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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  May 7, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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professional sports. we ask don and jerry and they said yes by 80 percent. have a great night. >> marching on after the close these are the names this is where they closed moving big time we will take if it is a buy or sell or hold. and report to that seddon's shares skyrocketing of yelp!. why didn't i buy more yesterday? but first the stock market remember we had a sprint to the close? there was a little hesitation we could still
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close a little anxiety before the jobs report but was that smart -- smart money? consumer credit reports were released despite said net increase of outstanding consumer credit debt we can talk about it but first we have nicole petallides at new york stock exchange. >> let's talk about the choppy market if we hear that resistance just looking at those technicals with janet yellen and one trader says you don't need that for the economy. that is something we saw yelp! explode with a potential takeover that was
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23 percent by the end of the day. schaede shack but those were too big movers. charles: a lot of people have spent telling me to take the profits. we were watching the show "making money". we have new faces i have been trying for a long time to get him here. and tim is back. with the executive vice president you our necks for a and you were here at the right time. and also moody's chief space economist. matt mccall founder and president of penn financial. the consumer credit number a
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hundred $89 billion but people need to understand it was $1 trillion back in 2008 so another thing we see is companies cannot beats the topline. but i have several theories including el like regulatory why is but it is the psyche of the consumer. >> it is not definitive obviously which way will it go? energy is a major factor with the dynamics that are going on in the middle east a.m. the royal family last week the saudis continue. charles: but the thing that influences people around new york city? >> yes but not for that reason they don't know why but if you go to the doctor
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to do what was wrong you would not go to the dr. [laughter] but you go there is something wrong. they get it. they don't understand all the dynamics. charles: having said that the federal reserve has printed money why hasn't it gotten to me in st.? so we could have good old fashioned inflation? connect o% fed funds rate since december 2008 and add $4 trillion of bonds never mind from fiscal stimulus what do we have to show for that? >> but what is the deal with that? >> and then with the cheaper average worker's more of the country is getting older.
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charles: so you have protectionism? >> if you are an investor except the fact you cannot find in the advanced economies like japan or the united states. charles: this is not unlike the great depression. people who were young made a lot of money they did not spend it. this sale malts andrew -- drove the old pickup truck. but maybe your friends who have lived through this and in charge of the household budget is that a permanent scarring? >> think it is quality versus quantity people would buy and buy but now we deal with the millenials. charles: what if they are not millenials?
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and now they refuse? >> it is for the short-term. >> but if you spend the same amount of money i.o.c. how that makes sense. but they don't spend money. is the dna. >>.com sound to do average hourly wage the reason they're not growing they're so out of slack generally and if you look globally there is a lot of slack with respect to excess production and so until we see average wage growth we will not see the consumer spending more. that is what we're watching.
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>> people would be surprised how low of credit-card debt. but it is tough highest over a couple of decades. there is still something else to wait. what else could there be? >> i don't know. maybe you are looking for something that is not there. but middle-income jobs are not there. and we give you $15 an hour. >> younger households have trouble affording housing better now that savings for the 20 percent down payment that is necessary to get a mortgage. charles: i and i think that the prices came back to a quick.
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>> not in this region but also every buddy says social security goes broke should you hire a professional or do with yourself? we have our next guest to says he could do a.
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charles: i have tupelo though whistle. over the last few years we have heard repeated the house so security may not be there when it is a short turn to collect. more people say it will be a major source. look at the chart. this is scary stuff.
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now one of these is food you trust with your cash? they are not sure but we will get helpful from a professional. since 2007 takeover attempt to chart this is the market. you can see why why would i give an expert my money? and sometimes by a wide margin. considering how they are with retirement is of a wonder there isn't a greater sense of urgency for the wire so many people thinking they will rely on social security? but i thought about you. looking at the website with the professionals of course, you set up the
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scenario we will get into a market you cannot throw darts you will need a professional. >> absolutely. the study show the industry research shows it that 50 percent of all managers do not even have the cpa or anything. >> people cannot delay. the study that says the average investor for more than 50% y is that? it is because of behavior. so you need an adviser to help you validate but active managers cannot make money when they all move the same. what value is there?
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we are getting into a market the way that the stocks moved. >> but in layman's terms with a stock picker's market >> is very rare someone talks themselves off of alleged. >> began to make a good point when the market goes up but they will keep you in the market for the long term. it to keep jeff from losing money. >> is set then people say how do i pick my professional? >> they say they can manage their money.
