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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 7, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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se"strange inheritance," thank u for watching, and remember, you can't take it with you. do you have a "strange inheritance" story for us. >> kennedy: back and better than never. tom brady and the tap dance and though legal reporter has directed and harsh language with us report of based on the evidence more probable than not that tom brady was aware of the inappropriate activities from the patriots game balls. from that stern and decisive language to crack down on his habits of obvious cheating.
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maybe he's sort of did not know that possibly almost not quite certainly about the ball? >> is a good lesson for kids if you cheat and don't pay -- play fair you will be the mvp of the super bowl to marry one of the most beautiful women on earth. kennedy: why can't they let sleeping balls like? because the of the side is maddening. he knew what was going on and he masquerades as a hero does not sit right. did he punched his wife for a moonlight as of colombian drug dealer why he missed going to the white house after the super bowl? no. but like the deflategate
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investigation we may never know the really answer. but now maybe he can run for president he already knows plenty about foreign policy. >> they will be fine. of. >> that is of great strategy genius. maybe that is of my other nemesis told himself about losing to you is the super bowl. you cheating cheaters deserve each other. guess what we have? isis takes credit for the shooting in texas and promises more. with a massive and is a spying program is of victory for civil liberties. plus the writer-director is here to you talk about the of brave and and your mind.
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i am kennedy. ♪ kennedy: an internal investigation at the department of defense says employees have been using their government issued credit cards you will not believe this, before adults entertainment and gambling and hookers. it turns out it is against regulation normally that is frowned upon but i have a panel tonight one of my favorite republican strategist and a columnist joined by another columnist from "the new york times" and we also have a stand-up comic the last letter of the
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season. [laughter] >> are you shocked all the pentagon employees are using the work issued credit cards to go gambling? >> first of all, the loss biggest part through the. atlantic city? that is a concern. if you see the las vegas poker atlantic city is how does she to her food? kennedy: we play a game called professional or midwestern? if she is a lady of the evening or visiting from the middle of the country -- country. >> or we played poker or cobbett -- hooper or how it. >> but i love what they said.
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it is a stern warning. >> but they reimburse them it was not like they charged off but they actually was reimbursed but they did not want their wife to find out they put that on their personal card. >> if you charge a hooker to your company credit card? [laughter] i think they use a weapon and not even mass destruction but you know, . >> it is stupidity it is a weapon of mass consumption. >> they spent 200,000 the other 100,000 they blew. [laughter] >> they had something to show for it?
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jewelery? what does that take? >> everything will change if you are a libertarian. >> politicians say it is the road then you have to go for it -- from there. >> to have us set level from the hookers. kennedy: that could put a strain on the health care system. to bring home some microbes that our difficult to treat. >> it's so sad. >> the new apple watch i am wearing mine right now. never mind. eight gives parents the ability to track driving
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habits and they can get alerts if they go beyond the boundaries. i think it is a horrible idea. >> what will they do? they drive over the speed limit then it will halt? and then to lock it. >> it is a ridiculous story if the parents are alerted then they can send a text message to slow down. [laughter] here is a text message. kennedy: day want him to drive with his knees texting his mother?
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>> i am a libertarian but i have a 60 year-old son and i own a car. is a good idea. >>. >> i would challenge my parents. >> i think they are more fearful i know of lot of teenagers you do not have their bisons yet and we could not wait for the independence. into authoritarian parents ultimately make better libertarian children? >> that is probably better and a true. [laughter] i have a son.
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and i always say this. i want to know what song he is listening to that is indicative of the behavior. chris brown he is beating his girlfriend i am just saying. [laughter] i don't care about the helicopter parent i do feel that you undermine their confidence just like spell check has undermined our confidence if you become too dependent on technology we use so little percentage it leads to a diverse society. -- dumber society. >> said teenagers if you have the car and they speed then you have the excuse. kennedy: i am worried they are so reliant on external
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forces they forget how to think and act independently to have consequences for their bad choices. >> then it encourages bad behavior because then it is how to unlock your car. i have the cheat code. [laughter] >> like hackers verses the pentagon. >> two will be first to the race? coming up off with your shirts. some nsa spying it is illegal. andrew napolitano is here. isis' claims is possibility for the shooting in texas.
