and everybody is sort of fleeing the rain here.
3:37 pm
it's amazing what's happened over this weekend. why? because a kid from omaha, 55, 60 years ago actually created what is now the world's third most valuable company. that is berkshire hathaway with many of the brands you know. what he does, during a shareholder meeting, he hits the floor. we thought we would take you smack into that crowd of 40,000 shareholders to see what it's like when warren buffett the oracle of omaha walks it. listen. warren: we'd like to move as quickly as we can. but the system is set up to be slow. i wonder what we have here. a recent picture? >> we have a special cake for you and charlie this morning. warren: oh, that is terrific. followed by the fudge. peanut brittle. sorry. >> some initials here. wb here.
3:38 pm
brk. and brke. >> okay. liz, i don't know if you can hear me, we've lost your audio. i'll let all the viewers know that they have to tune in tonight to your special. warren buffett's america. that is tonight right here on the fox business network. 8:00 p.m. eastern time. liz will be on her way home. and she'll be back in her chair tomorrow for "countdown" to closing bell. it is time now for our "countdown" news flash. police reportedly searching the phoenix home of two suspects who were killed at an art exhibit in texas. they drove up to a building and began shooting at a security guard. garland police officers returned fire and they killed both of those men. the g.o.p. field of
3:39 pm
candidates grew larger. carly fiorina and dr. ben carson are the latest to announce their bids for the g.o.p. nomination today. former arkansas governor, mike huckabee, expected to announce his candidacy tomorrow. and it is official, britain's new royal baby now has a name. princess charlotte elizabeth diana. they announced the girl's name two days after the duchess of cambridge gave birth. charlotte is fourth in line to the british thrown. she's verthrone. very cute. drones are helping save lifes ilives in nepal. following the devastating earthquake that left 7300 people dead. and thousands are still unaccounted for. they're turning to technology as people start to lose hope. the governments are using drones and crowd-sourced maps to
3:40 pm
get critical supplies out to stranded victims. george joins me now in a fox business exclusive. so we wanted to ask you about this. we know that the faa and, of course, the developers of drones are at odds. but is this something that can be used for good around the world, what we're seeing in nepal? >> hi, cheryl. thanks for having me. great question. absolutely. they could be. we've seen drones used -- our unmanned systems used for multiple applications. i mean, they were originally thought of being used for military. we thought of them being expand into other areas. back in 2007, if people remember, there were raging fires burning across southern california, including where my workplace was. we were closed because of the fires. we saw unmanned systems being used for that application. as the fires were burning, our system, called the global hawk was actually flying high
3:41 pm
above san diego county at about 60,000 people and able to stay up there for up to 30 hours taking images that we could feed realtime to the firefighters on the ground. so the value of that was, the images that they were being provided, they could use those to determine, you know, where to send the relief teams. where to send the resources. where they needed to be in order to understand what routes were safer for evacuations. it was a real benefit that we saw really for the first time of our systems being used for that type of application. and the great part, cheryl, was when it was all over, we heard from several firefighters that said, we really appreciated what you did because you helped save lives and property. cheryl: sure. that's the thing that struck me about what's happening in nepal. the government. the nepalese government saying that these drones are the way to potentially find people that are still alive. not in mountainous areas, but maybe just strand. but here in the us, the
3:42 pm
faa is at odds of drones. they want the operator to have a line of sight for the drones. perfect example of the fire season in california. the faa could maybe at least drop that regulation in a crisis? is a company like your voice part of that discussion? >> yeah, cheryl, definitely. in fact, that's a great point you make, that 2007, that's exactly how it happened. and i think in times of crises, you're given permission to fly a system like we had. and i think -- or, i know right now we're working very closely with the faa and several unmanned systems orgsdz organizations like avsi to do what you said. we're trying to make sure we're influencing and helping to craft responsible safety policy and procedures that will allow technology for unmanned systems, drones, to be used safely and to be able to help. you know, besides when i mentioned fires, we saw
3:43 pm
them used extensively in japan when the japanese were faced with the tsunami and the earthquake. we saw technology save lives. find people. find where they could be moved safely. where relief needed to go. we've seen it during hurricanes. during the fires. the earthquakes. just more and more applications we're seeing where they can be used. >> let me ask you real quickly about this national geographic documentary that you're very proud of. it includes the global hawk. that is that nasa is using this to go up to very incredibly high elevations to take air samples. that helps the city of san diego. tell me about the involvement between the drones and the city of san diego. and the high recognition being offered them. >> yeah, cheryl, it was wonderful to be part of that documentary with national geographic. it highlighted the advantages of san diego with technology, world class universities, research facilities. and then it was a real
3:44 pm
honor to be picked to be part of it. so we were able to highlight some of the technology we have in north gremin with the global hawk. we do take it and fly to high altitudes. we've been to the arctic to help with global warming. we've taken it to the pacific where we've flown over hurricanes and tycoons. if you live in california, we have this thing called the pineapple express. it hits us every winter. now it's a better way to understand those storms and help predict how we can help people. so it's been really nice to see what north gremin in san diego has been able to do to help. >> george, thank you for your time. of course, we'll follow the program at north grumin. breaking news into fox business, everybody. a short time ago we reported on a shooting incident that happened in baltimore. we have new details. it appears that police
3:45 pm
did not shoot anybody on the ground. authorities were chasing a man who was carrying a gun. he fell. and apparently that gun accidentally went off. police are saying they did not fire their weapons at all. that suspect was injured when he fell. he's been taken to a hospital. breaking news situations. always details flooding in and out. we do our best to bring the breaking news as it happens. fifteen minutes to go. real estate is the place to be. according to one fund manager. i think so too. but we'll take a look at why he's so bullish. and where he's putting his money when it comes to real estate. commercial residential views. and while the markets are closed at the top of the hour. we're always on call for you. sign up for claman on call. we deliver the biggest headlines of the day directly to your smartphone. i'll see you there tonight .