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>> it is very difficult i can drive a car know the difference between the mercedes and the honda but how do know the difference retrieve their professional money manager or someone on the side? >> look all day long. >> backup. we're talking about the consumer. they are assuming there is a lot of discretionary money to make the investment or to buy a whole or for a new car. that a squeeze is continuing. charles: but there is something about there. >> let me back up. you have that competency to make that decision and it has to go to a professional. i go to view charges me the least. [laughter]
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charles: but you have confidence in social security system i think disability will be bankrupt in the year. >> any political party that allows social security to dry up is committing suicide. when push comes to shove those in washington cannot find a way to see through it. charles: maybe they have to raise the retirement age or to be means tested. simic this is the new social security plan. charles: i want to buy my kids something. 80 grant? >> here is the reality the number of americans under the age of 65 is growing by
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one half by 1% at the same time senior citizens during by 3.5%. the only way to make good on social security and medicare charles: last time we saw numbers like that was a ponzi scheme. [laughter] >> it is that and tell somebody makes hard decisions. later or now. >> tons of earnings names and i have shared with you with a takeover rumors of buy, sell, or hold. we will be back in three minutes. ♪ ♪
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charles: we have to talk about earnings. monster is the only one that missed $0.62 missed on revenues but it was not getting slammed are you surprised about that? >> it does have high expectations. i am not a fan of the energy drink. charles: but it isn't getting hammered. they beat the top line in the bottom line talk about content is king. deal like this space? >> we love content because there is to should be sharing that is freed you could get it to the end consumer.
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into margins are incredibly high. charles: i recommended this 73 times. i told you to put it on my list last year you have to own this stock. it is all about artificial intelligence. you know, almost everything about your customers. >> we try. it is important you have to know your market we slice and dice. [laughter] charles: i just like the name. it is amazing who would think? but i want to your talk about that. there is other parts of this economy that matter.
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>> shot to the technology is. >> it is all about the price point it is still cheaper than the on demand movie. one is better from the netflix rating. charles: it keeps hanging in there. resaw payphones people that integrate technology. >> then you have the top down stomach the first eight trapp was casein the shut -- sunshine band. [laughter] estimates there is better technology is out there.
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charles: lot of shorts are getting crushed i love the notion of the nonbanks to relatively in this the number that i saw. cash flow was up 120% it looked like it would meet -- beat the st. but the nontraditional paying lending - - bank lending it feels like we're making a serious penetration. >> there's so tightly regulated how the little prince the shadow banking system. we found a way to get around the regulation. charles: are you expanding a matter what? >> we just opened another restaurant. with another concept.
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charles: financing? >> we are traditional. we have called line and we drawdown on that with their own cash flow because in the restaurant business we don't wait for receivables. charles: i am not sure if you have heard of this place but they have raised the minimum wage up that $16 an hour in my work here but this is nonsense to destroy capitalism to get on that ladder of success. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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charles: welcome back. this week the city council
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of emeryville would put the minimum wage at $16 an hour. voters can decide on may 19th and if passed businesses with 55 employees years a - - employs are more immediately have to pay $14 an hour. it will bolster the nationwide campaign the of the affair pavo livable wage there are several facts associated with this pay hike and these are starter jobs. people ignore that but today the op-ed to comment on the mcdonald's company and he wrote on the strategy to
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work but all i know is when i eat at mcdonald's it is there for me when nobody else was. by a fan of local government and even if not a good meal for the rest of the nation but face it $15 an hour for a starter job touche flip burgers? i say it is nuts day. $16 an hour? i am dropping out. i'm going to get paid. >> you are into the eye of the storm. >> there is of bigger dynamic. i don't want to go back to the civil war days was had a direct relationship between the skill and pay now we
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throw that away to deal just with the pay and it is a dangerous situation moving forward and what we're doing is pushing the bulk of the population to rely on government you used to rely on them for health care to move up the ladder but now we give you 15. who is we? >> a pastel is associated with the individual. something that i have worked hard for now what will be rewarded even if i don't. now is a person i was thinking about. >> we call it skill and and will. people don't have a skill they can move up with just the will but if we take back from you to say here's your
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money speenine then you have no incentive to move higher you have to work your but off with that economic impact of 2013 before take on minimum-wage. if that money went into the market gdp of 1.2%. >> but this is counterproductive. when the employer does not have to deal with sick days or obamacare guess what? they choose that. that is being counterproductive. charles: people will sponsor a the technological research from the economist point of view what is the impact?