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kennedy: welcome back. isis was quick to claim responsibility for the failed attack in texas. and the organizer of the cartoon contest has come under fire for inciting the
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violence but now she is doubling down on her position as freedom is under attack and those that very their head into the st.. -- say and. i don't think isis had anything to do with the attack but they took credit because they failed. >> first of all, of you can say they inspired it but it is interesting to engage only in violent jihad then they took credit when they talk about the shooting with a window on the way we wanted to because they were in plain view because we wanted everyone to see how they're willing to take a bullet that is like saying
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accidentally meant to do that. >> and they were terrible shots they hit the security guard in the ankle but then they made the mistake from driving from arizona to r-texas. but i think there is a difference between self park and pamela and charlie hebdo and those to go after everybody. scientology, not seizing on the jewish. >> you can say it is satire more is more provocative commentary but it is what he wasted time because it starts off with the idea what do you do about free speech that provokes violence?
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it did not provoke anything because militia or a fortune teller he did not know this was coming he was looking for a way to die secret instantly go to heaven. kennedy: the government should outline the speech and all it is not the smartest thing and sometimes i question people's motives as it seems they look for attention that is not as subtle or clever as the other outlets. en understand we are at war to have free speech people also exercise that to save maybe she is a dingbat. >> just isn't that big of a deal. if you think those were offensive looks at what my friends drew on my tax walk-in high school. [laughter] >> it is out of proportion.
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kennedy: it is interesting when amazon so offended when they draw pictures of monica? >> the majority did not really care. but then when you hear them more islamist why do they get so often did? why does the outrage get to such a high-level? because it is taught from a doctor and if you depict or mocked the profit is equal that you need to die or be prosecuted. it is not a normal response. kennedy: of course, not. but killing somebody because they burn the chiron is abnormal but that is not a good idea. but the government doesn't need to be and that. >> you should not of
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course, but when you deal with religious leaders of any kind you can express concern without making it a panic or turning it into a big deal. but to keep it into perspective. respond by ridiculed or making jokes. kennedy: thank you so much. coming up their new film between the relationship between a man and a female artificial intelligence. but next and judge a. andrew napolitano talks about the ruling against the nsa spying and what that means. next.
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kennedy: will comeback -- welcome back there is good news tonight a federal appeals court ruled that an essay spying is not protected under "the patriot act" just as congress rewrites lovelock will bounce around in court we have an authority on this subject our senior judicial analyst. walked us through this incarnation. >> the patron act was written by congress right after 9/11. it authorized federal agents to write their own search warrants then served on custodian's like the doctor or lawyer or banker or telephone company or computer service provider.
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the nsa took that phrase you can get and pursuant to an investigation to some house secretly interpret to mean they could spy on a telephone call or text message or phone call or the utility bill. 27 times the capacity of the library of congress that is how much information. it is so much that edward snowden we would not know any of this defeat was not as courageous as he had been to say they don't count the time to sift through all of but it is too much information. so our friends that the aclu challenged this but there is no authorization for all of the spying without a search warrant and a federal judge dismissed their complaint.
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today that federal appeals court reinstated the complaint to declare the page redact -- unanimously said you decide if you have to stop them from this section of which they have been relying expires may may 31st in 3 weeks. kennedy: now what does congress do? >> it says congress decides we have decided as a court that when you wrote this you did not authorize the spying now we know it is going on congress themselves are victims but they do seem to care if you want it then you authorize it then we will decide. kennedy: rich mcconnell wants to reauthorize.