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call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. ♪ cheryl: all right. only ten minutes until the close. which means, it is time for the "countdown" closer. nicole petallides is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. allen is at the cme with the number one thing to watch in the final hours of trading. joel is here to tell us why his firm believes in international real estate. nicole, what are you watching? >> the gigantic company of cisco systems. the top ten in the nasdaq market cap. changing of the guard. john chambers. twenty years moving up to executive chairman. they have chuck robins who will fill that executive role. the stock is up a quarter of 1 percent. they think that robin has the vision for the
3:51 pm
short-term and the long-term. they've been looking since last january for a cession plan. this is a big deal. (?) >> we'll see you at the close. allen is standing by at the cme. most important thing happening in the markets right now. what do you have? >> well, i'm just looking to see that the markets fully get back the losses from the s&p and the dow. the dow is lagging behind. we got back unchanged year-to-date last week. bounced back. i think that's where the value is. i'm looking at walmart, mcdonald's, american express, and coca-cola has dow dogs to finally participate. >> all right. thank you very much. appreciate it. well, it is all about location, location, location. you've heard me say that. right? looking to invest in real estate? well, you don't want to overlook buying properties abroad. i told stuart varney this last week. what factors should you be considering? let's bring in to discuss portfolio
3:52 pm
manager joe wells. we'll talk about this from buying into the stock whatever. >> sure. cheryl: but international real estate. you say this is the way to go. >> absolutely. while we do see still good value and opportunities within the united states and the reit market here. we see great opportunities abroad. you have to be selective. look at it from a macro perspective as we do at alpine. you start from the macro. you look at management teams and valuations. we feel there are attractive opportunities globally. >> are these reits. i can go out and own a piece of some gigantic portfolio of i guess chinese real estate? >> china, no, not yet. china right now is going through the process of introducing reits. but therein lies the opportunity. perhaps getting in early on some of these companies that have the opportunity to reit their markets. and we look at companies
3:53 pm
like that all the time. india is another classic example of an emerging market that is providing an opportunity for reits as they become -- >> so i said location. what are you looking at? europe? do you like central america? south america maybe? i know a lot of americans are really looking to buy overseas now because of the dollar. >> yeah. dollar certainly plays a role in any real estate decisions. in our decisions, it's extremely relevant. but i think -- we look everywhere. we find opportunities in japan. the developed markets are interesting. just because you have qe. you have low rates. that look like they're going to remain low for of somsome time. not only are there opportunities from the residential side. but the commercial side. we really haven't hit that inflection point. you know, rent still has not caught up with cap rate compression. so there's going to be some opportunity going forward. >> cap rate compression. >> cap rate compression. when you're looking at the overall value and what someone will pay for a -- for a
3:54 pm
commercial asset, for example. cheryl: like a hotel. >> it's a yield on that -- cheryl: okay. >> when you look at. when you value real estate, particularly commercial assets, you're looking at yields of -- yields of the cap rate versus say what the ten-year may be. what the bond may be. that's the spread where the opportunity lies. >> when you talk about commercial properties. i always tell people, think about like an old folks home in the u.s. think about a hotel. an office park. these are ways you can invest. colony capital. you like that one. starwood hotels and resorts. they've been buying up a lot of hotels around the world. >> absolutely. cheryl: then hilton as well. hilton worldwide. >> those are us names that we find to be attractive here. i mean, i think colony x is an extremely well-known well-managed company that has recently internalized a private equity arm. (?) and a management division. the growth in assets in
3:55 pm
that company looks to be very strong catalyst. as with the sell of the private home division. the hotel division -- the hotel sector globally is interesting because usually one of the first sectors that moves in any market. its rent duration is one night. cheryl: we're seeing a change in the guard. the leadership of starwood. that will be interesting as well. coming occupant close. joel, thank you very much for the tip. appreciate it. my favorite story. all right, closing bell. one biotech company making huge strides to repair and grow human nerves. you know, when your nerves are shot? that happens to a lot of people. we'll talk to the ceo of xogen. multibillion-dollar growing market. it's not all fun and games at the berkshire hathaway annual meeting besides playing ping-pong with bill gates. warren buffett has answers to the biggest investment partners.
3:56 pm
you'll want to tune in tonight for li liz liz claman's prime time special, warren buffett's america. to find out how the oracle of omaha is handling his investments. righ8:00 p.m. eastern. fox business network. after the bell, adam shapiro and i. ♪
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cheryl: holding above 18,000. cheryl casone in for liz claman. adam shapiro is here for the next cheryl: time warner cable moving higher. another possible merger report. could this get anymore interesting? >> both stocks move higher. time warner up 1.1%. whole thing fizzled between time warner and comcast. that was supposed to be $45 billion merger. we'll see if this works out.
4:00 pm
adam: nicole, officer gauge following to lowest level of the year. [closing bell ringing] >> we'll see if this is new highs or possible sellers. cheryl: bells ringing on monday. we're well into the second quarter. the nasdaq and new york stock exchange both closing higher. look how stocks are finishing up. the dow up 46 points. we backed off. we had nicer trading session. adam: volume was light. charlie brady, our numbers cruncher said volume was light so take it a grain of salt. cheryl: nice gain for nasdaq, s&p, russell 2000. "after the bell" starts right now. adam: we want to break down today's action and we've got lee munson from portfolio wealth advisors. he will tell us why he thinks investors should brace possible rr


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