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i think this would just be higher food prices. >> exactly it is so simple if you increase minimum wage to reduce job opportunities that is especially bad for younger workers this is a little bit of the beaches of they are assuming that once these people work for minimum wage they will stay there for life and chances are they will lot. >> of all the educational payment the rest is college household income is 53,000 or more it is a rich town. but spreading across the entire country. >> i agree. it is a subsidy for the robots will make them much less expensive than to hire
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somebody out of high-school to flip cover. >> i have thousands of people on the ground. we will not be hiring summer employment at those kinds of rates. or if we do we will fire half. charles: one about the part-time work phenomenon? >> we look at the whole thing because you cannot just pick and choose the government says do it also now we have mandatory six leaf -- six leave it is basically another week vacation. who does not take that? everything is to rely upon government so it seems to me when i was growing up you got your job it was a starter position to for
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yourself your colleges anti-lock for what is next. you have taken that incentive from people they may be great people. a lot of them work for me but when you zap them of their incentive and desire to move forward. charles: but it is sold as being fair. we have been an election it is a potential issue there and we will have updates later on that. but to be fair in the western world. >> basically it sets them up to fail and though long-term it might get that i'm elected to feel warm and fuzzy but it is not a long-term. >> why is hiking the minimum wage so popular even among young people?
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>> i don't want the job by rate from buyer paid a job. >> i have my sociology degree that is the only way they get into the workforce. charles: talking about fast food what do you think of the new hamburger mascot? this is the concept. should somebody else beyond the list? who is croupier? let me know. or go to our facebook page. news -- new households are beginning to form. maybe millenials are actually moving out. there is a way for you to make money. we have the stocks and the consequences when we come back. ♪
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charles: they're not kids if they are 32. it is time to move out in certain parts of the economy. until, inhibition creeps in, our world gets smaller, quieter, but life should be loud. sing loud, play loud, love loud. dentures shouldn't keep you quiet, life should be ringing in your ears. live loud, polident. "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers.
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it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do. charles: you have then waiting and it is starting to happen as new households are beginning to surge. look at that chart is an amazing spike. we have seen this happen i thought it would indeed to housing making a big move progress it turns out the millenials opt out of there are some winners. children's place.
6:41 pm
up almost 45% in one year. household formation means children that is good news for the retailer because they have reasonably priced clothes but for more of a bargain looking at that chart it is up in the past year also. talk about household formation that is also part of the immigration debate. is this part of the missing link? ltd. is the positive development going forward and should help housing but it isn't quite yet because the newly formed households don't have the savings to afford the down payment to purchase a home. >> but rent has gone up so much that compared to housing.
6:42 pm
>> but one-third of households have no savings living paycheck to paycheck. >> most people buy first homes your grandparents and parents give you some money for the down payment. >> we're in a different time. that's it. but people today with their starting how they will not stay in the same city they will move around they don't want to put that into their house they want to wait to find out the home they. >> it is still cheaper than the '90s. >> but comparatively speaking it is very expensive to rent is cheaper to buy the house. charles: day you see the baby boom? bin my prayer is the other part? charles: not a true family for ration i just went
6:43 pm
through that. where is the family formation? too many children being born >> use the though woman with the two kids busting her but working so hard and there's only so much to can pay someone like that. >> i have stories for stories the of the tug at my heartstrings. i'm sure people are watching you right now and they do things but there is a lot of pain out there. there is still the squeeze and people just getting by parker you cannot borrow the cheshire mother and grandmother felt the pain. >> lead you by any of those stocks? >> we do like the stocks
6:44 pm
that cater to the consumer consistently we see the of retail sales that they are saving and the leveraging. charles: they are in great position it is hard to spend the money. >> to not miss "strange inheritance" tonight. with the alligator and crocodile ranch. then the near bankrupt wildlife refuge tries to save the animals. tonight on fox business. we're doing our best to get as many as possible. you are thinking ahead. how coming up to four. ♪ ♪
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charles: it is time to answer your questions about the market and individual stocks with the market strategy. >> tell me about the airline stocks they take big hits but then giveback big. >> i really cannot take a big hit. >> it is painful. >> with oil the beta of move that was almost 50 percent alternately oil is up for this a reason that the economy is good and demand is there. hanging in there i like delta.