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kennedy: i ate. >> i don't think he will get there but there is a lovely combination of liberal democrats and libertarian republicans who are so close to a majority that will prevent that reauthorization without protection. i know anybody who was against all spying some people should be spied on but the libertarians are again stalls by all the time without a legitimate search warrant. kennedy: and it makes us less safe so explain that to people how this makes us less safe. >> i have argued the patriot fact should go because it is unconstitutional and less safe. it is not my original argument but based on information from edward
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snowden. 27 times the content of the library of congress is sitting in a computer capacity in the vault. that is way too much information it has thousands of agents and analysts and outside contractors they still cannot sift through all that information if they had to go just after the bad people they genuinely suspect they will find them before they happen. kennedy: they need to get a search warrant pursuant to the constitution that is the simple request others have. >> only six days old to monsters tried to shoot up a gathering of free speech outside of dallas texas they are both dead one was on though watchlist debris
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using cell phones and text messages to communicate that means the nsa had the material but did they have this material? no the off-duty traffic cop noticing and he saved innocent lives. the nsa is suffering from information overload and a lack of fidelity to the constitution if they would pursue the bad guys we would be safer and freer. kennedy: exactly the his the olson added collins. >> it is up pleasure -- taking a spell on national television on the "topical storm". when i'll need relief. that's why i choose nicorette mini.
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the bruce jenner of his generation he won a gold medal in the olympics for the decathlon but all the equipment is just lying around what does he do? he picks up and performs amateur pediatric dentistry on his daughter. >>. [laughter] say goodbye to the truth. >> goodbye. >> it did. kennedy: victory. i would have been more impressed if that was the colt's -- pole vault.
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number two. shaq a pepper pot 7-foot 1 inches and he does not have the footwork he did. he took us bill on the set the other day. [laughter] kennedy: he tripped over his own issue. -- shoes he donates his shoes to the coast guard for a life raft.
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number three per prodromes and spying? friendly technology is used to do combat evil there is a program that gets your screen rid of this image. there is now a browser that box the computer to block any headlines mentioning the family. which we don't care about the kardashian is our food they sleep with. i would not eat them with the mouse. number four.
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day remember a the mcdonald's mascot? >> he is very clever and a sneaky. kennedy: there was something sympathetic he was fun and to a hideous to make a life of crime but now they have a new one. ♪ kennedy: i don't know how i feel about that.
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it has spent overwhelming. i believe the meet belongs on a bun. number five. a girl at the kentucky derby had to have a selfie she was wearing a the horsehead and ask. she is trying to make dark face. schaede just cannot get it. [laughter] i applaud her photography.
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if you have any weird stories tweet me @kennedy nation. #"topical storm" the new film talks about the a.i. relationships. looked at that. is he your "american idol"? next.
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♪ kennedy: i have his uniform. what is mom getting for mother's day?
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the term everybody talks about of certain male physique with undefined muscles and a beer belly also leonardo da capriole. -- to capriole. oh the panel is back. this is the latest fetish. >> did is why all the. do know how an artist get successful now the time came what he was still alive. >> but do people think that takes no work? who could avoid the gym without much? >> but they're saying they're rich is of little
10:41 pm
bit of muscle tone but i think this whole fetish was made up by a man. >> will the men be hot and heavy for the moms? spinner that means less self-esteem. [laughter] with the reason they champion of dad bod it takes up pressure off the woman to look good. i think it is life style. i don't believe people want to vote workout in a long-term relationship than suddenly you get in shape it
10:42 pm
changes the lifestyle. standard is is the first good thing that happened to fathers in decades it used to be ward cleaver then he became homer simpson. this is the first positive thing i am working on the bad bod also. [laughter] kennedy: don't give up. >> michele obama is so obsessed. >> it is body control exercises you eat like you go to the chair. getting stronger and fatter is wonderful. kennedy: that is not a good elvis. [laughter]
10:43 pm
doesn't that suggest something else? i don't know. with the male pop culture they champion the fact that women don't have to be so body conscious. >> with the pressure to be put on yourself. >> it is is all about the belly. you can have thighs and a waste. >> girls that by definition would be considered plus size is phenomenal. kennedy: very good. in 2015 if you can remember mcdonald's made a starkey
10:44 pm
promise. >> this is not greek yogurt it will not detail -- now they will test market kale even spinach and a turkey sausage. have i at whole foods buffet? bewray have the identity crisis fire everybody. that is how they made their money. they act so apologetic for who they are one. >> by the way you know, you are to simplify its you do what you do. that is why they lose the
10:45 pm
market share. >> my first reaction is i do not like kale won but once mcdonald's starts to offer this the begins will run away it is the kiss of death >> you don't go to mcdonald's to count calories you one day burger and salty fries. yugo certain places or certain things. you don't get a hooker to get a hug. one is ridiculous. >> you are in fantastic shape. to you have a dead body in
10:46 pm
your freezer? >> would you buy turkeys sausage? >> if i ate and have an emergency like i am at the airport with no other choice yes i would. kennedy: they have breakfast all day but they should stick to salty fat for those donors. >> it is what made them great. with none of the 50 billion showed up looking for anything but burgers and fries. >> in and out are serving burgers and fries and milkshakes. thank you for being here.