6:49 pm
>> jetblue has been the strongest but if she cannot take that volatility from day-to-day then parked it and don't look at it or you should not be into that sector. charles: where do we go from here? >> not north of 70 over the next 18 months it takes that long to get that back to complete those wells that we were talking about. but i think it does go back because we're depleting reserves just like anything it is always much worse in terms of how low it went. at the end of the 6917 months -- 16 or 17 months. >> we are cash for the upper scribers not because we're in a bubble but long overdue for a correction.
6:50 pm
companies are taking out to the woodshed if they're missing. there is no more easy pickings but are we in a bubble? >> the market is fully valued but by no means are we looking at levels of valuation that are as successful as the late nineties or 2000's. the important thing is we continue to grow profits if profitability grows the market will avoid the deeper than expected slide. on the credit for i really see a modest rise and finally i don't think we are looking at a liftoff. if anything rates will rise like a wheelchair ramp. charles: when big money
6:51 pm
rotates should we do likewise? >> have a balanced portfolio if you do that you don't have to worry about the sector rotation you will just be hurt otherwise be ready to try to follow them you will provide their profits. >> if you don't know who is the sucker at the table. >> i have $10,000 in the bank have the right intestate? >> a couple blue-chip names but i say when your kids get older under armor and disney's to give a certificate that was amazing. we have to leave it there. just finishing in the u.k. this is huge news.
6:52 pm
i am talking about the fate of capitalism as we know it. next. ♪ ♪ ink about is getting relief. nicorette mini starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. anytime. anywhere. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i choose nicorette mini.
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upper belly pain, dark urine, or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of serious side effects. i'm down with crestor! make your move. ask your doctor about crestor. charles: polls put accident conservative party just short of majority right now, conservative party, will -- 316 seats. probably enough for them to put a coalition government. official result have not been announced. many ways, i have to tell you this elect in united kingdom reflects the political issues and themes that are prevalent when we go to the polls next year. economist magazine, they have been leaning to the progressive side.
6:56 pm
to liberal values that guided us, we believe that radical center, free markets -- they endorse the conservative peter, led by cameron but they were reluck tareluctant they are worried about euro-phobic movement in the u.k. moreover, somewhere that battle for male white working class voter has pulled party with a antiimmigrant stance it looked ugly to a lot of people, labor led by mi liband. there economy has been so much more robust than ours.
6:57 pm
had they lost it would have sense shockwaves. >> i think people understand that you need a free market economy to forward. >> a system where the person that works the hardest, the smartest -- you talked about it earlier, will before skill you can go to top. >> voters went to poll in britain they thought of health care, economy. and sound familiar? we'll see how well, it goes over. >> they have to believe in upward mobility, if you are locked into your crass class. class. charles: when president obama made his comment about baltimore, it sounded like he was selling hopelessness. i hate that. the idea is a mental
6:58 pm
dungeon, if they can't climb out of it they never get out. >> talk about markets. we asked but poll who you thought was creepiest mascot . the new hambur hamburgler, and flo from progressive or king. you guys like flo, one guy tweeted said he was hot. >> one of my friends is married to flo's sister in real life, ronald mcdonald freaked me out when i was a kid. charles: there were other mascots named. mr. met, captain obvious. and the mucous guy.
6:59 pm
some people got really creative. do have you one? >> do i? >> for your restaurant? >> i think it is me. charles: nothing cooler than yo you. talk about real quick, time left tomorrow jobs number. some -- they are floating around. should we expect a big number. >> i'm thinking that the market, will only get worried about higher interest rates if the number comes in above. >> 185,000. wage salary income growth for april, no greater than 4 cls/10 of a percent. >> 270. >> 215.
7:00 pm
charles: for optimistic and -- >> reporter: mispessimistic. >> i will wait until tomorrow, you are fantastic. lou dobbs, keep it here on fox business. >> good evening, i am lou dobbs, the obama administration has -- there is a possibility they will reap the world wind, president obama nuclear treaty with iran appears likely to generate a nuclear arms race in the middle east. saudi arabia putting little trust in president obama. they are troubled by terms any of nuclear deal with iran, so troubled that saudi arabia made it known that "the kingdom" is considering developing or acquiring nuclear weapons much their own. if so other arab nations are certain to follow suit. these develme


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