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the very best of the nightcap and the very worst i will read your mail one but the screenwriter looking at this next movie looks amazing it is all about the relationships between humans and artificial intelligence. next. ♪ ♪ ♪ the ones with the guts to stand apart - join a league all their own. ♪
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>> do you want to be my friend? >> of course. >> you think about being to gather? >> did you give her centrality? >> as a diversion tactic. >> does she actually like
10:51 pm
you? one. kennedy: that is so cool. it is in the theaters now and the vision of of artificial intelligence it came from the directors fascination and here he is and is here with me now provided and fascinated for a long time i think it is amazing of possibilities are incredible and technology has served us well why is there so much fear and? >> i can speculate but i am not remotely worried. i can see there are bad things that could happen but there are so many ways to stop it to be sensible that is the problem that we face.
10:52 pm
i suspect it comes from the more generalized fear of technology specifically about big changes of science and technology if they change paradigms' that makes people anxious. kennedy: look at science fiction through the decades it is the bleak picture of the future but then it is never that bad and it is the human stuff that is worse with included in a the government - - including the government. >> the watch system. i think the film takes the position the more dangerous creature is a man with. >> and the humans are
10:53 pm
screwing with one another. you were on the cutting edge to know what is coming because you made a movie about it so you know, more than i do. [laughter] but is it possible one to have compassionate artificial intelligence? >> not at the moment we don't even have a computer but one day you may. kennedy: can and though mind exists separate of the brain one? >> that is the question and have group says you can never get that and others say it is possible and i am not a scientist i have spent a lot of time talking to people. my personal opinion is yes.
10:54 pm
but in some respects to worry too much if we should err should not make it happen is irrelevant because if it is possible that will happen. so how low do you deal with it when it does? the issue is if it does one. >> i think we have a great probability and if you squirt them with water that we always have the upper hand. thank you so much. i cannot wait to see it. on thursday i get to go into a the mailbag next.
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kennedy: there is nothing i love more to read your love and hate. first year -- you are accused anthony and libertarian. >> i remember you from and tv were goods and the better now sinecure show is fantastic we enjoy the comical to west the news is so sadly have to lie to ourselves. >> what a tattoo is near your ankle? >> i have two of them. >> you are a bright spot to
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of the giggles in my day. >> you have a weird five with politics i dig it. we don't usually learn about cool music from kennedy but i am digging it the greatest thing and ever the cannot end the show without some hate one. >> with you totally would suck up to charlemagne i am going to go throw up. >> back hurt my feelings i cannot believe he was in the studio this week. follow us on twitter.
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faq for being a part of the show. keep it here on fox business. >> good evening, i am lou dobbs, the obama administration has -- there is a possibility they will reap the world wind, president obama nuclear treaty with iran appears likely to generate a nuclear arms race in the middle east. saudi arabia putting little trust in president obama. they are troubled by terms any of nuclear deal with iran, so troubled that saudi arabia made it known that "the kingdom" is considering developing or acquiring nuclear weapons much their own. if so other arab nations are certain to follow suit. these development


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